All My Children Recaps: The week of February 5, 1996 on AMC
Kevin confessed to being gay on 'The Cutting Edge.' Laurel was shot during the taping of Tad's show. Maria's pregnancy test was negative. Kelsey gave birth to a baby boy. Noah was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison. Mateo admitted to Hayley that he wanted to be more than just friends.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 5, 1996 on AMC
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Monday, February 5, 1996

Trevor and Laurel went to McKay's for a bite to eat, but instead of sinking his teeth into a burger, Trevor chewed apart Michael who was having lunch with Rudy. Trevor said that Michael being seen with another man is like waving the flag of gayness. Mike threatened to drop Trev as his lawyer, but Laurel said that it wouldn't look good in his upcoming case. Laurel showed an interest in knowing all about her brother's relationship with Rudy, but Mike assured his sis that they were just friends and nothing was going on between them. Kelsey heard Maria and Edmund celebrating the possible pregnancy, but played dumb when she walked in on the couple but asking what the big to-do was. Maria quickly made up a bogus excuse that Edmund had helped increase Tempo's circulation. A dejected Kelsey left the room and Edmund asked why Maria lied to Kelsey. Maria replied that Kelsey wouldn't be able to keep a secret and that she'd tell Anita about the pregnancy and Anita would tell Isabelle and that she didn't want to go through the agony of disappointment again. Maria also said that this changed the picture with Kelsey's baby because now the baby wouldn't be an only child, Kelsey, of course, thought that Maria and Edmund were keeping the pregnancy away from her for other reasons. So she packed her bags and hunted down Bobby at school where she asked him for money so she could take off. Bobsy wasn't about to give her any money until she threatened (yet again) to tell Anita that Bobby was the father of her child. Then he gave her his bank card and bid her farewell. Jason roamed the halls of PV High looking for guests for Mike's appearance on the Cutting Edge. Kevin was noticeable uneasy and upset by his brother's anti-gay antics. Mateo and Taylor had a quickie lunch where Mateo kept pushing at Taylor's buttons. He asked why Vivienne was going to be subpeonaed and why she fled the country. Matt didn't know that Taylor just had a tete-a-tete with Noah and seemed to be coming around in her testimony. Now she may have seem a gun, but it was too dark. She also repeated that she couldn't let Noah go to jail. Julia popped in a few minutes after Taylor. Noah and Jewels talked about how they have to look like they hate each other so that Taylor might snap and finally tell the truth. So, as it turns out, their outbursts in the courtroom were all part of this grand scheme. Trevor arrived a little later to tell Noah that the jury had reached a verdict and that his fate would be decided in court tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 6, 1996

The results of Maria's pregnancy tests showed that she was not pregnant as she had hoped. Kelsey made her way to a truck stop where she tried to get a trucker to give her a ride out of Pine Valley. He refused and told Kelsey to go back home and stay there. Kelsey, dejected and ticked off that she couldn't get a ride, stood outside the diner and waited for another trucker to try to hitch a ride. A guy who had seen Kelsey in the diner counting her money offered to take her out west. Shortly after they got on the road, the man reported car problems and pulled off the road. He tackled Kelsey and stole her money and belongings and left her by the side of the road. Michael prepared for his stint on The Cutting Edge, but Dixie warned him to back out and go somewhere else to tell his story. This didn't sit well with Liza, who said Dix was trying to sabotage the show, or Tad, who told his wife to go back home. Jason tried to pump up the audience of anti-gay PV residents to make sure the show was explosive. But Jason had no way of expecting the bomb that was about to drop. As Anita and Liza watched on, Kevin told his brother to stop ruining his life because Jason's actions against Michael were a direct insult to him. Why? Because Kevin is gay, too. The jury returned with a quick verdict. They found Noah guilty of second degree murder. The judge said he will be sentenced in two days. Julia filled in Mateo on why she and Noah were pretending not to care for each other any more. Taylor continued to waver, almost spilling her guts to Mateo on her lying under oath. Noah returned to his cell and Taylor came straggling in a few minutes later with news for Noah. She was going to help him escape from jail.

Wednesday, February 7, 1996

Great show today. It kept me glued to the tube. Taylor told Noah that they could run away together. And later she met with an ex-con and paid him a sizeable amount of money to come up with some illegal passports. Taylor called Vivienne and asked her to wire some money because she was going to be quitting her job as a cop and leaving Pine Valley. When Julia showed up at the jail to visit Noah, Noah told her that Taylor was starting to crack and asked her to get a tape recorder so they can record Taylor making all these illegal comments. Hayley met up with Laurel at WRCW to watch Michael's appearance, but words of advice from Laurel made her quickly leave. Laurel told Hayley that she should swallow her pride and apologize for being such a fool to Mateo. Haylet took the advice and headed back to the Valley Inn where she had room service prepare a pie with the word "Humble" on it. When Mateo showed up to deliver the food, Hayley told him that she does care for him and wants to have another shot at a romance. Matt didn't answer. At the studio, Anita told Bobby, Laura, and Scott about overhearing Kevin say he was gay. Scott said he didn't care, but didn't want to be thought of as gay because he hangs out with Kevin or Michael. Laura came to Kevin's defense and told him that is was great that he could tell the truth about his sexuality. Bobby remained true to form and start to taunt and tease his "friend." Janet, armed with the comments of viewers who liked her appearance on the Cutting Edge, showed up at WRCW to ask Liza if she could make a return appearance on the show. Tad ripped into Liza for not getting rid of the guns from the show on violence and storing them in a desk in his office. Jason confronted Michael for "converting" his brother into a homosexual, but Dix defended her friend saying that no one can be converted and that you are what you are and shouldn't be ashamed or ridiculed for it. Amanda's babysitter dropped Amanda off at the station because she had to return home to her mother who fell and hurt herself. Liza asked Jason to watch Amanda while Liza and Laurel went to find a phone so Laurel could call Tim and ask him to babysit his sister. Janet came stumbling into the room a few minutes later and Jason told her to watch Amanda because she must be a friend of the family (When Janet asked Amanda if she remembered her, she nodded yes). Laurel came in seconds later and found Janet with her daughter. Jason called Hayley to ask her to talk him through his wanting to take a drink, but she told him that she couldn't help because she was trying to get back together with Mateo. After she hung up, Jason began taking big swigs of Vodka. The audience was in a furor as the show prepared to air and Tad told the television audiences that they have a blockbuster show ahead of them.

Thursday, February 8, 1996

Mateo told Hayley that he doesn't want to be friends. He wants to be much more because everytime he is near her he wants to make love to her. When he asked Hayley what her thoughts were on this, the two ended up in a kiss. In each other's arms on Halo's bed, the two were interrupted by a phone call from Julia. Noah's sentencing had been moved up for some unknown reason, so Matt had to make his way down to the courtroom. When Mateo had left, Hayley called Jason to see if he still needed some support, but he wasn't at home. Maria called Joe to see how Kelsey was doing, but Joe told Maria that he hadn't seen Kelsey all week. Knowing that Kelsey's trip to Joe's was a lie, panic set in with concern that something might have happened to Kelsey. From a payphone somewhere off a remote section of the highway, Kelsey placed a call to Wildwind. There was no phone number on the payphone and no identifying markers for Kelsey to know wxactly where she was, so Dimitri called Derek to get a caller-ID on the phone to make tracking easier. Edmund headed off to find Kelsey all the while Kelsey was having thoughts of her past dealings with Edmund. Maria confessed to Dimmie that she had only been concerned about the baby and not Kelsey in the past and felt terrible because of this. Edmund found Kelsey just as an ice storm was approaching and just as Kelsey's water broke. Janet told Laurel that she wasn't doing Amanda any harm, she was merely protecting her from a drawer full of guns. Dixie overheard the conversation and waltzed into the office and took turns with Laurel at blasting away at Janet. Janet professed her innocence and took shots at both her accusers by saying one was an embezzler and adultress (what about murderess?) and the other was an ice princess who neglects her kids. Janet also warned that is she were to become a crowbar weilding maniac again it'd be their faults. Things got out of hand on the set of the Cutting Edge as the audience's frenzy continued to grow. Jason told the thugs who beat up Tim to lie about being "hit on" by Michael. In Mike's defense, Kevin got up and said that Mr. D would never do something like that. He also said that Michael doesn't convert anyone to homosexuality---and that he's gay. Liza watched on as the intensity on the show worked to a feverish level. Jason watched in horror as his brother talked about being gay, Janet cursed Laurel for being so righteous, Enid talked about gays spreading AIDS, and someone stood off-stage and behind a television monitor and fired a handgun at the stage.

Friday, February 9, 1996

Three great days in a row? Is this possible? You gotta remember this is Sweeps month!! Edmund had to pull off the road because the ice storm was making visibility near zero and the driving conditions were extremely hazardous. With no other choice to be made, Edmund delivered Kelsey's baby---a healthy, baby boy. Mateo and Julia hid a tape recorder in the court's waiting room so Noah could try to get Taylor to confess. Just as the lies started to drip off Taylor's lips, Jack interrupted and called Noah and Taylor into court. Taylor had mentioned how she bought fake passports from an ex-con and how she and Noah can hit the road out of Pine Valley. Belinda (Yes Belinda returned!) sat on Noah's defense team while Trevor remained at the taping of the Cutting Edge. Noah spoke on his own behalf before the court, reitterating his innocence. Judge Brock was less than impressed with Noah's statement, but said that the trial was captivating. He issued his sentence for Noah: a maximum of 25 years in prison without the chance of parole for ten years. The shot heard round Pine Valley claimed Laurel. She was critically wounded. The gunperson (Can't point the finger!) dropped the gun in the crowd and apparently disappeared, but th gun was retrieved. Gloria, the only medical personnel in the studio, rushed to her side and began adminstering first aid. Janet, meanwhile, saw that Laurel had been shot and rushed off to find Amanda. When she got there, Tim realized something was wrong on the set and rushed off to be with his parents. Maria arrived a short time later and helped Gloria tend to Laurel's injuries. After her condition was stablized, Laurel was taken off to the hospital. Kevin and Laura planned more actions to try to get Michael reinstated, but Scott said that it would all be worthless because Mike would probably leave Pine Valley after the shooting. Tim went off to be with Laurel at the hospital, so Dix was left to care for Amanda. But when Dixie got to Tad's office, no one was there. Adam found some footage shot by the Cutting Edge's cameramen that showed the mystery shooter's identity.
Next week: Will Laurel pull through after being shot? Did Janet take off with Amanda? And who was caught on tape holding the smoking gun?

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