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Janet's loose lips keyed Hayley in to Trevor's condition, which turned out to be psychosomatic. Edmund and Maria finally put their differences aside and got back together. Skye used Adam to get Liza fired. Jonathan used Marian to escape from the hospital.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 19, 1996 on AMC
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Monday, August 19, 1996

Hayley said that it was okay that Janet helped Amanda be "found" after she ran off, but had mixed emotions about her telling Amanda about the baby on the keychain. Janet said that she didn't think it would hurt. But Trevor had other thoughts. He told Tim to take Amanda and go over to the other side of the park and after the two were a safe distance away, he tore into Janet. He said that she has no business being around Amanda because it violates the restraining order he has against her. He insinuated that she was going to snatch up Amanda and run off with her. That comment irritated Janet. She said that Trevor only looks at the negative things she does and said that no one ever thanks her for calling 911 when Trevor had his accident or rescuing Skye Chandler from the evil Dr. Kinder. Trev broke into laughter and said that Janet must really be off her rocker because Skye doesn't live in Pine Valley. Hayley stepped in and said that Janet actually was responsible for saving her long-lost sister and did her best to have Trevor back off Janet. But Janet's fuse was already lit. She said that the only reason Trevor is so hostile with her is because he can't walk. Hayley was stunned. Remember that Trevor said that he was going to go to the hospital for surgery to repair his condition and never clued anyone in to the seriousness of his ailment. Trevor admitted that he was having problems and Hayley immediately told him that he needs to tell the kids so they know the truth. Janet left the park and Trevor returned home to his house.

Michael discussed Trevor's condition in greater detail with Brad. Dr Phillips said that he truly believes that Trevor's condition was brought on by a mental overload. He said that Laurel's death probably put the breaks on Trevor's "mental healing" capacity and suggested that he undergo a pseudo-hypnotic session to see if the paralysis is psychosomatic. Michael disagreed with Brad's findings, saying that Trevor is strong-willed and would never back off the fight. But after careful thought he recalled that Trevor never had a chance to mourn Laurel's because he jumped right into defending Mike from being booted from his teaching job. Brad left before Trevor got home, but Trevor somehow knew that Mike had Brad had talked in detail about his health and demanded to know why Mike looked so glum.

While their "prisoners" talked things out in the wine cellar, Noah and Julia discussed their future. Julia talked of wanting children some day and how she'd want them to spend all their time with Maria and Edmund's children. This way the kids would grow up to feel like brothers and sisters rather than cousins. But the twosome wasn't sure if Edmund and Maria would ever get back together or if they could ever have children. Later Dimitri arrived home and told Noah and Julia that their plan to lock Maria and Edmund together wouldn't work because Edmund had a set of keys in the cellar for emergency exit.

A story below, Edmund and Maria worked on patching up their relationship. Maria stayed with Edmund after he unlocked the door and said she was free to go, signalling that she was willing to work things out. Maria stated that she thinks the love in her relationship with Edmund ended the moment he took Sam from her arms. Edmund defended himself by saying that he did what had to be done because Kelsey was right in the eyes of the law. Maria argued that they could have kept Sam and appealled the case, holding out until they either got the verdict they wanted or until the laws changed. She had one of the funniest lines of the day (although I am not sure if it was supposed to be funny) when she said, "Edmund giveth and Edmund taketh away." Edmund talked about his visit with Sam. He said that Sam looked at him with his big eyes and said "Hi Daddy! Where ya been?" This seemed to comfort Maria and eventually led to her realization and admission that wanting to leave the country with Sam was wrong. She said that she'd only have spent the rest of the years of her life looking over her shoulder to see if the police were on their tails. She wants to get back together with Edmund, but she said that she cannot forgive the things that she's done.

Jack met with Skye at the Valley Inn and asked her for details for the pending case against her former hubby. He said that Jonathan insists that Christopher killed himself and when Kinder found the body he panicked and threw him in the closet. Skye said that that isn't so (even though she had no proof to back her claim) because Christopher was not the depressive type. She said that Kinder had something on him. Dimitri wandered over to the table briefly and encouraged Jack to seek the maximum sentence against Kinder for his actions against Erica. "What about what you've done to Erica?" Skye asked him. Jack excused himself to handle some court matters, but the banter between Skye and Dimitri continued. He said that he was sorry he divorced Erica, but considering the way everything looked, he feels that he should be forgiven. He then asked Skye how they how they got off on the wrong foot. She didn't tell him that she saw him with Maria, but didn't give him a definitive answer to his question. She hinted that she saw him at Noah and Julia's wedding, but said that she knows she's seen him more than just that. Dimmie wasn't going to stick around and get grief from Skye, so he took off for home.

Janet saw Skye and joined her at the table. She wasted no time in telling Janet that she detests Dimitri for what he's done to Erica. When asked what it was that he did, Skye finally broke the news: he slept with his sister-in-law, Maria.

Tuesday, August 20, 1996

Kelsey never heard Sam wailing like a banshee in the background because she was busy listening to music on her Walkman and exercising. Bobby knocked on the front door, but when no one answered he let himself in. He walked up behind Kelsey and snatched the headphones off of her head and told her that she needs to be paying attention to Sam. She said that he was spoiled by Maria who picked him up every time he cried and that she is not going to do that. Bobby got ticked off and went up to see what was wrong with Sam. He got a few moments alone with his son and proved that he can actually be a pretty good parental figure. He told Sam stories and told him that there' s nothing wrong with crying when you're sad or asking someone to check under the bed for monsters. Kelsey watched on from a distance with a smile, impressed with Bobby's skills. He told her that he was doing was Edmund told him to do. Kelsey nearly had a bird when she heard that Edmund was visiting with Sam, but Bobby managed to calm her down. She again reminded Bobby that if he marries her he'll collect a fat inheritance check. He said that he has no reason to believe that there is a cash bonus for getting married, but that if Kelsey can get the proof, he'll discuss marriage terms with her.

Mike didn't give Trevor too much detail on what he had Dr. Phillips talked about, but said that Brad thinks more tests are in order. Trevor put up a stink, saying that he's already had a battery of tests and that they haven't helped him a bit. Trevor finally agreed. Mike asked what he should pick up for dinner, but Trev said that he and Amanda were going to order a pizza so Mike should make other plans to have a good meal.

Mike and Gloria went out and he told her about Brad's diagnosis on Trevor. Gloria concurred with the idea and said that it is very possible that Trevor overloaded his "circuits" after Laurel's death.

A member of Veteran's Assistance knocked on Trevor's door and told him that he was there to pick up some old clothing. Trevor said that he knew nothing about a clothing pickup, but that he'd call at a later time if he found anything. After wheeling himself over to a closet, Trevor pulled out a box of clothing---it turned out to be all of Laurel's things. As he pieced through each garment, he recalled the moments when Laurel was wearing them. This marked the first time that he had memories of her since her death.

Maria told Edmund that even if she would get back together with him, she couldn't live at Wildwind because she could not bear the pain of having going into the nursery because it would kill her. Edmund told his wife that he would be there for her. With his arm outstretched, he took Maria's hand and led her to the nursery. Maria broke down in tears as she entered the nursery and saw all of Sam's belongings covered with sheets. Edmund said that he had Peggy cover them so that they wouldn't be ruined until someone from the shelter could come and collect them. Maria managed to block her tears and smiled when she thought of the good times she and Edmund had with Sam. Finally she managed to cope with her feelings and agreed that it was time to move back home with Edmund.

Janet didn't believe Skye's story that she saw Dimitri and Maria having sex. After Skye recounted all the details of how she came across this revelation, Janet believed her, but urged her not to tell Erica. Skye insisted that Erica be told the truth about her slimy, two-timing husband who, some might say, looks an awful lot like Dex Dexter, but finally agreed not to tell Erica. Not for Erica's sake, but because Janet asked her not to.

At an adjacent table, Adam and Hayley did lunch. They were scheduled to talk about making a hostile takeover of another cosmetics company, but when Hayley spied Skye, the priorities changed. Adam said that the woman was Hayley's sister, Skye. Hayley told her father that she and her sis already met. With that, Adam got up and invited both Janet and Skye to join them for lunch. Janet passed, saying that she didn't want to get in the way, but Skye accepted. Janet reminded Skye to give Hayley a chance and prepared to go home. But she realized that she lost her keys. Well, not lost: Amanda still had them. At the table, the two sisters clued Adam in to their first sticky encounter. Things weren't going amicably for two and a business call managed to lure Hayley away from the Chandler family luncheon. Skye and Adam talked about getting even with Dr. Kinder. When Adam learned that Jonathan was not yet in jail, he flew out of the Valley Inn to confront him at the hospital.

At the hospital, Marian gave Johnny the good news that she had found a crook somewhere to help them make their escape to Switzerland, but that she wants to wait until Jonathan is given a clean bill of health before they attempt their flight. Jonathan said that there is no time to wait because Jack is ready to send him off to jail. Marian reissued her concerns over Jonathan's heart problems. He then let her know that he faked the condition to avoid going to prison. He professed his love for Marian and said that he can't wait to make love to her. Marian was overcome with emotion, but nothing close to her reaction to Jonathan's proposal. Yes, he asked her to marry him. She gleefully accepted and the two kissed... just as Adam walked into the room.

Wednesday, August 21, 1996

Adam wasted no time in blasting away at Marian for her romancing Dr. Kinder. He accused her of being a cold, cheap whore. Marian defended herself to Adam, but considering that his daughter was held prisoner by Jonathan, he was not about to give her pleas any mind. Adam warned Kinder that he'd be getting his kisses from Marian behind bars in a matter of hours because Jackson was about to send him off to jail.

Brooke and Myrtle dropped by Laura's hospital room for a visit, but were stunned to find that she had went through with her plans to escape. Brooke and Myrt set out a net of contacts to keep an eye out for Laura. Pierce assisted by calling Janet and asking her to call if Laura turns up at the cabin. Brooke blamed herself for Laura's bolting, but Pierce assured her that it wasn't her fault. The crisis didn't land Brooke in Pierce's arms as she maintained her distance and her promise that she cannot see him any more. After finishing words with Jonathan, Adam ran into Brooke and learned of the situations. He promised Brooke that he would track Laura down and return her safely. He said that he can see her pain and used his cool as a cucumber composure to keep Brooke soothed. Pierce wandered over and warned Adam not to pressure Brooke for any romantic moments because she wasn't emotionally strong now.

Laura sat at a playground and reminisced about her time in Pine Valley and how she ran into each of those who comprise a moment of her memories. Scott, in his efforts to track his friend down, did find her at the playground and did his best to entice Laura to return home. She said that she no longer wants to stay in town because she has no family there. Scott told her that he cared for her deeply and that he should be considered as a reason to stick around. But only when Laura saw a young homeless boy named Andy did she change her mind. She remembered how Brooke bought her some ice cream the day she found her picking through the trash. She walked over to Andy and told him that he could find a safe place to stay at Brooke's shelter. She and Scott then took him to McKay's for a bite to eat. After seeing that she does have things better than she once did, Laura returned to Brooke.

Janet reluctantly went over to Trevor's to claim her keys from Amanda. Amanda apologized for taking "the lady's" keys, but when she showed Trevor the picture on Janet's keychain, Trevor blew a fuse. He asked Amanda to go pick up her toys outside and then attacked Janet for showing Amanda the photo. Janet said that Natalie sent her the photo and that she has had it ever since. Trevor accused Janet of trying to wheedle her way into Amanda's life and said that he could have had the same photo laying around the house somewhere and that Amanda could have pieced thigns together. Janet regarded the idea as ridiculous, but Trevor took the picture away from Janet. Janet pleaded with Trevor to give the picture back to her because Nat wanted her to have it, but Trevor refused. Janet had to flee the house when Trevor picked up the phone and threatened to call the police on her.

Trevor agreed to undergo some tests after Michael insisted that Trevor's condition could be cured. Trevor checked into the hospital and had the "truth syrum" administered to him by Dr. Joe Martin. While under the influence of the drugs, Joe asked Trevor to wiggle his toes and raise and lower his legs. Without any hesitation, Trevor did, in fact, move his lower extremities. Michael was overjoyed that Trevor could use his legs and said that things were going to get back to normal soon. Joe said that the tests' results are encouraging, but that Trevor's mental blocks would still need to be overcome before he would return to his normal self.

Totally different. That's the only way to describe they way Marian disguised herself to aid in Jonathan's Great Escape from Pine Valley Hospital. Packaged as a short-haired brunette, Marian posed as a police agent from the Big Apple and kind talked a security guard into getting her some coffee. While he was gone, Marian slipped into Jonathan's room to work out the details of his escape. At first he didn't recognoze her... until she uttered her infamous "dahling." Marian kept the guard distracted once again as Jonathan managed to slip out of the room and down the back staircase. Marian ditched her disguise and walked over to the elevator, preparing the leave. But luck would not be on her side as Jack returned to Kinder's room to tell him that he was being sent to prison and noticed the doctor missing. Jack notified hospital security to seal the building and caught Marian at the elevator doors saying that she "almost got away with it."

Thursday, August 22, 1996

Celebrating a successful completion of The Cutting Edge, Tad and Gloria spent some time with each other at Tad's house. There, the duo played around with Jamie and Amanda (Glo was watching Amanda while Trevor and Mike were at the hospital). While wearing some comical superhero outfits, everyone battled each other as space warriors. The fun halted only briefly when Adam dropped by and order Tad down to the studio to tape a special Cutting Edge spot about Dr. Jonathan Kinder. Tad refused and told Adam that he should contact Liza to fill in for him.

From the airport, Liza phoned Dr. Clader to see if the results of her pap smear had been sent from the lab in New York. Doc Clader said that he did get the results and that there were some cellular anomalies. Liza panicked and asked him if she had cancer. Dr. Clader said that he could not be sure, but that additional tests and a follow-up appointment would yield further details on her condition.

Jack assumed that since Marian was the last person to visit with Jonathan that she must know where he disappeared to. Marian said she had no clue where Jonathan was and said that she was heartbroken that he made a run for the border without her.

Marian bolted for the airport, hoping to find Jonathan, but he was nowhere in sight. Marian placed a call to Jonathan, but she was shattered when he told her that he moved on without her and that she was no longer needed. A crushed Marian was observed from a distance by Liza, who asked to know if she was okay.

Back at the hospital, the security guard that had been posted outside Kinder's door came to a surprising realization: the police officer from New York was actually Marian Colby in a wig. The guard told Jack that he learned this information from a nurse and Jack headed to the airport to see if he could track down Mrs. Colby.

Marian told Liza that she had aided in Jonathan's escape and gave him all of her liquid assets. Liza told her mother that she made a foolish mistake... and so did Jack who overheard most of the conversation. Marian admitted that Jonathan talked her in to lending him a hand. Jack said that Marian could face ten years in jail for her posing as a corrections officer. He allowed her to go home, but told her that he'd be back in touch with her soon.

Adam called Liza and told her that she needs to report to the studio as soon as possible. Skye heard her father talking to Liza and after he finished his call, Skye told Adam that she wanted him to fire Liza on the spot. She explained to him that Liza was the one who pushed her and knocked her out (leading to the drugging situation). When Liza showed up at 'RCW, Adam told her to clear her desk. She's fired.

After being escorted home by her daughter, Marian sat alone in her house and downed a glass of spirits. She placed a call to Jack and told him that she wants him to notify as soon he finds Dr. Kinder. But turns out Marian was not alone... Jonathan was lurking in the shadows.

Friday, August 23, 1996

Edmund and Maria finally patched up their differences. The two spent an evening together at Wildwind and somehow managed to get past the quiet hallways and corridors. Maria recalled Dimitri's telling her that she belongs with Edmund and that all she has to do to move on is just forget that she had an affair with brother-in-law Dimmie.

Liza's first action was to find out why she was being fired from her job. She's been doing a bang-up job, or so she thought. Then in stepped Skye to announce why Miss Colby was getting the heave ho. She said that Liza's actions were deplorable (meaning when she pushed her and left her for dead.) Adam agreed with his daughter. Liza was furious. She said that she couldn't be fired for that and if she was let go she'd expect to be paid for the remainder of her contract. But Adam reminded her that her contract had a morals clause and that she broke it. Liza got some of her things together and said that she would see Adam in court. With Liza gone, Skye wasted no time in asking Daddy Dearest for Liza's old job as a way to pass her time. Adam was impressed by her desire to work in television, but said that she would have to prove herself first. Adam put her in charge of producing an upcoming special edition of the Cutting Edge with Jonathan Kinder as the topic of discussion.

Jonathan emerged from hiding and told Marian that she'd be waiting for a long time for Jack to contact her because he was not about to get caught. A stunned Marian poured Jonathan a glass of brandy and they talked about their mutual affection for each other. Jonathan expressed his desire to leave the area, but said that he had no money. Marian suggested that she sell off all of her assets to gain some capital for their escape. Oh Marian, Marian, Marian!! But before Marian and Johnny could get to comfortable, a knock rapped out on the door. The duo panicked, fearing that the cops were closing in on them. It turned out to be Liza checking in on her mother. Jonathan hid in a back room and allowed Marian to visit with her daughter. Liza asked her mother about her grandmother and asked what she died of. Marian tried desperately to get rid of Liza by saying she was too humiliated for company. Marian eventually answered Liza's question, saying that her grandmother died of cervical cancer. The news rang sharply through Liza's ears as she recalled the results of her pap smear. But then Liza saw that Marian had two glasses of brandy on the table. She knew instantly that Marian was having a gentleman caller and was furious with her mother. She stormed out and said that she was sorry she showed concern for her mother.

Jonathan popped back out of his hiding spot and said he had some business to attend to.

Skye visited Janet at Linden House. She was ticked when Janet opened the door without asking who was there first and clued her in to Jonathan's great escape. Skye told Janet that she was going to get Liza's job soon, but Janet was shocked to learn that Liza was "the blonde" of Skye's memories. Janet said that she was a former guest on The Cutting Edge and would help Skye any way she could. She showed Skye out and then headed for bed, her mind dancing at the thought of being a television star. No sooner had Janet gotten upstairs and tucked herself into bed...and Jonathan broke in to the house.

Bobby visited Julia at the Insomniac Cafe to see how Anita was doing. Julia said that her little sister was crushed (as expected). She then went on to say that Maria and Edmund were now happily back together. Bobby said he was glad to hear the news and said that if he knew about Sam sooner... his sentence was left hanging.

Bobby headed over to the Martins' to visit with Kelsey and Sam. As soon as Kelsey saw him she began muttering words of marriage and "hubby." Bobby told her that she had not gotten him any proof yet so there was no marriage deal in the works. Kelsey then plunked Sam into Bobby's arms and said that she'd be back in a few minutes with the proof he desired.

Kelsey went to Cortlandt Manor and asked Opal if she happened to have any hand-me-downs from Peetey. Opal nodded and then whisked off to find where Flossy had hidden the clothing. While she had the house to herself, Kelsey rummaged around in Palmer's desk and uncovered the legal documents that proved her claim: Bobby would get a hefty sized trust fund at the age of 25 or on the day he marries (which ever comes first). Kelsey hid the paper and when Opal returned with the clothes, said a quick goodbye and headed back to find Bobby. Bobby read the paper and was surprised that Kelsey had been telling the truth. The wedding date was the immediate rattle off of Kelsey's tongue, but Bobby said that there would be a condition to their marriage....

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