All My Children Recaps: The week of August 26, 1996 on AMC
Bobby agreed to marry Kelsey, and she agreed to give Sam back to Edmund and Maria. Pierce left Pine Valley. Liza learned that she might have cancer.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 26, 1996 on AMC
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Monday, August 26, 1996

Sitting in a rocking chair in what used to be Sam's nursery, Maria hummed a lullaby for her son. Edmund found her sitting there and knew what she must be feeling. Maria said that she wants to find a good use for the baby furniture since they'll no longer be needing them. They then exchanged ideas on what the room could be used for in the future---an exercise room or a family theatre. They both agreed that Edmund would contact Grace in the morning and offer the furniture to the shelter. Maria prayed to the Virgin Mother, thanking her for leading her back to her family and apologized for not praying to her in a long time.

Skye and Stuart unwittingly walked in on a night on the town for Hayley, Mateo, Michael, and Brad. The tension between Hayley and her sister continued, but more on that later. Mike, Hayley, Brad, and Matt danced the Macarena, but when it was over, it was Skye that found herself dancing. She asked Michael what he was doing and to tell her his entire life story. As Skye tried to put the moves on Mr Delaney, the others watched on with smiles on their faces. It wasn't until Mike told of getting his heart broken by a man named "Jimmy" that Skye knew Michael was gay. Hayley waltzed over and Skye asked why Halo let her make a fool of herself. Hayley just smiled and said that all the good men in Pine Valley are either married or gay.
Matt and Hayley talked about Hal's poor financial outlook and Mateo said that is would probably close down in the next few weeks. He rattled off idea after idea of how the bar could be saved. Eventually, Hayley told Matt that she'd be willing to pack in her cosmetic work to buy and run Hal's---with Mateo, of course.

From upstairs, Janet could hear someone moving around in Linden House. She called out to see if anyone would respond. Jonathan hid behind a wall as Janet looked around. She tried to convince herself that she was just hearing things, but when she saw that the phone was off the hook, she knew something wasn't quite right. She hung up the phone, but only for a few minutes. As she called information to get the number of the police station (Doesn't anyone call 911?), Jonathan snuck up behind her with a vase held over his head. But Janet was spared when Jack Montgomery rang the doorbell. She ran to the door and gave Jack a big hug. She told him that she thinks someone was in the house. Jack assured her that she was safe and offered to look around, but Janet agreed that her overactive imagination was probably getting the best of her. Before leaving, he wished Janet the best. She said that he was just spouting off words without meaning, but swore to Janet that he really does wish her the best. Janet thanked him and showed him to the door. She headed back up to bed and Jonathan popped back out of hiding. He hooked the phone up to a phone-tapping device and then headed back to Marian's.

Marian turned on romantic music and gussied herself up in black lingerie. She wasted no time in romancing Jonathan. Jonathan played along with Marian, but after all was said and done, he quickly wiped Marian's lipstick off of his mouth. He activated his phonetap and listened in as Janet placed a call to Erica to warn her that Jonathan had escaped from jail.

Kelsey was caught off guard with Bobby's mention of conditions. He said that he will agree to marry her, but only if she gives Sam back to Edmund and Maria. Kelsey said that she was not willing to give up the son she carried for nine months. With that, Bobby dangled the million dollars back in front of her. Kelsey soon changed her mind, but said that she could not be sure that Bobby would really split the money with her if she gave up Sam. He gave her his word and said that she would just have to believe him. Kelsey said that her believing him was what got her pregnant in the first place. Better hurry and make up your mind, Bobby told her, because she has twenty four hours to decide whether or not she wants part of Bobby's trust fund. After that time... the deal is off.

Tuesday, August 27, 1996

Hayley woke up early to tend to Enchantment business, but her attention was soon diverted when Mateo (wearing only his boxers) wandered into the living room. While it wasn't shown, you can pretty much figure out what these two did---and no it wasn't organizing Hayley's briefcase! Hayley broke into a sweat when she realized that the Chandler-Santos engagement soiree was coming up in a few days. She thought of everything that could go wrong. She envisioned her father showing Hector his classic nude sculptures and having Hector calling them pornographic. The two were summoned to the hospital by Mike who said that they needed to join a family pow wow on Trevor's condition.

Trevor complained to Ruth about the hospital's food. She said that the cook was very good and that he should stop complaining. He asked her if he'd ever walk again. She gave him a very optimisitc outlook, but stopped short of giving him a definite yes. He promised her that when he got out of the hospital, he would go "howling at the moon" with her.

Dr. Phillips thought that Trevor and his family should be told that Trevor's condition is being caused by his subconscious. Mike argued that this news could set Trevor back. As the two were talking, Tim walked in on the conversation and they quickly shut up. Tim said he was tired of being treated like a child and wanted to know what his father's condition was. Mike said that Trevor's condition turned out to be different than the doctor's first thought and that he would need to undergo a different type of therapy.

Mateo saw Tim sitting on the sun porch at the hospital and figured that he could use someone to talk. Tim said that he is hurting because his father no longer wants to talk about Natalie or Laurel. Matt said that he is fortunate to have a father who will talk things out with him---even if he can't right now. In jest, Matt suggested that he and Tim swap fathers for a week. Matt said that Tim would beg him within two days to get rid of Hector.

Brad, Mike, and Hayley gathered in Trevor's room and Brad informed Trevor that the results of his "pseudo-hypnotic" treatment revealed that he could, in fact, use his legs. Trevor blew up at the suggestion that he is "a head case."

Tad sought out Liza at WRCW but soon learned that she had been fired. He said that Adam was off his rocker for getting rid of "the best thing" that WRCW has going for it. When he saw Skye looming over her daddy's shoulders, he quickly figured out that Liza had been dumped in favor of a Chandler woman. Skye tried to impress Tad with her credentials, but wasn't interested in hearing her "pat on the back" story. Skye said that the real reason Liza had been given her pink slip was because she tried to kill her. Tad didn't know whether or not to buy her story so he headed off to Liza's to find out the real story. Like a spoiler brat, Skye ran to Adam to tell him that Tad had ran off.

A frantic Liza called Dr. Clader's office to see if she could arrange a second appointment as Dr. Clader has suggested. There were no openings and Liza was forced to dwell on her possible condition for another day. But Liza wasn't forced to sit alone for long because Scott showed up with a box of her belongings. He said that he had packed up as much as he could, but that he'd go back and get anything that he might have overlooked. He was furious that his Uncle Adam fired Liza because he said she was the best in her field. Liza, still with tears in her eyes, thanked Scott, but said that she would be able to move on---even if it was a hard thing to do. Scott asked if there was anything else he could do for Liza, but Liza, fighting off pain, said she was fine. Before leaving, Scott encouraged Liza to go to a park and enjoy the nice day rather than sitting at home. She saw him out and within seconds of his departure, Liza doubled over in pain. Barely above a whisper, Liza called out to Scott to come back, but he couldn't possibly have heard her. Liza phoned Dr. Claders office again and said that she was in severe pain and needed to be seen. The office offerede to send out an ambulance, but Liza said that a friend would bring her to the hospital. Liza hung up and then called her mother to see if she could help her out. But Marian wasn't home. Liza saw this as yet another time when her mother wasn't there for her when she needed her. Liza left a message for her mother to call her as soon as she got in, but she couldn't bring herself to tell her the real reason she needed her. Seeing that no one was there for her and knowing that she had always done things for herself, Liza prepared to drive herself to the hospital. But as she opened the door, she found Tad was there, just about to knock on the door.

Laura received her grades for her summer school classes, but she was too nervous to open up the envelope and look at her report card. She sat on the floor with the envelope clutched firmly in her hands and stared off into space. Luckily for her, Scott bumped into her on his way to a meeting. She told him that she was too nervous to look. In addition to that, she said that if she failed, she'd be leaving town and enrolling into another school district so she would not have to face the humiliation of failing. Scott offered to help her look at her grades. Laura tore open the envelope, but she gave Scott the report card. He looked at it and told her that he thinks it is best if she reads the results herself. Her mouth dropped as she saw her final grade---a "B." She gave Scott a big hug and thanked him for helping her out. The two looked longingly--and somewhat awkwardly---into each other's eyes.

Wednesday, August 28, 1996

To celebrate her passing summer school, Scott treated Laura to a burger at McKay's. She insisted, however, that she should be treating Scott because without his tutoring, she feels she never would have made the grade. From across the restaurant, Jamie, who was lunching with his Great Aunt Phoebe, spotted Laura and darted across the talk to her. He told her that he misses her and said that he hates when people leave. Laura took his comments to mean that he missed Junior and Dixie, but she was also included on that list, Phoebe came over and, after she got Jamie away from the table for a few moments, told Laura that she tore Jamie's heart out when she left Brooke's house. Laura said that she never realized that Jamie had grown so attached to her. After she Phoebe left the table, Laura told Scott that Jamie must feel like she did as a child---alone and unwanted.

Tad said that he was glad Liza was at her condo because he wanted to speak to her. He told her that he was disappointed that she had been let go, but said that he would lobby Adam to reinstate her as WRCW's station manager. Liza was happy to hear Tad say this, but said that she knows he is only on the side he is always on---Tad's side. She said that she is a big girl and can handle herself accordingly and showed Tad to the door. After Tad left, Liza looked like she regretted being so short with him. She headed over to the phone and called a taxi to take her to the hospital.

Skye and Janet brainstormed about possible ideas for the Cutting Edge episode on Jonathan Kinder. They had no idea that Jonathan was listening to them on the bug he planted the night before. Skye said she wanted to make the episode look like "America's Most Wanted," with recreations of all of Jonathan's evil deeds. Just then Tad showed up at Linden House prepared for a meeting with Skye. At least that's what Skye thought. Tad blasted Skye for summoning him like a delivery boy and then took shots at her ideas for the Cutting Edge show. He didn't like the idea and said it would cost too much money. Janet reminded Tad that the episodes where Laurel was killed and where Tad's confession of an affair with Liza drew the highest ratings and said that he could not very well say the Cutting Edge had moral standards. Tad disliked the concept and said that the show could taint possible jurors at Jonathan's pending trial.

At Marian's house, Jonathan listened to the entire conversation...but heard nothing that Marian said as she talked to him from as few yards off. When she tapped him on the shoulder, he fumbled around and explained that he was listening to a taped seminar by a doctor friend. Marian bought the story. Jonathan then asked Marian if she could go to the hospital and retreive the laptop computer he left there. Being that computer was hers in the first place and cost her quite a bit of money, Marian agreed and went to the hospital. But before she left, she checked her answering machine and heard the message left by Liza.

Trevor argued with Brad that his condition was not brought on my his mind. He said that until the doctors real;ize that his legs are the problem area, he'll never walk. Brad suggested that he begin an intensive "cognitive therapy" session with a psychiatrist, but Trevor blew up. He said that he is not a "head case" and chased everyone from his hospital room. Shortly after they left, Dr. Anna Tolan, the psychiatrist who helped Janet with her therapy, entered the room to prepare Trevor for his first session with her. Trevor's dislike of "shrinks" was heighten even more by his interpretation that being assigned the same psychiatrist as Janet was a huge insult. He blasted Dr. Tolan as a quack and, as he has done with his family, chased her from the room. Dr. Tolan later told Brad and Mike that she sees Trevor's anger as a positive sign and says it is perfectly normal for him to be upset.

Liza checked in to the hospital for her appointment, but when Dr. Clader said that Gloria would be assisting him, Liza asked if he could pick another nurse. She said that since Gloria knows her she is afraid that Gloria will tell someone why she was at the hospital. Dr. Clader assured Liza that Gloria will stick to her vow of privacy and that she's the best nurse he could ask for. Liza agreed and she underwent another examination and pap smear. But the results were not what Liza wanted to hear. The doctor informed Liza that the results of the pap smear would not be back for about a day and that she should go home and rest. He did tell her, though, that he found a tumor in her cervix. He said that a biopsy would reveal whether or not it was malignant or not. Liza begged for speedier answers, but a very cold Dr. Clader showed little concern for Liza's welfare. He told her to get dressed and go home because he would call her with the results. Gloria showed more compassion and told Liza to try not and think the worst because it will only get her down.

As Liza was finishing getting dressed, Marian wandered in on her. She asked Liza why she was there and pleaded for Liza not to tell her that she was ill because she could not "handle" it. After learning that her mother did not return her phone call because she was "busy," Liza decided to pass on the truth and tell Marian that she was there to interview a doctor about her Cutting Edge piece on cancer. Marian was still concerned because Liza looked tired. She said she'd call Liza later that evening to see if she was okay. Marian snatched up the laptop computer and returned home to be with Jonathan. There he told her that he still needed to leave the country and that he wanted Marian to join him.

Liza gathered her belongings and left the examining room. On her way out, she asked Dr. Clader what her chances were. AS she broke down and tears, Tad walked around the corner and saw his former colleague crying as she talked to the doctor.

Thursday, August 29, 1996

You can't have your cake and eat it too. This was the lesson Brooke had to learn today as her fling with Pierce came to a final end. Pierce showed up at Brooke's house and told her that he wanted to say goodbye to her because he was leaving Pine Valley. Pierce said that had has been in love twice in his life: Once with Christina and once with Brooke. He said that he never thought he'd be able to love again after Christina's senseless murder, but Brooke someone led him out of the woods. I guess that goes figuratively and literally, huh? Brooke broke down in tears and said that she cares for Pierce and doesn't want him to go, but Pierce said all of Brooke's actions show that she really doesn't want to be in a relationship with him. He handed her a note to give to Laura and said his final farewell. Brooke begged him to stay and say goodbye to Laura face to face, but he said that Laura loves the man she lived with in the cabin and that he is no longer that man. Pierce left the house and drove away. Brooke ran to the door, tears streaming down her face, and called out for him to come back because she made a mistake... but Pierce was already gone.

Laura came by only moments later to give Jamie a crayon box for his first day at school. Laura noticed that Brooke's eyes were red and watery and asked if everything was okay. Brooke tried to cover for herself by saying that she got dust in her eye, but her story would last only so long. Laura said that she needed to talk to both Brooke and Pierce about her behavior, but Brooke told her that Pierce was gone.

Skye ran her proposal for the Kinder episode of The Cutting Edge past Adam . Her ideas were met with the same cold reception that Tad gave them. Skye agreed to dump all of her ideas, but demanded that she be allowed to keep the closing: a montage of photos of Jonathan with the promise of a $500,000 reward. Adam nearly choked on his wallet when he counted up the number of zeroes in Skye's reward. Skye immediately begged her father to put up the money, but when he balked at the idea she asked him if her life was not worth that much. Skye even added that Janet liked all of her ideas to which Adam warned Skye about hanging around with Madame La CrowBar. Skye defended her friend and the two quickly got on to the topic of Janet's relationship with Pierce and how Pierce left Janet for Adam's former belle, Brooke. Skye asked why her father let Brooke go and he said that hadn't let her go... but that she had let him go.

Tad overheard Liza's entire discussion with Dr. Clader. He listened in horror as he realized that Liza's life could be in jeopardy. He followed her back to her condo in the hopes that he could cheer her up.Inside, Liza sat on the couch and spooned globs of yogurt back in forth in her yogurt cup. Tad knocked at the door and demanded that he be let in, but Liza wasn't budging... she didn't want anyone to know that she was home. When Tad finally wheedled his way in, he did his best to liven up Liza's spirits. He would have succeeded, but the phone rang and a nervous Liza went into the other room to take the call that she assumed was from the doctor. When she came back from her call, tad asked if everything was okay. Knowing that that was an odd question to ask after a phone call, Liza looked Tad straight in the face and asked him "You know, don't you?"

The 24 hour deadline had arrived for Kelsey and like a clockwork orange, Bobby showed up at the Martin House to get Kelsey's answer to his proposal. Kelsey took several minutes, but agreed that half a million dollars was worth giving up Sam for. But Kelsey had more on the brain than just accepting the proposal, she had Bobby look over a contract that she drew up. Bobby carefully eyeballed the terms in Kelsey's contract and found that she was really milking the agreement for all it was worth. In the agreement, Bobby must agree to take Kelsey out weekly on "Date Night" and give her a weekly allowance. Bobby refused the terms and crossed them out of the agreement. Thet agreed that they could deal with each other for at least six months and would then call the marriage off. After the finished bickering over the rest of the terms, they both signed the agreement and prepared to run off to Elk Green and elope. Kelsey returned her probing eyes once again to Palmer's legal papers to make sure that everything was in order. Everything was..,.,except for one little clause that she had missed before. The sum of the monies would only be given to Bobby after he was married for three years.

Friday, August 30, 1996

Janet sat in an office somewhere at WRCW and talked into space as though she were hosting an episode of The Cutting Edge. As she did her monlogue, Adam walked in on her and began clapping madly. He told her that her fantasy of hosting The Cutting Edge can end right there because she'd never get her chance to host the show. Without much of a transition, Adam moved to telling Janet that she must be happy now that Pierce will be moving back to the cabin. Since Janet had not spoken to Pierce recently, she had no clue about what Adam was talking about. He told her that Pierce had been given the boot by Brooke and that he only assumed that he would go crawling back to Janet. Since it had been days since Pierce had been dumped, Janet knew that Pierce must have left town. She was crushed that he did not say goodbye to her, but don't even think that Adam would have showed her some sympathy. With Pierce safely out of town, he took every chance he could to call Pierce a dumb "woodsman" and other similarly themed names.

The news of Pierce's departure rang equally as unpleasant with Laura as it did with Janet. But Laura's disappointment landed mostly on herself. She apologized to Brooke and said that her selfish attitude was what took Pierce away from Brooke. Brooke disagreed and said that she was the one who was ultimately responsible for Pierce leaving because she could not give him what he wanted. The two managed to patch things up. Brooke let Laura know that she promised to always love and care for her because they are family. Laura smiled and said that she'd like to return to living at Brooke's house. She let Brooke know that she missed Jamie and never meant to cause him heartache by moving out. The women agreed that they would talk more in the future and avoid the problems they've had in the past due to lack of communication. This, Brooke said, would mean Laura never feels like she has to run away again. Laura asked Brooke if she could go and visit someone if she promised to be home for dinner.Brooke agreed and Laura darted off.

Like a hawk circling above a dead animal, Adam zoomed to Brooke's and wasted no time in trying to get their failed romance back on track. He said he was sorry to see her so unhappy and wanted to take her to a Broadway play or a midnight swim or a romantic dinner---anything to make her smile again. Brooke said that she was not interested and Adam backed off (as much as Adam can back off). He left her a business card with his phone number on it and said that he hopes to hear from her somewhere down the line.

Laura tracked Janet down at WRCW and the two shared an embrace and tried to comfort each other about Pierce's sudden departure.

Kelsey's little eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets when she read that she would have to stay married to Bobby for three years before she would get a piece of his trust fund. Bobby walked in on her while she was reading the document and she quickly tucked it away. Did she tell him about her little discovery? Why are you even asking? Of course not! She put the paper back in to Palmer's desk and began humming "The Wedding March." Bobby said that he contacted a Justice of the Peace and prepared a time to go and elope in Elk Green. He also said that he called Kevin to stay and watch Sam while they were gone. When Kevin showed up, Bobby swore him to secrecy about the wedding and ordered him not to tell anyone about what they were doing. Kevin begged Bobby not to go through with the wedding because he'd only be subjecting Sam to years of hearing him and Kelsey arguing non-stop. Bobby let Kevin know that he thought he was doing the best thing and begged him to try to understand. Before leaving with Kelsey, Bobby gave Kevin a letter to give to Anita the following day.

In Pine Valley a promise doesn't hold much water. Kevin took Sam and the letter that Bobby had given him and tracked down Anita at the Insomniac Cafe. Anita was talking to her big sister Julia about her tormented life. She said that she misses Bobby, but can't bear knowing that he fathered a child. When Julia told Anita that she was glad she had gotten rid of the "troublemaker," Anita stood up and defended Bobby. She said that Bobby is not a bag guy, just misunderstood. I can see why... I don't even understand these two! Anyway, Kevin handed Anita the envelope and said he thinks it's best for Anita to read the letter inside. She said that she wasn't interested, but her mind changed rather abruptly when Kevin told her that Bobby and Kelsey were eloping. Anita ripped into the letter which said that Bobby would always love Anita no matter what else he does.

Liza asked Tad for the truth about how much he knew about her condition. Tad said that he heard that Liza was waiting on some test results and that that was all he knew. Liza told him that she might have cancer and the mood took a solemn turn. Tad didn't want Liza to be alone and asked if he could stay with her until she received the results. If you remember, he was with her when she waited for the results of a pregnancy test a few weeks back. This time, though, he said that he would be in charge of making the popcorn. Tad managed to crack a smile on Liza's face as he made fun of Skye's ideas for The Cutting Edge episode she's producing. Liza said that Tad would no doubt be in line for the station manager job in Skye fell on her face, but Tad disagreed. He said that what he does is served best in front of the camera and that the station manager position was Liza's. AS they watched a movie on TV, the phone rang. Liza asked Tad if he could answer it. The call was from Dr. Clader with information regarding Liza's test....

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