All My Children Recaps: The week of October 7, 1996 on AMC
Hayley finally told Mateo that she had bankrolled the bar purchase. Bobby and Palmer schemed to get Kelsey out of their lives. Kelsey lost Sam at the airport. A mystery woman watched Noah.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 7, 1996 on AMC
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Monday, October 7, 1996

Poor Myrtle. In front of a semi-crowd at Hal's she had vowed that she would no longer sit at home by herself at night. Today, however, she was unable to fulfill her promise. Her cribbage partner had to cancel out on Myrtle and Myrt couldn't find anyone to spend the evening with. Therefore, Myrtle tried to live vicariously through Michael, who said that he and Brad were going to go to a Portuguese film together. Wanting to put Mike's mind at ease, Myrtle lied about her evening plans and said that she was going to play bridge with Phoebe. She did, however, tell Michael that he was welcome to swap rooms because there are many vacant rooms at the boarding house.

Later that evening, Michael and Brad talked about their no-so-spectacular date. Apparently neither of the two men enjoyed the subtitled film and Mike confessed that he really didn't want to see the movie: he was just trying to impress Brad. The two shared a good laugh and confessed that they both would have rather gone to see an alien invasion flick. Myrt heard the two come home from their date and wandered down to the living room to chat. The threesome ate a few scoops of ice cream and made general conversation. Before adjourning for the evening, Myrt put on some soft romantic music and told the two to make themselves comfortable.

Mateo learned from Noah's loose lips that Hal was entertaining other offers for the bar. The news made Mateo furious and he promptly confronted Hal about the deal. Mateo warned Hal that he could not back out of their deal because the contract had already been signed. Hal let Mateo in on a business secret. He said that an owner always gets jitters after selling their property and that new owners are always over excited. As the two were talking, Hayley arrived at the bar and asked to be clued in on what was going on. After hearing what Hal had apparently been up to, Halo pulled Hal aside and asked him why he was toying around with their agreement. Hal said that he would try better to live up to the agreement and promised that in the future he would only say what Hayley tells him to say. It was also noted that Hayley set up a post office box and that this box would be the address that Mateo send his payments that are supposedly for Hal.

Maria and Julia had previously asked Edmund to keep an eye on Noah because they were preparing the hunting lodge for move in day. Hayley and Mateo, who were also in on the deal, also did their part in keeping Noah tied up for a few hours. Hayley had the men drag some boxes in to the bar as part of her theme idea. As the boxes were opened, Hayley beamed from ear to ear. She said that her idea for the bar is to set it up in various holiday themes---sorta like the All Star Cafe and Planet Hollywood. Among the various holiday decorations were baby photos of both Matt and Hayley.
The final phone call came through and Edmund asked Noah if he could help him out at Wildwind with some moving things around. Noah agreed and the two made their way to the hunting lodge.

Isabella sent a house warming present with her youngest daughters, Anita and Rosa. The present, a decorative Tiffany-esque lamp. Julia didn't like the gift that he mother thought was "hip," and talked of giving it away to Good Will. But when Maria reminded her sister that Momma Santos would want to see the lamp when she paid a visit to the lodge, Julia opted to hide the lamp in a corner or somewhere out of sight. The four Santos sisters sat down and chit-chatted about the old days and how it felt good to be a family unit again. They didn't have long to share their memories with each other because Noah and Edmund arrived only minutes later. The women hid themselves and when Noah walked in to the lodge, they all popped out of their hiding places and yelled "Surprise!" Edmund then told Noah that what he sees in front of him is all his. Maria wandered over and gave her brother-in-law a hug and kiss before leaving. On the way out, Edmund said that he and Maria aren't such bad neighbors and told Noah that he doesn't need to be afraid to drop by and borrow a stick of butter or a cup of sugar.

Maria and Edmund returned to the main house and spent their time in each other's arms making love to each other.

Skye demanded to know why Marian's rug was buried in Erica's garden. Janet tried to lie and say that the rug was really Erica's, but Skye was too clever to fall for the weak attempt at a lie. Skye tried to wrestle the story out of Janet, but Miss Green was not about to give. Skye even threatened to call Erica in Seattle and find out what happened, but that didn't work either. Finally, Skye congratulated Janet on keeping her secret and then walked toward the tool shed. When asked what she was doing, Skye said that she was going to go and get a shovel and dig up the story for herself. That caused Janet to cave and she finally gave Skye the full---albeit condense---version of the story. She said that Jonathan fell down a flight of stairs, hit his head, and died instantly. Skye pressed for more details, but Janet said that she would divulge them in time. Skye was furious with Janet. Not because Jonathan was dead, but because Janet and Erica didn't wait for her to help kill Jonathan!! A slightly morose Skye asked Janet if she could have a few moments alone with Jonathan. Janet nodded and went back into the house. After Janet was gone, Skye yipped and yelped and began dancing on Jonathan's grave!

Opal demanded an apology from Kelsey and Bobby's disrespectful attitude. She didn't get what she wanted. Bobby asked Palmer if he was sure that the inheritance agreement didn't say three months rather than three years. After the length of time clause was cleared up---it is, in fact, three years---
Bobby asked if he could have a few moments alone with his wife. Palmer and Opal both agreed. Bobby lashed out at Kelsey for keeping him in the dark about the length they would need to be married before they'd get any money. Kelsey offered Bobby a happy compromise. She said that she and Bobby can remain married. She cited Bobby's growing affection for Sam and said that he can grow to love her like he did for Sam. Bobby scoffed and told Kelsey that Sam was his flesh and blood and that he could never love her. That didn't sit well with Kelsey and she warned Bobby that she has the power to take Sam away from him and that if he does not do what she wants she will do whatever it takes to make his suffer. More than that, she said that if Bobby takes Sam anywhere that she doesn't agree to (like Wildwind) she will have Bobby arrested.

Opal and Palmer discussed Kelsey and both concurred that Kelsey was the one who was the driving force in the marriage. Opal said that she felt like a heel because she was trying to fill the void in her life left by Jenny's death with Kelsey. Opal then turned hostile and said that if Kelsey wants to be surrounded by money so badly, she can arrange to have Kelsey locked up in Palmer's vault with a thimble full of water.

Bobby came back downstairs and asked if he could speak to his grandfather in private. There he told Palmer that he married Kelsey so that Sam could be given back to Edmund and Maria. He begged Palmer to help him make Kelsey pay for backing out on her promise and using him.

Tuesday, October 8, 1996

Noah stood motionless for several minutes after learning that he now lived at the hunting lodge. Anita and Rosa boasted about all of the work that was put in to getting the lodge ready for its new tenants and showed Noah to his newly set-up dark room. Still Noah said and did nothing. But when the two youngest Santos sisters mentioned to Noah that the new abode came rent free, Julia promptly shelled out some cash to her sisters and suggested that they run ahead to Hal's. Finally, Noah broke his silence. He was upset that the hunting lodge had been "given" to them. He said that he has no trouble accepting presents of gifts from someone---but the lodge isn't exactly a candy bar or a book. Julia sat her husband down on the couch and played their wedding video. She instructed Noah to look very closely at the guests' faces. She said that they were all exuberant. She added that the guests did not look like they had problems with investing in the newlyweds' future. But still Noah insisted that he could not live at the lodge. He then asked Julia if they could pay rent. Julia thought it over and, after saying that they should only pay an amount that they could afford, agreed that Dimitri would have no problem in accepting some monetary payment. As Julia talked of how they are a family and how Noah needs to learn that he can count on the Santoses and the Maricks, Noah recounted a childhood memory. He told Julia how he was left waiting in a bar for his mother, Rose. Rose, a jazz-slash-lounge singer, never showed up to meet the young boy in the bar. Instead she left town without so much as a goodbye to Noah or Belinda. Grace took Noah home with her and that's where he stayed until he became a young man.The couple began unpacking their boxes and boxes of belongings and Noah came across a box sent over by his Aunt Grace. He unpacked the box and found a couple homemade muffins, some table napkins, and a record album. As Noah looked over the album, he realized that it was his mother's recording. Until now he never knew that his mother actually cut a record. Julia read from a note that was attached to the record's cover. The letter, from Rose to Grace, said that Rose had heard of Noah's wedding and that she wanted to give Noah a gift. While she knew that the record wasn't much, Rose asked Grace to pass the record along to her son. Rose ended the letter by saying that she realizes that she made a big mistake when she chose a music career over her children. Noah put the record down and walked out of the cabin. He returned later and apologized to Julia for leaving and said that he wants to carry on as though he never received the record. He said that he does not feel that he has a mother and has no desire to see his mother.

At Hal's Anita and Mateo got into a tiff over Anita's longing for Bobby. Anita compared her loved for Bobby to Noah and Julia's and Mateo and Hayley's romantic situations. Mateo blew up. He told Anita that she is being irresponsible and having no consideration for her family. He asked Anita what would happen if she got together with Bobby. How would they handle to family get togethers? Would she shove Sam into Maria and Edmund's faces? Anita fought back and said that no matter what Mateo says to her, she will never give up the hope of one day being together with the man she loves.

Maria and Edmund laid in each other's arms and discussed the upcoming holidays. Maria began to think about how the season would seem empty without Sam. When Edmund agreed, Maria asked him if having another baby would make things better. Edmund said that there are a vast number of children in the world who need the love of a family, but he said that it would not be right to adopt another child to try to fill the void in the lives left by Sam. Maria was somewhat relieved and said that she felt exactly the same way. The couple agreed that Sam will always have a special place in their hearts and that they would never forget him. The two were left to enjoy the peaceful evening, one of the last they'll have considering Dimitri and Erica will be moving in soon. Maria mentioned a craving for a hot fudge sundae and Edmund whisked off to the kitchen to create an ice cream treat. As the two ate the dessert (as their dinner), Maria said that she thinks it might finally be time to get rid of Sam's nursery furniture.

Palmer agreed to help Bobby with his dilemma. The solution, however, was not what Bobby wanted to hear. Palmer said that Bobby will still get his inheritance---in spite of the shady way he learned about it---after three years of marriage to Kelsey. There is no other way around it. Bobby agreed and went upstairs to talk to Kelsey.

Kelsey ran into Opal's arms crying, sobbing that the marriage sham was all Bobby's idea. Opal was unmoved and told Kelsey to stop the charade. She blasted Kelsey for being a conniving witch who is only interested in money. Kelsey said that that wasn't true and that she really does care for Opal and Palmer. Opal shook her head and said that Kelsey has to get out of the house in the morning and that she does not want to see her face around Cortlandt Manor again.

When Bobby found Kelsey, she was already packing up her belongings. Bobby was caught off guard by her "eviction" and informed Kelsey that she would not be taking Sam with her. Kelsey, who seemed indifferent, said that she was going to go out for one final night of fun.

Flossy brought Sam into Bobby and said that Sam has been unable to get to sleep and may need to hear one of daddy's lullabies. Bobby sang Sam to sleep and put him down for the night. His mind then moved on to other matters: Anita. He began playing out a number of scenarios in his head about how he could get back together with Anita, but none of them worked. He vowed not to let Kelsey destroy his relationship with Anita. Bobby swallowed his pride and went back down to the study. There he told Opal and Palmer that he decided that he will stay married to Kelsey for the full three year period. Why? Because he had signed a contract with Kelsey and that he did not want to go back on his word.

Wednesday, October 9, 1996

The ratings are up at WRCW, thrilling both Adam and Liza. On the heels of this jubilance, Adam asked Liza if she was ready to enact their plan to make both Tad and Brooke jealous. It seems that Liza had a bit of a change of heart and said that she did not need to go along with Adam's plan because she no longer has a desire to make Tad jealous. That's what she said then. As Adam and Liza squabbled, Tad walked into Liza's office. Adam quickly excused himself, saying that he has to check on plans for a banquet ceremony. After Adam left, Tad stuck his nose into Liza's business. He said that it really wasn't any of his business, but that he is concerned that Liza is getting involved with Adam. Liza said that she was a strong woman and made no effort to dispell the rumor that she and Adam are a budding couple. Tad reminded Liza that Adam has been involved with self-proclaimed "strong women" before: Dixie, Brooke, and Gloria to name a few. And they both knew how those marriages ended up. Liza told Tad that she had a meeting, but before leaving Tad asked Liza to take another look before she jumps into anything.

Adam was also in the midst of some chicanery. He stopped by the Tempo offices to check with Brooke on the banquet seating for the Tempo staff. Brooke informed him that everything was working out fine, but that she had a few extra seats at the Tempo table (there was one table for WRCW staffers and one for Tempo workers). So Brooke kindly asked Adam if he would sit with her at the Tempo table. Adam smiled softly and acknowledge the invitation, but explained that he--and his date--- would be sitting with that WRCW table.

Down the hall, Edmund found himself being confronted by Palmer. It seems that Mr. Cortlandt was dropping by to see if Edmund's intentions toward his great grandchild (Sam) had changed. Edmund was caught off guard Palmer's queries and assured Palmer that he still loved Samuel, but that he knew the baby was now Kelsey and Bobby's responsibility. This came as welcomed news to Palmer who said that he is just making sure that his family is taken care of. Palmer asked Edmund if he had considered adoption of another child. Edmund shook his head, He said that adopting another child would never replace "their" Sammy.

Gloria returned to Myrtle's after an endless shift at the hospital. As she dragged herself in to the boarding house, she said that she had had only one or two chances to sit down during her shift, Michael caught her before she could head up to bed and said that Myrtle was feeling a bit down and that he was hoping Gloria could help elevate her spirits. Gloria nodded her tired head and sat down at the table for a flapjack breakfast. Michael asked Gloria how she and Tad were fairing, but Glo said that she and Tad were just "buddies." When Chef Myrt returned to the dining room with her special flapjacks (she said that a splash or two of vanilla extract is what makes them so delicious) she informed Glo and Mike that she had changed to hours at the Boutique because she was facing competition from the local malls. As they were all talking, a shout rang out from somewhere outside. They all ran to the door and found an unidentified man laying on the ground crying out that he had broken his back. Michael carried the man inside and put him in a chair, but the man's discomfort continued. He said that he was coming up the walk to check if there were any vacancies when he fell over a loose brick. Mike said that he would take the man to the hospital. The man said that the ride would probably kill him and threatened to sue Myrtle for everything she has...

Opal took Sam to the hospital to visit Joe and Ruth at Pine Valley Hospital. Opal hinted that things were not peachy at Cortlandt Manor because she and Palmer learned that Kelsey and Bobby's marriage was not on the up and up. Joe took Sam off to visit some of the nurses and laughed at Opal's warning for Joe to advise all the female staff member's that Sam is a lady killer. Opal then explained the entire Kelsey-Bobby marriage fiasco and said that she told Kelsey that it was time for her to go back to Oregon. The Martins both agreed that Opal had made the right decision. Joe contacted Tara by phone and let her know that Kelsey would most likely be returning to Oregon. Joe reported to Ruth that Tara said she wishes Kelsey would give Sam back to the Greys. Ruth agrred and said that that's what everyone wants.

Brooke arrived at the hospital and had a brief discussion with Maria. A young girl that had run away to the shelter had given birth and was going to give her child up for adoption. Maria said that she had already seen the baby and that it was very precious. She excused herself to tend to some other work, but remained in the background as Brooke talked to the adoptive parents. The couple expressed uncertainty about adopting the baby and said that they have heard horror stories about couples adopting a child only to have the birth mother change her mind and rescind custody. With that Maria approached the couple and asked if she could have a few words with them.

Bobby and Kelsey came to a final agreement on their marriage. They both agreed that they would give Sam back to Edmund and Maria, but remain married for three years. At the time they would divorce and Kelsey would get her half of the trust fund. Just to make sure that the agreement was agreed to by both parties, Bobby called up his grandfather's attorney and had him draw up some legal documents. When the attorney arrived at Cortlandt Manor, both Bobby and Kelsey were more then ready to sign the papers. But things were not going to go smoothly. Palmer caught the couple in the act of signing the papers and ordered them to stop what they were doing. Bobby yelled at Palmer and told him to back off because he made the final decision when it came to his son. In one final effort to change Bobby's mind, Palmer said that if Bobby inked the legal contract he would be booted out of the mansion. That didn't change a thing. Bobby and Kelsey both signed the papers and Palmer vowed that Bobby would rue the day.
Later Kelsey asked Bobby if he wanted to go out and celebrate their agreement. Bobby said that Kelsey just signed away her son for cash and that there was nothing to celebrate. Kelsey left and Bobby returned to the study where he sat on the sofa and stared off into the distance. Palmer sneaked in from behind and gave Bobby a cold stare. He asked if they were alone and Bobby nodded his head. Palmer congratulated Bobby on his "fine performance." Bobby shook his grandfather's hand and said that Kelsey had fallen for their scheme.

Thursday, October 10, 1996

The time arrived for Mateo to show the bar to his parents, Hector and Isabella. He knew that selling them on the idea of his owning a bar would not be easy so he asked barkeep, Noah, to stick around and help him if he needed it. Well Momma and Papa Santos arrived and Mateo gave them the hard sell. He explained to them the theme of the bar, to be called Holidays. Hector reminded Mateo that he needs to include Cinco De Mayo as one of the theme tables. The concept seemed fine, but Hector was concerned about the monetary aspects of the deal. Noah stepped in to say that Mateo has a lot on the ball and then Mateo listed some proof of his business smarts. He reminded his parents of the time he was asked to clean up almonds from the ground at the home in Texas. He said that all of the neighbors then asked him to help them clean up and he eventually sold bags of almonds for ten dollars a piece and made oodles of money. He then talked of having a two-headed turtle on display at a school function and how it was the most popular feature at the event. Hector was impressed, but said that running a bar is nothing like raking up some nuts. After Mateo had exhausted his presentation, he asked Isabella and Hector what they thought. They took several minutes out for a head-to-head chat and then gave Matt their blessing on his venture. Hector praised his son for always having drive and good sense and said that he knows he will make him proud---and that he will bring all of his friends to the bar on opening night!

Upon hearing the couple talk about their adoption concerns, Maria asked Brooke if it would be okay if she spoke to them. Brooke nodded and Maria pulled the couple aside and told them her story of adoption. Before Maria could get to the point of the story where Kelsey took Sam back, the couple mistakenly assumed that the adoption went by the letter and that Maria had Sam at home. Maria took a deep breath and told them that the birthmother decided that she wanted the baby back and that while she is hurting, she is relived in knowing that Sam has a family that can provide him with what he needs. The gentleman then decided that an adoption would not be worth the heartache of having to give up the baby. Surprisingly, Maria stepped in and said that she does not regret her decision to adopt Sam. She said that the six months that she shared with the baby were some of the richest months of her life and urged the couple to continue the adoption.
Brooke followed Maria as she walked away and thanked her for her help. Maria said that she wanted to help another couple do the right thing and be fully informed at the same time. Brooke asked Maria if she and Edmund had considered another adoption, but Maria said that they do not think that the time is right to think about it.

Kelsey ended up at the Insomniac Cafe along with Opal and Sam and Belinda. Kelsey walked over to Belinda (who is now being played by Amelia Marshall) and asked her if she could ask a few questions about a contract she just signed. Belinda advised Kelsey to call her secretary and make an appointment so they could discuss the matter in private. This advisory fell on deaf ears as Kelsey began spouting off about how she would soon be a multi-millionaire and would be able to pay Belinda for her services. That comment sparked some interest and Belinda asked Kelsey to explain what she was talking about. Kelsey sat down and said that she signed a contract with Bobby that would give her part of his trust fund and that all she would have to do is give up Sam and stay married to Bobby for three years. Belinda then asked what would happen to the trust fund if Kelsey and Bobby's marriage were to be annulled. Well Kelsey had no clue. After Kelsey confessed that the only reason she and Bobby got married was for the trust fund, Belinda shook her head and gave an almost smug chuckle. She said that when the marriage is annulled---and said that she had no doubt that it would be annulled---Kelsey would not see any money and would also no longer have her son. She then said that sometimes people really do get what they deserve. Ouch!
Kelsey then strolled over to Opal and asked if she could take Sam for a little walk before taking him back to Cortlandt Manor. Opal questioned Kelsey's motives and said that she is not dumb enough to believe that Kelsey suddenly has a maternal feeling toward the baby. Kelsey went on about having a sparkle running through her body and feeling connected to her flesh and blood. Eventually, Opal agreed that it would do no harm to let Kelsey take Sam for a little stroll.

Julia, who still works part-time at the coffee shop, pulled Belinda over and asked her a few questions about her childhood. Julia didn't let her sister-in-law get much in edgewise and eventually Julia was asking Belinda about her mother. Belinda said that she really does not having any fond memories of her mother and can only recall talking about Rose with her Aunt Grace. She said that Grace was furious with Rose for running off with a troublemaker-of-a-man. Why all the questions, Belinda asked. Julia replied that Noah had been given a note from Rose via Grace and her move-in muffin box. Just as they mentioned his name, Noah walked in the door and asked why he hadn't told her that he got a letter from their mother.

Hayley spoke briefly to Julia and asked how she was enjoying life at the Wildwind hunting lodge. Julia told Hayley about Noah's fear of charity. She then said that she and Hayley deserve medals for being able to deal with their stubborn, macho men. Hearing how Noah was upset with a rent-free living space, Hayley got to thinking about how Mateo would react if he found out that she bankrolled their acquisition of Hal's, and darted off.

Opal returned to Cortlandt Manor and found Bobby and Palmer still boasting of their duping of Kelsey. Palmer told Bobby that his mother and father are both very proud of how he handled the matter and that he has their full support. Opal called out for Kelsey to come downstairs, but Bobby told Opal that Kelsey wasn't there. Opal began panicking and phoned Joe and Ruth to warn them to be on the lookout for Kelsey and Sam. Just as she hung up the phone with the Martins, Kelsey called---from the airport. She asked to speak to Bobby and then said that she was taking Sam away and that no one would be able to get him back. A frantic Bobby told Palmer that she was at the airport and everyone dashed out of the house to go and find her.

While Kelsey had her back turned. Sam---stroller and all---disappeared. Kelsey raced around calling out for her baby, but no one helped could help her.

At another gate, a mysterious woman got off of a flight and was welcomed to Pine Valley....

Friday, October 11, 1996

The Chandler ventures are all looking up. The other day we learned that the ratings at WRCW are on the rise and today Adam congratulated Edmund on an increasing Tempo circulation. Adam said that he would like Edmund to stay on at Tempo even after Brooke returns to her full-time duties as editor. Edmund graciously accepted. Adam later asked how Edmund's new assistant was fairing. The assistant, of course, is Skye. Adam assured Edmund that Skye would not pull another WRCW and ambush people. As Adam was talking about his errant daughter, Skye walked up from behind and blasted her father for not having any faith in her. Seeing the tense situation that was developing, Edmund said that he doesn't like to get into family reunions and quickly left the office. Skye explained that she wants to please her father and make him proud of her and said that she chose to return to WRCW because she worked that in the past. Adam told Skye that her "I want to please you, Daddy" routine isn't working and reminded her that even before Jonathan had locked her up, she was refusing to answer letters from the Chandler family. Skye said that the letters from Adam and Stuart were too depressing, but Adam didn't care. He said that she has a very poor attitude and that some things never change.

An over exuberant Skye popped into Edmund's office with a report she had written about escort services in Washington DC. Edmund wasn't interested in the report and instructed Skye to knock before entering. Then Edmund gave Skye a little lecture about her editorial. He said that Skye does not need to worry about her father walking all over her written work. He said that Adam "lets writers write" and that he doesn't try to interfere with anyone's work.

Hayley made her way to Hal's (soon to be Holidays) intent on telling Mateo that she is the one bankrolling the bar acquisition. When she got there and saw Mateo and his parents basking in the glory of the bar, Hayley backed down. But see. Hayley had already told Mateo that she made a mistake and that she wanted to tell him about it. Now she was pressed to come up with a lie to cover her other lie! What to say... Hayley said that she made a joke at the liquor license bureau about how she, a recovering alcoholic, would be running a bar. Hayley said that she fears that this would prevent them from getting license. Not so, said Matt, who informed Hayley that there are no laws against alcoholics or recovering alcoholic working or owning bars. With that Hal made an appearance at the bar and asked if he could speak to Hayley. Halo quickly explained that she was Hal's romance advisor and that he is having some troubles getting along with his new girlfriend. The two went into a back room and began bickering. A call from the gas company came in to the bar and Matt walked over to the office to ask Hayley a few questions, but when he heard the fighting he backed off and waited. He did, however, hear Hayley mention that "this is what Trevor warned me about." Hayley still covered for the meeting and said that she had some things to attend to.

Julia apologized to Noah for telling Belinda about the letter from Rose. Noah said that he is not angry with her. He then compared his father's death to his mother's abrupt departure. He said that his father had no choice when it came to leaving his family, but that Rose willing chose to desert her children. For that, he said, he will never forgive her. Julia tried to light a fire under Noah and get him to search for his mother, but Noah declined. Julia said that while Rose chose to leave, it still had to be a painful choice for her. The suggestion wasn't taken well and Noah yelled at Julia to leave the subject alone.

Noah and Julia left the bar and agreed that Rose would be a topic that they would not bring up in the future. But as the couple left, that mysterious woman from the airport emerged from the shadows and watched them walk off.

Mateo went over to Trevor's in the hopes of learning what Hayley meant by her "this is what Trevor warned me about" comment. You could see that Trevor was wrestling with whether or not he should tell Mateo the truth, but he decided not to. Trevor said that his niece must have been referring to Hal, the former owner, having "separation anxieties."
Hayley and Mateo let up later and Matt told of his meeting with Trevor. He said that he asked Trevor what possible business Hal could have with Hayley and that Trevor advised him to go straight to the source and ask Hayley. Hayley fessed up and said that Hal had dropped by Trevor's before the final purchase and was going to back out of the deal. Mateo put two and two together and figured out that Hayley had put up some cash to cinch the deal

Kelsey was frantic. She turned her back for only a few minutes and suddenly Sam was missing. She asked everyone around if they had seen anything, but no one offered much help. Then Bobby arrived. He asked Kelsey what she had done to their son and when she told him that she "lost" him, he blew up. First Bobby contacted airport security to be on the lookout for someone with a nine-month old blond baby boy in a stroller. A security officer asked Bobby to stay calm because if someone had kidnapped the baby, they would all need to have calm heads. That was all that Bobby needed to hear to go over the edge. He told Kelsey that if anything happened to Sam,, he would kill her. Scratch that. He didn't say it, he yelled it! Fortunately, Sam was found. The little girl that had been ogling Sam prior to his disappearance had taken Sam for a stroller ride around the concourse. The child's mother apologized, but that didn't stop Kelsey from giving the little girl an evil look. Kelsey then told Bobby that she was planning on taking Sam to Portland before he ended up missing. He countered by telling her that her plan would not have worked. Kelsey nodded and realized that she was not cut out for motherhood---at least not yet. Kelsey's eyes teared as she said goodbye to Sam and as Bobby took Sam, Kelsey sat alone in the airport---without any hope of a trust fund and without her flesh and blood.

Bobby took Sam to Tempo and walked into Edmund's office. Edmund, who was on the phone, asked if he could call back later and prepared to ask Bobby why he was there.

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