All My Children Recaps: The week of October 14, 1996 on AMC
Bobby returned Sam to Edmund and Maria, but the Greys didn't want Bobby out of the picture. Hayley had news for Janet about a new job. Hector gave Anita permission to start dating Bobby again. Noah's mom returned to town and promptly found herself in danger.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 14, 1996 on AMC
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Monday, October 14, 1996

After learning that Hayley had given Hal a large chunk of cash in order to save the bar from another buyer's offer, Mateo flipped out. Hayley tried to assuage his anger by saying that everything was now out in the open and that they could move on. She reminded Mateo that she tried to tell him about what she had done. Matt didn't share the same opinion. Even with Hayley promising to provide Mateo with breakfast in bed for the rest of their lives as an "I'm sorry" Mateo was upset. He said that he was finished with the bar because his dream was ruined. He accused his fiancee of not believing in him and said that he wasn't so intent on buying that bar that he needed Hayley to step in and "save" him. Hayley then tried to explain her actions as "doing the wrong thing for the right reason." Think it helped? If anything, it made things worse. Mateo took Hayley's explanation and said that it sounds like something her fasther, Adam, would say. Hayley insisted that she was not like her father and swore that she would never go behind Mateo's back again. That wasn't good enough and Matt said that the entire incident makes him feel like he needs to re-evaluate his relationship with Hayley. He bid Hayley farewell and said that he needs to go out for a walk. They'll talk about things when he gets home.

Marian called the hotel she stayed at in St. Justin and asked if there was any word on her "gentleman friend" from the States. They had no news for Marian and a dejected Marian hung up the phone. But her attention was quickly consumed by a strange noise that sounded out from somewhere near the phone.

Janet and Skye began packing up some of Erica's belongings for the big move back to Wildwind. Skye pointed out to Janet that the police would surely consider Erica and Janet the prime suspects if they ever learned that Jonathan was dead. Janet smiled and warned Skye that she needs to keep her lips zipped about Jonathan's murder. As the two talked---and made no more mention that Johnny was dead---Marian found the source of the noise. It was Jonathan's eavesdropping device. She placed the headphones on and listened in on the conversation taking place at Linden House. At first, Marian thought that the conversation was recorded, but soon realized that what she was hearing was, in fact, a live discussion. From the way that Janet talked about Jonathan (saying that she knew where he was and that he was not going anywhere) and hearing that Janet and Skye were packing up some belongings, Marian mistakenly assumed that Janet was leaving Pine Valley to rendezvous with Dr. Kinder. Not wanting to let her man go without a fight, Marian grabbed her purse and headed to Linden House. As soon as Skye answered the ringing doorbell, Marian barged in to Linden House and said that she knew what Janet was up to. Rather than blurting out the truth, Janet decided to let Marian show her cards first. Marian told Janet that she knew that she was going to see Jonathan. She then accidentally quoted something that she overheard Janet say via the bugging device. That clued Janet in to the fact that there was still a bug somewhere. Skye aided Janet by saying that Jonathan was a very delusion man and that he bugged the house when she (SKye) was still married to Jonathan. Marian interjected that Jonathan was a perfect gentleman and never acted "delusion" around her. Janet sneered and said that Marian must not have inspired Jonathan. Marian promptly left Linden House and warned Janet that she could, if, she so chooses, call the police and tell them that Janet is harboring a fugitive. With Marian gone, Janet and Skye set out to find the last bug. When they found it, it was time for a little payback at Marian's expense. Janet made comments that Jonathan had told her that he needed to think about baseball to stay "interested" in Marian during their lovemaking. Marian'd eyes filled with tears and she vowed to get Janet back. Janet then dropped the bug into a pitcher of water and put it out of commission.

Bobby said that he was returning Sam to his natural father. This did not sit well with Edmund who blasted Bobby for playing some sort of cruel joke on him. That's not the case, said Bobby, who said that he was finally doing the right thing. He said that Sam would want to grow up and be like Edmund, not him. Edmund confessed to wanting to believe what Bobby was saying, but said that he was given Sam once before and that he did not want to "die" again by having Sam ripped from his arms. Bobby swore that he was not making up the story and even offered to have legal papers drawn up that would waive all of his parental rights. That was all fine and dandy, but Edmund wanted to hear from Kelsey. Bobby told Edmund that he could find Kelsey at the airport and get everything confirmed.

At the airport, the little girl's mother (the one that had taken Sam) told Kelsey that she was very sorry for Amy's actions, but that Sam was safe now. She then asked Kelsey where her baby was. Kelsey replied that the baby was not hers, she was merely babysitting. Edmund showed up a few minutes later and had Bobby's story verified. Kelsey sobbed as she told Edmund that a little girl knew more about parenting that she did. She said that she never thought twice about leaving Sam alone in the airport, but that Amy knew to take Sam to an adult for supervision. Kelsey said that she is going to go back home that Sam does belong with Edmund and Maria.

When Edmund returned to his office at Tempo, he told Bobby that he took Kelsey by to Belinda and Jack. The two lawyers drew up some legal papers that would seal the final adoption process. Bobby signed the papers, but couldn't help watching Sam and Edmudn together. Edmund thanked Bobby for being a fine father to Sam and said that he was slightly jealous when he thought of Sam having a "second daddy." Bobby smiled and said goodbye to his son and Edmund. He stood at the doorway for several minutes, not fully able to say that final goodbye. Then, Bobby turned and walked away.

At Wildwind, Maria finished taking apart all of Sam's nursery furniture. She had the movers take the pieces down to a moving van where they would be taken to the Brooke English House. But Maria found herself confused when the movers began bringing the things back up to the nursery. One of the movers said that a man had told them to unload the furniture because they were still needed.

Tuesday, October 15, 1996

At Cortlandt Manor, Palmer happily told Opal that Bobby has finally come of age and "done right by his son." Opal nodded in agreement and dashed off to call Ruth and tell her that something good had happened. On the phone, she told Ruth that she did not know where Kelsey was, but that Kelsey had finally done something beneficial for Sam. Opal wouldn't say exactly what it was that Kelsey had done and told Ruth to stay put at the hospital because she was headed down to tell her this good news that was "too big for the phone."
Anita showed up at the mansion and asked Palmer if she could speak to Bobby. Figuring that Anita had not yet been contacted by Maria and informed of the good news, Palmer informed the young woman that Sam had been returned to his parents---Edmund and Maria. He then told her that Bobby had taken a walk to a "special place," Knowing exactly where Palmer was referring to, Anita gave Palmer a big hug and took off.

At the lake where he and Anita held their private prom, Bobby wished upon a star. In his celestial directed comments, he wished for Sam to grow up happy and loved. Soon after he was done offering his wish, Anita arrived. She said that she knew that Bobby would be there. A melancholy Bobby smiled at Anita and told him that things were finally set in the right direction. Bobby explained to his former girlfriend that he only married Kelsey so that Sam could eventually be returned to Edmund and Maria. When he said that he would be having his marriage annulled, Anita shook her head and said that their union could not be revoked. Bobby then let Anita know that he and Kelsey never consummated their marriage and that the whole time he was married to Kelsey, he thought only of his true love: Anita.

The new patient on the fourth floor provided more than a few headaches for the nursing staff. Julia told Ruth that "Mr. Kill Joy" was complaining about the bed being too low to the ground and that the air was too stagnant. Ruth assured Julia that she was not being overly sensitive and that the new patient, Mr Kilgren (Of "I fell on Myrtle's sidewalk and want to sue her" fame), had not made any friends during his shirt stay at Pine Valley Hospital. Julia then asked Ruth if she knew when Myrtle would be arriving at the hospital to visit Mr. Kilgren. She said that she wanted to find out when Grace would be returning to town. Ruth said that she did not know and as Noah arrived, said that she hopes Julia gets in touch with Grace. Noah knew that Julia wanted to speak to Grace so that she could ask questions about Rose Keefer. Noah begged Julia to stop pressuring him about his mother. He then said that he had taken some great snapshots and wanted to go back to the lodge to see how they turned out.

At the lodge, Noah developed his photos and while somewhat pleased with all of the pictures, one particular photograph captured his attention. In the corner of one of the photos, he pointed out a woman. He said that he was sure that this woman was his mother. In the past, Noah said that he often thought he "saw" his mother. Perhaps in someone's smile, or in the tilt of their head, but this time he was sure that he saw his mother. On Julia's suggestion, Noah enlarged the photograph. Now, they were both sure that Rose was the previously unidentified woman in the picture. Noah now wants to know if Rose is back in town or simply passing through. Outside the lodge, Rose watched the son she deserted over a decade earlier, tears streaming down her cheek.

Mr. Kilgren had not problems navigating the corridors with the help of a walker. When Myrtle saw the man, she asked him how he was doing. But he was more interested in how Myrtle would feel after he sued her for "all she's got." Myrtle insisted that she'd pay for all of the man's medical bills---especially after Ruth informed the patient that his insurance company seems to have been made up. But that wasn't good enough for Mr. Kilgren. Finally, Myrt made a deal with the man. She said that she will pay for his medical bills and provide him with free room and board for as long as he's laid up. Ruth asked Myrtle if she was sure that she wanted someone as cranky as Mr. Kilgren living at the boarding house. Myrt nodded and told them both that she hopes she is not making the biggest mistake of her life.

Opal made her way to the nurse's station and finally broke the news of Sam's return to Edmund and Maria to Ruth. Ruth was relieved that Kelsey had finally made the right choice, but still expressed concerns that Kelsey is a problematic child. Opal gave Ruth a friendly pat on the shoulders and said that Kelsey's troubles are behind her. She can now have a clear focus on her life and start over. Ruth thanked Opal for helping her and took her suggestion that Kelsey is probably back at the Martin house sitting at the kitchen table. As Ruth prepared to run home to see if Kelsey was there, Kelsey appeared. She ran into her grandmother's arms, crying all the way. Ruth gently stroked Kelsey's head and told her that everything would be okay. Very, very touching.

Maria heard the cries of a baby and walked around the labyrinth like Wildwind hallways searching for the source. She eventually wandered to a room where Edmund was twirling Sam in the air. Maria asked Edmund to explain what was going on. She wondered where Bobby was and why Sam was in their home. Edmund explained the entire saga of Kelsey deserting Sam at the airport and how Bobby and arranged his marriage to Kelsey in order for Sam to be returned to them. Maria couldn't believe her ears and warned her husband that Kelsey would change her mind and come and snatch Sam from their arms once again. Edmund then pointed to the adoption papers in his briefcase, Maria's eyes filled with tears as she read the papers. She took Sam and gave him a huge hug. The trio then went to Sam's nursery and gave him a welcome home. Peggy said that she would be busy in the kitchen making soda bread and uttered some of her words of wisdom. "I was about to say God bless you," Peggy said. "But it looks like he already has."

Wednesday, October 16, 1996

Much of Wednesday's segments revolved around Sam's return to Wildwind. There were, however, a few other segments that also fed the storylines.

Ruth, Kelsey, and Joe sat down at the breakfast table and discussed the previous day's events. Kelsey said recounted her ordeal at the airport and said that she learned a lot about being a parent. Kelsey expressed some regret in returning to school and indicated that she fears being criticized by her classmates over her giving up Sam. Kelsey wasn't in an eating mood and excused herself from the table.

Joe told Ruth that he thinks Kelsey is still attached to her child. Ruth almost laughed at her husband's statement. She said that Kelsey is not attached to Sam, but that she is attached to Bobby.

From the way Bobby talked to Kevin, you could almost sense a bit of bragging in his story. Kevin was not so sure that Kelsey would give up on Sam without a fight. Bobby, however, assured Kevin that Kelsey was out of the picture. How can he be so sure? He said that his marriage will soon be null and void and that Kelsey would not dare to show her face around Cortlandt Manor again. But Bobby spoke too soon. Kelsey appeared at the doorway to Bobby's bedroom and mused about giving the guard dogs some meatballs in order to get into the mansion. Bobby was not willing to listen to Kelsey's idle chatter and blaster her for not taking more of Sam's prized possession with her when she tried to take Sam to Oregon. Left behind were Sam's bunny and his blanket which Bobby quickly packed up and prepared to take to Wildwind.

Noah was roused from his sleep by a dream of his mother. In the dream, Rose was singing to him. Noah, only about eight or nine years old, begged his mother not to leave him. His mother didn't listen to him and sang her way off into the distance.

Julia returned to the hunting lodge with a special visitor: Elijah. Elijah had been waiting at the hospital when Julia ended her shift and said that he had to speak to Noah. Through his one time neighbor, Noah learned that a woman had been asking questions about him. Elijah could not give any outstanding features of this mystery woman, but when Noah showed the boy the photograph he had taken the day before, Elijah immediately replied that the woman he spoke of was the same as the woman in the photo. Now Noah had solid evidence that his mother was back in town.

Mateo and Hayley discussed their argument over the bar. Hayley remained insistent that she had done the right thing. Mateo was not as convinced and still tossed around the idea of selling the bar. This was not what Hayley wanted to hear. The two decided to work out a compromise, but that it would have to come later because they wanted to go to Wildwind and see Sammy. Before departing, Matt called his father and said that he was having some troubles with the loan he applied for and asked for some financial assistance from his family.

At Wildwind, Rosa and Anita were the first to arrive on the scene of the celebration. The youngest Santos sisters bought a cute little sailor outfit for their nephew and begged Maria to put it on him right away. Maria, Rosa, and Anita went upstairs and gave Sam a bath so that they could put the outfit on him.

While they were away, Skye came to house. As soon as Edmund answered the door she began her "shop talk." She said that since Edmund was apparently working from home, she took the liberty of bringing some iced cappuchino and a folder full of story ideas so that they could get right to work. She didn't even let Edmund get a word in edgewise and said that she will be out of the way by the time Maria gets home from her shift at the hospital. With that said, Maria came down from upstairs and happily greeted Maria. Maria excused her disappearing act and said that she had to go back upstairs to finish bathing Sam. Skye was happy that Sam was returned to Edmund and Maria, but soon asked where the other side of the family was---Edmund's side. Unfortunately, Maria said, Dimitri was still in London. Skye blinked her eyes and said that "some men are always in the wrong places."
Hayley and Mateo and Julia and Noah all arrived simultaneously at the main house and continued the celebration. Hayley was surprised to see that Skye was still in town. Skye informed her sister that she decided to stick around because Pine Valley is a "safe" place. The two were not exactly cordial and when they finished making sarcastic comments to each other, they were left just as distanced from each other as ever.

Belinda and Jack arrived shortly thereafter. They were both glad that the legal wrangling had finally come to an end and that Edmund and Maria would finally have some long overdue happiness. Belinda caught sight of her brother and whisked across the room to talk to him. She said that she'd like to hear their mother's album. Noah coldly replied that he had thrown the album away and had no interest in listening to it. Noah then walked away and left the party.

Bobby showed up at the front door and informed Peggy that he was there to drop off some of Sam's belongings. He hadn't intended on making a lengthy visit, but as Maria walked by the door, she saw Bobby and prepared to approach him.

Back at the hunting lodge, Noah wrestled with the decision of whether or not to play his mother's album.

Rose showed up at the Brooke English House looking for Grace. Brooke told her that Grace was out of town on an extended leave of absence. This made Rose extremely uncomfortable, but what Brooke was about to say would make her even more uneasy. Once Brooke learned that the woman was a friend of Grace, she suggested that Rose go and visit Noah or Belinda. Rose said that it was not a wise decision because she did not want to bother the family. Brooke offered Rose a place to stay within the shelter, but Rose declined. Brooke then had to excuse herself to handle a matter in the kitchen. While she was gone, Rose picked up a copy of Tempo magazine and stared at a photo of Noah that appeared on the back cover. When Brooke returned, she asked Rose if she knew who the man in the picture was. Rose nodded and said that Noah was a very attractive man, but commented that she really isn't into that sort of thing. Rose had a change of heart and took Brooke up on her offer to stay the night at the shelter and asked if she could take a shower. Brooke suggested that Rose first head to the kitchen and get herself something to eat. Rose nodded and headed down the hall. Brooke picked up the phone and called the kitchen to inform them that Rose would be coming their way. She also commented that Belinda would be stopping by soon for a meeting. Sure enough, Belinda arrived a few minutes later and even brought along a piece of cake from Sam's party. As Brooke and Belinda talked, Rose made her way back to the office. When she heard Belinda's name, she waited outside the door and listened in on the conversation.

Thursday, October 17, 1996

Brooke informed Belinda that someone had been to the shelter looking for Grace. As Brooke gave a physical description of the woman, Belinda's eyes began to open wider and wider. Belinda then asked if the woman had left her name. As Brooke's mouth opened and she prepared to divulge the name, Rose peeked her head around the corner and gave a quick head shake as a request to withhold the information. Although she was not quite sure why Rose didn't want her name mentioned, Brooke simply replied to Belinda that the woman did not leave her name. The two women then discussed some legal matters for a short time before Brooke told Belinda that she had to rush out the door and attend another meeting. As Belinda walked out the door, she caught the distinct scent of Gardenia perfume. She asked Brooke if she was wearing the perfume. Brooke sort of nodded her head and Belinda went on her way.

Julia returned to the hunting lodge and found Noah holding the picture he unknowingly took of his mother and listening to her album. She asked him why he lied to Belinda when he said that he had thrown the album away. Noah stopped playing the record and asked Julia to stop pressuring him on the subject. With that, Belinda showed up. She couldn't wait to tell Noah the news that a woman was in town asking questions about their Aunt Grace. She even commented about how she smelled the Gardenia perfume and how that was their mother's fragrance of choice. Noah asked his sister why she is compelled to reunite with their mother. He said that the few good times that they all had shared are erased by the fact that Rose deserted them. Belinda doggedly insisted that she wants to know where her mother is, how she's doing, and would eventually like to meet her. Before the two got into an argument, Belinda suggested that she had better leave. Noah said that he was not angry with Belinda and Belinda left on a somewhat more upbeat note. Julia asked Noah why he is so afraid of getting to know who Rose was. He didn't answer.

Maria asked Bobby to step inside, but Bobby explained that he had not planned on paying a visit. Maria said that there are so many things that she wants to say to Bobby and that she could never possibly repay his ultimate act of kindness. Bobby, however, shook his head. He said that he is the one who should be thanking Edmund and Maria because they allowed him to spend some time with Sam. Both Maria and Bobby fought back tears. Maria finally gathered enough strength to ask Bobby to stay and join the party that they were having. Besides, she said, she and Edmund have something that they would like to discuss with Bobby.

Edmund took Skye to another room and asked her for the reason behind her animosity toward Dimitri. Skye looked Edmund dead in the eye and said that she would give him the truth. But she didn't. Skye bit her tongue and did not utter a single word. Edmund asked Skye if she was bitter because Dimitri treated her kindly. Or perhaps he held a door open for her. Contrary to popular believe, Skye replied, she actually does like kindness. Skye still did not give Edmund a response and when Maria and Bobby entered the room, she promptly excused herself.

Edmund and Maria once again thanked Bobby for giving Sam back to them. They said that they could say "thank you" every day for the rest of their lives and that they still would fall short of expressing their gratitude. They did, however, have some important news for Sam's biological father. They explained that they want Bobby to be a part of Sam's life and that when Sam gets older they want to be able to tell him the truth about his adoption. The couple explained that they want Sam to know that Bobby is his biological father and that he loves him very deeply. Bobby was speechless. When he found his words he graciously accepted and said that he would be honored to be a part of Sam's life.

Back downstairs, The Santos clan discussed the miracle that God have bestowed upon Edmund and Maria. Anita stepped in and asked her father and mother if they knew that real source of the miracle. She explained that Bobby was responsible for Sam's return and that his marriage to Kelsey was arranged to insure Sam's return to The Greys. No sooner had she finished her story and Bobby walked into the room. Edmund and Maria followed closely behind and said that Bobby was their guest at the party. Hector rose to his feet and walked over to Bobby. He said that the entire Santos family will be forever in his debt and that Bobby's actions showed he was a responsible young man. He then pointed out that Anita thinks that he misjudged Bobby. He didn't say that he had been wrong, but Hector cleared the way for Bobby to resume dating Anita----this time with Hector's blessing. All Bobby needed to do was to dissolve his marriage to Kelsey. Bobby beamed and said that his grandfather's lawyers were working on that as they spoke.

Hayley entered her Enchantment office and found Janet tapping away at the computer. She asked Janet why she was not in accounting where she belonged, but Janet gave no reply. After several minutes Janet stopped her frenzied typing and said that she had "done it." Hayley reluctantly asked what it was that Janet had done. Janet happily replied that she had balanced the third quarter budget down to the last penny. Okay she said centavo or another form of currency, but my spell checker doesn't recognize the word they really used. Hayley was awe struck. She said that the budget was never balanced like that before. A joyous Janet rose from her seat and asked Hayley if she was given a permanent job with the company. Hayley's response? No. She said that she had to let Janet go. Not because she was not one hell of a worker, but because Trevor had enrolled Amanda in Enchantment's day care and that Hayley did not want Janet to get in trouble for violating the restraining order trevor has against her. Janet swore that she would use all of her willpower to stay away from Amanda, but Hayley said that she didn't think it could be done. Hayley left the office and told Janet that she should be on her way. Shortly after Hayley left, Amanda was brought up to the office. Apparently some of the kids in day care had been teasing Amanda about Trevor's paralysis. A crushed Amanda said that she never wanted to return to day care again. Janet stepped in to reassure the young girl that everything would be back to normal very soon. But Amanda said that her daddy doesn't play games with her any more. Janet said that she knows Trevor plays ball with her and that he plays "guess which hand the nickel is in." Amanda smiled weakly and said that she guesses Janet is right. Hayley had been listening at the door and after the conversation had ceased she walked back into her office. Amanda was escorted back to day care and a secretary told Hayley that Mateo had been calling all day. Hayley informed her secretary to tell Mateo that she is up to her eyeballs in work and that he should not wait up for her. Hayley then turned her sights to Janet. She asked Janet if she was sure that she would not go near day care. Janet nodded. Hayley then said that she was wrong to take the job offer away and said that Janet can have the job. A few seconds later, Skye barged into the office and asked to speak to Janet. Hayley scampered from the room and allowed the two woman to talk. Skye begged Janet to help her keep from spilling the beans about Dimitri and Maria's affair. Janet pressed Skye for the reasons why she would want to tell about the affair. She soon figured out that Skye must be smitten with Edmund. Skye rejected her friend's theory and said that she just wanted to teach everyone a lesson.

Rose emerged from hiding and was asked by Brooke why she didn't want Belinda to know she was there. Rose then said that she wanted to tell Brooke the truth and began recounting her story. It wasn't the truth, but it was very close. She said that she owed Grace a large sum of money and that she was in town to pay her back. Rose then said that she really needs to speak to Grace and would appreciate it if Brooke could pass along a phone number where Grace can be reached. Brooke searched through Grace's desk for a phone number, but found known. As she rummaged through the drawer, she came across a photo that Grace always kept on her desk. The photo was one of the Grace's brother---the only photo that Grace had of him. The picture was taken on her brother's wedding day. As Brooke looked at the picture, she realized that Rose was also the bride in the photograph. With her cover blown, Rose confessed that she was Noah and Belinda's mother. She begged Brooke to keep quiet that she was in town and not to tell anyone that she was at the shelter. Brooke nodded and said that she would keep her word, but said that Belinda and Noah would be more than happy to see her. Rose shook her head and said that she doesn't want her children notified because it would put them in danger. Rose got up from her seat and walked out of the office. As she exited the door, Noah approached and mother and son came face to face for the first time in fifteen years.

Friday, October 18, 1996

The media banquet allowed Liza and Adam their first true opportunity to perform their "budding romance" scheme on Brooke and Tad. Unfortunately for Liza, Tad did not show up at the banquet. It seems he had something else that "popped up." More on that in a bit.

Adam and Liza nuzzled up to each other all the while remaining careful not to overdue their act. As the banquet progressed, it was soon time for the action. A featured piece of for bidding was a charcoal painting done by former Pine Valley artist, Pierce Riley. Both Brooke and Laura, who was there as Scott's date, seemed out of sorts when Pierce's name was mentioned. Laura raised her paddle and bid $50 for the piece. As Laura talked of how she misses Pierce, Scott upped the bid to $75. The bid won the painting and Scott presented the piece of artwork to his date. Overcome by emotion, Laura ran from the banquet hall. Scott asked his Uncle Adam and Liza if he had done the wrong thing by bidding on the painting. Liza smiled and said that she would be very happy if a gentleman presented her with such a lovely present. Scott took off after Laura and apologized for his actions. Laura said that she was upset with Scott's purchase of the painting, she said that she was just upset my the memories she has of Pierce. She talked of the summer she spent with Pierce and Janet at the cabin and said how much she misses Pierce. After the discussion, the young couple went back to the gala. When they walked in, they found Adam and Brooke in a heated bid-battle for a modern art sculpture made of metal. The bidding began at $1,000 and when the battle was over, Adam ended up obtaining the sculpture with a $20,000 bid. Brooke always outbid Adam by $1000 even thought she knew she would never win the wagering war. The proceeds from the auction went to the Pine Valley Hospital and Brooke wanted to make sure that the hospital received a generous contribution from Adam. She also informed Scott and Laura that she expected Adam to graciously offer her the sculpture as part of some bizarre courtship ritual. Brooke was in for a big surprise. Adam happily gave the sculpture to his date for the evening, Liza, but whispered to Liza that she had better not get attached the artwork because it isn't really hers. Liza excused herself for the evening and said that she needed to run down to WRCW to check on the overnight ratings and Scott and Brooke headed to McKay's for a burger. This left Adam and Brooke alone. Adam offered to escort Brooke home, but she insisted that she could take a cab.

Myrtle brought Red Kilgren home from his brief stay at the hospital. While the man may have been well enough to leave the hospital, his attitude was still in need of resuscitation. Myrt reminded her temporary house guest that he was only going to be staying with her until he was fully recuperated. Red nodded. Myrt said that she was going to retire for the evening and left Red alone downstairs with full run of the house. Once Myrtle was upstairs, Red took to the phone and called someone and said that "she's settled in for night."

Noah and Rose did not have a happy reunion. Rose tried to pass herself off as a stranger by saying "excuse me young man" as walked from the room. Noah was too smart for the act and told her not to go anywhere. Rose said that she was surprised that Noah recognized her and soon began asking questions about his life. Noah said that he was not going to answer questions from a mother who was never there for him, so Rose took to asking questions about her "Lindy" (Belinda). Noah snapped at his mother and said that he was not going to be part of some happy family reunion. He blasted Rose for always having some sort of magical pull over his sister. He said that Belinda would follow Rose around "barefoot, blindfolded, and naked" just so she could be with her mother. Then came an even stronger put down. Noah recounted how he had been shot and nearly died and said that his mother never would have known. He accused Rose of being responsible for the death of Grace's son, Tony. He said that because Grace was forced to raise Rose's children, she did not have the extra time to make sure that Tony was staying out of trouble. Noah then looked coldly at his mother and said that he knows crack addicted mothers who are more devoted to their children than Rose. Rose's lower lip quivered. She told Noah that she would not be around much longer. She said that her agent had booked her a show in Paris and that she was just "passing through town." Rose even hinted that she would take up a full time residence in The City of Lights and that Noah would not be seeing her again. Noah shook his head in disbelief and said that things haven't changed. He turned and walked away from his mother leaving Rose to fight back her tears. She didn't win the battle and broke down in Brooke's office.

Outside a man made a call from a payphone and said that he had "found Rose" and knows "what to do with her."
Noah returned to the hunting lodge and told Julia that the woman at the shelter was, in fact, his mother. He said that she was just passing through and had no intention of trying to be a mother. Julia wrapped her arms around her husband and tried to comfort him.

Rose left the shelter and planned on moving on. But as she stood on the sidewalk, someone came up from behind and grabbed her.

Gloria showed up at Tad's office at WRCW as he was preparing to attend the media banquet. Tad was very relieved to see Gloria and said that she was the perfect reason not to attend the fete. The two sat down and watched some television and nibbled on chicken wings. The two talked about how nonexistant their social lives are and Gloria rattled off a few of the pickup lines that have been used on her at the hospital. After they were done eating, Tad noted a small dollup of sweet and sour sauce on Gloria's lips. He used his finger to gently wipe the sauce off and then licked his fingers clean. As the two moved closer to each other, Liza returned to the station from the media banquet and watched in horror as Tad and Glo got closer to kissing.

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