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Jake learned that Ace was really Liza Colby. Jake saw Liza with Tad before returning to Pine Valley. Janet was arrested for violating a restraining order. Gloria accepted a date with another man. Skye overheard Dimitri suggesting that he might be the father of Maria's baby.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 9, 1996 on AMC
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Monday, December 9, 1996

Through some connections she made during her days in the Big Apple, Skye managed to wrangle an exclusive interview with a rather elusive personality. Edmund overheard Skye making the deal and applauded her efforts. Skye noticed a bunch of cigars in Edmund's hands and asked him what he was up to. Edmund proudly announced "I'm pregnant!" Skye looked at him rather funny and he cleared everything up: Maria's pregnant. To celebrate, Edmund had been handing out hand rolled Havana cigars. Skye smiled and told Edmund that she was happy for both him and Maria.

At the hospital, Dimitri received word on his blood test to determine if he is a carried of the rare strain of anemia that killed his sister. The doctor told Dimitri that he is a recessive carrier of the "thalissemia" gene. This means that while he carries the gene, it is not affecting his health. The doctor added that no one would have thought to check Dimitri for the gene since he is healthy and that the only reason the test was performed is because Dimitri said that he might be carrying the "disease." Any children that are Dimitri would help to conceive would have a one in four chance of developing thalissemia. From there, the disease could take two forms: Thalissemia Major and Thalissemia Minor. The only way to determine whether or not the child had the disease would be to extract blood from the umbilical cord, a rather risky procedure. A safer procedure would be to take a blood sample immediately after birth. In the test was positive, the infant would have to be given blood transfusions to try to oxygenate the blood. In the baby had the major strain of the disease, it would more than likely be fatal. The doctor hoped that Dimitri would not rule out having children because of the finding because there are three in four chances that the baby would be a recessive carrier of the gene.

Anita, Rosa, and Maria waited at the hunting lodge for Julia and Noah to return. Maria told her younger sisters that she did not tell Isabella that she is pregnant because Julia had asked to be present when the news was revealed. When Noah, Julia, Mateo, and Isabella arrived, the mood turned sombre. Noah and Julia said that would be leaving immediately and that they can only take three suitcases a piece. Anita played a Christmas CD that the family played each year and Julia said that she had some special gifts for each of her family members. Because Julia and Noah could not take any items that had their names on them or even any items that would be clues to their real identities, Julia gave each of her younger sisters pieces of her wedding outfit. Anita was given the Cinderella-esque dress and Rosa was given the glass slippers. Julia and Noah gave Mateo the rollerblades that Olga had given to them along with words of praise. Julia said that she is very proud of the responsibility that Mateo had taken on and that their father would be very proud of him. Maria's present was a book of nursery rhymes and bedtime stories that had been read to them as children. Finally, Julia gave Isabella the necklace and her wedding ring. Since the ring had Noah and Julia's names inscribed on it, they could not take it with them. Isabella refused the gift, but Julia insisted that her mother have it. Dimitri paid a brief appearance to tell Maria that he needed to speak to her later. Noah and Julia took a few moments out to thank Dimitri for all the help he has given them along the way. The time finally came for Julia and Noah to say goodbye, but Isabella couldn't let go. She clasped on to her daughter and repeatedly cried "I tried," indicating that she was trying to accept that her daughter and son-in-law were going to have to leave, but that she doesn't want them to go. With a final hug and kiss for each of their family members, Julia and Noah said goodbye and walked away.

Trevor erupted when he saw Janet and Amanda together. He jumped to his feet. Everyone looked on in awe as Trevor stood for the first time since his accident. Trevor looked down at his legs and then sat back down in his wheelchair, unable to face the fact that he did, in fact, stand. Janet summoned the secretary to take Amanda to daycare before she overheard Trevor yell any more. Trevor asked Janet how long she has been "friends" with Amanda. At that moment, Hayley entered her former office and told Trevor that she was responsible for hiring Janet as the head accountant at Enchantment. She also pointed out that she hired Janet before Trevor placed Amanda in daycare at the cosmetic company's headquarters, Erica then stepped in to say that she is now the head of Enchantment and that Janet is still on the payroll. Erica insisted that Janet has changed her ways and that she loves Amanda as a daughter. Trevor refuted Janet's so called "maternal" feelings for Amanda, saying that Laurel was Amanda's mother. Trevor praised Laurel as a loving, caring woman that any child would be blessed to have as a mother. Erica agreed, but reminded Trevor that Laurel is dead. Trevor insisted that Erica was full of "hooey" and left the office. Erica apologized to Janet for all of the harsh words Trevor has said, but Janet said that she knew Trevor would have a problem with her seeing Amanda. When Hayley learned that Trevor had stood up, she told Janet that she should try to press Trevor's buttons again so that he might stand again---or even walk. She told Janet and Erica that Dr. Brad Phillips and Mike both determined that Trevor's paralysis is the result of a psychological "road block" and that there is no physical damage. Janet chased after Trevor before he could yell at Amanda again. Hayley followed along and said that Janet should not go alone.

Erica showed up at Tempo and ran into Skye. Erica prepared to tell Skye that Edmund was going to be a father, but Skye said that she knew about the pregnancy already. Erica said that she knew Skye had a crush on Edmund, but told her to give up on trying to win over Edmund. "The Edmund Grey love train is just throttling full steam ahead," said Erica. Erica then told Skye that Maria was due sometime in the early spring. The due date caught Skye off guard and said that she found it odd that Maria was already four months along in her pregnancy. As Skye began to do some more mental calculations, Edmund entered the room and asked what type of party he was crashing.

Maria arrived at the main house at Wildwind and was immediately confronted by Dimitri. He tried to tell her that he was carrying a rare genetic disorder and that if there was any chance that he could be the father of Maria's child, the baby would need to be screened for the disease. Maria would not listen to Dimitri. She said "I don't have to hear what I don't want to hear" and stormed off.

At the Dillon House, Trevor told Michael that Janet worked at Enchantment and that she had been having secret meetings with Amanda. Amanda overheard her father refer to Janet as "loony toons" and told her father to stop speaking badly about her friend. Trevor asked Amanda why she liked Janet. Amanda said that Janet is nice to her and makes her happy and demanded to know why Trevor hates Janet. Trevor didn't answer. Instead he had Mike take her upstairs to watch some television. Trevor tried to call Dr. Tolan, but the doctor was not in her office and Trevor did not leave a message. While he was on the phone, Janet and Hayley arrived. Of course, Trevor blew up. Hayley told Trevor that Amanda kept her meetings with Janet a secret because she knew that Trevor would have a problem with the meetings. Janet said that their daughter is growing up and asking a lot of questions and that one day she'll "figure things out." Upon hearing this, Trevor picked up the phone and called the police. He told the cops that Janet was violating a restraining order and that he wanted her hauled off to jail. Michael heard the ruckus and came back downstairs just as Janet was telling Trevor that Amanda was not getting "enough parenting." The true surprise came when both Hayley and Michael back Janet up. Janet swore that she would rather die then to hurt Amanda. Trevor replied quickly "Prove it--- DIE!" Jack and Derek arrived at the house and asked Trevor what was going on. His eyes narrowed and his face wrinkled. He said that he is pressing charges against Janet and that he wants her taken to jail---forever.

Tuesday, December 10, 1996

At the Insomniac Cafe, Gloria and Brad bumped into each other. Gloria asked Brad if he still needed any help in organizing a program for the children who'll be in the hospital over Christmas. Brad asked Glo if she had a few minutes and began "talking up" one of their co-workers. Gloria hinted that she was flattered that someone was interested in dating her, but said that she does not date co-workers. More than that, she said that she is dating Tad and that they are not in love quite yet, but that they are in "like a lot."

Trevor ordered Derek to haul Janet off to jail. Hayley informed her uncle that Amanda wants to spend time with Janet. Trevor said that "Amanda wants to be a mermaid, but it doesn't mean I'm gonna let her live 20,000 leagues under the sea!" Derek put handcuffs on Janet and started to walk her to the door. Before they could leave the house, Amanda ran down the steps and grabbed on to Janet. The young girl said that she doesn't want her friend taken to jail and that Janet did not do anything wrong. In a surprisingly gutsy move, Amanda took full responsibility for her friendship with Amanda and begged her father to stop them from taking Janet away. Janet crouched on the ground and told Amanda that her daddy is right and that she has done some bad things in her life. The scene was quite touching as Amanda, not aware that Janet is her biological mother, stood up from someone that she saw as a friend. Trevor looked devastated as his heart pounding in his throat. Derek promised Amanda that Janet would not be hurt and he took Janet off to prison.

Needless to say, Hayley was not happy with her uncle's actions. She swore that she did not scheme to get Janet and Amanda together and that things just turned out that way. She told Trevor that one day Amanda was being teased at daycare and that she wandered into her office to talk, but that Janet was the only one there. She continued on and said that Janet turned a sad little girl into a happy girl who believed that she was a princess. Trevor growled that Amanda is his daughter and that Janet has no claim to her. Hayley said that Janet is aware that Amanda is Trevor's daughter, but that Janet serves an important part in Amanda's life.

Michael arrived at the coffee shop for a date with Brad. As the two talked, Debbie (one of Michael's students) approached and told her teacher that it was "cool" to see him having a social life. Amy, Debbie's mother and one of Brad's patients, walked over to the table and was not quite as exuberant as her daughter. She said that it was nice to see Brad, but told him that she changed health insurance and that Brad does not accept the new policy and that she will be going to a new doctor. Amy and Debbie left, but their names were brought back up when Mike asked if "musical health insurance" is common. Brad said that many people still equate homosexuality with AIDS and that they have a fear of seeing a gay doctor. He also said that while he never denied his homosexuality, that his relationship with Michael is his first "open" relationship.

Ruth and Joe talked about missing Joey's phone call. Ruth asked Joe how often he called home when he was in medical school to try to gauge whether or not their son should be checking in more frequently. Joe, after ribbing that telephone were not invented when he was in med school, said that Joey probably has a full plate with his medical career and that he doesn't get a chance to call home. Ruth decided that she needed to talk to her son and gave him a call on the phone. When she dialed the number, she got a recorded message announcing that Joey's phone had been disconnected. Ruth was concerned and said that she was going to call the hospital where Joey was doing his internship to make sure that everything was okay.

Joey, who we know as Jake, walked in on a phone call between Liza and Rudy. Liza expressed her displeasure that one of WRCW's pieces on children's rights was coming under fire. Before concluding her phone call, Liza ordered Rudy not to tell anyone where she was at or how she could be reached. Jake waited until Liza was done talking and told her that he would like her to join him on a picnic---but they would not be alone. It seems that Priscilla, the tree, was asking about "the beautiful blonde."

During a meeting on WRCW matters, Tad blasted Adam for his sam of an engagement. Adam warned Tad to "get off your high horse---or is that a jackass" and told Tad that he needs to stop his indecent concerns for Liza. Tad told Adam that he overheard the discussion that he had with Brooke and that he knows that Adam does not love Liza. Adam didn't try to lie his way out of the situation and admitted that he did not love Liza. He did, however, say that he finds Liza "exhilarating." Adam wasn't done with his speech. He pointed out Tad's marriage to Dixie and said that the marriage, which was filled with love, didn't seem to last because of Tad's infidelity. Adam said that he and Liza are getting married and will not have love to "muddy the waters." Before leaving the office, Adam instructed Tad to keep his hands, eyes, thoughts, and any other parts of his anatomy off of his fiancee.

Gloria arrived right after the feud and told Tad that he needs to stop letting Adam get to him. She said that she has the perfect relaxation technique. It wasn't quite what Tad had thought. Glo invited Tad over to Myrtle's house to help trim the tree. She said that she would see him later.

Rudy entered the office and let it slip that he had spoken to Liza. Tad twisted Rudy's arm and managed to finagle Liza's whereabouts out of him.

A few minutes later, Stuart arrived on the scene. Tad asked Stuart how he feels about "the big merger." After Tad explained that the merger was Adam and Liza's wedding, Stuart had some interesting news. He said that Adam doesn't really own WRCW and therefore cannot give half of the station to Liza. As it turns out, Adam had Stuart sign the acquisition papers for the television station for tax purposes. When Tad learned that Liza won't be getting part of the station and that this might make her change her mind on marrying Adam, Tad set off to find Liza.

Liza and Jake strolled around the forest, tossing leaves at each other, and walking around a lake. Jake said that he feels that all of his family members are "sages" and that he is a disappointment to the family name. Liza pointed to her own warped family life and said that Jake is not alone in his awkward feelings. In fact, Liza said that she had no mother. She was "sprouted from a pod." As Liza said this, she lost her balance and splashed into the lake.

Jake escorted Liza back to his cabin. Liza complained that Jake could have pulled her out of the cold water if he had not been doubled over in laughter. Jake handed Liza a blanket and told her to take off her clothing. Jake wasn't being dishonorable. He just wanted his new friend to take off her wet clothing. He turned his back and didn't try anything frisky.

Jack asked for a few minutes alone with Janet. He asked her why Janet followed Trevor back to his house if she knew that she was only going to be badmouthed. He said that Janet seemed like she was asking for trouble. Janet told Jack that she made Trevor so angry that he "forgot" about his "paralysis" and stood. She said that she is trying to do what's best for Amanda. Jack could not believe that the tea party was Erica's idea and said that he couldn't quite understand why Erica and Janet were so cozy. Janet insisted that she was not trying to say that Trevor was a bad father. He was just not doing all that he can because of his paralysis. Before she was escorted to booking, she asked Jack who he thought was being a better parent to Amanda at the present time. Janet couldn't answer and looked in deep thought as Janet was taken away.

Wednesday, December 11, 1996

Tad canceled his tree trimming date with Gloria so that he could track Liza down and tell her that Adam does not own WRCW. Gloria was crushed that Tad would stand her up and head after another woman. Tad took a raincheck on the date, but promised Glo that he would make it up to her. Gloria hung up the phone and told Michael that Tad would not be joining her. She said she feels strange---like she's becoming too attached to Tad. Mike suggested that Gloria's feelings might be normal. Gloria disagreed. She told Mike that she might be becoming attached to Tad, but said that Tad just wants a "no strings" relationship.

When Myrtle opened up her box of tree decorations, she found that the star she had always placed on the highest bow had been broken sometime during the off season. It wasn't some strong emotional attachment that had Myrt in a tizzy. Red revealed that the star had been given to Myrtle by someone who she really didn't care for. It was the fact that her tree would have to go without it's crowning ornament since Myrtle did not have another star for the tree.

Ruth arrived on the scene and looked everywhere for her son. Glo told Ruth that Tad had run off on some last minute business and that he would not be making an appearance.

Michael told Brad that he was not always so open about his sexuality and that something in him spurred his announcement to his history class that he is gay. Brad asked Mike if he would join him at the hospital's Christmas party. He said that if Mike turns him down, that he will not go.

Myrtle invited Dr. Tolan to the party so that she could do an "on the spot" analysis of Red's quirky behavior. As Anna began her questioning, Red turned the tables on the psychiatrist. He said that she reminds him of a little girl that used to wear her hair in two braids down her back. He continued his commentary and said that Anna looked like a girl who used to question her playmates about their dolls rather than playing with dolls of her own. He said that this young girl used to ask questions like "Are you a good mother to your doll?" Anna was stunned. Apparently, Red's assertions were completely accurate. Anna later told Myrt that she fears Red's condition might be more serious than she first thought. Anna originally suggested that Red's "disorder" might only be seasonal and that after the first of the New Year, he would return to normal. Now, however, she diagnosed Red as a schizophrenics. Anna, uncomfortable Red's spooky intuition, excused herself from the party. Myrt thanked Anna for bringing along a fruitcake and snipped "Now I've got two."
Stuart was the last to arrive at the party. Ruth asked him if he was gearing up to play Santa Claus at the hospital's party for the children. He smiled and said that he would not be needed this year and looked rather longingly at Red. From out of nowhere, Red managed to uncover a star and placed it at the top of the tree. Ruth remarked that the star almost looked real and urged everyone to gather around the tree and make a wish.

Jake cautioned Liza about jumping into a loveless marriage and told her that there are plenty of good men out there and that she needs to give hope alive. "Bliss," Liza replied. "Is a fragrance I can do without." Jake then asked Liza if she ever felt passion and told her that her high school sweetheart does not count. Liza offered no reply. The next question Jake posed asked Liza where she would be if she could choose to be anywhere in the world. She smiled and looked into Jake's eyes and said "Here." Jake again issued his anti-marriage advisory. "Hold out for everything you deserve," he said. He then gently brushed Liza's cheek and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

At the Sleepy Hollow Inn, Tad begged Sissy for Liza's location. Sissy recited the inn's policy of not divulging any guest's names. She went on to say, however, that there was no "Liza Colby" on the registry. Tad showed a picture of Liza and Sissy referred to the woman in the photo as Charlotte Vale. Tad laughed and said that he was not a serial killer, but rather Charlotte's co-worker. Sissy stared at Tad and said that looked very familiar. Within a few minutes, she recognized him as the host of The Cutting Edge. Sissy informed Tad that Liza had stepped out for a walk and that she should return soon.

Back at Jake's cabin, the simple kiss on the forehead turned even more passionate. As the two laid by the fireplace, Liza sat up and implied that she had better leave. Jake grabbed the woman he called "Ace" and pulled her back down. He said that she would be staying the night with him.

The Keefer family gather at Belinda's house for their final goodbyes. Grace worried that she would never see Noah's face again. Rose said that there would always be a chance that they could reunite. Jack, who was there as an escort, asked Rose why she hadn't told her family that she had arranged a special deal. When Grace heard that Rose was cutting special deals, she blasted Rose for only thinking of herself. She asked Rose if she had set up another singing engagement or if she was going to be a special guest on a cruise line. Jack told Grace that she was wrong on all counts and that Rose made a special deal to go into the witness protection program alone. Rose added that she does not want Noah and Julia to feel "obligated" to take her with them. Belinda ordered her brother to make their mother go with them. Rose said that she had thought everything over and that she was going to make a go of things on her own. Belinda recounted her fifteens years of worry, wondering every time a Jane Doe was found murdered if the unknown woman was really her mother. She said that she will not go through that again. Rose said that she "does not want to weigh [Noah and Julia] down." Grace snapped that Rose will then have to "pull [her] own weight" and suggested that Rose "plant a garden, make curtains, line the cupboards, or run Julia's feet" when she is pregnant with Rose's grandchild. Rose turned to her children and said that she loved them, but this was not good enough for Grace. She ordered Rose to show her children that she loved them but agreeing to go into the relocation program with Noah and Julia. Rose finally agreed and asked Jack if he could change their travel plans. He agreed and said that he would be back in an hour to take them to their new home.

In their final hour together, Rose and Grace managed to patch up their differences and shared a hug. Julia said that she would name her first daughter after Grace. Belinda smiled and said that if she ever finds the right man, she'll name her daughter after her mother. Jack returned and announced that he had finalized the travel plans and that it was time for Noah, Julia, and Rose to leave. The Keefers gathered together for one final family hug.

Thursday, December 12, 1996

Adam summoned Stuart to Chandler Mansion to enlist his services in snagging Brooke. Adam finally confessed that he is madly in love with Brooke, but hinted that he'll need Stuart's help to make sure that Brooke feels the same way. Stuart seemed a bit confused. He asked his twin brother how he could be in love with Brooke and be planning to get married to Liza. Adam spelled everything out for Stuart: He does not love Liza and there will not be a wedding. He said that there was never any intention of walking down the aisle, it was merely a scam to make Tad and Brooke jealous. Adam asked Stuart if he could go to Brooke's and help her to come to the realization that she loves Adam and wants to be with him. You'd think Stuart would be more than ahppy to help, but he was not so sure that Adam should be with Brooke any more. Adam was disappointed in his brother, but said that he will be more than happy to fill in for his brother. Stuart was upset and told Adam that he should not even consider impersonating him. He reminded Adam of the fiasco he caused when he "kidnapped himself" to test Gloria's devotion. Adam promised that he would not say or do anything that wasn't the truth. Stuart commented that he felt bad about the situation and that something bad will happen if Adam goes through with his sceme.

Liza told Jake that she had to go back to the inn. She was flattered that Jake cared for her and wanted her to spend the night, but said that he needs to evaluate his life before making any big decisions. She commented that she has been sharing personal information with him, but that he has yet to say anything about himself. She turned his questions against him and asked if he always plans on living in the forest and talking to trees. Jake said that he has "no cares or destinations" and that he comes with an "as is" label. Liza's clothes had finally dried and she dressed so that she could return to the inn. Liza accidentally left her WRCW identification badge behind. When Jake found it, he realized that he "knew" the woman he called "Ace." Jake flashed back to a conversation he had with big brother Tad. Tad told Joey (or Jake if you prefer) that he never imagined that his marriage to Dixie would come to an end, but that Liza had some sort of irresitable lure. Jake decided to follow Liza to her room.

As Liza entered her room, she found a familiar figure laying on her bed---Tad! He waited for her to return from her walk so that he could tell her about Adam's WRCW scam. He said that Stuart is the rightful owner of WRCW and that Liza will not get half of the station because it is not Adam's to give away. Liza was stunned that Tad cared for her. He explained that they had been through a lot together and that he did not want to see her get hurt. Liza wrapped her arms around Tad, just as Jake opened the door and caught the two hugging.

Brooke woke from a strange nightmare and found Laura rushing to her side to make sure that everything was okay. Laura said that she can interpret dreams and would like to help Brooke find out what her nightmare might mean. Laura gave an example interpretation. She said that if you dream that you are a diver on the springboard and have a fear of diving into the pool, your dream represents a feeling of sexual inadequacy. I'm still working on that one, folks. Anyway, Brooke told Laura that she dreamt that she was at a wedding and that she was pleading for the ceremony to be stopped. Laura instantly suggested that the dream represented Adam and Liza's pending nuptials. Brooke swore that the wedding could not be Adam's wedding, because she did not recognize anyone's face. She went on to say that Adam is free to marry whomever he chooses.

Stuart showed up on an unannounced visit a short time later. He apologized for barging in, but said that he needed to talk to Brooke about Adam and "the mistake he's about to make." Stuart turned his head for a second and flashed a familiar "Adam" expression.

Cameron and Angela Hawkins. Sound familiar? Well, it shouldn't. Those were the new names that have been assigned to Noah and Julia. On their ride to their new location, Jack told the couple that they will need to deny any knowledge of Pine Valley or its residents. He also said that a packet of biographical information will be given to them at the airport so that they can read up on their new identities. They're new location will be somewhere on the Monterey Peninsula of Northern California. Jack hinted that Julia might be able to find a job somewhere in the health field, but said that Noah will have a harder time finding a job because of his modeling career. The ad campaign that Noah had been featured in was a national campaign and this meant that there was a high probablity that he would be recognized. Jack suggested that Noah remain "underground" for some time before emerging into society. At some point he could pursue a photography career because he was not a well known photographer while living in Pine Valley. Rose, Jack said, would be living in the same town. Before leaving, Jack dropped the couple off at Wildwind for a final farewell. Julia and Noah relived their wedding with a waltz. "It's been an incredible journey," Julia said with a slight sniffle. "It's not over yet," Noah replied. A beautiful montage of their most memorable moments flashed on the screen as the audio from their wedding vows played over the video. As the sun slowly rose over the horizon, the couple knew that the new dawn meant they would have to assume a new life. Noah recited one of his Aunt Grace's favorite sayings: God don't sshut no doors without opening a few windows. Noah took Julia by the hand and the two took one final look around before Julia said "Goodbye, Pine Valley."

This marks Keith Hamilton Cobb and Sydney Penny's final appearance on All My Children.

Friday, December 13, 1996

When Joey saw Liza with Tad, he turned and ran away. Tad tried to convince Liza that marrying Adam was a mistake, but she was more interested in Tad's display of affection than the actual message. Tad expressed his feelings for Liza and said that he does not want to see her "throw [her] life away." If Liza wanted to tell Tad how she felt for him, this would have been the perfect time. Instead, however, she seemed to be waiting for him to open up the floodgate of emotions. It didn't happen. Liza told Tad that he should turn back and pretend like the conversation never took place. Liza said that Tad gives her no credit and that she finally met a man who cares for her as a person above and beyond all other things. She said that he "just fell from the sky." Tad assumed that Liza was referring to Adam and blasted her praise of Adam. Liza erupted and told Tad that he is so "self absorbed that [he] could never be anyone's friend." Tad left the inn and returned to town. Liza ran to Jake's lair, but found that he was no longer there. The sheriff dropped by the abandoned building and order Jake to vacate the premises. Jake said that his truck had broken down and that the inn was a little too pricey for him so he had to stay the night in the building. He gathered his belonging and left.

At the hospital, Edmund showed concern over Maria's work schedule and advised her to take some time off of work. As they talked, Dimitri entered the room and created a story about needing to talk to Maria about her budget for the new year. Edmund allowed the two to talk and said that he had a meeting with Skye at the Insomniac Cafe.

Dimitri wasted no time in telling Maria that she needs to address the possibility that she is carrying his baby---a baby that could be carrying thalissemia. Maria rejected any invasion procedure that could jeopardize the baby's health. Dimitri said that either Maria has the baby's umbilical cord tested for the disease or risk having to give the baby a transfusion immediately after birth. As the two bickered, Ruth dropped by the discuss a patient's physical therapy schedule. She heard the mention of thalissemia and told of a baby in the neo-natal unit that has been touch and go with the affliction. Maria explained that one of her friend's is concerned that she might be carrying the disease. Ruth said that it is best to know of the disease before giving birth rather than after.

Janet, Skye, and Erica exchanged chit chat over cups of coffee and Janet said how much she'd miss good coffee when she's thrown in jail. Erica tried to assuage Janet's concerns by saying that she is trying to arrange a meeting with Jack to convince him not to pursue charges against Janet. When Mike and Gloria arrived, Janet rose from her seat and said that she should talk to Mike about Amanda. Skye did her best to hold Janet back, but it did no good.

Gloria told Mike that Tad "gave [her] a number" and that she comes after Liza. Michael tried to tell of his dating woes, but Gloria said that he has it easier than she does because she is the "transitional woman." She meant, of course, that Tad started seeing her after his marriage to Dixie collapsed and that "rebound relationships" never last.

Janet approached Mike and asked him how Amanda was doing. Mike said that Amanda is giving Trevor the silent treatment, but otherwise she is doing okay. Janet expressed her love for Amanda and said that she is Amanda's mother---no matter what Trevor might believe. Mike understood Janet's plight and warned her to watch out for Trevor.

Skye and Erica bickered over Skye's crush on Edmund. Erica told her to get over Edmund because there is no way that Edmund will leave his happy marriage for Skye. When Edmund arrived, Skye nearly melted, especially when he complimented her on her looks. Skye was shocked that Edmund made the comment and said that she didn't know he was looking. Edmund smiled and told Skye that he's "married, not dead." Edmund told Skye that he is going to have to cancel a business trip to San Francisco because he wants to be with Maria. So in his place, Skye was asked to go.

Skye later badmouthed Edmund to Janet for putting off on his work for his wife. But that wasn't all. Skye also was upset with Janet for telling Erica of her crush on Edmund. Janet said that Erica beat the confession out of her and that she would have figured it out sooner or later.

The man that Brad tried to fix Gloria up with earlier in the day arrived at the coffee shop. Sorry folks, I missed his name. Anyway, he and Gloria got to talking and they found that they had quite a bit in common. In a rather bold move, he asked Gloria if she would accompany him to the hospital's Christmas party. Gloria hesitated, but when she saw Tad enter the cafe, she happily accepted the invitation.

Stuart said that Brooke had the look of love in her eyes. Brooke informed Stuart that she could not break up a wedding because she was not ready for a lifetime commitment to Adam. Stuart (who, of course, is really Adam) said that Brooke's hesitation is okay and that she only needs to "leave the door open a little crack." He went on to say that Brooke does not have to fill Liza's shoes and told Brooke to find out if she really loves Adam. To do this, Stuart suggested that Brooke attend the wedding and that she sits in the front row. That way she can stand up and stop the wedding. Brooke refused to make herself look like a fool by halting a wedding. Stuart asked Brooke which was worse "a few minutes of embarrassment or losing Adam for the rest of your life?"
Stuart headed back to Chandler mansion where he was caught by the real Stuart. Stuart said that he was going to tell Brooke that he wasn't really who he seemed to be? Are you with me yet? Stuart said that Adam was wrong for impersonation him and that every time he tries to fool people, he only ends up hurting himself. Adam begged Stuart not to squeal on him. Stuart left and Adam resumed his "Adamification" process. But as he got back into his normal mode, Liza walked into the room and saw him transforming himself. She told Adam that she was ready for the final stage of their plan: the wedding. And, as if that were not enough, she wants the wedding to take place the next day. Adam insisted that he could not get things together that quickly, but agreed anyway. Liza smiled and said that she wants to make sure that Adam gets what he deserves. She then asked how her half of WRCW was coming along. Adam smiled and said that the lawyers were working on the transfer of ownership even as they spoke.

After Ruth left, Dimitri ordered Maria to go to a Center City health clinic to have the tests performed. That way, he said, no one will have to know about the visit. Edmund returned from his meeting and told Maria that he had canceled his trip to San Francisco so that he could be with Maria. Maria insisted that her hubby stick to his plans because she doesn't want him to change his schedule for her. Edmund reluctantly agreed and headed back to the cafe to tell Skye that the plans had changed.

Ruth and Joe discussed Christmases of yesterday. Joey (Jake) arrived and entered the room, telling his parents that he was home.

Maria told Dimitri that she would take care of her own medical situations and left the room. Dimitri picked up the phone and made an appointment for "an expectant mother" who needs a paternity test. As Dimitri talked, Skye accidentally walked into the room looking for Edmund.

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