All My Children Recaps: The week of January 20, 1997 on AMC
Adam sent Liza on a business trip with Tad after her plan to seduce Adam failed. Edmund agreed to stay at Wildwind. Dimitri learned that Edmund and Maria planned to raise her baby as their own. Tanner blackmailed Skye after learning that she had tampered with the paternity test results.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 20, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, January 20, 1997

One of Tanner's old acquaintances from Texas phoned him at Holidays and warned him that he needs to pay his outstanding debt immediately. A look of fear crept across Tanner's face as he promised that he would wire his thousand dollar debt before the night was over. Tanner opened the money drawer of the bar's cash register and lifted the till. With one of his slippery hands lifted a thousand dollars in $50 and $100 bills. With the other, he summoned over one of Holidays' other employees and asked if he could cover the bar for a few minutes while he went to "help a friend" he'd recently met that fell and injured her leg. The employee gave Tanner the go-ahead.

Adam asked Mateo if Isabella is coping with the loss of her husband. Mateo nodded weakly and said that his mother is doing as well as can be expected. Liza approached Jake and asked him how serious his relationship was with Skye. Liza doesn't hide her jealousy very well. It looked as though she stopped breathing as she awaited from his response. Jake said that he had no intentions of marrying Skye and they were just friends. He commented that he found it very odd that Liza would be interested in his love life. After all, he said, she had moved on and married Adam so it can only be expected that he would move on as well.
Marian returned home from her trip to Las Vegas and announced that she would be taking up residence at Chandler Mansion for at least two weeks while she waited for a few houses to be sold. Liza raced over to her mother and told her that if she does not calm down and respect Adam, she'll be forced out. Marian's face slowly formed a grin. She said that Liza is obviously upset because she has yet to consummate her marriage. She warned her that she'd better take the necessary actions immediately or she'd be booted out of the faux marriage in the blink of an eye!
Someone from Holidays called Mateo to inform him that a thousand dollars was missing from the cash register. Mateo excused himself from the dinner party and said that he had urgent business matters to tend to. Before Adam could offer any commentary, Hayley told him to zip his lip. She said that all new businesses have a period of adjustment.

Adam's attorney Barry crashed the party and told Adam that Palmer's acquisition of Occidental Foods seems on the up and up. Adam cursed Palmer's business coup, but issued a warning that he had only one the battle, not the war.

With Marian looking on, Liza raced to her husband's side and planted a kiss on his cheek. Marian nodded her approval. Adam, stunned by the spontaneous display of affection, asked Liza what she was up to. She said that sometimes she cannot help wanting to kiss the man she loves. Hayley decided that it was time for her to hit the road and check on things at Holidays. Skye, not wanting to be left alone with the lovebirds told her father that she and Jake would be leaving. Adam advised Jake to drive carefully because his daughter was "precious cargo."
Marian was not about to let her presence prevent any romance between Adam and Liza, so she announced that she would be turning in for the evening. Liza told Adam a story of one of her former flames, Ernesto, and how they made a public display of affection in a New York museum. Adam's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he heard the vivid details of Liza's sexual exploits. He quickly faked a yawn to try to get away from Liza and her storytelling. When Adam started to walk towards the stairs, Liza jumped from her seat and latched on to his arm. The two reluctantly made their way up the steps.

Scott told Laura that they had better get going because their curfews were approaching. Laura smiled broadly as she told him that her curfew had been suspended for the evening because of the adoption festivities. Scott wished Laura had told him sooner because he could have taken her someplace where they could be alone. After realizing that there wasn't a place to be alone, he told Laura that he is thinking of getting a dorm room at college so he can have a place to be alone with her. Brooke must have the hearing power of a bunny because she suddenly raced over to the table and suggested that Laura head home. Scott told Brooke that he would take her home.

Back at her table, Brooke and Pierce both agreed that the time apart from each other had done them good. Brooke told her story of nearly falling back in love with Adam. Pierce asked Brooke if she'd care to dance and the two headed to the dance floor.

Laura had to return to Holidays to pick up a book she had left by the fireplace. She was ecstatic to see Brooke and Pierce dancing together.

Tanner told Mateo that he believes a man wearing suspenders was responsible for the disappearing cash. He created a story in which the man gave him a $100 bill for drinks and then watched him place the bill under the till. He said that he would go to the police station and file a report.

Edmund wanted to know how long after falling into Dimitri's arms did Maria have sex with him. Maria said that she had no idea and that she can barely remember all that transpired that evening. Edmund blasted his wife as a "horrible liar" and said that at the very least, his wife can give him the truth. Again, Maria explained that she does not "understand all that happened" that night and explained that if she cannot figure out what happened then there is no way that Edmund will be able to know what happened. Edmund's face remained cold and expressionless. He told his wife that she must have panicked the morning after her affair when he came to the door of the hunting lodge in search of her. He said that while he was trying to find his wife, she was laying naked in bed reveling in the glory of her affair. Maria denied the claims. Edmund indicated that he was through with Maria, but before he could leave she asked him what would happen to Sam. Edmund asked his wife if she would explain to their son how she got pregnant. As they talked, a frantic call came through on Edmund's cell phone. Erica asked Edmund to find Maria and send her to the hospital because Dimitri was in a car accident. He said that he would send his wife as soon as he found her. He hung up the phone and broke the news to Maria. Maria gathered her belongings and headed to the door. Edmund refused to accompany her to the hospital. He said that his brother is already dead.

At the hospital, Maria told Erica that Dimitri would pull through and that his condition was not as serious as it could be. There was no cranial bleeding and his increased brain activity could bring about his regaining consciousness at any time. Erica was overjoyed and thanked Maria for being there for her. As she asked where Edmund was, Dimitri's eyes fluttered and he regained consciousness.

Tuesday, January 21, 1997

Erica implied that Edmund displayed a lack of concern by not showing up at the hospital. Maria had no answer and fortunately she was saved from having to think up an excuse my Dimitri's miraculous awakening. Dimitri repeatedly muttered Erica's name and said that he had something to tell her. Joe had other ideas and told Dimitri that he can tell Erica anything he wants---but only after he takes a nap. Erica expressed a desire to spend the night with Dimitri and said that she would be back after she fetched some of her belongings from Wildwind.

After Erica left, Maria told Dimitri that he should hold of on telling Erica about their affair until his body is more fully recovered from the accident. Dimitri told Maria that he has to tell Erica about his affair before someone else does.

Mateo and Hayley slow-danced with each other and enjoyed the peace until Tanner popped his head in and asked if he could "cut in." Mateo told his friend to hit he road and allow him to dance with his fiancee. Tanner displayed his jealousy and told Mateo that "some guys have all the luck." As he asked Hayley if there were any other Chandler women as stunning as herself, Skye entered the club. Skye announced that she wanted to pick up some coffee to take to the office for Edmund. Hayley pulled her half-sister aside and told her that she is setting herself up for a fall if she thinks she can win Edmund's love away from Maria. Tanner scooted over and praised Skye as a "beautiful" woman. In privacy, Mateo told his buddy that Skye is everything that Hayley represents---but in direct opposites. Tanner seemed intrigued that the lovely woman could be a complete contrast to her equally beautiful sister. Jack checked in to see if there were any more leads on the mysterious robber. He suggested that Tanner drop by the station and have the sketch artist work on a photo of the could-be robber. Tanner swallowed hard, but agreed to make an appearance at the police station. Hayley was disappointed to learn that it was almost one hundred percent certain that Holidays would never see the $1000 that was stolen. Skye approached Jack and thanked him for keeping an eye out for his family. She also praised him as a wonderful man who Erica speaks very highly of. Just as Jack was asking why Skye was giving him an "ego massage," Andy entered and told Skye that he had been looking all over town for her. Skye rolled her eyes and told Jack that the man must have her mistaken with someone else. She made it a point to emphasize that she had the District Attorney as a friend. Andy seemed slightly frazzled by the mention of the high profile position of Skye's friend, but as soon as Jack left Holidays, Andy raced over to Skye to issue an ultimatum. He told Skye that if she did not sleep with him within twenty four hours, he would track down Mr. Marick and tell him that Skye altered the test results. Andy left Holidays, leaving Skye to fume by herself. She was less than polite when Tanner walked up to her and told her that she needs a "new dating service" because she is dating a "loser." Skye told Tanner to mind his own business and raced out of the bar. She left in such a hurry that she did not notice that she left her purse behind. Tanner noticed. He took Skye's purse and began poking around in her wallet and counting how much cash she had on hand.

Adam told Liza that he could find his bedroom by himself and that he did not need Liza's escort. He once again thanked her for her "performance" at the dinner party and told Liza that "Hansel and Gretel would never have gone to the witch with you around!" Liza joined Adam in his bedroom and the two chatted for a while. She told Adam that he neck was very tight and wondered if he could give her a massage. Adam agreed, but said that he could hire a personal masseuse for Liza if her neck cramps continue. Liza explained that everything in her life gives her stress and said that she would consider taking Adam up on his offer for a private masseuse---unless he would do it for her.

Downstairs, Tad showed up and said that he needed to talk to Adam about a last minute change in their syndication deal. Winifred was ready to track Adam down until Marian emerged from the shadows and ordered the housekeeper to delay on Tad's orders. Poor Winifred waddled back and forth like a duck at a carnival shooting gallery as Tad and Marian blurted out their "Get Adam"s and "Don't Bother Him"s. Finally, Winifred, crazed by the exchange, cried out that she was "so confused" and raced off to find a place to hide. Marian and Tad continued their bickering, raising enough of an uproar to lure Adam back downstairs. Marian was furious that Adam deserted his wife for business and demanded that he go back upstairs. Adam warned his new mother-in-law to go back to bed or find herself a new residency at the Pine Cone Motel. Marian retreated. Tad told Adam that there would be an affiliate meeting at the Sleepy Hollow Inn in the morning and that they would both need to be in attendance. Adam offered to allow Gloria to accompany them on the trip, but Tad informed his boss that Gloria was out of town.

Marian raced to Liza and told her that she needs "to strike while the iron's hot" or lose Adam and his fortunes. Marian made a comparison to famous women in history, but all of her choices ended up in tragic misery: Cleopatra (killed by a snake bite)," Marie Antoinette (decapitated), and Mary Queen of Scots (Also decapitated). Liza advised her mother to keep her nose out of her business. She added that she will get what she wants and keep her "head from ending up in a wicker basket."
Adam fell asleep on the sofa. Liza gently tip-toed down the stairs and approached her sleeping husband. She gently laid next to him and began kissing him. When Adam stirred, he told Liza to stop, but he eventually succumb to her seduction. Adam jumped from his bed, relieved that he was only having a nightmare. As he drifted back to sleep, Liza really did slip into his bedroom and cuddled him. When Adam realized what was going on, he ordered Liza out of his bedroom. Liza seemed surprised and said that it was Adam who was in her bed. She looked around and immediately offered and apology. She said that she suffers from sleep-walking and that consuming large amounts of alcohol (as she had done that evening) did not help matters. Liza excused herself and apologized if she had embarrassed Adam. He smiled and said that he is never embarrassed by having a beautiful woman in his bed.

Outside the room, Marian praised Liza's scheme and told her that she was on the right track

Peggy asked Edmund why he was not at the hospital with his brother. She added that Maria and Dimitri both love him. It took only a matter of seconds for Edmund to realize that Peggy knew about Dimitri and Maria's affair. He seemed ashamed by the fact that everyone else knew about the tryst except him. Peggy said that no one told her, she "read Dimitri's face" and knew something was wrong. Edmund compared his upbringing to that of Maria's baby. He said that he was forced to walk around and pretend that Alf Gresham was his father, not knowing that Hugo Marick was his true father. Edmund insisted that Dimitri was no longer welcome in his house. Edmund later called the hospital to check on his brother's condition. Peggy overheard the call and smiled approvingly at Eddie's actions. Edmund warned her not to read too much into his phone call. Edmund told Peggy that he wants Dimitri to know what it feels like to lose the person that he loves most in the world.

When Erica returned to Wildwind and demanded to know why Edmund was not at the hospital, she received a weak excuse from Edmund. He said that he had some emergency business to handle at Tempo. Erica expressed her disappointment in Edmund and said that she was going back to the hospital to be with Dimitri. Peggy suggested that Erica spend the night at Wildwind because she'd be more comfortable. Erica laughed and said that she will not have much comfort in the months ahead now that she's pregnant. Edmund was stunned. Erica forgot that Edmund did not know and she waited patiently for Edmund to congratulate her. Edmund have her a hug and told her that he wishes she could always be as happy as she is now. Erica darted off to gather her belongings. Peggy praised Edmund for not telling Erica of Dimitri's unfaithfulness. Edmund shook his head. He told Peggy that he "just could not tell her."

In the morning, Adam decided to back out on his trip to the Sleepy Hollow Inn. Instead he put Liza on the case and told her that she and Tad would be handling the negotiations. The two left on the business trip. Marian was upset and asked Adam if he is trying to ruin his marriage by having Liza and Tad alone together. Adam cackled evily.

Dimitri began "sleep talking", muttering words that "the baby is mine." Erica woke from her sleep and hovered over Dimitri's bed waiting to hear what he had to say.

Edmund told Sam that he will always love him and that he'll be going away. He told Sam not to worry because he would be back every day to spend time with him. Maria went back home. When she walked through the front door, she found Edmund holding Sam, his packed bags on the floor.

Wednesday, January 22, 1997

Skye returned to Holidays to see if someone had found her lost purse. Skye confessed to Hayley that she thinks Tanner is up to no good. She said that he was the last person she had spoken to the night before and said that the missing money also disappeared under Tanner's watchful eye. Hayley told her sister that there were other robberies in the area recently and it does not mean that Tanner was involved. Tanner scurried over to Skye and forked over her purse. He said that he would have contacted her sooner, but he did no know her phone number. Skye inspected her purse and "guessed" that nothing was missing. Skye found a table and tended to some of her personal matters. Tanner walked over and offered her some coffee "on the house." He expressed disappointment that they had gotten off on the wrong foot and asked if he could try to make things up to Skye. Before Tanner could plead his case, Skye's cell phone started ringing. Skye answered the phone by saying "Yes?" rather than "Hello." Andy told Skye that she always says "yes," but never acts on it. He reminded her that they have a date to keep. Skye told Andy that she does not like being pressured. Andy warned Skye that she was making him unhappy and his unhappiness would make it very easy to tell Dimitri about Skye's dirty deed. Skye grabbed her purse and darted off to the clinic. Hayley asked Tanner if everything was okay. He shrugged his shoulders and told Hayley that he was going to head down to the police station to work with the sketch artist.

Dimitri woke from his nightmare and told Erica that he had something important to tell her. Erica nodded her head. She said that he had already told her about the genetic disorder that could effect the baby and that she had been given a clean bill of health. Of course, that is not what Dimitri wanted to tell her. As Dimitri prepared to drop his bomb, Peggy entered the room and put the brakes on Dimitri's crash course with disaster. Erica thought that it might be a good idea to grab a bite to eat and allowed Peggy and Dimitri to visit with each other.

Outside the room, Erica told Joe that she wants to take Dimitri home with her because she "is the only medicine he needs." Joe laughed, but said that it would be best for Dimitri to rest in the hospital for a little while longer. Ruth waltzed over and asked Erica how her trip to Seattle went. Erica told them that Bianca offered only nonchalance to Erica' "big news." Ruth agreed that it is much easier to handle crying than an emotionless response.

"She has no idea what she's in for," Dimitri sighed. Peggy placed Erica's jubilance on her unborn baby and said that Erica has never been happier. She said that Edmund had to opportunity to tell Erica about Dimitri's affair, but that he could not bear to ruin her happiness. Dimitri seemed shocked that his brother did not enact revenge. Still, Dimitri insisted that he must be the one to tell Erica about his night with Maria. The news never has to reach Erica, at least that is what Peggy suggested. She said that there is no reason to tell Erica what happened.

A few seconds later, Erica burst back into the room and told Dimitri that she wanted to be filled in on everything that she missed while she was gone. She also said that a special visitor would be flying in to visit him. It didn't require much brain power to figure out that Bianca was the special guest. Erica darted off to the airport to pick up her daughter. After Erica had left, Peggy told Dimitri that he cannot tell Erica about his affair with Bianca around. Dimitri disagreed. He said that there is never a good time to tell of infidelity and insisted that he will tell Erica of his affair.

Jack and Janet entered the courtroom together. Jack gave Janet some legal advice on what she could expect in the hearing to determine if she violated the restraining order that Trevor holds against her. He said that Janet could be facing jail time and most certainly a fine. Janet thanked Jack for his help and asked him why he is being nice to her. Trevor overheard the discussion and demanded to know the same thing. Trevor denounced Jack as a friend and implied that he is still trying to get back at him for taking Laurel away from him. Jack let out a deep breath of frustration and told Trevor that this is a preliminary hearing and that he wants to make sure Janet knows all of her legal rights. Trevor blasted Janet for relating misconstrued facts to Jack and trying to warp his mind. Janet began to panic. She asked Trevor why he was taking such a cold stance against her after they had "made progress." Trevor sneered as he told Janet that he once shared a cigar with an Army Death Squad Leaders, the enemy, in Guatemala. He said that after they finished smoking, he "blew his brains out." He told Janet that she might have found his soft spot., but that she should not expect his continued niceness. Jack told Trevor that he cannot protect Amanda from learning about her real mother---no matter what he thinks.

The judge entered the courtroom and didn't offer any "soft spots" to Janet. After Janet admitted that she violated the restraining order, the judge was ready to rule against her. The judge said that she is not ruling on whether Janet was doing what was in the best interest of "the minor child," but was there to decide if the court ordered restraining order was violated. Just as things looked their bleakest for Janet, Trevor called out that he wanted the restraining order lifted. He said that Janet is not a threat to Amanda. The presiding judge told Janet that she had better avoid all future brushes with the law.

Trevor tried to escape the courtroom, but Janet stopped him. She asked him why he had helped her out. He said that with the restraining order lifted, she will not have to hide in bushes to get a peek of Amanda. Janet thanked him, but he brushed her off and continued on his way.

Andy arrived at the hospital and asked Joe if he could be directed to Mr. Marick's room. He said that he had some urgent business to discuss. From around the corner, Skye watched in horror.

Maria asked Edmund why his bags were packed. "I'm leaving you," he replied. Edmund took Sam upstairs and tucked him into bed. When he returned downstairs, he told a story of photo he had seen. In the photo, a former fairy tale castle had been leveled by a bomb blast. But in the middle of the destruction, there was a cuckoo clock that cuckoo-ed non-stop. He compared that photo to Sam's nursery. He said that "a million years ago," Sam's nursery was Dimitri's play room. Edmund was never allowed into that room because he was part of the help staff, but one day he sneaked into the room and listened to some music. He said that for a few hours he felt like the world was his. Then he felt a cold shadow creep across the room. He turned and saw Hugo Marick's smug smile and knew that he was going to be snapped back into reality. Edmund nearly chuckled as he told Maria that "this house is a curse." Maria was finally allowed to speak and told Edmund that everything in Wildwind belonged to him---including her. She told him that she loved him and that he is the only man she has ever loved. She begged him not to leave her. Edmund turned his back on his wife and took several steps away from her before turning to face her. "What do you want from me?" he asked. Maria had to race upstairs to tend to Sam because he started crying. In her absence, Edmund reflected on how he met Maria and how he fell in love with her. In his recollections, he recalled his promise to Maria to "always stand beside [her] no matter what" she does. Maria returned and again asked Edmund not to leave. He rose from the sofa and picked up his bags. He walked towards the door before stopping to speak. He told Maria that he would move his things down the hall and that he would not leave.

Thursday, January 23, 1997

Joe refused to let Andy see Dimitri citing the serious nature of his injuries, He said that Andy can take his business up with Mr. Marick at a later time. Skye strutted over to Andy and told him that she had been authorized by Mrs. Marick to handle any business matters that might arise during Dimitri's recovery period. As Tanner looked on, Andy put the screws to Skye telling her that she either submits to his demands or she'll end up suffering the backlash from her computer tampering. Skye insisted that she would follow Andy's demands, but he didn't take her on her word. He demanded to be kissed---not just any kiss, but one that shows Skye "means it." She swallowed her pride and puckered up. Ruth elbowed Joe and pointed to the display of affection. Ruth feared that her son had gotten tied up with the wrong woman. Skye said that they could finish what they started at the Pine Cone around "five-ish." Andy put down his foot and told Skye that she would be at the motel at five sharp. She agreed and Andy dashed off. Tanner called to Skye and asked what she was up to. He had wrapped a handkerchief around his hand and said that he had received a few stitches to patch up a gash he'd gotten. Skye wasn't in the mood for a chat and raced off. Tanner took of his fake bandage and turned his attention to Andy. He grabbed Andy by the neck and shoved his face in a water fountain all the while warning him to back off of Skye. Rather than create a scene in the corridor, Tanner escorted Andy to the patio. There he told Andy that he had been hired by Adam to look after his daughters. Andy told Tanner that he was not the one who put the moves on Skye but rather it was the other way around. Andy scampered off to his romantic hide-away at the Pine Cone.

Gloria returned from her visit to Pigeon Hollow and immediately resumed her nursing career. Joe and Ruth were pleased to have her back on staff and said that she was missed. When she saw that Dimitri was a patient, she immediately raced to his bed side. Glo told Dimitri that she was sorry that he had been injured. Dimitri nodded weakly and said that "the worst is yet to come." Before Dimitri could elaborate, Opal stuck her head in to check on Dimitri's condition. As you know, Opal can hop from topic to topic. She eventually landed on the topic of Erica's pregnancy. Gloria was overjoyed that Dimitri would be a father and gave him a peck on the cheek. The topic was too much for Dimitri to handle and he asked for some time alone. Opal and Gloria obliged. Outside the room, Opal pressed for details on Gloria's visit to see Dixie. She figured that Tad's name had to come up during the visit and asked what Dixie had to say about her ex-husband. Gloria explained that she went to Pigeon Hollow to tell Dix about her relationship with Tad. She would not give any more details because she felt she should tell Tad about the visit first. Opal liked the idea and said that she will call Tad for her. Opal buzzed Iris at WRCW and learned that Tad was out of town---the Sleepy Hollow Inn to be exact---with Liza. The news caused Opal's blood to boil as she worried that Liza was trying to seduce her son. Ruth chimed in from the background that Tad was on a "business" trip. Opal wasn't so sure. Gloria informed Opal that Tad and Liza had been together at the Sleepy Hollow Inn once before and she trusts them fully. Gloria dodged any further insinuations by ducking into Dimitri's room. Gloria teased Dimitri about being a "bad patient" for kicking her out of his room. Joe entered and told Dimitri that his latest batch of tests all came back clean and that he could go home in the morning.

Adam met with Barry at the Valley Inn to fill him in on one of his evil schemes. He said that he had sent Liza and Tad off to a secluded bed and breakfast to negotiate a syndication contract. If all goes well, he said, Liza and Tad will give in to their passion and commit adultery. Barry seemed pleased with the devious plan, but asked Adam how he'll know if Liza has given in to her carnal desires. Simple. Adam bugged Liza's briefcase and he can listen in to everything that happens. Barry praised Adam, but thought that it might be "voyeuristic" for Adam to listen in on his wife while she is having sex. Adam chuckled and said that he will take off his headphones before the dirty deed is done. Out of the corner of his eye, Adam saw Jake and summoned him over to the table. Jake thanked Adam for the dinner party he threw. He then went on to tell Adam how he is searching for a job. Adam hinted that he would have given him a job, but that both WRCW and Tempo are in "first quarter hiring freezes." Jake told Adam that he had better be on his way to do some odd jobs at a local bed and breakfast. Adam asked Jake if he liked doing handyman jobs. Jake wasn't thrilled with his job, but said that he does enjoy his time out in the wilderness.

Tad told Liza that their meeting would be delayed because the man they were to meet is stuck in traffic on the Interstate. When Liza commented that they would have to entertain themselves, Tad asked Liza how she kept busy on her last visit to the inn. She told Tad that she went for a walk and even took a dip in the lake. Tad didn't buy it. Back at Chandler Mansion, Adam listened in on the conversation. Liza told Tad that she met a man and that he taught her a lot of things. Tad seemed amused when Liza confessed that the man she met was a handyman. Annoyed, Liza said that the man "fell from a tree" while trying to hang Christmas lights and that this handyman knows more about her than Tad ever will. Tad pressed Liza for details on what she did with the man. Back at the mansion, Adam hollered out that he wanted to know what she'd done too!

Skye barged in and told her father that she needed his help. Adam told Skye to come back later because he was busy. Skye complained that she should not need an appointment to talk with her father. Adam told her she was wrong and begged her to come back for dinner and they could chat then. Adam refused to listen to any further whining and said that all of Skye's problems deal with one of two things: Work or Men. "If you're in love the you have my blessing," Adam said. "If you're breaking up then c'est la vie." Skye stormed off and Adam went back to his eavesdropping.

Jake arrived at the inn to fix some of the windows. Sissy told him that his friend had checked in and that she can try to get him a table near her if he'd like. Jake was surprised that Liza was there---but even more surprised that she was with Tad. Liza walked out and saw Jake. The two talked for a few minutes. Liza thanked Jake for their time together at the inn and asked how "our tree" is doing. Tad overheard the conversation and, putting two and two together, figured out that Joey (or Jake) was Liza's mystery man. Liza excused herself and went to speak to the syndicator who had recently arrived. Tad warned his younger brother not to get involved with "Adam Chandler's wife" because she is not his type. Jake got back at his brother by asking "Whose type is she? Yours?" Tad didn't like the comment and again gave Jake an advisory to stay away from Liza. Jake said that Tad's concern had been "duly noted."

Andy entered his room at the Pine Cone, unaware that he was being tailed by Tanner. Tanner hid outside while Andy went inside. A short time later, Skye arrived. She looked around before entering the room. Andy laid on the bed, his body covered by the bed's sheets. She called out his name, but he did not respond. Suddenly, the sheets flew back and Tanner jumped up yelling "Surprise!!"

Barry returned to Adam's office and asked how his spy mission was going. Adam pursed his lips together and said that his plans had changed. He said that he has mistakenly been trying to push Liza and Tad together---when it is Jake that Liza is really interested in!

Friday, January 24, 1997

Bianca touched down in Pine Valley and was instantly whisked away to Wildwind. No sooner had she walked in the door and she was already asking if her belongings had been thrown away to make way for the new baby. Erica assured her daughter that she would never toss her toys into the garbage. Bianca raced upstairs to check on the condition of her dollhouse.

Erica asked Edmund if he could have a talk with Bianca and tell her that she need not worry about getting a new brother or sister. After all, Edmund was well into his twenties or thirties when he learned that Dimitri was his half-brother. Edmund declined, saying that his relationship with Dimitri has hardly been peachy. Erica pleaded with Edmund to reconsider. Bianca came back downstairs and told her mother that her dollhouse was in desperate need of some new furniture and a paint job. Erica said that the could work on that in the morning because she had to tend to a business phone call. Bianca was peeved that her mother was working during her visit. Edmund sat her down on the sofa and asked her how junior high school was treating her. Bianca complained about several of her classes and explained that she's a "no one" because she isn't invited to the cool kids'' parties. In her story, Bianca said that she worries that her mother will not have time for her once the baby is born. She said that she'll love being a big sister because, unlike in her encounters with Kendall, she can do the bossing around. She asked Edmund if she ever wished that Dimitri would "just go away." Edmund nodded, but said that Bianca should not compare her relationship with her siblings to his. Erica returned to chat it up with her daughter and Edmund excused himself from the room.

Mateo created a new chocolate pudding for Holidays' dessert menu. Hayley, the connoisseur of chocolate pudding, raved about the new concoction. When Matt saw Brooke and Pierce entering the club/restaurant, he called Pierce over to his table and asked if he could purchase some art work to "liven" up the place. Pierce said that he would be happy to put some of his paintings on display because it would be great publicity. Mateo looked ready to insist on shelling out money for the pieces, but Hayley interrupted and thanked Pierce for his generous offer.

Jack stopped by and asked Mateo why Tanner had not shown up at the police station. Both Hayley and Matt said that Tanner had left several hours ago to work on a sketch of the supposed thief.

Pierce asked Brooke if she ever thought about painting. When she learned that Pierce had seen some of her art work at Phoebe's, Brooke bashfully explained that she tried her hand at painting when she was a teenager and has not picked up a paintbrush since. Pierce instructed Brooke to close her eyes and led her through a "mental" self portrait. Brooke asked Pierce to stay put for a minute as she ran off to do something. Trevor quickly filled Brooke's spot on the couch and commented that Pierce was picking up where he left off. Pierce did not respond. He stared off into the distance and remained speechless. Trevor coaxed Pierce back from his war flashback and was surprised that Pierce still suffered from the flashbacks. The both joked about how they are both currently seeing "shrinks." Brooke returned and Trevor scampered off. Brooke told Pierce that she had to be going because she needed to help Laura with her studies. Pierce asked Brooke to let him know the next time Laura is able to babysit because he'd like to see her again.

Dimitri began packing his bags in an attempt to sign himself out of the hospital. Maria caught him in the act and told him that he is risking permanent injury if he engages in physical activity. Dimitri didn't back down and asked Maria if he could be released from the hospital. She said that if he promises not to doing any strenuous activity and avoids alcohol, he might be able to be released. She then told him that Edmund did not move out of Wildwind, but that he did move down the hall from their shared bedroom. She said that she hopes their family can stay together. Dimitri replied that they'd know soon enough because he plans on telling Erica about his affair as soon as he's released from the hospital. Dimitri wished that he had Maria's faith that everything would turn out all right. Maria advised her brother-in-law that he should wait until he finds that faith before telling Erica anything about the night they made love.

Skye apologized to Tanner and said that she must have the wrong room. Tanner rose from the bed and asked Skye if she asked for "Andy Faller's room" when she was checking in. Skye was stunned that Tanner knew she was looking for Andy. She tried to con Tanner into believing that she was working on an article for Tempo and that Andy was her main source of information. Tanner chuckled. He said that he knows of her test result swapping and that she is messing his "best mate's" sister. He did offer some reassuring news by telling Skye that Andy had been "deleted." No, Andy's not dead---just scared to death. Skye called Andy at the lab and found that he had been taken care of. Andy told Skye that he has too much to lose by being involved with her. He said that he will deny ever knowing Skye and that she is to do the same.. Skye was thankful that Tanner had taken care of her problem, but that sentiment didn't last very long. Tanner told Skye that his assistance is going to cost her.

Edmund went to the Marick family crypt and had a one on one discussion with the late Hugo Marick. His told Hugo that he did not hate him because he was a perpetual liar, but he did resent him because he never showed him the love that he deserved as his son. Now, he added, people have come into his life that have shown him love. He said that he could never reject Maria's baby just because it is not his. "To Hell with you Hugo," he growled. "History will not repeat itself."

While retrieving the money top pay off Tanner, Skye was approached from behind by someone who demanded all of her money. The would be-could be robber was actually Mateo. Skye blasted her sister's fiancÚ for scaring her. Matt apologized, but told Skye that it wasn't safe to be carrying around such a large sum of money. Skye explained that she was going to be picking up a used car. Mateo warned Skye that picking out a car at night isn't such a good idea because she cannot see what she's purchasing. Skye nodded and agreed that a personal check might be a better idea any way. Mateo pointed out that Skye has a problem when it comes to money. After all, she recently lost her purse. Skye wasn't thrilled by Mateo's praise of Tanner for returning Skye's purse. When Mateo asked Skye if he'd seen his bartender, Skye compared Tanner to a "bad penny" and said that he would eventually turn up.

Back at the Pine Cone, Skye forked over the cash to Tanner. She figured out that Tanner was the one who lifted the thousand dollars from Holidays' and started lecturing him on doing things that might get him into trouble. Tanner pawned his thievery off on a need to create excitement in the small town and told Skye that her involvement in paternity fraud hardly qualifies her as someone who can give out lectures on walking the straight and narrow.

Tanner returned to Holidays and received a prompt scolding by Hayley for not going to the police station. Tanner handed over the cash he had gotten from Skye and said that he managed to track down the thug who ripped off Holidays' and convinced him to give back to the money. Mateo said that he didn't care who had the money or how Tanner got the money. He was just overjoyed that money was back where it belonged.

Erica and Bianca talked about Bianca's concerns surrounding her forthcoming sibling. Erica told Bianca that it is okay having doubts about what will happen after the baby is born. She said that when Joe told her she was pregnant, she was filled with joy by recalling giving birth to her sweetheart, Bianca. Bianca was pleased and said that she would be willing to help her mother in any way she can.

Maria returned to Wildwind and Erica asked her if she could speak to her for a moment. Maria tried to avoid the conversation, but Erica insisted on talking now. She wanted Maria to give her some dates that she will be free to attend the released party for Erica's new book. Maria had no idea and said that Erica should plan around her. This led Erica to believe that something was wring between her and Edmund. Maria chalked up her comments to being overly cautious.

Skye arrived at Wildwind and was shocked and amazed that Maria answered the door. Skye explained that she had something important to talk to Edmund about. Maria said that Edmund should be home soon for dinner. Skye erupted and asked Maria how she and Edmund could be having dinner "what you did."

Edmund showed up at the hospital with a proposal for his brother. He said that he was only visiting his brother because Dimitri has promised to do "anything" to help him out. As far as Edmund was concerned, Dimitri had an affair with Maria even before the actual dirty deed. He said that Dimitri's offer to fly Maria to Hungary was a wrong doing. Edmund told Dimitri that he and Maria will raise Maria's baby as their own and that Dimitri will play the part of the Uncle. Dimitri wasn't sure that this would be in the best interest of the baby and that the child might become suspicious. Besides, he said that Erica might have other plans for the baby. Edmund shook his head. He said that Erica must never know that Maria is carrying Dimitri's baby. As the two bickered, Erica entered the room.

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