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Edmund and Maria enlisted help to find their baby. Hayley told Brooke that she remembered sleeping with Tanner in the cave. Erica shocked everyone when she arrived at Hayley and Mateo's wedding ceremony with baby Sonya in her arms.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 24, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, March 24, 1997

Opal insisted that she be allowed to join Erica on her trip to Russia. When Erica came up with excuse after excuse on why Opal should not join her, Opal's face turned sad. Opal told Erica that she should not break the law because buying a baby from the black-market is something that Janet would do. Erica was furious that Opal would imply that she is buying a baby. She informed Opal that she just wants some "quality time" with her baby and then reminded Opal that she had raised Jenny by herself and that Mona had raised her by herself. So Erica was more than capable of raising a baby by herself. The plane readying for its final boarding, Erica excused herself and began walking towards the gate. Her cellular phone sounded and Erica took the call which turned out to be from the babysitter, Melanie. Melanie told Erica that Sonja was fussing (but she thinks it's only gas) and that she needs to be heading to another babysitting appointment. Erica said that she'd take care of the problem (discretely enough so that Opal would not figure out what was going on). Opal escorted Erica to the gate and due to Opal's insistence that she stay and watch the plane take off, Erica was unable to go through with her plans to forgo boarding the plane and sneak out of the airport.

Hayley refused to believe that Tanner's account was the truth. She shook her head feverishly and swore that she would not knowingly sleep with a man other than Mateo. Tanner twisted the screws a little more as he told Hayley that their "hand touch" during Hayley's first flight lesson was just the tip of the iceberg; She wanted to make love to him. Again Hayley was put on the defensive and ordered Tanner out of her sight. Tanner packed his bags and was just about out of the apartment when Hayley began having more "visions" of her unaccounted for time in the cave. She "heard" Tanner talking to her and suddenly she came to the horrific revelation that she did sleep with Tanner.

Maria and Edmund sparred over who feels more pain at the loss of Matthew (also known as Sonja). Maria declared that Edmund has had months to cope with the loss of the child. She meant that Edmund began grieving the child's "death" when he learned that Dimitri was actually the father of the child. When Edmund learned that this seed was implanted in Maria's mind by his half-brother, Edmund became enraged. He blasted Maria for allowing Dimitri to come between them---again. Maria described how she feels as if her heart has been torn out and that Edmund can never understand how she feels because he has never lost a child. Edmund expressed a desire, a need to hold Maria and comfort her, but he said that if Maria cannot accept his suffering, he'll have to put his needs aside.

Maria phoned Isabella and asked her if she could please contact Frederick, the family clairvoyant, and arrange a meeting. A short time later, Frederick arrived at Wildwind. He recounted a story of how he "became" a visionary. Maria was just getting into her questioning when Edmund entered the room.

Skye was surprised when Mateo told her that he and Hayley were planning for their wedding. Her loose lips nearly got her in trouble again as she asked Mateo how he could go through with the wedding "after what happened." She covered for herself and said that "what happened" was the emergency plane landing. Matt said that he had forgiven Tanner for his childish mistake and that all what happy again.

Tanner showed up a bit later and was confronted by a peeved Skye. She asked him how he could sabotage his "best mate's" love life. Tanner, of course, wasn't going to tip his hand to Skye, but gave her permission to tell Mateo about his affair with Hayley. He was quick to remind Skye of her last episode of telling the truth.

Tanner met up with Earl, his faux father, and told him that his plan is working out perfectly.

Gloria and Tad discussed their relationship in further detail. Gloria admitted that along with not trusting Tad, she does not trust herself. They couple was about to delve into the issue when Opal showed up at the table and all communication suddenly fizzled.

Erica returned to her hotel suite and resumed her mothering duties. After Melanie had left for her next appointment, Erica sat down with Sonja and told her that everything will be fine. She will make sure that no one will come into the baby's life like the evil Dimitri who had wished for the infant's death.

Mateo returned to his apartment and presented Hayley's with flowers. As he began to talk of the approaching "big day," Hayley's emotions got the best of her. She dashed out of the apartment and headed for an all too familiar spot: The beach where she nearly lost her life during a drunken rampage as well as the same spot where she first met Mateo.

Tuesday, March 25, 1997

Mateo hunted around for Hayley, but could not find her anywhere. He told Tanner that she had claimed to be heading out to help a fellow AA member, but never returned. After asking Tanner if he would mind the bar, Mateo headed to Hayley's favorite "thinking place," The beach.

Across the room, Tad and Gloria confirmed plans for a spontaneous get-away.

Erica told her baby that she had thought her faked Russian excursion out very carefully. She had purchased a Russian tea pot at a shop on the streets of New York and said that once she removes the prices tags, no one will know that she actually purchased the item in the States. She then picked up a copy of the Pine Valley Bulletin to check for any news on her escapades. Disappointed by the brevity of the article on her split with Dimitri, Erica later figured that a longer article might have painted her in a different light. Erica continued reading the article and her heart was sent racing by the final line of the article: Mr. Marick was unavailable for comment sources say that he is out of the country. Fearing that Dimitri had followed her to Russia, Erica phoned her gal pal Opal and asked her to track down Dimitri! Erica had to explain away her crystal clear connection by saying that Russia upgraded their communications system. Opal had no idea how she'd find Dimitri, but she agreed to help Erica in any way she could. Erica hung up the phone and went into instantaneous panic as she feared her baby swapping plot might be discovered.

Opal returned to Cortlandt and donned her spy outfit. Knowing Opal, you can already figure out that Opal's spy outfit is about as conspicuous as her everyday outfits! Opal let herself into Wildwind using Erica's spare key. She plodded around the mansion and determined that no one was home. Her cell phone rang. Erica was checking in to see to what Opal had unearthed. Opal first delivered the bad news: Dimitri has not been home for several days and is, apparently, out of the country. Now the good news: His private jet is still in the hanger. Erica thanked Opal for her report, but Opal was caught in the act by one of the housekeepers!
Tad and Gloria arrived at the very same hotel and checked into their room, get this, across the hall from Erica's room! Tad heard the sound of a baby's cries and complained to Gloria that their quiet getaway will be anything but quiet. Tad let Gloria into their room and then dashed off to retrieve some tickets for a play. While Tad was gone, Gloria came across yet another misplaced gift. In a beautifully wrapped box, Gloria found a teddy bear. The bear was meant for Mrs. Davis (Erica). When Tad returned to the room, he was again forced to tell his girlfriend that the present she thought was hers was actually meant for someone else. Tad picked up the box and walked it across the hall. Erica was about to answer the knock at her door when Tad called out to "Mrs. Davis." He told her that he had a package for her. erica faked a French accent and asked the man on the other side of the door to leave the package at the door. Erica breathed a sigh of relief as she realized that she was very close to blowing her cover. When Tad returned to his room, Erica opened the door, snatched the package, and ducked back inside her room.

Alone, Hayley sat on the beach reflecting on her time with Tanner in the cave. She was roused from her visions by Mateo's voice. She hid behind some sort of shrubbery until Mateo had given up his search. Hayley's thoughts then turned to the first time she kissed Mateo. She recalled that she told Mateo that she did not want to kiss him, it was an "Arlene" instinct and that she only kissed him because he had kissed her first. As she emerged from hiding, Tanner stumbled onto the beach. He had tailed Mateo to the beach so that he would be able to find Hayley. Hayley immediately slapped, punched, kicked, and clawed Tanner. The scene would finally be set for the entire truth of their night in the cave. Tanner explained that he kissed Hayley first. He half expected a slap on the face, but that Hayley had been more than willing and kissed him back. Hayley denied kissing Tanner. She was "thinking of Mateo" and was drunk. Not so according to Tanner. He claimed that Hayley had repeatedly called out his name. Now Hayley's recollection was littered with the lies that she called out Tanner's name. In her visions, she called out Tanner's name as he kissed her neck and hands. Tanner then did something unexpected: He told Hayley that he loves her! Hayley shook off his comment and said that she loves Mateo and needs to be truthful to him; she'll return to Pine Valley and tell Mateo that she slept with his best friend.

When she did get back to town, she found Mateo discussing Hayley's disappearance with Isabella. Isabella told her son that she will not be able to forgive Hayley if she breaks his heart... especially not after Maria's affair with Dimitri.

Maria introduced Frederick and Edmund. Edmund had announced that he did some research on Frederick and learned that he has helped locate several children for the police and FBI. So as far as he was concerned, Frederick was at least somewhat credible and could help find Matthew's body. Maria's head twisted toward her husband and her eyes shot fire. There is no body, Maria growled, because Matthew is not dead. Fred asked to see the baby's nursery, but when he learned that the baby had never been in his nursery, the clairvoyant asked if he could be taken to the cabin at Willow Lake.

At the cabin. Frederick asked the couple if anyone had been in the cabin since the birth of Maria's child. Maria said that the caretaker told her that no one has been there. She then related the entire birth and conception story of the child much to Edmund's chagrin. Maria commented that she saw the baby's head and a birthmark on his shoulder. Fred asked for some time alone at the accident scene. While he was gone, Maria was convinced that her husband would call her a fool for believing in a psychic. Frederick returned to the cabin with a puzzling revelation: The baby is not in the lake. More importantly, he said that "She is not dead." Edmund corrected Fred on the baby's sex. A confused look crossed Frederick's face as he apologized for the mix-up. He commented that he felt a strong female presence, but that it must be from someone else in the area. He vowed to continue his search at another time. After he'd left, Edmund told Maria to forego another session with the psychic because he could not even get the baby's gender correct. Maria disagreed. She said that Fred is on to something and that she will stick with him until their baby is found.

Wednesday, March 26, 1997

Tanner paid off Earl with some money he earning from pawning possessions. Earl was tickled pink that Tanner had accomplished his goal of bedding his best friend's lady and asked Tanner if he could hook him up with a rich sheila (Aussie for lady).

Mateo and Hayley were about to discuss Hayley's disappearance, but Isabella entered the scene and asked Hayley if she was okay. It seems that Hayley's trip to the beach caused her to miss the ceremonial pre-wedding luncheon with Isabella. It was then that Isabella, with a slight tone of subserviency, presented Hayley with a present: Isabella's grandmother's earrings. Mama Santos hinted that the earrings are not as fancy as Hayley's usual jewelry, but she asked Hayley if she would honor family tradition and wear them anyway. Hayley opened the box and was awed by the simple beauty of the earrings and said that she would be very happy to wear the earrings.

Mateo and Hayley then discussed Hayley's whereabouts. Hayley confessed that she did not go to an AA buddy's house. Mateo was notably upset when he learned that Hayley had hid from him so that she would not be found on the beach. Mateo explained that he was frantic and had called all over town to see if anyone has seen her if she was in an accident. Hayley made a comment that she would understand if Mateo wanted to nix their wedding plans. Matt was caught completely off guard by the comment and insisted that he wanted to marry Hayley. Then he realized that Hayley's bizarre behavior might be due to her wedding phobia. He assured Hayley that he would not hurt her and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. The two embraced, but as Tanner walked through the door Hayley panicked.

Pierce informed Brooke that he plans of tracking down his daughter, Amelia. Brooke halted Pierce from making plans to fly to Central America. She said that her Tempo connections might give them some leads on Amelia's whereabouts. Plus, she said that they can check the Internet for other leads. Pierce thanked Brooke for her help and said that he was off to a meeting with Brooke's friend, Dr. Wescott.

Shortly thereafter, a tearful Hayley appeared on Brooke's doorstep. Hayley told Brooke that she had finally realized what happened in the cave: She slept with Tanner. Brooke listened intently as Hayley recounted what she "thinks" happened. At the conclusion of the story, Brooke asked Hayley if she thinks Tanner raped her. Hayley shook her head. She said that she feels that the act was consentual. Brooke suggested Hayley attend an AA meeting, but when Hayley said that telling a room full of strangers would be easy, Brooke told her that she should consider telling Mateo the truth. That plan was shot down, too, as Hayley said that Mateo has gone through too much pain in the last twelve months to give him more bad news.

Adam and Barry discussed his new deal with Liza. Barry praised Adam for being more of a man than him for being able to turn down Liza's advances. A station worker called Adam and told him that a news van had been rigged with a surveillance camera as Adam had requested and that Liza and Jake would be covering a story together in that van. Adam drooled as he thought of catching Liza and Jake in the act through the candid camera.

Liza and Jake went on a stake-out of a supposed counterfeit sting. After an extended period of no action, Liza began to doubt the integrity of the source who tipped her on the police action. To liven things up, Liza started a conversation about her relationship with Jake. Jake, however, did not want to talk about the matter. As Liza babbled on, Jake blurted out a question as to why Liza refused Adam's divorce offer. Liza figured out that Marian had clued Jake in on the divorce proposal and as she was about to explain her reasoning, she caught a glimpse of the hidden camera mounted on the van's roof. She disconnected the video which sent a "snowy" picture on to Adam and Barry's television monitor. Adam was furious that they lost the signal. Now safe from prying eyes, Liza told Jake that she is holding out for a "bigger piece of the pie." She confessed that she misses the time she spent with Jake prior to her marriage to Adam. Jake concurred and begged Liza to leave Adam so that they could be together. He then looked her in the eyes and told her that he loves her.

Mateo gave Tanner his last Holiday's paycheck in cash and thanked him for his service to the bar. Tanner's job offer in Texas suddenly disappeared. He said that the job has been pushed back two weeks and that not only will he be able to continue working at Holidays, but he'll also be able to act as Best Man. Tanner saw Skye enter the bar and dashed over to her side. He asked her if she could do him a favor. Skye refused, but Tanner threatened to reveal Skye's paternity swap to Elyse Flynn. Still Skye refused to assist Tanner, but Tanner gave his orders to her anyway. He wants her to get gussied up in her best outfit and "nuke the Santos-Vaughan nuptials."

Thursday, March 27, 1997

Today's show was rather difficult to watch as there was an abundance of filler and very little "must see" TV.

Amanda was readying for her duties as flower girl at Hayley and Mateo's wedding. Uncle Mike had to escort the young girl to the wedding rehearsal because Trevor received a phone call from one of his clients who had been locked up for breaking parole. As Trevor chatted on the phone, Janet dropped by for a visit. She said that she knew her presence might be unwanted, but she needed to talk to Trevor about the wedding. Janet was an invited guest to Hayley's wedding, but she worried that her presence might upset Amanda. Trevor commented that there is nothing he can do to keep Janet from attending the ceremony. Janet disagreed, saying that Trevor could ask her to stay away. The decision rested totally on Amanda, Trevor explained and told Janet that he'd ask Amanda if it was okay if Janet went to the wedding.

Tanner warned Skye that he will stop "protecting" her if she refuses to crash the Vaughan-Santos wedding. Skye insisted that she's learned from her past mistakes and will now do the right thing by keeping her mouth shut on the matter. Skye requested that Tanner stop saying he's going to leave town and asked him to stop talking and get to carrying out his promise.

Jake and Liza shared a kiss---several kisses, actually---during their stakeout. Liza told Jake that no one has ever "loved" her. The stakeout came to a close without an FBI raid, a counterfeit ring, or a decision on how Liza and Jake will react to their new found feelings for each other. Liza implied that she and Jake can live quite comfortably if she gets half of Adam's estate.

Hayley went to the chapel at Wildwind before the wedding rehearsal to talk to God. She asked him how she can begin a new life with Mateo when the new life is beginning on a foundation of lies. She knew that she had to tell Mateo the truth, but didn't know how to do it. As she was praying out loud, Mateo snuck up behind her. She turned and told Mateo that she had wedding jitters and feared that her "martial curse" will come back to haunt them.

The guests began arriving. Hayley raced over to Isabella and again apologized for missing out on their pre-wedding luncheon. Bobby teased Anita (sporting a disaster of a new hair do; short, slicked back, and parted to the right) that seeing someone take the plunge into marital bliss is making him have second thoughts.

When Edmund and Maria arrived, Maria noticed that Mateo didn't even look her way. She told Edmund that her brother has lost respect for her and that their relationship is ruined.

Brooke and Pierce were the next to arrive. Hayley grabbed Brooke and pulled her aside. Hayley told Brooke that she does not think she can marry Mateo because of her affair. Brooke begged Hayley to stop beating herself over something that might have happened.
Hayley then made her way over to Maria and the two women talked about the recent revelations of Maria and Dimitri's affair. As Maria talked about her feelings, they seemed to hit a little too close to home for Hayley.

The wedding rehearsal began and went without a hitch.

After the ceremony, Trevor told Amanda that Janet was going to be a guest at the wedding. After she learned that she would not have to speak to or sit next to Janet, Amanda gave the green light for Janet to attend.

Edmund told Skye that he is well aware of the past problems between his family and Skye, but said that he admires her work. But because of the problems, he was going to transfer her to a new department.

Barry warned Adam not to go through with his plans to give Liza "bedroom privileges." Adam smiled fiendishly as he told Barry that he knows what he's doing. Barry shook his head and said that Adam should listen to him more---especially since he is shelling out big bucks for his legal services!
Mateo eased Maria's fears about their relationship. He told her that she'll always be his big sister and that he'll also always love her.

Liza showed up to the rehearsal very late. Adam blasted her for not finding enough time in her schedule for her step daughter. Marian raced over to Liza and learned of the surveillance equipment in the van. Marian advised her daughter to consummate her marriage immediately before she does something foolish with Jake.

Back at home, Hayley was fast asleep. Her dreams were filled with visions of her affair with Tanner. Suddenly, she woke from her sleep screaming in fear.

At Holidays, Trevor told Janet that Amanda agreed to let Janet go to the wedding. Skye ran into Tanner and after further threats to expose her paternity test swap, Skye agreed to crash Mateo and Hayley's wedding.

Friday, March 28, 1997

In The Big Apple, Tad and Gloria were on their way out of their hotel room when they bumped into a baby toting Erica. Things were a bit sticky when the bellboy told "Mrs. Davis" that he was ready to take her bags downstairs. Erica tipped her sunglasses and told the bellboy that she was Erica Kane and needed a pseudonym to keep her privacy. Tad was puzzled by the infant, but Gloria assumed that Erica must have already returned from her trip to Russia. Erica asked Gloria to hold Sonja while she answered her phone. Tad eyed Gloria with a smile as she held the little girl. In her suite, Erica was anything but smiles as she feuded with a limousine agency to arrange for transportation back to Pine Valley. A strike by the drivers threatened to strand Erica at the hotel and she refused to take public transportation! Tad excused himself to attend a meeting, but as soon as he was out of sight, Tad phoned Rudy and asked that his meeting be cancelled. Gloria suggested that Sonja would be best raised with a father, meaning that she thinks Erica and Dimitri should reconcile. The implications that she could not raise the child on her own drew rage from Erica and she booted Gloria from her hotel room. Tad returned and both he and Gloria had some explaining to do; Gloria said that she had mentioned that the baby would need a father and Tad explained that his meeting was cancelled. The couple returned to their room. They settled inside and Tad came to terms with his feelings. He stated that seeing Gloria hold Sonja made him think of her in a different light. He then removed a small box from his pocket and presented it to his girlfriend. Gloria uttered no words and remained fixated on the box. Tad opened the box for Gloria and removed a very large diamond ring. He bent down on one knee and told Gloria that he is "hopelessly" in love with her and wants her to be his wife. He then apologized to Gloria because he said that he will not accept "No" this time around.

Hayley remained very nervous. She explained her shaking hands as pre-wedding jitters, but she knew better. Mateo phoned her to see how she was holding up. She said that she was slightly ill at ease because she did not get to spend the night with Mateo. He assured her that she'd be fine and said he'd see her at the altar.

Tanner listened in on the conversation. When he saw Mateo, he asked if Skye had been invited. Mateo took a deep breath and said he was forced to invite Skye to the wedding for fear that not being invited would cause her to crash the wedding.

Marian pulled Mateo aside and told him that he looks "absolutely beautiful" and that Hayley is a very lucky girl. Adam and Liza came up from behind and pulled her away, saying that it isn't very classy to flirt with the groom.

Jack approached Trevor and told him that Janet did not show up at the wedding. It looked as though Jack thought Trevor had asked Janet not to attend. But no sooner had the words crossed Jack's lips and Janet entered with Skye at her side.

Brooke checked in on Hayley to see if she needed any help in getting ready for her walk down the aisle. Her shaky hands and frazzled nerves caused her to break a drinking glass. Brooke took Hayley by the hands and ordered her to listen to her. She told Hayley that her night with Tanner was not her fault because she was in an "alcoholic haze." Hayley took several deep breaths and said that she does not think she can walk down the aisle. Brooke offered to tell the guests that the wedding was off, but Hayley shook her head. She told Brooke to go ahead and walk down the aisle because she'd be along in a few minutes.

The wedding began with Amanda's waltz down the aisle as flower girl. Janet looked on proudly as her little girl sprinkled rose petals. Amanda turned and saw Janet sitting in one of the pews and froze for a minute before continuing on her way. Tanner gave Skye a dirty look and lipped the word "Now!" to her. Skye rose from her seat and walked towards the altar. Janet begged Skye to sit down, but Skye continued on her way. Skye turned and faced the guests, but said nothing. Mateo approached her from behind and ordered her to sit down. Instead, however, Skye ran out of the chapel.

Mateo went to see if Hayley was okay. Inside the bride's room, Adam waited for his daughter to take his arm for their stroll to the altar. Hayley sat in her chair with a "spaced out" look on her face. Adam tried to get through to her, but she was in another dimension.

In a truly priceless cliffhanger, the music began and all eyes turned to the back of the church. Instead of Hayley and Adam appearing, Erica entered. With a huge smile on her face and Sonja in her arms, Erica began her march down the aisle.

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