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Hayley and Mateo left for their honeymoon. Trevor grew jealous of Jack and Janet's relationship. Skye tried to arrange a date with Jake. Belinda and Liza plotted against Dimitri. Adam planned to get even with Liza and Dimitri. Erica decided that she had to give Sonya back to the child's real parents.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 9, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, June 9, 1997

Things slowly returned to normal for Hayley and Mateo. Hayley was released from the hospital and she and her new husband hopped a plane bound for Pine Valley. There were to be no more catastrophes or accidents as the plane made a perfect landing at the Pine Valley International Airport.

Kevin noticed that Kelsey was less than thrilled by the rapidly approaching senior prom festivities. She explained that it her gloom and doom attitude had nothing to do with Kevin. She did admit that it's a little upsetting going to the prom with "a hot guy" who doesn't feel any romantic feelings for her. What Kelsey longed for was someone to love. Kevin nodded, understanding exactly what she meant. He said that one day they'll both find someone special.
Scott told Laura that he told Stuart about their post-prom plans. While Stuart didn't encourage them to jump in bed together, he was supportive of their decision and urged them to be responsible. Laura confessed that she had not talked to Brooke yet. She said that Brooke had been immersed in chaos ever since Christina's return and worried that her news might push Brooke over the edge. But she realized that it was important for her to talk to her mother about her sexual activities. And both Scott and Laura stated that they had taken precautions by purchasing protection.

Amanda scolded Trevor for yelling at Janet. She said that Janet was concerned for Trevor's safety in Central America and that Trevor was wrong for yelling at Janet. Speak of the devil and devil shows up for dinner with a bottle of temptation. Janet phoned Amanda to tell her that she scored two tickets to Annie. The tickets were Amanda's and she could take whomever she wanted to the play. It should've come as no big surprise that Amanda asked Janet to go with her. Amanda looked out of the corner of her eyes and saw Trevor listening intently to the conversation. She told Janet that she'd need to call her back. Amanda told Trevor about the tickets and said that he could join her and Janet at the play if he buys himself a ticket. Tim took Amanda and Jamie to the mall for some ice cream. After they left, Trevor called Janet and reminded her that she cannot take Amanda on social engagements without make arrangements with him first. Janet apologized and said that she didn't order Amanda to go with her. If it'll smooth things over, Trevor can go in her place.
Amanda stopped by a flower stand at the mall and purchased flowers for Janet. She had a card reading "I'm Sorry" attached to the flowers. She didn't want to drop them off at Enchantment so the man at the flower stand offered the deliver them free of charge. Later Amanda told Jamie that Janet would think that the flowers were from Trevor and that everything between the two adults would be smoothed.
Janet sat at her desk and had mental flashbacks of her encounter with Trevor upon his return from El Salvador. As she daydreamed, the flower delivery arrived. Janet read the card---that just had "I'm Sorry"---and, as Amanda had hoped, realized that they were sent by Trevor. At the moment, Trevor arrived at her office with his teeth showing like an agry dog. Janet rose to her feet and offered Trevor an apology.

Gloria told Ruth that Dimitri has a tendency to push himself on people. As they talked about him, Dimitri entered the staff lounge. Gloria accused him of spying on her, but Dimitri claimed his presence was strictly business---there was a hospital board meeting. A nurse burst into the room and said that both Ruth and Gloria were needed in the emergency room. Bianca was en route to the hospital after suffering head trauma from a horse accident.
Erica arrived before the ambulance (apparently Bianca's accident occurred in a remote area of Wildwind and it would take extra time to transport her to the hospital). The only neurologist within a page's range turned out to be Maria. Reluctantly, Erica agreed to let Maria treat her daughter. But when Maria arrived at the hospital, she wasn't so sure that she should work on the case. She explained that her cold relationship with Erica would leave her subject to law suits by Miss Kane. Maria did agree to help out, though.
Erica lashed out at Dimitri for allowing her daughter to be injured. He said that he had no idea that Bianca had gone riding and assured his former wife that he never would have allowed Bianca to go riding without supervision. Dimitri then pulled Gloria aside and told her that he wants Bianca to have round the clock supervision and will double any nurse's salary who wants to volunteer their help.
An MRI showed nothing "catastrophic" and Maria upgraded Bianca's condition from critical to serious. Joe made arrangements for Erica to spend the night with Bianca at the hospital and while everyone stood outside Bianca's room, Dimitri slipped inside to check on Bianca's condition with his own eyes.
Erica went to Maria and thanked them for putting aside their differences with her long enough to treat Bianca. Maria asked Erica why she suddenly trusted her abilities. After all, when Sonya needed medical attention after her brush with Dimitri's speedy car, Erica wanted nothing to do with her.

Tuesday, June 10, 1997

Christina returned the painting she had taken from the gallery. Pierce persuaded Stuart to let Christina keep the painting. To be truthful, it look no persuasion at all. Stuart told Pierce that he could do whatever he wanted with the painting because it was his painting.

Erica said that she allowed Maria to treat her daughter because she was the most qualified doctor within a reasonable distance. Her defense mechanisms sprung into action and she asked Maria if she wants her to get down on her knees and thank her for a job well done. Maria and Edmund walked off without acknowledging the comment and Jack pulled Erica aside to ask her why she changed her mind about Maria. Erica stated that she had not forgiven Maria for what she'd done with Dimitri, she had just gotten less angry. Then why, Jack asked, could Erica not lessen her hostilities toward Dimitri?

Bianca came around long enough to have a brief chat with Dimitri. She told him that she had a terrible headache. To lighten the mood, Dimitri said that a tumble off a horse will give you a headache, musing that the "ground comes up fast." Bianca asked her on-again-off-again stepfather if the newspaper articles about him were true. Dimitri confessed his infidelity to the young girl and said that he was very sorry about what he had done. Bianca urged Dimitri to act on his feelings for her mother and try to get their marriage back on track. Dimitri shook his head and lowered his head. He'd like to, he explained, but Erica wants nothing to do with him. Bianca remained insistent and Dimitri not only agreed to do his best to talk to Erica, but also agreed to help Bianca return to horseback riding as soon as possible. Erica entered the room, heard Dimitri's promise, and hit the ceiling. She accused Dimitri of trying to kill Bianca and swore that her daughter would never return to riding.

Janet told Trevor that sending her flowers was a nice display. Trevor, who had no idea where the flowers came from, didn't correct Janet. Instead he let her believe that he sent the flowers and at one point told her that sending the flowers was not a big deal. Janet asked Trevor if he could go to the play with her and Amanda, but when Trevor heard the date he realized that the play coincided with the Couple of the Year banquet. Janet slapped her forehead and said that she too was going to the banquet. When Trevor learned that Janet would be arriving on Jack's arm, he pitched a fit. He suggested that Jack might have sent the flowers because he sure didn't! In a tirade that looked motivated by jealousy, Trevor stormed out of the office. Mateo called a few seconds later and asked Janet if she could do him a huge favor.

Laura stopped by Trevor's house to pick up Jamie. While Tim went to track down Jamie, Amanda asked Laura if they could speak off the record. She told Laura that she sent flowers to Janet hoping that the flowers would somehow make her mommy and daddy get along better. "Not all parents get along," Laura spouted. But Amanda wanted Janet and Trevor to be just like her friend Carrie's parents---in love and living in the same house. Laura said that Amanda's mom and dad might not live in the same house, but they'll both play a part in her life. Jamie ran downstairs and showed Laura a family portrait he had drawn. Laura smiled approvingly at the picture and Jamie said that he couldn't wait to show it to his mother.
Amanda got a phone call from Janet asking if they could change the day they were to see the play. She also asked if Trevor could go with them. Amanda yelped out an enthusiastic sound of approval, hung up the phone, and began celebrating how her "flower power" worked magic on Janet and Trevor.

Hayley and Mateo returned to work at Holidays and were greeted by many of their friends. Kevin told the couple that Janet had basically ran the place while they were gone. She'd kept up the books and made sure that everything ran smoothly. Brooke was the first to congratulate the newlyweds, but Brooke's news from the romance department wasn't as happy. She told Hayley that she and Pierce had put their wedding plans on hold until after he resolved the disappearance of his daughter. Hayley urged Brooke to hold on to her love for Pierce.
Stuart was the next to arrive. He was concerned that Hayley had returned to work so soon, but was still very happy to see his niece. Mateo returned to the scene and told Hayley that they were ready for their honeymoon. He forced Hayley to guess where they were going, but it took her all of a minute to guess that they were going to Jamaica.

At the cabin, Pierce and Christina exchanged memories of how they met and fell in love. They both agreed that the birth of their daughter was the happiest moment in the lives. Christina urged Pierce to return to Brooke, saying that he belonged with her.
Back at home, Brooke stared longingly at the telephone, forcing herself not to race to the phone and call the man that she loves. She cast her thoughts on Pierce's proposal as tears welled in her eyes. Pierce finally returned home, but it was anything but a joyful homecoming.

Trevor showed up at Holidays and filled Hayley in on what she'd missed while she was in the hospital. Hayley took particular interest in her uncle's change of attitude towards Janet. She probed for information on how Trevor felt about her---especially when Trevor mentioned that Janet and Jack were dating. Trevor had no comment, saying that he's happy as long as Janet is out of his hair.
Mateo and Hayley were covered in rice as they left the bar for their honeymoon. Trevor assumed responsibility of the bar and instructed the clean-up crew. A few moments later, Janet showed up. She said that she hurried to get there before the newlyweds left, but she'd just missed them. Why was she there? Mateo had asked her to assume management of Holidays while he and Hayley were away.

Maria and Edmund toyed with the idea that Erica's hot and cold attitude could be a result of her returning to drugs. Jack overheard their discussion and scolded them for their insinuations. Maria wondered if Erica was high on drugs when she drove her car into Willow Lake. Jack stood up for Erica and swore that Erica was not on drugs. Erica joined the fray and cleared her name. Both Maria and Edmund apologized. Erica and Jack took a seat in the waiting area and Erica had a stunning announcement. Jack told her that she looks very down and told her that she could confide in him. Erica said that nearly losing Bianca in addition to Sonya was too much for her to bear. She is going to lose Sonya, she confessed. And when she does, she sniffled, there will be a heap of trouble for her.

Wednesday, June 11, 1997

Things in Pine Valley were quite somber today as many residents realized that their fantasies of the perfect life are fading away.

Ruth asked Gloria why she was hanging around the hospital after her shift had ended. Gloria informed Ruth that she and Tad had had a really bad argument and that she wasn't quite sure where she should go. Ruth recalled the first doozie of a fight that she had with Joe. She said that tiff occurred on their first wedding anniversary. Ruth purchased Joe a garden hose, a gift that Joe said he'd never be able to use because he was on-call twenty four hours a day. Joe, Ruth explained, was the perfect gift giver who sometimes spent hours looking for just the right greeting card. The couple went on four nearly two days giving each other the cold shoulder. But the patched up over a hot fudge sundae. And to be sure that Gloria got the hint, she was told that Tad's favorite flavor of ice cream was mint chocolate chip. Gloria nodded her head, but need Ruth to shoosh her out of the room before Gloria finally figured out why Ruth was telling her about the ice cream.

Rudy told Tad that a model who didn't appear on the show was preparing to sue the station. Tad said that the woman had to have appeared on the show because he had the "rough copy" of the show on video. Rudy motioned for Tad to pop the tape in the VCR. When he did, he saw that the model had not appeared on the show, but Gloria had. Rudy dashed off to find the new station owner and Tad began calling his friends and family to see if he could find Gloria. Dimitri entered the room and overheard one of Tad's calls, prompting him to make the comment that Tad should consider buying a homing device for Gloria. Tad tried to use work as an excuse to leave, but Dimitri knew that Tad was only interested in locating his fiancee. Dimitri warned Tad that Gloria needs some fun and excitement in her life, not a iron fisted tyrant. He commented that Gloria would have stayed married to Adam if she wanted that kind of life. As Tad was asking Dimitri what his intention were towards Gloria, Gloria entered the office. Dimitri sneered as he informed Gloria that Tad had a problem with her appearance on The Cutting Edge. It's not so much of a problem, Tad explained, as it is a concern. Why, he asked, would anyone try to improve on perfection? Dimitri left the office and Tad and Gloria were left to patch things over. As the two laid together amorously in the office, Dimitri peered through the office window. One couldn't help but notice the obvious disappointment on his face before he turned and walked away.

Jack pulled Erica out onto the patio to talk with her in private. He was concerned that Esther might be reneging on the adoption contract. Erica told Jack that Esther was sticking by the agreement, but that she did not have the right to stand between Sonya and her real mother. Jack wanted Erica to confide in him, but Erica continually stated that she was doing what was best for everyone. She came to the realization that she was not doing what was best for Sonya, she was using Sonya to do what was best for her own self. Maria, who dropped by the hospital to check on Bianca one last time before taking her sabbatical, walked onto the patio and asked Erica if everything was okay. No, Erica responded, "things haven't been right for a long time." Maria put Erica's mind to rest about Bianca's condition as she gave the girl an optimistic diagnosis; Bianca was expected to make a full recovery. Erica asked Maria to let her know when Sam is feeling better so that they can make arrangements for Sam and Sonya to have a play date. Maria and Jack nearly tipped over from shock. Maria stumbled for a way to reply. Finally she found the words to let Erica know that she'd keep her abreast of Sam's condition. After Maria left, Jack asked Erica to explain why one minute she's planning on returning Sonya to her mother and the next she's arranging play dates. Erica said that it was the only way she could possibly be allowed to see the baby. Jack mistook Erica's statement an assumed Erica was referring to Sam when she said "the baby." Erica wasn't about to correct him. Erica said that a visit with Sam would help "fill the void" left when Sonya was gone. Rather than answer any more questions, Erica asked Jack to take her home so she could hold her daughter.

Brooke wasn't as relieved to see Pierce as you might think. She asked him why he left her side, knowing that he is all Christina has left to hang on to in the world. When Pierce thought Christina was dead, Brooke said, he nearly died too. Now that Christina is alive, Pierce owes it to his former lover to find their daughter---together. Pierce told Brooke that he doesn't want to lose her. He wouldn't lose her because she'd be waiting for him; if he returns to her arms, then their love was meant to be. The two embraced as Jamie and Laura returned home. Laura instantly knew something was amiss, but Jamie had no idea. Jamie presented Pierce with the family portrait he had created while at Amanda's house. Pierce told the two children that he was going to go away for a while in an attempt to locate his missing daughter. Jamie told Pierce that he should take the picture along with him so he'll always be able to "see" his family. Laura gave Pierce a big hug before taking Jamie upstairs to wash up for bed. Pierce and Brooke had one final dance together as Laura watched from the top of the stairs. Their waltz passed them by the front door. Pierce was about to leave when he realized that he left Jamie's picture behind. He picked up the picture, held it close to his heart, and bid Brooke a final farewell. Tears crawled down Laura's face as Brooke shut the door behind Pierce. Brooke turned and leaned against the door. Her hands slowly slid over her face to hide the tears streaming from her eyes.

Thursday, June 12, 1997

Trouble brewed for the senior prom. Now that Kevin was taking Kelsey as his date to the prom, Bobby wanted Kevin exiled from their table at the prom. It's not that Bobby doesn't like Kevin, he hates Kelsey. So Bobby pulled Laura aside and asked that she make a change in the seating arrangements. Unbeknownst to Bobby and Laura, Kelsey overheard the supposedly private conversation. The secret chat upset Kelsey enough to make her want to skip the prom. Kevin tried to tempt his prom date into hamburgers and french fries from the cafeteria, but she was too bummed to tag along. She, after some coaxing, told Kevin about Bobby's comments, but asked that he not say anything about it to Bobby. Kevin thought it was best to do otherwise and confronted Bobby. Bobby claimed he was trying to make the best of an awkward situation. No one bought it. Anita and Laura said the idea was ludicrous and Kelsey and Kevin were re-invited to the table. Kelsey was awed by Kevin's actions. It seems no one has ever stood up for her before. You'd think it would have made her feel better, but it didn't. Laura has Scott and Bobby has Anita. She has no one special in her life and it's beginning to send her into a deep depression.

Liza snooped around Dimitri's office for anything that she could use to take the station from him. As she snooped, Dimitri returned and caught her in the act. Surprisingly, Liza didn't make an excuse for what she was doing: She told Dimitri that she was snooping through his private folders. There was a bit of catch, though. She said that she needed the budget report and went looking for it on her own. Dimitri said that the "open doors" policy that had been instituted under Adam's ownership no longer applies and said that he'd appreciate Liza remembering that in the future.

Adam called Barry to Chandler Mansion and set the wheels of divorce in motion. Barry was somewhat confused by Adam's on and off marriage with Liza. Adam explained that Liza is consorting with the man who stole his television station, a move that he will not tolerate. Since he didn't want the news of the divorce to leak out before the Couple of the Year banquet, Adam requested that the filing be delayed slightly. That way the negative publicity would not effect contributions to the AIDS hospice. Skye entered the house as Adam was stating that he wanted a divorce. She applauded her father for what she saw as his finally coming to his sense. By now Barry had already left for home, allowing Adam to skewer his daughter in the privacy of his own home. He blasted Skye for her "vulgar display" of affection with Jake. Skye defended Jake and said that she has been "seeing him" for a short time. Adam advised her to dump Jake because he wasn't a reputable man. What kind of man, he asked, goes after a married woman? Skye took offense to her daddy's instruction and walked out without as much as a goodbye. She did, however, remind her father that he's married to a golddigger and has no room to lecture.

At Liza's request, Belinda dropped by WRCW. Liza told Belinda that she is trying to find a loophole that will nullify Dimitri's acquisition of the station. Belinda called the idea a "tall order," but hinted that there might be some way to remove Dimitri as the owner. If Liza were to follow through with her plan to snap up ownership, she'd need a hefty sum of cash. Liza smiled as she replied that being Mrs. Adam Chandler should allow her access to cash. Belinda suggested that Liza find another attorney because she was no longer dealing with her legal specialty. Liza told Belinda that she trusts her and thinks she can do a better job than anyone else. After being dumped by Dimitri for a high profile attorney, the praise brought a broad a smile to Belinda's face.

At the Valley Inn, Phoebe and Adam worked on plans for the banquet. As they talked, Liza and Dimitri walked in. Adam quashed his anger so that Phoebe wouldn't detect that there were problems in his marriage. Through clenched teeth, Adam vowed to make the banquet an event that Liza would never forget. Seeing that Liza was looking his way, Adam lifted his glass to her.

The problems at Holidays resolved themselves; Janet and Trevor co-managed the restaurant together. You see, Hayley asked Trevor to look after the place without knowing that Mateo had already asked Janet to fill in for them. The two then jockeyed for position when Jake entered. Trevor wanted Jake to sample the omelets he had made and Janet wanted Jake to try her muffins. Jake opted for a bowl of "bird seed" (corn flakes in Trevor lingo) so that neither Janet nor Trevor would be offended.
Jack arrived and was promptly escorted to a table. He told Janet that has been working on a charter program at the prison that would help inmates get involved in special activities that would aid in their rehabilitation. He then asked Janet if she'd like to be a part of the program. Janet accepted the offer, one she considered as a honor to her reformed life. Now, she had to determine if Jack had sent her flowers. He said he hadn't, but wished he had. Janet left the table and Trevor quickly filled her seat. He told Jack that he doesn't think its a good idea to have Janet work with inmates. Likewise he isn't too keen on Jack taking Janet to the banquet.
Across the room, Skye joined Jake at his table. She told him that things were finally going well for her and proceeded to invite him to the Couple of the Year banquet. Not a good move. Jake determined that the invite was a way for Skye to make Liza and Adam furious. He told her to buzz off and walked out on her. Skye lowered her head in frustration. She didn't think about Liza's presence---she just wanted to take Jake out on a date! Janet stopped by the table and asked Skye why she looked so glum. Janet told Skye that asking Jake to the banquet wasn't such a good idea, but understood what she was trying to do. Janet filled Skye in on the three men in her life---even though Janet claimed she was dating only one guy. Skye smiled coyly when she learned that Janet was going out with Jack. As for Trevor, Janet said that she and Trevor had had another tiff over raising Amanda. Skye noted a tone of regret in Janet's voice and asked her if she is disappointed that she and Trevor are not close. Janet shook her head and insisted that there was nothing going on between her and Trevor.

Liza returned to WRCW where she got some good news from Belinda. As Adam's wife, banks were very willing to loan Liza sizable amounts of money. Liza asked Belinda to keep their meetings a secret from everyone---including Marian and Adam. Belinda looked over some documents in her folder and came across something that could thwart Dimitri's coup. Liza leaned over her attorney's shoulder and began cackling.

Adam summoned Erica to the Valley Inn and asked Erica if she'd be attending the Couple of the Year banquet. Erica was disturbed that Adam had taken her away from her daughters only to ask if she'd be there applauding his marriage. Adam stopped Erica from getting up and leaving him. He said that he wants Erica's help. The banquet, he explained, provides the perfect venue for Adam to enact revenge on Liza and for Erica to get even with Dimitri.

Friday the 13th June 13, 1997
by Dan Kroll

Burying yourself in your work is a great way to run away from your troubles. Brooke decided that running herself rampant with work at Tempo might help her forget about missing Pierce. It was going to be easy. Tad dropped by to check on Brooke and see if she was okay. Brooke said that she's doing okay, but said that Jamie's an entirely different story. The young boy is feeling deserted since Pierce left and needs his father to step in and make him feel special. Tad turned his attention to Brooke and said that looks like she needs a break. But Brooke said that she can't take a break or she'll suffer the pains of losing the man she loves.

Dimitri asked Gloria if he could visit with Bianca. Gloria shook her head. Erica had left strict rules with the hospital not to allow Dimitri anywhere near her daughter. Of course rules aren't a deterrent to Dimitri and he asked Gloria to reconsider. If she went against Erica's wishes, she risks a stern reprimand and the hospital could face legal action. Dimitri stated his love for Bianca, saying he feels like she's his own daughter. Gloria shrugged her shoulders and said she'd see what she can do.
A few minutes later, Gloria wheeled Bianca onto the patio and allowed her to "bump into" Dimitri. Bianca was thrilled to see Dimitri. Dimitri's feelings were mutual. Dimitri read Bianca a few chapters from a book before Gloria returned and told Bianca that she has to be examined by the doctors. To ease Bianca's complaints, Gloria said that the doctors are close to letting her go back home. Dimitri told Gloria that he always wanted a little girl, someone he could spoil rotten and dress is ribbons and bows. Gloria confessed that she still thinks about Anna Claire, the daughter she lost. One day, she said with a strained smile, she'll have a chance to start a family

Edmund dropped by Brooke's office to discuss Christina's manuscript. Brooke demanded that the stories be published because Christina's story needs exposure. Every attempt to wear a constant smile had succeed... until now. Brooke's emotions got the best of her and she broke down in tears as she threw her notebook across the room. She felt that she pushed Pierce away, knowing that if she has asked him to stay in Pine Valley he would have stayed. But she also knew that Pierce would never have been able to look at himself the same way when he thought of how he turned his back on finding his daughter. "Noble sacrifice gets very old," Brooke sobbed. " I hate being alone." Brooke wiped the tears from her eyes and she shot herself down for putting her needs ahead of Pierce's daughter's needs. All the time Edmund sat by her side, offering a sympathetic ear.

Adam told Erica that he plans on buying another station---or building one if need be---to drive WRCW out of business. Part of his plan teeters on being able to raid WRCW's talent. That's where Erica comes in. Adam proposed a new show for Erica, a show that would let her do and say whatever she wants. The idea sounded great, but Erica didn't want to be the only big name program on a "loser station." Tad's presence provided fodder for Adam's plan. He told Tad of his plan and offered him a show, too. Again, he gave Tad creative control, but warned that Tad and Erica's shows cannot be similar. Adam was ready to do whatever was needed to woo Erica, including building a nursery for Sonya. The mention of Sonya sent Erica into waves of regret and she excuse herself from the table. Adam and Tad both shrugged their shoulders as neither one knew why Erica had dashed off. Adam managed to win Tad over to his side with talk of running Dimitri back to Budapest. On his way out, Tad ran into Brooke. Brooke laid into her former husband for not being with Jamie. She advised Tad to make Jamie his first priority. As Brooke waltzed over to Adam's table, Adam asked Brooke is "Loverboy [is] out of town?" The comment drew fire from Brooke as she told him to "go to hell." Adam quickly apologized for his comment, saying that he no longer harbors any hard feelings towards Pierce. He added that he knows how hard it can be to lose someone you care deeply about.

Jack weaseled his way to into Linden hoping to get the real deal from Esther. But Esther wasn't talking. She kept referring Jack to Erica for the answers to his questions. Jack claimed that he knew the whole story and how Erica was giving Sonya back to her mother. Esther looked like she was going to part with valuable information, but her mouth clamped shut before Jack could lead her into a confession. Fortunately for Esther, the cavalry returned home and saved her from the district attorney's questions. Erica blasted Jack for pestering Esther. As the situation usually goes, Esther scampered for safety elsewhere in the house. Jack received criticism for pursuing his questions. Erica said that she was on the verge of having her heart ripped out and doesn't need Jack to make the situation even more painful. Jack instinctively knew that Erica was holding something back. He ordered her to tell him the truth or risk his walking out on her. Erica kept silent and Jack kept his word. As Erica's mouth quivered, Jack turned and walked away.

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