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Kevin told Kelsey that they could no longer pretend to be in a relationship with each other. Erica learned that Bianca's age prevented her from being allowed to visit Erica. Brooke was arrested. Adam tried to win Liza back.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 15, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, September 15, 1997

Liza paid a surprise visit to Holidays, hardly her usual stomping grounds. Both Belinda and Hayley were pleased to welcome Hayley to the local hang-out. Liza asked if Hayley had heard anything from Adam, but Hayley could only shrug. She knew that her father was still in West Virginia visiting Dixie and AJ, but that was the extent of her news. Liza was definitely unhappy that Adam had not contacted her. Belinda told Liza that things could be worse. She could be waiting at a restaurant for a blind date. But one word about the blind date, Belinda laughed, and she'll switch to Adam's side in the divorce proceedings. Liza tried to make Belinda think positively about her situation. Belinda saw no light at the end of the tunnel. She jokingly cursed her Aunt Grace for arranging the blind date and rattled off an entire list of things that could go wrong during the blind date. Belinda's main gripe was that she fears her mystery man will be unappealing and boring. Liza urged Belinda to look on the bright side of things---she's not married to Adam. Believe it or not, Belinda actually thought of Adam and Liza's marriage as a good thing. She stated that she would take their explosive passion any day.

Hayley and Mateo discussed their latest findings on TransGlobal. Both agreed that sabotage was no longer a viable option. Now their investigation focused on the airline itself. Jake arrived at Holidays and told Matt that he had bumped into a TransGlobal worker at the hospital. Mateo darted out of the restaurant faster than an Olympic sprinter. He hoped that he could reach the hospital before the worker left.

At the prison, Erica's world collapsed at the news that Travis does not want Erica to see Bianca until the girl's eighteenth birthday. Jack handed Erica a letter from Travis, a letter that was supposed to explain Travis' position. In the letter, Travis claimed that he has been "far too lenient" with Erica's visitation privileges. He said that he and Barbara have tried to shield Bianca from the wacky world that is Erica Kane. But every attempt they make is destroyed by Erica who thrusts the child into the spotlight. Travis called Erica "unfit" to be a parent to their daughter and his decision to block all visitations until Bianca is eighteen is final. Jack explained that he tried to talk to Travis about his decision, but Travis wouldn't hear him out. Jack feared that he might lose contact with Bianca if he pushes the matter. Erica concocted a plan to use Bianca to win over Travis. She suggested that Jack call the hotel room and ask to speak to Bianca. Then, they could switch the phone and allow Erica to speak to her daughter. Jack didn't like the idea. He said that he feels Bianca should be left out of the dispute. Erica took Jack's comment as a statement of his agreement with Travis. Jack swore that he is on Erica's side, but that did him no good. Erica dug into the past and blamed Jack for losing custody of Bianca in the first place. Jack did, however, have one more dose of bad news. He said that the law is on Travis' side. Since Travis was granted sole custody of Bianca, he can bar all visits if he chooses to. Erica ordered Jack to leave. He did not want to leave Erica, but he did as she wished. Erica dashed to the phone and placed a call to Barbara. Barbara was furious with Erica for calling. She reminded Erica that Travis' letter asked Erica not to make any contact with Bianca. So what did she do? She disregarded the letter. Barbara fended off Erica's claims that she did not love Bianca because Bianca is not her biological daughter. Barbara professed her love for the girl. She loves her some much, in fact, that she feels Erica needs to be cut out of the child's life all together. Before hanging up, Barbara told Erica to cherish the twelve years she spent with Bianca. Maria, she snapped, had only a few months.

Janet told Trevor that she did not call him when she returned from Colorado because she was "afraid"---afraid of her growing emotions for Trevor. Trevor admitted that he, too, has been grappling with his feelings for Janet. He's spent more than one sleepless night thinking about Janet. The conversation took a surprising turn. Where it seemed that emotion would sweep over the conversation, anger suddenly reared its ugly head. Trevor accused Janet of casting some sort of spell on him to make him fall for her. He reminded her of her past transgressions: tossing Natalie down a well, killing Will Cortlandt, kidnapping, stalking, and the list goes on. Now Trevor was left to wonder what she had in store for him. The personal attacks set off Janet's defense mechanisms. She reminded him that he was not a perfect little angel either. He kept her locked up in a meat locker! If anyone, Janet yelled, is a little off kilter, it's him! She wondered aloud how Natalie dealt with his pompous attitude and blasted his collection of tacky ties. The two yelled back and forth until Tim returned home and broke them apart. Janet remembered that she was supposed to meet Amanda at Holidays and ran off. Tim was surprised that Trevor allowed Janet and Amanda to visit---especially since Janet had not cleared the visit with Trevor. Tim worried that Janet might not "be as cool" as they think. He added that he doesn't think they should have to hang around Janet just for Amanda's sake. Tim looked to his dad for a concurrence of opinion, but Trevor drifted somewhere in another plane of existence.

At the hospital, Allie treated the TransGlobal worker for a laceration to his right arm. Mateo suddenly burst into the room and began asking the worker a series of questions. The man was about to hit the road, but Allie stepped in and convinced him that Mateo was an okay kinda guy. The patient wasn't all that willing to talk to Mateo, but he did cough up some important information. He told Mateo that he was injured during a routine engine repair. Suddenly a blade flew off of the plane and slashed into his flesh. A few more inches... and he would have been killed. The worker denied Matt's implication that TransGlobal's woes are being caused by financial problems. His wound now stitched up, the worker decided that he wasn't going to answer any more questions. Mateo had one final request. He asked the man not to tell anyone that he had been asking questions. The worker nodded. Allie asked Matt why he was asking so many questions. Mateo confessed that he and Hayley are looking into the plane crash and hoping to come up with some answers. Off the record, Allie told Matt that several other TransGlobal workers had been treated for various injuries in the past few days. That was all that she could say. She'd already broken hospital policy by telling Mateo that much. After Allie left, Mateo tried to tap into the hospital computer system, but he was unable to come up with the correct password. Jake returned to the hospital and told Allie that he had pictures of his girl. Allie frowned unappreciatively as she assumed that her colleague was flaunting a relationship. When she saw that Jake's woman was actually a boat, she felt like a fool. She asked if Jake would mind introducing her to his girl sometime soon.

The TransGlobal worked tracked Matt down and told him that he did some thinking. He said that he thought about how Matt must feel about losing his sister. He told him that he cannot talk to him because he might lost his job. With a wife and kid he couldn't take any chances. But he said that he would pass the word around to his fellow co-workers and maybe one of them will have some info for Mateo's investigation.

Erica received another visitor—a surprise visitor. Barbara took it upon herself to pay Erica an in-person visit to cement Travis' decision to block visits with Bianca. Barbara told Erica that she is a bad influence on Bianca. She said that Bianca is lying more than ever before and doing things that she's been forbidden to do. The reason? Barbara chalked it up to Bianca's wanting to be like her mother. How long, Barbara asked, before Erica turns her imprisonment into a publicity stunt?

Back at Holidays, Belinda's date arrived and Liza excused herself to allow them some privacy. The date didn't start off on the right foot. Belinda's gentleman friend had undergone root canal surgery and could do nothing but talk about his surgery. Needless to say, talking of pus and infection didn't exactly make Belinda want to get up and dance. She rose to her feet and headed to the bar. She begged Liza to call her pager so that she'd have an excuse to get out of the date. Liza obliged and within a few moments Belinda told her date that she'd have to return to the office. He asked for Belinda's number, but she told him that she was working on a big case and probably wouldn't have any free time for months. Her date took the hint and thanked her for her time.

Janet arrived and filled Belinda in on her feud with Trevor. Amanda ran over to the table and told Janet that Trevor was angry when he learned that Janet had returned to town without calling him. She giggled as she talked about the throbbing vein on her daddy's forehead. Belinda headed back to the office just as Jack returned from his visit to jail. He told Janet that his visit was a flop. He also told her about Travis' decision to block visitation from Erica.
Out of breath, Mateo returned from the hospital and told Hayley that he had learned a lot of information. Hayley had also dug up some information. She learned that TransGlobal had been recently sold. But that's about all she could find out. The company that had bought the airline was a bogus front for some larger corporation. Because of that, she has been unable to link the fake company to the real owner. Liza overheard the discussion and stuck her nose into the conversation. Liza promised that she would not investigate the crash or report anything out of respect for the victims. But she did ask Hayley to give her exclusive rights to the story after they find out the truth. In the meantime, she'll offer her help if they need it. Hayley agreed. The tow talked about Liza's ultrasound for a short time before being interrupted by a phone call. On the other end, Adam was calling to check-in with his daughter. Hayley tried to get her dad to speak to Liza, but he refused. Then a phone call came through on Liza's cell phone. She took a look of urgency on her face and ran out the front door.

The prison guard told she'd have to return to her cell. Erica begged the guard to let her stick around for a few more minutes. She said she was expecting another visitor. Liza entered the room and the guard allowed Erica few minutes with her visitor. Erica offered Liza the interview of a lifetime—a chance to interview her live from prison. She would answer all of Liza's questions and give her boffo ratings. Liza was intrigued by the idea, but knew that Erica had to want something in return. Erica admitted she had motives of her own. She wants to use the interview to get back her daughter.

Tuesday, September 16, 1997

Joe paid an impromptu visit to Pine Valley Hospital to ask Ruth out to dinner. He did, however, have ulterior motives: He did not want to have Ruth's leftover chicken-broccoli-bulgar casserole for dinner. Ruth agreed to join her husband for a night out, but first she had to clear her schedule. On her way to her locker, Ruth bumped into Jake and asked if he'd like to join his parents for dinner. Joe, meanwhile, was unknowingly making the party a foursome. Allie was looking for Ruth, but she found Joe instead. She was surprised to see Joe roaming the hospital corridors and asked her will-be boss if he had returned to work. Joe shook his head and mused that Dr. Craig has not granted him the privilege of getting back to work. Allie accepted Joe's offer to dine with him and Ruth, but she asked Joe to make sure it was okay with Ruth. When Ruth returned, she was quite pleased that Allie was going to dine with them. Now, Ruth smiled, the party would be boy-girl boy-girl. Jake was also pleased and smiled broadly when he learned that Allie would be at the dinner table.

Erica told Liza about Travis' plan to prevent her from visiting with Bianca. Liza showed a wave of initial concern, asking if Travis had the legal right to block visitation. Sadly, Erica nodded her head. Erica hoped that the interview would allow her to make a public appeal to Travis to re-open the lines of communication. The somber mood was shattered by a maniacal laugh from Liza. She found a surreal irony in Erica's situation. Erica, a woman who stole a baby from its mother, was now crying foul because someone was taking her daughter away from her. Liza rose to her feet and told Erica that she would pass on her offer for an interview. Erica reached out and grabbed Liza's arm. She begged Liza to reconsider. She used Liza's pregnancy as leverage in her argument. She asked Liza to envision her unborn child being taken away from her. Fortunately, Erica smiled, Tad would never do that to Liza. Being in prison kept Erica out of the Pine Valley loop as she was still under the impression that Tad was the father of Liza's child. Erica rattled on and on about how fortunate Liza had been to conceive a child with Tad rather than Adam. By Liza's silence, Erica knew that something was amiss. Erica stared at Liza's face for several minutes, neither woman uttering a word. Then Erica realized that Adam is, in fact, the father of Liza's child. "You poor thing," Erica commented. Liza took to defending her child. She told Erica that Adam is not only not interested in her child, he wants nothing to do with the baby---or her for that matter. Erica puckered her lips and flashed Liza a strange expression. Erica corrected Liza: Adam loves her. Liza didn't believe Erica's claim about Adam's feelings. Erica insisted that she knows Adam better than anyone and can attest to Adam's devotion for Liza. Liza told Erica that she'd contact the prison officials and see if an interview could be set up. Before leaving, Liza reminded Erica that it was Erica who sought her out... not the other way around.

Dimitri placed urgent phone calls to several different people hoping to get a lead on his disappearing wife. No one had seen even a glimpse of the new Mrs. Marick. Gillian returned from wherever it was she had been and received a scolding from her cousin. Dimitri somehow knew that Gillian had been gallivanting with Tad. He reminded her that Tad was off limits. Gillian refused to bow to her cousin's orders, informing him that orders are for dogs and horses. Gillian excused herself and prepared to go to Holidays and chat with some of her fellow PVU classmates. Dimitri chuckled and guessed that the emphasis was on "fellow." He told her to go on her way and told her to have a good time. Gillian was about to leave when she turned around and told Dimitri not to worry about Gloria. She said that Gloria has a "good thing" with Dimitri and that she'd be a fool to throw it away.

After Gillian left, Dimitri was back on the phone. This time he was trying to reach Lila Stevenson, his attorney. Lila was nowhere to be found and Dimitri was not pleased. Then came a knock at his door. Katherine Mulray, Lila's partner, told Dimitri that she had dropped by to discuss his case. Dimitri scratched his brow and told Katherine that he wanted to speak to Lila. The practice, he pointed out, was Stevenson and Mulray---not Mulray and Stevenson. Katherine was quick with the comeback, telling Dimitri that Lila had won the coin toss and thereby got top billing. The lawyer spouted off about her recent cases, one of which was a high-profile custody battle. This appeased Dimitri and he agreed to deal with Katherine. Katherine told Dimitri that his desire to keep his hands clean might not be as easy as he thinks. Since Maria, Maddie's mother, had died only a short time ago, Dimitri might be seen as an opportunistic vulture in the eyes of the public. In order to get the custody battle over quickly, Dimitri will have to prove that Edmund is an unfit father. Dimitri did not want to go that route, but Katherine told him that it was the only way. Once this is done, Dimitri will be reunited with his daughter.

Liza returned to Chandler Mansion. When she walked through the door, she found suitcases in the foyer. Liza asked Winifred if she was going on vacation. The housekeeper giggled and assured Liza that she was not going anywhere. The suitcases belonged to Adam---he just returned to town.

Mateo called Holidays and left a message for Kevin. Matt and Hayley were still enjoying some time off from running the restaurant. Phoebe and Jim shared a table at the restaurant. This was Phoebe's way of getting to know Jim better and to thank him for rescuing Brooke from the plane crash. Jim brushed off compliments, but Phoebe insisted that Jim is a real life hero. Jim told Phoebe that he has gotten used to small town living in Pine Valley. If money was no object, he said that he'd like to do a pictorial of a year in Pine Valley. Perhaps, he thought, he could put the photos into a book. Phoebe took him by the hand and told Jim that he needs to think more positively. She told him that she sits on the board of an organization that hands out money to local artists. If Jim wants to do the book, all he has to do is submit an application and the money is his. Jim was flattered by the offer and happily accepted. Phoebe rejoiced that Jim was going to spend at least another twelve months in town. She was so excited that she could not wait to tell Laura the good news that Jim was going to hang around. Laura, of course, didn't share Phoebe's exuberance. Phoebe phoned Brooke to check up on her travel plans. She was shocked to learn that Brooke was going to be returning in the morning—by plane! Phoebe told Jim of Brooke's plans. Jim agreed that Brooke was not acting rationally. He decided to rent a car and travel to Washington so that he could make the return trip with Brooke.

It was just one of those days for Laura. Not only had one of her worst nightmares decided to stay in town, but the love of her life was seen with another woman. Kelsey and Scott entered the restaurant and talked about their first day of the new college term. Kelsey asked Laura if she had seen Kevin. Laura shook her head and said that she was concerned because Kevin did not show up for work. Kelsey stood up and headed for the phone. Scott and Laura exchanged awkward glances and brief comments before Laura was called to another table. Gillian burst into Holidays and helped herself to Kelsey's vacant chair. Under Laura's probing eye, Gillian asked Scott if he'd like to join her for a late-night swim. Scott agreed and the pair headed to the lake.

Kevin stumbled into the restaurant, claiming that he had overslept. Laura relayed Mateo's message and asked him to take a pitcher of iced tea to a pair of diners. Kevin reached for the pitcher, but he lost his grip and dropped the pitcher to the ground. The noise signaled to Kelsey that Kevin was back. Laura watched Kevin's erratic behavior and accused him of being drunk. Kevin went to fetch a broom so he could clean up the mess. While he was gone, Laura warned Kelsey about falling for Kevin. She told Kelsey that Kevin's sexuality cannot be changed and that Kelsey is only setting herself up for a fall. Not so, said Kelsey. She told Laura that Kevin loves her---and that he actually said it. When Kevin returned, Laura tried to get to the heart of Kevin's problem. She asked Kevin if he was okay. Kevin went on a tirade about how Laura should be happy for him. He claimed that he wasn't really gay, he was just lashing out at his parents. He said that his sexuality made everyone unhappy, so he has to "be a man" and "change." Laura told Kevin that he is a man---even if he's gay. Kevin walked over to Kelsey and talked to her for a few moments. Kelsey seemed poised to tell Kevin that she knew he lied about the soccer meeting, but she refrained. She told Kevin that an entire day had passed without them spending any time together. Kevin told Laura that he needed to walked Kelsey back to campus. Kevin and Kelsey walked off together, leaving Laura to shake her head in wonder.

The Martins and Allie arrived at Holidays. Laura recommended the salmon to Joe because it has "lots of that omega stuff" which she pointed out is good for Joe's heart. After dinner. Jake told his parents that he would get the check. Joe put out his hand and said that he would pay for the meal. Jake laughed and said that he was just going to get the check---he had no plans on paying for it. Jake and Allie talked about their quasi-cohabitation at Myrtle's, a fact that neither Joe nor Ruth knew anything about. Allie was paged and dashed off to return the call and Jake went to get the check. Ruth nudged her husband and talked of trying to get Jake and Allie together. Ruth agreed that Jake and Allie seem well-suited, but warned Ruth about sticking her nose into their son's personal affairs.

At the boathouse, Gillian lectured Scott on the pains of broken relationships. Sometimes, she said, people "grow apart." But the night was beautiful and Gillian asked Scott what he planned on doing. Without so much as a signal, Scott leaned over and kissed Gillian. The kiss lasted for several minutes until Gillian pulled away. Scott asked Gillian why she pulled away. She told him that she doesn't like "threesomes." By that she meant that Scott was still thinking about Laura. The princess told Scott that she wants him to be thinking of her and only her when they make love.

Kevin and Kelsey returned to the PVU campus and headed to Kevin's dorm room. Kevin spaced out while Kelsey went on a Martha Stuart binge and directed Kevin on possible decorating tips for his room. Kelsey knew that Kevin wasn't listening to her. She told him that things---his parents, roommate troubles, dating---were finally catching up to him and tiring him out. She suggested that they take things slowly. Kevin looked around for several minutes before planting a passionate kiss on Kelsey. As he kissed her, he moved towards the bed where he laid her on the bed and straddled her body.

Wednesday, September 17, 1997

Dimitri phoned Wildwind and recruited one of the housekeepers to his side. Dimitri asked Mary to keep tabs on Edmund and report back to him with any news she might have. Skye and Edmund returned from their beach vacation. The house seemed so much bigger and much more empty than ever before. Mary strutted into the room and told Edmund that she wants to help him look after the kids. Edmund thanked Mary for her interest, but told her that her help was not needed. She should have quit while she was ahead. Perhaps she's devoted to her work or wanted to make a good impression with Dimitri, but Mary pressed on and insisted that Edmund needed her help. The continued pressure pushed Edmund over the edge. His voice raised and his face a bright crimson, Edmund told Mary that he doesn't care if she has references or even if she's "bloody Mary Poppins," he doesn't need anyone to help him look after the kids. To get the housekeeper out of the line of fire, Skye asked Mary to fix up a guestroom for her. Mary obliged and left the room. She headed right for the phone and called Dimitri to tell him that Edmund turned down her offer. Dimitri was not about to be defeated; He instructed Mary to keeps notes on everything that goes on in the house. Edmund felt bad for hollering at Mary, but he remained adamant in his decision to raise the children on his own. If he has to take out an ad in the newspaper to promote his competency, he will. Mary returned to the room with a tray of tea. She thought that it might help Edmund sleep better. Edmund reached for the kettle and poured himself a cup of tea. Halfway through, the lid to the teapot fell off. He continued pouring, but it was only a matter of time before he lost his grip on the kettle and it tumbled to the floor. Edmund immediately went into shock. What if he had been holding Maddie instead of the teapot? Skye did what she could to help Edmund calm down. She told him that he needs a few more weeks to completely heal. After that time, he'll be as good as new---maybe even better! Edmund thanked Skye for her help, but made a statement that implied that Skye was trying to horn into his life. Skye professed her innocence; Sure she once had a crush on Edmund, but now she just wants to be his friend. Skye asked Edmund if he'd feel more comfortable if she spent the night at home. Edmund apologized for making it sound like he was question her motives and told her that she could spent the night at Wildwind. Neither Edmund nor Skye knew that Mary had been eavesdropping on their conversation. She could hardly wait to race to the phone and tell Dimitri about Edmund's teapot disaster.

Adam entered the livingroom and remained surprisingly civil upon seeing Liza. He claimed that his trip to West Virginia was relaxing and helped his to relieve some of his stress. Liza was happy that Adam was home and told him that he looked good. She, on the other hand, had not been relaxing. She told Adam that she had a sonogram. Amazingly, Adam flashed a glimmer of concern. He asked if the pregnancy was progressing normal. Liza nodded as she reached for her purse. She plucked the sonogram "photo" from her purse and showed it to Adam. Adam couldn't make heads or tails of the fuzzy image, but could tell that the baby was "small." Liza smiled slightly and told Adam that baby's usually do start off small. Adam asked Liza if she had any other tests performed on the fetus. Liza snatched the photo from Adam's hand and gave him a cross look. She blasted Adam for only being concerned with the baby's paternity. Again, Liza insisted that Adam was the father of her child, but, well, you know Adam. Adam refused Liza's word as proof of the baby's paternity. Liza stomped out of the room in frustration. After Liza walked out on him, Adam summoned Winifred and told her that he was headed the hospital.

At the hospital, Opal tracked down Ruth to tell her the good news about Kevin and Kelsey. Ruth told Opal that she and Joe are resuming their social life and would be pleased to dine out with Opal and Palmer. That might not be such a good idea, Opal groaned, because she and Palmer are at odds. Opal explained that she and Palmer have different opinions on Kelsey and Kevin. Being a grandmother, Ruth feared that Kelsey might be causing trouble. Opal assured Ruth that Kelsey had done no wrong. In fact, she had done everything right. Opal glowed as she told Ruth that Kelsey and Kevin are in love. Ruth let out a deep breath. Why, she asked, does Kelsey always go after unobtainable men? First there was Bobby, then Edmund, and now Kevin! When Ruth found out that Opal was encouraging Kelsey, she flipped her wig. Ruth warned Opal to keep her nose out of Kelsey's business before she pushes Kelsey off the deep end. Opal didn't take Ruth's criticism well, telling Ruth that she will accept her apology when Kevin and Kelsey are married.

Shortly after Opal left, Adam arrived on the scene. He asked Ruth to pull up Liza's records and tell him about the status of the baby. Ruth blinked several times and reminded him that a patient's files are confidential. Adam pleaded his case and Ruth gave in to him. She told him that Liza underwent a sonogram0---but that was all that was on her records. Adam asked Ruth if an amniocenteses could be performed. Ruth informed Adam that an "amnio" is only performed when the mother is advanced in years or if there is concern that the child might have a birth defect. The procedure, Ruth explained, is invasive and carries a certain level of risk. Ruth saw through Adam's claims of concern and knew that he wanted to determine if he was the child's father. Ruth blasted Adam for his callous attitude and reminded him that he lost one child because of his lack of trust for his wife. Ruth was, of course, referring to Gloria's child, Anna Claire, who died shortly after birth.

Kevin and Kelsey returned to the dorms. Kevin planted a kiss on Kelsey and moved her over to the bed. As the two kissed, they ended up on the bed together. Things grew in intensity and soon Kevin was unbuttoning his shirt and preparing to take another step in his relationship with Kelsey. But he couldn't go through with it. The passion that should have been growing inside wasn't there. He jumped from the bed and quickly re-buttoned his shirt. He slammed his hands against the wall and called himself a "Screw up" for not being able to have sex with Kelsey. Kelsey stepped in to comfort Kevin, but there was no way that Kelsey could silence the voices in Kevin's head. She tried to tell him that they did not have to have sex to show their love for one another. Kevin again slammed his hand against the wall and ran out of the room.

At Holidays, a former TransGlobal worker told Mateo that he wants to talk to him about his former employer. Through the ex-employee, Matt and Hayley learned that TransGlobal had a spotless record---unless it was sold a few months prior to the crash. Then things went wrong...really wrong. Workers were laid off and others were forced into early retirement. Those that were left were forced to work long hours. That was all that the man had to offer, but he told Mateo that he'd check in with him on a regular basis. Hayley received a phone call from one of her contacts. The company, The Corview Group, never existed prior to the purchase of the airline.

Adam returned to Chandler Mansion and headed to his office. With a file folder in his hand, he talked to one of his financial advisers and ordered him to "dump" ownership of one of his companies. It was easy to see why Adam was so irritated after he placed the file folder on his desk. The Corview Group is owned by Chandler Enterprises. Liza entered the office a few minutes after Adam ended his phone call and received the surprise of her life. Adam told her that he needed to apologize to her!

Thursday, September 18, 1997

Mateo and Hayley reviewed their latest findings on TransGlobal and its parent company, Corview. There was very little information on either. Mateo decided that he was going to do a little undercover investigation. Hayley put her foot down and told her husband that he was taking too big of a risk. They have no idea who is in charge of Corview and sneaking into Corview's office is a death wish! Hayley advised Matt to call Brooke and see what she had dug up in Washington. Mateo said that he had already phone Brooke, but said that she has not returned any of his calls. Hayley worried that the plane crash might have done more harm to Brooke than anyone has realized.

In Washington, Brooke met with George Teller, an agent from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Brooke learned that the hurricane that rattled the Jersey coast had strewn plane wreckage all over. Where the search teams had made an imaginary grid over the area where they suspected to find pieces of the plane, the hurricane's winds and the rough surf moved pieces into areas outside of the grid. This was a technical phrase used to tell Brooke that nothing new has turned up. Brooke pressed on and demanded answers, but she was told that she already knew as much as the NTSB. Brooke told George that her mouth has gotten her into trouble before and apologized for pestering him. George swirled his martini and told Brooke that he could not imagine her getting into trouble. Brooke flashed George a seductive smile and flirted shamelessly with the stranger. Both George and Brooke chatted about the stress in their everyday lives. To relieve some of that stress, George suggested that Brooke accompany him to the hospital suite a few floors up. As an added incentive, George boasted that room has the best view in the entire city. Suddenly, a woman entered the bar and the mood changed. George looked sheepishly at the woman. In a voice barely above a whisper, he told the woman that she was supposed to be in Florida. The woman looked right past George and directed her response to Brooke. She told Brooke that George doesn't wear his wedding ring so there's no need to kick herself for flirting with a married man. Brooke put her head in her hands as Mrs. Teller snapped her fingers and pointed to the door. George rose to his feet and followed his wife's orders.

As Brooke talked to herself, another person sat in George's now-vacant seat. Without looking, Brooke told her person to help him or herself to the untouched martini that adorned the bartop. "Come here often?" Jim asked Brooke. Brooke recognized the voice and lifted her head suddenly. Even if Brooke wasn't in an alcohol induce cloud, she still would have been perplexed by Jim's mysterious presence. Jim claimed that Pine Valley had gotten boring without Brooke. So in an effort to return the spontaneity to the small town, Jim took it upon himself to return Brooke to her home. Brooke looked longingly at the man and told him that he has a "beautiful face." Jim knew that the alcohol was doing the talking and pulled away when Brooke tried to kiss him. He told her that he does not want her to wake up in bed in the morning and not know how she got there. Jim also expressed his concern over Brooke's plan to fly back to Pine Valley. This was a decision that Brooke defended. She felt she had to get back up on the tightrope and face her fears. Jim allowed Brooke to keep her reservation on the flight---but he would be in the seat next to her.

At the health club, Trevor and Tad worked out on the stair-climbing machines. They talked about their children, jobs, and---what else can you expect---their love lives. Trevor told Tad that he was sorry about his break-up with Gloria. He also asked how Jamie had handled the news. Tad blamed his ultimatum for pushing Gloria away. As far Jamie, he was taking the news about as well as one could expect. Not wanting to be the sole topic of conversation, Tad asked Trevor about his social life. Trevor said that he had dated Skye a few times, but broke things off with her. Trevor asked Tad what would happen if Jamie did not approve of one of his dates. Tad was quick to reply: He'd stop dating the woman in question. Trevor explained that Tim does not like one of his female friends, but that Amanda thinks the woman is the greatest thing since individually wrapped cheese slices. Tad squinted and took a long look at Trevor. He knew who Trevor was referring to.

At Holidays, Janet munched on a caramel sundae. Belinda drooled as each spoonful of the calorie-laden dessert passed between Janet's lips. Somehow Belinda suspected that Janet's sweet-tooth was really a mask for her relationship woes. Janet admitted that she and Trevor were once again at odds. Janet foresaw no future with Trevor. How, she asked, can they even think about a long-term relationship when they cannot even be in the same room for more than five minutes without a fight? Janet, like Tad had done at the gym, quickly turned the tables and asked about Belinda's blind date. That was a trip down memory lane that Belinda wasn't thrilled about taking. She told Janet that the main topic of conversation between her and her date was root canal surgery. Janet cackled at Belinda's tale of dating disaster. But Belinda's supposed disaster was about to look trivial as Hayley joined the conversation. She told Belinda about her first two marriages---to a rapist and a man who bedded her mother on their wedding day. Now it was Hayley's turn to ask Janet about her relationship with Trevor. Hayley implied that Trevor has his mind on Trevor. How does she know? Because of Trevor's continual protests that he's only civil to Janet for Amanda's sake.

At the gym, Tad encouraged Trevor to phone Janet and make the first move. Trevor agreed that he's never been a wait-and-see kinda guy and took tad up on his offer. When the phone rang at Holiday's, Hayley answered the phone. She toyed with her uncle when he asked if Janet was at the restaurant. Hayley put down the phone and "yoo hoo'ed" Janet's name. Janet took the phone for what seemed like only a minute. Trevor made no small talk; He came right to the point for his call. He wants to go out on a date with Janet! In a wonderful display of school-age romance, both Janet and Trevor couldn't wait to tell their friends about the news. Trevor giddily told Tad that Janet had accepted his offer and Janet blushed as she broke the news that Trevor had asked her out on a date.

Mateo somehow gained access to Corview's offices. Donned in some old clothing, Matt rummaged through file folders and tried to xerox several papers he felt were important. Before he could get the copy machine fired up, he was caught in the act. Miles Christopher, the president of Corview, returned to his office. He asked Mateo what he was doing in his office. Mateo faked a Spanish accent and claimed that he was the janitor. Miles bought the excuse, but told Matt that he was never to clean his office. Mateo grabbed the garbage can and ran from the office.

Adam apologized for his past tirades. He calmly and sincerely told Liza that he is willing to accept that he is the father of her child. Liza was stunned. How had Adam gone from one extreme to the other in such a short period of time? Adam felt that his disbelief had been justified. He reminded Liza that the night they made love, Liza was supposed to be setting sail with Jake. And the following morning, it was Jake's name that rolled off of Liza's tongue, not his. Adam asked Liza to move forward for his child's sake. A misused pronoun sent Liza into tizzy. She accused Adam of wanting the child for his own twisted purposes. She told Adam that he is wrong again—the child is not his, it's hers! She also accused Adam of trying to seek sole custody of the child. Adam denied each allegation, but Liza insisted that she was dead on in her claims. She ran upstairs to fetch her suitcase and a change of clothing. Adam received a phone call from Barry Shire telling him that his desire to dump Corview had run into some unexpected problems. That wasn't the news that Adam wanted to hear. He ordered his attorney to keep trying. When Liza returned downstairs, Adam reminded Liza that she was the one who wanted to return to Chandler Mansion and fight for the child's birthrights. Liza said nothing and walked out on her husband. The phone rang again. This time it was Miles. He told Adam that they were having some unexpected problems. He told of Brooke's chummy relationship with the NTSB and of a private investigation being done by an unknown party. Adam was not happy. He ordered Miles to call in favors and rattle a few cages. He doesn't want anyone to find out why the plane crashed before him. Stuart entered the room during the conversation, but paid no mind to the topic. He was pleased to see Adam. Adam told his brother that he lost his child. Stuart thought that Adam meant that Dixie had forbidden Adam from seeing Adam Junior. When he learned that Adam meant Liza's child, he was surprised. Stuart told Adam that his problems with Liza stem from their backwards courtship. He and Liza got married to trick Tad and Brooke. There was no romance! If Adam wants Liza to love him, Stuart stated, he'll need to go back to square one and woo her.

In the morning, Mateo showed Hayley a purchase order he had taken from Corview. Hayley determined that the document was legitimate. Mateo agreed and decided that his next course of action was to learn everything he could about Miles Christopher.

At the health club, Miles nearly tripped over Belinda, who was on the floor doing some stretching exercises. He apologized for his clumsiness. His dating savvy, however, was a great deal more skillful. He told Belinda that he's new in town and needs someone to show him the sites. Belinda smiled broadly and asked the man if he was one of Grace's picks.

Liza was roused from her sleep by a knock on her hotel room door. She thought she was dreaming when she opened the door and saw Adam standing before. This was no dream. Adam, wearing a tuxedo, pushed a cart into the room complete with every breakfast item imaginable.

Brooke and Jim boarded their flight---a TransGlobal plane! Brooke's nerves got the best of her and she was unable to buckle her seatbelt on her own. Him lent a hand and asked Brooke if she wanted to take a train back to instead. Brooke shook her head. She said that the crash must have spurred TransGlobal into a level of heightened security. There was no way, she said, that they'd allow any more mechanical errors to occur. Brooke might have been able to convince Jim, but her mind was another entity. Over and over, Brooke heard the horrifying "popping" noise heard just before flight 149 crashed to the ground.

Friday, September 19, 1997

High above the ground, Brooke and Jim discussed their confidence (or lack thereof) in TransGlobal. Brooke was infuriated when one of the flight attendants told the passengers to sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. Jim reminded Brooke that she had called TransGlobal one of the safest airlines. Since the crash, the airline must have taken extra steps to insure the safety of their aircrafts. Now that Brooke was soaring through the clouds, she wasn't as confident. Jim changed the subject to Brooke's escapes at the Washington bar. He asked Brooke how far she and George would have gotten if his wife hadn't shown up. Finally, Brooke smiled and even let out a little giggle. Suddenly, there was a loud popping noise.

Liza accused Adam of stealing the breakfast cart from room service. Adam chuckled as he pushed the cart into Liza's room and named every item on the menu. Adam explained that he wants to make sure Liza eats well. Last night, he said while removing the metal domes from the plates, they both said many things that they didn't mean. Adam told Liza that he wants them to put aside their differences and forge a new future together as Mr. And Mrs. Adam Chandler, a future that would not be in name only. Liza's eyes darted towards the food as she asked Adam if he was feeling okay. Adam put together a sampler plate of all of the breakfast items. He told his wife that their relationship has been strained since day one because they never got off on the right foot. In between bites, Liza stated that their marriage was conceived as a lie. They were married for all the wrong reasons. Adam nodded. He admitted that he despised Liza for saying "I Do"—but that was in the beginning. Now, well, now he has feelings for her. Liza was shocked. He explained that his feelings for Liza changed when she started "acting like a wife." By that, he meant that Liza acted like a part of the family when she flew to Virginia to assist in Hayley and Mateo's hospital-room-wedding. Adam pushed more food and vitamins in Liza's face and told her to eat up. Liza questioned Adam's motives for wanting her to eat. Was he trying to fatten her up like a prize hog? She accused him of trying to monitor her every move and ordered him out of her hotel room. Adam hollered back at Liza and told her that she was irrational. He defended his selfless act and stormed out of the room.

Miles played along with Belinda. She had accused him of being one of her Aunt Grace's match making attempts. Miles wasn't about to correct her. If he was one of Grace's candidates, he asked, would she vote for him? Belinda offered no response. Instead, she continued talking about her aunt. Belinda stated that Miles was a perfect example of the kind of man that her aunt wants her to marry. And getting her to walk down the aisle, Belinda smiled, is Grace's main goal in life. Coincidentally, Grace arrived at the gym. Belinda wasted no time in scolded her aunt for her continued efforts to fix her up. Miles told Belinda that he had to get back to the office, but hoped that their paths would cross again. It wasn't until after Miles was (sorry) miles away that Belinda learned that Grace had no part in the chance meeting. Grace flashed one of those parental smiles and told Belinda that she might have to give up matchmaking. If Belinda can find a man like Miles on her own, why should she even bother? Belinda poopooed her aunt, saying that Miles didn't even ask for her phone number. "This is the nineties, child," Grace snapped as she noted that Belinda hadn't asked for Miles' number either.

Hayley paid Adam a visit at Chandler Mansion. She knew from her father's demeanor that something was wrong. Adam told Hayley about his latest run-in with Liza. He professed his innocence and blamed Liza for the fallout. Hayley pleasantly surprised to hear her father admit that Liza is carrying his child. Hayley urged her father to hang in there and to tell Liza how he feels about her. "Tell her you love her," Hayley instructed. Tell her!" Hayley apologized for the brevity of her visit, but said that she needed to return to Holidays to help with the lunch crowd. Soon after Hayley left, Adam received an urgent call from Miles. There's trouble on the horizon... but trouble. Upon returning to Holidays, Hayley phoned a friend at the Pine Valley Police Department to call in a favor. She asked her friend to run a background check on Miles Christopher. Both she and Mateo were stunned when Mikes' background came up cleaner than clean. He had no prior arrests or even a parking ticket. Something that was odd, though. Until a year ago, Miles had been a musician. He had no degrees, no college experience, and no business experience. Now, he's the head of a big company. That didn't sit well with Mateo. He blamed Corview for his sister's death and for Edmund's suffering. He vowed to hold the company liable for the plane crash. Mateo slammed his fist on the bar, turned, and walked out of Holidays.

Kelsey asked Kevin why he walked out on her. Kevin thought the explanation was obvious. Kelsey assured him that she was not mad at him for not making love to her. Opal arrived and was pleased as punch to see her favorite young adult chatting. Kevin excused himself to wait on a table. Only Kevin wasn't waiting on a table, he was flagged down by Rick, the waiter from the Valley Inn. Rick asked Kevin why he hadn't phoned him. Kevin blamed work and school for his bust schedule and told Rick that he doesn't have time for a social life. Rick praised Kevin for coming out on national television, but voiced concern over Kevin's apparent "return to the closet." Kelsey looked over her shoulder and saw the young men talking. A wave of concern crept up her spine as she feared the worst. Kevin told Rick that his personal life is none of his business. Rick chewed on his lower lip and let out a deep breath. He turned and walked out of the restaurant. Opal told Kelsey to be happy because Kevin had cast off Rick. But when Kevin returned, he felt the need to have an important discussion with Kelsey. He told her that he cannot go on pretending. Their relationship is a sham, a sham that needs to come to an end.

Stuart paid Liza a visit at her hotel room. He was overjoyed to see that Adam had taken his advice and decided to woo Liza. A lump formed in Liza's throat. She now realized that Adam's intentions were sincere. Stuart asked Liza to let Adam into her life and let him be a father to his child. Stuart pointed out that his brother has never gotten a chance to raise a child. What woman, Liza asked, would let Adam be a part of their child's life? Stuart told Liza that Adam loves her and that he wants to be with her.

Brooke unbuckled her seatbelt and struggled to with Jim to get out of her seat. Brooke began yelling to the passengers to prepare for a crash. One of the flight attendants tried to silence Brooke, but Brooke was too worked up to be hushed. Another attendant took to the intercom and assured the passengers that they were in no danger. Brooke ran to the door and tried to open the door to make an escape. When a flight attendant tried to get her to stop, Brooke warned the woman to "stay away from me or I'll kill you!" Jim raced to Brooke's side and embraced her. He told her that everything would be okay and escorted her back to their seats. The pilot spoke with one of the attendants and told him that he'd contact airport security to make sure that everything was taken care of.

When the plane landed, the pilot took to the intercom and asked the passengers to remain seated until someone had been escorted off of the plane. Brooke twisted her neck and tried to determine who would need assistance in leaving the plane. Derek Frye entered the plane and asked Brooke to accompany him to the police station. He told her that her attempt to open the plane's hatch put all of the other passengers lives in jeopardy. In addition, she also threatened the life of one of the flight attendants. Brooke smiled nervously and told Derek that she did no such thing. Jim tried to explain that Brooke was a little anxious about the flight. There was no choice involved: Either Brooke checks herself into a hospital for psychiatric evaluation, or she goes to jail.

Adam met with Miles and learned why one of TransGlobal's planes crashed. A faulty turbine came off in mid-flight and caused the plane to crash. Miles also noted that several other of TransGlobal's planes had similar problems and were at risks. Adam had mixed emotions over the news. The tragedy could have been avoided, but a similar tragedy was also avoided. Adam heard a familiar voice coming from the waiting area---Hayley!

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