All My Children Recaps: The week of April 20, 1998 on AMC
Adam and Stuart told Camille the truth about her mother's death. On her way to visit an injured Jamie in Pigeon Hollow, Brooke was arrested. Erica and Mike exhibited a cat-and-mouse sort of romance. Allie told Jack that she had forged her college transcripts.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 20, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, April 20, 1998

Dimitri traveled to Pine Valley Hospital hoping to be able to take Edmund back to Wildwind. Dimitri smiled as he told Jake that Edmund would mend more quickly in his own bed. He had no way of knowing that his brother's condition had taken a turn for the worse in the past few hours. Edmund had developed an extremely high fever from a bacterial infection that raged inside his body. Jake surmised that the infection had found its way into Edmund's body through his injured wrists. It wasn't a far-fetched idea since Edmund had been chained to a grate in a sewer pipe for several days. Dimitri entered the room and immediately noticed that his brother wasn't doing so well. Edmund's eyes were glassy and beads of sweat lined his brow. From minute to minute Edmund's demeanor changed radically. Edmund asked Dimitri if Brooke was okay and the next minute was accusing him of still wanting to kidnap Maddie. Jake raced into the room and helped relax Edmund. Dimitri suggested that Jake administer a sedative, but Edmund had already been given something to help him rest. Jake worried that increasing the dosage could create other complications. Dimitri left the room promising to return with something that would help Edmund feel better. A while later, Dimitri returned to the room. Edmund told his brother that Maria had returned to him. Dimitri was glad that the hallucinations were providing Edmund with some comfort. Edmund, however, had no idea that he was hallucinating. He announced that he wanted to join his late wife, hinting that he might not fight the infection. Peggy entered the room with Maddie in her arms. She told Edmund that he was a sight for sore eyes. Dimitri encouraged Edmund to hang on. He told him that Maddie needed him to call her "Princess," to teach her how to play touch football, and even to hold her hand. Edmund looked into space and told Maria that he now knows that Maddie is their daughter. He held his arm out to Maddie. Jake gave the okay for Maddie to sit with her daddy. As Edmund relaxed, the sedatives took over and he drifted off to sleep. Jake told Dimitri that he'd walk him to his car, but Dimitri insisted that he wanted to spend the night in Edmund's room.

Jack told Keith that it was a little too premature to seek an arrest warrant. Keith, the new attorney on the block, was determined to do justice---but his desire to "bust out of the gates" was fueled primarily by his inexperience. Keith argued that the case was open-and-shut because Brooke had shot Jim four times in the back. In addition, Brooke hadn't just happened to shoot Jim; she lured Jim to the gallery with the intention of killing him. Jack reminded the assistant district attorney that Jim was an "unmitigated slime" who probably deserved to be killed. Jack insisted that they needed to gather more evidence before arresting Brooke. He also told Keith that Brooke was not a flight risk because her home and work were in Pine Valley. Keith could tell that Jack somehow had a personal interest in the case and called Jack on it. Jack admitted that he had had an affair with Brooke a few years back. He said that Brooke helped give his life direction. He looked down at the floor and realized that he might have a conflict of interest. He told Keith that he made a mistake by getting involved in Erica's kidnapping case and vowed that he would not make that mistake again. Derek entered the room and presented a file folder containing the photographs that Brooke had placed on the walls of the gallery. Everyone agreed that the photos were disgusting. When Derek heard Keith imply that Brooke turned into a "mother lion" because of the photos, he rushed to Brooke's defense. He told Keith that Brooke was not a vigilante and must have been provoked into action. Jack recused himself from the case and announced that Keith would be taking over for him.

Tad dropped Brooke off at her house and walked her inside. There they found Phoebe looking over some reading material. Phoebe was relieved to see Brooke, but Brooke was upset that Phoebe had been home by herself. Phoebe explained that she'd had her fill of Juanita Ramsey. Apparently the two women got into another of their infamous fights over whose family settled in Pine Valley first. Brooke told Phoebe that she had put herself at risk by being alone. Phoebe reached into her pocket and announced that she had protection to keep Jim at bay---a can of pepper spray. Brooke took her aunt's hand and told her that she'd never have to worry about Jim again. Phoebe was surprisingly celebratory over Jim's death. She actually congratulated Brooke for sending Jim "to the devil." Brooke bowed her head as she announced that she wanted Jim "behind bars, not body bagged." Phoebe felt that a shot or two of brandy was in order and headed to the kitchen to get some glasses. While she was gone, Tad asked Brooke why she didn't trust him with the truth about Jim. Brooke explained that Jim was on a mission to kill her. By keeping Tad in the dark, Brooke felt that she was protecting both Tad and Jamie. In the vent of her death at least Tad would be able to step in and be a father to their son. Tad called the hospital and got the latest on Edmund's condition from Jake. Tad left out the bad news in his report, telling Brooke that Edmund was "resting comfortably." Tad decided to call it an evening and went home to go to bed. Before adjourning herself, Phoebe apologized to her niece for having nudged Brooke and Jim together in the first place. Brooke stayed up a few minutes longer and tidied up the livingroom. The doorbell sounded and she immediately raced to the door. She opened the door and found Jim standing before her. Brooke could do nothing but panic. As Jim walked towards her she took a few steps back. She wasn't watching where she was going and got cornered. Jim smiled evilly as he continued walking towards her. He informed her that she hadn't gotten rid of him and that "the party [was] just beginning." Brooke woke up from the nightmare screaming. Phoebe wheeled into the room and provided Brooke with a shoulder to cry on. She tried to make Brooke see that everything would be okay, but Brooke didn't see it that way. Brooke's eyes filled with tears and her composure cracked as she cried hysterically.

A noise at the door signaled that Tad had returned home. Camille called out to Tad and told him that she was in the den. Instead of seeing Tad enter the room, Camille watched in horror as Adam appeared. Adam mused that it was nice of Camille to wait up for him. He warned her that tonight he would even the score for all the magic tricks she'd been tormenting him with. Camille looked helpless as Adam towered over her. Adam noticed how she trembled and asked her if she needed her smoke and mirrors to make her feel more powerful. Adam implied that Tad must be in on Camille's plans since he'd been offering her a place to stay. Then he asked Camille when she and Liza had gotten together to plot the Joy impersonation. "How many women's lives have you destroyed," Camille asked. She denied being in cahoots with Liza and noted that Liza was only the latest casualty in a long line of women who had suffered at Adam's hands----a line that began with her late mother. Adam was infuriated by what he saw as a "twisted game" on Camille's part. He accused her of tarnishing Joy's name by claiming to be her daughter. Camille, however, was able to convince Adam that she was really Joy's daughter. She knew Joy's maiden name, a fact that didn't impress Adam, and that her mother had a scar on her foot from a metal shoe buckle. She added that she'd been staying with her Aunt Lois while her mother and father lived in Pigeon Hollow. Adam laughed and knew that he'd caught Camille in a lie. Then Camille proved that she was telling the truth be explaining that her aunt was known by the nickname, "Lola." Adam's jaw dropped. Camille introduced herself as Camille Hawkins. This, however, would not be a happy meeting. Adam commented that Joy had always told him that she'd entrusted a special secret with her sister, Lois. That secret was Camille. Adam was saddened to know that Joy was dead. Camille blew up at Adam's reaction, claiming that Adam knew that Joy was dead because he killed her! Adam denied killing Joy. Adam did not react in his usual over-bearing and yelling manner. Instead his face displayed a look of sorrow and heartache. Adam explained that he had not been the one who had killed Camille's father. What came next pushed Camille over the edge. Adam told Camille that her father, Lee, had been abusing Joy for years and that Joy's death came at her father's hands, not his. Camille pushed Adam out of the way and raced towards the fireplace. She picked up a poker and pointed it at Adam's chest. She demanded that he rescind his previous statement, but Adam refused to back down. Joy swung the poker violently at her target. Adam, however, was able to grab the poker and wrestle it away from Camille. Tad entered the room and found Adam holding the poker and naturally assumed that Adam was trying to harm Camille. He ordered him to put the object down before he snaps his neck.

Mike's kiss may have been unexpected, but whether or not it was welcomed was arguable. Erica pulled away and told Mike that his advance was inappropriate. She flashed her engagement ring and announced that she'd found another man. Mike raised his hand and flashed a ring of his own, the ring that Erica had placed on his finger just before he "died." He told Erica that he'd never taken the ring off of his finger. Erica was stunned, but she knew that she had to make a strong case for Jack. She brushed off Mike's showing of devotion, saying that they were never technically married because a minister had not proclaimed them husband and wife. Besides, the vows were "'til death do us part"---and Mike had supposedly died! Erica wondered why Mike had returned to Pine Valley after so many years. He told her that he was still working as a government agent and that he had been leading a pair of thugs around the globe for years. He worried that his presence might put Erica in danger, but he promised to protect her. A pair of headlights flashed through the window. Mike tackled Erica and pushed her onto the sofa. He ordered her to remain silent until he could see if the thugs had shown up. The coast was clear and Mike allowed Erica to get off of the sofa. Erica wondered what Mike did for an encore---he'd returned from the dead, kissed her "like there was no tomorrow," and vowed to protect her. Mike announced that he had plans to "retreat into the woodwork" and wondered if he could find a place to stay with Erica. Erica turned him down, but showed strong signs of concern for Mikes' safety. Mike asked if he could kiss Erica one final time before leaving. As their lips met, Jack returned.

Tuesday, April 21, 1998

Mike knew that Jack's arrival meant that he had to find a hiding place. He scooted behind a wall and kept as quiet as possible. Jack tugged at his tie as he entered the livingroom area and asked why Erica had not responded when he called out her name. Erica explained that she had something stuck in her throat and had been unable to answer. Jack walked over to Erica and embraced her. She trembled in her arms prompting Jack to wonder if the stalker had shown up at Linden while he was gone. He also wondered why the alarm system had been disabled. Erica quickly concocted a story that she disabled the alarm from her bedroom so that she wouldn't set off the motion detector while she walked around the house. Jack sighed heavily. The incident at the gallery made him even more fearful that something horrible could happen to his lover. Jack started to tell Erica about the shooting at the gallery, but he decided that he should keep mum. He did, however, tell her that Jim had been killed and that Edmund had also been hurt. Then, without another word explaining how everything had transpired, Jack went upstairs to take a shower. Mike popped out of his hiding spot and announced that he had planned on spending the night. Erica was speechless. She insisted that Mike could not spend the night in the house because Jack was there. Mike smiled and confidently stated that Jack would never know he was there. Reluctantly, Erica agreed to house Mike---but only for one night. Erica headed to her bedroom and waited for Jack to finish showering. Jack was still dripping wet when he started to put the moves on Erica. In what was becoming an extremely common occurrence, their passion was interrupted. A loud crash sounded from downstairs and Jack worried that the stalker had shown up. Erica asked Jack not to go downstairs and quickly developed a lie about a stray cat wondering around the house. Erica explained that Esther had adopted a stray cat before leaving to spend time at her sister's house. Apparently Esther must have forgotten to let the cat out of the house before she left. Jack announced that he was "deathly allergic" to cats, so Erica offered to round up the kitty and make sure that nothing was broken downstairs. Erica scampered down the steps and scolded Mike for being so loud. Mike smiled and apologized for his clumsiness. Mike told Erica that it was nice to know that she still make a purring noise when someone kissed her neck. Erica's eyes widened as she realized that Mike had been spying on her and Jack. Mike denied spying and hinted that he might have planted a bug in her bedroom. Erica didn't back out on her offer to let Mike spend the night. She told him that he could sleep in Esther's room, but warned him that he'd better be gone in the morning. After Erica went back upstairs, Mike got on the phone and called an old friend. He told his friend that he's going to need to "call in that marker."

Stuart entered the gallery from a back entrance. He hummed quietly to himself until he came across something on the gallery floor. He flipped on the lights and looked down at a tape outline on his hardwood floor. His eyes focused intently on the outline, which happened to be of Jim's body. Stuart smiled whimsically and became quite excited by the display. "I get it," he laughed. Stuart got down on his knees and tried to contort his body to that of the outline. A few moments later, while Stuart remained in the outline, Marian entered the gallery through the front door. She saw Stuart's body on the floor and immediately thought the worst. She fell to the ground and embraced what she thought was Stuart's dead body. Stuart opened his eyes and bid a hello to Marian. Marian jumped to her feet and asked Stuart was he was doing. Stuart got off of the ground and told Marian that he was enjoying a new piece of realistic artwork that he had had commissioned for the gallery. Marian didn't quite know how to begin to break the news to Stuart. She told him that she'd been watching the news and learned that there'd been a shooting at the gallery. The newscast gave few details, but Marian worried that something had happened to her newfound friend. A rookie cop entered the gallery and asked the pair how they'd gotten inside. The first-day officer explained that he had stepped away for a cup of coffee and that no one was suppose to be inside the crime scene. The officer declined to say who'd been shot. The whole situation was a little too eerie for Marian and she asked Stuart if they could go somewhere else to talk. The pair headed to Stuart's house. Stuart apologized for the mess and frantically tried to clear a place for Marian to sit. He remembered that she was feeling a little woozy from knowing that someone had been killed at the gallery and asked, "would you rather lie down on my bed." The question left both Stuart and Marian feeling a bit awkward. The laughed nervously and Stuart went back to clearing off a chair. Stuart offered to make Marian a cup of tea, complete with a real cinnamon stick for flavor. Marian seemed to melt into the chair. Marian couldn't recall the last time that a man had offered to make her a cup of tea. Stuart slapped himself on the forehead and realized that Marian drinks martinis, not tea. Knowing that all of the liquor stores were closed and that he didn't keep alcohol stocked in his house, Stuart offered to go to Chandler Mansion to get the liquor. Marian waved him off and assured him that tea would be fine. Stuart reached for an afghan and placed it over Marian. He tucked the cover around her to help her keep warm. Marian's eyes signaled that she was completely enamored with Stuart---clay in the artist's hands. They leaned forward and prepared to kiss, but a knock on the door prevented the kiss. Liza called out to Stuart and Stuart raced to the door. Liza wanted to talk to Stuart---until she saw Marian sitting across the room. Liza was furious that her mother was moving in on Stuart and asked her if she'd been "evicted from the Valley Inn for solicitation in the bar." The remark hurt Marian and she responded by lashing out at her daughter. Stuart could see that things were going to get heated so he opted to take a walk. Liza blasted her mother's decision to unleash her ravenous libido on Stuart. "Stuart is the sweetest man I've ever known," Marian said softly. Liza now knew that her mother was seriously considering a relationship with Stuart. Marian confessed that she's developed feelings for Stuart. Stuart returned a few minutes later carrying a bouquet of flowers that he'd picked from his garden. He handed the flowers to Marian. Liza, meanwhile, snatched the flowers from her mother and told Stuart that she had to take Marian home. She then handed the flowers back to Stuart and told him that her mother was allergic to flowers. Marian, who was being pushed out the door, told Stuart that she wasn't allergic to flowers and added that she didn't want to go home. Liza dragged Marian out the door and Stuart was left alone with his flowers.

Tad immediately yanked the poker away from Adam and lectured him on breaking into his house and threatening bodily harm to his guests. Adam proclaimed that he would have told Camille the truth sooner if she hadn't been haunting him. Again Adam insisted that he never laid a hand on Joy. "You didn't have to," Camille hollered, reminding Adam that her mother had been bludgeoned to death with a walking stick. Tad allowed Adam to tell his side of the story. Adam told them that while he was still living in Pigeon Hollow he met Joy for the first time. Adam became enraptured by Joy the first time he ever set eyes on her. One day he saw her behind a line of trailers at the carnival. He saw Joy and her husband, Lee, arguing. Joy begged Lee not to hurt her again, but he responded by violently smacking her across her face. Adam waited until Lee left the scene before rushing to aid Joy. He wanted to help her, but Joy worried that she might be beaten if Lee returned and saw her with a strange man. Every night, however, Adam returned to the carnival to make sure that Joy was okay. Gradually, they became friends... close friends. One night he found Joy putting make-up on to hide her bruised face. Camille was furious that Adam persisted in making her father out to be the bad guy. Tad grabbed Camille and asked her to listen to Adam's story. He reminded her that he'd been more than helpful by going to Pigeon Hollow and asked that she extend common courtesy to Adam. "How can you expect me to listen to this crap?" Camille asked petulantly. She insisted that her father worshipped the ground that her mother walked on. Tad stepped in to note that Camille had no way of knowing how her parents got along because she was raised by her aunt. Adam drifted off into a memory from years gone by. In his vision he presented Joy with the locket he'd bought for her. Joy initially turned down the gift, but Adam insisted that she keep it. Adam wanted to take Joy away from Pigeon Hollow and away from Lee's abuse. Joy felt that Lee loved her and didn't want to leave his side. Adam begged Joy to reconsider. He said that he didn't have much to offer her, but swore that he'd be rich one day and be able to buy her anything that her heart desired. Joy decided to leave before her husband noticed that she was missing. She told Adam that she'd entrusted something very special to her sister and feared that fleeing Lee would jeopardize that secret. What no one knew what that Lee had followed Joy to the secret meeting place. This would be one of the last times that Adam would see Joy. Camille was outraged that Adam was trying to use her as leverage to justify killing her mother. That night Joy was savagely beaten leading Adam and Stuart to come to a painful conclusion: Joy was better of dead than alive. Adam explained that Stuart never lies and encouraged her to speak to Stuart about what had gone down. Camille was aghast---Adam had confessed to killing Joy. Even Tad was caught off guard. Adam explained that he's enlisted the help of the town doctor to write up a fake autopsy report claiming that Joy had been killed. Joy, who was badly beaten but still alive, was then placed in a pine box and picture was taken. The sheriff then took the picture and confronted Lee. Lee was terrified that he might face a murder charge and fled town. He was never seen in Pigeon Hollow again. Adam and Stuart then pooled their money and sent Joy out of town. Joy knew that she could never contact anyone or she might risk Lee's wrath and she feared that Lee might try to harm Camille. "Your mother might still be alive," Adam said softly. Camille was now angrier than ever. She implied that Adam had concocted the tale only because he'd been found out. Adam swore that he was telling the truth. He knew that Camille had spent most of her life being angry with him and didn't expect her to understand. Adam desperately wanted to console Camille for she was the daughter of the woman he loved. Camille had turned her back to Adam and he knew that his attempt to comfort her would be misconstrued. Instead Adam nobly turned and walked away. Tad believed Adam and that enraged Camille. She felt that Tad had turned on her and no longer wanted his help, his friendship, or his shelter. She told him that she'd back up her belongings and be gone by morning.

Wednesday, April 22, 1998
byy Dan J Kroll

The sun rose on a new day in Pine Valley. Jack and Erica were still resting in bed when a phone call from Mike King rang through to the house. Jack didn't recognize the man's name and asked him for some additional information. The man, who claimed to be a representative from Erica's publisher in Britain, was actually not calling from across the pond---he was much closer. Erica didn't recognize the man's name either and asked Jack to take a message for her. The man said that he'd call back at a later time. The couple snuggled back into bed until they were hit with another interruption. The security alarm sounded, sending Jack leaping for his robe. He raced out of the bedroom in the hopes of nabbing the intruder. Erica sat up in bed and pursed her lips tightly together. "Mike Roy," she grumbled. "I'm going to kill you!" Erica followed Jack down the steps and learned that he hadn't found the intruder. Jack wanted to call the police, but Erica vehemently opposed the idea. She insisted that the alarm must have been triggered by Esther's cat and urged Jack to go back to bed. After Jack went back upstairs, Mike came out of hiding and laughed at his prank. Erica demanded to know why Mike was still hanging around her house. Mike stated that he desperately needed to use Erica's house as a base for his top-secret mission. Erica rolled her eyes and encouraged him to "save the world from someone else's house." When Mike implied that the lives of dozens of innocent women and children could be lost if his mission failed, Erica bowed to his demands and agreed to provide him with a place to stay. There was one condition, however; She wanted Jack to know that Mike was going to be staying there. Mike refused to have Jack know of his presence and claimed that it would jeopardize his mission. Erica told him that he'd have to leave because she doesn't keep secrets from Jack. Mike went back into hiding with explicit instructions to be gone by the time Erica got out of the shower. Jack showered and dressed and headed out for the day. Erica was next in line to use the shower. While she bathed, Mike slipped upstairs and entered her bedroom. He pressed his ear to the door and listened to Erica talking to herself.

Mateo was permitted to walk around the hospital corridors as part of his physical therapy. His movement was awkward and almost robotic from his weeks in the coma. Mateo was frustrated that he walked "like a ten-month old" child, but Hayley offered him encouragement. She smiled and told him that helping him learn to walk again would come in handy for when they have children. Brooke happened to be walking past the sun porch and saw Mateo. She was elated that Mateo had pulled out of the coma and rushed to embrace him. Hayley told Brooke that Mateo had called out her name while he was still comatose. Mateo added that he had a vision in which Brooke pulled a gun on someone. Brooke got an eerie feeling in the pit of her stomach and told Mateo that his vision wasn't that far off the mark. Hayley laughed that Brooke isn't the type to carry a gun. Brooke, however, explained that Dimitri had given it to her for protection. Mateo knew that this "protection" somehow involved Jim. Brooke nodded as she referred to Jim in the past tense. Hayley picked up on the use of "he was" and asked what had happened to Jim. Before jumping into the details of the shooting, Brooke told the couple that Jim had been responsible for their near-death battle with carbon monoxide. There was little time to react to the news. Joe walked into the room and jokingly told Mateo that he shouldn't be racing around the hospital. The doctor noticed the serious expressions on the trio's faces and explained that he was just kidding. Joe told everyone that Edmund was recovering nicely and agreed to let them travel down the hall to visit Edmund.

At the gallery, Keith examined the crime scene for any missed evidence. While he searched Jack entered and asked him how his investigation was progressing. Keith felt that there was a message in the tape outline of Jim's body. Again he stated that Jim was shot in the back. Jack reminded him that Brooke had admitted that she shot Jim in the back. Keith commented that Brooke probably only admitted to shooting Jim in the back because she knew that the coroner's report would include that information. Jack argued the point, but it did no good. Jack asked Keith if he was pursuing a murder conviction. Keith refused to answer, saying that he would not have his "strings pulled" by a member of Brooke's fan club. Jack criticized his assistant district attorney sharply for insinuating that he was turning him into a puppet. He insisted that he trusted Keith to do an honest and unbiased job with the case. Keith asked Jack if he could stand at the base of the tape outline. Keith then stood at about where Brooke have been standing and pretended to shoot Jack. If everyone was right about Brooke having never handled a gun before the shooting, then Keith mused that she is either "quite a sharpshooter" or just plain lucky to have hit Jim with each of her four shots.

Erica toweled off and left the bathroom. She never expected to see Mike resting on her bed. Mike claimed that he wanted to stick around long enough to say goodbye to Erica. This time, he said melodramatically, they might never see each other ever again. Mike told Erica that in his "bleakest moments" over the past thirteen years it was memories of her that had helped him get by. He could fondly remember her "eyes, hair, beautiful skin, and the sound of [her] voice." Erica was flattered by the comment, but did her best to hide it. Mike bowed his head as he explained that he wanted to get one final look at Erica before returning to his mission, a mission that would ultimately end in his death. Mike leaned forward and teased Erica by making her think that he was going to kiss her. He pulled away at the final moment before impact and walked towards the door. Erica called out to her former lover and told him that he could stay at Linden until his mission was complete. "Do whatever you have to do," she sighed. "Just do it fast."

Trevor left Belinda in charge of Tim and Amanda while he worked on a case in New York. Things got off to a rough start because Amanda couldn't find a pair of shoes that matched her outfit. When Janet dropped by, Amanda told her mother that she thinks she'll have to stay home from school because her shoes wouldn't match her outfit. Belinda and Janet exchanged hidden smiles and wondered when Amanda had become a fashion plate. During her time home, Amanda figured that she could come up with plans for "the wedding." Belinda's mouth dropped. She couldn't believe that Janet and Trevor had finally agreed to tie the knot. She was completely taken aback when Janet explained that she was actually marrying Axel. Amanda smiled gleefully and added that she and Tim were "in on it." Janet forced a smile as she told Belinda that she and Axel hope she can attend the wedding. Janet made repeated references to the fact that Belinda was her attorney, a reminder about their confidentiality agreement. Tim and Amanda headed upstairs to find Amanda's still missing shoes. While they were searching, Belinda demanded that Janet come clean about the faux Axel. Janet quickly explained that she wasn't really going to marry Axel because she was going to hire an actor to play the part of the minister. Belinda rolled her eyes in disbelief. She called out to the kids and asked them to return downstairs. The missing shoes had been located and Belinda told Tim and Amanda that Janet had an announcement to make. Janet bluffed her way through the announcement, claiming that she was thankful for Tim and Amanda's desire to be a part of the wedding party. Before anything else could be said, Janet waltzed out of the house for "an appointment." Soon after she was gone, Amanda was having a hard time keeping her daddy's secret to herself. She wanted to tell Belinda that they knew Axel was a fraud. Every time Amanda started to get close to spilling the beans, Tim stepped in and quieted her. Belinda was able to fill in enough of the blanks to know that something fishy was going on and the fact that Trevor had given Axel and Janet his blessing only compounded her hunch. Finally Tim and Amanda admitted that they knew Axel was an actor. They added that Trevor had hired Axel as part of a secret plan to win back Janet.

Dimitri was relieved that Edmund had made it over the final hurdle in his recovery. He still had a slight fever, but everything appeared to be returning to normal. Edmund still worried about Brooke and feared that Jim might hurt her. Edmund had been too delirious with fever the night before to remember that Dimitri had told him that Jim was dead. Edmund formed a slight smile as he asked his brother if he'd been the one to take Jim down. Brooke entered the room and announced that she'd shot Jim. Mateo and Hayley entered a few seconds later and Brooke told everyone how Jim had met his demise. She filled them in on all of Jim's crimes. Mateo sat quiet as Brooke spoke. His mind played flashbacks of his visions. Edmund apologized to Brooke for being blindsided by Jim and leaving her to battle Jim by herself. Dimitri felt badly because he missed out on a chance to kill Jim. Hayley couldn't figure out why everyone was beating themselves up over Jim's death. She felt that Brooke had done the community a huge service by eliminating Jim. Keith entered the room and asked Hayley if celebrating a man's death was a town tradition. Keith insisted that he be allowed to question Edmund, but Dimitri refused to compromise his brother's recovery by subjecting him to questioning. Keith was infuriated by the lack of respect he was getting. He told everyone that since it appeared that they were having some type of gathering it was only natural for him to believe that they were trying to create an alibi. Because of this, Keith decided that he would not need to question Edmund. Hayley and Mateo left the room and headed back to the sun porch. There, Mateo told his wife that he was at the gallery and saw the shooting. Hayley shivered slightly and said that she could envision what had happened too. Mateo explained to her that he didn't feel like he was there---he was there during one of his visions.

Thursday, April 23, 1998

The news that he could use Linden as a secret base for his government mission elated Mike, but he had little time to celebrate. He had anticipated being able to play catch up with Erica and see what she'd been up to during the last thirteen years. Erica, however, had other plans. She told Mike that she'd be leaving town for a few days to visit her daughter. Mike's face froze. He had never thought of Erica as a maternal figure. Erica told him about Bianca's battle with anorexia. Surprisingly Mike's snide remarks vanished. "If she has half of her mother's grit," Mike smiled sincerely, "she'll pull through." Mike liked the idea of having the entire house to himself. He didn't count on the fact that Jack would not be going with Erica. Mike refused to share the house with Jack. Erica smiled and stated that it would be good for Mike and Jack to get to know each other. Even though Jack's job as district attorney meant that he was on the law's side, Mike claimed that Jack could jeopardize his entire mission. Mike's agency, he said, doesn't play by the book like the district attorney's office. Erica agreed that Jack's presence might pose some unneeded problems and she assured Mike that she'd do her best to keep Jack out of Linden while she was gone.

Keith did not appreciate Dimitri's attempt to impede his investigation. Jack asked Dimitri to leave the room so that Keith could talk to Brooke and Edmund. Dimitri agreed---but not happily. Keith wasted no time in getting to the heart of the matter. He asked Edmund how he felt about Jim. Edmund noted that Jim had killed his wife, nearly killed his daughter, tried to kill his brother-in-law and his wife, and kidnapped and attempted to kill him. It wasn't really a surprise that Edmund loathed Jim. Keith seemed uninterested in Edmund's tale of Jim's path of destruction. He looked past the points that he couldn't prove and focused on the matters that directly involved Edmund. Keith found it hard to believe that Jim would follow Edmund to a prison, clobber him on the head, and then chain him inside a sewer pipe. Edmund didn't know what he had to say to make Keith believe him. Keith also refused to consider that Judy Morton's death was not another jailhouse murder but, in fact, a hit arranged by Jim Thomasen. Edmund remembered that Jim had forced him to sign a "suicide note," but that failed to persuade Keith that Jim had kidnapped him. Keith explained that the typewritten note could have been typed by anyone. More importantly, the note had not been found. Brooke was aggravated by the implication that everyone was going out of their way to show that Jim was a bad guy. Edmund told Brooke to go home and rest. She agreed that a little rest would do her good and kissed Edmund goodbye. "You know that you can't leave town, right?" Keith asked of Brooke. Brooke made a sniffling noise and walked out of the room without offering a response. After Brooke left, Keith probed Edmund for details on his relationship with Brooke. Edmund stated that he and Brooke were close business associates and added that they were also very good friends. Keith was obviously hunting for hints of a more-than-platonic relationship.

Mateo told Hayley that he saw a blonde figure in his vision. He had assumed that it was Hayley, but when the figure turned around it was actually Brooke. Jake walked onto to sun porch and asked Mateo how he was feeling. Mateo told Jake that he wanted to read up on any information available on coma patients. Jake was at a loss. He said that there isn't much known about comas and that there are really more questions than answers. Mateo asked Jake if his erratic brainwave readings were normal for comatose patients. Jake scratched his head and took a deep breath. He explained that the readings were typical and atypical all at the same time. Usually patients experience increased brain activity just before waking up---but in Matt's case he'd experienced the increased activity throughout the duration of his coma. Jake was paged away before he could discuss anything else with Matt and Hayley. Hayley suggested that they keep a journal of all of Matt's recollections starting with his memories of the gallery vision. Mateo told his wife that he saw Brooke wearing a tan coat with a belt. He also remembered that she was holding a silver-plated gun. Hayley wrote everything down until Dimitri entered the room to check on Mateo's condition. The men made general chat about how they were feeling and how glad they were that Jim was out of the way. Hayley stepped in and commented that most victims of unkind circumstances try to eliminate all memories of their unpleasant encounters. Hayley, for instance, quickly trashed the nightgown she was wearing the night of the carbon monoxide poisoning. Dimitri stroked his beard and agreed with what Hayley had said. Dimitri then commented that Brooke would probably want to throw away the tan coat she was wearing the night of the shooting. Hayley and Mateo simply looked at each other in awe.

Dimitri and Jack feuded over what Dimitri saw as Jack's decision to harass Brooke about the shooting. Jack insisted that he was not trying to give Brooke a hard time---he was just doing his job. Dimitri made a snide remark about how Jack seems to enjoy roughing up the women in his life. Jack instantly knew that Dimitri was making a reference to his decision to prosecute Erica the previous year. Jack argued that the two situations were totally different. Jack admitted that he cares for Brooke but quickly added that she was not above the law. Brooke happened to have been walking by and completely agreed with Jack. Brooke, however, felt that all of the evidence would prove that she had to shoot Jim Thomasen. Jack received an urgent phone call from Erica and he raced off to find her.

Tad dragged Camille to the gallery so that she could talk to Stuart about what had happened to her mother. Stuart smiled and was glad to see Camille again. Camille easily tired by the small talk and asked Stuart to get the point. Stuart explained that he'd promised Adam and Joy that he would not talk about what had happened so many years ago. Adam entered the gallery and encouraged Stuart to tell the truth. Camille rolled her eyes and snapped that Stuart would not tell the truth while his evil twin lingered in the shadows. Tad pleaded with Stuart to tell the truth and finally Stuart agreed. Stuart confirmed that Joy had not been killed; she had posed for a "death" photograph in a pine box. After the photo was snapped and Lee saw the body, Joy was taken to the bus depot and sent on her way to parts unknown. Tad wondered why Joy would agree to have her photo taken in a coffin. Stuart bowed his head and said nothing. Adam prodded his brother to finish the story. Stuart's face became animated with emotion as he told Camille that he had observed Joy being beaten by Lee. At the time Stuart didn't know how to handle the situation, so he went and got Adam. Adam confronted Lee and "punched him really hard." Stuart isn't one to talk badly about someone, but he couldn't hold back his personal opinion of Lee: "Your dad was mean to the bone." Camille grunted and told Stuart that she didn't believe his story. At Joy's "funeral," Stuart had placed a bouquet of camellias on the coffin. He didn't realize until that moment why Joy had become so emotional upon seeing the flowers. Camille had been named after the flowers, Joy's favorite, and she knew that she'd probably never see her daughter again. Camille couldn't listen to another word. She turned and ran out of the gallery. Adam wanted to chase after her, but Tad asked him to "let her go." Tad followed Camille back to his house. There Camille again blasted Tad for believing the Chandler Brothers' account of what had happened. Tad said that he understood what Camille was going through, but she didn't believe that he knew anything about "family betrayal." Tad asked Camille to trust him and told her that he could prove that he knew what she was feeling... but only if she listened. Back at the gallery, Stuart tried to comfort Adam. Adam commented that Joy had spent her whole life believing that he had been responsible for her mother's death. Now, her entire world had fallen apart. Stuart realized that there was a bright spot to their problems---Joy might still be alive. They both agreed that finding Joy would be their top priority.

At Enchantment, Erica told Janet that she needed to contact the actor she'd hired to play Axel Green. Janet was confused and asked her why she needed a second-rate actor. Erica explained that she needed Axel to pretend to be a stalker. Janet raised her eyebrows and she definitely wanted to ask more about Erica's plans, but some questions are better left unasked. When Albert arrived, Erica gave him some background information on her supposed stalker and begged him to help her. Jack showed up a short time later and grabbed Albert by the collar. He started dragging him out of the office and asked Erica to contact security. Erica jumped in an claimed that "Axel" was not a danger to her. Erica, Janet, and Albert took turns telling the story about Axel's unwitting stint as a stalker. They claimed that Axel had been the one who'd been browsing through the photo album at Linden.. How'd he get in? He used Janet's keys to enter the house in the hopes of finding an old poetry book. While he was there he let his admiration for Erica get out of check and he started paging through the photo album. Things were going along quite smoothly until Janet refered to Axel as her fiancé. Jack's head snapped back and he took a long, hard look at Axel. Axel offered to invited Erica and Jack to their wedding, but Janet suggested that the couple might too busy to attend. Erica told Jack that she didn't want any charges being filed against Axel and with that the pair left the office. Jack asked Erica about Janet's engagement and choice in men. Erica shrugged and commented that she cannot account for Janet's taste in men. Now that the stalker problem had been handled, Erica told Jack that there would be no need for him to stay at Linden while she was away. Jack smiled and told his love that he was going to wait at Linden until she returned home. Erica's eyes widened and she thought quickly to come up with another excuse to get rid of Jack. She told him that she believe in "propriety," and told Jack that she doesn't think that they should be living together until after they're married. Jack wasn't happy by the comment, but he reluctantly accepted Erica's decision. Jack slowly walked out of the office. Erica opened her compact and adjusted her make-up. When she looked up from her make-up, Mike was standing in front of her. Erica let out a muffled shriek and demanded to know how Mike had gotten past security. Mike smiled and hinted that it was all part of the spy business. Erica told him that she'd managed to get Jack out of Linden. Mike leaned over to kiss Erica, but she quickly covered his mouth with her hand and pulled away. Mike explained that he wanted to give Erica a goodbye kiss because by the time she returned from her visit with Bianca, his mission would be over and he'd be long gone. Erica decided that a little kiss wasn't the worst thing in the world, but she was surprised by the passion in the exchange. Erica bid Mike farewell and made her way towards the airport. Mike leaned against Erica's desk and commented that when Erica returns, he'll be waiting for her.

Brooke returned to Edmund's room and asked him how he was feeling. While she visited with him, she received an urgent phone call from Dixie. Somehow Jamie had been involved in an accident and injured his wrist. Brooke hung up the phone and told Edmund that she had to go to Pigeon Hollow to be with her son. Edmund reminded her that she'd been advised not to leave town. Dimitri entered the room and offered Brooke use of his private jet. Using the jet, he explained, no one would ever know that they were missing. Brooke liked the idea and she and Dimitri filed out of the room and headed for the airport. In the hallway, Keith observed the pair leaving and had an undercover officer follow them.

Friday, April 24, 1998

On her journey through the hospital, Brooke bumped into a business-minded Belinda. The attorney wanted to go over Brooke's police statement and work on derailing Keith McLean's investigation. Dimitri interjected that he was taking Brooke home so that she could rest. That prompted a remark from Belinda that Brooke could be "resting 5 years to life" if they don't work on a defense strategy. Brooke he'd up her hand to Dimitri and told him that there was no need to lie to Belinda. The word "lie" struck a sour note for Belinda and she demanded to be told what was going on. Brooke informed Belinda that she was going to be using Dimitri's private jet to get out of town. The idea sent Belinda in a panicked state. Fleeing jurisdiction, Belinda explained, would not help her case should she be forced to stand trial. If the fleeing was coupled with her confession to shooting Jim, the fact that she lured Jim to the gallery under false pretenses and then shot him in the back---well, things wouldn't look so good for her. Allie sat down at a nearby table with some papers. She tried to review the documents but she was too engrossed by Brooke's discussion. Brooke told Belinda that she isn't fleeing town---she's just going to Pigeon Hollow for a few hours to be with Jamie. Belinda was saddened to hear that Jamie was in the hospital and understood why Brooke wanted to be with him. Brooke continued her statement, saying that she is not trying to escape the fact that she's done something wrong. "If there are consequences, then there are consequences," Brooke said nonchalantly, adding that she doesn't want to go living a lie. The statement hit a nerve with Allie, who, in her own way, was also living a lie. Belinda gave Brooke the green light to travel to Pigeon Hollow, but insisted that she return later in the day. After the trio dispersed, Allie heard Brooke's voice repeating that she didn't want to live a lie over and over in her mind. Brooke's voice was joined by an alternate voice of reason: Jake's. Allie could hear Jake telling her that she'd lose everything she's worked for if she admits that she forged her transcripts. Jake walked onto the sun porch and took a seat beside Allie. Allie wiped tears from her eyes and told Jake that she was crying tears of happiness. What happy news was she sobbing about? She told Jake that she is overwhelmed by knowing that he loves her. She told him a story about a crush she had in junior high. The boy, Ricky Hoyt, claimed to love her. Then one day while riding the public transportation, that all changed. Allie tried to be like the cool kids and leaned against the bus doors. When the doors opened, she tumbled out of the bus and smacked into the ground. Everyone laughed at her and Ricky dumped her because he was embarrassed by her spill. Allie asked Jake if he would still love her if she fell down. Jake assured her that he wasn't going to leave her. Allie made only a curt reference to the fact that she'd lost a patient earlier in the day. The experience had obviously taken a toll on the doctor. When Jake tried to build her self-esteem back up and assure her that everything would be okay, Allie raced out of the room.

Keith told Jack that he believes that Brooke, Hayley, Mateo, Dimitri, and Edmund were involved in some type of collusion at the hospital. He worried that the group was working out one set story to help Brooke out of her jam. Jack warned Keith that things often aren't as they seem---especially in Pine Valley. He praised the assistant district attorney's ability to be objective while at the same time warning him that being objective also has its setbacks. Keith showed Jack a copy of the medical examiner's report. The report contained some odd findings: Jim had a high level of radioactive isotopes in his system. Keith implied that shooting might have been an attempt to cover up the true cause of Jim's death. Jack didn't buy it, but he did point something out to Keith. Three factors could have contributed to Jim's death---the beating he'd received at Dimitri's hands, the radioactive agent, and the four bullets. There was no way to tell what had done Jim in---at least not yet. He urged Keith to take his time before rushing to any conclusions.
Later the medical examiner called and informed Keith that the level of radiation found in Jim's body was consistent to the level used in test to check kidney function. In short, it was not a lethal dosage. Opal burst into the room and begged Keith for his help in extraditing someone back to the United States. Keith took interest in Opal's query and asked her to give him the details on who she wanted returned to the country. Opal said that her husband had slipped off to Japan and hinted that he might be having an affair. Keith fought back a smile and informed Opal that extradition is a serious matter and cannot be used to track down wandering husbands. He noted that she looks like a lot of fun and assured her that her husband would be crazy to want another woman. The undercover cop phoned Keith and told him that he'd tracked Brooke to the airport. Keith asked for an immediate police escort to the airport.

Camille figured that Stuart had been coerced into backing Adam's account on her mother's death. Camille became peeved when Tad hinted that he could relate to what she was feeling. Camille rolled her eyes and sighed in disgust. "The Martins are The Bradys of Pine valley," she sassed. Tad explained that Joe and Ruth had adopted him when he was eight years old. Still, Camille was unimpressed. Tad told Camille that he was unable to admit that his father was abusive for many, many years. Every time he was beaten by Ray Gardner he rationalized that it must have been for his own good. It was disturbing to hear how Tad still battled the specters of his past. He admitted that even after Joe and Ruth adopted him he somehow felt that the only reason Ray had beaten him was so that he could end up in a better place like the Martins'. Camille retrieved a framed photo of her father and looked longingly at the picture. She showed the picture to Tad and asked him if her father looked like a man who was capable of beating his wife to death. Tad didn't want to be difficult, but he told Camille that he's learned that you cannot judge a person by their outward appearance. Camille argued that it was pointless for a dying man to fabricate a story about his wife's death. Again, Tad played devil's advocate, noting that "death doesn't change people." Nothing made sense to Camille. She abhorred the idea that her mother had been beaten and it was even harder for her to accept that her father might have been the one responsible for her years of anger. Camille began to sob and Tad offered her his shoulder. Their cheeks brushed and their eyes locked. In a matter of seconds the two were engaged in a passionate, yet consoling kiss.

Belinda headed to Jack's office with a mission. She told Jack that she does not approve of the way that Keith is handling the investigation into Jim's death. She stated that she and Jack both know that Brooke is incapable of premeditated murder. Belinda made it know that she didn't trust Keith. In fact, she believes that Keith is trying to make a name for himself at Brooke's expense. Jack explained that Keith had already established a name for himself long before he set foot in Pine Valley. Nevertheless, he understood what she meant. Belinda told Jack---not asked---that Brooke was going to be headed to Pigeon Hollow to be with Jamie. Jack agreed that Brooke should be able to travel freely since she has not been charged with a crime. He offered to speak to Keith and ask him to be more flexible with Brooke. No sooner had Belinda left and Jack started working again, Allie appeared at Jack's door. Allie, somber and still with tears in her eyes, told Jack that she needed to speak to him. She asked him if he recalled how Jake had once asked him about a friend who'd falsified his college transcripts. Jack remembered the discussion. Allie confessed that she was that friend.

At the airport, Brooke thanked Dimitri for arranging the use of his private jet. There was one thing that bothered Brooke: Why was Dimitri going out of his way to help her? "We're not close friends," Brooke commented. "We're not friends and we're not even colleagues." Dimitri nodded and smiled slightly. He explained to Brooke that he wanted to make up for not killing Jim when he had the chance and thereby causing her predicament with the police. Brooke knew that there had to be more to it than that. Dimitri confessed that he is also "using" Brooke. Brooke looked quizzically at Dimitri and asked him to explain. Dimitri explained that his image has become somewhat, well, somewhat less respected than what it had been in the wake of some serious misdeeds. He felt that by doing a good deed for Brooke might help restore that image. Brooke broke out in hysterical laughter. She found it funny that Dimitri would want to be seen with a suspected murderer. That wasn't exactly the kind of character building she'd have chosen for herself. The pilot gave Dimitri an all-clear sign and Dimitri and Brooke walked towards the boarding gate. Before they could get to the plane, Keith appeared and announced that he was arresting Brooke on murder charges.

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