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Mateo grew concerned about Hayley's safety. Brooke was granted bail. Jack told Camille that there wasn't enough evidence to arrest Adam for murdering her mother. Ryan and Gillian convinced an immigration inspector that their marriage was legitimate. Stuart and Marian were seriously injured.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 27, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, April 27, 1998

Keith's sudden appearance at the airport failed to make Brooke tremble. In fact, when he announced that she was under arrest, she quipped that she must have exceeded the carry-on luggage limit. She informed Keith that she was headed to Pigeon Hollow to visit with her son. It was then Keith's turn to make a snide remark, sneering that he'd hate to see Brooke take off for a country that does not have an extradition treaty with the United States. A flock of reporters happened upon the arrest and took full advantage of the feast before them. The cameraman went live with a feed of all the late-breaking action. Dimitri called the situation "absurd" and accused Keith of phoning the media in order to have them on the scene for the arrest. Keith denied Dimitri's charges, but his denials didn't change Dimitri's take on the matter. Dimitri lunged at Keith and insisted that Brooke was innocent. The action prompted an immediate apprehension by a pair of police officers. Keith ordered the police to apprehend Dimitri and haul him off to jail. Brooke asked Keith if she could call Jamie and tell him that she would not be able to visit him. Keith agreed, but told her that she'd have to make the call from the police station. She was cuffed and read her rights before being escorted out of the airport.

At the hospital, Edmund received a visit from Rosa, Sam, and Maddie. Edmund was overjoyed to see his children but Rosa, even though she very much wanted to visit with her brother-in-law, only wanted to watch her favorite television program. Instead of being able to see her program, the station blared a live report from the airport. The footage showed Brooke being arrested and Dimitri lunging at Keith McLean.

Jack urged Allie to contact an attorney before she uttered another word. "I convinced myself that the end justified the means," Allie said with a slight sniffle. She then requested that Jack arrest her for her crime. Jack wondered why Allie had chosen to come to him rather than Joe Martin. Allie explained that Joe was her mentor and even a father figure. This special relationship was not going to make the news any easier to break---but she knew she had to tell him eventually. In what could be thought of as complete disregard for his position of authority, Jack tried to convince Allie that she should keep her secret a secret. Jack remained loyal to Allie for her assistance in nursing Bianca back to health. Jack didn't want all of Allie's good work to be flushed down the drain because of "one mistake." He reminded her that she hadn't doctored any of her grades and she hadn't asked anyone to take her medical board exams for her. The only crime she'd committed, Jack argued, was changing the name of the university she'd attended. A persistent buzzing by Jack's secretary interrupted the conversation. Jack picked up the call and learned of the incident at the airport. Jack had to rush off to oversee the situation. Before leaving, though, he begged Allie to reconsider what she was about to do. He told her that he would forget everything that she's told him provided that she think about the repercussions that would stem from her confession.

Camille parted lips with Tad and informed him that his kiss would not change her mind about Adam or her father. Tad looked around the room. He noted that they were the only two people in the room and that the kiss was not about Adam, her father, or even her mother. They resumed kissing until Stuart burst into the room and interrupted them. Stuart immediately apologized for breaking up the party, so to speak, and said that he'd return later. Of course Tad wasn't about to chase Stuart off and asked him to stay. Stuart went into an apology for bad-mouthing Camille's father. He explained that he doesn't like to speak badly about anyone. Camille accepted Stuart's apology, saying that she realizes that Adam pressured him into telling his tale. Stuart was at least moderately confused by Camille's comments. He explained that he didn't say that his story was false---he just apologized for calling Lee a bad guy. He offered to help hire a private investigator to help track down Joy. That proved to be the last straw for Camille. She blew up at Stuart, telling him that he was just as bad as his twin brother. She went on to say that since Adam was responsible for her mother's death then Stuart is also an accomplice. "I'm sorry you feel that way," Stuart said bowing his head, "but you're wrong." Stuart left the room as Camille worked herself into a tizzy. Camille asked Tad if she could believe Stuart's nerve for showing up and badgering her. Tad understood everything Stuart had said and it wasn't Stuart's nerve that he was questioning. Tad told Camille that her outburst had crossed the line of acceptable behavior. Tad urged Camille to look at the possibility that her mother might still be alive. "Good news?" Camille repeated. Camille could see nothing good about her life; her father was an abusive man and her mother ran out on her. Tad tried to get Camille to put a positive spin on things, but it was a losing battle. Camille no longer felt comfortable staying with Tad, a man who she felt no longer believed her. She slowly gathered her belongings and told Tad that she'd be leaving immediately. Tad warned her that he would not chase after her this time. "I'm sorry it had to end this way," Camille said with remorse. "I won't forget you."

Marian entered the gallery and found Stuart pacing the floor. She held out her hand and presented him with a bouquet of flowers. Stuart took them and before he could offer a thank you, Marian continued on to her next statement. She knew that the Stuart liked her gesture and told him that he could thank her with a little kiss. "How about a fat lip?" growled the reply. Stuart was not Stuart at all---it was Adam! Adam grabbed the flowers and tossed them across the room. He announced that he would not allow his brother to be the next item on Marian's menu of seduction. Marian argued that Stuart was not the "defenseless soul" that Adam makes him out to be. Adam raised his voice and warned Marian that she'd be sorry if she ever laid her hands on Stuart. "Don't you dare talk to my mother that way," Liza's voice called out from the doorway. Liza rushed to her mother's defense. She lashed out at Adam verbally, of course, and forced him to retreat. Marian assumed that Liza had changed her mind about her possible relationship with Stuart. She was wrong. Liza asked Marian to step outside while she and Adam shared a few words. Once Marian was out of the way, Liza confessed that she's opposed to Marian's advances towards Stuart as well. Adam was peeved that Liza had lashed out at him rather than setting Marian straight. Liza explained that she does not tolerate anyone yelling at her mother---because that's her job. Liza turned and walked away. Outside, Marian thanked Liza for defending her, but then came the realization that Liza still disapproved of Marian's desire to get to know Stuart a little better. After the two women had cleared out, Stuart returned to the gallery and told Adam that his meeting with Camille was a disaster. Adam seemed uninterested and Stuart knew that something must have happened while he was gone. Adam claimed that nothing had happened, "nothing at all."

Allie phoned Jake and Joe and asked them to meet her on the sun porch at the hospital. When she finally arrive, Joe assumed that Allie had asked them to meet with her so that she could accept the chief resident position. That wasn't going to be the case. Allie fondly recalled her first day at the hospital and how she unknowingly ate Joe's Jell-O. Allie's trip down memory lane led Joe to realize that an announcement was in the works. He again made the mistake of assuming. He thought that Allie and Jake were going to announce their engagement. Jake knew what was going on and he tried to get Allie to stop. Allie told him that it was too late for her to back down. She told Joe how she'd forged her college transcripts. Joe was not nearly as understanding as Jack had been. He was even more outraged that his own son had kept Allie's situation under wraps. Joe blasted them both for placing the hospital at risk for lawsuits. He then ordered Allie to clear out her locker; she was put on suspension. Joe stormed off as Allie collapsed into a chair. Everything had gone so quickly and Allie's head was still spinning. Jake could only wonder why Allie had decided to confess her crime. Allie smiled and told him, "you know why." She rose from her chair and headed to the locker room.

Things at the police station were heating up. Keith ordered that Brooke be booked and that Dimitri be charged with assaulting an officer of the court and obstructing of justice. Belinda arrived and yelled ad Keith for not phoning her before arresting her client. She accused him of turning grandstanding into an art form. Keith explained that new evidence prompted quick action. Besides, he quickly reminded Belinda, Brooke had been arrested at the airport. Belinda informed the assistant district attorney that his superior, Jack, had approved the trip. Keith said that Jack was no longer in charge of the case and that any decisions he'd made were irrelevant. Edmund somehow managed to slip out of the hospital and into the police station. There he lectured his brother on how not to act in public. Dimitri explained that he'd lost his temper and overreacted. Edmund, however, pointed out that Dimitri's overreaction might jeopardize Brooke's battle against murder charges. When Jack arrived Belinda wasted no time in expression her unhappiness in the way Keith had acted. She explained that the broadcasting of Brooke's arrest would taint the juror pool should Brooke have to stand trial. Jack agreed that things hadn't followed his plans, but assured Belinda that Brooke would receive fair treatment. Brooke was fingerprinted and had her mug shot taken. Keith remembered his promise to Brooke and allowed her to phone Jamie. After the phone call, Brooke was escorted to a holding cell. Belinda vowed to get a rush on the arraignment hearing so that Brooke would not have to spend the night in jail, but she could offer no promises. The loud metallic clang of the cell door being closed hammered home the fact that Brooke wasn't going to be going home any time soon. A familiar voice called out to her and asked her, "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?" Brooke looked to the next cell and saw Dimitri smiling at her. "You tell me," she replied. Dimitri held his hand out to Brooke and she gladly took it. They held hands while Dimitri assured her that Brooke was "gonna make it."

Tuesday, April 28, 1998

Keith discussed Brooke's arraignment with a colleague unaware that he was about to receive a visitor. Mike, posing once again as "Jeffries," waltzed into the police station and informed Keith that he was going to be the attorney's "new best friend." Mike answered one of McLean's most puzzling questions: how the radioactive isotopes had found their way into Jim's body. Mike flashed his agency's identification badge. Keith remarked that he was unfamiliar with Mike's agency, to which Mike replied that if Keith had heard of the agency he'd have to kill him! Mike explained that he and Dimitri "go way back." When Dimitri enlisted his help in finding Edmund, Mike that he laced Jim's beer with the radioactive isotopes. Now that this was explained, Mike asked Keith to free Dimitri. Keith said that he'd have to think about it. While he was thinking about it, Mike asked him to consider freeing Brooke on her own recognizance.

In the holding cell, Brooke recalled the moments leading up to and including Jim's murder. To help break the somber mood, Brooke and Dimitri sang, of all things, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." After an off-key chorus or two, Keith entered the cell area. Dimitri asked Keith if he had dropped by to place a request or if he'd decided to free them. Keith wasn't about to ask the pair to sing and he wasn't there to let them both walk. He was, however, going to free Dimitri. Dimitri feared that his early release would force Brooke to spend the night jail alone. He heroically announced that if he were freed he would knock both Keith and the guard "on [their] butts." Then, in his best James Cagney impression, he asked the assistant district attorney, if he would going to free him only so that he could later claim that he'd broken out of jail. Keith knew what Dimitri was doing and he seemed almost impressed by Dimitri's chivalry. He ordered Dimitri to get a move on and leave the cell. Dimitri, however, stated that he knows his rights and demanded that he be allowed to serve his sentence. "Brooke English has got some serious friends," Keith muttered to the guard. After the cell door was once again locked, Brooke thanked Dimitri for passing up on his own freedom so that she wouldn't have to be alone.

Adam quickly changed the topic so he wouldn't have to deal with his latest confrontation with Liza. He warned his brother that any association or involvement with Marian would end only one way---trouble. Stuart argued that Marian, who he referred to in glowing terms, would never hurt him. "She's a nice lady," Stuart smiled. Adam countered by stating that Marian is neither "nice" nor is she a "lady." Adam offered Marian's affinity for martinis and Stuart's liking of lemonade as an example of their incompatibility. Stuart took Adam's comment to mean that he wasn't "smart enough" for Marian. Adam didn't mean that at all. In fact, Adam actually was trying to get across that Stuart was too good for Marian. Adam asked Stuart to recall how he fell in love with Cindy. Stuart became emotional at the comparison between Cindy and Marian. Stuart claimed that it wasn't fair to bring Cindy into the picture because he was "happiest with her." Adam begged Stuart to look for someone who he can share the same dreams with. That someone, he concluded, was not Marian Colby.

Marian continued to spar with Liza over her desire to see Stuart. Liza felt that Marian was only interested in Stuart because of their not of "hot sex." Liza watched her mother's expression for a moment and suddenly came to wonder if her mother might be sincere in her wanting to be with Stuart. Marian called Stuart "sweet and gentle" and explained that he doesn't think of her as "someone to keep the mattress warm." The last decent man Marian had been involved with, Liza noted, was her late father. Liza remained adamant that every man who involves himself with her mother ends up getting hurt. Marian was saddened that her own daughter could not conceive that she might have changed. "I thought you were the one person who could see past my past," Marian sobbed. She got out of her chair and ran out of the room. Liza called out to her mother, but Marian didn't return. "Is it possible," Liza asked herself of Marian's supposed transformation. She had little time to think about what had just transpired because she received an unexpected visit from her former husband. Adam dropped by to thank Liza again for intercepting Marian's advances. Adam stated that Marian was the "worst thing" for his brother. "Maybe not," responded Liza. Adam worried that Liza had been brainwashed. Liza told Adam that she was very busy and asked him to leave.

Marian returned to the gallery and was finally able to talk to Stuart. She apologized for dropping by so late in the evening and hoped that she hadn't kept Stuart from other engagements. Stuart told Marian that he hadn't planned anything for his evening hours... at least not yet. Marian smiled nervously as she asked Stuart if he'd like to join her for a latte. Stuart scratched his head and asked Marian what a latte was. Marian thought that Stuart was being playful; she didn't realize that he had no idea that a latte was a milk-and-coffee drink. The moment had quickly changed from innocent and nervous to more of a feeling of impending disaster. Marian felt horribly for making Stuart feel dumb and Stuart worried that he wasn't sophisticated enough for Marian. Marian decided that she'd better get home before it really got late, but she told Stuart that they could always go out at another time.

Camille left Tad's house and went directly to Jack's office. She told him that she wanted to report a murder. Jack had been busy with other matters, but the seriousness of Camille's statement forced him to push aside all other business. Camille explained that her mother had been killed by Adam Chandler back in 1975. Since there was no statute of limitations on homicide, Camille wanted to pursue charges. Camille's accusation left Jack with a lot of questions---did Camille witness the crime, why had she wait twenty-three years to report the crime, and did the West Virginia police know about the crime were just a few of the things on his mind. Camille wanted to explain the matter in detail, but Tad's appearance at the doorway thwarted her effort. Tad hadn't follow Camille to the office he just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Tad told Jack that he wanted him to release Brooke from jail. Of course, Jack wasn't about to have Brooke released just because Tad wanted him to do so. The two men got into a heated exchange with Jack ultimately warning his friend to calm himself down. Tad turned his attention to Camille. He told Jack not to believe anything that Camille said. Camille was infuriated by what she viewed as Tad's back-stabbing. Tad explained that Stuart and Adam had helped Joy escape an abusive husband and insisted that Adam was not a murderer. Jack excused himself to handle other matters and to allow Camille and Tad some time to cool off. Camille accused Tad of trying to make her look like a fool. Tad asked Camille to accept the fact that Adam was not involved in her mother's death. When Jack returned he told Camille that he contacted the under-staffed Pigeon Hollow Police Department and learned very little. He explained that there is currently no evidence to support Camille's claim that Adam killed her mother. Camille insisted that there was cover-up to protect Adam. Jack tried to calm Camille, but it did no good. "That happens," Camille said referring to her anger. "When you mother is murdered." Camille refused to back down and vowed that she would take matters into her own hands if no one would help her. Camille stormed out of the office. Jack told Tad that he should try to calm Camille down before she does something foolish Tad nodded and worried that someone might get hurt.

Wednesday, April 29, 1998

Brooke awoke early from what was a surprisingly sound night's sleep in her cell. She leapt out of bed and began exercising. The flexibility that Brooke demonstrated prompted Dimitri to comment that Brooke must spend a great deal of time in the gym. Brooke laughed and replied that she hasn't been to the gym in ages. Dimitri mused that he and Brooke could create an exercise video for inmates called "Aerobic Con." Belinda and Edmund arrived a few moments later and readied Brooke for her day in court. Dimitri thanked Edmund for getting his charges dropped, something that Edmund knew nothing about. Brooke thanked Belinda for acting as her counsel. Belinda told Brooke that she could show her thanks by remaining calm in court and refraining from impassioned pleas or emotional outbursts.

Ryan and Gillian remained holed up in the hunting lodge. They knew that they'd eventually have to leave because their food supply had dwindled down to champagne and peanut butter. Immigration had scheduled an interview session for later in the day so the couple figured that they could run to the store after the hearing. A knock at the door surprised them both. Gillian tied her robe and raced to the door. On the other side was Mr. Pinkerton and Miss Bloom, two INS agents. Pinkerton grinned as he knew that the element of surprise was on his side. Ryan walked to the door and asked what was going on. Pinkerton took one look at the clad-only-in-boxers man before him and raised his eyebrows. Pinkerton was under the impression that Gillian had married Scott and that she was having an adulterous relationship with Ryan. He ordered Gillian to pack her bags and prepare for deportation. Ryan and Gillian were allowed to get dressed. Pinkerton asked Gillian if Scott knew about her affair. Gillian explained that she hadn't married Scott---she changed her mind. Gillian chalked up her change of heart to "woman's purgatory." Ryan hid his smile and explained that he was now the man in Gillian's life. Eugenia>, Scott, and Kelsey picked the perfect time to drop by as they were able to provide evidence that Gillian and Ryan were, in fact, a married couple. Eugenia flashed the INS agents a frown and expressed her unhappiness in their decision to harass her granddaughter. Kelsey explained that she had called Immigration and Naturalization Services because she was jealous of Gillian. She apologized for causing trouble and begged the agents to back off. Pinkerton looked at Scott and asked him if he'd lied when he said that he loved Gillian. Scott stumbled for an answer until Ryan stepped in to say that he had stolen Gillian away from Scott. Ryan and Gillian were given separate interviews to see how much the pair knew about each other. There were asked question about their spouse's birthday, which side of the bed he or she sleeps on, what color toothbrush he or she uses, their favorite colors, and other trivial bits of information. Needless to say, Ryan and Gillian knew very little about each other. Pinkerton seemed to get pleasure in the fact that their bombing of the test meant that Gillian would have to be deported. Eugenia stepped in and provided a saving blow for Gillian. She told the agent that she and her husband, Alexi, loved each other dearly. Alexi, she said, always knew how to make her laugh and knew how to comfort her when she was upset. She was furious that Alexi's failing to know what color toothbrush she used meant, in essence, that their love for one another was invalid. "If this were a green card marriage," Ryan added, "Gillian would have married Scott." He told the agents that if Gillian were to be deported, he'd move to Hungary with her until she'd be allowed back in the country. Pinkerton was moved by Ryan's commitment and agreed to allow Gillian to remain in the country. He warned them, however, that they'd be placed on a one-year probation. Agents Pinkerton and Bloom wished the couple continued bliss. Gillian smiled and told them that she and Ryan are like "two peas in a pond." After the agents left, Kelsey commented that she was amazed at how close Ryan and Gillian had become in spite of the fact that both had no money.

Jake looked everywhere for Allie, but he could find her nowhere. Jake blasted his father's cold-blooded decision to suspend Allie. Joe argued that his hospital and patients are his first priority, not Allie Doyle. "She falsified her records," Joe noted. "And [she] brought that fraud to our hospital." Joe stated that he didn't have the time to give his son a lesson in ethics and walked away. Jake phoned Myrtle to see if she had heard from Allie, but as he placed the call Allie walked onto the sun porch and put an end to the need for a search. Allie told Jake that she'd spent the night at Pine Valley University. The small town college made her remember her days in college---as well as the reason she'd forged her college transcripts. Allie also informed Jake that she'd Emailed Dr. Davenport, of Stanford, and alerted him to what was going on. Allie felt a great deal of relief from exposing her secret, but at the same time she worried that she might have permanently foiled her future in medicine. Jake assured her that they were not going to go down without a fight. He told her that he'd get letters and affidavits from her coworkers and former patients to show that she was a top-notch physician. Allie smiled and thanked him for standing by her. Jake was paged away and Allie sat alone on the sun porch. A man walked slowly into the room and asked her if she was a doctor. Allie nodded and asked him if he was felling okay. The man said that he was in need of a specialist, but not sure what type of specialist. He steadied himself on a plastic chair, but the chair gave way beneath him and the man tumbled to the ground. Allie raced over to his side and began to check his vitals. Joe walked by and observed what Allie was doing and immediately ordered her to step away from the man. Allie was devastated. As a doctor, her first response was to help anyone in need. Now that she was suspended from the hospital, she would no longer be able to respond to that urge. After the man was taken to a room for an examination, Jake returned and suggested that Allie might want to refrain from visiting the hospital so as not to get herself into any trouble. Joe concurred. He broke the news to Allie that the hospital board was considering taking legal action against her for her fraudulent activities. Jake demanded to know why his father had taken such a hard stance against Allie. Allie knew why; Joe didn't have to say a word. "Betrayal," she said wiping tears from her eyes. Allie explained that Joe had taken her under his wing and that the news of her forged transcripts broke his heart. Joe received a page from his secretary and was informed that Dr. Davenport was on the line. The discussion between the two doctors would ultimately decide Allie's fate.

In the courtroom, Edmund remarked that the case against Brooke mustn't be too solid or Jack wouldn't have placed one of his assistants on the case. Belinda warned him that that assumption could be a fatal mistake. The judge entered the courtroom and asked Keith to list the charges against Brooke. There were three: possession of an illegal firearm, murder in the first degree, and murder in the third degree. Brooke's heart stopped momentarily. She had no idea that she was facing a first-degree murder charge. Belinda urged her client to remain calm and to enter her plea of "not guilty." Brooke did exactly that, but her voice was noticeably concerned. The issue of bail was addressed next. The seriousness of the crime prompted Keith to ask that bail be denied. He added that Brooke had been apprehended at the airport and that he considered her a serious flight risk. Belinda arose to her feet and explained that Brooke had not been trying to elude the authorities---she was on her way to visit her son in West Virginia. Belinda reminded the judge that Brooke's family, friends, and workplace are all in Pine Valley. The judge agreed and told Keith that bail would be allowed. Keith then moved that bail be set at one million dollars and that Brooke be required to pay the entire sum in cash. In most cases in Pennsylvania, defendants need only make ten percent of the total bail amount. In addition, they can use collateral like houses and cars to reach that amount. The judge agreed to the request and set bail at one million dollars cash. Brooke knew that she couldn't liquefy that much money. Dimitri stepped in and announced that he would put up bail for her. Brooke was awed by the offer and thanked Dimitri. Later, Edmund offered to split the one million dollars with Dimitri, but Dimitri said that he wanted to take full responsibility for it.
Back in her cell, Belinda warned Brooke that she could face more problems if she continues to talk about the case. She asked Brooke to keep her lips zipped. Brooke felt, and justly so, that she would look even more guilty by staying quiet. Dimitri posted bail for Brooke and Keith told her that she was free to go---but warned her not to go too far. Belinda reached for a green file folder and handed it to Keith. Belinda smiled haughtily as she announced that the folder contained a motion to have Brooke's confession thrown out. Without that videotape, Belinda remarked that Keith didn't have a case.

Hayley visited Mateo in the hospital and found him lying motionless in bed. She ran over to the bed and shook her husband to make sure that he hadn't fallen back into a coma. Mateo woke from his sleep and asked Hayley if she was going to flip out every time he decided to take a nap. Hayley couldn't wait until Mateo could leave the hospital and return home. Mateo feared returning to the apartment and suggested that they move. Hayley, however, assured him that her Uncle Trevor had looked over everything and made sure that everything was safe. Amanda and Janet dropped by for a visit. Amanda had been very concerned about Mateo and was relieved to see him awake and alert. Mateo stated that Amanda had shot up nearly two inches since he'd last seen her. Amanda smiled and admitted that she'd grown but said that she wasn't too big to be the flower girl at her mom's wedding. Hayley's mouth dropped. She gushed endlessly about how happy she was that Trevor and Janet had finally agreed to tie the knot. Janet explained that she was getting married---but not to Trevor. Hayley went from one extreme to another. She was now mortified that she'd jumped to the wrong conclusion. "I feel like I'm the one who's been in a coma," Hayley said. Janet showed Hayley a picture of the gowns she planned on having the bridesmaids wear. Hayley gladly accepted the invitation to be a bridesmaid. Hayley showed the photograph to Mateo. Mateo drifted back into a memory of one of his visions. He remembered that in one of his visions he and Hayley were at a wedding. In the vision, a spotlight shined down on Hayley but as the spotlight faded Hayley disappeared. Mateo told Janet that he and Hayley would have to back out. While Janet was asking Mateo to reconsider, Amanda pulled Hayley aside and whispered something in her ear. Presumably, Amanda was telling Hayley about Trevor's secret agenda. Mateo finally agreed to take part in the ceremony, but he was still visibly shaken by her vision. Amanda and Janet filed out of the room just as a new patient---the man who'd collapsed on the sun porch---was placed in the bed next to Mateo. The man seemed pleasant enough, Hayley remarked. Mateo told Hayley that he'd "seen" the bridesmaid outfit before and asked Hayley to reconsider taking part in the ceremony. Hayley rolled her eyes and told her husband that nearly all bridesmaid gowns look the same. Mateo explained that the dress didn't look similar to another dress---it was the same dress that he'd seen in one of his visions. Hayley told Mateo not to pay any attention to the vision. Unlike the vision of the shooting, which happened while the shooting was actually taking place, this vision was of something that hadn't even happened yet. She turned on the radio so that Mateo would have some music to work out to. Hayley helped Mateo exercised his underused lower limbs. The music, however, caused Mateo to recall another of his visions. The music that was playing was the same music that played in his vision where Hayley couldn't stop dancing and eventually collapsed.

Thursday, April 30, 1998

Ryan turned to Kelsey and asked her if she ever thinks before she opens her mouth. He grabbed her by the arm and led her outside the hunting lodge. Gillian asked Scott why Kelsey is out to hurt her. Scott rolled his eyes and folded his arms. He told Gillian that she can "drop the act." He told her that he knows all about her family's financial woes. Gillian insisted that her lack of money does not change the fact that she is still a princess. She reveled in knowing that she would soon, thanks to Ryan's wealthy family, be able to live a lavish lifestyle once again. Scott chuckled to himself and asked Gillian where she'd gotten the idea that Ryan was wealthy. He explained that Ryan's family lives in Iowa, not Kentucky, and that they own a dry cleaning business, not a thoroughbred horse farm. Gillian hoped that the Laverys owned a chain of dry cleaning stores---but they didn't. Gillian's world was being turned upside-down. Gillian told Scott that he must be mistaken because she'd seen a huge write-up in a magazine about Ryan's family. Scott smirked slightly and asked her who'd shown her the article. Gillian's face froze as she uttered Liza's name. Outside, meanwhile, Ryan was learning that he wasn't the only one who wasn't fabulously wealthy. Kelsey told Ryan Gillian's family had hit rock bottom and lost everything they owned. Ryan couldn't believe it. He had anticipated being able to travel the world and live life in style. Ryan returned to the lodge and he and Gillian went head to head with their realizations that they were both "poor." Ryan was furious with Liza for setting him up and vowed to make her pay for her scam. Gillian, however, felt Kelsey was more to blame that Liza. The princess accused "plain Jane" Kelsey of trying to sabotage her life. She informed Kelsey that no matter how hard she tries, she will never be able to be like her. Gillian stormed out of the lodge. Now it was Scott's turn to let Kelsey have it. He yelled at her for interfering in his life. He believed that Kelsey had arranged Ryan and Gillian's marriage as a way to "save" him. He told Kelsey to take a long, hard look at her "screwed up" life. He told her that until her life is in better shape, she shouldn't stick her nose in other people's affairs.

At WRCW, Liza sat down over a stack of papers. Camille showed herself into the office and told Liza that she needed her help. Liza wanted nothing to do with the former "ghost" and asked her to make an appointment. Camille remarked that she knew why Adam and Liza had married each other---they both share the same "condescending air." Camille asked Liza to thank her for saving her from a monster like Adam. Liza didn't argue that Adam could be a little tyrannical at times, but she wasn't pleased with the way Camille's interference had helped her marriage crash and burn. "Up until the courthouse," Liza said referring to her divorce proceedings. "Adam was my monster." Camille felt that she knew everything about Adam and Liza's relationship. She told Liza that Adam must have made her feel like the center of the universe. Then, she said with a somber face, Adam betrayed Liza and probably blamed her for everything that was wrong in their marriage. Camille told Liza that Adam had killed her mother over twenty years ago. Liza appeared riveted by Camille's tale of love gone wrong. She allowed Camille to present her case, which came complete with a showing of her father's deathbed confession. Liza agreed that Camille's father's letter was compelling, but she noted that the letter, by itself, was not proof of Adam's wrongdoing. Camille vowed to get more proof. Liza agreed that that was an appropriate next step and she urged Camille to take any new evidence to the police. Camille didn't like being brushed off and snapped that everyone in town was "in Adam's pocket." Now it was Liza's turn to show her claws. She blasted Camille for strolling into town twenty-some years after a supposed murder and trying to take down Adam. Liza vehemently denied that Adam would ever raise his hand to a woman. Camille leaned close to Liza and watched her face very carefully. "You still love him!" she growled. "He fell in love with a married woman," Liza snapped back. "That is not a crime." Camille nearly flew through the roof. She told Liza that she doesn't need her help to "destroy Adam." Camille's face, now a bright shade of red, stormed out of the office.

Hayley wondered if Mateo's visions were turning into premonitions. Mateo smiled and pretended to discount his vision, musing that he could open a fortune-telling booth at Holidays. Even with the smile on his face, Mateo remained troubled by his vision. He could see Hayley's frenzied dancing playing out in his mind. Hayley crawled into bed with her husband and whispered sweet nothings into his ear. Mateo zoned out and focused on his vision. Hayley was miffed that her attempts to seduce her husband were failing. Mateo grounded himself and paid attention to Hayley's advances. The man in the other bed knew that his presence would complicate or hinder the romance, so he left the room claiming he needed to "exercise." Hayley raced over to the door and prepared to block it with a chair, but before she could get things into position Adam appeared at the door and asked if he could visit. Adam extended an offer for the married couple to stay at Chandler Mansion once Mateo was released from the hospital. He joked that Mateo was the best houseguest he'd ever had. "He was quiet and didn't once berate me," Adam smiled. "Better watch out Adam," Matt replied. "I'm verbal now." Hayley preferred that she and Mateo return to their apartment. Surprisingly Mateo stepped in to accept Adam's offer. Both Adam and Hayley looked shocked by the announcement. Mateo, of course, figured that he could prevent his vision from becoming reality by steering clear of the apartment. Jack stuck his head in the room and asked Adam if he could speak to him in the hallway.

Jack, Tad, and Adam discussed the possibility of having Adam take out a restraining order against Camille. Jack agreed that it wouldn't hurt to take the extra precaution and said that he'd work on it immediately. Adam wondered if everyone was overreacting and walked away. Tad asked Jack if he could contact the Pigeon Hollow police and ask that Joy's body be exhumed. If Adam were telling the truth, the coffin would contain sand and rocks.

Jake tired to get Allie to eat something, but her appetite was nonexistent. Joe appeared on the sun porch and informed the pair that the board was meeting to discuss what actions, if any, should be taken against Allie. He also stated that Dr. Davenport needed to review the situation before he could decide what to do. Allie headed to her locker and gathered her belongings. Ruth flagged her down and told her that she should leave her belongings in her locker because it'll only be a matter of time before she's reinstated. Joe overheard the discussion and told Ruth that she shouldn't jump to any conclusions. Ruth was definitely one of Allie's backers. She called Allie an "asset to the hospital" and hoped that Joe would fight for Allie to remain on staff. Joe told Ruth that the hospital was not the right place to discuss the situation and assured her that they'd talk about the situation at home. "Oh, you bet we will," Ruth replied." Allie began to cry. Not only had she turned her own life upside-down, but now the Martins were fighting.

At WRCW, Ryan ripped into Liza for misleading him. Liza reminded him that it was his choice to marry Gillian. He could very easily have been sent to the penitentiary for his illegal kickback scheme. While he ranted he had no idea that Gillian was listening at the doorway. "I'm saddle to a wife I couldn't give a damn about," Ryan snapped. Up until that time Gillian looked like she could handle being married to a "commoner," but after Ryan's comments she looked utterly devastated.

Tad asked Stuart to speak to Adam and try to talk some sense into him. When Stuart caught up to Adam, he saw the Adam that he'd grown to love. Adam congratulated his brother on the hospital's plan to bestow an award upon him. Stuart's many hours of volunteering had earned him to high honor. Stuart downplayed the award, but Adam refused to let Stuart talk away the importance of the award. Adam informed Stuart the he'd call Winifred and have her send over one of his suits for Stuart to wear. After the ceremony, Adam told Stuart that they were going to go out and celebrate.

Down the hall, Marian yanked Opal out of the children's wing and asked her for her help. Marian claimed to be "heartsick" and Opal had just the remedy. She nudged Marian with her elbow and advised her to phone one of her gentleman friends from her little black book. Marian told Opal that she isn't "heartsick" in that way. It took Opal a few minutes to realize that Marian was once again referring to her affection for Stuart. Marian worried that Stuart didn't enjoy her company and she was sure that Adam would turn him against her. Opal motioned with her head and Marian turned around. She saw Adam talking to a doctor and stomped over to him. She told him that she doesn't want to hear a word out of his mouth. Stuart, who had donned one of Adam's suits for the awards ceremony, told Marian that he'd never speak to her again. Marian was floored and profusely apologized for mistaking Stuart for Adam---again. She smiled and stated that she'd better abandon her "the clothes make the man" philosophy. The two got to talking about art and poetry. This time Marian was the one whose knowledge was limited. Stuart invited Marian over to his house to read poetry. While Marian liked the idea of reading poetry, she remarked that it was not one of her strong points. Stuart thought that Marian was trying to let him down easy. He told her not to worry about it and walked away. Marian was crushed. Opal urged her to put her years of chasing men to the test. Opal's little pep talk convinced Marian to chase after Stuart and make him see that she still wanted to spend time with him. Marian caught up to Stuart at the elevators. Camille walked along the corridor and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Marian and Stuart, who she believed to be Adam. Camille became transfixed on the pair until the elevator doors opened and they went inside. Inside the elevator, Stuart pushed the button for the floor he was headed to, but the elevator didn't move. He pushed it again and still they went nowhere. Marian smiled sexily and asked Stuart if he could think of anything to occupy their empty time. Suddenly the elevator jolted and dropped a few feet. Marian screamed in horror. Stuart assured her that everything would be okay. "Aren't elevators supposed to be gracefully?" Marian asked. "Like you," Stuart smiled bashfully. Marian loved that Stuart remained sweet and sincere even in a time of crisis. Suddenly the elevator jostled again. This time, however, it fell far more then a few feet. Marian's screams echoed throughout the elevator shaft as the elevator dropped.

Friday, May 1, 1998

"You said you loved me," Gillian gasped as she fought off tears. Liza took pleasure in seeing Gillian and Ryan's reactions as they learned that they'd been had. Liza referred to Ryan as "a crook" and to Gillian as "a fraud." She showed little remorse in pairing the two together and appeared visibly annoyed by their claims that they were victimized. Ryan begged Liza to help him get himself out of the mess, but Liza refused. Liza told him that she had "real problems" to deal with and left the office. Again it seemed that Gillian could have dealt with not marrying into money as she once again asked Ryan if he really loved her. Ryan stated that he only had five minutes to convince Gillian to marry him and said that he had to say that he loved her in order to convince her not to marry Scott. Ryan claimed that Liza had caught him dipping into the petty cash and threatened to have him arrested. The truth, of course, remained hidden. Gillian felt that everyone had gotten something out of the deal but her. Scott, she sighed, was spared from a loveless marriage and Ryan got to stay out of jail. Ryan quickly noted that Gillian got her green card. He insisted that no harm had been done. Gillian didn't see it that way and quickly ran out of the office.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Allie told Jake that she was sorry that her situation had caused a rift between his parents. Jake assured her that she hadn't caused any problems and told her that his family had been through far worse problems than this. An alarm sounded and Allie mused that it must be her cue to vacate the premises. Jake told her that it sounded more like the fire alarm than a call to the guards. Camille walked down the corridor past them and asked herself what she had done. She walked to onto the sun porch and took a seat at an empty table. Tad saw her at the table and assumed that she'd been following Adam. Camille no longer exhibited outward signs of anger and resentment. In fact, she'd made a complete turn around. She looked at Tad with tears and her eyes and told him that she was "so sorry." She told him that she'd been so sure that Adam was responsible for her mother's death... and now, well, she was very confused. She explained that every time she reads her father's letter she finds it impossible to believe that he could have beaten her mother. Tad assured her that it wasn't her fault that she'd been misled. "I don't know anything," Camille sobbed. She told Tad that she often feels like running away from her problems. Tad invited her to join him in Shangri-La. Camille seemed puzzled by Tad's offer, but she accepted.

Gillian returned to the hunting lodge and plopped down on the sofa. "Damn you, Ryan," she growled. Ryan, whose mind had been flooded with memories of the night he and Gillian made love for the first time, arrived a short time later. Ryan apologized to Gillian for allowing her to find out the truth about his financial status. It was an awkward apology to say the least. He took a few-second pause before clarifying his statement. He explained that he had not anticipated the truth coming out so soon; he figured that they'd have at least a few months of pseudo-bliss. Gillian was now even more enraged because she realized that Ryan had no intention of telling her about his scam. Gillian flipped out and began smashing everything in her sight. She tossed a crystal candy dish at Ryan. Luckily he dodged before it smacked into his head. Her tornadic rage destroyed everything in her path. As she flung another crystal dish at Ryan, he asked her if her tirade made her feel any better. "No," Gillian roared. "Because I keep missing [you]!" Gillian ran out of ammunition and Ryan was able to sneak up behind her and grab her. He tried to calm his wife down, but his attempts failed. Gillian accused him of "spousal abuse" and ordered him to release her. When Ryan refused, Gillian picked up a glass of water and tossed it over her shoulders and into Ryan's face. Her action allowed her to slip away from Ryan. She raced out the door, but Ryan dried his face and followed in hot pursuit. Ryan eventually caught up to her, grabbed her, and picked her up. He carried her back to the lodge where Gillian accused him of "playing [her] like a lollipop." Ryan grinned and said that she probably meant "like a sucker." Gillian told Ryan that their marriage was over. Ryan reminded her that she'd be deported the minute the marriage was nixed. Gillian called herself "resourceful" and insisted that she could find a way out of her problems. Ryan agreed that Gillian was resourceful. Her best resource, he noted, was him. "Face it princess," Ryan sneered. "You're stuck with me."

Tad took Camille back to his house, which seemed a far cry from Shangri-La. In many ways, though, Tad felt that his house mirrored the perfect would he used as a comparison. Tad said that magic had engulfed his house ever since he saw a mysterious woman lurking on his front lawn. Camille smiled and noted that Tad's life had been anything but magical since she first appeared. Music played in the background and Tad asked Camille to dance with him. Camille said that she wasn't much of a dancer, but she agreed to glide around the patio with him.

Back at the hospital, bystanders were just beginning to realize that the alarm meant that someone was trapped in the elevator. Adam yelled through the still-closed metal doors and asked if the people in the car could hear him. Stuart heard his brother's voice and called back that he and Marian were stuck. Adam assured his brother that help was on the way. Something in Adam's voice, however, worried Stuart. Adam, who liked to be in control of everything, was powerless to help him. Adam hollered orders at everyone around him hoping that someone would be able to extricate his brother from danger. Liza arrived on the scene unaware that her mother was in danger. Adam took a look at her and immediately blasted her for allowing her mother to get trapped with Stuart. Adam figured that Marian had arranged for the elevator to get stuck so that she could have her way with Stuart. The elevator dropped again. This time the drop was only a matter of inches, but it must have felt like miles to Marian and Stuart. Jake and Joe arrived on the scene and offered to help out. Jake used the emergency phone to call down to the elevator. Marian got on the phone and was more than just a little nervous. Liza tried to help calm her mother down, but it didn't work. A maintenance man appeared with what should have been the answer to everyone's problems. Should have. He had a key that would have unlocked the metal doors and allowed entrance to the elevator shaft, but for some reason the key didn't work. Joe decided that they could wait no longer and alerted the fire department. Inside the elevator, Marian longed for a martini. Not many people carry around liquor in their pants pockets, so Stuart offered Marian a mint instead. As the two ate their mints, Marian feared that this would be their last meal. Marian felt bad that Stuart's final moments would be spent with her, "a dried husk of a woman." Stuart didn't like the way Marian was talking about herself and told her that she was a "very nice" woman. Marian couldn't understand how Stuart could be so sweet. She thought that he'd be furious with her for sneaking up on him in bed. "You made me feel alive," Stuart explained. Marian still feared that she wouldn't make it out of the elevator alive. Stuart assured her that they would, but stated that even if they didn't he would "die a happy man." Marian asked Stuart if he would mind holding her to help ease her jangled nerves. He took her in his arms and held her against his body. Adam's blood pressure continued to rise as no one seemed able to help him. He finally apologized to Liza for insinuating that Marian was somehow involved in the incident. He asked Liza if she'd dropped by the hospital because she wasn't feeling well. Liza explained that she'd gone head to head with Camille and feared that she might try to harm him. Adam was moved by Liza's concern. Liza told him not to be too overcome by emotion, noting that if someone gets to murder Adam---it'll be her! A loud grinding noise sounded in the shaft. Marian and Stuart laid down on the floor fearing that the elevator might plunge. Their fears came true. The elevator suddenly dropped. Marian and Stuart's screams came to an abrupt end and everyone feared the worst. Joe ordered Jake to assemble a trauma team just in case those fears became reality. Allie stepped to the plate and asked if she could help. Joe answered with a resounding, "no." The maintenance crew still struggled to get the doors open. Allie told Liza that she could probably lower herself into the car from another floor. Liza worried that her friend would put her own life at risk by attempting such a feat. Allie insisted that time was of the essence and Liza reluctantly gave her the go ahead to attempt the feat. Allie ran to another floor and was able to lower herself into the car. Marian and Stuart were sprawled lifelessly on the floor of the car. Allie called out to Marian and Marian responded, most likely unintentionally, with a groan. Stuart, however, made no movements and uttered no sounds.

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