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Tad told Jack, Edmund, and Dimitri that Kit had once accused him of raping her. Edmund nearly kissed Kit after convincing her to stay in town. Jack had Ryan arrested. David tampered with Liza's blood test results after Adam warned him to stay away from her.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 7, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, December 7, 1998

It took Kit but a second to jump to her feet in an attempt to get away from Ryan. Ryan put his hands up to calm Kit down, but it did little good. Ryan told Kit that he need to ask her a question. Kit flipped out and began kicking, punching, and otherwise fending off what she saw as a hostile advance on Ryan's part. Ryan fended off the attack for several seconds and tried to assure Kit that he meant her no harm. When that did not work, he managed to get behind Kit and grabbed hold of her to get her to stop. "You raped me!" Kit exclaimed. Ryan shook his head and told Kit that he was innocent of the crime. Brooke stepped from out of the shadows and ordered Ryan to unhand Kit. Ryan did as Brooke requested, but argued that he had been the one who'd been wronged---not Kit. Brooke listened as Ryan and Kit went on an abbreviated version of what happened between them on Halloween night. Kit accused Ryan of having forced himself upon her, but Ryan said that he would never do something like that. Both, however, admitted that they were "hot and heavy" on the dance floor. Brooke reminded Ryan that a woman has the right to change her mind. Ryan nodded and said that when Kit changed her mind, he got in his car and headed home. Kit disagreed. Ryan wondered why Kit was lying about the incident. Was she protecting the real rapist---or was she even raped? "Perhaps this is your biggest scam yet," Ryan said accusatorily. Brooke cast a cold glance at Ryan and told him that he'd said enough. She warned him that if he did not leave immediately, she would contact the police. After Ryan left, Kit hinted to Brooke that her life had fallen apart. The dream she had fought so hard to obtain was now gone. Brooke felt that Kit's feelings of doubt were brought on by the sexual assault. That may or may not have been the case. Kit told Brooke that after what she'd done, even Jack and Edmund would turn on her.

During the interview, David made several attempts to get the nurse to name the clinic's owner. The nurse, Sally, told David that she believes the work the clinic workers had out in was far more important than the name of the owner. David nodded, but said that the owner deserves credit for having turned the clinic around. Sally stroked her chin and said that she could not recall the name of the owner. David blinked several times and noted that the owners name had been signed on the bottom of her paychecks. Sally said that the owner was not a person's name---it was a long company name. That caught David off guard. Sally suddenly recalled the owner's name: Worldwide Allied Technologies. David's arrogance began to fade. He ordered the camera to stop rolling and pulled Sally aside. He told her that he knew Adam must have gotten to her. Sally, however, insisted that she was telling the truth---the company was the owner of the clinic for as long as she'd been an employee. The nurse tried to return to her work, but David told her that he was not done with her. Liza stood up and told David that his interview was over. Later, Liza asked David for an explanation as to why he became so belligerent. David claimed that he'd been trying to get the truth for his interview. Liza reminded David that he was conducting an interview for a medical segment, not a criminal investigation. Unless, of course, there was something that David knew and wasn't telling. David shook his head and told Liza that he knew nothing. He would, he vowed, get the real story one way or another.

At the Dillon home, a loud crash outside signaled the arrival of the new paperboy. Janet went to retrieve the errant copy and received a surprise on her doorstep. A small brown and white spotted dog wagged its tail in the doorway, the newspaper in its mouth. Janet crouched down and rubbed the dog. Suddenly, Amanda appeared in the room and ordered her mother to make the dog go away. Needless to say, Amanda's reaction came as a huge surprise to her parents. Janet sat Amanda down on the sofa and asked her to explain why she was so angry. Amanda had a myriad of reasons, but none really seemed to hold water. Amanda claimed that she was concerned that the dog was diseased. She went on to imply that Harold would not approve of them being nice to another dog. Janet said that she was sure that Harold was looking down on them and wanting them to be nice to the stray. Amanda shook her head and said that Harold was busy meeting children at Heaven's Gates. Amanda thought back to her farewell to Harold and tried her best to hold back the tears. She ran from the room insisting that the stray dog not be allowed anywhere near their home. Trevor wanted to welcome the dog into the house, but Janet said that it might not be the best idea. A while later, Ryan appeared and told Trevor that he wanted to submit to the blood test so that he could prove that he did not rape Kit. Trevor shook his head and said that he would allow no such thing. He explained that it was the prosecution's job to make a court order a blood test. It was definitely a hard thing for Ryan to understand. Ryan had to accept the fact that he needed to have a low profile and do nothing---even though submitting to the blood test seemed like a surefire way to prove his innocence. Ryan insisted that he had nothing to hide because he had not attacked Kit. Ryan left the Dillons to discuss legal matters. Trevor wondered if he'd done the right thing by accepting Ryan's case. Janet told her husband that Ryan seemed to be telling the truth---and that she believed him.

Liza and David returned to WRCW. While in the office chatting, Liza received a phone call from Dr. Clader's office. Liza wanted to reschedule an appointment she had forgotten about, but David ordered her to keep the appointment. Liza wondered why David was so concerned about a simple test. David explained that during pregnancy no test is a "simple test." Liza smiled slightly and told David that she'd keep the appointment. David's face lit up and he suddenly "recalled" that he, too, had a meeting to keep.

At the fertility clinic, Adam thanked Sally for her cooperation. He handed her an envelope with a sizeable stack of cash inside and told her that he was certain that she'd like the more modern facilities at the clinic in San Diego.

At the police station, Edmund doubted that there was anything impartial Tad could say about Kit. It was a known fact that Tad and Kit were an item in California. Tad argued that his history with Kit was very relevant to the current case. And if anyone doubted his word, he urged them to contact the Napa Valley Police Department for verification. Edmund rolled his eyes and Jack began to fidget as Tad built up to his story. On several occasions, Tad was interrupted by one of the two men to find out if his story was going anywhere. Tad provided a recap on some of the things that he'd already mentioned about Kit. Before he'd arrived in Napa (after his near-death experience at the hands of Billy Clyde Tuggle), Kit had developed a very close relationship to Nola Orsini. Her responsibilities for Orsini Vineyards mounting, Kit managed to embezzle money from the wine producer. Jack nodded his head and paid Tad's testimonial little more than lip service. Again, Tad was urged to hurry up and tell his tale. Tad had found out about the missing Orsini funds when he checked the books. Not only had Kit managed to swindle cash from the books, but she'd also gotten her hands on thousand and thousand of dollars from other accounts. Tad couldn't decide how to handle Kit, so he went to his room to think. When he got to his room, he found Kit---naked---in his bed. This time, Tad did not fall for Kit's seduction and told her that he was going to report her to the police. Kit offered to give half of her stealings to Tad, but Tad balked at the offer. He picked up the phone only to have Kit tear the cord from the wall. Tad responded by hoisting Kit over his shoulder and plopping her in the closet. He locked her inside with the intention of heading to the police station in the morning. Somehow, Kit got there first. When the sun rose, the police descended on the vineyard and placed Tad under arrest on rape charges. Jack wondered how Tad could be a free man if his story was true. Tad explained that Nola had managed to talk Kit into dropping the charges. Okay, maybe "talk" wasn't the appropriate word. Nola threatened to have Kit arrested on fraud, embezzling, and other charge if Tad was not freed. On the day that Tad was released from jail, he was greeted outside by Kit, driving a spiffy new sports car. In addition to agreeing not to press charges, Nola had given Kit some parting gift. Because the police would never have agreed to a mutual dropping of the charges, Kit claimed that she was "too fragile" to handle a court case and that she would be turned into the victim if the case went to court. The comments struck a nerve for Jack. He remembered that Kit had given nearly identical reasons for wanting to drop the charges against Ryan. "If Kit falsely accused me, why not Ryan?" Tad asked. As he asked the pointed question, Brooke and Kit entered the room.

Tuesday, December 8, 1998

Turning slightly to acknowledge his wife's appearance, Ryan told Gillian that she'd picked a bad time to pay a visit. Ryan had worried that Gillian would only make his troubles grow, something Gillian disputed. She said that she no longer wanted to hurt Ryan because she'd already said and done enough to hurt him. "I want to help," Gillian said meekly. She remained confident that Ryan had not raped "that Kit Fisher person." As Ryan listened to Gillian profess her confidence in him, Ryan knew that there was something he had to tell her. Ryan admitted that he'd lied when he told Gillian that he'd slept with Kit. Gillian was downright confused and rightly so. She scratched her head and tried to understand why Ryan had lied about sleeping with Kit. She couldn't comprehend that Ryan had not actually cheated on her. Somehow Gillian finally stopped chattering long enough to listen to what Ryan was saying; He lied because he wanted to pay her back for sleeping with David. Gillian raced across the room and gave Ryan a hug. She told him that lying to her was the nicest thing anyone had ever done. Now it was Ryan's turn to be confused. The pair seemed ill at ease from their momentary embrace and quickly backed off. They took turns looking haphazardly around the room, at the floor, and occasionally at each other. Then they both announced that they'd better be going. As Gillian left, she looked back and asked Ryan if there was a chance that they could meet at The Valley Inn later. Ryan asked Gillian if she knew what she was getting herself into. She was asking to be seen in public with an accused rapist. Gillian against proclaimed Ryan's innocence and said that soon everyone would know he was telling he truth. Ryan warned Gillian that Edmund might boot her from Wildwind if she spoke out against Kit. Gillian was sure that that would not happened, but if it did she suggested that she and Ryan could find a place of their own. Almost as soon as she said it, Gillian knew that she should have kept quiet. Ryan told his wife that the idea was nice, but that he was "just not there" yet. Gillian smiled and told Ryan that she remained "one thousand percent" behind him. The two stared longingly at each other for several minutes before agreeing to meet up at The Valley Inn later.

After finishing up the first part of her examination, Liza left Dr. Clader's office to stroll the corridors of the hospital. As soon as she walked out of the office, she bumped into David. She accused David of following her, but David insisted that that was not the case. David asked for a briefing on Liza's checkup. Liza initially wondered about David's curiosity, but she eventually told him that the doctor had given her a clean bill of health. David suggested that Liza still undergo amniocenteses to make sure that her baby was okay. Liza objected to the procedure, saying that she was afraid the invasive procedure would harm her child. David tried to convince Liza that the procedure was safe and necessary. While David was trying to talk Liza into undergoing amnio, Adam arrived and told the cardiologist to back off. David blasted Adam for interfering and dispensing unsolicited and unskilled medical advice. Liza thanked Adam for his concern and explained to David that Adam was only trying to be helpful. Adam knew the pain of losing a child and did not want to see Liza have to suffer through another miscarriage. Dr. Clader exited the office and told Liza that he was ready to review the results of her test with her. David tried to scurry off, but Adam asked him to stick around for a few minutes. Adam chastised David for trying to scare Liza about the health of her child. That, Adam hinted, was the only way David could concoct to get close to Liza---scaring her into needing him. If Liza was to get comfort from anyone, Adam snapped, it would be him. He took great pleasure in informing David that he and Liza were growing closer. Shortly after David left, Hayley appeared with tears in her eyes. She and Adam went to a nearby room and Hayley finally told her father about her inability to have a child. Adam gave Hayley a hug and told her how sorry he was. To make matters worse, Hayley said that she had to welcome an unexpected child into her life. Adam smiled slightly and noted that sometimes "unexpected" children can be a blessing. Hayley wiped the tears from her eyes and asked her father if he was talking about a certain "black-haired Elvira wannabe." Hayley, of course, had appeared on Adam's doorstep totally out of the blue. Hayley began to cry again and asked Adam if she'd ever told him that he was a "fabulous father." Adam offered to help Hayley with her Raquel problem, but Hayley turned her father down flat. She said that if she asked Adam to help, she'd want him to "make Raquel disappear." That, she figured, would result in murder charges against both of them. Father and daughter looked at each other and chuckled.
In another office, David tapped into the hospital computer and reviewed the results of Liza's Alpha Fetal Protein (AFP) test. Everything checked out perfectly... until David was done. He altered the test reading so that it would be flagged as abnormal.

Back in Dr. Clader's office, Stan Clader was telling Liza that her pregnancy was going well and that he could not see any problems. His outlook changed drastically when he pulled up the results of Liza's AFP test. Liza could see how the doctor's face suddenly dropped and asked for an explanation. Dr. Clader tried to beat around the bush, but Liza wouldn't let. Him. Finally, the doctor admitted that the abnormally high reading could mean that Liza's baby could suffer birth defects or even "fetal demise." Liza began to panic. She became even more frenzied when Dr. Clader suggested that Liza have an amniocenteses to make certain that her baby was okay. Outside, Adam pressed his ear to the door unaware of the bad news Liza had just received. His face grew grim when he heard Liza shout that her baby was not dead.

Kit entered the interrogation room and seemed stunned that Tad had told his story. Tad was surprised that Kit did not think that he'd come forward. Tad looked towards Brooke and shook his head. He was not happy that Kit had found herself "another victim." Edmund ordered Tad to back off, but Tad wasn't about to listen to anyone's orders or demands. Brooke urged Tad to leave, but Kit spoke up and said that she was not going to run from her past. Jack told his sister that she did not have to say a word in her own defense. Kit, however, wanted to clear the air. She admitted that she had falsely accused Tad of raping her. She called her false charges "a mistake" and asked Tad to forgive her. There would be no reconciliation. Kit insisted that while she may have lied in the past, she was telling the truth when she said that Ryan had raped her. Tad told Kit that she could stand by her story---but warned her that he was going to stand by his. If need be, he said that he would testify against her in court. Tad left the room. Erica followed soon after, calling Kit an "obscenity." She added that "murder ends life [but] rape goes on killing." Dimitri followed Erica outside. In the main portion of the police station, Dimitri thanked Erica for telling her story to the police, but urged her to "bow out" of any further involvement in the case. Erica didn't want to, but she ultimately agreed to honor Dimitri's request. Back in the interrogation room, Kit thanked Brooke for defending her and asked if she could speak to Edmund and Jack in private. Kit apologized to the two men for letting them down and asked them if they still believed that Ryan raped her. Jack nodded his head and took his sister in his arms. Edmund, however, remained very, very quiet. Jack vowed that he would make Ryan pay for what he'd done. He then offered Kit a ride home, but Kit said that she could manage on her own. Jack left the room and Edmund finally broke his silence. He blasted Kit for having held back about her involvement with Tad. He said that she made him "look like an idiot." He told Kit that in order to believe her story, he had to discount those of his friends---Tad, Erica, and Ryan. While not ruling out that he still believed her story, Edmund told Kit that he needed "more to go on." Kit began to sob and told Kit that she didn't need Edmund to believe her because she'd been getting by on her own for years. She stormed out of the room in tears.

At Enchantment, Erica toiled away at her desk. She expected one of her male models to show up in her office, but when she looked up she saw someone unexpected: Jack.

Tad dropped Chandler Mansion to pick up Jamie and Junior. The kids were outside enjoying the final hour or so of daylight. Tad sat down on the sofa and looked over a magazine. When he heard the door open, he immediately went into an explanation to tell Adam why he'd dropped by. He looked up and stopped mid-sentence. Adam hadn't returned home, but Dixie had.

Wednesday, December 9, 1998

After Kit darted out of the interrogation room, Edmund took a few minutes to compose himself. Slowly, he emerged from the room unaware that he'd have to face his brother. Dimitri sat in a chair directly across from the interrogation room such that Edmund had to seem him. Edmund rolled his eyes and told Dimitri that he was not in the mood to deal with him. Dimitri didn't bother listening to his brother's statement. He asked Edmund if, after living under the same roof as Ryan for several months, he believed that Ryan was really capable of sexually assaulting a woman. Edmund was silent. His non-response was all that Dimitri needed to hear. Edmund began walking away. He told Dimitri that he was going to see Kit because she was not in the right mindset to be alone. Under his breath, Dimitri remarked, "Neither are you."

In her hotel room, Kit reflected on the heated discussion she'd had with Edmund. She slowly walked to the phone and called the front desk. She softly announced that she wanted her bill prepared because she'd be leaving. A knock on her door sounded what she believed to be the arrival of the bill. It actually turned out to be Edmund and Dimitri. Both were surprised to see Kit's bags packed, but it was Dimitri who unleashed with a few zingers. He proudly noted that Kit planned on skipping town without saying goodbye to Edmund of Jack. Kit lamely stated that she had planned to send both men notes. That, of course, added fuel to the fire. Dimitri sarcastically said that a farewell noted seemed a bit inappropriate after all Edmund had done for her. Edmund looked out of the corner of his eye and told Dimitri that he should be headed home. Dimitri shrugged slightly and went on his way. Kit told Edmund that he should probably go too. Edmund shook his head. He wasn't going anywhere everything was "settled." Kit told Edmund that she understood why he didn't understand her. With no evidence and Tad's announcement that he had been falsely accused of rape, Kit didn't expect anyone to believe her. "I want to believe you," Edmund told Kit, "but you have to give me a reason."

For someone who'd just been released from the hospital, Dixie looked surprisingly well. Her hair was slightly disheveled and she walked rigidly, but Dixie did her best to hide her pain. Tad asked Dixie how her trip to Paris had gone. Dixie smiled and told Tad that it was the same old City of Lights. She tried to remove her coat, but she was still too sore from surgery to get the job done. Tad walked up and assisted her. Dixie forced a smile and said that she was sore from all the traveling. Junior and Jamie returned to the house and were overjoyed to see Dixie. Junior gave his mother a big bear hug unaware that his display of love was actually hurting his mother. Junior knew that he would probably have to pack his bags and head back to Pigeon Hollow, so he was surprised when Dixie announced that they would be staying put for a while. Junior nudged Jamie and told him that his "dumb idea" might come true. Dixie had no idea what the two boys were talking about, so Jamie and Junior filled her in on their hope that Tad and Dixie would get back together. Tad bowed his head and said that he'd already told the boys not to get their hopes up. Dixie nodded slightly and weakly voiced her agreement. Tad told Jamie that it was time to go home. When the pair got to the door, Braden was standing outside. Tad was surprised to see Braden, but Dixie explained that he had helped bring her home from the airport. Tad said nothing and he and his son quietly left. Junior went back outside to play for a while. In his absence, Dixie admitted to Braden that not wrapping her arms around Tad was one of the hardest things she's ever had to do. Junior returned to the house and asked his mother why she'd decided to spend Christmas in Pine Valley---especially after she'd nixed the idea in the past. Dixie pulled her son close and told him not to worry about why she was doing what she was doing. This, she said, was going to be the best Christmas ever. Dixie looked in Braden's direction and mouthed, "I hope." Braden bowed his head.

For some reason, Gillianwas unable to leave Ryan. Of course that reason was easily discernible---she was madly in love with her husband. "Any man who would lie to defend his honor is not a brute," Gillian chirped. It appeared that she felt the need to repeatedly tell Ryan that she believed that he did not rape Kit---perhaps thinking that it would prove that she cared about him. Ryan smiled and told Gillian that he was glad she believed in him. Gillian told Ryan that she'd like to help him look for an apartment. Not only would this save him time, but if they ever decided to get back together, they would not have to re-move. Hayley entered the office and asked Ryan if he'd been charged with the crime. Whereas Gillian would have been extremely jealous in the past, the new Gillian smiled broadly and greeted Hayley civilly. Gillian walked slowly towards the door, stopping once to give Ryan a peck on the cheek. Before she left the room, Gillian told Hayley that it was nice to see her again and that she looked "lovely." She also thanked Hayley for helping Ryan. Once Gillian finally left, Hayley chuckled to herself. She wondered if the princess had been abducted by pod people. Ryan again wondered why Kit had chosen to accuse him. Hayley told Ryan that her AA meetings taught her not to question other people's actions. The thing he needed to do was focus on himself---his work, his life, and anything else that would keep him grounded. Tad entered the office and told Ryan that he had taken care of Kit. He never said exactly what he'd done, but he said that anyone who still believed Kit's story was a bit off.

Dr. Clader told Liza that he'd allow her some time to think about the situation. After he'd left the room, Adam entered and told Liza that he's overheard her voice while passing by in the hallway. Liza fell into Adam's arms and told him that the "numbers were high" in one of her tests. Adam looked her square in the eye and confidently told her, "we'll fix it." For once, Adam's ego was comforting. Still in another office elsewhere in the hospital, David gloated to himself about forcing Liza into undergoing an amniocenteses. Dr. Clader returned to the room and Liza told him that she wanted Adam to stay with her. Dr. Clader gave Adam a brief review of what he'd told Liza. This time, though, he focused more on the positive. He told Adam that the elevated numbers in Liza's test results could signal she was having twins or the date of her conception might have been misjudged. Liza interrupted and said that the doctor had previously hinted that something might be seriously wrong with her baby. The doctor tried to assured Liza that submitting to amnio would not harm her child in any way. Yes, there was a risk---but it was minimal. The test might show Liza that everything was, in fact fine. If it was not, a team of specialists could be gathered to help give Liza the best prenatal care possible. The doctor once again left the room. Liza told Adam that when she lost her baby, she had blamed him for the child's death. That helped alleviate Liza's pain because she had someone to blame. But of she agreed to have the procedure and something bad happened, Liza worried that she'd have only herself to blame. Adam took her hand and assured her that no one would be blamed because nothing would go wrong.
David was walking down the hospital corridor when an out-of-breath Gillian scurried up to him. She told David that they had to end their affair immediately. David took a step back and asked Gillian why she would want to get back together with a rapist. Gillian looked crossly at the doctor and told him that Ryan was not a rapist. David tried to play up their relationship, saying that he would never hurt her the way Ryan had. Gillian lowered her head slightly and again said that she had to end their affair. Gillian gave David a peck and dashed away. David crossed his arms and scrunched his face. "Nothing is ever that simple," David grumbled. He continued on his way down the hall and happened by Dr. Clader's office just as the doctor was telling Liza that she had made the right decision to agree to undergo amnio.

Jack asked Erica why she believed she had the right to harass his sister. He warned Erica that if she did not back off, he would seek out an "order of protection." Erica took a deep breath and told Jack that his tirade had nothing to do with her. It did, however, have everything to do with Jack's feelings of guilt. He had been the one to arrest Kit and embarrass her in court. Since it was easier to lash out at Erica than himself, that is exactly what he was doing. Jack said that he knew he'd made mistakes and assured Erica that he'd owned up to them. "When you get hurt, you hurt back," Jack snapped. Erica nodded her head and admitted that she prided herself on that. She also told Jack that Kit had hurt her. Jack snorted and asked his former fiancée how his sister had hurt her. Erica told Jack that he was incapable of really listening to her. He had no idea who the real Erica Kane really is. Jack decided to call Erica's bluff---saying that he'd bet her two cents that she was making things up. Erica pulled out her change purse and plunked two pennies on her desk. Erica accused Jack of never having loved her. First, she was "a prize" to be won in a battle of brothers vying for her attention. Then, she was an "unobtainable woman" when Mike came along. Jack argued that he had only dumped Erica after she'd slept with Mike, but Erica called that a cop out. Jack, she continued, was unwilling to commit himself to a woman. "Do you know what it's like to be raped?" Erica asked Jack. The attorney shook his head and swallowed hard. Erica told Jack a painful tale about being sexually assaulted by the man she thought of as "a hero." Erica began to sob and Jack reached out to comfort her. Erica stepped back and told Jack that it was "too late" for him to try to comfort her. It might "have taken forever," but Erica had finally realized something. "You and I are finished. You never loved me," Erica said strongly. Jack told Erica that he had loved her, but Erica shook her head. Erica accused Jack of not being able to see people for who they really are. That, she concluded, was the reason Jack was unable to see that Kit was lying about her supposed assault. "I'm finally free of you," Erica said somewhat coldly. "Thank you." Jack turned, obviously stunned by Erica's comments, and left the office. Erica looked at a picture of her mother, Mona, and said that she wanted to be married and in love. She wished that her mother could have been there to offer her some words of advice. Suddenly, Erica heard her mother's voice assuring her that there was "justice in this world." She also told Erica to stop feeling sorry for herself because everything would work out for her. "I have supreme confidence in you," said Mona adding that she was sure her daughter could do anything she put her mind to. "As long are you're with me," Erica smiled. "I'll be alright." She paused. "No, I'll be more than alright!"

Thursday, December 10, 1998

Still wanting to help clear her husband's name, Gillian and her grandmother dropped by the police station. Eugenia> had not been in an American police station before and got rather a rush from the experience. Derek wandered over to the pair and asked if there was anything he could do for them. Gillian nodded and announced that she wanted to give a statement for the investigation trying to find Kit's rapist. Derek headed off to find a tape recorder while Eugenia tried to convince Gillian that giving a statement was not the smartest move. Eugenia wanted to contact the family attorney, but Gillian assured her grandmother that everything would be fine. Eugenia was asked to wait outside the interrogation room while Gillian gave her statement. Derek asked Gillian for more information on her previous statement about Ryan's awful childhood. The Duchess knocked on the door and said that she'd gotten a case of the vapors. Derek got Eugenia a cup of water and allowed her to sit down inside the interrogation room. Eugenia had gotten what she wanted---an ability to keep tabs on what Gillian was saying. Gillian wanted desperately to help Ryan, but every time she opened her mouth she made things a little bit worse. In an attempt to show Derek how much her husband loved her, Gillian said that Ryan had "skimmed and scammed" money from some of WRCW's advertisers. She went on to say that Ryan had even duped the INS so that she could stay in the country. Eugenia pressed the stop button on the tape recorder and exclaimed that the interrogation was over. Eugenia told Derek that Ryan was a sweet man and that the only stupid thing he'd done was to get himself involved with Gillian!

At The Valley Inn, Adrian asked for a table for one. After finishing business with a client, Belinda noticed that Adrian was alone and decided to drop by his table. This was not merely a social visit because Belinda wanted answers. Belinda asked Adrian why he'd canceled out on their last date. Things between then had apparently been going in the right direction, but now Adrian seemingly wanted nothing to do with her. "I was slowing down," Belinda commented, "so that you could catch up." Adrian looked down at the table for a few seconds before telling Belinda that she was "too beautiful, too compelling, and too enticing." That really threw Belinda for a loop. Adrian explained that a large part of his life featured having a "woman in every port." Belinda, he said, was too good to be just another woman. He could have seen himself settling down with the attorney. But with his impending departure from Pine Valley less than a month away, Adrian did not want to break Belinda's heart. The implication that she could somehow not take care of herself upset Belinda. She accused Adrian of not wanting himself to get hurt and then stormed out of the restaurant.

At a nearby table, Eugenia and Gillian each drank a glass of liquor. After finishing off the glass---and telling Gillian that she'd succeeded in making Ryan look even more guilty---Eugenia headed back to Wildwind. Gillian sat alone at the table with her head in her hands. A rose gently brushed her arm. Gillian smiled and called out Ryan's name. When she looked up, she didn't see Ryan---or even David. "No, but I might be the next best thing," Braden grinned.

Adrian later appeared on Belinda's doorstep asking if she "like to have a three week affair with a spy who's between gigs."

A few flights up, Edmund again demanded that Kit give him a reason to believe her story. "It's better for you and everyone if I just leave," Kit muttered. Kit grabbed her bags, but Edmund would not let her go anywhere. He told her that this time she was not going to run away from her problems. Kit told Edmund that she'd give him the "unedited, unvarnished, unbelievable" truth. Kit explained that she had resented Tad because he had waltzed into Napa Valley as an unknown and instantly ascended to the role of Nola's son. Ironically, Kit loathed Tad because Nola believed that he was her son without having asked for any type of blood test. Kit said that she knew why she resented Tad so much: He had everything that she ever wanted. That included a money, security, and, most importantly, a family. Kit said that she had never really felt like she belonged---and that was before she knew that she'd been "plucked" from the ocean by the Fishers. This resentment turned into jealous and Kit decided to hurt Tad the best way she knew how---accusing him of the worst crime imaginable: rape. Kit claimed that she would have gone all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary and never backed down from her lie. Had Nola not decided to cut her a deal, Tad might very well have been spending much of his life behind bars. Edmund was furious with Kit for stooping to such despicable levels. Things were different now. Kit insisted that she was telling the truth about having been raped by Ryan. She told Edmund that he already knew about the cons she'd pulled. She made no attempt to sugarcoat her past. So why would she pull the same con twice when she knew that someone was standing by to blow the whistle on her dark past? Edmund sat down on the bed next to Kit and took her in her arms.

Hayley appeared in the courtroom and sat down next to her Uncle Trevor. Trevor asked her how she'd been holding up. Hayley sort of shrugged and said that she was doing as good as could be expected. Trevor praised his niece's ability to "take it on the chin," especially after learning that she was unable to have a child of her own. What no one knew was that Raquel had stepped into the courtroom and overheard Trevor's remark. She quietly slipped out of the courtroom and waited until Trevor headed off to tend to other business before returning. Hayley took one look at Raquel and decided that she'd be better off waiting outside. Raquel blocked her path and flashed an angry face. Raquel snapped that she'd finally figured out why Mateo had so atypically decided to sue for joint custody of Max. Raquel accused Hayley of pressuring Mateo into seeking legal action because she was unable to have a child of her own. Hayley flatly refuted Raquel's claim, although she did admit that she was currently unable to get pregnant. Raquel also blasted Hayley for sending Trevor to the Pine Cone to watch over her. Hayley realized that Trevor must have intercepted Raquel's escape plan and immediately returned fire. Hayley lashed out of Raquel for even thinking about putting Mateo and Max through the pain of another separation. Hayley explained that seeing Max was one of the hardest things she's ever had to do. Max, she hinted, was a constant reminder of her "failing" as a wife. The only reason she was on Mateo's side was because Mateo wanted to be a part of Max's life. Raquel firmly announced that she would not let Hayley "steal" her son from her. Trevor and Raquel's attorney entered the room. Raquel was quickly escorted to the other side of the courtroom. A jubilant Mateo entered the courtroom and announced that he found the perfect house for Raquel and Max. Trevor told Mateo to sit down and not say another word. The judge filed into the room and announced that he'd had only limited amounts of time to "scan over" the case briefing. He surmised that Mateo was looking for joint custody while his divorce proceedings were still pending. Trevor rose to his feet and told the judge that that was no the case. "My client would like sole custody effective immediately." Hayley and Mateo's mouths both dropped. Across the room, Raquel started to panic.

Friday, December 11, 1998

As Eugenia had predicted, Gillian's statement had done more harm than good for Ryan. Luckily, though, her admissions of Ryan's past crimes weren't substantial enough to warrant his immediate arrest. That was not what Jack wanted to hear upon arriving at the police station. Snarling, he demanded that Derek do whatever he had to do to find information that would prove that Ryan had the potential to be a rapist. Jack smiled slightly when Derek informed him that Ryan had grown up in an abusive household. That abuse, Jack nodded, could resurface in later life and result in Ryan being a very hostile man.

Gillian did not seem overly surprised to see Braden, but it was never established if the pair knew each other or if Braden had simply wandered over to the table. Braden remarked that it was a shame for such a beautiful woman to be dining alone. Gillian informed the man that she was waiting for her date. Braden shook his head and said that only a fool would make someone like Gillian wait. "He's not late," Gillian remarked. "I'm early." Gillian told Braden that she was married and that her husband would not appreciate her chatting it up with another man. Should violence ensue from the exchange, Braden said that he could take care of himself. "I can see you're very well endowed," Gillian commented. Gillian had meant for her comment to refer to Braden's muscular physique and she had no idea that her remark could be interpreted in another way. Braden laughed to himself and jokingly told Gillian that he could tell that English was not her first language. "I can't have another lover," Gillian said softly. Braden gallantly stepped aside and told Gillian that he would not bother her anymore. He walked away from the table, took a final look back towards Gillian, and then left the restaurant.

Normally a request to have a three week affair would be met with bitter opposition. Belinda, though, seemed quite willing to take her chances with Adrian---but she was not going to let him no that right away! Adrian apologized for giving off mixed signals. "I'd be a fool to walk away without exploring the possibilities," the spy grinned. Belinda stepped aside and told Adrian that he could go into her apartment. She nearly toppled over when Adrian produced what she thought was an overnight bag. Adrian proved to be a true gentleman and the bag was not the presumptuous arrogance it appeared to be. The bag contained champagne and some musical selections. Once inside, Adrian and Belinda slow-danced around the living room. Belinda praised Adrian's dancing, but Adrian said that he had feared that he would step on Belinda's foot or break her in two! Belinda put her hands on her hips and assured Adrian that she was not fragile. She smiled and sort of boasted about having survived a shooting. Adrian was impressed, but he was able to match her scar for scar. He grinned and asked Belinda if she'd like to see one of his wounds. Belinda sank into her chair as Adrian slowly unbuttoned his shirt and began gyrating around the room. Belinda licked her lips and mused that Adrian was "reverting to [his] former presumed occupation." Belinda had mistakenly assumed Adrian was a male stripper when he made an appearance at Janet's bachelorette party. Adrian's shirt fell to the ground as he walked over towards Belinda. He pointed to the bullet wound near his breastbone. He smiled devilishly and told Belinda that he had a stab wound on his thigh---and asked if she'd like to see it. Belinda said, "yes," not only to Adrian's question, but also to his original question as to whether or not she wanted to carry on a three week affair with the secret agent. The pair leaned towards each other and shared a kiss.

At Chandler Mansion, Dixie helped Junior with his geography homework. Dixie stated that geography was not her strong point and told her son that his father was an expert on the topic. Dixie jokingly mentioned that Adam had a globe in his office that showed how much of the world he believed he controlled. Junior moved on to mathematics, one of Dixie's favorite subjects. Adam slowly strolled into the room and commented that no one was as good with numbers as him. Junior decided to head upstairs to finish his work. Before he left, he asked Adam, "Where is the globe that shows how much of the world you own?" Dixie bowed her head and turned slightly red as Adam looked around and tried to figure out what Junior was talking about. Once Junior was gone, Adam let it be known that he was not pleased with Dixie's apparent decision to head back to Pigeon Hollow. Dixie looked her former husband in the eyes and said that she had decided to spend the holidays in Pine Valley. Adam cocked his head to the side and asked Dixie what she was up to. He assumed that Dixie's trip to Paris must have mellowed her a bit. He asked Dixie about her trip, but Dixie was short on details. She said that nothing had changed a bit, saying that once you've seen the Eiffel Tower it's pretty much the same from then on. Adam then knew that Dixie was bluffing about her European adventure. He announced that the French had placed a "Millennium clock" on the Tour Eiffel to count down the seconds to the year two thousand. Dixie snapped that she did not owe Adam an explanation. Inadvertently, she had let it slip that she was not in Paris. As she scrambled to come up with a new lie, the doorbell chimed. Braden walked into the mansion unescorted and asked Dixie if she was okay. Adam chuckled softly and asked Dixie if the man was "a souvenir from [her] trip." Dixie pursed her lips together and told Adam that Braden was one of Palmer's workers. Adam again was confused. He still could not figure out why Dixie had been "hell-bent" on leaving Pine Valley and now suddenly wanted to stick around. "Stop playing mystery woman," Adam groused as he demanded that Dixie tell him the truth about where she'd been. Dixie was silent. Finally, Braden asked Dixie if she wanted to tell Adam the truth or if he should.

Raquel raced to the front of the courtroom and pleaded with the judge to not take her son away from her. Mateo, meanwhile, rose and began arguing with Trevor's decision to ask for sole custody. The judge became irritated with the shenanigans and ordered Raquel's attorney to "staple her" to her chair and for Trevor to discuss his legal strategy with his client before entering the courtroom. Luckily for both sides the judge called a ten minute recess. In the back of the courtroom, Raquel was a nervous wreck. She feared that her son was going to be taken away from her---and she was not about to let that happen. She asked her attorney to somehow buy some time---perhaps by claiming that she had gone to use the restroom---so that she could go back to the Pine Cone and skip town with Max. Back at their table, Mateo again laid into Trevor for going against his wishes. Hayley urged her husband to keep quiet so that Trevor could explain himself. Trevor said that he did not want to pursue sole custody. In fact, he said that there was no way that the judge would grant Mateo sole custody of Max. What he was doing was a "shoot high" approach. If they started high by asking for sole custody, it was very likely that the judge would meet them halfway and grant Mateo partial, or joint, custody. Trevor added that he was concerned that Raquel might try to leave town before the divorce proceedings concluded. A joint custody agreement would make it legally impossible for Raquel to flee. Mateo shook his head and sighed. He said that Raquel would never think of fleeing town. "She already has," Hayley muttered. Trevor told his client about his run-in the night before with Raquel. Mateo jumped from his chair and marched across the courtroom. He grabbed Raquel by the arm and led her to the back of the room. There, Mateo blasted Raquel for trying to take his son from him after their brief time together. Raquel tried to deny the accusation, but in the end she knew that additional lies would only get her in more trouble. The judge returned to the room and asked if everyone had gotten their acts together. Trevor rose and began his presentation. He told the judge that Raquel was a flight risk---and gave a brief summation of the events that had unfolded the night before at the Pine Cone. Mateo shook his head in disgust. Trevor added a few details about Mateo's desire to help Raquel relocate from the Pine Cone to a modest home elsewhere in town. The judge listened carefully as Raquel then had her chance to explain why she was so opposed to moving. Raquel explained that she felt Hayley and Mateo were trying to buy her son. She said that while she feels for Hayley's inability to have a child of her own, she does not think that it's fair for her to want to steal her son away. Hayley closed her eyes and bowed her head. Raquel pleaded over and over to the judge to not take Max away from the only parent he's known---her. A slightly odd exchange occurred when the judge asked to speak to Mrs. Santos and both Raquel and Hayley rose from their seats. Mateo was able to speak on his own behalf and he presented a calm, heartwarming, and concise explanation of why he brought the petition before the court. He admitted that he had not been a part of his son's life---but quickly noted that it was not by his own choice. He said that he does not want to take anything away from his son's life, but rather add to it. The judge looked very sympathetic to Matt's cause and announced that he would be back with his decision in a few minutes.

Upstairs in Kit's room, Edmund and Kit slowly leaned towards each other, but they both pulled away before they actually kissed. Edmund grinned and asked Kit if she was hungry. "Why are you always trying to feed me?" Kit chuckled. The pair headed downstairs to the dining area. It was a fateful decision.

Kit and Edmund sat down at their table and began chuckling giddily over even the most bland of jokes. Kit asked Edmund if he could help her think of a gift to give Jack for Christmas. Edmund decided that it might be a good idea for Kit to give her big brother a picture of herself. He offered to let Kit use the Tempo photographers for the photo session. Gillian heard the giggles from across the room and left her seat to head over to speak to Edmund and Kit. It appeared that trouble was brewing even before Gillian got to the other table. "Having fun yet?" Gillian snapped. She apologized for her interruption, but said that she had to get something off her chest. Gillian told Kit that she was very sorry that she'd been brutalized, but said that she was certain that Ryan did nor rape her. She explained that the only reason Ryan had claimed to have gotten lucky was because she had been having an affair. It seemed like something out of a soap opera---well, you get the idea. Kit angrily growled that she had been raped and that using the term "get lucky" was an abomination. Edmund told Gillian to leave, but the princess wasn't moving. Gillian turned towards Edmund and asked him if he honestly believed that Ryan---the man who'd been living under his roof and playing with his kids---was capable of rape. Ryan arrived and Edmund immediately ordered him to take Gillian and leave. Ryan snapped that The Valley Inn was a public place and that he wasn't leaving. Gillian added that they would only leave after Kit admitted that she had made a mistake by naming Ryan as her attacker. Kit said that Gillian had been the one who had made a mistake "by marrying a monster." Gillian stepped towards Kit and pushed her. Edmund grabbed Gillian's arm before she could slap Kit---and then everything fell apart. Ryan moved in to break Edmund's hold on Gillian and when he did, he slugged Edmund. Edmund fell to the ground and Gillian and Kit continued to grapple. This all happened under the eye of Jack and Derek. Jack ordered Derek to move in and arrest Ryan and Derek did just that. He pulled out a pair of handcuffs and informed Ryan that he was under arrest.

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