All My Children Recaps: The week of April 21, 2003 on AMC
Kendall accused Michael of having another woman on the side. Michael hired a private investigator to get information on Lena's loved ones. Bianca and Lena shared a kiss. Chris accused Aidan of spying on him. Simone's prostitution charges were dropped. Adam fired Tad from Chandler Enterprises.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 21, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, April 21, 2003

Aidan and Maureen are at SOS, Mia and Edmund are there also. Aidan tells Maureen Edmund is her shadow but she explains how this is a small town. Edmund tells Mia he's a man of his word, he's going to give her a night out, and spins her around to they start dancing. Maureen asks Aidan if this bothers him, although he claims it doesn't, Maureen tells him she knows it does. He says he would like to just move away. She tells him that she can't move to another town, and Aidan replied that that is not what he wants. Maggie and Henry invite them to his family's restaurant for a big Chinese feast to celebrate. As they head out Maureen turns around smiles at Edmund, who glances up as he is dancing with Mia. Maureen walks out and Mia tells him she wants to be alone with him. Edmund says he likes that and wants to go some place quite to talk, Mia says she might not want to talk and kisses Edmund. She tells Edmund she knows that part of his heart is Maria and always will be that she is ok with it, because tonight he is hers. At the Valley Inn he undresses her. After making love, Mia tells Edmund she has no regrets or expectations. Edmund says he feels like his heart has been far away.

At the restaurant Henry's friend tells him he will cook, but if his mother finds out she will be furious. Henry and Maggie dance and kiss while Maureen tells Aidan that the song playing reminds her of him, he asks her to dance. Henry's mom shows up, is very angry want to know when he became so disrespectful. She tells him they will talk about it in the morning. Maureen tells Aidan she loves him

Adam drops by Stuart's studio. Stuart thinks Adam is lonely in the big house by himself, Adam is grumpy and as he looks at the paintings Stuart will be showing in his outsider art exhibit, Adam criticizes them by saying they look like something Colby would paint. Stuart tells Adam just because his family moved away doesn't mean he's lost them. Adam doesn't think Hayley will ever visit him and he misses her so much. Stuart asks Adam if he remembers how he got when he was in the accident. He wants Adam to promise he won't become hateful and mean again. Adam told him that was the darkest time in his life until now. He doesn't think JR is too happy now. Stuart tells Adam JR is having the time of his life! Adam asks if Stuart if he has heard from JR. Stuart said he got a letter and that JR was in the South Pacific working hard. Adams demands to know more, but steward holds his ground because JR trusted him. Marion enters the studio so Adam questions her about JR also. She tells him to leave and if he doesn't stop badgering them he will end up without them also. She told Stuart to not give in to Adam, that he should not break JR's trust. Carlos comes into the studio, Stuart tells Carlos he knows something is bothering him. Marian asks how he knows Stuart, and Carlos tells her that Stuart saved his life. Stuart taught his art class, and told her Mr. C say his work and told him it was very good. Carlos said once he had the confidence everything fell into place and he got his diploma. Marion takes a call and goes in the other room. Stuart says it must be a special lady if Carlos is this upset. "Why can't you and your lady friend be together?" he asks. Carlos replies, "She needs to heal but I keep pushing." Stuart tells him to just wait for her to come to him, and asks Carlos to do some sculptures for his exhibit! Carlos is excited and says yes! Adam comes back to apologize to Stuart and Marion. Stuart offers Adam the letter JR wrote. He reads the note, tells Stuart that JR, Hayley and Colby are all exactly where they need to be.

Liza brings the Colby and Maddie to Fusion and Kendall snaps at her asking what are the kids doing still up and at the office. Liza sends the girls off to try on make-up while Kendall tells her she isn't going to leave until she figures out what is going wrong with Fusion. Liza tells her all the work will be here in the morning and wants to know what is really going on. She tells Liza she really screwed up and should never have told Greenlee what happened. She explains she was trying to save Fusion and help Michael. Liza wants to know what Michael has to do with fusion. She says she loves Michael and he loves her but she has done something so totally wrong out of love. She asks Liza if she has ever done that, she said Greenlee doesn't understand. Liza says she understands, but Greenlee is jealous of her. Kendall leaves to find Michael to tell him how much she loves him and how much he means to her. Liza calls Tad, she says she needs him.

Tad asks Liza why he his here at Fusion. Liza needs a favor and asks him if he still has his P.I. license. Tad asks if it's about Adam. Liza tells him of the lawsuit, and that she wants to know why the lady wouldn't take the large settlement she offered. Tad agrees to make a few calls and Liza tells him she knew she could count on him Tad got a couple of connections at the bank to find out what the women's financial situation was. Liza laughs and tells Tad that it is "kinda neat" that he's all excited about the P.I. thing. He tells her other than his motorcycle ride with Lysistrata not much else is going on in his life. She questions, "You were on a motorcycle? Like a date?" tad says he doesn't know but he will tell her when he finds out. Greenlee stomps in spewing to tad she will never help anyone again. Greenlee tells Liza everything back fired on her for getting up in Kendall's business, that every word Kendall and Michael said about her is the truth. Liza tells Greenlee sometimes people have to make mistakes and sometimes the only person you can save is yourself. Liza goes home and Greenlee calls Carlos. He is working on grinding metal and doesn't hear the phone ring. Greenlee leaves a message on his machine asking him to call her.

In Michael's apartment Greenlee accuses him of making Kendall sleep with Boyd to get the formula. She tells him it's sad that he believes he is sincere and charming. As Michael attempts to call Kendall, Greenlee tells him to stop wasting time and tell her what he is really after. Michael tells Greenlee he loves Kendall and everything he told her was the truth. He begs Greenlee to tell him Kendall did not sleep Boyd. Greenlee lets Michael know she believes he is transparent and will drop Kendall, as soon as he gets the formula. Michael tells Greenlee that he is sorry she is grieving for Leo but does that doesn't mean she has to make everyone else miserable. She tells him not to dare compare her love to what he claims to have with Kendall. He tells Greenlee it's devastating thinking of Kendall being seduced by another guy. Greenlee tells him not to blame this on Kendall. She hopes he dumps Kendall so she can see what he really is about. Greenlee threatens Michael to stay away from her company and if he hurts anyone she cares about she'll make him sorry. Kendall strolls in and wants to know what is going on. She's mad at Greenlee for telling Michael what she almost did. Greenlee tells them they deserve each other and storms out. Kendall explains to Michael that she tried to take advantage of Boyd's feelings, to lure him over to Fusion with the formula and she thought that was what Michael wanted. Michael says, "Isn't this exactly what I told you not to do, that I couldn't stand the thought of you being with another man?" Michael acts mad at Kendall, and tells her he thinks his father is right about her, that Boyd is going to be rich, richer than he is. Kendall asks him if he is going to break up with her. He tells her no, gives her a hug, and grins over her shoulder. She asks him if he understands that she doesn't want power or the formula, only him. Michael tells her he needs some time alone to think, he asks her to go. She cries, says she is sorry leaves. Michael kicks up his feet and tells himself how good he is, that he has Kendall exactly where he wants her.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003


Adam went to Michael's condo. Adam expressed his concern over Michael's father's illness and was happy to hear he'd made a full recovery. They discussed past profitable business ventures between their families. Adam told him he's heard Cambias Industries is in trouble and came to offer his help. Michael let Adam know he knew about the embezzlement trouble at Chandler Enterprises and how Liza had also walked out of their marriage. Adam chafed a bit and opined that Michael's father had not taught him enough about business, especially obvious since he botched that deal with Enchantment. Michael offered to bail out Chandler Enterprises if they ever needed it. The two men parted, agreeing only that they knew where each other stood.

Later, Michael was on the phone saying that Palmer doesn't suspect a thing.


Greenlee checked her voicemail at the office and was disappointed there were no messages. She called out for Carlos, but there was no reply. Kendall walked in and Greenlee couldn't help but point out that she was in the same clothes she'd worn the day before. Greenlee guessed that Michael must have kept her busy last night and Kendall replied "You bitch!" Greenlee was emphatically not interested in details of why she was in such a bad mood. Kendall told her she'd been on the roof, trying to work up the nerve; not to kill herself, but to push Greenlee off, except she never showed up. Kendall was furious with Greenlee for going to Michael and telling him she was after Boyd. Kendall insisted she had not been used by Michael and that he had loved her. Greenlee noted the past tense and was amazed at how na´ve Kendall can be. Greenlee spelled it out for Kendall, how Michael had used her to get Boyd's formula and to steal their company and she was too much of a moron to see it. Kendall accused Greenlee of going to Michael's only to get him for herself and that she only wanted everyone to be as miserable as she is. Kendall couldn't take it and grabbed Greenlee's arm. Greenlee told her to let go, called her a "psycho slut", and suggested she take responsibility for ruining her own life. Greenlee did not understand why Kendall was in love with Michael, who was obviously after Fusion. Kendall told her that she only thought she recognized a con artist because she'd been married to one. They argued about Leo and Greenlee insisted that Michael was after Boyd's formula and their company. Kendall then trashed a bunch of paperwork off Greenlee's desk to show how little Fusion meant to her. Greenlee retaliated by cutting the heads off the roses that Michael had sent. The catfight was on. Besides hair pulling and tussling on the floor, they squirted a large bottle of goo on each other while shouting about the company, love and men. They were shocked when Palmer emptied the water out of the vase on both of them. He demanded an explanation from Greenlee, who told him about Kendall ruining the company by sleeping with the enemy. Kendall's version was that "Cruella DuPres" was miserable and trying to ruin everyone else's life. Palmer deduced the fight was over a man. Kendall quit and Greenlee left to change clothes and told Kendall she'd better be gone when she gets back.

Palmer was surprised that Kendall would leave her company and had a paternal chat with her. Palmer talked to her about her partners and told her about some recent fire violations. He also knew she hadn't been around the office much and reminded her of the promise that the company's leadership structure would stay intact. He would take care of fixing the violations only if she stayed on; she expressed her concern over her partners and Palmer said if she didn't care about them enough to stay, he wouldn't either.


At Tad's office, Liza came to find out what he'd learned. He acted coy about her being impatient and not having time for foreplay or even offering to buy him dinner before getting down to business. Tad had uncovered an unusually large deposit made by Gertrude Stark (the plaintiff in the lawsuit against Fusion) immediately after the lawsuit was filed. They both figured out that someone was out to destroy Fusion by paying Gertrude to sue the company. Liza placed a call to Alfred Vanderpool at the bank who confirmed the deposit had come from an account in the Cayman Islands. Tad acted jealous of Alfred and reminded Liza he hadn't been able to say no to her since high school. Alfred fax'd them additional information and then they both knew who was behind the lawsuit, and it had to be because of Kendall. She started to leave to deal with what they'd learned and Tad reminded her she owed him dinner. She promised dinner and told him if he played his cards right, she might even throw in dessert. She then kissed Tad on the cheek, just as Adam walked into the office. Liza gave a nervous explanation of how they were just doing Fusion business and told Adam that things were rocky at Fusion. Adam was very gracious and Liza left. Tad promised to be gone soon and Adam said "no hurry".

Adam talked to the secretary, who later came in with a box of Tad's personal effects like coffee mug and nameplate. Adam walked in to tell Tad he's been clueless lately, and useless. Adam savored the moment and fired Tad with great glee.


Bianca got two tickets for a concert on Saturday. When she told Lena, Lena was uncomfortable and told Bianca that they can't see each other any more. Bianca was crushed. Lena apologized and Bianca grilled her for an explanation. Lena could only say that it's not that she doesn't want to see Bianca again, but she can't. Bianca wanted to know what she'd done wrong, but Lena couldn't tell her. Bianca wondered if she has "victim" tattooed on her forehead. Lena said she didn't want Bianca to be a victim, that's why she couldn't see her again. Bianca was very discouraged and accused Lena of being a coward. Lena tried to explain, but Bianca understood this was like all her past relationships where the other person decides they don't want her or the same thing she does. Bianca said she wouldn't be a victim because she didn't need Lena.

Lena went to Michael's who said he didn't want to see her unless she had the formula. She told him she would not be seeing Bianca again and he threatened her, saying she'd better seduce that formula out of Bianca or she would regret it, big time.


Asleep on her sofa, she woke up to see Jack at her side and gushed about how happy she was. He said he would rather be in her life on her terms than never see her again. Erica then really woke up to realize it was a dream and she vowed that she would not let Jack leave her the way he did. She got dressed, put the engagement ring in her purse and as she walked out, Palmer came to the door to express his congratulations and to offer to walk her down the aisle. Erica explained that Jack walked out on her. After some good questioning by Palmer, he realized that Erica had refused Jack's proposal. She admitted it and said that's why she had to rush out to find Jack, because she refused to let him walk out of her life and their friendship. Palmer was aghast at how heartless she could be. Erica tried to defend her actions, but Palmer suggested that she was the one destroying a lifelong friendship, not Jack. Palmer reminded her that Jack has worshiped her for years and stood by as she married one man after another, with few of them deserving her. Palmer told her that Jack is the right man for her and that walking away was probably the hardest thing he'd ever done, but the only thing Jack could have done. Erica complained of being alone and Palmer reminded her that she is not. Bianca came over, so Palmer left. When Erica told her that Jack had left her for good, Bianca was glad and accused her mother of having the speech to dump a guy memorized by now. She called her mother selfish for stringing him along, with no intention to commit, because everyone deserves true love. Bianca called her mother a coward and accused her of not loving anyone but herself. When Erica figured out that Bianca was also hurt about something, Bianca ran out. Liza showed up just then, accusing Erica of trying to ruin Fusion. She had papers that proved Erica was paying off Gertrude Stark to ruin Fusion and Kendall, she said.

Jack was at the community center, getting frustrated at mundane tasks. He couldn't get Erica out of his mind. Reggie and Joni were bickering while trying to work together on a painting project. Jack broke up the argument and both Joni and Reggie begged for other assignments to not have to work together. Later, Jack suggested that Joni give Reggie another chance because he's a good guy at heart, despite his tough guy exterior.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Liza walked into Erica's penthouse and told her to try her best at beating Fusion but that she wasn't going to "beat us." She told Erica that she wasn't just dealing with Kendall, Mia, Greenlee and Simone, she was dealing with her now too. Erica thought Liza was nuts but Liza explained that she found a money trail running from Enchantment to the Cayman Islands to the plaintiff's bank account. She asked Erica to explain the transfers but Erica said she had no idea but was sure there was a logical explanation. She picked up the phone and called Enchantment and asked to speak with Lena. She was told Lena wasn't in so she left an urgent voicemail for her. She told Liza that if there was a snake at Enchantment she'd find it. Liza said that legally it looks like Erica is in a world of trouble and that Fusion's attorney will be in contact. Liza left and Erica grabbed the phone and dialed Jackson's office. When she heard the secretary she hung up. A knock on the door brought Boyd into the room. Erica asked if he knew where Lena was and told him about Liza's visit. Boyd said "I knew it! Lena did this!" Erica questioned him but he didn't want to say anything else. Finally he said he just didn't trust Lena. Erica wondered if she could be embezzling from Enchantment. Boyd didn't know but said Lena wasn't upfront about alot of things. Erica asked about her sexual orientation and Boyd said he saw Lena and Bianca out last night and Bianca never looked happier. Boyd told her that she should watch Lena but not to tell Bianca he said that. Then he told her about his visit from Kendall the night before. He said Kendall tried to get his anti-aging formula from him by seducing him. Erica said this was crazy, that Fusion was accusing her of playing dirty when Kendall was doing this. Boyd said Fusion didn't send her, she did it for Michael but she couldn't go through with the seduction. Erica was stunned that Michael convinced Kendall to prostitute herself for him and then said she tried to warn Kendall but she wouldn't believe her. Erica said it all fell into place now, everything was connected. She said Michael was trying to make Boyd and everyone else believe that she was trying to crush Fusion. Michael thought Boyd would go to Kendall's side to save her and give the formula to her to help Fusion. Erica smiled at Boyd and said Michael covered all his bases but one. She told Boyd to write down his formula and get it patented right away. He thought that was risky but Erica said they'd be ready for Michael's next move. Boyd left and Erica stayed in the penthouse. A bit later a knock on the door interrupted her. She opened it to find Jackson standing there. She was thrilled and smiled at him and thanked him for coming to help her. Jack said he was there to investigate a crime against Fusion. Erica was stunned.

Kendall stomped around Fusion picking up the roses Greenlee had scattered. Greenlee returned from changing her clothes and Kendall told her she changed her mind, she wasn't quitting after all. But Greenlee argued and finally Kendall told her that Palmer said if she didn't work there Fusion didn't have a building to call it's home. Greenlee said their partnership was a disaster from the beginning. Kendall said she was totally committed to Fusion and the two women began yelling at each other. Mia and Simone walked in and asked what happened. Greenlee said Kendall quit but Kendall said she was back. She told them that Palmer would sell the building if they didn't make up. Mia tapped Greenlee on the shoulder and said "What are you waiting for? Kiss and make up!." Greenlee shrugged off Mia's touch and said she had enough connections to get funding to start over again. Mia was horrified that Greenlee would just walk away from them and Fusion but Greenlee said she "didn't need the baggage." Kendall said she should start trying to get along with people who care about her. Greenlee said the problem with Fusion was they know too much about each other. Simone said they worked well together but Greenlee said they spend more time bickering than working. Simone cried "So you're dumping us because we care?" Greenlee answered yes. The other three women said they were in it for the long haul, including this bogus lawsuit. Liza walked in and told them what she found out about Gertrude, the plaintiff. She told them the money that was deposited in Gertrude's account the day she filed the lawsuit came from Enchantment. Kendall was disgusted and said Erica wasn't after Fusion, she was after her and this was all her fault. She couldn't believe her mother would go this far to hurt her. Simone told her it wasn't her fault and Greenlee said she wasn't going to let Erica bury "our company." Simone asked "Now it's 'our company' again?" Greenlee said yes but without Kendall. Kendall agreed because she thought Erica would leave Fusion alone if she was out of the picture. Liza said no, that she's got legal moves in place and that when Erica came after Kendall she came after all of them. Simone told Kendall she couldn't leave when they were about to kick some "major Kane booty." Kendall agreed and asked Greenlee if she was in it with them. Greenlee said she wanted to stop Erica and that Kendall could stay. She asked Liza if she was confidant and Liza said things were being taken care of.

Lena was in Michael's condo and told him she wasn't going to seduce Bianca because she wasn't going to see her again. Michael said Lena would do as he tells her and that she would get to Bianca for him. She again refused and Michael reminded her that she was the one who wired the money from Enchantment to pay for the Fusion lawsuit, that her fingerprints were all over the deal. Lena said she didn't care, if questioned she would tell the truth. Michael told her that Bianca was a means to an end, not a love match. He asked how Bianca would feel when she found out that Lena was his "go to girl and favorite waste of time." Lena said it was over and that she didn't want the money anymore. She was going back to Europe and try to make her life something she wouldn't be ashamed of. She walked out the door. A while later Michael called her cell phone and left a message saying he hoped she'd come to her senses and not to make him come looking for her. He hung up and called someone else. He told that person to get him all the names and addresses of every one of Lena's relatives and friends, anyone she cared about. After he hung up there was a knock at the door. He went to open it, thinking it was Lena. He was surprised to find Boyd standing outside.

In her mother's office at Enchantment Bianca sadly looked out the window. She sat down and cried as she thought of her last conversation with Lena. She took out a pen and pad of paper and began to write a letter to her father, telling him how much she missed him and needed him. Myrtle walked in and told Bianca that Val called her and said something happened between her and Lena. Bianca told her that Lena said they couldn't see each other anymore. Myrtle hugged her as she cried. Bianca said she meets women whom she interested in but they always leave her. Myrtle said she thinks Lena has real feelings for Bianca. Bianca said she thought Lena liked her, that they had made plans for more dates. But then today Lena said she couldn't see her anymore and couldn't tell her why. Myrtle said maybe Lena woke up this morning and discovered she was falling in love with Bianca. Bianca said her mother always runs away from relationships and she swore she would do the opposite. But maybe it was better to run off before getting left behind. Myrtle said no, that Lena acts a little like Erica. Gets close, runs away, comes back, runs away. Bianca said it was over between them. Myrtle told Bianca to give it a second chance. Bianca said if Lena wanted her she knew where to find her. Val came in and told Bianca that Lena resigned by email and was going back to Europe today. He left and Myrtle said to Bianca, "What are you waiting for? Go to the airport and stop her!"

At the airport Lena walked up to the ticket counter and purchased a one way ticket to Prague. She sat down to wait for her flight and sadly thought about Bianca. Her flight was called for boarding so she got in line. Bianca ran up and called to her to wait. Lena got out of line and went to Bianca. Bianca asked if she was leaving because of her and Lena said yes. Bianca wanted more of an explanation but all Lena said was that Bianca was a beautiful woman and deserved better. Bianca told Lena to let her figure that out but Lena said the decision was already made. Bianca begged her to level with her so she would know the real reason and understand. Lena said she was doing this for Bianca. Bianca asked if Erica had anything to do with this and Lena told her no. Bianca began to cry and told Lena she wanted her here with her. "Tell me you don't have feelings for me!" Bianca sobbed. Lena said this was something she had to do. Bianca said what they had was worth fighting for. The gate agent announced boarding again and Lena turned to leave. Bianca stopped her and begged for one more chance. Lena said it wasn't their time. Bianca said that Lena had touched her heart and she would treasure that forever. "Have a safe flight," Bianca said and started to walk away. Lena called to her, walked up to her and put her arms around her, kissing her passionately.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Chris met Flanders at the park outside of Enchantment and told him that the DA went to the penthouse and that he could "whack" him on his way out. Chris asked why Flanders was so hot to get Jack and that he would not greenlight his vengeance toward Jack. Chris received a call on his cell when he noticed interference. At first he suspected Flanders was wearing a wire, when proven otherwise he found a "bug" on him and stormed off.

Boyd paid Michael a visit and said he knew that Michael was trying to steal his formula. He also informed Michael that it would do him no good because he and Erica already started a patent on it. Michael said "it's not over til I say it's over." Boyd wanted to know how Michael could use Kendall and said that it was easy. Michael went on to insult Kendall and Boyd took a swing at him but missed and Michael got a hold of Boyd and told him that if he tried that again he'd be leaving in a body bag. Boyd told him that he wouldn't give up his formula. Michael told Boyd that he could make him a very rich man all he had to do was name his price. Boyd told Michael he wasn't for sale.

Jack went to question Erica about the accusations that Liza made on the "bogus lawsuit." Erica thought he was just using that as an excuse to see her then realized that he was serious. She told him she had nothing to do with it that she was sure Michael Cannbius was behind this whole set-up. He asked if she had proof and she said she was working on it. Jack warned her that she could be in for some serious prison time if she didn't take this serious. Erica told Jack that she thought they could get passed her refusal to his proposal and he said no he couldn't. Erica then hissed at him that once this thing was over, once she proved she was innocent that he had better stay away from her for good, not to use any excuse ever to come around her again! With that Jack left

Kendall was talking to Aidan at the Valley Inn bar about how her love life was messed up. Aidan asked Kendall what happened with Michael, after listening to her story she ended with Michael won't forgive her, Aidan replied then Michael wasn't worth it. He let Kendall know that he'd be there for her if she needed him. Kendall told Aidan to be careful not to get his heart broken. He said Maureen wouldn't break his heart, she said, "maybe not Maureen but Maria Grey might." She excused herself and Aidan went to clear tables. Chris stormed in and pushed Aidan into the bar asking him about the "bug." Aidan tried denying it but Chris told him that he traced the transmission and destroyed the tape. He asked who put him up to it and then figured out that it was Jackson, assuming it began with the incident at the community center. Then Chris tried saying that Jack was out to get him. Aidan told him that the night at the community center wasn't the first time that they have him on tape with Flanders. Chris said Jack went too far and Aidan told him "no, you stepped over the line." He told him that he needed to pull back. Chris said maybe it was the wake up call he needed. Aidan asked, "then it ends here?" Chris said yes and as he did Jack walked in. Chris walked out.

Jackson asked Aidan what went on between the two of them and Aidan said that Chris found the "bug." Jackson said it was a matter of time. He asked Aidan his opinion about what Chris would do and he said that Chris said he'd pull back. Aidan in turn asked Jack's opinion. Jack replied, with the look he just gave me I don't think it's over.

Bianca convinced Lena to stay in Pine Valley and give their relationship a chance. As they returned to the Valley Inn to get Lena settled back, Lena's cell phone was Michael. He said he thought she'd be gone and asked if she'd calm down. She said she had and he told her to start cozying up to Bianca to get the formula. She said she wasn't interested and he told her that he would make her life difficult, she repeated she was interested then hung up on him. Bianca asked if it was her mother and she said no. As they were getting ready to talk more a knock came to the door. When Lena answered Erica started saying, "Lena I have left messages all over the place for you.....Bianca?"

Boyd ran into Kendall at the Valley Inn. She apologized for her behavior and said she hated herself for doing what she did. When Boyd tried blaming Michael, Kendall was quick to jump to his defense. Boyd told her that Michael was using her from the beginning that all he wanted from her was to get the formula. He told her that it was Michael not Erica who set up the false suit. When she questioned why, he told her it was because if she knew her company was in danger then Michael knew Kendall would go after the formula to save it. She asked Boyd if he had proof. He told her that he was at Michael's condo and they had it out. She asked if Michael admitted it he said he didn't admit it but he didn't deny it either. Kendall said she was going to settle this once and for all.

Kendall was outside Michael's condo when he was talking to Lena on the phone, she over heard him say "how would your lover like to know that you have been sleeping with me for the last month." She also heard him throw the phone and say "you stupid bitch."

Chris met back up with Flanders in the park and told him that their conversations had been taped and were in the DA's office. Flanders asked who bugged him and he said someone who was supposed to be a friend. Flanders had his back turned to Chris when he pulled out a gun and said "give me his name and he'll be my second stop." Chris who also was not facing Flanders started to say something when he turned to see that Flanders already took off so he started after him.

Friday, April 25, 2003

At BJs Joni badgered Jamie about his date with Holly, a prostitute. Reggie hung in the background egging on the situation by asking Jamie how could Jamie spend a night with a prostitute and not do it. He wanted to know if she was really good. Laurie talked to Jamie alone and told him he didn't need to go public with his relationship with Holly. Jamie assured her he didn't have sex with Holly because he wanted to wait until it would be with someone he loved. Laurie told him not to go there and walked away.

At Fusion Carlos talked to Greenlee. She explained she had called him and left message that she needed to see him. Carlos asked if Greenlee can imagine him in her life. She said yes. Could he see her in his? He thought maybe they should stop trying to have a relationship. Carlos changed the subject and asked Greenlee if she was going to Simone's hearing. Greenlee said no. Simone got herself in the mess and Greenlee wasn't going to clean up her mess. Carlos couldn't understand how Greenlee could be so cold and then left.

Simone was in the courtroom waiting for Kenny, her attorney. Kenny arrived and promised he would get her record wiped clean of the prostitution charge for solicitation of a police officer. The judge went over her record on her prior arrests. He asked her what she did for a living. She was a freelance journalist and now part owner of a business. He asked why she appeared to be so nervous. Simone explained she didn't want to be in court and that her business partners would be there to vouch for her. Suddenly the door open and the three ladies of the evening, Cherry, Lola and Rosemary, entered the courtroom much to Simone's embarrassment. They demanded the judge let their girlfriend go. The judge wanted to know about their relationship with Simone and were these the ladies Simone was waiting to testify on her behalf. Simone explained they shared a cell when she was arrested before. Carlos entered the courtroom and waited quietly in the back of the room. The judge acknowledged his presence and asked if he were Simone's boyfriend. Simone didn't answer and the judge said he heard enough and left the courtroom. He had dismissed her case.

Kendall confronted Michael at his condo. She demanded to know who the slut was that he has been seeing behind her back. Michael tried to explain that Kendall overheard his phone conversation wrong-- that it was about a business deal. Kendall wasn't buying his excuse. They argued. Michael insisted he put his business on the back burner and moved to Pine Valley to be near Kendall. He threw Kendall's hate for her mother at her. Kendall threw it back at him about his cheating and lying. She poured out her heart that she wanted to help him and that she worried she wasn't good enough for him. She now realized that he's the one not good enough. Good enough for her. Michael tried to play on her sympathy and said that she broke his heart. "I couldn't have," Kendall said. "You don't have a heart". She tore off the swamp girl diamond necklace he had given her and threw it at him. He picked it up and gave it back to her. Kendall snatched it from him and stormed out the door.

Kendall stormed into the office at Fusion throwing her purse and coat on her desk. Greenlee looked up from her desk surprised. She then realized that Kendall's relationship with Michael was over. Kendall told Greenlee what she had discovered about Michael and that the relationship was over. Greenlee comforted Kendall. She told her they needed to find a new crop of guys. Kendall gave Greenlee a check for $15,000 to help with Fusion. She had sold the necklace Michael had given her. It was her reward for surviving him.

Erica knocked on Lena's door at the Valley Inn. She was surprised to see Bianca there. She was frustrated she had been trying to contact Lena and none of her calls had been returned. Bianca told her, her timing of her visit was at the worst possible time. Erica explained how she appears to be part of a bogus scheme to bankrupt Fusion through the phony lawsuit and that money from Enchantment had been transferred from a Cayman Island bank account to pay off the woman suing Fusion.

Erica demanded to know how this embezzlement occurred on Lena's watch. Lena assured her she would get to the bottom of it. Bianca interrupted their conversation telling Erica that she and Lena needed time to work out some issues. Erica got the hint that it was time for her to leave but wasn't quite ready to go yet without her say. Lena assured Erica she would take good care of Bianca. Satisfied, Erica left the hotel room.

Bianca sensed Lena was disturbed and thought their relationship was over before it began. Bianca said she wanted to see where their relationship would take them. Lena agreed. Lena assured her they would see each other. Bianca left the hotel room to give Lena some time and that they would talk again later.

Erica was in the bar at the Valley Inn when Bianca came by on her way out. She told her mother to stay out of her relationships. She is a grown woman now and doesn't need her mother hovering or judging her. Erica realized she needed to give Bianca some space and agreed not to interfere in her relationship with Lena or any other woman.

Lena and Michael finally talked over the phone. Michael tried to push Lena's buttons to get her to go after Bianca for Boyd's formula. Lena sidestepped him and Michael quickly reminded her not to cross him because she will be sorry. He threatened to bring her down. She countered that if she goes down, he will go with her. Lena ended the phone call abruptly. She gave a sigh of relief.

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