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Di admitted that she was Dixie's half-sister. Jamie broke things off with Babe. Ryan found Jonathan hiding in Erin's cabin. Erica remained suspicious of Greg. Julia agreed to leave Wildwind.
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All My Children Recaps: Daily Recaps | 2005 on AMC
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Monday, August 22, 2005

Jamie orders Josh, JR and Amanda from the motel room after he catches Babe in a compromising position with Josh. Once alone, Jamie confronts Babe, telling her that since she set things up to decide their future, they should do exactly that. Jamie tells Babe that she didn't need to fix what wasn't broken. He chose Babe over money but she obviously trust in that. Babe initially tries to clarify things but then realizes that it would defeat her objective. She plays her role to the hilt until Jamie has no choice but to accept that their relationship isn't salvageable. Jamie calls Amanda and JR back into the room so that they can see him end things with Babe. JR, expecting Babe to try to reconcile with Jamie, taunts Babe. Babe ignores JR and looks at Jamie as she coldly tells Jamie and JR where they can both go. Jamie leaves with Amanda close on his heels. JR stares at Babe in shock. He begins to realize that Babe set the entire scene up. He asks her to confirm his suspicions but Babe doesn't give him a direct answer. Instead, Babe propositions him to join her in bed. He doesn't take her up on the offer. He's determined to have his question answered. He gets it when Babe in near desperation reminds JR that he has to give Jamie his inheritance. In that instant JR realizes that Babe acted out of love, obliterating everything JR believed to be true about Babe. Stunned he leaves and winds up at home where he finds Di who is still rattled from the confrontation she had with her brother Del. Di tries to follow along with JR's ramblings about Babe. JR pulls Di into a hug and tells her that she and Little Adam are the only two people he can count on not to throw him a curve ball.

Amanda follows Jamie home but he's in no mood for company while he begins throwing things into a box. He yells at her to get out until Amanda reluctantly leaves. Afterwards he picks up the box and throws it across the room.

Del is furious with Di for posing as their half-sister Dixie. When he demands an explanation for her impersonating their dead sister, Di tells him about David and how she was able to explain the obvious differences between herself and the real Dixie. She justifies her lies to everyone by telling Del that she is giving Dixie's family what they desperately need and want. Del is certain that Dixie would never condone such an awful deception. He confronts Di about the kiss he witnessed between her and Tad, pointing out that Tad thought he was kissing Dixie. Di denies it. She insists that Tad was kissing her. Del switches his line of questioning and asks her how long she had been planning passing herself off as Dixie. He wonders if it was since she donated one of her kidneys after Dixie's had failed. Di denies it but Del doesn't believe her as he recalls the long hours they spent during that time talking about all the details of Dixie's life. Di reminds Del that she was in prison, so she was hardly in a position to plot such a devious plan. She suggests that Del stay in town for a while and observe how she and Dixie's family are interacting. Del doesn't give her an answer as he walks out the door.

Brooke and Tad discuss Jamie and Babe's wedding plans. Brooke feels like it's a huge mistake for them to get married and tries to convince Tad to talk to Jamie. Tad refuses to get involved because he knows Jamie will resent it and it won't accomplish anything but alienating Jamie. Brooke is suspicious about Tad's sudden enlightenment. She senses Dixie's influence and worries that it indicates that Tad and Dixie are back together. Tad immediately denies that he and Dixie have reconciled. He admits that they did kiss but that there weren't any sparks or the warm and fuzzies. Brooke isn't completely convinced. She worries that, given their history together, Tad may not survive another breakup. He tries to reassure her and directs the discussion away from him and onto Del. Brooke is surprised to hear that Del is in town. A short while Brooke leaves through the back door. A few minutes later, Tad decides to confront Del whom he finds on his doorstep when Tad opens his door.

Ryan walks in as Erin tells Kendall that Ryan is alive. Ryan rips the phone out of Erin's hand and listens as Kendall demands to know who is calling her. Zach, standing next to Kendall during the call, realizes it's about Ryan being alive and takes the phone away from Kendall in the guise of trying to determine who is calling. Ryan rips the phone out of the wall, effectively severing the call. He turns to Erin to ask her what she thought she was doing. Erin does her best to convince it would be in Ryan's best interest if he just left town but Ryan refuses to cooperate. Erin is forced to tell him that she suffered a psychotic break after she learned that Ryan had killed Jonathan. As a result of the break, Erin has been forced to take anti-psychotic medications. She pleads with Ryan to just walk away because his presence makes everything worse but Ryan is determined to help Erin. He tries to convince her to give him a chance to help her. Frustrated, Erin loses her temper and says something about her and Jonathan that draws Ryan up short. In a state of disbelief he asks her to clarify what she said, but nothing Erin says convinces him his dawning realization isn't true. He slowly begins searching the cabin, convinced there is a secret room. When he doesn't initially find it, Ryan goes outside and studies the cabin. He returns, telling Erin that the outside of the cabin doesn't match the floor plan. Certain he knows where the secret room is, Ryan goes to the closet and begins searching it. Out of desperation, Erin picks up a fireplace poker determined to knock Ryan out before he finds the secret room. Ryan turns just in time to stop Erin from using the poker. He wrenches it out of her hand and returns to trying to find the hidden door. When Ryan finally manages to find it and open the door, he's shocked at what he finds in the room.

Zach warns Kendall that if she helps Greenlee have Ryan's baby she would be making a huge mistake. Kendall disagrees but denies that she's actively trying to help Greenlee have a baby. Zach calls her bluff, telling her that because he knew she was keeping a secret he had his men follow Kendall. They reported that she was seen going to the clinic with Greenlee. There's only one reason she would be there and that is to support Greenlee's decision to be inseminated again. Zach suggests that the reason that Kendall is so determined to help Greenlee is because she is acting out of guilt for not being able to stop Ryan from killing himself. Kendall counters that the reason Zach is helping Julia is because he feels guilty for driving Maria away. Unfortunately as Kendall is talking, she says something that baffles Zach until he realizes that it could indicate that Kendall is the one who will be inseminated with Ryan's baby. He asks her if it's true but Kendall evades giving him an answer by warning him to order his men to stop following her. Zach urges Kendall to reconsider if she is planning on being a surrogate for Greenlee and Ryan's baby, telling her that if she goes through with her plans it will be the worst mistake she has ever made.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Krystal told Babe that David had a secret concerning Dixie but won't tell exactly what it is. Babe said that if Dixie is a fake J.R. would be devastated. Babe explained that the first person J.R. is going to turn on is Adam and he will have no one to turn to. She told Krystal that she had a way to pay back J.R. but it just may be impossible.

Ryan is stunned to find Jonathan alive in Erin's closet. Completely bewildered, Jonathan thinks that Ryan has a gun and is there to shoot him. Erin went to Jonathan to calm him down and again told Ryan to go away. Erin told him that he was safe and that she would always take care of him. A delusional Jonathan took some pills Erin gave him and went to sleep. Erin told Ryan that she hated him. Ryan asked how she could have possibly saved Jonathan. Erin told Ryan that she and Jonathan were supposed to meet but he never showed. After she heard about the explosion, she found him in the woods bleeding and half dead. She got him to a doctor and then took him home with her. Ryan told her that Jonathan was getting worse and Erin told him that she would not let him hurt Jonathan again. Ryan told Erin that she worked a miracle and that he had no intention of hurting Jonathan. Ryan went back to see Jonathan again and told him that he was there to stay.

Kendall went to Julia and told her to leave town. Julia asked Kendall why she married Zach and Kendall told her that their marriage was strictly business. Kendall also told her that Zach meant a lot to her and she didn't want him getting himself killed. Kendall offered Julia money to get out of town and leave Zach alone, but Julia said that she didn't want the money and liked having Zach around. Julia asked if Zach could be trusted and Kendall told her he could. Julia got a phone call and set up a meeting for the next day. She told Kendall that if she told Zach about the call, she would be sorry. Kendall dropped the money on the table and left.

Danielle and Mimi talked about the upcoming wedding plans when Mimi got a call about Julia and had to leave. Garret asked Danielle if she wanted to play a game or something, but she said that she was tired and went to sleep. Garret entered her bedroom and said that he thought he heard a strange noise and asked if she was alright. He asked if she needed anything, but Dani said no and Garret left.

Del went to Tad's office and told him that Di was not Dixie, but Tad would not listen to any of it. Di then showed up office and Del told her either she tells the truth about who she was or he would. Del told Tad he was trying to help him and wanted to know why Tad was so hostile. Tad reminded him that years ago he and Dixie has a near perfect life before he and his father slithered into town. Tad then asked Del who he thought Dixie really was. Tad pulled out his checkbook and asked Del how much it would take to get rid of him. Di went after Del and he told her that after the way Tad acted, he didn't care if she ripped out Tad's heart and danced all over it. Di apologized for Del and told Tad that he hit her up for money. Tad asked Dixie out on a date and she said nothing would please her more.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Kendall and Greenlee argue over who will administer the fertility shot Greenlee needs in order to produce more eggs, in the middle of their humorous argument Erica starts knocking on the door and the two stash the syringe in a Tempo Magazine. Kendall uses the awkward moment to take her leave and assures Greenlee that she will get info on administering the shot from Dr. Madden and help her out. Greenlee is left with Erica who is worried that her quick change from catatonic and upset to the old Greenlee is too good to be true. She apologizes for upsetting her over nothing, when Dr. Madden arrives. Greenlee plays it off as though she is meeting with him for help with the miscarriage. He takes her into the other room to talk and while they converse, Erica makes herself some tea; however when she goes to set down her cup she sets it on the magazine in which the syringe is stashed and Erica finds it. Dr. Madden and Greenlee come back in and he takes his leave. Erica goes with him and when they step outside she threatens to have his license pulled. She thinks that Dr. Madden is giving her drugs to help her. Greenlee busts in and tells Erica that it's not what she thinks. Erica tries to convince Greenlee that drugs will not help her with the loss of Ryan and the baby. She tells them that if they don't fess up to what is in the syringe she will have it analyzed and all of Pine Valley will know what is in the syringe. Greenlee agrees to tell Erica but tells her that she's going to ruin everything.

Sam and Lily enjoy a breakfast date and talk about their breakfast preferences as an ever-watchful Reggie stands guard. When Lily leaves in order to get more Belgian waffles, Sam calls Reggie out. He tries to convince Reggie that he is not out to hurt Lily, and that he needs something else to do with his free time. While talking about Lily, she sees that Reggie is there and is not very happy with it. Sam has Reggie sit down with them and Lily tells Reggie how angry she is with him for butting in on their date. She argues for a while and then goes to the bathroom to cool off. She returns feeling refreshed and cooled off. She makes another attempt at asking Reggie to leave. This time Reggie is more apt to the idea. He tells her that he'll leave her and Sam alone now and leaves.

Dani's mother comes in her room to wake her and when she touches her she touches Dani, she shoots up from an apparently bad dream. After she asks Dani about the dream, Garret walks in and Dani decides not to tell her mom the details. Mimi asks if she would like to go to meet Olivia for breakfast with her and Garret. Dani declines and informs her mother of the big product preview that she has in store for the day. She seems a bit shaken over Garret's presence but does not let her mother see it. She ends up late for the entire presentation; however Simone pulls the presentation off flawlessly. When Dani shows up she asks what is wrong and Dani asks her for advice on her situation with Garret, and he fears about him being a "player." She clues her in on her concern of the "kiss goodnight" from the night before and the weird vibe that she is getting from him. She is afraid to tell her mother because she is so happy and does not want to ruin it for her. Simone admits she has no idea what Dani should do. Dani decides not to do anything because she's afraid she may just be overreacting and does not want to ruin her mother's happiness over nothing.

At breakfast with Olivia Garret seems to charm Olivia easily by bringing up an old case of hers. He continues to woo her and after he leaves Olivia admits that she was wrong about Garret and that he may not be as bad as she thought. Mimi tells Olivia how happy she is with Garret and Olivia agrees that he is not that bad.

When Zach arrives at Kendall's he finds that the house is in disarray and the front door is standing wide open. She tells him that "the man" pulled a gun on her. He seems a bit weary of the story but goes along nonetheless. When he insists on taking her to the casino where it will be safe she interjects and insists that he leaves Julia alone. He thinks her concern resembles something of a wife's she brushes off the comment and when they leave he asks how the attacker got in and Kendall tells him he claimed to be checking the meter a line that Zach does not fall for at all. He walks her to the car and heads back to Wildwind.

Julia waits for her contact to arrive with information on the man who killed her husband when Zach shows up and scares her. He lets her know he's only there to fill her in on the status of his search. Kendall calls Zach and tells him that there is a man looking for Julia and then hangs up leaving Zach worried, when he leaves to check on the situation with Kendall, a man steps out of the bushes and approaches the house. It turns out to be Jimmy who is an old friend of Julia and Noah's and may have information that Julia wants. She asks him to tell her what he told Noah, and he tells her he doesn't want to tell her and he only wants her to find peace she then realizes something is a miss and as she puts everything together he pulls a gun out. She is absolutely devastated by this twist. She asks him how he could do it and he informs her that "he" has his hands in everything and that he had no choice but to kill Noah. This bit of information further hurts Julia. Just as it looks like Julia is done for Zach enters and acts as though the man in charge sent him to take over handling Julia. Jimmy insists on seeing it happen, so Zach asks him for the gun so that it will not be brought back on him and as Jimmy is about to hand it over Kendall bursts in and sees the scene and blows Zach's ploy. Zach lunges for the gun and he and Jimmy enter into a struggle. The two hit the ground as a shot is fired.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Babe shows up at David's cabin, and informs him that if he doesn't give up the information he has on Dixie, she will be out of his life forever. Sidestepping her request, David notes that he knows about her plan to get Jamie out of her life and into med school. Babe fills him in on the brief version: Jamie dumped her, she moved out to the Pine Cone, and now Jamie can go to school. David fumes for a moment, proclaiming Jamie's idiocy for not knowing how good he had it. Babe gets her father back on track and asks once again for the secrets he holds. David asks if she plans on exacting revenge if she finds out the secret. She admits that revenge would be a bonus, but that her real goal is to get her son back. David tells her there is no way he will let her go up against JR on her own. Done with his games, Babe renounces him as her father, and demands that he stay out of her life for good.

Tad shows up at the Chandler mansion to pick Di up for their date. As they kiss hello, JR emerges from the house, and seeing them, calls them out as liars. JR is astounded that after all of the misfires of their previous relationships, they would even consider getting back together. Di starts to tell her son that she is simply going to lunch with Tad, but Tad clarifies and says that they are just trying to see where they could go with a new relationship. JR, believing he knows all, tells them that the same thing will happen - Tad will destroy his mother's world. He demands that Tad spare her the heartache and just leave, but Tad informs JR that he can't control anyone's life, no matter how badly he may want to. At that, Jamie joins them on the patio and notes aloud that JR's control definitely doesn't extend to his life. JR tries to administer a low blow, thinking that Babe coaxed Jamie back into her life by turning on the waterworks, but Jamie coldly denies any such thing. Tad, knowing that he missed something major, asks to be filled in. Jamie tells him that he is about to have a very rich son - who will soon be re-enrolled in college. Di initially thinks that JR finally took the high road and gave up his vendetta, but Jamie quickly tells her not to give JR that much credit. He then confirms that he had broken up with Babe, and that the wedding is off. Di accuses JR of pushing his brother to extremes, but Jamie breaks in once again and tells them that it was 100% his decision to break things off...with a bit of influence thrown in from the former bride-to-be.

Jamie sits outside with his father and Di, and listens to them commiserate regarding the end of his relationship. He assures them that he is okay with how things are, and that he isn't blaming JR for the demise. Just then, JR rejoins them, with a lawyer in tow. He informs the trio that the lawyer has all of the paperwork necessary to transfer Phoebe's estate to Jamie, and that he wants his mother and ex-stepfather to bear witness. Jamie insists that after all is said and done, he expects JR to call up all the colleges so that Jamie has a chance of being admitted. He also wants JR to stop harassing his grandfather, and stop blocking his opportunity to take Dr. Joe up on his job offer - if it still exists. Then, the lawyer notes that before they can commence with signing the legal documents, he has to ask JR some questions to make sure that Jamie has met all of the conditions of the will. JR hesitates before answering and Di chastises him for doing so. Jamie steps up and confirms that things are over with Babe. Just then, they all notice Babe standing by the outside entrance to the patio. After a moment of uncomfortable silence, Babe announces that it's her day with little Adam. JR tries to slide in some barbs, but Jamie remains stone faced, and soon Babe disappears into the house. As they prepare to have the paperwork signed, Tad pulls his son to the side and asks if this is really what he wants. Jamie notes that he now has his life and his desired career back on track - and that he plans to make the best of it. JR then notes aloud that all of the money should be transferred to Jamie's account, and Jamie reminds him to take care of removing his name from the blacklist at colleges. JR notes that it will be done, and then tells the man he now freely refers to as "brother" that he has been where Jamie is. He offers support to Jamie, should he need help dealing with the aftermath of the breakup. Jamie cuts him down to size by telling him that while JR may have finally handed him his dreams, he did so after he sliced Jamie open and tried to bleed him dry. He tells his brother that he has control of nothing, and that if it weren't for Little Adam, JR would have no worth in this world. He notes that after the transaction is completed, he never wants to see JR again. JR takes this all in, somewhat hurt, but quickly covers it up when he sees his mother and Tad looking at him.

A short time later, Babe returns to the patio with her son in her arms. She asks Tad and Di, who are seated out there, if JR is still around, but they tell her the coast is clear. She then asks if all is said and done, with the transfer of money and Jamie's way to medical school paved. They confirm as much, and then commend her for whatever she did, whatever sacrifices she made, to make this a reality. Tempted to come clean, she pauses for a moment, and then decides against it - instead telling them that she made a horrible mistake and that Jamie left her for it. Trying to move on to happier things, she sits with her son and makes plans for what to do with their time together. When she does, Tad pulls Di aside and asks if they can make their date for dinner instead. She asks, and he confirms that he is going to track down Jamie - with the state he is in, Tad believes his son is in no condition to be alone.

At Greenlee's apartment, Erica continues to badmouth and badger Dr. Madden, assuming that he is getting Greenlee hooked on illegal drugs in the aftermath of her miscarriage. Greenlee, fed up with Erica's meddling and assumptions, tries to make her understand that it really is none of her business. Unmoved, Erica declares that Greenlee loses all rights to privacy when she does something that will destroy her life. Erica demands one more time to know what is in the syringe, and Greenlee blurts out that the needle holds her last chance to have Ryan's baby. Erica is confused, as it was Dr. Madden that said Greenlee would never be able to carry a child to full term. Conflicted as to what to do, Greenlee finally decides that she will reveal the truth. However, before she has the chance, Greg tells Erica that he has been working on an experimental drug that could help correct the autoimmune reaction that Greenlee and women like her experience. He assures Erica that he has gotten approval from the FDA to proceed with trials, but Erica is horrified that Greg would take advantage of Greenlee like that. Greenlee pipes up and says that she volunteered, but Erica believes she only did so because she was distraught over the loss of her husband and her child. Greg continues, and says that Greenlee will come to no harm while involved in the study. Erica questions why, if the trial and study is above board and legal, Greg would be treating Greenlee on the sly. Greenlee tells her that she made the decision to keep it secret - because it doesn't take much for her family, especially her father, to launch into another tirade about how horrible it would be if she had Ryan's baby. Erica assures Greenlee that her father loves her, and only wants what is best for her - but Greenlee notes that this decision has been good for her. She knows that Erica has seen it, because she made a verbal observation about how well Greenlee seemed to be doing after the fact. They seem to be at an impasse, when Greg breaks in and demands that Erica put an end to her false accusations. He demands that she return the syringe to him at once so that they might proceed with the trials. Surprisingly, Erica gives up the needle without a fight and notes that Greg should understand firsthand the need to protect your child. She wishes them both luck with the endeavor and takes her leave. Once they are alone, Greenlee takes the opportunity to try to justify Erica's behavior, and then apologize all the same. Greg, still steaming, tells her that he won't have Erica, or anyone, compromising his research or his reputation. Greenlee doesn't see how he could, since he didn't do anything wrong. The look that shows on his face causes her to ask whether he did anything unbecoming that she is unaware of. Immediately on the defensive, Greg runs down the list of things that he has done for Greenlee since she broke into his clinic, and then notes how upsetting it is that she is still questioning him. He goes to storm out, but Greenlee begs him not to bail on her now. She apologizes, saying that Erica's appearance threw her off, and insists that she is fine now. She knows that he is her last hope for raising Ryan's child. Reluctantly, Greg agrees to stay on the case, and help her and Kendall bring Ryan's child into the world. Relieved, Greenlee then timidly asks if there really is an experimental drug that could help change the course of her life with regard to her autoimmune problem. Greg regrettably tells her that the story was a pure work of fiction, told only to get Erica off the trail. Although slightly saddened that she definitely can't carry Ryan's child, she is still pleased that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. As she walks him to the door, Dr. Madden reviews the steps they will be taking over the next few weeks, including the beginning of hormone shots for Kendall, harvesting of Greenlee's eggs, fertilization and implantation.

Ryan shows up again at Erin's place, much to her dismay. She was hoping he had left town, but he reiterates that he won't ever leave them again. Ryan starts to make a beeline for their brother, but Erin tells him that Jonathan had a bad night filled with nightmares - and that it might be best if he was left to sleep some more. Ryan only briefly considers this before resuming his path to the closet. He opens the door, and he and Erin see Jonathan playing with toy cars on the floor. He then spots Ryan and jumps up excitedly at his return. He tells his big brother that he picked the best day to come back - Jonathan's 10th birthday! His glee soon turns to sadness and shame, as he apologizes to Ryan for not being as strong and brave as Ryan asked him to be. Ryan assures his little brother that he isn't angry - he's proud because he survived, and their father is gone. Jonathan is reluctant to believe them, but Ryan and Erin confirm that truth. Just as Jonathan dares to hope, a car pulls up to the house, and Jonathan panics, thinking that Patrick has returned home from work. He begs Ryan to take him away and save him. Erin goes out to check, and when she returns, she tells Jonathan that the car they heard was the mailman. Ryan then tells a visibly calmer Jonathan that he is safe now - but Jonathan isn't so sure. Erin reminds him that he told her that he was happy with her taking care of him, in the cabin. Sheepishly, Jonathan tells Erin that he loves her, but he needs Ryan. Ryan then looks Hockett directly in the eye and tells him that he couldn't save him before - but he can save him now. Excited, Jonathan asks what their next move is. Ryan promises Jonathan a ride on his motorcycle. Initially thrilled, Jonathan is then a little deflated because he lost the motorcycle gloves that Ryan gave him. Ryan tells his little brother that he can ride on the bike without the gloves, and encourages him to get ready. Erin pulls Ryan aside and tells him that he shouldn't encourage Jonathan's fantasies. Ryan tells her that he wasn't kidding about the bike ride - he just didn't reveal the destination. He informs her that he will be taking Jonathan to a hospital, where he belongs. Erin warns her older brother that if he attempts to do any such thing, the only person that will end up in the hospital is him. Ryan tries to convince Erin that it's the right thing to do, and tells her about a good hospital that he found with an apartment building next to it where they could live. Erin tells him that the last hospital Jonathan was in did him no good, and that if Ryan puts him in a new one, all hope will be lost. Just then, Jonathan finishes his preparation for the trip and announces that he is ready. Although Ryan soothes his brother by saying that once they take the bike ride, everything will be fine, Erin tries to convince Jonathan that if he leaves the house, he will no longer be safe. The childlike quality suddenly gone from his voice, Jonathan bores holes into his sister with his gaze and announces that he knows what she is trying to do. Ryan tries to convince Jonathan that Erin isn't the bad guy, but Jonathan is sure that Erin is working for their father. He is sure that Erin enjoys the torture Jonathan has to suffer, and believes that she will do whatever their father asks as long as she can remain Daddy's Little Girl, and as long as he gave her presents. Instead of freaking out, Erin calmly tells him that he can be mad at her, but she won't go anywhere, and she won't let him leave. He tells her that she doesn't have a choice - because Ryan is going to take him away to someplace safe. Ryan approaches his little brother and calmly tells him that it's time to go. Before they can leave, Erin pleads with Jonathan to realize that Ryan is not the same brother than he once knew - that Ryan is older, and has changed. With those words, Jonathan suddenly draws back, seeing his father where his brother stood only moments before.

Kendall arrives at Wildwind and interrupts Zach's attempt to get the gun away from Jimmy, the man sent to kill Julia. Zach lunges at Jimmy, and they struggle for control. As they fall to the floor, the gun goes off, and Kendall and Julia are in the dark about who got shot. Moments later, they have their answer, as Zach sits up, unharmed, while a bright stain of red spreads across Jimmy's chest. Kendall starts to call 911, but Zach snatches the phone from her before she has a chance, stating that there is no way Jimmy would make it. Ignoring both of them, Julia tries to staunch the flow of blood long enough to find out who ordered the hit on Noah. Jimmy struggles to speak, barely managing to eke out the words "The Dragon" before expelling his last breath. After they take a moment to absorb what just happened, Zach and Julia talk about how they will get rid of the body. Kendall is convinced that the police need to be involved, and that will lead to Julia's reentrance into the Witness Protection Program. Julia refuses to ever go back to that life again, and Kendall wonders aloud how she will avoid it once the authorities get wind of this. They argue, and in the process reveal that not only were they in cahoots to keep Zach away from Wildwind while Julia conducted her business with Jimmy, but also that Kendall paid Julia to get the job done and get away from Zach. Taken aback at all of the things he didn't know, he demands that the feuding duo stop chomping at the bit and fill him in on any other lingering details. When they both fall silent, Zach announces that because no one knew where Jimmy was headed, no one would be looking for him. Because of that, Zach feels that he will be able to make the body disappear without arousing anyone's suspicions. They roll him up in a carpet, and Zach announces that he will be storing the body in the mausoleum for the time being. Julia rages about that, saying that Jimmy doesn't deserve to lie in the same place as Edmund. Zach tells her that it's their only option, and that if she keeps fighting him every step of the way, he won't be able to keep his promise to protect her. At this, Kendall breaks in and reminds him that as his wife, he made promises to her - and that he needs to cut Julia loose and start worrying about his marital duties. Harshly, Zach reminds Kendall that their marriage is in name only, a business arrangement, which means that he will deal with Julia or whoever he wants, as he sees fit, without having to consider how she fits into the picture. Vulnerability cut off, Kendall makes a quip about the way he scolded her. Unaffected, Zach demands that she continue to keep quiet about Julia's presence in Pine Valley and the events that recently transpired. Fed up, she pronounces that both he and Julia are out of their minds, and then stalks out of the house. Alone again, Zach apologizes for things not working out as she had hoped. Julia asks if he has any idea what "The Dragon" means, and Zach admits that while he doesn't, he will find out.

A short time later, Kendall arrives at the police station downtown, and approaches Mimi, asking for the person in charge of the hunt for Julia Santos Keefer. Intrigued, Mimi tells her that she is in charge of that case. Kendall then drops a bombshell: she knows where Julia is.

David leaves a message for Krystal, catching her up on the fact that Babe is no longer speaking to him, thanks to her. He also tells her that someday, both she and their daughter will be thanking him. He hangs up the phone a split second before there is a knock at the door. Exasperated, he goes to see who it is. When he opens the door, he finds Erica on the other side, who promptly invites herself in. She tells him that she is concerned about the relationship that Dr. Madden has with Greenlee, and this experimental treatment. She wants to confirm that everything is above board, and enlists David for help. She presents David with a tissue and tells him that she squirted some of the contents of the syringe into it before returning the needle to Dr. Madden. David questions whether Erica is overreacting because of her own history with drugs. She admits that she might, but she also confesses that she has always had an uneasy feeling when she is around the good doctor. David thinks it's ironic that she is coming to him with concerns about a doctor with possible conduct unbecoming, and tells her that to this point, Greg Madden has had a spotless reputation. He feels that it would be foolhardy for Dr. Madden to risk anything illegal at this point. Erica asks if David is rejecting her request - and David denies as much. He just warns her that she shouldn't be surprised when the tests come back clean and legal. Erica thanks him and makes him promise to call when he has results, and then leaves him alone once again.

A sleeping Amanda is awakened by Jamie throwing money on her. She tells him how thrilled she is that he finally got the money he was owed. Jamie then asks if she was serious when she said that she wanted him, and she confirms that as truth. He then sweeps her into his arms and lays a kiss on her.

Back at the Chandler mansion, Babe tells her son that she won't be marrying Jamie after all - but that she would have another husband, though he'd never be able to guess who. Just then, JR walks out onto the patio and a sly smile creeps onto Babe's face.

David completes his test on the sample that Erica brought to him...and is shocked at the results.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Ryan tries to tell Jonathan that he is no this father, but Jonathan continues to think he is and apologizes for making his dad angry. When Ryan tries to touch Jonathan, Jonathan holds his hands up to shield himself and promises to be good for his father. Jonathan leads Ryan to the living room and shows him that he has the pillows fluffed and the remote in the right spot, just like his father liked him. Jonathan takes off Ryan's shoes and searches for the slippers, but can not find them. Erin watches in horror at Jonathan's behavior as Ryan tries to reach out and tell Jonathan who he is. Jonathan begins panicking and calling himself stupid when he can't find the slippers. He pleads with his father not to be mad at him and when Ryan tries to grab him, Jonathan pulls away and starts apologizing. Erin cradles Jonathan, rocking back and forth, then runs to the couch as Ryan goes toward him. Erin blames Ryan for Jonathan getting so ill because he left them. As Jonathan clutches a pillow and asks his father not to push him, Ryan once again, tries to touch him, but Jonathan falls on the floor. Ryan asks Erin to do something to help Jonathan. She tells Jonathan to go hide, while she takes care of his father. Jonathan runs to his secret room and Erin pretends to be a little girl, trying to please her father. Erin blames Ryan again for leaving her and Jonathan and tells him it is too late to help each other. They go in to check on Jonathan, who is sleeping in his bed, then go back into the living room. Erin tells Ryan that he should not have expected things to just get peachy after he left. Ryan admits he did not imagine their father would be this abusive toward his siblings and again breaches the topic of taking him to a special hospital. Erin says that she it will only make Jonathan worse. Ryan said that he tries to be with Jonathan all the time also, but it did not work, and in the end, he put his life and marriage on hold. Finally, Erin starts to see Ryan's point and asks him how they could help Jonathan together.

Greenlee goes to Fusion and asks Simone if she has seen Kendall. Simone snaps that she has not seen her because she always left out of the loop, hitting on the fact that she got dissed by them on their planned girls night. Before Greenlee can apologize for brushing Simone off that night, Garret brings Danielle to the office to get a better idea of what she does at her job. Simone warns Greenlee to keep an eye on Garret for Danielle's own protection. After Danielle introduces Garret, he praises the company on its success and Greenlee returns the favor about Danielle's accomplishments. He kisses Danielle on the cheek before going to meet her mother. Simone immediately questions Greenlee about what she observed, which doesn't exactly please Danielle at first, but soon, she wants to know too. Greenlee asks her if Garret has made any suggestive remarks when they are alone. Danielle admits he has not, but sometimes stares at her for long periods of time. Greenlee says that Garret seems like a gentleman and perhaps, Danielle is going through some weird emotions since her and Reggie broke up. Greenlee suggests that Danielle asks Garret if he is hitting on her to get the truth. When Simone suggests Garret could lie, Greenlee says that it is better getting it out in the open before he gets hitched to her mother. David comes in and asks to talk to Greenlee alone. After Simone and Danielle walk off, David asks her flat out who is carrying the child for her.

Before Kendall reveals where Julia is hiding out, she stops herself because she is not sure if it is the right thing to do. Derek pressures Kendall to tell him what she knows, but Kendall asks what would happen if Julia hypothetically had someone helping. Derek and his ex-wife accuse Kendall of being the accomplish, but when says no, they aim toward Zach. Kendall walks off, claiming that she made up the whole story, but the cops stop her and try to make her feel guilty if Julia dies because she wanted to protect her husband. Derek tells Kendall that she does not tell him the truth he will put her behind bars for whatever else he can think of. Kendall agrees to tell what she knows, as long as the cops do not persecute her accomplish and they keep quiet about her being the one who spilled. The cops agree to Kendall's conditions, as long as her information is accurate. Garret comes in to visit his future wife but it is not long before she and Derek start fighting.

Danielle comes to the police station and Garret that they need to talk. Danielle stalls at first, but then gets the courage to ask him if something is going on with his feelings toward her.

Kendall walks into Fusion and David immediately starts to piece together Greenlee's baby plans, until Greenlee feeds him the same "clinical study" story that she told Erica. David tells him that Erica gave him a tissue some of the fluid, which he tested. David tells them that he knows what Greenlee and Kendall are up to, and he did not blab it to Erica. Kendall and Greenlee do not deny their plan, but warn David to keep his mouth shut. He agrees, hugs them both and vows to protect them, then leaves. Kendall and Greenlee figure they are in the clear until Simone comes back and says, "How could you do this!"

In the gardens, Julia tries to tell Zach that she is safe, but Zach does not believe it and checks the perimeter of the house. He tells Julia that she has to leave, incase someone else followed Jimmy, but she refuses, just as someone walks in the front door. Julia thinks that if someone did follow Jimmy, the person could help them find out who "the dragon" is. She tells him to leave her alone, but Zach pulls her away when he hears someone coming. Lily and Sam walk in and sit down after Sam can not find some personal items. He asks Lily why she has not mentioned anything about the ghost. She says that she has not mentioned it because Sam gets upset. Sam tells Lily not to worry about her disorder or doing things wrong because stuff like that happens. Lily tells him that she asked about scripting love in her class, but the teacher said it was too complicated. Sam says that there is nothing complicated about how they feel when they are around each other. Lily admits that the way she loves her family is not the type of love she feels for Sam, which is kind of confusing. Sam tells her that there are lots of ways to love someone and they are not all the same. They go looking for Sam's tennis rackets hand-in-hand. Julia says that Sam and Lily's behavior reminds her of the "we can conquer the world" relationship she and Noah had. She says that she realizes she does not have to live at that house to remember Noah. He will always be with her, wherever she is, Julia adds. As she and Zach head back inside the house to leave, they see someone cutting a lawn that has already been cut. In an instant, shots are fired and Zach throws Julia to the ground as glass shatters everywhere.

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