All My Children Recaps: The week of June 19, 2006 on AMC
Jeff considered telling Josh the truth. JR discovered Babe and Josh on the roof of Fusion in what appeared to be a romantic moment. Terry showed up in Pine Valley looking for his ex-wife, Annie, who had disappeared with their daughter. Greg panicked when water started leaking into his coffin.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 19, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, June 19, 2006

Jack walked into the yacht club and saw Erica sitting with Jeff Martin. He approached them and Erica introduced Jeff to Jack. Jack realized Jeff was Erica's ex-husband and asked why he was in town. Jeff said it was because of family business. Then, Jack suspiciously asked what Erica wanted from him. Erica claimed she wanted a fresh start and forgiveness from Jeff. Jeff said the future is what we make it. Jack left. Jeff was appalled that Erica did not tell Jack about their son. He said some things never change. Erica demanded Jeff not to make assumptions or judgments about her or her marriage. She proceeded to explain Jack's stressful situation with Lily. She also revealed that Josh drugged her and that she kept him out of jail. She said Josh was not noble like the Martins. Jeff believed this was why they should tell Josh about his real lineage. He thought it would be good for Josh to know he was not genetically predisposed to emulate Dr. Madden. Erica said Josh would not be able to handle the idea of his mother not wanting him. Jeff replied secrets always come out and it was a secret that destroyed their marriage. He stated he did not know what he was going to do yet, but this time it would be his decision. Jeff left and Jack returned. He questioned Erica about the real reason she was with Jeff. He insisted Erica tell him the whole story over a cup of coffee.

Jamie and Julia were making out in a hospital room. Josh looked through the blinds and saw this. He walked off and found Dr. Joe Martin. He told him a patient requested his personal attention and led him into the room. They opened the doors, but it was not what Josh expected to see. Jamie was standing on the bed pretending to kill a spider, while Julia discretely buttoned her shirt. Josh was shocked and said it must have been the wrong room. Joe left as did Jamie and Julia, but not without laughing at Josh. Outside the room, Josh confronted Jamie. Jamie asked Josh if he was annoyed because he had his own secret fantasy about Julia. They exchanged words and Josh yelled he outranked Jamie. Joe interjected loudly that he outranked both of them and inquired why they were fighting. Josh said Jamie was constantly insubordinate. Joe stated they all had to respect each other. He then directed Jamie not to be insubordinate and for Josh to resolve his grievances in the proper forum. Joe left and Josh told Jamie he would be watching him. Later, Julia stood in front of a different hospital room. She put a quarantine sign on its window. She opened the door and Jamie pulled her in. They kissed and banged against the wall, which knocked off the quarantine sign.

Tad was not happy to see Zach and Dixie together in the park. He knew Zach had a new life, but wondered why he was still helping Dixie look for Kate. He asked Zach if his compassion for Kate was extended to Dixie's other child, JR. Zach said JR almost killed his wife. Tad promised to keep an eye on JR, even though he did not think JR would make anymore foolish mistakes. Zach said he did not have to go after JR because he would destroy himself. Dixie told Tad they needed all the help they could get with Dr. Madden. She wanted to continue working with Zach. Tad grudgingly agreed. Zach left and Dixie explained they were just friends. She said it was possible for a man and a woman to be platonic. Tad then asked her about Ian Wells. Dixie looked surprised and called Tad a son of a bitch. Tad had investigated her and found out she was involved with a wealthy man in Europe. He claimed he looked into her past to find clues about Kate. He said Dixie made it sound like she was alone and desperate in Europe; however, her situation was a lot different than she made it seem. Dixie retorted he had no right to judge her, since he was engaged to her sister. Also, she said Ian had money, power, and connections. He helped her look for Kate. Tad was upset because she turned to this man and not him for help. He was disappointed she did not trust him with the search for Kate. He said he did not know her anymore and she would not take Kate away from him again. He affirmed that when they found Kate, she was going to stay with him in Pine Valley. Tad then stormed out of the park, leaving Dixie speechless!

Kendall, Simone, Danielle, and Erin were all disturbed to see JR in Fusion. This did not stop JR from telling Kendall what he overheard in the park. He exposed the fact that Zach hid Dixie from everyone, including Kendall. Kendall yelled at Babe and JR to leave, but they stayed. JR asked Kendall to lay off Babe. Kendall said the reason her son was in an incubator was because of JR and Babe. JR then inquired why she could forgive her lying husband and not Babe. Babe added she deserved to be at Fusion. Simone interjected she slid in on Greenlee's payback. At this point, Kendall was enraged. She told them to get out as she threw makeup around the room. Finally, Babe told JR to leave and they retreated to the roof. Simone asked Kendall what happened to her playing it cool. Kendall vented about how unfair it was that JR got to be with his son, while Spike was fighting for his life. Simone agreed it was unfair, but reminded Kendall she had friends, family and a husband who loved her. Simone encouraged her to ask Zach about JR's allegations. Just as Simone suggested this, Zach walked in and wanted to know what he should be asked about. Simone left. Zach asked if she was okay. Kendall told him JR was at Fusion, talking trash. Zach was angry JR was near Kendall. She asked Zach what his real reason was for not going after JR. He said Babe and JR were each other's punishment. Kendall assumed that was translation for leave JR alone. Zach sensed she was agitated and asked what JR said to her. Kendall replied it was nothing worth repeating. Zach offered her a ride home, but she did not go with him. Instead, she went to the park and found Dixie. The two intensely stared at each other. Meanwhile, Babe and JR were talking on the roof. JR was annoyed his mother went to Zach for help and not her family. Babe calmed him down and JR realized he should concentrate on Babe and Little Adam only. Babe thanked him for sticking up for her with the women of Fusion. JR told her they would never let up and she should give up Fusion. He pushed her to start her own company. Babe said she knew nothing about business. So, JR offered to get her a top notch business team. Babe still rejected the idea. She insisted Fusion was special and wanted to make things work. JR told her Fusion was not worth it. Babe said this was what people said about him, but she did not believe that either. She hoped they could get back to where they were, even though it would be hard. She also thought Kendall might be forgiving one day. They decided it was time to go home to Little Adam and JR walked to the door. Then, Babe looked up to the sky and screamed JR's name. A loud crashing sound was heard!

Dr. Madden was lying in his grave with his eyes shut. Suddenly, he lifted his head, opened his eyes, and faintly whispered, "Help me." His head then collapsed and his eyes shut! He was motionless!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dixie explains to Kendall how Zach helped her in her search for Kate and claims Zach is responsible for Greg not taking Spike away from Kendall. After speaking with Ryan, Kendall asks Zach about his association with Dixie. Zach questions David about Greg's heart condition. David makes it clear that he will be the one who tracks down Greg. Greg's captor torments him with the fact that Jeff is back in town. Greg's situation is dire. After questioning Josh, David tells Dixie he has a lead on Kate's whereabouts. Zach sings Kendall's praises to Spike. Ryan warns JR that "accidents" can happen at any time. Babe fears for JR's safety. Erica tells Jack the truth about Josh. Jack accuses Erica of never wanting him to know about Josh and realizes she tried to kill Greg. Jeff reaches out to Josh.

At the hospital, Zach probed David for details about Greg's heart condition. David made it clear that he wasn't going to give Zach ammo against Greg because he intended to take Madden down himself.... Jeff and Josh met up to discuss Josh's career. An over-sensitive Josh accused Jeff of trying to figure out if Josh is a whack job like his father. Jeff assured Josh that wasn't the case and Josh calmed down.... David asked Josh to help him help Dixie find Kate.... Zach visited Spike in the nursery and bonded with his stepson.

At the yacht club, Jack pressed Erica to tell him what was really going on with her and Jeff. "No more secrets," he begged. Erica steeled herself and prepared to tell Jack the truth. Jack reeled when Erica revealed that Josh is her son. Jack then realized that Erica had tried to kill Greg when he appeared on NEW BEGINNINGS. He grew agitated when it dawned on him that Erica had been keeping the Josh secret from him since February. Erica swore that she had had every intention of telling Jack and that she's glad he finally knew the truth. Jack's response was to walk out. He showed up at the hospital and glared in the general direction of Jeff and Josh.

Greg's captor used the voice-distortion device to torment him in his coffin. The captor played a recording from many years ago between Greg and Josh in which Josh said he wanted to be a doctor like his daddy. The captor reported to Greg that Josh was with Jeff Martin right at that moment and urged him to give up Kate's whereabouts. Greg announced that he would die before he ponied up Kate's location.

At the park, Dixie told Kendall she was thrilled to see her in such good health. Kendall asked Dixie how she got Zach to play the role of her best friend. Dixie filled Kendall in on the details of the bond she developed with Zach and assured Kendall that she had no romantic interest in her husband. Kendall understood the situation better when Dixie told her about Greg stealing Kate. After Kendall left, Del arrived and consoled a bummed-out Dixie. Del assured her that she'd get her baby back. Dixie then received a call on her cell phone from David, who said he needed to see her right away about Kate. David and Dixie convened at the park, where he reported that he had a good lead on Kate.

JR was nearly injured by toppling equipment on the Fusion rooftop. Ryan arrived on the scene and hinted that JR should be extra-careful because accidents can happen at any time. Babe and JR picked up on his not-so-subtle threat. Babe beseeched Ryan to back off JR. Ryan went back downstairs, where he encountered Kendall. He noted how worked up she was about Zach and encouraged Kendall not to repeat past unable-to-trust mistakes.... Babe told JR that she loved him and they tenderly embraced.

Kendall and Ryan joined Zach at the nursery. She pulled her husband aside for a private chat, leaving Ryan with Spike. Kendall asked Zach what was up with him and Dixie.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jonathan watched Lily sleep on the couch; however, he did not realize she was having a nightmare. She dreamed about Terry in the hotel room. She saw him take off his shirt and then try to take off hers. She began to yell out, "No touching!" Jonathan woke her up and told her she was safe. Lily explained the horrible images she saw. Lily did not understand how his face could look nice, but his actions were bad. Jonathan said it was hard to determine who is good and who is bad sometimes. He told her people are tricked in all aspects of life. Lily thought perhaps Jack was right. She was not ready to be an adult because she was too easily tricked. Jonathan said before his surgery he did not trust anyone, but he was lonely. Lily said she trusted him and she was not lonely. Lily asked if he was ever tricked and he answered yes. He also said it was not their fault, but the fault of the bad people who tricked them. Jonathan then had a guilty expression on his face. He continued to say that Terry was not in Pine Valley and Lily was safe because he would protect her. Lily told him Terry believed taking off your clothes was normal. She inquired if Jonathan wanted her to take off her clothes. Jonathan seemed a little embarrassed. He said he loved her just the way she was, but asked if she wanted to take off her clothes. Lily said no. She then looked at his computer and asked what he was doing with a lot of numbers. Jonathan looked nervous. He said he was doing their taxes. Lily asked if he thought he was good with numbers. He said no. Lily was relieved because she did not want to tell him he was bad. She began to fix his mistakes and proclaimed they were a perfect match. Jonathan just smiled.

Terry walked into Aidan's office. He introduced himself as Thompson McDermott, but asked to be called T. He told Aidan he was looking for a woman that might be in Pine Valley. He explained he was recently divorced and was granted joint custody of his child; however, his wife, Annie, and his child were no where to be found. He admitted to having an affair and believed his wife was punishing him by stealing their child. T said the New York Police could not help because she crossed state lines. Also, no Amber Alert could be made because Annie had custody also. Aidan explained he would have to investigate T before he would take the case. Aidan wanted to make sure his claims were legitimate. So, he made a phone call to the New York Police. He then asked T if Annie ever filed an abuse charge. He said no. Aidan decided his claims were legit and took the case. Aidan asked why he thought Annie was in Pine Valley. He said she had a friend in town, Di Kirby. He said they went to grade school together. Also, they got back in touch when T worked for Kevin, Di's old boyfriend that she went to jail for. He said he no longer worked for Kevin because he was a "player". Just then, Erin walked in. Terry got up to leave. He said he was going back to New York, but would definitely be around a lot. Aidan said they would be in touch. Erin and Aidan kissed and both vented about their stressful jobs. Then, Erin saw T's file. She looked very alarmed and asked what it was. Aidan said it was another missing daughter, but this time the mother stole her.

Tad was sitting on a park bench, close to where Dr. Madden was buried. Di walked into the park and they were both surprised to see each other. Tad asked why Di was there. She said she was just taking a walk. She sensed Tad was in a bad mood and went to leave. Tad apologized for being rude and told her to stay. Di said she understood he was upset about Kate. She also spoke of how evil Dr. Madden was. She did not believe threatening him or reasoning with him would make him divulge Kate's location. Tad agreed. He said he was so desperate he would do anything to find Kate. Also, he worried he had changed and would not be a good parent to Kate. Di tried to cheer him up by buying him a corn dog. She also told him she wanted to go with him to find Kate. He wondered why and she admitted she still loved him. He was astonished she would be in this hell with him. Di vowed to find Kate. Tad kissed and thanked her, but said no to her offer. He said this hell was personal. Di said okay and that she was there for him.

Kendall and Zach were on the roof at Fusion. Zach wanted to go home, but Kendall did not want to go home without Spike. Zach tried to hug her, but she backed away. Zach said he knew she was mad about Dixie. Kendall stated she did not doubt Zach's love, but it bothered her that he helped Dixie. She thought maybe it was because he had kept it from her and it did not help JR was the one to initially deliver the news. Zach said he would tell her everything and laughed about her talking to Dixie before him. Kendall was surprised Zach was not trying to get out of this. He admitted to helping Dixie, not telling Kendall, and liking Dixie a lot. Nevertheless, he declared Kendall was the woman he respected and liked the most. Kendall asked why he did not tell her about Dixie. He explained that when he met Dixie, Kendall did not want him around. Kendall realized Dixie was the reason Zach stayed in Pine Valley after the Mardi Gras Ball. Zach said Dixie told him about Dr. Madden, so they teamed up. Kendall thought he should have told her then and prevented her from going to the island. She said Zach chose Kate over Spike. Zach said he was trying to find proof to convince Kendall of Dr. Madden's evil intentions. Kendall wanted to know where Zach was when she woke up from the coma. He stated Dixie told him Dr. Madden was on the run, so he left the prison with her to find him. Kendall inquired why he always had to help women, like Julia and Dixie. He said because he could and that their problems were connected; however, Kendall's problem was solved, but Dixie's was not. Kendall asked if Zach would not go after JR because he was Dixie's son. He said no, it was because Dixie was JR's mother. He knew what it was like to lose a son and did not want to inflict that pain on Dixie. He asked what Kendall would do if Spike was in the same situation in twenty years. Kendall said she could not think that far ahead and still wanted JR to pay. Zach stated it was thanks to Dixie that he had Kendall and Spike. He told Kendall she was his life and his future. They embraced, kissed and said I love you to each other. Zach picked her up in his arms and said he was taking her home.

Jack went to the hospital and saw Josh and Jeff talking. Jack asked to speak with Josh alone. Erica walked in and interrupted. Jack told Jeff that Josh was dangerous to work with because he drugged Erica. He explained Josh had uncontrollable behavior and was too ambitious. Jack added that the apple did not fall far from the tree with him. Josh assumed he meant Dr. Madden, but Jeff and Erica knew better. Jeff asked Josh to get him some labs and Josh left. The three went into a hospital room. Jeff realized Jack finally knew about Josh. Erica said Jack agreed with her not to tell Josh the truth. Jeff replied it was not solely their decision. Jack expressed his concern that Josh would become very harmful after he learned the truth. Jeff asserted Josh was talented, but misguided. He believed Josh could excel if he knew the truth. He also wondered why no one helped direct and encourage Josh in the past. Erica claimed she did, but Jeff was skeptic about her efforts. Jeff stated he would base his decision on Josh's future, not his past. Still, he would take Erica and Jack's comments into consideration. Jeff left and Erica went to thank Jack, but he told her to stop. He said he did not want Josh to be a part of his family. Erica confronted Jack about the apple comment and it pertaining to her. Jack snidely replied, "If the designer shoe fits!" Erica yelled she was part of the family too. Jack expressed his grief over her shutting him out. He said a secret destroyed their first wedding and he did not want another to destroy their marriage. He told Erica Josh was her son and to do what she wanted. He went to leave and told her not to follow him. Then, Jeff entered the room. Erica blamed him for Jack's anger and turning her world upside down. Jeff said it was because she kept a secret. She maintained she did not want to burden him with her secrets. Jeff sarcastically remarked this was a part of marriage, but she did have more experience in that department. He opened the door to leave and Erica pleaded with Jeff to give her notice before he said anything. Jeff agreed. Neither of them knew Josh was lurking behind the door and listening in!

Meanwhile, Jack went to the yacht club and ran into Brooke. He invited her on his boat for a ride. Brooke said she could not because she had a busy day tomorrow. He asked her to have a drink with him instead and she agreed. Brooke inquired where Erica was. Jack said Erica was being Erica and was not meeting him. He pleaded with Brooke to join him on the boat. Finally, Brooke took Jack up on his offer.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Julia's rest in the hospital staff quarters is interrupted by some light kisses on her face. Initially receptive, she quickly changes her tune when she opens her eyes and realizes it's Josh. Aggravated, especially in the face of his amusement, she asks why he would do such a thing. When he wryly quips that he is conducting a survey to see if Julia will hook up with someone old enough to shave, he earns a slap across the face. Josh recoils, but recovers quickly. Julia continues to stare him down, which only entertains him more. Then, to further instigate, Josh says that perhaps Julia was just warming up when she was with Jamie and now she is ready for a real adult. Julia hotly denies this, saying that Josh's approach had all of the charm of preteen boy.

As JR looks on, Jamie whistles absently and tosses a basketball from one hand to another. JR thinks that his movements aren't necessary, but Jamie tells him that it's a nice cover - they can pretend that they are about to shoot. Then, without warning, Jamie passes the ball off the JR, and takes his leave. JR catches it, and then slowly gazes at the flower bed behind him. He then starts twirling the ball on his finger until Zach arrives and puts a stop to it. JR notes that Ryan already launched the first sneak attack at Fusion, and that he had been waiting for something to come from Zach's direction. Zach informs him that if he ever plans on bringing someone down, he would do some completely undetected. Zach then tells him that he should concentrate on doing whatever he can to celebrate his freedom, and to leave his wife alone. JR figures out that Zach knows that he shared the truth about his involvement in Dixie's initial hiding with Kendall, and now wants even more payback. He tells Zach that he understands the grudge he is holding for what JR did to Kendall and her son, and that he knows he will probably never be able to make up for it. However, JR also notes that Zach might do better with focusing on taking care of his own wife instead of messing with Dixie. Irritated, Zach tells JR that the only reason he is still alive is because of his mother. He then warns JR to be good - saying that Babe and Dixie have done all they can to save him. JR admits that he is aware of what they have done, and Zach tells him not to screw it up. He then says that Dixie came to him, swearing that she could fix JR, and begging Zach to overlook what JR did to Kendall and Spike. Because of their history, Zach granted one - and only one - mercy pass. After telling JR that his compassion for Dixie has his limits, he advises JR to stay far away from Kendall. If he finds out that JR is responsible for any more of Kendall's pain, all bets are off. JR makes it clear that he understands, and Zach tells him that he should be useful for once in his life and help Dixie find Kate. He takes off, and JR throws his basketball in frustration.

Josh, attempting to affect an innocent stance, dares to ask if Julia really thinks he was hitting on her. She tells him that when he put his tongue in her ear, it was a dead giveaway. Just then, Jamie makes his presence in the doorway known, and notes that he would have to ruin his morning by writing up an incident report. After Jamie gloats for a few moments, Josh asks him what's stopping him from running to Joe. Jamie says that he wants to make sure he follows protocol, and proceeds to confirm that Josh was indeed the perpetrator. Julia adds that she was asleep when Josh began his attack. Jamie tries to keep the glee out of his voice when he notes how serious the situation is. Josh, irate, finishes getting dressed, notes aloud that he has patients to see, and starts to take his leave. Unable to resist one last barb, Julia reminds him to keep his lips to himself before the door swings shut. With just the two of them in the room, Julia and Jamie waste no time before they start making out. After a few moments, they break away and Julia notes that his lips taste salty. He doesn't explain right away, but when she pushes, he simply says that he had a rough morning. Julia jokes that he must have been digging ditches, and Jamie doesn't dispute it. Instead, he lures her into continuing their lip lock. Julia lets it go on for a few minutes, and then tries to insist that they talk about the close calls they have had. Jamie tells her that it doesn't seem like much fun, and continues to distract her. They eventually decide on the best way for them to be together without being interrupted - the shower.

At Fusion, Babe has a hard time receiving some bad news by phone - until she realizes one of her co-workers is probably to blame. She abruptly ends the call, and starts to accuse the lot of not only deleting her presentation and all accompanying materials from her hard drive, but for going one step further and deleting it from the mainframe. Simone and Dani practically do a dance of joy, thinking this latest coup will make Babe pack up shop and leave. When Babe doesn't back down, Simone lays into her - stating that if Babe can't keep up with today's technology, then she'd best leave it to the people that can and go home. Babe notes that she would, but since she now has to recreate her presentation from scratch, she'll be in the office all day - despite the fact that the others have chose spite and revenge over the good of the company. Simone tries to take even that away from her, saying that because she is incompetent, she doesn't deserve to be on the project anymore. She effortlessly reassigns it to Erin, but Babe doesn't go down without a fight. She reminds Simone that as a partner, she has just as much clout, and will not give up her position on the project. They all launch into her, making it very clear that she isn't wanted, and further - that with Kendall's vote, she will be overruled every time. Babe calmly listens to them as they suggest that perhaps she should call Kendall and see what she has to say when she finds out that Babe's big emergency is calling a vote because she can't get along with her co-workers. They further offer that it would be best to leave a place where she isn't wanted and go home, where she can concentrate on being a good mother to her son. Amused, Babe finally breaks in and says that she would love to hear them give that exact same speech to Kendall. They don't take too kindly to that, and remind Babe that Kendall does not need lessons on parenting, as she is just happy her little boy survived. They also point out the hypocrisy of Babe's actions, getting JR off the hook so that little Adam could have his parents by his side - but throwing Spike's life aside as if it meant nothing. Babe tries to refute it, but the others don't let up. Choking back tears, Babe refuses to have another conversation about how wrong it is that JR isn't serving time, and takes off. As the elevator door closes, Simone notes that it was stupid of Babe to use her son's birthday as a password. Erin is taken slightly aback, and she confirms that Simone is the one who erased Babe's files. Simone asks if she has a problem with that - because she can't be on two sides at once. Erin considers everything for a moment, and then says that Simone made the right call - since Babe lost the right to the benefit of the doubt when she helped JR skip out on his punishment.

Kendall and Ryan return from a beginning parenting class, and Kendall is insistent that they need to videotape it next time because there is so much to remember. Ryan tries to assuage her fears by telling her it isn't an exact science but Kendall isn't hearing any of it. She starts to launch into her tirade again, when Ryan spots something amiss in the nursery and points it out. Gasping, they fairly stumble over each other, rushing to get into the room. Quietly, they observe the latest unveiling of their son - sans wires and tape on his eyes. An attendant comes in, and they marvel at the possibility that he could progress so quickly. The attendant tells them that Spike's weight gain puts him where they need him to be, and that now it's time for the baby to get adjusted to life outside of the incubator. He then asks who wants to hold him first. Kendall and Ryan, after briefly looking at each other, offer the other up as the first. Ryan bites the bullet, and Kendall is convinced that the calm he displays while holding their son must be because he either has nerves of steel or no nerves at all. Ryan tells her that he held Jonathan and Erin when they first came home from the hospital - and holding a baby is like riding a bike. After she gazes at father and son for a few moments, Ryan asks if she's ready to follow in his footsteps and hold Spike. Without an immediate answer, Kendall simply states that it must be moments like these that make people think that parents should be married to one another. She stalls for a bit longer, saying that Ryan must have some sort of magic touch, but when Spike starts to fuss, Ryan notes that Kendall time had come. Ryan rises from the chair and waits for Kendall to get situated before handing the baby over. She immediately starts to cry, noting how beautiful her son is and how lucky she is. They then proceed to tell Spike about all of the things they will do together and help him learn, and Ryan tells him that he will be a very hands-on father. He goes on to say that he wants to be there for all of Spike's firsts, and if he is needed, he will be there in a flash. As Zach arrives outside the NICU, Kendall notes that Ryan lives too far away to be immediately hands on. She then announces her brilliant idea that Ryan should buy Zach's condo, and as Zach pushes the door open, he tells her it's too late - as he accepted an offer this morning. Kendall is slightly horrified and begs Zach to break the deal, making up reasons why it could be made to look legitimate. Ryan then cracks a smile, saying that he is actually the buyer. Pleased, Kendall looks to Zach for assurance that this will all work out, but Zach appears stoic, and unmoved. Ryan tries to make it known that he wouldn't be in their faces 24/7, but did feel that living close, at least part-time, would allow him to pull his weight as a father. Zach appears to ignore him, instead kneeling close to his wife and noting how great her son looks. Kendall says again that she thinks it's a good idea, but when Zach fails to react again, Ryan suggests that perhaps Zach and Kendall should talk about it. At that, Zach stands and says that talking about it won't make a difference. Kendall takes her husband's statement as resistance, and she starts to try to convince him that everything would be okay. He interrupts her and says that what he meant was that he is all for the new arrangement. Pleased, Kendall informs her son of all of the people that will be around to take care of him.

Greg sleeps silently in his wooden jail until, out of nowhere, a horn begins to play reveille. Startled, Greg thinks the music will come to an end, but march after march continues to blare its way in. He tries to retain his calm, but when he finds a picture frame laying on him, and lifting it, sees Josh's face - his resolve starts to crumble. He feels around some more and finds water, and energy bars. As he begins to process this, the mystery voice pops in telling him to get ready -for today marks the first day of the rest of his life. Greg questions how supplies could have been restocked without his knowledge, but after the voice reveals that it is a recording, it informs Greg that he should drink a lot of the water so that the barbiturates used to keep him knocked out will flush out of his system. Greg unravels a little more, frustrated that he had been unearthed, but only while unconscious. As the voice tells him that he could be kept underground for an indefinite amount of time, Greg screams that someone will find him and get him out. The voice tells him that even death isn't a way out - and his only hope is to give up Kate's exact location. Greg visibly struggles with a decision as the voice continues to demand accurate information.

JR arrives at PVH for a test but before he can check in, he gets a call on his cell phone. Josh, seeing an opportunity to cause some trouble, asks the check-in nurse to take a long break. When JR ends his call, he goes back to the desk and announces that he is supposed to leave a sample. To JR's dismay, Josh reveals that he will be the one handling the collection and processing of his sample, as they are understaffed. He takes JR into a room, but JR is completely against working with Josh. Josh tells him that if he doesn't give a sample, it just calls his sobriety into question. Realizing as much is true, JR snatches the vial and says that he will go into the bathroom, Josh tells him the bathroom flooded this morning, and is no longer an option. Goading him, Josh tells JR that he will have to think of something else while providing his sample - perhaps his lovely wife, who he somehow conned into getting him off the hook with the courts. JR, not taking kindly to any of it, stares at Josh stone-faced, watching for his reaction and Josh slowly realizes that he is being peed on. Moments later, they burst out of the cubicle and fighting, fall to the floor.

A short time later, Kendall arrives at Fusion with chilled champagne in hand, and with news of her son's miraculous progress. Simone, Dani and Erin swarm around her, celebrating her wonderful news. In addition, Kendall tells them about the club that was to open downstairs, and how the financial backers dropped out. Her idea is to be the new power behind the club, and call it ConFusion - a place where all the business people can either relax, or make deals. As everyone starts to picture it, Babe reenters the scene. When Kendall asks if everyone is committed to making this happen, Babe pipes up and says there is no way in hell that the club will come to fruition.

Back at the hospital, Ryan and Zach stand outside of the NICU and strip out of the protective wear. Ryan continues to prattle on about why he bought Zach's old place and why he thought it was best, but with no reaction from Zach. He notes as much, and Zach tells him that he is simply distracted by an amazing kid. Ryan, not buying it, notes aloud that the real reason is because Zach's mind is on where he stashed Greg Madden.

Friday, June 23, 2006

After Ryan accuses Zach of kidnapping Greg, Zach tells him he has no clue where the doctor is. Ryan figures Zach would have Greg because he wants to help Dixie find her daughter. Zach says Ryan has just as much reason to stash Greg too. Ryan admits to Zach that after much thought, he has wondered if Greg is the father of Spike, considering Greg has impregnated so many other women without their consent. Ryan tells Zach that he thought about the idea too, or else he would have told Kendall about Greg's sole donorship on the island. Zach assures Ryan that Spike is his son and walks away.

As Greg continues to be tormented in the coffin by the kidnapper, Greg yells at the voice over the microphone that he will not reveal Kate's location until he is freed. Greg remembers being in a hospital, talking to dozens of babies about their futures. Back to reality, he tells the kidnapper he will not be broken. When the rain begins to pour harder, it starts slipping through the coffin, which freaks Greg out.

Lily and Jonathan play Frisbee at the park to help get Lily's mind off of Terry, the man who tried to have sex with her in New York. Lily tells Jonathan that she does not want to forget everything that happened in New York, such as their wedding. As it begins to thunder, Jonathan tells Lily they should go home, but Lily wants to stay and overcome her fear of loud noises. Jonathan tries to explain to Lily the differences between "good fear" and "bad fear" to ease her mind. His words seem to work as Lily overcomes her fear of thunder.

Di goes to see Aidan, where she is surprised to see Terry. Aidan tells Di that he has been hired to find Terry's ex-wife and daughter. Terry asks Di if Annie, the wife, has contacted her, but Di figured if Annie ran, she must have had a good reason. Terry tells Di that he had an affair, but regrets told Annie the truth and wanted to make things right. He says that Annie promised to hurt him as much as he hurt her. Di tells Terry she and Annie have not spoken in years, but if she hears from Annie, she'll be sure not to let him know about it. After Terry leaves, Di gets upset with Aidan for taking Terry's case. Aidan says that Annie should have gone through the proper channels before taking off with her daughter. As Di storms out, Erin comes in, asking Aidan what is going on. Aidan tells Erin about Terry's case, but decides to concentrate on something else instead. Terry walks through the park, but hides when he sees Lily and Jonathan laughing.

Babe tells Kendall, Simone, Danielle and Erin that opening a bar in the building will only make the company look bad. The girls ignore Babe's comments, already putting their ideas out on the table. Babe tells them that if they open a bar, it will not cater to their teenage crowd. Kendall claims Fusion is marketing towards everyone, but Babe counters that they will have to vote on the idea before anything happens. Kendall pulls paperwork which shows that she can vote for Bianca and Ryan. With Babe outnumbered, the vote does not go in her favor. Kendall tells Babe that her days will only get worse, but Babe refuses to give up. Zach goes to see Kendall and gives her a good update on Spike. She tells him that the bar is a go, despite Babe's objections. When Kendall starts barking about Babe and JR, Zach tells her he did not come to hear about them. Kendall gets upset, feeling as though her husband is brushing away what the couple did to her and Spike. Kendall wants to rush over to Spike when the rain begins to pour, but Zach assures her that Ryan is with Spike.

As Josh and JR continue to rumble in the hallways of the hospital, workers try to pull the two men apart. When Joe demands the men stop fighting, Tad and Jeff are able to intervene. Josh tells them that JR "relieved himself" on his shoe, but JR counters that Josh claimed the bathroom was closed and forced him to go to the bathroom in his presence. JR demands that Josh be fired, but Joe only promises that the matter will be looked into. Joe asks to speak to Josh alone, as JR walks away. Tad goes in to see Josh, where he finds out that Joe has given Josh two weeks probation without pay. Joe and Jeff tell Josh that he is important to the hospital, but went too far with JR. Before heading off, Josh tries to get the secret out about his father from Tad, Joe and Jeff, but it does not work. JR wonders through the baby ward, looking at a couple holding their newborn child. Tad and Joe ask Jeff if he is going to tell Josh the truth about his paternity.

On the rooftop of Fusion, Babe gets a visit from Josh. Babe tells him if he came to rant on JR, he can go home. Josh brings up his father's reputation and how it has made him look to be a bad guy. Josh admits he would like to get the answers straight from his father, but isn't even sure if he will see him again. At Babe's request, Josh promises to ask about Kate next time he sees his father. Babe touches his hand as she thanks him, but JR sees the friendly gesture from the doorway.

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