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Joe told Paulina that Remy was a con artist. Kirkland lost the stuffed animal Cindy had hidden her evidence against Grant in. Donna begged for Vicky's forgiveness. Donna was in critical condition after a fight with Marley. Josie considered abortion. Lila had a problem with her pregnancy.
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Another World Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on AW
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Monday, September 28, 1998

Paulina stops by Remy's place with some groceries. Remy was grateful, but asks Paulina why she would do that, especially for someone who cut up her photo album. Paulina says she was at the grocery store anyway, and again told her not to worry about the photo album incident. Remy is about to show Paulina her locket with the pictures in it, but then Nick shows up. He wants to go rollerblading with Remy, but she told him she can't because she has lots of work to do for Felicia. Nick offers to help her, split the work and it will be done in half the time, but she say no, she can't.

Vicky discusses with Jake what Marley told them about Donna wanting to run down Vicky. Jake says he can't believe that, but Vicky says that it fits with what the witness said and that Donna didn't know Marley wasn't still in China. Maybe Donna was angry enough about Michael to actually do it, especially after she read Lila's forged journal. But she says maybe Marley just made it up to get out of the hot seat for writing the letter to Jake. Jake asks her what she was going to do. She says she'll talk to Grant and see what he knows, since he's the one who accused Cindy. Jake suggests that she talk to Donna, but Vicky says she can't do that. Jake asks her if she'd rather not know. Vicky says look at her options... either her sister was a liar or her own mother tried to kill her.

Marley calls Donna to find out if she's spoken to Vicky since last night. Donna says no. Then Marley pays Grant a visit and told him the lie about Cindy being the one who ran them down was over. She says she's told Jake and Vicky the truth. Grant freaks out, because now he has nothing to hold over Cindy and Donna's heads. Marley told him that's his problem. He demands to know why she felt it was necessary to suddenly tell them the truth. She says she was just trying to do the right thing. Grant says she was really trying to break up Jake and Vicky. Marley told him it's obvious he still wants Vicky, so after she's through breaking them up, he can be there to pick up the pieces.

Paulina and Nick try to convince Remy to go out for a while, but she insists she has work to do. Nick gives up and leaves. Paulina asks what that was all about. Remy says Nick wanted to know the secrets about her past. She said he had his reasons for asking... he doesn't trust her. She says she's used to that though. Paulina told her to come clean and tell her what really happened with Joe.

Cindy brought Kirkland a new stuffed dog to replace the one he "lost". He says he doesn't want it. She says she'll keep it then. She says she likes toys, because she didn't have friends growing up and had to play by herself. Kirkland asks her if that's why she hates kids. Cindy asks him why he'd say that. She asks him if he has friends. He says he has lots. She says he could help her learn how to make friends, and she could help him find Puffy. But Kirkland says he doesn't want to, and if she doesn't stop, he'll tell his dad.

Grant asks Marley what she plans on doing. She says she doesn't want to join forces with him, she's just giving him this information as a courtesy. He asks what he should do when Vicky starts questioning him. She says to tell her he's not sure who was driving, and keep her suspicions about Donna going. She says he has no choice, because Donna wants the truth out anyway, and this way he could end up with Vicky. Kirkland interrupts and Marley hides in the hallway. Cindy finds her there. Marley told her the truth about the accident was out, so she no longer has to worry about being blamed for that. Cindy asks Marley to look for Kirkland's dog Puffy and to give it to Joe. Marley asks why. Cindy says she owes her, and reminds her of the whole "Marnie" incident. She hints that if Grant sends her to the loony bin again, this time she'll take Marley with her.

Remy told Paulina that every time Joe looks at her, he either wants to lock her up or make her disappear. He totally doesn't trust her, she says. Paulina told her Joe was just overprotective. Remy says she hasn't done anything wrong in Bay City. Paulina says Joe was just suspicious because he doesn't know that much about her. Remy says she doesn't want to talk about the person she used to be because she doesn't want to be that girl anymore. When she came to Bay City, she left her past behind. Paulina understands that. She says she'll talk to Joe. Remy gets one of her "feelings". She says it's Nick, she has to find him, and runs out. Meanwhile, Nick was rollerblading and was knocked over by someone. He lies on the ground not moving.

Vicky and Jake arrive at Grant's. They ask if Grant was absolutely certain that it was Cindy behind the wheel that night. He says nothing is absolutely certain. Vicky says she needs to know for sure what happened. Grant says he thought Cindy did it in a jealous rage. But he was in the hospital on painkillers, he's not sure, maybe it was a dream. Vicky asks, "Did you or did you not see Cindy behind the wheel of the car that hit you?"

Cindy thanks Kirkland for not telling Grant that she upset him. She gives him a reward, and told him about all kinds of neat things she has that he can have if he told her where Puffy is. He insists Puffy was gone, but she knows he's fibbing. She says when he decides to tell her the truth, all those rewards will be his. She leaves and Kirk says she pretends to be nice, but she's not, and if she finds Puffy, she can get his dad in trouble.

Remy finds Nick and brought him back to consciousness. He seems OK, but he's bleeding and Remy tends to it.

Jake and Vicky press Grant for answers. He says for sure it was a woman, with a slender build and short hair, driving a sedan. He asks what all this was about. They say they're not sure, but they'll let him know when they know. Jake and Vicky leave for Donna's place.

Cindy told Grant that Kirkland was upset that Puffy was lost and she wants to help him find him. He asks her why she would care. They start to argue, and Kirkland sneaks out of the apartment.

Donna went downstairs and finds Marley waiting for her with breakfast. Marley pours coffee, but Donna says she can't have any caffeine, even just a little makes her go crazy. Marley told her not to worry, it's decaf. Donna leaves to wash up, and Marley puts a bunch of caffeine pills in Donna's coffee. After Donna drinks the coffee, she starts shaking and her heart races. Then her ears start ringing and Donna starts to freak out. Marley says don't worry, she'll take care of her. Then Jake and Vicky arrive.

Grant and Cindy keep arguing, and it's a while before Grant notices that Kirkland was missing. Meanwhile, Kirk gets Puffy and says he needs to put him someplace safe where no one will ever find him.

Nick and Remy talk for a while, and he thanks her for her help. She starts to leave. He asks where she's going, and she says they were having a good time and she should leave before she wrecks it. He says he thought that's what he would do. He apologizes for the other night. She says he has nothing to be sorry for, but Nick explains that since his dad died, he's had a hard time trusting people. He says he still wants to know her better, but he won't ask any more questions. Then they kiss.

Kirkland climbs a woodpile to hide Puffy in a tree. After he looks down, he starts to wobble.

Vicky and Jake notice that Donna was in bad shape. Vicky says maybe it's not the right time, but Jake says it has to be done. Donna insists that she's fine, they can talk to her. Vicky says she has a question and just wants the truth. Of course, Donna told her. Vicky asks if she was the person who ran over Marley and Grant.

Grant went to Vicky's looking for Kirkland, but can't find him. He could be anywhere, Grant worries. Meanwhile, Kirkland falls to the ground.

Donna remains silent, and Vicky begs her to answer. Donna remembers how Marley pleaded with her to keep it a secret, and her promise not to tell. So she says no to Vicky, of course it wasn't her. She told Vicky she loves her, that's the only truth that matters. But the caffeine was making her behave strangely. She starts to cry. Vicky asks Marley what going on with her. Marley says she thinks Vicky knows the answer to that. Marley told Donna it's all right. Donna breaks down and begs Vicky to forgive her. She admits that she was driving the car.

Tuesday, September 29, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Claudia, one of the Cory maids, has a message for Matt from Sofia. Lila insists on giving it to him. Lila opens the note; Sofia wants Matt to meet her at her apartment as soon as possible. Matt's meeting ends. The Lumina Corporation has agreed to buy several pieces of the art collection for a considerable price. The art collector says that they need to finalize the deal over drinks and wants Lila to come with them. Lila hides the message from Sofia so that Matt will go to The Lucky Lady for drinks. The art dealer secretly calls Zak and told him that Matt will be busy. Zak was standing outside the door of Sofia's apartment when he gets the call. There was a note hanging on the door that says, "Come on in." Zak walks in. Sofia was standing with her back to the door with a sheet wrapped around her and told "Matt" that she wants him to sketch her like he did the first time. Sofia drops the sheet as she turns around and then sees Zak.

Kirkland was missing. Cyndi offers to help Grant find him. Grant blames Cyndi for Kirkland being gone and told her that if anything has happened to Kirkland that Cyndi will pay. The camera shows Kirkland lying behind the woodpile, unconscious.

Donna admits to hitting Marley with the car. Vicki wants to know why Donna did it. Marley defends Donna. Vicki realizes that Donna tried to kill her. Vicki denies Donna as a mother and told her that she never wants to see her again.

Zak tries to joke about seeing Sofia naked. Zak tries to quit his job again. Sofia told Zak that C-Squared needs him. Sofia apologizes for getting mad at Zak and asks him to stay.

Donna says that she hopes that one day Vicki will forgive her. Vicki starts bringing up everything that Marley said that Donna did, namely writing the letter. Donna was very confused. Vicki says that she was tired of talking to Donna through Marley and that she was going to talk to her mom. Grant arrives to tell Vicki that Kirkland was missing.

Cyndi was looking for Kirkland.

Zak says that he actually does not want to quit. Zak told Lila that he was not on Lila's side, that he never was. Zak asks Sofia to go to The Lucky Lady for a drink. Sofia says that she was waiting for Matt. Sofia decides that since Matt has not called her, that his meeting must still be going on and decides to go with Zak.

Matt signs the contract. The art collector says that Matt should thank Lila because she was the first one that called them. The art collector went off to order more drinks for everyone. Matt told Lila that he will always be grateful to her for helping Cory Publishing. Lila gets jealous watching another couple who was also having a baby. Matt told Lila that she was not a burden.

Vicki, Jake, and Grant leave to try to find Kirkland. Donna was mad at Marley and told her that she cannot live with the lies anymore. Marley leaves to help look for Kirkland.

Cyndi finally finds Kirkland but he was unconscious.

Matt told Lila that she has given so much to his family. Sofia walks in just in time to see Lila kiss Matt.

Vicki and Jake did not find Kirkland. Jake blames and threatens Grant.

Kirkland wakes up. Cyndi asks how he was and what happened. Kirkland says that he fell, but that nothing hurts. Kirkland says that he wants his dad. Cyndi starts to leave to go get Grant, but changes her mind and returned and starts asking for Puffy again. Kirkland says that he was going to tell Grant that she was trying to take Puffy away from him again. Cyndi told Kirkland that she only wants to make sure that Grant gets what's coming to him. Cyndi continues, threatening Kirkland that she was his stepmother and he knows what stepmothers are like. Cyndi says that she had powers and that if he told that she will use those powers to hurt Grant, but if he does not tell, then she will make sure that Grant gets what he deserves. Grant comes out to continue looking for Kirkland. Grant was thrilled to see Kirkland and asks how he got there. Cyndi makes a witch-like motion with her hands and Kirkland does not answer.

Vicki was freaking out. Marley comes in to help with the search. Grant brought Kirkland in and says that Cyndi found him. Vicki asks why he ran away. Cyndi again makes the witch-like motion, so Kirkland says that he got bored. Cyndi sneaks out of the house and says to herself that she still needs to find the dog.

Matt explains to Sofia that they closed the art deal over drinks. Sofia lays into Lila. Matt defends Lila and then denies to Sofia that he was defending Lila. Sofia says that she has had enough and leaves. Zak follows her. The art collector was waiting in the alley for Zak and told Zak that things went great. Zak pays the man and told him to leave.

Cyndi was looking for Puffy when Grant finds Cyndi. Cyndi told him that she was just looking for the earring that she lost while she was looking for Kirkland. Grant told her that she was wearing both of her earrings. Cyndi explains that it felt as though one of them were gone.

Marley went back to Donna's apartment. Donna was dressed to go out. Donna told Marley that she was tired of covering for her. Donna says that she wants to discuss the letter. Donna says she was going to Vicki and Jake's apartment to tell them what she and Marley have done.

Sofia writes, "I'm an idiot" on the easel. Zak comes over. Sofia was berating herself for her actions at The Lucky Lady. Zak told her to let it go. Zak says that maybe Sofia should stop fighting. Sofia says that she loves Matt and that her and Matt are meant to be together.

Zak calls someone and says, "everything was set to go." The man that he called was pleased.

Grant told Cyndi that he thinks that whatever was in the wall was now in Puffy. Grant ends up apologizing and told Cyndi that he was going to give her more freedom. No more Bruno, no more 24-hour a day guarding. Grant says that he was tired of doubting her. As Grant and Cyndi leave the yard, there was a close-up shot of Puffy in the tree.

Vicki was standing, watching Kirkland sleep. Jake comes in. Vicki was remembering how scared (sick) she was when Kirkland was gone. Vicki was wondering if Marley was lying to them because Donna seemed so confused, especially about the letter. Vicki was still upset that Marley and Jake hid things from her.

Marley says that Donna cannot tell Jake and Vicki. Marley says that if Donna leaves then Marley will have to stop her from leaving. Marley pulls a knife on Donna.

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

Gary announced to Etta Mae and Tyrone that he and Cameron are going into business together. Cameron walked in in total shock. It was obvious that Gary did not discuss this with Cameron. Cameron was reluctant to accept the job offer. Gary wanted to help Cameron since he saved Gary's life. Gary wanted to make up for lost time with his brother. He wants them to be close. Cameron eventually agreed to take the job. Cameron was shocked when he found out that Josie did not know Gary's plan for the two brothers to go into business together.

Josie contemplated on whether or not she should take the home pregnancy test. Finally, Josie got enough courage to not only take the test but to look at it too. Sure enough the test came out positive. Josie immediately made an appointment with her doctor. The doctor confirmed with a blood test, she was definitely pregnant. When Josie asked how long, the doctor replied, "Just a few weeks."

Gary brought Cameron home and told Josie his good news. Josie tried to be happy for the two brothers. After Cameron left and Gary was in the shower waiting for Josie, Josie called the Women's Clinic for information about an abortion.

Cameron ran into Amanda in the park. He begged for forgiveness. Amanda just walked away.

Vicky questioned Jake's disloyalty to her when he didn't tell her about all of the things Marley had done her and their marriage. For the first time Vicky did not trust Jake. Jake and Vicky tried to figure out who was doing this to them, Marley or Donna. Vicky was feeling like an outcast. Vicky cried, "I want my sister back!"

Marley threatened Donna with a knife. She wanted Donna to confess to writing the letter that she herself wrote and for the potato in the tailpipe incident. Marley became hysterical when Donna said it was time for Vicky to know the whole truth, and the lies must stop. Marley tried to make Donna feel guilty hoping Donna would give in and confess. Donna then asked Marley why did she write that letter. Marley couldn't give her an answer. Donna tried to convince Marley that what she feels for Jake isn't love. Marley got defensive. Donna then tried to convince Marley to see a doctor. Marley, again, got defensive. Marley thought she finally convinced Donna to confess to Marley's actions when she brought up Steven and Kirkland. But not even Donna's grandchildren could make Donna tell another lie. Marley vowed to make Jake choose her over Vicky.

Donna and Marley went to Jake's and Vicky's. Marley continued to beg Donna for her not to squeal on her. Marley threatened to kill herself. Donna didn't believe her so Marley told Donna about the night she tried to kill herself by jumping off the pier. Donna was shocked but even more convinced that she needed to tell Vicky the truth.

Just as Donna headed for the door, Marley grabbed Donna by the arm. Donna tried to pull her arm away from Marley. When she succeeded, Donna fell down the porch stairs hitting her head. She was unconscious. Marley stood there in confusion. She began to scream loud enough so Jake and Vicky could hear, and they eventually came out of the house. Jake called 911. Vicky wanted to know why they were there. Vicky held Donna comforting her while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

At the hospital, the doctor informed Vicky, Jake, and Marley that Donna was not responding to the stimuli and that the longer she remains unconscious, the worse it is. Just then, Marley wanted to go to pray in the chapel but was stopped by Vicky who demanded to know the truth about what happened. Just then the doctor came out and told them that Donna was having difficulty with the right side and left side of her brain. The extent of the damage may not be determined for several days. Marley then told Jake and Vicky that Donna wrote the letter, and put the potato in the exhaust pipe. A reluctant Jake thought they should wait to hear Donna's side of the story.

Thursday, September 11, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Joe and Nick are at Carlino's talking about Remy. At an outside table a stranger grabs Remy's hand as she recognizes him and tries to leave.

Josie was leaving on "errands." Gary was still in bed. Before Josie gets a chance to leave, Felicia shows up. Josie drops her stuff and while Felicia was helping her pick it up she finds the pregnancy pamphlet and says that Gary must be thrilled.

Amanda was swimming in the Cory pool when Cameron walks onto the deck. Amanda seems happy to see him. Cameron says that he was looking for Amanda, not Rachel. Amanda says that she had no idea that fate would work so fast. Cameron says that he was there for business, not personal reasons. Cameron gives Amanda a file, an update on the missing Cory funds, but she does not want to look at it now. Cameron starts to leave but Amanda calls him back, asking how he has been. Cameron told her that Gary has asked him to be his business partner. Rachel comes out and seems happy to see Cameron. Amanda told Rachel that she does not know where she stands with Cameron.

Felicia was very excited. Josie told her that Gary does not know about the baby yet. When asked how far along she was Josie told Felicia that the doctor said around two months. Josie told Felicia that she wants to be the one to tell Gary.

The guy told Remy that she owes him $500. In trying to jog her memory, he also told her that they met at the Vampire Club in Chicago. Paulina, who was standing inside listening, comes out and told him that if he has a problem with one of her waitresses then he needs to talk to her about it. He told Paulina that it was too late and told Remy that he will see her later. Remy told Paulina that she does not want to get anyone else involved. At Paulina's insistence Remy makes up an elaborate lie about a friend needing chemotherapy treatment and then ending up dying from cancer anyway. Remy bases the entire story on a newspaper headline, about a teenager dying from cancer, and a customer leaving Carlino's.

Rachel and Amanda talk about Cameron. Amanda opens the file that Cameron brought over and a letter falls out of it. Rachel reads it, "drop by the park, you know the place." Amanda cannot decide if she should go or not.

Gary told Felicia that Cameron was his new business partner. Gary leaves to answer the telephone and Felicia again says that Gary will be so excited.

Russell Peterson, the guy from Carlino's, introduces himself to Joe and says that he can help Joe. Russell says that Remy Woods was a con.

Felicia thinks that Josie should tell Gary now. Josie says that it was more complicated then it seems. Josie told Felicia that the baby was an accident. Felicia says there are some things that you do not know that you want until you get them. Felicia promises not to tell Gary. Felicia starts going on and on about starting a college fund for the baby. Josie almost yells at her to stop.

Amanda gets to the park. Cameron has brunch laid out for them. Amanda says that she was willing to on work on things between them. Cameron asks about Ali. Amanda says that Ali was fine. Amanda says she has realized how much that Cameron has done for her and the Cory's and that she needs to think about what he has done and not about what has happened. Cameron gets upset and starts packing up the food. Amanda grabs his hands and asks him what he was trying to do. Amanda says that at least they are finally talking. Amanda says that she finally believes Cameron that the night on the beach meant nothing, but that she does not have to like it.

Josie says she thinks that it was too soon to do anything for the baby. Felicia told her to tell Gary soon. Josie leaves to do her errands. Gary offers coffee. Gary says that he could not be better. Felicia gets a huge smile.

Russell went back to Carlino's. Paulina told Remy to tell Russell why she needed the money. Remy refuses, so Paulina went out to talk to him. Paulina gets him coffee and introduces herself. Paulina asks if he wants payment or payback from Remy. Paulina pays Russell the money that Remy owes him and Remy, behind the door, smiles. Remy now owes Paulina, but Paulina will take it out of her paycheck. Paulina told Remy that friends help each other out like this. Nick comes in, so Paulina gives Remy the rest of the day off. Joe comes in looking for Remy. Joe told Paulina that Remy was a con-artist.

Cameron says that he always had to hide who he was; first at home, then in prison, then working for the FBI. Josie watches Cameron and Amanda kissing. Amanda says that she was very happy. Amanda and Cameron reach for a bottle of water at the same time and end up holding hands. Cameron asks Amanda if she would like to go for ice cream later in the evening. Amanda accepts.

Josie went home, there are two dozen red roses waiting on the coffee table for her. Gary says that he bought them to let her know how much he appreciates her. Gary then says that he would like to start trying to have kids again.

Remy and Nick are almost ready to get on the bike. Remy told Nick that he has really changed her life. Joe told Paulina that Remy was a sophisticated con-artist. Russell met Remy when he almost ran her down on his motorcycle.

Friday, October 2, 1998

Remy gets a message on her answering machine from Russell, warning her that he's informed Joe about her.

Joe told Paulina about the scam Remy pulled on Russell, how she threw herself in front of his motorcycle and was almost hit, just like the way she met Nick. He told Paulina he wants Remy gone.

Cass informs Lila that he saw Matt and Sofia at Carlino's together. Lila was disappointed that they are not still fighting.

Sofia told Matt she just went crazy when she saw Lila kiss him. Matt explains how the Lumina Foundation rep insisted that the three of them celebrate together, and then he disappeared. They agree to have dinner together that night... just the two of them.

Cass asks Lila out to dinner, but she declines. She says if she needs anything, Matt gave her a beeper that will bring him to her. Then she presses the button that summons Matt. Oops, she says with a laugh, and Cass laughs, too.

Matt's beeper went off, he calls Lila as Zak joins the table. Sofia fumes that Lila still gets in her way with Matt, even from a distance. She says if she wants any time alone with Matt, she'll have to take the batteries out of Matt's beeper (which Zak does without anyone noticing). Matt explains to Sofia that the beeper was important so he knows when Lila went into labor. Since the line was busy, Matt decides to go home to make sure Lila was OK. Sofia complains to Zak that her dinner with Matt probably won't happen. He told her she shouldn't let Lila get to her, that whatever Lila does, Sofia just shouldn't react to it, because it's what Lila wants. Sofia asks Zak to drive her to the Cory mansion.

Remy behaves strangely and Nick wonders why, but says he won't push her to talk about it. She says she couldn't take it if Nick ended up hating her, but he reassures her that everyone has a past, including him. He tells her his life hasn't been the same since he hit her with his motorcycle.

Paulina was upset with Joe's news. She defends Remy, because she identifies so strongly with her. But Joe thinks she's nothing but a con artist and refuses to trust her. Joe wants to tell Nick that Remy has pulled the motorcycle accident scam before, but Paulina asks him to let her handle that.

Felicia brought Rachel dinner in her office. She also gives Rachel 3/4 of her new book. Rachel was surprised that Felicia wants her to read it before it was finished. Felicia says she thinks it's good, and that she was inspired by Rachel's painting of a woman in her study. Rachel agrees it's a good painting, but adds that Lila was selling the Cory art. Rachel told Felicia that Lila's idea was a good one, and that Lila really seems to be trying to help the family. Felicia warns Rachel that Lila won't just leave the Cory mansion after the baby was born. Rachel says she won't have a choice, especially after the wedding fiasco with Matt. Felicia says Lila isn't through trying to marry Matt; now that she thinks there's money in it for her, she's highly motivated. She tells Rachel that Lila has a bet with someone (she doesn't name Cass) and if she marries Matt before the baby was born, she gets $100,000.

Cass starts teasing Lila that Matt was beyond her reach, but she says she still has two weeks, she can still get him. The two of them are laughing when Matt rushes in. When Matt sees Lila was OK, he told her she better have a good reason for having paged him.

Paulina confronts Remy. She demands to know the truth. She warns Remy that Joe wants to tell Nick about her. She asks her if she was trying to scam Nick like she did with Russell and Remy says yes.

Nick talks to Joe, saying he and Remy have a date tonight. Joe reminds him that it wasn't long ago that he was suspicious of her, but Nick says he's over that now. Nick was happy and he says that it's because of Remy. Joe warns him to be careful. Nick asks if Joe has something he wants to tell him.

Rachel wants to know who made the bet with Lila. Felicia won't say, but Rachel guesses that it's Cass. Rachel can't understand why Cass would do that. Felicia says it's because he's jealous of Matt because he has feelings for Lila. Not only that, but Lila has feelings for Cass, too. The problem was they're both too stubborn to admit it. Rachel and Felicia agree that if Cass and Lila can be brought together, it would solve a lot of problems.

Lila told Matt she paged him by accident. Matt says he was worried, but now that he knows she's OK, he has a dinner date to keep. Lila starts feeling sorry for herself sitting home all alone and Matt was about to say something when Cass warns him to leave while he has the chance. He starts to go, but Sofia and Zak show up. Lila tries to get everyone to stay, but Zak quickly leaves, followed by Matt and Sofia. Lila was disappointed. She mentions that the baby hasn't been kicking this night like he usually does. Cass suggests it would be a good idea to be checked by a doctor to make sure everything was OK. Lila was scared at the idea of going to a doctor, and Cass demands to know why. She says at first she wouldn't let herself love the baby, but now she does and she's afraid she'll lose it like she loses everything she loves. Cass says she has to believe in herself and in the baby, too. They've both come a long way. But he insists that they go to the hospital. Cass told her that they have to page Matt, but Lila was reluctant after the false alarm she gave him earlier. Cass insists, he told her to put in his car phone number.

Matt presents Sofia with a surprise romantic dinner in the woods. He says that after Sofia's blowup the other night, he realized that the two of them needed time to be together and away from the rest of the world. She wishes on a star that she and Matt can be alone just this once. She also jokes that she cast a spell on his beeper, and that it won't be going off again.

Joe hints to Nick that Remy may just be after him for his money. Nick says she hasn't asked him for a dime. Joe says she's smarter than that. He warns Nick that cons take their time and build up trust. Nick says, that unless he has any proof, to butt out.

Paulina demands the whole story from Remy. Remy says she came to Bay City because that's how far her money would take her. She saw Nick and his expensive motorcycle and was going to con him, but that Nick was so nice to her that she couldn't do it. She says she wanted to know what it's like to be in love. Paulina says she understands how Remy feels, that she's been there and knows all the tricks and that she will be her friend, but that if she tries to pull anything on Nick, that she'll let Joe deal with her.

While Matt and Sofia enjoy their romantic night together, Cass and Lila are waiting for news at the hospital. Lila wonders where Matt is, and why he didn't answer the page. Cass says he's paged Matt 5 times and left phone messages. He told Lila he won't leave her there alone. Lila told him he wins the bet, Matt doesn't care about her, only Sofia. Cass promises he'll find Matt for her.

Zak reports to someone that Cass took Lila to the hospital and that Matt doesn't know anything about it. Matt also heard Sofia say how she'd like to take the battery out of Matt's pager (which Zak did). Matt won't be happy when he realizes the battery was missing, Zak says.

Nick arrives at Remy's, they go out to look at the stars. He presents her with a gift of diamond earrings. She gives them back, says she can't take them, and runs out of the apartment.

Paulina explains to Joe that Remy just wants to be loved. Joe was still suspicious but will give her a chance until the first sign of trouble. Paulina says it will be OK, she knows Remy wants to change.

Rachel gets home and Cass calls, looking for Matt. He told her that Lila was in the hospital. Meanwhile, Lila was told by the doctor that there's a problem. Matt and Sofia are skinny dipping in the pool when Rachel finds them. She told Matt that Lila's in the hospital... it's an emergency.


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