Paulina Cory Carlino
Actor History
Cali Timmins (19 February 1990 - 15 July 1991)
Judi Evans Luciano (18 July 1991 - 25 June 1999)
Also Known As
Paulina Maria Cory (birth name)
Paulina Cantrell (adoptive name)
Chef for Carlino's restaurant
Producer at KBAY
Nanny for Steven Frame
Resides At
Bay City
Marital Status
Married (Joe Carlino)
Past Marriages
Jake McKinnon (first time; divorced)
Jake McKinnon (second time; divorced)
Mackenzie Cory (father) [deceased]
Maria Hernandez DeSilva (mother) [deceased]
Alexandra Cory (grandmother) [deceased]
Iris Cory Wheeler (half-sister)
Dennis Wheeler (half-nephew)
Sarah Matthews (half-great-niece)
Alexander 'Sandy' Cory (half-brother)
Marguerite 'Maggie' Cory (half-niece)
Alexander 'Alex' Cory (half-nephew)
Amanda Cory (half-sister)
Alexandra 'Alli' Fowler (half-niece)
Alfred Cory (uncle)
Neal Cory (cousin)
Adam Cory (cousin)
Remy Woods (daughter; father unknown)
Dante Carlino (son; with Joe)
Flings & Affairs
Grant Harrison
Kevin Anderson
Ian Rain
Crimes Committed
Shot Jake McKinnon and left him for dead.
Ran down Kirkland Harrison while under the influence of illegal narcotics.
Forged Rachel's signature to get access to her trust fund.
Admitted to killing Grant Harrison in open court to protect her 'son'.
Brief Character History

Born in San Cristobal in the early sixties, Paulina grew up not knowing her father. Paulina's mother died when she was very young. Paulina was placed in several orphanages. Her name changed to Paulina Cantrell. At one of the orphanages, Paulina met her best friend, Hannah Moore.

Ken Jordan found Paulina and brought her to Bay City to become Steven Frame's nanny. What Paulina didn't know was that she really was a Cory. Paulina found out that she was Mac's daughter and everyone in the Cory house was stunned. Iris hired Jake to find out the truth behind Paulina.

Jake McKinnon took advantage of the situation and blackmailed Paulina into marrying him. At the time, Paulina was engaged to Grant Harrison. She broke off her engagement with Grant and married Jake. However, all of Paulina's marriages ended in disaster, because Jake deceived and lied to Paulina.

After Paulina and Jake's first break-up, she got involved with Jake's half-brother, Kevin Anderson. However, that relationship never surfaced, and they both moved on. Paulina met her next lover in the Cory pool, and that was Ian Rain. Ian's only goal was to get revenge on Carl Hutchins and Mac Cory for murdering his father. It was later proven that Mac Cory had nothing to do with Ian's father being killed. Ian and Paulina separated very shortly after Paulina still had feelings for Jake.

Jake and Paulina reconciled briefly, but Jake was killed in a car accident. Paulina hired Joe to investigate Jake's death, but fell for the lug. Paulina and Joe were engaged, and about to be married when Jake shows up alive and well. After careful consideration, Paulina chose Joe. Jake and Paulina still remain friends.

Joe and Paulina conceived a child and were married about a couple of months later. Paulina had a son, Dante. Paulina took over running Carlino's and developed an addiction to diet pills, illegal drugs, and alcohol. Paulina and Joe's marriage are having their strains when Joe accused Paulina of being high when his house burned down. Currently, Joe and Paulina separated for a short time, but realigned after it was proven that Paulina did not start the fire at their house.

Paulina took out an ad in the personals. Apparently, Paulina had gotten pregnant and had a child when she was 16. She met Tito and, after a gentic test, took him in as her son. Little did she know that Tito was a friend of Remy's from the streets, or that he was a talented con-artist. He used her until he got the money from her trust fund, then left her to take the fall for killing Grant Harrison. But when Joe proved to Paulina that Tito was not her son, Paulina admitted that she was covering for Tito. Mother and daughter were finally reunited.

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