Rachel Cory Hutchins
Actor History
Robin Strasser (1967 - 1971)
Margie Impert (1971 - 1972)
Robin Strasser (1972)
Victoria Wyndham (1972 - 1999)
Also Known As
Rachel Davis (maiden name)
CEO of Cory Publishing
Owned her own art gallery
Legal Aide
Co-Owned Fireside Inn restaurant (w/ Ted Clark)
Resides At
Cory Estate
Marital Status
Married (Carl Hutchins)
Past Marriages
Russ Matthews (divorced)
Ted Clark (divorced)
Steven Frame (divorced)
Mackenzie Cory (first time; divorced)
Mackenzie Cory (second time; divorced)
Mackenzie Cory (third time; widowed)
Gerald Davis (father)
Ada Lucas Hobson (mother)
Pammy Davis (half-sister)
Nancy McGowan (half-sister)
Sam Lucas (uncle)
Susannah Lucas (cousin)
Steven Frame (grandson)
Alli Fowler (granddaughter)
Jasmine Rachel Cassandra Cory (granddaughter)
James Gerald 'Jamie' Frame (son; with Steve)
Amanda Davis Cory (daughter; with Mac)
Matthew Cory (son; with Mitch)
Elizabeth Hutchins (daughter; with Carl) (twin)
Cory Hutchins (son; with Carl) (twin)
Flings & Affairs
Brian Blake
Mitch Blake
Ken Jordan
Michael Hudson
Crimes Committed
Killed Janice Frame, who was poisoning Mac Cory
Accused of murdering Mitch Blake, who later turned up alive and well
Pretended to poison Carl Hutchins on Halloween
Shot Alexander Nikos
Brief Character History

When Rachel first appeared to Bay City, she was a manipulative troublemaker. She met Russ after recovering from a fainting spell while modelling, and married him because she believed he was rich. That marriage was over as soon as it began. She then quickly jumped into a short-lived marriage with Ted Clark, who she ran a restaurant with. Then she began a long battle with Alice Matthews over Steven Frame. Rachel managed to win and keep Steven for awhile by becoming pregnant with Jamie, but Steven was constantly torn between the two women. The rivalry was finally settled when Steven died in a car accident in the early eighties, at which time he and Rachel were divorced, but in the process of a reconciliation. In between her marriage to Steve, their divorce, and his death, Rachel met and married Mac Cory twice.

Rachel and Mac first met at his "Welcome to Bay City" party. They dated for a few months, and were soon married that next year on Valentine's Day. The beginning of their marriage was full of love and happiness -- his wedding present to her was the mansion she now lives in todays. Mac's daughter Iris was a constant thorn in their sides -- on more than one occasion, Iris hired men to try to get Rachel away from her father. Iris was also a part of Rachel's miscarriage of Mac's child, because she knew Rachel was in trouble and did nothing to help. That miscarriage created a rift between Mac and Rachel. Mac arranged for Rachel to have sculpture lessons, and their marriage fell apart after Mac had a one-night stand while she was at her first big showing New York. But their love was too strong, and they soon reconciled. Their marriage was put to the test again, after their maid Helga arranged it for Rachel to see Mac in bed with another woman, but they stayed strong, and their daughter Amanda was born shortly afterward, and Mac was overjoyed that he finally had a real daughter since Iris was adopted -- from that moment on, Iris went out of her way to ruin their marriage. She convinced Rachel to buy off Jamie's fiancé, which created another rift between her and Mac. She went off for a week, and came back convinced Mac was having an affair. She wanted to leave Bay City, but Mac kidnapped Amanda, and Rachel agreed to stay. Their marriage went through more ups and downs -- Mac's relationship with Janice, and Rachel's affair with Mitch that produced Matthew -- but they remarried yet again. When Rachel learned she was pregnant, she confronted Mitch, and accidentally shot him, and his fall burned the building he was in to the ground. When a body was found, Rachel went on trial for murder. After Mitch returned from the dead, she left Mac for him. That didn't last long, because Steve had returned briefly the next year. Rachel was temporarily blinded when Steve was killed, and through her recovery, she and Mac found themselves drawn together again, and remarried.

Shortly after this, Carl showed up in Bay City. Rachel felt sorry for him, but Mac hated him on sight. Rachel was kidnapped by Carl, who wanted to get to Mac, but was rescued in time. She temporarily suffered amnesia, but her love for Mac brought her back. Their marriage had it's ups and downs, but they were strongly in love when Mac passed away. She began a short relationship with Ken Jordan, which ended when she discovered he'd only wanted revenge against Mac for his own reasons.

A few years after Mac's death, Rachel and her sworn enemy, Carl Hutchins, realized they were in love with each other. They've had many problems with their marriage, especially after Carl refused to let go of his vendetta against Grant after he shot his son Ryan, but their love has proved stronger than any adversity. In 1997, they had twin children, Elizabeth and Cory. Rachel discovered at the same time that she had a tumor, but she chose to continue her pregnancy and risk her life for her babies. Their marriage was stronger than ever until Carl's oldest enemy, Alexander Nikos, showed up in town. After a few months of feuding, Nikos kidnapped Rachel, only returning her because of his love for Felicia Gallant. Rachel and Carl's marriage took another downfall when it was revealed that Amanda was posing as Hadley Prescott, Carl's "lover". Rachel knew about this secret, but refused to tell Carl. Carl left town for a while after he found out that Rachel knew about "Hadley". Rachel and Carl have since reconciled after they found out that Shane Roberts was killed.

Rachel had to deal with Carl's change of character. She wanted to trust her husband, but it looked like he was reverting back to his old ways. However, Rachel had to mourn one more dead husband when Carl was shot by Scott Guthrie and "burned alive" in the hospital's ICU unit. Rachel was unaware that Scott is still lurking after her family. Now that Scott Guthrie is out of their lives for good, Rachel is concentrating on restoring Cory Publishing to its former glory.

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