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It's impossible to keep up with all of the twists and turns from the world of soaps. Luckily, Soap Central has archived all the As The World Turns news from 2001.

Here are the news stories posted on Soap Central during 2001 that focus on As The World Turns or past and present ATWT performers. To read any of the articles listed below, simply click on the appropriate link. To access articles from other years, click here.

Martha Byrne
January 2001
Chalk it up to her dual role, but Martha Byrne leads this year's Dankies (Soap Central Awards) nominations. The actress who portrays both Lily Snyder and Rose D'Angelo raked in nominations as Outstanding Leading Actress, Favorite Character (Rose D'Angelo), Most Attractive Actress and Outstanding Overall Performer. Additionally, many of the storylines in which Byrne was featured are up for awards.
Paul Korver
January 2001
ATWT Online has learned that Paul Korver (Chris Hughes) has been released from the show. According to a source within the show, the departure is "storyline dictated."
Jensen Buchanan
February 2001
Jensen Buchanan admits a bit of melancholy as she joins the cast of General Hospital. The actress, who debuted as General Hospital's Melissa on January 29th, says that she very much looks forward to the new venture.
Martha Byrne
February 2001
The year 2000 had many highs according to the results of this year's ATWT Online Awards. Fans of the show voted in a variety of categories over the past month, choosing the top performers, storylines and favorite characters, among other categories.
Mario Van Peebles
April 2001
Fresh off the show's slam-dunk in this year's Daytime Emmy nominations, As the World Turns is set to mark another achievement this week.
Scott DeFreitas
April 2001
There's a rumors going around the 'net that the role of Andy Dixon has been or will be recast.
Jean Passanante
May 2001
In a surprising shakeup, Jean Passanante will leave her post as All My Children head writer later this summer and join the Emmy award winning writing team of As The World Turns.
May 2001
For one reason or another, getting a lot of Emmy nominations is not always a blessing. In years past, the show with the most nominations has had a hard time winning the evening's top prize: Outstanding Drama Series. This year, ATWT de-whammied the jinx.
Scott Holroyd
May 2001
Scott Powell Holroyd has joined the cast as Paul Ryan. Holroyd will tape his first scenes in mid-June, which puts hits first on-screen appearance is July 10th.
James Kiberd
June 2001
James Kiberd (ex-Trevor, All My Children) will temporarily replace Emmy nominated Benjamin Hendrickson as Hal Munson on As The World Turns.
Lea Salonga
July 2001
Tony award winner that Lea Salonga (Lien) will be leaving her As The World Turns this summer. The actress cites other obligations as the reason for her leave.
Benjamin Hendrickson
July 2001
Fans of Benjamin Hendrickson will be pleased to know that the actor has returned to work as As The World Turns' Hal Munson.
Anthony Herrera
July 2001
Anthony Herrera (James Stenbeck) will return to As The World Turns late next month after illness forced the actor to take an extended leave.
Robert Cuthill
July 2001
Days of our Lives has finally found their man. A man by the name of Colin, that is. Former ATWT star Robert Cuthill will join the show later this month as a mysterious Irishman from Jennifer's past.
Carl T. Evans
July 2001
Carl T. Evans joins As The World Turns in the role of Nick Scudder, one of Molly's ex-boyfriends.
Napiera Danielle Groves
August 2001
Napiera Danielle Groves will join the As The World Turns cast later this month as Bonnie McKechnie, the 20something daughter of Duncan McKechnie and Jessica Griffin. The writers have opted to "age" the character to her twenties for storyline purposes.
Dan J Kroll
August 2001
It's been a question asked by As The World Turns viewers for several weeks. Where in the world is Kim Hughes? Dozens of email messages asking that question have passed through our mailboxes and our message board was overflowing with requests to put out an APB on the Oakdale resident.
Lesli Kay
August 2001
A Manhattan judge sided with Lesli Kay (Molly) in her legal fight against her former husband, Mark Sterling.
Mario Van Peebles
August 2001
Has your mind ever drifted while watching an episode of As the World Turns? Perhaps you've wondered what it might be like to be Jake's main squeeze - or the guy who steals Lily's heart. Well, ATWT fans, this is your chance to ease your way into Oakdale society.
Annie Parisse
August 2001
As announced back in February, Emmy-nominated Annie Parisse (Julia) will be leaving As the World Turns.
Stephen Nichols
August 2001
Rumors are circulating that Stephen Nichols (Stefan) may be leaving General Hospital and heading east.
Todd Rotondi
September 2001
Todd Rotondi (Bryant Montgomery) has only been a part of the As The World Turns for about 18 months. However, by year's end, the actor will have left show.
Todd Rotondi
October 2001
An As The World Turns spokesperson has now confirmed an August 31st report by Soap Central regarding the departure of Todd Rotondi (Bryant Montgomery) from the show.
Colleen Dion
November 2001
Colleen Dion (ex-Leslie Coulson, All My Children) will be joining the cast of As The World Turns.
Terri Colombino
December 2001
Though the calendar year may be different, As The World Turns viewers apparently enjoy much of the same things this year that they did last year. If you're in doubt, you need only check out the nominees for this year's ATWT edition of the Soap Central Awards.
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