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Vicky wouldn't accept Jake's proposal. Jake schemed to keep Bobby away from Vicky. Matt told Sophia they needed some time apart. Josie and Gary exchanged vows and rings in private. Steven was caught on the tracks in front of an oncoming train.
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Another World Recaps: The week of November 18, 1996 on AW
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Monday, November 18, , 1996

Bobby greets Grant at the door of the Cory Mansion after talking to Rachel about Carl. Bobby was reluctant to let Grant in but Rachel agrees to see him and Bobby leaves. Grant told Rachel that Carls' vendetta against him included ordering Raphael to kill him and staging the fire at the prison so Carl could kill him himself. Rachel accuses him of lying and asks for proof. Grant told her that Carl has destroyed all of the proof.

As Rachel asks Grant if he brought Cody Mercer to town Carl eneters and baits Grant. Rachel accuses them both of operating from revenge only. Rachel then asks Carl if he ordered Raphael to kill Grant and if he tried to kill Grant behind bars. Carl doesn't deny anything, but simply told Grant he was unworthy of the love of a child. Carl threatens Grant in front of Rachel, then attacks him and tries to throw him out of the house. Rachel blows up at Carl and accuses Carl of poisoning their home. Carl lets Grant go and Grant leaves. Carl tries to make Rachel see that Grant was trying to break them up. Rachel tells him that he was the one bringing violence into their home and he must choose between his hatred for Grant and their love.

Jake tries to propose to Vicky, but she stops him Vicky told Jake that when she came to Lassiter she wasn't expecting a proposal and that she can't say yes. She is afraid of hurting him, but she was just not ready. Jake tries to convince her to say yes to him, by bringing up all the memories of the good times they had in Lassiter. Vicky tells him that those were times before she knew there was anything or anybody else but him that belonged to her. Times before she knew her mother, father, and her sister.

Jake was upset that Vicky brought Marley up at this moment. She points out that their history together does not just include the good times they spent in Lassiter. He admits that he should never have married Marley and that there was no excuse for what he did to either her or Vicky. There was no excuse for what he did, but he was confused. He told her that there is no changing the past and he was not going to stop living because of it. Vicky feels that Marley may not come back because she can't stand to see Vicky's kids when she can't have any of her own and Vicky was worried about her. Vicky also wonders what Marley's reaction would be if her ex-husband were to marry her sister. Jake told Vicky that he refuses to give up on her and that they could make it through anything unless there was someone else: Bobby Reno.

Vicky protests that Bobby was only her employee. Jake asks her to be honest and points out that Bobby has an advantage over him because he has Ryan's corneas. Vicky admits that when she looks at Bobby, she gets confused because he has Ryan's eyes. She told Jake that it was not Bobby, but Ryan who was between them. She says that she thought that she was ready to move on, but cannot ignore the coincidence of Bobby coming into her life. Vicky told Jake that her life belongs to Ryan. Jake counters by telling her his heart will always belong to her and that he will always be by her side. Vicky says that she loves Jake, but when she looks at Bobby, she thinks of Ryan. Jake then takes Vicky home and they sit and talk on the front steps. Vicky tells him that she can't make any promises and marvels at the complacency in Jake's attitude. He says that he was convinced that she will end up coming back to him. He feels that Bobby will eventually move on, but that he will always be there for her. Vicky told him that she needs him around and that Lassiter was not home for her, he is. Jake says that he was glad they went and they kiss before she went inside. Jake pulls out an engagement ring and stares at it.

Later, Jake runs into Bobby at the bar and Bobby asks him why he was back so early and if everything was alright. Jake relies that everything was just great.

At her house, Vicky anguishes over what to do. She taks to Ryan's picture on the mantle unaware that he was standing behind her. She told him how much she needs and misses him. Ryan tries to tell Vicky he was right behind her, but only succeeds in causing a vase to fall from the mantle.

Matt and Sophia run into each other while visiting Sharlene in the hospital. Matt informs her that Maggie has run off with Raphael. Matt suggests that if they continue to see each other, Sophia will only get confused. Nick spots the two talking and eavsdrops. Matt decides that Sophia needs time to sort out her feelings. Nick interrupts and Matt leaves. Nick asks if Matt was mad about their kiss. Sophia accuses Nick of not respecting her and trying to come between her and Matt. Nick says he can't stop thinking about her and misses her. Nick invites her to go somewhere and talk to him. Sophia told him that she won't forget how much he hurt her and leaves.

She runs into Matt on the street and admonishes him for leaving her with Nick. She told him she knows she doesn't want Nick and says she doesn't want to talk about him anymore. Sophia doesn't understand why Matt thinks she should have some space. Matt tells her he thinks that she will only know what she wants if they don't date. Sophia was upset, but she accepts his decision.

Tuesday, November 19, 196, 1996

Jake returned to work at the paper where he and Matt argued about his neglecting his editorial duties. Matt informed Jake that he wished to take over the job of editor, but Jake refused to give the job up. Chris asked Jake about the trip to Lassiter with Vicky and Jake showed him the ring. Jake then had an idea about how to get Bobby out of Vicky's life and left.

Jake went to Carlino's and asked Paulina to hire Bobby to fix the roof, which Jake would secretly pay for. He convinced her that Vicky could only get on with her life if Bobby was not constantly around to remind her of Ryan. Paulina reluctantly agreed, but warned Jake that Vicky's feelings for Bobby may not simply be because he has Ryan's eyes. Jake showed Paulina the ring and asked her to keep it until Vicky was done with Bobby and the time was right. However, Joe discovered the plan to hire Bobby and refused to let his family have any association with Jake. Jake then tried to convinve the corner newspaperman, Jerry, that he should have his stand completely redone and paid for by Jake, but Jerry preferred to keep his life simple.

Carl stopped by Vicky's house to ask Bobby to keep an eye out for Grant while Ryan was present. Ryan then asked Bobby to make sure nothing happened to Vicky before following Carl. Bobby heard something, but thought it was Carl. Bobby fixed Bridget's vase which was broken by Ryan and asked Vicky what happened in Lassiter. Vicky was evasive.

Ryan folowed Carl home, where Carl and Rachel argued again over Grant. Ryan noticed a hidden tape recorder, but could not get either Carl or Rachel to listen to him. Rachel then gave Carl an ultimatem: his vendetta or their marriage. Carl stormed out and Grant showed up at the door. Rachel asked Grant to leave Carl alone and to show himself out. Instead, Grant retrieved the tape recorder before leaving. Carl returned and told Rachel that he had chosen her a long time ago, but needed her help to let go. Grant listened to the tape recording and assumed that Carl had lost Rachel.

Donna brought Steven and Kirkland back to Vicky and Vicky sent them off to the school bus escorted by Bobby. Donna wanted to know what happened in Lassiter and Vicky told her that Bobby was the reason she came home early. Donna cautioned Vicky a bout confusing Bobby with Ryan. Bobby later told Vicky that if she ever needed to talk, he would be there to listen.

Sophia was mad at Matt for telling her that she needed some distance from him because of her unresolved feelings for Nick. Joe tried to calm her down and explain to her Matt's perspective. Sophia volunteered to deliver breakfast to the newspaper office. When she got to the office, she gave Chris his breakfast and then helped him to retrieve a lost computer file. When Matt showed up she left without telling him her true feelings.

Wednesday, November 20, 196, 1996

Josie was haunted by thoughts of her weddding day and make plans to dispose of her wedding dress. Gary surprised Josie with a bunch of orchids and told he had arranged for them to elope that night. Josie told him that he was moving too fast, and that she wanted to wait to get married until Sharlene could walk her down the aisle. Josie told Gary that because of John's report on Sharlene's condition, she felt confident that her mother would walk again. Gary said that he hoped it was true, and agreed that she needed to help with her mother's recovery. Gary then voiced his concerns that their relationship would be lost while she was tending to her mother.

Gary then left for the drug store to pick up shaving cream and took the dress with him to throw it away. When Gary returned Josie surprised him with a romantic, candelit setting and told him that they didn't need anything but each other. She then asked him to marry her then with only God as their witness. They then exchanged vows and rings that Josie got off of the upstairs curtain rod.

Cass visited Sharlene in the hospital and asked about her condition. She told him that the tests confirmed that she did have a chance to walk again. When Cass asked about Gregory she told him that he was staying with John out at Michael's. She explained that John had wanted Gregory to stay at Felicia's she wasn't comfortable with it because she feared Sharlene would steal the love of her son as she had done with her husband.

Gregory was rude to Felicia at her apartment and told her that he would rather be with his mother then left the room to pack for Michael's. John and Felicia discussed when they could have some time together. John wanted to see her more often, but Felicia felt that he needed to spend the time with his son. Gregory came in and asked John if they could leave. After John and Gregory were gone, Cass dropped by on Felicia and asked her how she felt. She responded that she was frustrated that John was going to be separated from her and was mad at herself for missing John when Sharlene was in the hospital possibly paralyzed for life. Cass suggested that she visit Sharlene in the hospital.

Gregory stopped by to see his mother on the way to Michael's. When he left to go see Morgan, John told Sharlene that they would be going straight from the hospital to Michael's. Sharlene thanked him for giving her piece of mind about Gregory. After John and Gregory left, Felicia dropped by with flowers for Sharlene who was surprised to see her. Sharlene asked if John had sent her and Felicia replied that John was not involved; she had decided to come after talking to Cass. When Sharlene questioned her motives for coming, Felicia stated that she simply had wanted to see how Sharlene was and to offer her help if it was needed. On her way out of the room, a nurse asked Felicia to give Gregory back his backpack which he had left at the hospital.

With Sharlene's approval, Felicia dropped the backpack off at Michael's. Gregory took the bag and shut the door in Felicia's face.

Vicky asked the kids what the wanted for "pizza night" and Steven asked what "Uncle Jake" would be having. When Vicky said that Jake probably wouldn't be coming to their little party, Steven insists that she call him at the office to ask him to come. When Vicky told Jake that the kids wanted him to come, Jake asked whether or not Vicky wanted him there. She answered that of course she wanted him there, and that she didn't know why he was making such a bid deal out of the invitation. Jake then pretended to have another call and when he returned to the line told Vicky he wouldn't be able to make it and hung up on her.

Vicky dropped by the office with a formal invitation to the party for Jake and asked him if that was good enough. She told him that it would mean a lot to her and the kids if he would come.

Jake dropped by the house and ran into Bobby who was building the kids a treehouse. When Jake questioned Bobby's ability to build a treehouse, Bobby told him to have a go at building it himself. Jake started hammering when the pizza delivery man arrived. When Bobby started to go inside to eat, Jake asked him what he thought he was doing. Bobby replied that he had been invited. Jake then came inside and Bobby commented on how quickly Jake had finished the treehouse, Jake replied that the structure would have to be completely redone. Bobby phoned the police station and left a message for Gary Sinclair about Grant.

Bobby, Vicky, Jake and the kids all sat down to eat when Carl shows up. He told them that Rachel couldn't make it because she was waiting on a phone call from Amanda. Kirkland asks if he can bring a slice of pizza to his special friend. Carl takes the kids and Vicky outside to show him the gifts he brought: a copy of "Treasure Island" for Kirkland, and a train book to help Steven with his homework. Carl then told the boys a story about a train wreck.

Inside the house, Jake told Bobby that he was sick of him coming between Vicky and him and that he was on to him. Jake then made a comment about Bobby waiting for another opportunity to get Vicky into a stalled car. Bobby grabbed Jake and threatened to hit him. When Vicky, Carl, and the kids entered the house, Jake made it seem like Bobby was attacking him.

Vicky told Jake that she doesn't like it when he and Bobby fight and Jake claimed that Bobby started the incident. Jake asked her why she always had to have Bobby around at all of the family functions. Vicky asked Jake why he dislike Bobby so much and he replied that it was because if it were not for Bobby, he and Vicky would be together now.

Carl warned Bobby not be drawn into hitting Jake because Victoria did not approve of violence. Bobby told Carl that he feels that Jake doesn't deserve Vicky. Carl then replied that he can see that Bobby has feelings for Vicky and has noticed that Vicky looks at him the same way she looked at Ryan. Carl then urges Bobby to test the waters with Vicky that night.

Steven gave Vicky a necklace that he made for her and then he and Kirkland took Carl outside to show him the treehouse. Jake asked Vicky for a word with her alone and Bobby left the room. Carl and Steven talked and Carl offered to take Steven to visit the train depot so he could see the train up close.

Vicky and Jake went outside to talk where she told him that Bobby wasn't the reason they weren't together. Jake assumed that it was because she was afraid of losing someone else and reassurred her that he would never leave her. But, Vicky said it was because she didn't feel for him the same way she felt for Ryan. Jake pointed out that if there was no passion in their relationship it was because they had never even so much as kissed as anything but friends in a long time. Just as Bobby opened the door to come outside, Jake passionately kissed Vicky.

Thursday, November 21, 196, 1996

Paulina visited Jake at the office and he told her about the kiss with Vicky. Jake thought that the earth moved when they kissed and assumed that Vicky felt the same way. Paulina asked if he wanted the engagement ring back, but he said that the time wasn't right yet. Paulina marvelled at Jake's newfound maturity until she found out that Jake and Vicky hadn't even talked afterwards. She asked if he was sure that Vicky returned his feelings and he called Vicky up to prove that she did. Vicky agreed that they should talk and Jake took this as evidence that she felt the same way.

Jake was angry at Matt for printing a story that made Grant out to be a hero and the two argued over who would be editor. They agreed to flip a coin for the job and Matt won. Matt then presented him with the weekly operating report and told him that the publisher needed to go over them.

Vicky discussed the kiss with Jake with Donna. Vicky told Donna that she thought that they had made an agreement in Lassiter and was angry at him for just leaving afterwards. Vicky was marvelling at Jake's bad timing when he called to ask to talk to her about last night. Vicky was sure that Jake expected her to tell him to take a step back, but Jake misinterpreted her actions.

Donna left to meet Michael at Carlino's.

Vicky went outside where Ryan was and he told her that he felt something bad was going to happen and that he needed to be there when it did.

When Michael and Donna met at Carlino's, he asked if they could change their relationship. Donna assumed that he intended something of a romantic nature and was stunned when he asked her to help him with the hospital fundraiser. Michael told her that he never meant to lead her on. Donna said he hadn't and that she would be glad to help with the fundraiser. She then left.

Bobby was bothered with thoughts of Jake and Vicky's kiss. Carl ran into Bobby at the hospital where Carl showed him the article in the Herald proclaiming Grant a hero. Carl was angry that Matt would print the story, but Bobby thought that he was overreacting. Bobby asked Carl to let him deal with Grant. When Carl questioned his qualifications for this job, Bobby replied that Carl might be surprised. Bobby then asked Carl to let him deal with the police department and told Carl that he was worried about what Grant might do to Vicky.

Grant showed up at the hospital with flowers for Sharlene and Carl told him that he had talked to Sharlene and that he had decided that he would not allow Grant to ccorrupt Kirkland. When Carl got too angry and Bobby interceded and led Carl off, Carl vowed that he wouldn't stop until Grant payed for killing his son. Bobby cautioned Carl that provoking Grant was just playing into his hands. Bobby suggested that Carl do something to get Grant off of his mind and Carl told him about his plans to take Steven to the train depot that night and see the Redline train. Carl thanked Bobby for his concern. When Matt walked by, Carl expressed his anger over the article Matt published about Grant.

Bobby ran into Grant at Carlino's. Grant warned Bobby not to be taken in by Carl and Bobby told him that he didn't need Carl to point out that Grant was bad news.

Vicky hung up windchimes on her porch and then Grant showed up for his visit with Kirkland. Grant apologized for crashing the Halloween party and asked Vicky if he could have Kirkland for Thanksgiving. Vicky refused and said that at long as she was the custodial parent they would abideby their visitation agreement to the letter.

After Vicky went inside, Ryan told Grant that he was on to him and that he would see him in hell before he would let Grant get away with his plans. Vicky came back outside to tell Grant that Kirland was almost ready and Grant threatened to take Vicky to court as an unfit mother. Ryan told Vicky that he would protect her and took back the forgiveness he gave Grant on his deathbed for murdering him.

Carl visited Vicky to discuss the train trip with Steven and told her about his run in with Grant. Vicky told Carl that she hoped Grant's newfound respectibility would cause him to leave her alon, but Carl felt that Grant wouldn't rest until he had Kirkland and had destroyed Carl and Vicky. Carl told Vicky that he thought that he should take Rachel on a holiday which made Ryan upset because he was worried about the danger he could feel coming.

Gabe amd Lorna planned for a Thanksgiving getaway at an exclusive bed and breakfast. They agreed not to tell anyone about the trip, but Cindy overheard their plans. They planned on spending the afternoon together, but Cindy made sure that Gary found him. Gary asked Gabe to reopen the case in order to prove that Grant was involved with Cody Mercer and wanted to subpeona Mercer's phone records which he thought would show Mercer had called Grant. When Gabe refused to officially reopen the case, Gary asked him if he could look into it on his own.

Cindy asked Lorna to lunch where she pressed her for information on when Gabe and Lorna found the time to be alone. Lorna then told her that they were taking the trip, but before she gave out any details, Cindy stopped her by saying she didn't want to be responsible if the information accidently got out. Gabe and Lorna met at the hospital and left to spend the rest of the afternoon together. Cindy called up the Inn and cancelled Gabe and Lorna's reservations.

Grant pumped Kirkland for information about Bobby and Vicky. Kirkland told Grant about Carl and Steven's plan to visit the train depot. Bobby called Rachel about Carl. Grant made inquiries into the train schedule.

Friday, November 22, 196, 1996

Josie visited Sharlene in the hospital where they discussed Grant. Sharlene was grateful to him for shooting Cody, but Josie didn't voice her doubts about Grant's heroics. Sharlene told Josie that she didn't want to get too comfortable lying in the hospital bed and that she thought that she had experienced some feeling in her legs earlier. Josie said that she was confident her mother would be released soon.

Tomas and John discussed different methods of treatment for Sharlene. John reassured Tomas that Sharlene was receiving the best possible care. Josie came to see John to tell her about the feeling her mother had in her legs. John cautioned her that sometimes paralysis patients imagine there was feeling when there actually was none and that it was too early for her to be experiencing any feeling. Josie and John discussed how hard it could be for Sharlene to cope with her injuries, then Josie asked John if he would help Sharlene get throught this.

Tomas visited Sharlene in her room and dropped off information about various treatments that he had been researching. Sharlene had a wishful and upsetting dream that she was playing basketball with Gregory and when she awoke John was there to hold her.

Grant brought Kirkland back to Vicky's and told him that the two of them would be spending a lot more evenings together in the future. When Kirkland remarked that he wanted to go with Steven and his "Grandpa" Carl to the train depot, Grant told him that he was not to call Carl grandpa anymore. Besides, Grant added, they wouldn't be seeimg much of Carl anymore. Carl, who had unbeknownst to Grant, arrived and overheard the conversation asked Grant why he had made that comment. After

Kirkland went inside, Carl told Grant that he and Vicky would not allow Grant to brainwash Kirkland. Grant replied that Vicky wouldn't be able to do much about it. Carl asked what was going to happen: were he and Vicky going to dissappear? Grant replied that he simply meant that Kirkland was getting older and that he would be going to school and wouldn't have time for superfluous people like Carl. Carl warned Grant that his plans to turn Kirkland against Carl would backfire. Grant accused Carl of trying to turn Sharlene against him. Carl hoped that Sharlene would recover physically and mentally and come to the realization that Grant was using her to make himself seem like a hero. Grant replied that he was a hero because he saved Josie's life. Carl asked him who he thought that was, that he knew who he was. Grant told Carl that if he pushed him too far, Carl would get what was coming to him. As Ryan looked on, Carl replied that the very fact that Grant walked the earth was an affront to him and to Ryan's memory. Vicky came outside and told them to keep it down because the boys were upstairs. She said that this was the kind of behavior she expected from Grant, but not from Carl. Vicky considered postponing the trip, but Carl convinced her otherwise and they went inside together.

Outside, Grant smiled to himself and checked his watch, which made Ryan suspicious. Ryan tried to figure out what he was up to and decided to follow him.

Grant met with one of his employees, William, and told him to deliver a message and discussed getting Carl out of the way. Ryan figured out that Grant wanted Vicky out of the picture so he could have Kirkland all to himself. Grant called Rachel to ensure she was home and hung up.

Jake ran into Bobby carrying roses that he bought for Vicky and told Bobby to call before he came to work the next day. Bobby told him to get out of his way, he was late for an appointment. Jake replied that he would get out of Bobby's way if Bobby would get out of his. Bobby met with Rachel at the Cory mansion to discuss Carl. She said that she hoped Bobby hadn't done anything to encourage Carl's vendetta against Grant. Bobby told her that he was concerned that Carl was out of control and related how Carl had "lost it" with Grant and then Matt earlier. Rachel couldn't understand how if Carl loved her he would choose his revenge over being with you. Bobby related how Carl confessed to him that he had not gone as far with Grant as he wanted because of his promise to her. Bobby said that he was afraid of what Grant might do to Vicky and the kids if Carl pushed him too far. Bobby told Rachel that he understood why Carl felt the way he did and suggested that she take Carl out of town, which Rachel said wouldn't stop Carl from doing what he wanted. Bobby said that if she got him out of town long enough, Bobby might be able to fix the problem. The doorbell then rang.

It was Grant's employee, William, who told Rachel and Bobby that an angry Carl had called Grant, threatened him, then demanded to see him. When Bobby asked him where Grant went, William answered the train depot.

Vicky and Etta Mae discussed Steven's trip and when Etta Mae pointed out that it seemed as if Vicky wanted to go to, Vicky replied that it would be better than what she had planned for the evening. Carl told Vicky that he was taking Steven to the see the train because he loved her children and it made him feel closer to Ryan. Since he would never have granchildren, her kids were precious to him. Vicky told him that as far as anyone was concerned, he was their grandfather. Steven entered and Carl and Steven left to go see the train.

Jake showed up with flowers and chocolate caramels. Vicky told him that she thought they had a misunderstanding. She appreciated the gifts, but... Jake assumed that she was simply embarrassed about the kiss, but told her he was glad he did it and should have done it long ago. Vicky tried to explain that she just wasn't ready. Jake pointed out for her that they didn't know what the future would be. They had both planned for futures with others who were gone. Jake said that they could still have the lives they had dreamed of, together. Jake said that he needed to know whether or not they could be more than friends. Vicky told him that he would always be her best friend, but it wasn't enough for Jake. Vicky didn't want to give him an answer. Jake told her he loved her and that he wanted to know within 24 hours, what their future would be. Vicky was angry he was only giving her one day. Then, Bobby called and told her about Carl and Grant and the train depot. Vicky and Jake raced off to go to the train depot.

Carl and Steven were at the train depot when Grant showed up by coincedence, he claimed, which Carl didn't buy. Carl told Steven to ignore Grant and Steven told Grant he was mean and rotten. Grant said that Steven's attitude only proved that Vicky had poisened his mind and told Steven his mother was irresponsible to entrust him to Carl. Carl ordered him to leave and followed him outside. Carl rebuked Grant for maligning Vicky in front of Steven. Grant then goaded Carl into attacking him, by telling him he was glad that he murdered Ryan because things had worked out so well for him. Steven ran to the phone across the railroad tracks to call for help.

Bobby and Rachel arrived and pried Carl off of Grant. Ryan tried to help Steven whose foot was caught in the tracks in the path of an oncoming train.

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