Another World Recaps: The week of November 25, 1996 on AW
With the urging of Ryan's ghost, Bobby saved Steven from an oncoming train. Rachel advised Carl to let go of his vendetta against Grant and kicked him out when he refused. Sophia became Matt's intern at the Herald. Bobby found Vicky unconscious.
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Another World Recaps: The week of November 25, 1996 on AW
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December 2, 1996
Monday, November 25, 196, 1996

NEWS FROM MAGGIE Both Tomas and Sophia receive postcards from Maggie who says she is blissfully happy to be married to Rafael and informing everyone the happy couple was settling in Barcelona. Sophia discusses the situation with Paulina and Tomas talks with Matt.

AT THE TRAIN TRESTLE Grant continues to goad Carl about Ryan's death. When Grant told Carl that he was glad Ryan was dead and that Grant killed him, Carl flies into a rage and begins to choke Grant just as Bobby and Rachel run up. As the two pull Carl off Grant, Vicky and Jake arrive and everyone notices Steven is missing. Meanwhile, Steven gets his foot stuck in the railroad tracks as the redline train approaches. Ryan yells at Steven to hurry up and free himself but Steven cannot hear him. In frustration, Ryan yells for help. His "otherworldly" cry was heard by Bobby who rushes to the track and pull Steven out of harms way just before the train speeds past. Vicky hugs Steven in relief and he assures her he was okay because Bobby was there. Jake says it was lucky Bobby was there but Carl says it wasn't luck but a miracle. As Ryan watches on, Vicky thanks Bobby for saving her son's life. Jake seems upset he wasn't the one to save Steven as he observes Bobby and Vicky. Bobby says he knew where Steven was because he "had a feeling". Rachel lays into Carl for causing the potentially dangerous situation but Vicky blames Grant. As Vicky, Jake and Steven prepare to leave for the hospital, Vicky asks Bobby to come along. When everyone leaves, Grant congratulates himself on his plan working unaware Ryan was watching him in anger.

SOME GUY TALK In Matt's studio, Tomas and Matt discuss how Rafael was probably just after Maggie's trust fund. Tomas admits while he still has feelings for Maggie, she was no longer the girl he fell in love with. Commenting on Matt's sculpture of Sophia's hands, Tomas inquires about their relationship. Matt says they are just friends and her modeling for him has probably come to a close.

SOME GIRL TALK At Carlino's, Paulina and Sophia discuss the Maggie situation. Paulina points out that Sophia hasn't been herself all day. Sophia announces she was sick of the men in her life, including Joe, Nick and Matt. She says she was angry that no one, especially Matt ever asks how she feels and was upset that he no longer wants to see her. Sophia leaves as Joe comes in.

SOME GUY AND GIRL TALK While Matt has flashbacks about times with Sophia, Tomas and Sophia meet outside of the hospital. She gets defensive when he asks about Matt. Tomas tells her to remember that friends can grow into a lot more.

IS THE HONEYMOON OVER? Joe acts distant towards Paulina and told her he was angry she conspired with Jake to get Bobby away from Vicky. While she defends Jake, she promises there will be no more secrets between them. They hug and begin to make up. But when she asks Joe not to be so hard on Jake, he gets angry and another argument begins and ends with Paulina walking away.

TRESTLE AFTERMATH Back home, Rachel told Carl his anger almost hurt Steven and told him again to let his vendetta against Grant go. When Carl says he can't, she tells him he has to choose between his anger or his marriage or he'll have to leave. Grant spies on the Hutchins's from his car. Sitting in the passenger seat, Ryan promises that he will not allow Grant to hurt Vicky or Carl and that while he might be dead, he isn't helpless. Ryan then causes a tree limb to fall on Grant's car and told him that it was only the beginning.

BACK HOME AT VICKY'S Steven thanks Bobby again as Jake looks on jealously. when Jake takes Steven up to bed, Vicky and Bobby discuss how dangerous Grant is. Bobby promises he'll keep an eye on Grant. Vicky told Bobby not to leave and says that Bobby was sent to her for a reason. While he says he doesn't usually go for fate kind of stuff, he thinks he may be right. Vicky and Bobby hug just as Jake comes down the stairs to witness the embrace (FREEZE FRAME)

Tuesday, November 26, 196, 1996

LET'S RECAP YESTERDAY'S SHOW:Grant continues to spy on Carl and Rachel from his car. After telling Grant that while he may be dead, he isn't helpless, Ryan causes a tree limb to fallon Grant's car. Grant thinks a storm caused the limb to fall and he laughsabout the problems he's caused Carl as Ryan watches. Rachel tell Carl thathis vendetta was destroying their marriage. she told him that Carl must leavethe house and get out of her life. Meanwhile at Vicky's, Jake witnesses aclose moment between Bobby and Vicky as Vicky told Bobby that he was sent toher for a reason.

DINNER AFTER A MOVIE:Cass and Felicia have dinner at Carlino's after catching an art film. Feliciasays she didn't enjoy the movie and Cass suggests her mood has more to do withJohn moving out. Felicia told him she feels left out of everything importantin John's life and recounts her latest run-in with Gregory. She says that shecan't tell John that Greg doesn't want her around because he has enough to handle.Cass suggests his friend go over to the Hudson farm for a "quiet visit" now thatGreg was asleep.

THREE'S COMPANY:Vicky and Bobby pull apart when Jake comes down the stairs. When Vicky went upto check on Steven, Jake thanks Bobby again for saving Steven. Bobby says he'sglad he was there. Jake then informs Bobby that regardless of what happenedtonight, he's not giving up this fight. Vicky returns and finds both guysreading on the couch. As she walks them both out, Vicky says how she was lookingforward to Thanksgiving and Bobby says he was too. He looks on as Jake tellsVicky goodbye.

ALL was NOT WELL AT THE CORY MANSION:When Rachel told Carl she believes he asked Grant to meet him at the depot,Carlpoints out Grant set him up. Rachel reminds Carl again that his anger putSteven in danger and even went as far to blame Carl for Maggie running away withRafael. She told him to leave and he went to pack a bag. Before walking outthe door, Carl told Rachel she's been his greatest happiness and that he lovesher. Rachel says she loves him too and closes the door in his face.

FATHERS AND SONS:John and Greg are staying at Michael's farm. While he says that he was glad hisdad was there, Greg says he misses his room and his mom. John told his sonthey can visit Sharlene tomorrow and Greg asks if his mom will be walking bythen. When John says she will not walk for a long time, Greg asks if his dadwill always take care of Sharlene.

SHOW DOWN AT THE STUDIO:Matt summons Nick to his studio and informs him that Matt was now editor of theHerald. Handing Nick his personnel file, Matt told him that Nick had bettershape up at work if he hopes to keep his job. Nick says he sees through Mattand knows this was all about Sophia. As he leaves, Nick told him that Mattisn't getting Sophia back.

RENDEZVOUS AT THE FARM:Felicia arrives with a late night snack for John. As they start to kiss, Gregwalks in and sullenly asks what Felicia was doing there. Felicia tries to befriendly but Greg continues to be a snot even after John told him to apologize.After telling John that he can't sleep with a "stranger" in the house, Greg goesup to bed. Nick arrives and Felicia told him to enjoy the food. She leavesbefore John can stop her. They later talk on the phone and John tellsFelicia they will soon be together. Nick offers to babysit Greg if Johnwants to spend some time with Felicia. He told John that he learned avaluable lesson about love - you can't let it get away.

GRANT = TROUBLE:Rachel finds Grant (and Ryan) at her front door. When he inquires about Stevenin a fake tone of voice, Rachel throws her glass of water on him as Ryan laughs.Rachel told Grant off and asks if he thinks she's a fool. After telling himthat she holds both Carl and Grant responsible for what happened, Rachel informsGrant Carl no longer lives there. When Grant leaves, he talks on the phonewith someone as Ryan tries to figure out who was on the other end.

MOTHERS AND SONS:Matt arrives and Rachel told him their Thanksgiving won't be ruined by Grant.Matt wants to know what was wrong. Rachel told him that he was right not totrust Carl and that she told Carl to leave because he wouldn't give up the war withGrant. Agreeing he hasn't trusted Carl in months, Matt told his mom that Carlloves her. Rachel answers that it makes no difference.

SHOULD BE AN INTERESTING THANKSGIVING:Jake told Bobby Vicky only invited him to be nice and for Bobby not to takeit personally because Bobby isn't family. He then asks if Jake was trying to getVicky and the boys approval by having them help with tree house. TellingJake he was welcome to work on the tree house any time he wants, Bobbyleaves. In frustration Jake kicks at some of wood on the ground.

NIGHTMARE:Jake has a dream about Vicky and her telling him she knows exactly what shewants. In the dream, Jake thinks she was ready to be with him when Vickytells him that she and the boys will have a wonderful life with Bobby.Waking up, Jake says he can't let that happen.

GOODNIGHT SWEETHEART:Vicky talks to Steven as he sleeps telling him how strong and steady he isand how much he reminds her of Ryan. When Steven wakes up he asks where thenecklace was that he gave her. Meanwhile, Bobby returns to the train depotand relives what happened that night. He finds Vicky's necklace andwhispers "Vicky". Also at the trestle, Carl sits reading about lost love asRyan listens. Grant was also listening and told himself Carl was no longer athreat. Ryan told Grant he'll find a way to stop him as Carl stares outinto the night..

Wednesday, November 27, 196, 1996

Bobby got out of the shower then tried to talk to someone on the phone, but was told that the person he wanted was in lockup.

Vicky, Steve, and Kirkl and were decorating for Thanksgiving when Jake showed up at the door with two balls for the kids to play with. The kids went upstairs to play and Jake and Vicky talked. Jake pulled out a ring box and presented it to Vicky.

Jake told Vicky to open the box, but she was reluctant. Jake said it was no big deal. Vicky brought up the ultimatem and Vicky told him she wasn't ready to say yes to a marriage proposal. Jake said it was Thanksgiving that he knew she hadn't had the time to think. He asked her to just open the box, which she did. It was a necklace.

Jake and Vicky were preparing for Thanksgiving when both the phone and the door rang. Vicky handed to phone to Jake. It was Bobby and Jake hung up. Vicky answered the door to Donna, Nick and Michael. Donna told Jake how transparent he was and told him she was going to put a stop to it.

Donna informed Jake that Vicky would not get over Ryan as long as Bobby was around. She didn't think that either one of them was suitable for Vicky.

Ryan was sitting outside the house when Kirkland saw him and and gave him cookies. Vicky called him inside, but decided not to take the cookies inside.

Vicky asked Kirkland what he was doing outside. Kirkland replied that he was visiting his special friend.

John, Luisa, Tomas, Gregory, Josie, and Gary gathered at the hospital to visit Sharlene. After the others left Felicia showed up and she and John kissed.

Sharlene was putting on her makeup and fixing her hair when Gregory and Josie showed up. Gregory asked his mom to close her eyes and then blindfolded her.

Josie and Gregory wheeled Sharlene down the hall, past John and Sharlene into a room filled with Thanksgiving dinner and Tomas, Luisa, and Gary. Sharlene thanked them all and asked them how they pulled it off. Tomas replied that John had gotten Rita's permission.

John and Felicia discussed Cass and how he was doing. Felicia told him that he was doing a wonderful thing giving Sharlene Thanksgiving dinner. John said that he would see her later. Cindy came up and told Felicia that Cass was looking for her. John told Cindy that someone was looking for Lorna, and he made the comment that it must be nice to have a whole weekend to herself. Cindy recalled cancelling Gabe and Lorna's reservations.

Cindy ran into Gabe and Lorna in the hospital who told her that someone had cancelled their reservations. Cindy then suggested that they eat Thanksgiving with Sharlene. Lorna was hesitant, but Gabe liked the idea.

Grant showed up in Sharlene's room and found Gary and Josie there instead. Josie told him not to visit her in the other room.

Josie told Grant to stay away from Sharlene. Grant pointed out that they would have a hard time keeping Sharlene away from him if she wanted to see him. Josie left and Cindy came in and took the flowers Grant brought to Sharlene. Grant left the room and ran into Lorna who brushed him off. Grant then noticed how Cindy was playing up to Gabe. Cindy and Gabe left together and went to celebrate Thanksgiving with Sharlene.

Sharlene was haunted by thoughts of playing with Gregory at the farm. John asked Sharlene if she was okay. harlene thanked John for doing this for her. Gregory came over and said that this was the best Thanksgiving ever. John then left. Sharlene told Gregory how much she loved him. Lorna came in and Tomas said that he was sorry her vacation was ruined. Lorna was disturbed to see Gabe and Cindy sitting together. They all gathered around the table for thanksgiving.

Josie announced she was returning to the force. Lorna was annoyed that Cindy kissed Gabe on the cheek.

Rachel put away a picture of her and Carl and Paulina and Joe showed up with Dante for Thanksgiving. Matt then arrived and Rachel gave a tray of food to take to the kitchen. Paulina asked where Carl was.

Rachel told the family that she had kicked Carl out and that he had made his own choice. When Paulina protested that she shouldn't let Grant interfere in their relationship Rachel said she didn't want to talk about it and left. Paulina told Joe that they shouldn't break up because someone was interfering in their relationship and Joe brought up Jake. They both then apologized to each other for arguing over Jake.

Carl was reading on the docks, when a man came up to him and told him he ran a soup kitchen down the street. Carl went to give him some money, but didn't have any and Carl gave him his coat. The man then offered to have Carl Join them, but Carl declined.

Sophia dropped by the Cory mansion and Matt opened the door. The maid brought Dante ddown and Sophia took him into Joe and Paulina. Rachel came in and greeted Sophia. The doorbell rang. Rachel opened the door and Carl was there.

Rachel left and Matt came to the door and told Carl that Rachel had made herself clear. Carl was leaving as Felicia and Cass dropped by with Charlie. Matt welcomed them and Rachel came in. Felicia asked about Carl and Rachel told them that Carl no longer lived there.

John showed up at the Cory mansion for Thanksgiving. Rachel said that Thankgiving was a time to be grateful, but that she wasnt' feeling particularly grateful, so she asked the others to share things they were grateful for. John was grateful that he survived being ill, his son, Felicia, and all his friends. Felicia was grateful to life and all of its unexpected miracles. Charlie thanked God for her mother and for letting her keep her daddy. Cass thanked God for Charlie, Charlie, and Charlie. Matt was grateful for Sophia, Joe, Paulina, Dante, his mom ... Sophia was thankful she survived and was thankful for her family, friends and classes. Joe thanked God for his beautiful wife and his amazing son. Paulina who was weepy was grateful Joe always carries a hankerchief. She was thankful for her husband and her son and her friends. Rachel thanked everyone, especially Charlie for turning a loss into something to be thankful for. Rachel then excused herself.

Bobby and Carl ran into each other on the docks. Bobby asked why Carl wasn't at the house and Carl told him that Rachel had asked him to leave. Bobby said he was sorry and Carl said he was too. Carl told Bobby that Grant will wish he had died on that railroad trestle.

Bobby came to the door of Vicky's with Carl. Vicky asked where Rachel was and he told her how angry Rachel was at him. Vicky told Carl that she expected him to take care of her son, no matter what Grant did. Carl apologized for his actions, but told her she must not forget how sick Grant was. He then told her that he attacked Grant because Grant had said that he was glad he killed Ryan. Carl said that he wasn't trying to excuse himself, but that he wanted to warn her. Carl then tried to leave, but Steven came out and begged Vicky to invite him in. Vicky then asked Carl to spend Thankgiving with them. Vicky told Bobby that she realized it was Grant's gault. Bobby then gave Vicky Steven't necklace which she had lost at the train station. Steven was overjoyed to see his necklance and Vicky put it on. Jake commented that it was goint to look beautiful right nect to the one he gave her. They then all gathered around the table to celebrate Thanksgiving. Nick then brought the turkey in.

Steven asked Carl what he was grateful for. Vicky aswered that she was thankful that Carl and the rest of them were there. She said that she felt very lucky to be surrounded by all the people she loved most in this world. Ryan was standing by her side.

Thursday, November 28, 196, 1996

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Another World was not shown today.

Friday, November 29, 196, 1996

NEWS FROM THE BCPD: Gary and Joe talk about the Cody Mercer case, particulary how it looks as if Gabe wants to close the case for good. Telling Gary to let the whole thing go, Joe informs Gary that what's important was that Cody was dead. Gary, however, remains convinced Cody was working with Grant. Later, Gary tells Joe he put Cody's file in the department's archives but he wishes he put it in the trash because that's what Cody was. An elderly woman starts to hit Gary with her purse saying he shouldn't talk ill of the dead. As Joe and Gary restrain her, she told them she was Cody's mother.

NEWS FROM THE HERALD: Chris gives Carl some more info. on Cody. When Chris asks if Carl was still using the info. as research for a novel, Carl told him in a cryptic manner that it'll be very well read. Matt enters the newsroom and brushes off Carl when he inquires about Rachel and told him that Rachel was better off without Carl. Carl leaves and Matt passes out paychecks to the staff. Matt tells Nick his pay was docked for several long lunches. Nick told Chris that he wants to get back into advertising to be with Jake.

NEW FROM CARLINOS: Sophia and Paulina are preparing lunch for a meeting one of Sophia's class is having at the restaurant. Jake comes in and told Paulina he gave Vicky 24 hours to decide what she wants. Even though Paulina told him an ultimatum is a bad idea, Jake was in a good mood and asks to see the engagement ring again. Jake asks Paulina to try it on as Grant watches from the back of the restaurant. When Grant approaches, Jake takes some pop shots at him about Kirkland, telling Grant how much Kirkland enjoyed T-giving and how no one in town can stand Grant. Grant replies with a smirk that he can deal with rejection, but can Jake?

NEWS FROM VICKY'S HOUSE: Talking to a picture of Ryan, Vicky says how she missed him yesterday and everyday. She remembers past T-givings they had together and how even though he was not there, she still has a lot to be thankful for. She begins to talk about how and why Bobby saved Steven, Bobby enters. Vicky told him she was still trying to figure out how Bobby, of all the people present that night, was the one to get to Steven. Bobby wants to know why she was making so much of everything and Vicky responds that Bobby was the one making it seem as if its due to some invisible force. Telling Vicky that he thinks someone has decided she's been hurt enough, Bobby told her how much he enjoyed T-giving with her and the kids even though he's not one for holidays. Picking up Ryan's picture, Bobby says he knows something was missing yesterday. He reminds her again that he's not Ryan and Vicky responds that she knows that, but there's still his eyes. Bobby gets upset and starts to leave. Trying to stop him, Vicky reminds him that even he admitted there was a reason he was sent to BC. Bobby told her they were talking about two different things. Possibly realizing his real meaning, Vicky looks stunned when he starts to say something about two people coming together for some reason. Entering the house,Donna interrupts the moment and Bobby hands Vicky the picture and leaves.

GRANT HARRISON - CONNIVER EXTRAORDINAIRE: At the hospital, Grant approaches Cindy with the guise of inquiring about new therapeutic equipment. He begins to probe Cindy about her past relationship with Gabe at which she becomes uncomfortable and leaves. Entering Michael's office, Grant told him he wants to apologize for everything that has happened. Michael reminds Grant of all the horrible things the did to Vicky and Grant told him that although he tried to make peace with Carl, Carl wouldn't listen. Grant maintains that he will no longer fight with Carl, Vicky or Michael and Michael says he'll believe it when he sees it. Meanwhile, in Lorna's office, Cindy asks questions about Lorna's past relationship with Grant. Telling Cindy she was a different person then, both are surprised when Grant enters asking Lorna to lunch. Firmly replying she wants nothing to do with him, Grants questions Lorna if Gabe was still investigating the Cody Mercer case. She told him that as far as she knows, the case was closed.

ITS A DIRTY JOB, BUT SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT: At her class meeting, Sophia's professor told the class that everyone has been assigned to an internship at a local business. Sophia looks upset at her assignment and told the professor she can't accept it. Her professor informs her that its not good business to use personal reasons for an excuse and that she must stick it out. Later, Sophia told Paulina its going to be the worst month of her life. At the Herald, Nick throws away a pile of work right in front of Matt. Before Matt can respond, Sophia enters and tells Matt she's his new intern. Matt looks surprised while Nick smiles.

SOME MOTHERLY ADVICE: Talking to Donna, Vicky says she's worried she hurts the people she loves. She told her mother about Jake's ultimatum and how she hurts Bobby whenever it looks like he's finally opening up. Donna told Vicky that neither guy is right for her because of breeding and Vicky reminds her that breeding doesn't matter because look at Grant. Vicky claims she won't make that mistake again and her mother asks who will be the mistake this time, Jake or Bobby?

SOME "FATHERLY" ADVICE: Bobby returned to his room to find Carl waiting for him. They look at the Cody Mercer info. looking for a connection to Grant. Carl says he refuses to believe Grant ruined his relationship with Rachel and Bobby says it might be to their advantage to let Grant believe his plan worked. Carl agrees and Bobby says he's worried Grant's next target will be Vicky. Bobby told Carl that when Vicky looks at him, its like she's looking at someone else. Carl says what's important was how Bobby feels when he looks at her. Carls draws parallels between his situation with Rachel (and consequently her grieving for Mac) and Bobby's situation with Vicky (and her grieving for Ryan). Carl tells him it doesn't make a difference whose eyes Bobby sees with, what's important was what's in Bobby's heart.

AND THE OTHER SUITOR... Jake comes into the Herald and was bombarded by questions, etc. Telling everyone to leave him alone, he walks into his office and calls Vicky. Hearing her voice on the answering machine, his smile turns to a look of hurt and surprise when she picks up the phone and says, "Bobby". Jake hangs up without saying anything. Chris tries to find out why Jake was wearing such a long face and told Jake he should stop feeling sorry for himself and should go for what he wants.

BACK AT THE BCPD: Cody's mom says she's there to pick up his things and that even though he caused a lot of trouble, Cody wasn't a bad man. Gary scoffs at her comment and Joe reminds her of all the bad things Cody did. Mrs. Mercers says that regardless of all of that, her son was killed by the cold-blooded murderer, Grant Harrison. After retrieving his personal effects, Mrs. Mercer drops a letter written by her son the day before he died. Gary told her they need to talk to the captain about it being possible evidence.

FRIDAY'S CLIFFHANGER: In the shower, Vicky mutters to herself about everything going on in her life. When Bobby comes into the house, he hears her scream and rushes upstairs. Breaking down the bathroom door, Bobby finds Vicky lying apparently unconscious on the floor.

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