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After Grant goaded him, Jake started a fight with Bobby. Sharlene and Greg moved in with Michael at the farmhouse. Gabe and Cindy's closeness began to irritate Lorna. Rachel forgave Carl but would not let him move back in.
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Another World Recaps: The week of December 2, 1996 on AW
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Monday, December 2, , 1996

JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE HERALD: Matt and Chris welcome Sophia to the paper and Nick told her with a knowing smile they're lucky to have her. Jake stares at his phone, waiting for Vicky to call. Nick comes in and suggests the new intern work in the ad dept. with him. Later, Matt asks Nick what he and Jake were talking about. Nick informs Matt with a grin that Jake assigned Nick to the ad dept. Matt storms into Jake's office and told Jake to stop helping Nick scheme. Jake told Matt he'd better remember they have a newspaper to run, despite Matt's personal problems. Walking out, Jake told Chris to meet him later at Sassy's. Sophia asks Matt if her prescence will be a problem and says their friendship was more important than an internship. Matt says he wants her to stay. Nick shows up and says its his job to show the new intern around. Sophia's professor arrives to meet with Matt, who told Chris to give Sophia a tour. Matt told Nick to stay away from Sophia and to watch out for sexual harrassment or he'll lose his job. Nick told Matt he's also watching him. Later, Nick asks Sophia how long she was going to fight them being together and asks if they still have a chance. When she gets defencsive about Matt, he backs off. Later, it its revealed Nick paid off Sophia's professor to have her intern at the Herald.

HER KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR: Bobby finds an unconscious Vicky on the bathroom floor. Meanwhile, someone sneaks into Vicky's house. Cradling her in his arms, Bobby begs Vicky to open her eyes. She comes to and call his name. Holding her, Bobby asks Vicky if he should call the hospital. Realizing Bobby saw her naked, vicky makes a joke about the situation and Bobby gets slightly embarrassed. He gently strokes her bruised head as they exchange what has become to known as one of "their looks" Vicky told him she was glad he was there and Bobby says that he worries about her. Telling her that she's stubborn, Bobby carries Vicky into her bedroom. They turn and notice Grant in the hall. Apologizing, Grant makes innuendos that he interrupted something. bobby throws him out and promises Vicky he is not going to let Grant hurt her anymore. Outside, Grant begins to leave with his trademark smirk. Confronting Grant, Vicky tries to explain what happened but Grant just pretends concern and says he wants to apologize and he wants peace. She brushes him off. Later, as Bobby works and vicky cleans, they continue to eye eache other and act nervous. Telling Vicky he's going to leave Bobby looks like he has something to say. Vicky thinks it has something to do with what happened between them but Bobby reminds her that Grant will use what he saw against them. She says she can handle Grant. Later, home alone Vicky agonizes about Jake's ultimatum and has memories of being held by Bobby.

BCPD'S FINEST VS THE SLIMEBALL:At the station, Gabe asks for a report on the Cody Mercer case. Gary tellshim the letter was just what they need. Gabe gets Mrs. Mercer's permission toread the letter and after reading it told Gary to get Grant. When Grant arrives, Gabe told him about Mrs. Mercer and the letter. Grant acts upset andnervous. When she sees him, Mrs. Mercer hits Grant and calls him a murderer.Gabe tries to get Grant to admit his involvement with Cody and reminds him theywent through the "innocent" routine when Ryan was shot. Grant grabs the letterwhich ends up exonerating him and he accuses Gabe of entrapment and storms out.Gabe told Gary they have no evidence against Grant and they are closing thecase. Later, Grant meets with Mrs. Mercer and told her she played her partvery well. He says the forger needs to keep Cody's writing samples and then told her to get out of the country or else. Shetells him that he was "pure evil". Next Grant tracks down Jake at Sassy's.Acting drunk, Grant told Jake that he (grant)is his own worst enemy butsays that Bobbby was Jake's worst enemy. Meanwhile, Bobby tries to figure outwhere Grant is. Grant goads Jake about his proposal to Vicky and asks whatkind of "renovations" Bobby was doing in Vicky's bedroom.

Tuesday, December 3, , 1996


Burrowed under the covers, Josie told Gary to come and find the surprise she has for him. Gary asks if she has some sexy lingerie on, but she's really wearing her dress blues. To celebrate Josie brought out dinner for 2 and told Gary she appreciates all of his patience. She also gives him her medal of bravery with a note saying how much she loves him. After dinner, Josie tells Gary she needs to practice some police moves. He offers to practice with her so Josie handcuffs him and they have a "pretend interrogation."


Carl arrives at the Cory mansion and asks the maid to give Rachel a note and a rose. When she remains reluctant, Carl tells her this separation was only temporary. The maid told him that Rachel has gone out for the evening. At Carlino's, Felicia and Rachel have dinner and discuss their experience with "empty house" syndrome. Felicia offers some advice - try and forgive Carl. Rachel gets upset and says she doesn't know what else to do. Felicia says in her heart that Rachel will end up forgiving Carl but Rachel asks how she'll be able to trust him again. Carl enters the restaurant and Felicia exits to the lady's room. Carl told Rachel the last thing he wanted to do was disrupt the family on thanksgiving. He then distracts her from her sad mood by playfully pulling a rose out of his coat. Carl then told her that just like a rose survives the frost, with love anything was possible. He asks her to forgive him and she says she does but he still can't come back into her life. When Felicia returns, he leaves.

HOOK, LINE and SINKER: Lorna berates an employee at the B&B where she and Gabe were supposed to have their getaway. Cindy listens with glee in the background and tries to give an irritated Lorna some advice about the situation. Cindy suggests Lorna personally go to the in to clear up the problem. As Lorna leaves, Cindy says to herself that its too bad Gabe left a message to meet him at Sassy's.

TWISTING THE KNIFE: At Sassy's, Grant, still pretending to be drunk, asks Jake what Bobby was "making" in Vicky's bedroom. Jake grabs him by the collar and demands he explain. Grant told Jake that Bobby and Vicky were in bed together and her robe was off. Jake fumes and storms off as Grant continues to make lewd comments. Tomas approaches Grant and thanks him again for the med school scholarship. Cindy arrives and Grant told her he ordered the therapeutic equipment Sharlene needs. Bobby comes in and is confronted by Jake. Acting irrational, Jake asks if Bobby took Vicky to bed. Bobby says its none of his business and that Grant is playing Jake like a fool. Jake then lunges at Bobby and starts to punch him as Chris and Tomas try to break things up. Grant watches with a smile as the fight breaks out and then leaves. Later, when things calm down, Jake looks at a picture of him and Vicky and asks himself what he needs to do to get her back.


Cass stops by to see Sharlene. After joking around some, Cass says seriously that she'll be back to herself soon. He then says how he was dreading Christmas and she asks him to spend it with her. Cass asks if Grant has stopped by lately and Sharlene says she doesn't really want to discuss it. He then told her that Grant wants to get his law license back.


Grant runs into Carl outside of Carlinos. They have another confrontation and Carl told him Rachel asked Carl to leave. Grant smugly pretends sympathy and when Carl leaves, Grant says he's not done with him yet. Ryan appears and asks again what exactly Grant was up to. At hospital, Grant and Cass meet outside Sharlene's room. They exchange words and enumerating all of his "good deeds" Grant says it shouldn't be a problem to be reinstated as a lawyer. Grant later told Sharlene that he'll be there to help her and told her about the new equipment he bough. Sharlene asks why he'd do all that for her and he answers that she's the one person who stood by him. Grant then says she was in his dreams of the future.


Cindy replaces her gin and tonic with a club soda when Gabe arrives. She told him she didn't get a chance to give Lorna his message and he thanks her for coming to tell him personally. She tries to get sympathy from him by talking about an old boyfriend from Boston. Lorna arrives in time to see them hug which Cindy notices. Cindy told Gabe tomorrow was her birthday and continues to snuggle against him while declining his offer to set her up with some eligible guys.

Wednesday, December 4, , 1996


Bobby was gettting dressed in his room as Ryan continues to try and communicatewith him. When Bobby mutters something about Jake, Ryan says Grant was the oneBobby needs to be worried about. He then asks why Vicky trusts Bobby andasks "who are you anyway?" Carl arrives to tell Bobby Grant was free and willprobably go after Vicky. Car fills Bobby in on how Grant was exonerated again.Ryan listens and smiles when Bobby calls Grant an SOB. Ryan hears from Carlthat Bobby received his corneas and looks surprised. Carl told Bobby to becareful because when Grant looks into Bobby's eyes he sees the brother he killed.Ryan says he now realizes the connection and asks if Bobby can hear him. Bobbyhesitates and then told Carl he doesn't believe in psychic connections. ButRyan says he knows that when he asked for help, Bobby came. Bobby starts tofeel uncomfortable and says he needs some air. Ryan says its because bobby feelsRyan's presence. Carl and Ryan both follow Bobby out calling his name. At Sassy's Carl told Bobby he's wasting his time not telling Vicky how he feelsb/c she can't guess what he's feeling. Bobby told him to give it a rest andreminds Carl of the shape his own love life was in.

THE DEADLINE'S UP:Jake was moping in his apartment when Vicky arrives. She told him she waitedto talk to him because she "wanted to be really sure." Jake asks what happenedwith Bobby and accuses her of making plans with Bobby behind his back. He demands she tell him she doesn't love him. Vicky says she can't because she's lloved him all her life. Jake starts to go off again about her preoccupationwith Bobby having Ryan's eyes. Vicky finally stops him and says althoughhe claims to understand her feelings, he really doesn't and this ultimatumwasn't about her but about what he wanted. Jake then says that he's gladshe got whatever it was with Bobby out of her system and he can forgive herb/c he loves her and she loves him in the same way. Vicky told him its notthe same and he looks stricken. Saying she loves him like she loves her kids,forever and unconditionally, Jake claims its not real love. Vicky repeatsagain that its not about him or Bobby but about Ryan. She then told Jakeshe can't be his lover or his wife, only his best friend and asks if that's enough. Jake asks why she chose Bobby over him and vicky replies she doesn'tknow how she feels about Bobby. She then told him that Ryan was in her heartwhere he'll always be. Vicky told Jake that her broken heart will breakagain if she loses him as a best friend and Jake leaves.

DISCHARGED TO THE FARM:Sharlene has a dream where she dances with a mysterious man whose face she can't see. She wakes up and John told her that her apartment isn't wheelchair accessible. Michael suggests that her and Greg stay at the farm. Sheagrees and outside, John asks if Michael knows what he's getting into. Feliciacomes up and told John how excited she was about tonight. Josie, Greg andTomas arrive to pick up Sharlene. John told Felicia he's worried about Gregand then told her how much he loves her. They go into Sharlene's room andGreg seems to think John will be living at the farm with them. Feliciawishes Sharlene luck which she graciously accepts. Felicia told John to getGreg settled in and she'll wait for him at home.

HOMECOMINGS GONE AWRY:Back at the farm, Donna arrives with an overnight bag and fixings for a romantic evening. She told Nick that Sharlene's being discharged will meaneveryone will be out of the house so she and Michael can have an eveningtogether. Donna explains that some people are afraid to say yes to what makesthem happy. Nick tries to get some advice about Sophia and donna told himto get her alone and make himself irresistible. Later, Michael comes hometo her seduction scene and told her to cover up because they have houseguests aseveryone comes in. Felicia prepares for Johns' arrival at their apartmentwhile he tries to explain to Greg he won't be staying with them. Donna was surprised when she realizes Sharlene and Greg are moving in permanently.

AFTERMATH:Vicky comes home and the door blows open even though she's closed it. She went to the mantle and throws Jake's and Bobby's mugs on the floor. Jakearrives at Carlinos and was comforted by Paulina. He told her that he riskedhis heart and soul and lost everything. Jake breaks down and says while heknows he pushed too hard, he can't accept a future without Vicky. Paulina saysshe'll always be there for him, but Jake leaves when she went to take a phonecall. He and Carl meet up at Sassy's and proceed to drown their sorrowstogether. Meanwhile, Bobby comes over to Vicky's saying he wanted to fix the door. He told her he cleaned up the broken mugs. They both start to talkat the same time and Bobby tries to explain what happened with Jake. Vickysays she's not in the mood to talk. As she turns away, Bobby says he's notleaving until she told him what's going on with her.

Thursday, December 5, , 1996



The first scene after the preemption involved Bobby telling Vicky,of coursehe cares - he cares about her kids, he cares about her house, he caresenough to let Jake hit him every 2 weeks. Bobby then says that he doesn'twant to see her hurt and ask if that's enough for a handyman (apparently Vickymade a remark he took the wrong way which started the confrontation). He sayshe's leaving and he does even though Vicky tries to stop him.


Gabe told Grant he's not in the habit of doing favors for him anymore. Grantsays that Vicky, Michael and Carl won't let him have the peace he wants andthey just want his punishment to continue. Gabe told him that he's beingparanoid. Grant then asks Gabe to make a statement about Grant's "heroicdeeds" so Grant can get his law license back. Gabe reluctantly agrees, sayinghe'll only "tell the truth." When Grant tries to thank him, Gabe reminds himthat this was the last one for "old times sake."


John continues to try to get Greg to understand about why John won't be living with them. Greg gets very upset and John promises that he and Sharlenewill love Greg regardless of how they feel about each other. Meanwhile, Donnatries to convince Sharlene to check herself into a recovery clinic. whenMichael hears, he shepherds her out of the room. Sharlene accepts a call fromGrant much to Josie's disapproval. Michael told Donna that Sharlene isstaying, period. Donna asks if they'll have to spend all their time playingnurse to Sharlene. Michael says there are more important things. Donna retorts that she's not going to watch another one of his "projects" and leaves.Later, Sharlene thanks Michael for his generosity and asks again if eh knowswhat he's gotten himself into. She believes she'll be a burden but Michael,Josie and Tomas convince her she's not. Then, Greg calls everyone over to seethe snowfall.


Apparently, Lorna went to Felicia's to vent about Cindy. Felicia tries tocalm her down, reminding Lorna that Cindy and Gabe share a bond because of theirshared tragedy. Lorna seems to understand and leaves when John arrive so theycanhave some time alone. John and Felicia dance and he says how much heloves her. They start to kiss when they are interrupted by a call from Gregwho says he misses his dad.


Donna arrives at Vicky's to rage about the situation at the farm. She was furious that Sharlene and Greg are staying their and makes a comment about"Saint Michael." Vicky told her not to be so selfish and Donna reminds herthat Michael and Sharlene slept together. Vicky assures her mom that Michaelloves her and Donna asks why can't he accept it then? She also asks whyyou have to prove love, why can't you just feel it. This hits home to Vicky.Donna finally realizes something happened because all of Bobby's tools were stillthere. Vicky told her mom she hurt Jake and insulted Bobby but she doesn'twant to talk about it. Donna says she doesn't think Vicky will ever loseJake and was more interested in what happened with bobby. Vicky explainsthat she just wanted to be alone, but Bobby felt like she was treating himlike hired help. Donna tries to put her 2 cents in but Vicky told her shewants to be alone and escorts her out.


Returning to his room, Bobby mutters something about how Vicky drives himcrazy. Ryan was waiting in a chair and was still frustrated by his inabilityto communicate. He tries again to force Bobby to hear him. Ryan admonishesBobby for fighting with Vicky when Ryan sent Bobby there to protect her. He yells at Bobby to look at him and Bobby slowly turns his head in Ryan's direction. But Bobby doesn't see him, despite Ryan's best efforts. Ryantells Bobby that no matter how hard Bobby tries not to, he feels Ryan'sprescence. Ryan reminds Bobby that they are connected and he's going tomake Bobby realize he's there. Feeling weird, Bobby makes a quick exit. Ryanwaits and gives a little smile. At Sassy's Bobby brushes off two would-beadmirers when he has a memory of Vicky.


Lorna arrives at the hospital just in time to see yet another close momentbetween Gabe and Cindy. Lorna tries not to act to irritated but it gets thebetter of her and she told Gabe she wants to go home. Lorna gets fed upwhen Gabe doesn't pick up on her feelings and suggest they go to Carlino'sto celebrate Cindy's birthday. Lorna storms off and Gabe follows her asCindy watches the whole thing with a smile.

FINAL SCENES:Josie, Sharlene and Greg watch the snow and later Josie comforts her mom. Grant speaks to his mysterious partner about his plan for Vicky. Bobby showsup at Vicky's house again and told her they have some unfinished business(FREEZE FRAME)

Friday, December 6, , 1996


Bobby arrives at Vicky's house and told her that unless they get some things straight between them, he was never walking through her door again. Concerned, Vicky invites him in but Bobby refuses, telling her they can't be alone in her house and what he needs to say has to be between just the two of them. Vicky seems confused and told him they are alone because the kids are gone. Looking straight into her eyes, Bobby replies that its not the kids he's worried about, but Ryan because Vicky has filled her house with memories of Ryan. Vicky agrees to meet him on "neutral ground" at the docks in an hour. As Bobby leaves, Ryan yells at him to stop and Bobby hesitates. Ryan says that protecting Vicky was a 24 hour job and Bobby needs to stay with her. Bobby shakes his head and leaves and frustrated, Ryan follows Vicky into her house. Looking at her lovingly, he wonders what he's going to do with her.

AN AGENDA OF HER OWN: At Carlino's, Cindy presents Gabe with a Channukah gift and they recall the first time they celebrated her birthday back in Boston where Cindy had told Gabe that even though he belonged to her sister Sarah, he would always be part of her life. Its obvious both have different feelings about the memory and Cindy shows Gabe she still has the gift he gave her from that first birthday, a bracelet with a "lucky star" on it. Much to Cindy's disappointment, Gabe went to call Lorna who listens in anger to Gabe's message but doesn't answer. Talking to herself in her office, Lorna wonders how Gabe could be so blind to Cindy's manipulations. Cass hears her and they talk about the situation. He convinces her to go find Gabe. Of course, when arriving at Carlino's Lorna witnesses yet another close moment between Gabe and Cindy. Furious, Lorna interrupts and makes a comment about a "birthday celebration that never ends." Gabe, still oblivious to how angry Lorna is, asks Cass and Lorna to join them but Lorna angrily tells Gabe she wants to go home. Cindy tries her best to act concerned for Lorna's feelings but Lorna will have none of it. Gabe and Lorna leave and return to her office. He tries to talk to her and asks why she was so rude to Cindy on her birthday. Lorna erupts and told Gabe she can't believe how dense he is. He asks her what's wrong with her and Lorna replies there is nothing wrong with HER. So Gabe then asks "what's wrong with US?" and Lorna says, "I'll tell you in one word, CINDY"


Grant stops at Sassy's and pays the bartender off to call him if anything of importance happens at the bar. He then went to visit Sharlenemuch to Josie's dismay and Gary's anger. Grant gives Sharlene a cell phone and showers her with attention which Sharlene eats up, as Gary grits his teeth. Grant told them all that he was planning to get his law license back with Gabe's help. Furious at what he conceives as his captain's betrayal, Gary walks out to the porch. Josie follows him and Gary says he's sick about Gabe contributing to Grant "rebuilding" his reputation because they all know Grant was dirty and was in cahoots with Cody. Gary then told her that Bobby has been pressuring Gabe about investigating Grant too. Josie says she understands his frustration but asks Gary to lay off Grant for her mother's sake and let Bobby take up the crusade. Gary told her he can't forget Grant was most likely responsible for Cody coming back to kill her.


Jake and Chris arrive at Sassy's and Chris says he's tired of Jake dragging him from bar to bar. Jake says he's celebrating his freedom and Chris tells Jake to be honest with himself about what he's trying to do. Chris advises Jake to forget about Vicky because he'll only be hurting himself and makes a bet that Jake can't no say the "V-word" for the rest of the night. Jake orders drinks for everyone in the bar and then sneaks off to call Vicky. When she picks up he doesn't says anything and she asks if its him. Chris told him to hang up which he does. Vicky also hangs up her end and says to herself that Jake was at Sassy's. Ryan hears her and follows her out. He says to himself that someone has to protect Vicky and if Bobby isn't going to do it, maybe Jake can. Back at Sassy's Jake says aloud, at Chris's urging, that things are over between him and Vicky. When Jake sees Babs, the realtor he dated briefly, he comes on very strong which her date does not like. Although her date was huge, Jake sees Bobby's face on the man and takes a swing at him. All hell breaks loose as Jake starts to trash the bar. Chris tries to subdue him to no avail. The bartender calls Grant and told him that he would be interested in what was going on and then calls the police. Ryan yells at Jake that he will do Vicky no good in jail and that he can't count on Jake to protect her either.


Vicky arrives at the dock where Bobby was waiting for her. He told her with a smile he didn't think she was coming. She replies that she wants to hear what he has to say. Bobby told her that she doesn't know anything about him and when she lists off facts about his life, he stops her and says that those things tell her nothing about the person he really is. Bobby then explains he left home at 17, and never looks back, that he lives for the moment but realizes that was a lonely place to be, that through a miracle of nature he was able to live and see because of someone else's death and that you could call him many things, but there was one thing that Vicky was never to call him and that was Ryan Harrison. Vicky looks down and Bobby explains he is nothing like Ryan because from what he understands Ryan was something close to a saint and Bobby was anything but an angel. Bobby then says that if Ryan was standing right there, he would probably arrest Bobby and have reason to do so. Bobby says that he sees the way both Carl and Vicky look at him, as if he were Ryan. Vicky says that Carl was still grieving and Bobby says that his feelings are his own, not Ryan's. Vicky asks him how he feels and Bobby says that although he's uncomfortable talking about his feelings, he tells her that he's happy when he comes to work and sees her, happy when she looks at him, happy when he thinks of her at night in his room, basically that he can't just be "Vicky's carpenter" anymore. Bobby then says he's leaving and starts to walk away. Vicky calls for him to wait and told him he can't leave. Bobby asks why and Vicky answers because he's just upped the stakes. She looks out over the water while Bobby looks at her.

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