Another World Recaps: The week of March 24, 1997 on AW
A jailed Grant saw two Jakes and an apparition of Justine. Josie wondered if she could go through with marrying Gary. Grant attacked Carl at Grant's bail hearing. Joe accused Gary of planting evidence. Nick saved Sophia from a restaurant fire.
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Another World Recaps: The week of March 24, 1997 on AW
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Monday, March 24, 1997


Emily and Nick have fun putting up shelves in the kitchen while Nick appreciatively eyes Emily's figure. They talk about how Nick's trust fund allows him to pay for their dates even though he's not working. Sophia walks in on yet another embrace between Emily and Nick. Of course, she's uncomfortable about the situation but even more uncomfortable when Emily brings up the possibility of another roommate when Nick went to get them lunch. Sophia says she's still unsure about living with a guy but Emily convinces her it'll be fine.


Grant freaks out to be confronted by two Jakes. They taunt him about all the things he's done and was close to losing it completely when the guard arrives and puts him back in his cell. His lawyer Chelsea arrives and informs Grant that he should change his plea because Hal has gone to the police and turned state's evidence. Grant refuses saying that if he pleads guilty he'll never get Kirkland and Chelsea says he won't ever get his son in the situation he's in now. Grant demands she get him out on bail but she cautions it doesn't look likely because he's a flight risk. Later, Grant thinks he sees Kirkland playing on the floor outside his cell, asking his father how to blow up a truck. Grant was horrified Kirkland thinks he's a bad person, especially when he sees another apparition of Justine.


Carl arrives to find a glowing Rachel awaiting his return. He comes with bags of books on childbirth, excited about learning about the impending birth of their baby. He shows Rachel a book of poetry he bought and they read a poem together. Later, Carl gets a call from the DA saying they need him to testify at Grant's bail hearing.


Sharlene says she stills feels guilty about Grant and Josie says she's upset too. She gets more upset when Sharlene suggests she concentrate on the wedding. Josie tearfully told her mom that she doesn't know who Gary is anymore and she thinks his obsession to get Grant was related to his alcohol addiction. Josie told her mom she asked for a transfer and asks Sharlene how can she marry Gary if she can't even work with him? Later, Michael finds Sharlene and apologizes for Donna making her leave the farm. Sharlene says its okay and was speechless when Michael stammers out that maybe they should have dinner sometime. Sophia finds Tomas and ask him to move in with them. She's happy when he agrees to think about it and she excitedly tells Emily. Nick was all for them getting another roommate until he finds out its Tomas. Later, under pressure from Emily and Sophia, Tomas agrees to move in, much to Nick's dismay.


Gary and Jake tell Hal that he'll be in a lot of trouble because of his involvement with Grant. Hal agrees to make a deal and Joe was pleased with Gary's police work. Happy now that they won't have to use the tape Carl got of Grant confessing, Gary wants to tell Josie but she was still upset and tells Gary she can hardly look at him now. Gary was still convinced she'll get over her hangups with the investigation of Grant and come back to him. Neil told Dana (the DA) and Joe that the commissioner wants to see Grant put away and urges them to make the connection to Gabe's murder. Both Joe and Dana are reluctant to do so without more evidence. Joe shows Neil Gabe's notes that say "G connected to C" but was not convinced Grant meant Grant and Cindy. Later, an upset Jake finds out that Etta Mae won't tell him where Vicky was and told Chris he wishes he were the one who got blown up with Vicky so he could rescue her.


The major players arrive at the courthouse for Grant's bail hearing. Jake is upset Michael told Vicky to stay away from the hearing. Chris gleefully informs them that the toughest judge has been assigned to the case. A crazed looking Grant was brought in and he sees all his enemies. While the lawyers discuss whether Grant should be released on bail when Grant turns around and attacks Carl, screaming he won't get away with what he's done.

Tuesday, March 25, 1997


Grant verbally attacks Carl saying that he and everyone else are out to get him. The judge tries to get some order in the courtroom when Cass, Vicky & Bobby arrive. Cass informs the judge that family courts have suspended Grant's visitation rights with Kirkland until the case was resolved. Grant freaks out and makes a threatening move towards Vicky. Vicky told the judge that if Grant gets out on bail, no one she loves was safe. Grant then appears to have a nervous breakdown where he starts referring to Vicky as his wife and talking about how he was still in the Senate. Vicky believes he might have really lost it but Carl, Jake and Bobby are convinced he was faking. The judge denies bail but much to everyone's disappointment, she remands Grant to the psych ward instead of jail. Jake was upset when Vicky leaves with Bobby.


Amanda bemoans the fact that Chris gets to cover the juicy story of Grant's hearing while she was stuck doing a special interest piece on Bobby and Vicky. Paulina gets a mysterious gift addressed to Dante which was a silver cup with FAMILY engraved on it. She can't figure out who sent it and when she mentions it to Joe, he gets nervous. Jake and Chris talk about the latest development and Chris advises Jake to keep his distance from Vicky at least for the present. Sophia excitedly talks to Tomas about his moving in. He asks if she might be asking him to make Nick jealous. She protests that she is over Nick and he was now with Emily. Later, Sophia told Paulina about her plan and Paulina cautions that Joe will probably not be pleased. Rachel arrives and asks Paulina how Grant could've gotten away with things again. Paulina says she'll whip up a special dinner for Rachel to take Carl's mind off what happened.


Vicky and Bobby arrive home and fill Etta Mae in on what happened. Amanda arrives and she and Vicky snipe at each other. Amanda acts very pushy in trying to get her story which irritates Vicky and makes Bobby mad. When Kirkland comes down and asks about his Daddy, Amanda asks why Vicky hasn't told the boy about what his father has done. After shuffling Kirkland out, Vicky angrily grabs Amanda and tries to force her out the door, telling her to stay away from Kirkland. Bobby helps remove Amanda but Vicky overhears Amanda say the only things she's found about his background was that he grew up in west Texas and his birthday was today. Vicky told Bobby she doesn't know what to tell Kirkland. Bobby says that she should tell him the simple truth because he's a smart boy and probably knows something was wrong. He tells her about when he was little and how he blamed himself for his father being in jail because no one talked about it. Vicky later told Kirkland that Grant is in the hospital and was very sick but that he loves Kirkland very much.


Neil continues to press the issue of charging Grant with Gabe's murder. Joe isn't so quick to convict him. Neil talks Joe out of hauling Grease in for harrassment. Joe told the other officers that although Grant isn't in jail, he was denied bail and that's what's important. After searching Grant's apartment and car, Gary returns with a shot gun, apparently the one which killed Gabe. Joe told Gary that he thinks the gun was planted.


Chris returned to the office where the girl who had been working for Grant nervously asks about the case. Chris figures out she was one of Grant's accomplices and demands an explanation. She tearfully told him she needed the money for her mother and didn't know her spying on Jake would get him framed for attempted murder. She told him she was terrified of grant and terrified of jail. Chris agrees to keep it between the two of them for now. Jake calls Carl and they talk about what happened today. Jake asks Carl what was in the drug he gave Grant. Carl says it makes men turn inward but insists Grant was faking his breakdown. He then told Jake that the psych ward also has dangers as we flash to a disoriented Grant in the hospital and see Cindy walk by and recognize him.

Wednesday, March 26, 1997


Joe asks Gary point blank if he planted the rifle in Grant's car. Gary angrily denies it and told Joe that even though he may bend the rules, he wouldn't resort to tampering with evidence. Josie overhears their angry discussion and gets upset when Toni congratulates her on the Harrison case. Gary was dismayed to find out that he was to accompany Toni on her first stakeout of Grease Snyder's garage. Toni was not happy about the pairing either and their was tension between the two of them during the stakeout. Joe tries to convince Josie to stay but when he sees she's made her decision, he told her about a job as a liason to the commissioner's office which she agrees to take


Cass consoles Felicia on her missing John. She has a fantasy that she, Cass and John are characters in a romance novel set in France and she and John are reunited as lovers. Felicia was happy to realize John has come back from his convention and they share a passionate reunion. Cass walks by and says "Ah, l'amour" to himself. Meanwhile Paulina gets ready to close up the restaurant, not knowing someone was skulking around outside. The bad guy breaks in, disconnects the smoke alarm and sets things up to start a fire.


Vicky and Bobby decorate the house for an impromptu surprise party. Even though she wanted to keep it small because she knows Bobby may be uncomfortable, more and more people show up and Vicky was unable to turn anyone away from a party. Steven and Kirkland call Sophia on Nick's behalf to ask her to stay, Nick was pleased she was there. Rachel and Carl announce the impending arrival of their new baby to the surprised but happy group. As the continue to wait for Bobby, we see him brooding in his room, obviously upset by his birthday. Daniel arrives at Vicky's and told her Bobby never celebrates his birthday but he has to be the one to tell her why. Vicky went to see Bobby and he pushes her away. She gets upset and says that maybe he doesn't feel the same way about her and the boys as they feel about him. She says that all they want to help was give something to him once in awhile. When she leaves, Bobby berates himself for pushing her away. Much to her delight, Bobby does show up at the party and attempts to have a good time by blowing out the candles with Vicky at his side.

Thursday, March 27, 1997


A sleepy Sophia comes to the restaurant early and makes some toast, not realizing the toaster has been rigged to start a fire. Hearing a knock at the front door, she went to find Nick who returns her glove filled with her favorite candy jelly beans. She was touched at first, but doesn't let it show as she tries to get him to leave. He asks for advice about Emily, which infuriates Sophia and she shuts and locks the door on him. Going back to the kitchen, she notices the fire and panics by throwing water on the flames, making things worse. She backs away and hits her head, falling unconscious on the floor as the smoke and flames get worse. Nick sees the fire and breaks down the door to rescue Sophia when Joe comes in and puts out the fire. Sophia blames herself and won't go to the hospital. Both Sophia and Joe thank Nick for saving the restaurant and Sophia.


When Grease was brought to the station, Joe roughs him up in his office and warns him to stay away from his family. Later, Grease talks on the phone with someone, saying how the fire was just the first step to get Joe. Arriving back at the stationhouse, Toni angrily told Joe she will not work with Gary again who says that the rookie has an attitude problem. Joe informs them that they will do the same stakeout, tonight, together. Joe wonders aloud to Gary why the commissioner was so quick to pin Gabe's murder on Grant. Josie packs her stuff sadly and Neil told her how happy they are to have her in the commissioner's office. Alone with Gary, she tearfully tells him that she needs a break from him. Gary tries to convince her that they can work through their problems and that he'll never ask her to lie for him again. She explains that she could've said no but she didn't because she loves him and she needs to find herself again. Watching her leave, Gary takes out his frustration by kicking his desk repeatedly which was witnessed by Toni.


Cindy watches while Grant puts on a stunning performance for the doctors, acting like he was still a senator and the doctor was a reporter there for an interview. He gets uncomfortable when Vicky's name was mentioned but then switches tunes and says that Vicky will be his first lady. Jake poses as a patient to try and get information from Cindy. He told her that Bobby and Vicky didn't die to which she was relieved. He asks her if she has proof of Grant's involvement with Gabe's murder and she told him that she will see that Grant pay for killing the only good thing in her life. Jake watches, surprised as she takes scissors from inside a potted plant and approaches Grant.

Friday, March 28, 1997


Jake watches in shock as Cindy approaches Grant with the scissors. Grant sees her and stares in horror. Jake grabs Cindy before she can do anything. Jake escapes from the guards who notice he was not a patient there. Later, Vicky and Bobby go to the hospital to see for herself if Grant was faking. She is shocked to see how out of touch with reality he is, pretending he's in the Senate and they are still married. Grant gets very agitated when she mentions Kirkland. When they get ready to leave, Vicky told Bobby that there may be no bars but Grant was definitely in a prison. Cindy continues to stalk Grant as the guards look for her.


Alli stays home from school with a cold. She asks her mom why she isn't married. Amanda says that when people get together, they don't think about breaking up. Alli told her that when she and Jake get married, they'll never get divorced. Jake arrives to talk to Carl and agrees to watch Alli while Amanda went to get more for her story on Vicky and Bobby. Alli and Jake talk about love and Alli asks jake to propose to her now before he falls in love with someone else before she grows up. Jake sadly says that even though he loves her, Alli will be the one to break his heart and that he doesn't think he could ever fall in love again.


The insurance company told Joe the fire isn't covered because it looks as if negligence was what started the fire. Joe and Sophia realize that even though Bobby's estimate was a low ball, they still can't afford it. Joe refuses to accept a loan from Aunt Frannie or the Corys and told Sophia not to tell Paulina because he will figure it out. Neil comes by and subtly tells Joe that the commissioner wants Joe's cooperation in nailing Grant. Joe tells Neil to stay out of it and later gets angry when Paulina mentions that she thinks Neil was on Joe's side. When Joe went out to his car, he finds an envelope full of money.


John and Felicia talk with a realtor and while she wants to live in the city, John wants to live in the country. They both say they will compromise for the other. Bobby and Vicky also talk about what happened today. They then turn to more romantic things and are about to kiss when they are surprised by a flashbulb.

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