Another World Recaps: The week of March 31, 1997 on AW
In the psych ward, Cindy threatened to kill Grant then made him beg for the antidote that would reverse his condition. Vicky wanted to know about Bobby's past. Joe confided in Josie that he feared his father had been a dirty cop.
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Another World Recaps: The week of March 31, 1997 on AW
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Monday, March 31, 1997


Cindy corners Grant and says she's going to kill him for what he did to her. He continues to slip in and out of the present, first remembering her and then thinking he's still in the Senate. He breaks down and begs her to kill him because he can't bear it if he can never see Kirkland again. Cindy realizes he'll suffer more alive. Later, Gary comes to see Grant and sees just how off the deep end Grant is. When Gary talks to Cindy she told him that her nurse's instinct thinks Grant's psychotic break was drug induced.


Bobby and Vicky are furious Amanda took their picture. Amanda taunts them and Vicky throws a glass of water in her face. Amanda points out that Vicky is a publicity hog and wouldn't mind her picture in the paper so it must be Bobby. She asks what Bobby was hiding as Vicky wonders the same thing. After Amanda leaves Vicky playfully suggests they'll be more comfortable at her place. They get back to her house and start to get passionate. In the midst of their kissing, Vicky asks Bobby to let her in on what he's keeping from her. Torn, Bobby leaves without saying anything, while Vicky watches unhappily.


John and Felicia again both say they'll give up the kind of house they want for the other. Then John points out that their differences in housing choices maybe stem from something deeper but he's called away before he can explain. Sophia shows up saying she wants to help Felicia with her book and Felicia sweeps her into her romance-novelist mode by giving Sophia her own boa and flashy earrings. Sophia asks if fantasies can come true and Felicia answers if you want them bad enough. Later when John comes home, he tells Felicia that they've both climbed a lot of mountains to be together and that maybe they shouldn't settle for comfort but instead, embrace the passionate differences between them. Felicia doesn't seem ready to give up he dream of comfort and stability with John.


After finding the money, Joe decides not to call Internal Affairs and report it. He tries to call his father, his priest, even his aunt Frannie for advice but no one was there. He seems very indecisive about what he should do. Paulina comes to his office, furious he kept the fact the insurance won't cover the fire. She asks him what's bothering him because she can hear it in his voice and wants him to talk about it. Joe told her not to worry, that he'll protect her and Dante. Later, at their house, Joe tries to distract Paulina from her worries by making love with her. When Paulina gets up to check on the baby, Joe gets a mysterious call warning him to make sure Grant was charged with Gabe's murder or he'll be next.


Sophia was touched to find Nick cleaning up after the fire, but she doesn't let it show. Later, after returning from Felicia's, Sophia tries to will her fantasy of Matt arriving come true. She opens her eyes to see Nick instead. Amanda runs into Gary outside and he asks her if Grant could ever fake being crazy. She told him that Grant would never be able to fake being crazy because that would mean someone having power over him. Gary calls Carl and asks what Carl put in that drug.

Tuesday, April 1, 1997

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Wednesday, April 2, 1997


Gary has decorated the apartment with candles for a romantic interlude with Josie. Hearing a knock at the door, Gary takes off his robe (thinking its Josie) and opens the door naked only to find a surprised and amused Toni. He quickly dons the robe and was irritated when she told him she needs him to follow a lead about the black sedan circling Grease's garage. Gary is forced to abandon his plans for some quality time with Josie and agrees to accompany Toni. He leaves a note saying "I's sorry we fought Love G"


Neil surprises Paulina with an offer to help clean up the restaurant. He drops some comments about Joe's concerns at the office to which Paulina jumps on. He then reassures her that everything was okay and he'll keep an eye on things for her. Paulina asks who he's taking to Joe's induction ceremony and he asks if she has a sister. Just then Amanda comes in and Paulina gets an idea. Amanda was kind of snippy to Neil, him only being a cop and when Neil was out of earshot, Paulina calls her a snob. Later, Amanda was surprised to find out Neil was finishing his law degree at the University of Chicago on top of working full-time for the commissioners office.


Joe takes Josie into his confidence about his suspicions his father was a dirty cop and asks her to look into it. She told him he's being paranoid but then he shows her the bag full of money and told her about the threatening phone call. Josie tries to convince him to take the story to the commissioner's office right away but Joe insists on keeping it quiet b/c he doesn't know who he can trust. Gary just misses Josie when he arrives at the stationhouse. He was disappointed the lead turned out to be nothing and takes it out on Toni. Joe assigns them to stake out the garage again. Josie arrives home and sees the plans Gary had for them. She reads his note and sadly says, "I'm sorry too, Gary."


Bobby tries to convince Vicky not to go searching for his past in Texas. She explains that if he won't open up, she'll have to find out for herself and told him she's going whether he likes it or not. He leaves in frustration and went to work at the HC. Nick comes over and suggests to Vicky to leave Bobby's past where it belongs, in the past. she tries to explain why she needs to know what he's hiding and he reminds her that some people are not who they used to be and they don't want people judging them on their past because they are different now. Nick wonders why Vicky can't just accept Bobby for the person she knows him to be but Vicky says she can't. Donna was not pleased to see Michael dining with Sharlene and makes some snippy remarks. Michael apologizes and then asks Sharlene if they could go out again when for pleasure, not business. Dash introduces himself to Bobby and tries to ask some personal questions to which Bobby blows off. Later, Donna notices cash missing from the register and suspects Bobby who was working near it. she went over to Vicky's and told Vicky her suspicions. Vicky says Bobby wouldn't steal and went to speak to Bobby. Before she can ask him about the money, he told her that he wants to go with her to Texas. She happily hugs him and then doesn't ask about the money.

Thursday, April 3, 1997


Felicia surprises JOhn by wearing a fishing outfit and saying that she's ready to live in the country to make him happy. He told her that he loves her the way she was and the fishing routine was not her! They decide to try and compromise about their living arrangement and find a way for them both to be comfortable.


Paulina has a nightmare about Joe being dragged away by masked men. She calls Jake and begs for his help. She says he's the only one who she can talk to but she thinks Joe was in trouble. Jake was angry Joe made Paulina upset but she begs him to find out what was going on with Gabe's murder b/c she thinks the problems have to do with that. He agrees to find out what he can for his "cupcake" and says that she can always count on him.


Sophia told Joe that she wants to help pay for the restaurant repairs and gives him some of her mother's jewelry, gifts from their father. Joe is uneasy when Sophia reminisces about how their dad always made sure they had the best even when times were tough. Later, Josie told him that she couldn't find anything suspicious in his dad's records and he says to dig harder. Gary and Josie share a kiss and both say how sorry they are about the way things have been between them. They are interrupted by Neil who reprimands them about their conduct in the office. Later, Neil questions Josie on why she was looking through Eddie Carlino's records. An angry Jake bursts into Joe's office and berates him for worrying Paulina. Joe says its none of his business and orders Jake to leave. Jake hides in the closet and watches as Neil sneaks into Joe's office and rummages through JOe's desk.


Nick asks Donna for a job as a bartender which she reluctantly agrees to b/c it'll make her look good to Michael. Sophia arrives and has a fantasy about Nick when she sees him at the bar of him leaping over the bar and presenting her with a rose. She comes out of her reverie and watches in shock as Nick looks like he's going to jump over the bar but decides against it and walks over to present her with a rose. Shaken she says goodbye quickly and goes to find Felicia who was having lunch with Cass. Felicia was thrilled Sophia has agreed to be her assistant and that Sophia's fantasies seem to be coming true. Sophia was not so sure she was happy. Cass was amused by Felicia's costume and asks if Felicia was dissatisfied now that things with John are no longer passionate and exciting but calm and steady.


Cindy told Grant she was the only one who can give him his sanity back and makes him beg her on his knees. She says she wants him to realize that he'll be locked up for life with the crazies and not live in his fantasy world. She mixed an antidote for the drug he took and again makes him beg for her help.


Gary comes over and asks Carl again what was in the drug he gave Grant. He reminds Carl that Grant may be found unfit to stand trial but Carl reminds him that Grant will still be locked up for the rest of his life. Later, Joe comes to see Carl and says that he needs his help.

Friday, April 4, 1997

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