Another World Recaps: The week of April 21, 1997 on AW
Carl succumbed to the effect of Grant's poison. Carl and others began to suspect Grant was alive. Bobby confessed to Vicky that he was wanted for murder but swore he was innocent. Nick and Sophia kissed, and after finding out, Emily turned to Tomas for comfort.
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Another World Recaps: The week of April 21, 1997 on AW
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Monday, April 21, 1997


vicky was relieved that bobby was not one of the criminal Shane's but she still insists to her mother and Etta Mae that it was over between her and Bobby. She wonders why she always picks the wrong men with the exception of Ryan. Meanwhile, Bobby visits Patrice and the bedridden Lila again. Patrice was worried Bobby's visits are putting them in danger but he assures her he won't come around anymore. He then notices Lila moving her hand and insists she knows he was there, although Patrice says she doesn't. Late that night, Vicky hears a noise outside and finds a note from Bobby tacked on her door saying that he wants her to meet him so he can tell her about his past.


Carl starts to hallucinate, calling for Ito and generally scaring Rachel. She calls an ambulance as Grant gleefully watches his enemy mentally deteriorate. cindy drags him away and mixes the antidote. When its successful, an escatic Grant kisses an unwilling cindy on the mouth. At the hospital, John told Carl it looks as if he ingested some kind of hallucinogen although they tell Rachel its an allergic reaction to something. Carl asks Gary to see if the drug was still at the mansion. When gary says there's no sign of it, Carl realizes Grant was still alive.


Things continue to be in an uproar at the station. Neil and Gary question a reluctant Paulina who first insists to say nothing without a lawyer. She then remembers Joe request to tell the truth and told Neil about Joe's lavish spending habits. Jake tries to get Joe's plan out of him but Joe says that Jake's interference may get him (Joe) killed. He then asks Jake to take care of his family to which Jake agrees. Neil orders Joe be kept separate from other criminals in County but Commissioner Raines overrides the order. Paulina was horrified as Joe was led away to spend the night with hardened criminals who most surely have a grude against a cop.

Tuesday, April 22, 1997


Exhausted from looking for Grant, G&J decide to take a short break. Josie worries about Grant going after her mom. Gary asks Josie to trust him with Joe's plan because its too much for her to handle on her own. She agrees and spill the beans. they figure out together that Gabe's murder and the bribe were probably an inside job. Josie was worried that now the people who set Joe up know he helped Grant fake his death that they'll now kill Joe.


Grant and Cindy make an unholy alliance to find who really killed Gabe although they admit their hatred for each other. cindy accues Grant of being obsessed with Vicky and he told her to look in a mirror. He says that since everyone thinks he's dead he can start a new life and convinces Cindy to get a copy of his death certificate for him.


Josie tries to find a way to keep her mom safe at the hospital. she is surprised to hear how much time Sharlene and Michael are spending together. Josie tell her mom that she and Gary have worked things out. Later, Josie goes to see John and warns him he could be in danger for his part in covering up Grant's "death". she then told him to be careful and to protect her mother in any way he can. John doesn't understand why but agrees to and asks Sharlene to have lunch. She declines, saying she's meeting Michael which takes John aback. Carl convinces John to release him and was relieved to know the drugs have worn off. Rachel was still worried but he sends her to check on Paulina. Later at home, after Gary confirms it, Carl told Rachel that he thinks Grant was still alive.


Gary went to talk to Joe in County who warns him the cell may be tapped. they comment on the thug who was Joe's cellmate and Joe believes he was put there on purpose. Joe told Gary to find Grant ASAP and Gary gets Joe released for questioning. Back at the stationhouse, Paulina eludes Jake who has been being her shadow and has a confrontation with Neil. Neil insists he had her and Dante's best interests at heart but she slaps him. In her overwrought state, Paulina lashes out at Jake who enlists chris's help in finding out about Neil. They agree to let Joe stay at the station as long as there was no close contact so Paulina and Joe are forced to watch and talk from a distance. Before Joe was led away for questioning, he slips Neil a note and says to give it to Paulina only if necessary. Neil reads the note which contains Joe's wedding band and the message "trust the man who gives you this."

WednesdayApril 23, 1997

HARBOUR CLUB: Bobby finally come clean (to some extent) with Vicky telling her that he came to BC to make a quick buck and swindle someone but he fell in love with her and then couldn't go through with it or leave her. She was still skeptical and wants to know more details. He says that he can't tell her in order to protect her but that he was running from something. Vicky finally gets it out of him that he was accused of murder but he claims he didn't do it. Bobby then told her that he must leave town now to protect her and himself. She begs him not to go and says they can fight this together. He gives her a lingering kiss and says "I love you Vicky Hudson" and leaves. Later at home, Vicky told Etta Mae that bobby may think he can brush her off with words of love but she's going to Texas to get her answers. E/T/S'S APARTMENT: Emily comes out in a sexy dress for an evening with Nick but Sophia surprises her with the admission that she and Nick kissed. Emily is understandably upset even though Sophia explains that she doesn't want to lose another friend over a deception like happened with Maggie. Nick comes over and confronts him about the kiss and then runs out with Tomas following. Sophia was understandably upset and told Nick that the kiss meant nothing. Nick reminds her that it did mean something and she knows it. He then says that Emily knows and has always known how he's felt about Sophia. Later, Tomas confronts a distraught Emily who was upset about being "second best". They later share a kiss themselves. THE HERALD: Jake, Amanda and Chris come up with a plan to get some dirt on Neil which involves Amanda going out with Neil on a date while Jake searches his office. Amanda was first reluctant about Jake's plan (partly because its Jake's idea) but then jumps in with both feet. Jake was so excited that he grabs Amanda and kisses her. Both are surprised and try and play it off but its obvious the kiss affected them both. Amanda makes the date with Neil and she and Jake almost kiss again. Meanwhile, Chris makes a date with both Toni & Denise (the girl at the Herald who used to work for Grant) on the same night. CARLINO'S: Michael and Sharlene enjoy lunch together and are disturbed when John shows up. Michael told him to lay off, not realizing that Michael was just following Josie's plea to protect her mother and make sure she's safe. He wonders if this was such a good idea.

Thursday, April 24, 1997

JAKE/AMANDA/NEIL/ALLI: Amanda gets ready for her date with Neil. Alli was upset she's not going out with Jake and they try and explain this was business. Alli and Jake hide out when Neil arrives early and Alli told Jake that her mom needs more than a handsome stranger. Jake was irritated Alli thinks Neil was handsome. Alli runs out and introduces herself to an amused Neil, telling him that her mom doesn't date much and that he should have her home early. While on their date, Amanda tries to pump Neil for information regarding Joe's case. He catches on to her scheme and gets angry when he finds the tape recorder in her purse and leaves. Meanwhile, Jake was searching Neil's office and is surprised when Neil arrives. He dances around why he's there but Neil reminds him to stay out of things or he'll have him arrested. CHRIS/TONI/DENISE: Chris was unable to officially cancel either date but meets Toni for drinks at the HC. He was blown away by how she looks and they quickly get to know each other, even though he tries to limit the date to drinks claiming he's working on a big story. They are having a great time until Denise arrives while Toni was in the ladies room. Chris makes up a story about a sick grandmother and says he can't meet her tonight. She then runs into Toni and the 2 women figure out his scheme. They leave him gaping while they agree to use Denise's box seats for the Sox game. JOE/PAULINA/CASS/RACHEL/CARL: Joe was upset he was missing Dante's first birthday while in jail. Cass tells Joe he needs to level with him in order to help him but Joe remains tight lipped. Rachel and Carl discuss how grant was still alive but that there isn't much they can do about it at the moment. Carl went to talk to Joe who tells Carl to tell Gary and Josie to get Gabe's date book because the answers are in there. Rachel went to comfort Paulina who tearfully prepares Dante's birthday cake. Later, when Paulina was alone, she was shocked to find Neil waiting in a dark restaurant. GRANT/CINDY: Grant makes plans to hide out in Brazil with Kirkland and was understandably upset when Cindy gleefully told him that all his assets are frozen. He tries to convince her to give him money but she told him she has none. He tells her he can give her the good life and that they make a good team. Grant says he knows where she can get a lot of money. Later, Carl finds Cindy lurking out side of the Cory mansion.

Friday, April 25, 1997


Jake and Amanda blame the other for messing up the plan to get info on Neil. Amanda angrily states that she's going to help Joe on her own. Chris gets no sympathy over his broken love life from Jake who instead enlists his friends help once again. Chris was reluctant as always, having no idea what crazy plan Jake has now.


Vicky has a hard time getting answers from anyone regarding Bobby Reno. The waitress who was so willing to talk before now was very scared and tells Vicky to leave things alone. Meanwhile, someone went through Vicky's stuff in her motel room and tears up a picture of Vicky and Bobby. When Vicky comes back, Bobby was waiting for her. They are both surprised at a knock on the door.


A scared Paulina told Neil to get out because he set her and Joe up. She tries to run away but he grabs her and drags her into the kitchen. Neil claims that he and Joe realized they were both set up. He says that he and Joe thought it best Paulina knew nothing of their plan so she wouldn't accidentally reveal anything under interrogation. She screams she doesn't believe him until he gives her Joe's wedding ring and the note that says to trust the man who show her it. Paulina realizes Neil was on her side and wants to know what she can to do help. Neil told her to get Jake and Amanda to lay off or Joe will suffer. Meanwhile, Joe sits in county missing Paulina and remembering what their life was like. After Neil makes a call to the station, someone chloroforms him.


Carl confronts a frightened Cindy who told him Grant was alive and that she needs money. He accuses her of being in cahoots with Grant, especially after she admits they broke in before and Grant slipped Carl the drug. He demands she tell him where Grant was but she says she only wants money and then runs off. Meanwhile, Rachel searches for Carl and then talks to Alli about love and Amanda and Jake and Neil. Amanda comes home and Alli says she knew Neil was wrong for Amanda and that she should be with Jake. Amanda reminds Alli that she and Jake hate each other. Amanda and Rachel get in another argument about Carl and Rachel told her daughter to butt out.


Carl follows Cindy to the train trestle where Grant was waiting. Carl and Grant have a confrontation after which Grant demand Carl give him money to leave his family alone. Grant says that he would've much preferred Ryan as a father to Kirkland than Bobby Reno but now its better that Kirkland thinks he's dead because it was worse being alive and having Vicky turn his son against him. Grant makes a threatening remark against Rachel and the baby after which Carl warns him that Grant's life was in his hands.

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