Another World Recaps: The week of May 19, 1997 on AW
Cindy lied on the stand, and the charges against Grant were dismissed. Josie was promoted to detective. John and Felicia announced their wedding date. Amanda discovered Vicky and Shane, but they managed to stop her from turning them in.
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Another World Recaps: The week of May 19, 1997 on AW
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Monday, March 19, 1997


Felicia and Alexander go to the restaurant to wait for Rachel. Felicia again questions Alexander's motives for bringing the holy water for Rachel but he assures her that he believes in life and wants to do anything he can to help her friend. Rachel was pleased with the gift and especially Alexander's optimistic observations. Felicia was again taken aback with the tycoon's generosity.


Grant and Cindy realize they have to stop their love making to get to the courthouse. Cindy stops Grant from drinking the poisoned cognac at the last minute after he touches her by calling her Mrs. Harrison. She does warn him that she may still testify against him. The judge was just about to rescind bail because Grant was a no-show when he rushes in. The judge doesn't allow a lot of the state's evidence and Dana realizes her case rests on cindy. Gary tries one last time to reach her but when Cindy gets on the stand she says Grant was innocent of everything and that they are very much in love. The judge dismisses the case because of lack of evidence much to Joe, Gary, Donna & Micheal's dismay. Later, Joe warns Grant that he's watching to make sure Cindy stays healthy. Gary formally resigns from the force, explaining to Joe he had a lot riding on this case. At home, Grant presents Cindy with a bank accout of $25,000. Realizing what she did for him, he stops her from opening the safe where the tarantula is. They make love again and then throw around ideas for a honeymoon location, not realizing each was thinking about ways they can kill the other during the honeymoon.


Vicky was surprised that Jake was the one who was brought into the ER. After he explains how Bobby/Shane (B/S) saved him, Vicky reiterates how B/S is innocent and that she loves him. The two friends come to an understanding about their relationship. vicky apologizes for hurting Jake and says that even though she loves B/S, a small part of her heart will always belong to Jake. Jake says that he'll always love her and wants her to stop helping B/S because the police are on to her. B/S gets away from Morris and hides in the hospital. Later, Vicky runs into B/S at the hospital and she helps him elude the police, while Jake tries to distract Morris. He says he can't tell her where he's going but he's going to someone for help and he loves her. B/S shows up at the Cory mansion and asks Carl for help. Vicky goes home to wait and was told by Donna and Michael about the outcome of Grant's trial. Later, hearing a noise outside, she opens to the door to find Morris waiting for her.

Tuesday, May 20, 1997


Jake asks Amanda to find out the real story about Bobby/Shane, especially about the woman he supposed killed and who his wife might be. Amanda was at first reluctant because she thinks Jake was only doing this to make Vicky look good in the papers but then agrees to help Jake. She asks him again why she puts up with all of vicky's baggage and he replies b/s he still loves her.


Bobby/Shane told Carl he was wanted by the police and asks for his help. Carl agrees, saying that not only does a part of his son lives on in B/S but he also saved Vicky and Carl will always be grateful. He lets B/S know that he will do anything to protect his family and he considers B/S part of that family. B/S was touched and agrees to hide in the lakehouse until Carl can arrange for him to leave town tomorrow. B/S told Carl how much he and Vicky love each other and that she considered going on the run with him and the kids but he convinced her not too. Carl agrees ot bring a note to Vicky. Meanwhile, Paulina comes over with new clothes for her and Dante. She tentatively brought up decorating a nursery with Rachel and Rachel says she was sad b/s Carl doesn't seem to have the interest in the baby's future like he used to. Paulina sympathesizes and reminds Rachel that he was just scared of losing her. Joe arrives and told them that they have sent out and APB and roadblocks for B/S. Joe and Paulina share a romantic night at their house. Amanda mentions going down to the lake house because she saw a light there but Carl says its just a timer he installed. Later, B/S is forced to hide when Amanda comes into the lake house and notices the pillow and sheet B/S was using on the floor.


Joe surprises Josie with a promotion to detective. While she was excited, she was still worried about Gary's decision. when Gary takes her to the HC to celebrate, she was nervous, especially when he talks about plans for the two of them to open a private investigator business together. They are interrupted by Joe who spills the beans about Josie's promotion. Gary is stunned but hides it and congratulates his fiancee. Josie told him she thinks he'll make a great PI and that they will still be able to work together. Josie leaves with Joe and later comes home to find Gary asleep. She sadly fingers the sign he bought reading "Sinclair and Watts, Private Investigations" when he calls her to bed. He surprises her by being awake and presenting her with a heart shaped congratulations card and balloons. Gary told her he was very proud of her and he wants them to be partners at home where it counts.


Vicky sadly looks at the flowers she and B/S planted. She rushes to the door to find Carl and was happily surprised Carl was helping B/S. She demands to know where he was , but Carl says its better she doesn't know now because the police are watching her. He gives her a note from B/S and an address where he'll be when he leaves town. Alone, Vicky reads the letter which talks about how B/S's every thought are of her and how much he loves her.

Wednesday, May 21, 1997


Amanda was still suspicious of Carl and asks Rachel why he might be at the lake house. Rachel says she doesn't know but has some errands to run. Amanda warns her not to overdo it. Carl brought Bobby/Shane a change of clothes and told him the cory jet will bring him to the Florida keys where a boat will take him to the Cayman islands and then onto Rio. B/S asks Carl to contact his sister so he can say goodbye.


Sophia arrives for a meeting with Felicia and Nick told her he has a surprise for her. Later, Sophia fantasizes about her and Nick being the characters in Felicia's new romance novel about a Greek god and his mortal love. Nick gets advice from Donna about telling Felicia he did not donate the money for Tomas's tuition. Donna advises him not to say anything and that he's not really lying if its a sin of ommission. She offers him the use of a limo to impress Sophia. Cass berates Donna for her bad advice to Nick. Felicia meets up with Rachel and Rachel teases her friend about Alexander's obvious interest. John joins them and asks Rachel how she was feeling. Knowing he would rather have her decide to remove the tumor, Rachel reassures him that she was thinking positively and taking care of herself. Later, Rachel meets with Cass and revises her will -- Carl inherits half her estate with the other half being divided between her children. Cass points out that the new baby will also inherit Carl's estate, effectively giving this new baby controlling interest in Cory Publishing. John told Felicia they have been invited to a banquet honoring Alexander as the International Humanitarian of the Year. Felicia would rather set a date for their wedding. When she chooses July 14th, John points out its the same date as Alexander's party. She says its doesn't matter.


vicky reads over the note from B/S again and then gets an idea. She calls Nick and asks him to do her two favors -- the first being telling Donna Vicky was going to San Francisco to see the boys. Vicky packs a bag and opens the door to find Det. Morris waiting again. She told him to leave her alone, despite his repeated warning to tell him where B/S is. Vicky gets a mysterious phone call from a woman who says that B/S was innocent and is protecting someone who really knows what happened. Amanda arrives and starts grilling Vicky about B/S. Seeing right through her, Vicky tries to throw her out. Amanda blows up at Vicky, accusing her of letting down all the men in her life, Jamie, Ryan, Grant, Jake. She angrily asks how Vicky strings them all along and accuses her of using Jake. Vicky yells back that Amanda knows nothing about her relationship with Jake and shoves her out the door. Outside, Amanda runs into Donna who mentions she saw Carl at St. Paul's church. Vicky gets her mom to leave quickly saying she's leaving ot get away from Grant. A guy dressed in cowboy boots and jeans approaches Vicky's front door. Det. Morris stops him but it turns out to be Nick who plays dumb about his resemblance to B/S. Nick went inside, sees that Vicky has successfully slipped out and then leaves, telling Morris Vicky was taking a shower and was going to bed.


Carl arranges for B/S to meet Patty in one of the confessional booths. She tells him to be careful and he says he couldn't have asked for a better sister. Amanda sees Carl talking to Patty and then ordering someplace cleaned and made ready for a guest. Amanda wrongly assumes Carl was having an affair. Later, returning to St. Clare's Patty told Lila that Shane had to go away and can't come see them anymore. Lila clutches the paper with vicky's address Patty dropped. Patty returned to her room and finds Lila's bed empty. Carl gets B/S settled into the beach house in the Keys and told him he will be safe because the tide will wash out the road for the night. Relaxing in the pool, B/S thinks of Vicky and opens his eyes to find her standing there.

Thursday, May 22, 1997


Amanda fills Jake in on all the details of Bobby/Shane's trial. She says that everyone thought highly of him and that the nurse on duty saw B/S order 50cc's of medicine for Rebecca Ambrose and then leave with his wife. This nurse said that someone must have changed the ordered after B/S left but the nurse died before she could testify. Amanda also says that B/S's wife left him when he was arrested and she couldn't blame her because B/S cheated on her and probably killed someone. Jake wonders where her loyalty and love are and Amanda lashes out that Jake can forget about Vicky falling in love with him if he clears B/S's name. She then told him about her theory Carl is having an affair but Jake scoffs at the idea. Later, Jake decides to discharge himself while Tomas was there. Tomas gets the idea that Jake donated the money for his tuition.


Sophia was pleased that Nick was going back to college and thinks itll help their relationship. Nick comments they will be spending a lot of time together studying and tries to change the subject when she brought up Tomas's tuition again. Tomas arrives and told Sophia Nick was probably just scamming her. sophia doesn't believe him when tomas says he thinks Jake donated the money. Meanwhile, Cass and Gary go over papers for leasing the PI agency and Gary says he was disappointed Josie was not joining him. Later when Josie arrives, Gary makes some scathing comments about the PD's plans to catch B/S. When Josie leaves, Cass told him he was too hard on her and later Gary apologizes for putting her work down.


Felicia wonders how she was going to handle sending her regrets to Alexander's party when she gets him on the phone. She told him July 14th is the day she and John chose for their wedding. He mentions it must have been her idea because only someone with a lot of passion would choose that day. She tries to ignore his innuendos even when he tries to convince her to still come to the party.


Bobby/Shane and Vicky rejoice about being together. She told him how she slipped past Morris and about the phone call she received. She tries to get him to talk about what he really knows but he says that he made a vow a long time ago and he can't break it. They talk about how much they want to be together and B/S says he wishes he could ask her to marry him and she replies that she would say yes. But B/S brought them back to reality and says they are going to have to says goodbye soon because he needs to leave the country. They continue to kiss and then head on inside the house.


Patty starts looking all over the clinic for Lila who has made her way to Vicky's house. She went through the mail and reads a postcard from Marly which says "I miss you. Come see me." Hearing a noise she hides and sees Jake come up and use the spare key under the welcome mat. when he goes inside Lila takes the key and leaves. Inside Jake calls for Vicky but realizes she's gone. Patty was relieved when Lila returns to her room. Lila tells her she just went for a walk and later looks over Vicky's house key when she was alone.

Friday, May 23, 1997

John and Felicia announce their wedding date to Gary and are overheard by Sharlene and Michael. Sharlene graciously offers her congratulations. Josie asks Paulina to keep Gary occupied because she wants to throw him a surprise party to celebrate opening the PI agency. Josie invites everyone at the stationhouse, including Toni and Chris. Toni was pleased to know she has been named rookie of the month and thanks Chris for the glowing article he wrote about her. Gary was surprised at the celebration and cheerfully opens all the gag gifts from his friends. He later sneaks away to his new office and watches a silent phone, hoping for some customers.

Grant and a newly coiffed Cindy return from their honeymoon -- both recounting instances where the other "accidentally" tried to cause the other one harm. Later they each present the other with "insurance policies" against their own possible untimely demises -- Grant has a codicil written into his will which disinherits Cindy if he dies under questionable circumstances while Cindy produces a signed affidavit stating all of Grant's dirty deeds to be delivered to Joe if anything happens to her. After making love, Grant has dream he was elected mayor with cindy and Kirkland at this side. When he wakes up he told Cindy he plans to make them respectable so as to fulfill his dreams.

Just as Bobby/Shane and Vicky are about to make love, Amanda bursts in expecting to find Carl with some bimbo. Although surprised to find B/S & Vicky, she taunts them about B/S's criminal past. B/S stops her from calling the police and later makes plans to escape. Vicky helps by locking Amanda in the cabana and then leaving with B/S. Frustrated Amanda calls Jake and told him Vicky and B/S are in the keys. Morris overhears the conversation and forces Jake to make a deal -- Vicky will have immunity if Jake takes Morris to B/S. Jake relunctantly agrees. B/S disguises himself as a pilot and he and Vicky have a tearful goodbye where they profess their love and B/S promises to send for her soon. As B/S gets on the plane vicky turns to find herself face to face with Jake. B/S stares out the plane window thinking of Vicky when Morris sits down next to him.

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