Another World Recaps: The week of July 7, 1997 on AW
Vicky and Jake kissed. Shane proposed to Vicky. Nick was arrested. Rachel and Carl's twins were christened. Grant was upset to discover Cindy was the Silver Rose Thief.
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Another World Recaps: The week of July 7, 1997 on AW
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Monday, July 7, 1997

After accepting that Lila will indeed be an asset to Gary's PI agency, Josie talks about love and marriage with her fiance's new office manager. Lila shows off her wedding ring when Shane walks in. Gary apologizes if giving Lila a job will cause problems but Shane assures him that Lila needs the job to start moving on. Lila gets Shane to take her to her new apartment and then tries to convince him to stay for some of the spicy gumbo he likes. Unfortunately, all Shane can think about was when he made gumbo for Vicky. Vicky, Jake and the boys enjoy a fun day in NYC which includes a rowboat ride, roller blading and hotdogs. Jake and Vicky both reminisce about the good times they had as children. Vicky thinks to herself how safe and steady Jake was and how different that feels from the roller coaster she experiences with Shane. Jake and Vicky share some kisses. After questioning her about the large amount of cash, Grant was horrified to learn that Cindy was the Silver Rose Thief, at least in BC. He threatens to call the police saying he can't have a scandal while running for mayor. Cindy reminds him that she will ruin any chance of his recovering his reputation by going to the tabloids if he turns her in. Toni tries to get her mind off things by getting back to the office. She appreciates all the support she receives from Josie and Chris. Joe gets the blood tests back on Toni's case and makes the decision to arrest Nick. Meanwhile, Sophia vows to stand by Nick despite his attempts at trying to protect her from the fallout. Both are shocked when Joe comes by and places Nick under arrest.

Tuesday, July 8, 1997

An uncomfortable Shane agrees to stay for dinner at Lila's new place but gets upset when she kisses him. He told her flat out that he wants a divorce and after several tearful pleas, Lila agrees if only he won't cut her out of his life. Later Shane went to ask John about possible therapists for Lila. Meanwhile, John was missing Felicia and he calls her and leaves a message about how perfect the weather was supposed to be on the 14th. She stops by later to return another wedding gift and he told her that he is not giving up on the two of them. Josie and Gary continue to make wedding plans, even though Josie's mind was on Nick's arrest. Lila helps Gary with the wedding to get her mind off Shane. A shaken Nick was booked at the station while a tearful Sophia continues to protest his innocence. Sophia gets in a fight with Joe when he was not supportive of Nick's case and she vows she will do whatever was necessary to help Nick. Cass instructs a scared Nick not to say anything without him present. Chris admits to Toni that he wishes he could have been there for her. When she blows up at him after another reporter pressures her for a story, he convinces her that he is not like other reporters and will do anything to protect her. Nick and Toni come face to face at Nick's bail hearing and Nick begs Toni to believe he didn't rape her. Chris lunges at Nick and must be restrained. After taking too many diet pills, Paulina collapses. Jake, Vicky and the kids continue to enjoy their day in NYC although Vicky does think about Shane. While sitting at a fountain she accidentally drops a picture of Shane in the water and sadly watches it float away. Shane watches as Vicky, Jake and the boys return home. He was waiting for Vicky when she gets to her house. Shane told a shocked Vicky that Lila has agreed to a divorce and then he asks her marry him.

Wednesday, July 9, 1997

Nick, Michael and Cass are relieved while Toni was infuriated when Nick is granted bail. After telling Joe that she was standing by Nick no matter what, Sophia convinces Nick the best thing for him would be for the two of them to be out in public together. She also thinks that Tomas will help clear Nick's name -- little does she know that Tomas was telling Josie and the cops that he believes Nick raped Toni. Emily warns Nick to stay away from Sophia and he disappears when Sophia went into Carlino's. Gary agrees to find out where Nick was during his blackout and was up front about his new case to Josie. He takes her mind off things by updating her on how well the wedding plans are going. After collapsing with heart palpitations, Paulina is rushed to the hospital but she was able to hide the fact that she has been taking diet pills from Joe. She later calls Cindy and begs her never to tell anyone Cindy supplied her with the pills. Meanwhile, Grant meets with his new PR person (guest star Joan Rivers) who says that maybe she can put a positive spin on Grant's campaign if the Harrisons can guarantee that there are no other skeletons in their closets. Cindy giggles and jokingly asks if that includes being the Silver Rose Thief despite Grant's murderous looks. Vicky turns down Shane's proposal saying she can't put her life on hold while he was not free. He does force her to admit that she loves him and the two share a passionate kiss. Vicky breaks it off and says she wants stability and calm, like she feels when she's with Jake. Shane reminds her that she can't hide from the feelings they have for each other. Before leaving, he vows to prove to her that they will be together, despite any roadblocks Lila may put up.

Thursday, July 10, 1997

This episode was a tribute to Victoria Wyndham's (Rachel) 25 years on AW. Set against the backdrop of the twins christening, Rachel and others reminisce about her life and adventures, her children, her marriages to Mac & Carl and her mother, Ada. Rachel has a heart to heart talk with Amanda, who is hurt and disappointed Rachel didn't ask her to be one of the twin's godparents. Amanda says she feels her mom always looks at her with disappointment in her eyes but Rachel insists she was very proud of her daughter and only wishes that Amanda see and accept the love that was all around her. Amanda was thrilled when Rachel asks her to be Cory's godmother (other godparents include Cass, Paulina and Joe). It was great to watch and remember what a spitfire Rachel Davis Cory Hutchins was (and still is).

Friday, July 11, 1997

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