Another World Recaps: The week of August 11, 1997 on AW
Amanda and Alexander plotted to make Rachel think Carl was unfaithful. Shane told Paulina the diet pills were damaging her health. Tyrone joined Nick's defense team. Jake and Vicky announced their engagement.
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Another World Recaps: The week of August 11, 1997 on AW
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Monday, August 11, 1997

Tuesday, August 12, 1997

Amanda and Alex meet about destroying Carl. Alex points out Carl's past sexual escapades and they both agree that the only way to get Carl out of Rachel's life was to make her believe he was unfaithful. Alex reminds her that Carl doesn't necessarily have to commit adultery, they just have to make Rachel think he did. An excited Josie runs into Shane at the hospital. He told her he envies her and Gary's new family. She says that she really likes him but likes Lila too and says that Lila still loves him. Shane again maintains their marriage was over a long time ago. At Carlino's Tyrone notices Paulina's shaky hands. He listens when she says she'd rather use her injured right hand than her left hand because/she's right handed. Gary and Josie meet at Carlino's and gush over her pregnancy (they are so cute by the way). Tyrone approaches Josie about the holes in the prosecutions case but she angrily asserts she doesn't want to hear it. Later, she admits to Gary that Tyrone was making her have doubts too. After hearing one of Grant's campaign slogans being blasted out by a loudspeaker, Gary grumbles that the doesn't want to raise their child in a town where Grant was mayor. He then tells Josie that his new case will be something she will like (I'm assuming its to help Carl prove Grant was doing dirty campaigning). Shane insists on looking at Paulina's burn again. When he notices how high her blood pressure is, he again sternly cautions her about the risk she's taking with the diet pills. Chastened, Paulina throws the pills away - but picks up a brochure about a new weight loss regimen. Cass warns Nick that signing the plea bargain gets him a lighter sentence but was an admission of guilt. Distraught over Sophia's absence, Nick signs the paper. He then has flashbacks of all the encouraging words Michael and especially Sophia had for him. He stops Cass and rips up the plea, saying if Sophia believed in him he can continue fighting and was not going to say he raped someone when he knows he didn't. Meanwhile, Sophia talks to a priest about her lack of faith in someone she loved. The priest kindly told her to trust herself and God and they pray together. Toni, Etta Mae and Chris are upset Nick rejected the plea and wonder where Tyrone is. Back in court, as Cass is about to begin his summation - Sophia walks in. She and Nick look at each other with love in their eyes. She testifies that Nick was a good, caring person and that she believes in his innocence. The DA makes her admit Nick was aggressive with her the night of the rape but she continues to insist Nick was innocent. During a break, Tyrone comes into the courtroom and tries to show Toni all the evidence that points away from Nick. Toni refuses to hear it, despite Tyrone's pleas not to destroy an innocent man. Etta Mae comes up and slaps Tyrone in the face, telling him to get his stuff out of her house because he was no longer family.

Wednesday, August 13, 1997

Cindy returns from the fertility clinic but puts off Grant's request about whether she was ready to conceive. He told her that he knows she's been supplying Paulina with diet pills and then comments that having control over the police captain's wife may have some benefits. While Grant tries again to make another baby - Cindy's test results come by fax, stating she is absolutely unable to have children. Before the Harrisons can see it, the fertility god causes the results to burn. Possibly going through withdrawal, Paulina was irritable and was snacking a lot. She snaps at Joe when he asks her what's wrong and claims he can't sympathize with her situation because/he's never been overweight. Jake and Vicky share their happy news with Nick (in jail), Michael, Donna and the boys. The boys are understandably excited and ask where Nick is. Vicky must cover up and Michael told her Nick will appreciate her being in court tomorrow (its about time IMHO). Jake agrees to a sleep over with the boys. He and Vicky share some kisses but are interrupted by Kirkland before things get too passionate. Tyrone tries to explain his situation to Toni and Etta Mae but they angrily accuse him of betraying his "family" by pointing out holes in Nick's case. Tyrone claims that Toni would feel awful if she sent an innocent man to prison but Etta Mae forces him to leave. Later, Toni expresses her doubts to Chris and Etta Mae. She thanks Chris for standing by her, saying she was very wrong about him in the beginning. They do another test with alcohol and this time Toni identifies gin as the alcohol she remembers smelling. She gets upset because/ Tyrone pointed out that Nick was extremely allergic to gin. When she smells the gin on her skin she has a flashback of the attack. Tyrone gives a report to Dana outlining the holes in the prosecutions case but she says she's still convinced Nick was guilty. Tyrone questions Nick and decides to join the defense team.

Thursday, August 14, 1997

Shane has a dream in which Vicky wakes him with a kiss but regretfully informs him that while she loves him - they have promises to other people. Meanwhile, Jake and Vicky agree to tell their friends about their engagement, knowing some of them may not be completely happy at the moment but for different reasons. Both Etta Mae and Chris are initially cold towards Vicky and Jake respectively but the engagements makes the friends forget about their differences for awhile. Vicky leaves a picture from the boys for Etta Mae that reads "Our Lucky Ladies" and has drawings of both Etta Mae and Vicky. Amanda was upset when Rachel informs her that renovations of the nursery will involve knocking down a wall in Amanda's suite. She stifles her caustic remarks and makes nice to Carl, who was still suspicious of her new friendly behavior. Jake comes to tell Alli he was going to marry Vicky - Amanda, Carl and Rachel are stunned. Alli was upset Jake isn't going to marry her mom and when Jake leaves, Amanda bursts into tears but insists it has nothing to do with Jake. Lila brought Grant some notes from Gary's case against Grant on Carl's behalf. Cindy was not pleased to see the southern belle when she wakes up and was even less pleased when the fertility god gets warm in Lila's hands but has no reaction to her. when Grant finds out Cindy was completely sterile - he coldly informs her she will never be a mother and it was over between them. There was a tense moment when Shane and Vicky run into each other at Carlino's - a hurt Shane walks quickly away and Vicky can't help by being affected by him. Later, Shane asks Lila to join him for lunch. At the courthouse - Jake and Vicky prepare to go into the courtroom, knowing their friends Chris and Etta Mae will again be on the opposite side.

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