Another World Recaps: The week of September 22, 1997 on AW
Matt returned to town and urged Amanda to stop her scheming against Carl. Josie and Toni realized Rayburn had been in Josie's apartment. Vicky learned Lila had deliberately broken Vicky and Shane up. Paulina was released from rehab but continued to struggle.
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Another World Recaps: The week of September 22, 1997 on AW
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Monday, September 22, 1997

Vicky and Shane are furious to receive subpoena's about the Robert's divorce but no one was more angry than Lila who storms over to Grant and accuses him of using her to get back at Vicky. Grant coldly told her that she is getting what she wanted which was a delay in her divorce to Shane. Vicky comes over to confront Grant about using the divorce case to stop her from taking Kirkland on a trip. She then retaliates by informing the hospital that she was enforcing the custody agreement and will only allow Grant to see Kirkland on specified days. Grant was worried that Rusty's confession with hurt him in the polls and enlists Alexander's help. Felicia was dismayed to find out that Alex has bought her new publishing company and wonders if her fiancé was trying to take over her life. He puts her mind at rest with his usual sweet talk. Amanda fills Matt in on her plan to destroy Carl and introduces him to Hadley Prescott. Tyrone and Dana have dinner and Dana brings up all the holes in Toni and Josie's case against Rayburn. She then comments on how Tyrone brought up Toni's name in every conversation they have. Shane confronts Lila about the subpoena and while she claims she had nothing to do with it, he orders her to stop all proceedings immediately.

Tuesday, September 23, 1997

Grant comes home, incensed Vicky was only allowing him to see Kirk during regularly scheduled visits. Cindy, dressed to kill, told him he shouldn't be too concerned because he's not really Kirk's dad. She then states that having that info gives her a lot more power and she was going to do as she pleases - which includes buying Paulina a big fat welcome home gift. Meanwhile, Paulina was anxious to leave detox and convinces Joe not to listen to Father Gordon who wants her to continue inpatient treatment for another month. Paulina was slightly dismayed to find a house full of family members waiting to welcome her home but puts on a brave face. Lila runs into Matt again while looking for Jake and although he pours on the charm - she is still too preoccupied with Shane. Cindy and Grant have another confrontation and then she reminds him that she can fix it so no one ever finds out he isn't Kirk's dad. They are interrupted by Lila who rages at Grant and reminds Cindy that Grant bought her pearls. Gary and Josie enjoy an evening together, despite worries about Rayburn. Carl comes by and asks Gary to go to the French Riviera to investigate Alex's daughter but Gary says he can't leave because of Rayburn. Later, Josie gets a call from Toni that Rayburn was caught so Gary leaves on his trip. Right after he leaves, Rayburn calls Josie and says he's going to get her and Toni. Vicky confronts Shane about the subpoena and he was shocked to find out Lila has set them up the whole time. He earnestly explains the death row letter was for her and not Lila. She realizes that she fell in love with a good man but firmly told him that its over now and she loves Jake (although the indecision was pretty clear on her face). Shane rages that they would be together if not for Lila's machinations and went storming off to confront his ex-wife.

Wednesday, September 24, 1997

Paulina becomes more and more agitated with her house full of guests and misinterprets their good intentions. Joe urges her family to leave and give her some space. Later, Paulina was upset to find a court summons regarding the accident and has flashbacks of hitting Kirk. After giving Amanda half of the paper, Matt asks her to stop the Hadley scheme but Amanda refuses saying she'll do anything to protect her mother. Later, Matt and Sophia have a talk about their failed relationship and part as friends. Vicky and Jake are surprised when the Herald staff throws them a party. Vicky is still shaken about finding out Lila made her falsely belief Shane never loved her. Later, Vicky has a heart-to-heart with Etta Mae where she admits that while she's still not over Shane, she still wants to marry Jake. Etta Mae points out that someone who makes you cry all the time can't be good for you. Toni and Josie are both stunned to find out Rayburn was still loose. Josie went to Joe and asks him to reinstate her but he refuses. Tyrone comforts Toni, unaware that Rayburn was watching them. Shane gngrily confronts Lila about her lies outside of Carlino's. She tries to defend herself but he screams that he's sick of her lies and wants her to tell Vicky what she did. Lila throws back at him that Vicky doesn't really love him like she does, otherwise Vicky would've fought for Shane like Lila has been doing since the beginning. Matt interrupts them and told Shane to lay off but Shane walks away. Later at the hospital, Lila was forced to admit that she forged the letter Shane wrote from death row. However, Vicky tells Shane that her plans haven't changed.

Thursday, September 25, 1997

Grant has several confrontations at the election polls - with Cindy, Donna & Lila. Cindy told Lila to stay away from her husband but Lila gleefully informs her that Grant was the aggressor from the beginning. Cindy first threatens Grant with the fact that she added Kirkland's questionable paternity to the safety deposit box where she was storing all her info against him. She then breaks down and says she wants a real marriage but he blows her off. Distraught, Cindy clutches the fertility statue, ready to throw it at a wall when she realizes it was warm and begs for help in getting Grant to love her. Josie calls Toni and asks her to come over - unaware that Rayburn was spying on her and taking pictures of her through the window. When Toni arrives, the two women try and take their minds off their troubles by going through baby stuff. Rayburn knocks out Adams and dresses up as a police officer. He then traps Josie and Toni in Josie's apartment and taunts them over the phone and with the pictures he took. He shuts off the electricity and told them that he was in control and they should be sorry about all the things they did to him. Paulina's first day back at the restaurant was an unsteady one. She talks to Felicia about addictions but still doesn't see herself as addicted. Later, in a confrontation with Cindy - Paulina finds herself begging for what she thinks are diet pills but are really aspirin. Felicia and Rachel begin to make some headway but their reunion was cut short when the topic of Alex versus Carl comes up. Matt comes to see Alex about their plan to destroy Carl. Matt wants Amanda to stay out of it for her own sake but Alex says she's working out just fine. Amanda tapes Carl reciting poetry to baby Elizabeth and later talking trash about Hadley. She later splices the tape so it looks as if Carl was reciting love poems to Hadley and talks about getting rid of Rachel. She also steals his favorits cufflinks and plans to plant them in Hadley's apartment. Amanda was sharing her new tricks with Alex when a surprised Felicia stops by.

Friday, September 26, 1997

As Vicky gets ready to release Kirk, Shane wastes no time in reminding her of the good times they shared in Key West. She tries to avoid the subject but its obvious his remarks get to her. Shane runs interference with Grant who arrives with a court order to stop Vicky from taking Kirk on a trip. Jake and Rachel accompany Paulina to her hearing and she was upset when her driver's license was taken away. Felicia was suspicious to walk in on Amanda and Alex but he was able to talk her out of being mad saying they were talking about Rachel. Rachel was upset to see Alex with Amanda - who doesn't miss the opportunity to tell Jake Vicky was using him. Later, when Felicia leaves to slip into something more comfortable, Rachel comes by to tell Alex to stay away from Amanda. Both Felicia and Rachel are shocked by Alex's allegations that Carl had an affair with his wife Diana. Joe arrives at Josie's apartment to find a terrified Josie and Toni. They realize Rayburn has been in the apartment but Josie doesn't want to call Gary to worry him. Josie and Toni bond over their fear - unaware that Rayburn was watching nearby. Joe gives the order to lock them in the holding cell for their own protection. Shane runs into Amanda disguised as Hadley and asks if they know each other. Paulina stops by to talk to Kirk but was overcome with emotion. Vicky tries to tell her not to worry but Paulina was forced to admit that she was on drugs when she hit Kirk. Vicky gets very upset at first but then forgives her friend at Jake's urgings. Grant, believing he's won the mayor's race (which makes me sick to think about) - comes to Vicky's house with a police escort. While he and Vicky argue, Cindy tries to get Grant's attention but was rebuffed. Angry, Cindy asks Grant if Vicky knows why he wouldn't have his blood tested to save Kirkland.

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