Another World Recaps: The week of October 20, 1997 on AW
Felicia was horrified at her injuries. Felicia escaped the hospital and was attacked. Rachel found out Matt had betrayed her, but Matt did not reveal Amanda's role in the scheme. Gary and Josie took in a homeless girl named Rain whose mother had died of a drug overdose.
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Another World Recaps: The week of October 20, 1997 on AW
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Monday, October 20, 1997

Cindy was successful in stealing back Booba, despite interruptions from Donna. When Donna discovered the statue missing, she called Cindy, who told Donna to keep it quiet if Donna wanted to keep her job.

Matt, Amanda, Carl, and Rachel had another screaming match in the living room. Matt and Amanda accused Carl of trying to kill Felicia and said they were appalled their mother was sticking by him. Carl accused them of being in cahoots with Alex and reminded them that Alex's butler had recognized the name "Matt Cory" as a guest. Paulina went downstairs and told them they had woken the children. Carl coldly told Matt he should find other sleeping arrangements for the night.

Later, Amanda called Rachel as Hadley and said she was leaving town. Rachel asked if she was working for Matt or Alex, but Amanda hung up when Rachel sensed something familiar in her voice.

Grant was furious that Josie had let Carl go and threatened that if she was not going to play by his rules, he'd find an acting captain who would. Josie asked if he was threatening to fire her, but Grant said that he was merely looking for a team player and hinted that he could make her permanent captain. She told him to get out of her face.

At the hospital, Felicia woke up and wanted to know why her eyes were bandaged. She said she was glad Alex was there. He said he loved her inside and out and told her not to worry about her injuries. Carl walked in, and Alex said he was going to kill Carl. Felicia asked to speak to Carl, and he told her he had never meant to hurt her.

Cass arrived and told Carl he'd better go. Alex told Grant that Carl had better be arrested -- or else. Gary arrived, and Josie comforted him. She told him about Grant's threats, but he said to ignore Grant. Felicia told Josie that the fall had been an accident, so Josie released Carl despite Alex and Grant's vehement objections. Gary gave Carl information connecting Matt to Alex, and Carl vowed revenge on his enemies.

Paulina found out from Shane that he was supposed to be on a date with Hadley. She called Jake for advice on trying to trap the woman who had caused Rachel so much pain.

Tuesday, October 21, 1997

Everyone at the Cory mansion was tense. After another confrontation with his mother, Matt made dinner plans with Lila, and Rachel planned to go to the hospital to see Felicia. Amanda had a close call with Jake when Shane called Hadley on her cell phone. They made plans for dinner, but Hadley informed him she was leaving town.

Paulina was at odds and was going stir-crazy being alone. She called Jake and Shane, but everyone had plans. When she found out Shane was going out with Hadley, Paulina called herself a cab and alerted Rachel that the woman was still in Bay City.

Alex and the plastic surgeon misled Felicia about the extent of her injuries. Alex tried to suppress his horror when he saw Felicia without her bandages. Rachel was relieved when Felicia said that she knew the fall hadn't been Carl's fault.

Matt rushed out of his dinner with Lila when Paulina told him she had found Hadley, but Jake was there to finish dinner. Jake and Lila bonded over dinner. Jake seemed amused with Lila's approach. Hadley rushed out on Shane when Matt arrived and blasted her for acting as Hadley -- again. Paulina and Shane shared a drink and commiserated about having to go home alone.

Amanda was horrified when Rachel knocked at her hotel room door and insisted on talking to her.

Felicia removed her own bandages and was horrified when she looked in the mirror.

Wednesday, October 22, 1997

Cindy bought a replica of Booba to put back in the Harbour Club, but she couldn't figure out which statue was real and which was fake. She tested them out on a waiter and was relieved when the waiter identified the real Booba.

Gary had sad memories when he found a box of baby things in the closet. He and Josie comforted each other in their grief. Gary said he didn't blame her, but he had wanted a daughter very badly and wished she wasn't a cop because he didn't know what he'd do if he lost her too. Josie assured him that they would have a family one day.

Later at the stationhouse, Josie received a note from Shane, which said that the drugs found on the dead Jane Doe were the same ones Paulina had had. Josie was even more upset when she figured out Jane Doe had to have had a daughter. Grant stopped by with Dana and tried to force Josie to resign if she wouldn't re-arrest Carl. She refused and said Grant would look like a fool, especially since he'd just had a press conference, making her out to be a hero. Grant sneered and said that Carl had already left the country, and Dana told Josie to make sure he returned to Bay City soon.

Josie tried to get Paulina to tell her where Paulina had gotten the pills, but Paulina wouldn't budge. Paulina later called Cindy in a panic and said she needed to reveal where she had gotten the pills because people were dying.

Gary found a homeless child on the street and took her home.

Rachel pounded on "Hadley's" door and demanded to be let in, while a terrified Amanda waited inside. Matt tried to convince her to leave, but Rachel refused. He finally said he'd tell her all about Hadley at home. Rachel was hurt and horrified when Matt said that he had set up the Hadley scheme, but he had done it out of love for her and to protect her from Carl. Rachel was disgusted and asked how her own child could hurt her so much.

Amanda went home and thought Matt had ratted her out. She went to apologize to Rachel, but Matt jumped in and said it had all been his idea, and Amanda and Alex had had nothing to do with it.

Thursday, October 23, 1997

Alex had dinner with Grant and ordered him to have Carl arrested, or Alex would make sure that Grant was removed as mayor. Grant questioned Donna about Booba, but she said it was still missing.

Josie and Gary watched the little homeless girl sleep, and later they found out her name was Rain and that she didn't know where her mommy was. When Rain had a nightmare, Gary suggested Josie go comfort her, and Josie sang the little girl to sleep. They both speculated about what it would be like if Rain was their little girl. Later, Josie discovered that Rain was the daughter of the dead Jane Doe they had found, and she told Gary they had to take Rain to social services. He changed the subject, and later, Rain went into their room and asked if she could sleep with them.

At the hospital, Cass comforted Felicia after she had a nightmare about her face. She made him promise not to tell Alex that she knew what she looked like, but he assured her that they loved her despite her appearance. Cass was worried about Felicia's depressed attitude and tried to talk to Alex, who was only concerned with getting even with Carl. Cass was shocked and disgusted when Alex ordered him to sue Carl for everything. Cass tried to tell him that Felicia wouldn't want that, but Alex didn't listen because of his rage, and Cass finally quit, saying Alex was just as much to blame for what had happened to Felicia.

Later, Alex went to see Felicia, and she said that she could see in his eyes that he couldn't stand to look at her. He assured her that he would make everything better and put her engagement ring back on. When he left, he ordered his private island to be made ready for Felicia's recovery and ordered that there be no mirrors anywhere. Felicia sneaked out of the hospital and was devastated when someone made a crack about her looking like a monster.

The Corys continued to fight as Amanda tried to take the blame for Hadley while Matt continued to insist he had done it all by himself. Rachel told them that they had hurt her more than she could have ever imagined and made a comment that Matt had been a child of betrayal, and that had come back to haunt her.

Carl arrived and said he had proof Matt had conspired with Nikos before arriving in Bay City, but Matt continued to maintain he had not been in cahoots with Alex. Rachel told Matt he was no longer her son and ordered him out of the house. Before he left, he told Rachel that he would always be her son and would always love her. Amanda followed Matt out and told Carl he would pay for that. Amanda wanted to leave with Matt, but he told her she needed to stay in the house to protect Rachel from Carl.

Friday, October 24, 1997

Shane had a heart-to-heart with Paulina about life. Paulina tried to get Shane to move on with his life, but he continued to insist that he and Vicky were meant to be. He tried to get her to confess where she had gotten the drugs, but Paulina remained tight-lipped. Vicky and the boys returned home to an excited Jake. Vicky and Jake started making wedding plans, but they couldn't agree on anything.

Vicky ran into Shane at the jewelry store. Some tense moments culminated when the clerk assumed Vicky and Shane were the ones needing wedding rings. Shane told Vicky that he would always love her.

Grant threatened the drug dealer who had supplied him with the pills Cindy had given Paulina to get out of town. The guy threw the threats back at Grant, but the new mayor said the man might find himself in the hospital morgue if he didn't cooperate.

Josie tried to bond with Rain, who was hesitant about accepting any of the new things Josie had bought for her. Gary told Josie not to get too attached. When Rain asked for her mommy, Gary and Josie told her that her mom was sick. Rain told them a man named Popper gave her mommy pills to make her feel better. Later, when Josie gave Rain a bath, she discovered that Popper had beaten the little girl. When she revealed that and that Rain had no other family, Gary angrily said that he wouldn't turn the child over to someone who had beaten her.

Alex tracked Felicia down to her apartment, but she wouldn't let him in, saying she couldn't stand to see the look in his eyes that he'd had when they'd removed her bandages. Alex said he'd do everything he could to restore her beauty. She agreed to let him in, but only if Gary was there. When Alex left to get Gary, Felicia sneaked out and was attacked by the Popper, who stole her money and jewelry. A homeless man gave Felicia refuge in an abandoned building.

When Alex and Gary returned and found Felicia missing, Gary blamed Alex for involving Felicia in his feud with Carl.

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