Another World Recaps: The week of April 20, 1998 on AW
Amanda found a gun in Cameron's room. Jake asked Vicky for a divorce. Rachel thought she heard Mac's voice. Cameron, actually a plant from the FBI, met with Josie to discuss their case. Cass figured out Lila was lying about her baby's paternity.
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Another World Recaps: The week of April 20, 1998 on AW
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Monday, April 20, 1998

At The Cory Mansion
Amanda comes across Cameron's semi-automatic rifle while snooping through his room. Just outside the room, Cameron was about to enter. Hearing his keys turning, Amanda manages to pocket a bullet and put away Cameron's gun before he walks in the room. Cameron walks in and catches Amanda snooping and when she tries to explain that she was just up there waiting for him so she could asks him something, He says nothing but locks the door trapping him and Amanda inside of his room. Cameron asks Amanda what was she really doing in his room because if she wanted to ask him something, she could have asked it to him downstairs. Amanda told him she already told him what she was doing there and goes to open the locked door. Cameron told Amanda that the lady of the manor (referring to her) thinks she has the magic touch to open any door. He then asks her if the last guy who worked there had to deal with this. She tells him no, because he was a gentleman. He spouts back that she was nothing but a little princess and he can see her ankle was doing a lot better, even without the aspirin she sent him for. Amanda asked him for the key, please. He says "please." To me you sound a little scared. She told him she's not afraid of anything. She gets intimidated as he walks up on her, he told her that he wants her to be afraid, so maybe then she'll file this incident away for future use and not go poking around where she doesn't belong. Amanda told him to open the door and let her out. Cameron asks her if she was giving him orders in his room. He told her this was his room and nobody comes in without knocking first or asking permission. He then told her she has 30 rooms in this mausoleum and God knows how may acres, so if she wants to play explorer to go and do it some where else. Amanda just stands there trying to not look threatened as he clearly intimidates her. He finishes by telling her that if she came in to give him orders then she knocked on the wrong door. Cameron then says he's going to give her one more chance to tell him what she was doing in his room and this time he wants the truth.

At Home
With the copy of "Embers In The Snow " in her hand, Felicia finally reads the chapter detailing the grimly demise of Winthrop Crass. In the book, Crass is done in by falling on his own sword. Felicia decides to call Rachel, but Carl answers. Felicia asks to speak with Rachel and Carl starts going off about how Felicia was poisoning his wife against him. Carl also told Felicia that Cory is interested in republishing the entire Felicia Gallant collection. He then tells her that he'll give her the time she needs, but in the meantime he'll try not to fall on his sword. After she hangs up from talking with Carl, Felicia remembers reading the books ending dedication to Mac and after the last words Carl said to her she says oh my God, Cass! Realizing it must be Carl who was behind the Embers plot she rushes to go tell Cass of what she has learned.

At Winthrop and Montgomery Law Offices
Rachel visits Cass and asks him for the name of the doctor Cass saw when he was depressed. Cass asked her who was this for, but Rachel refused to divulge any details as to who the patient is, telling Cass that she can't speak to any one about this. Cass told Rachel that anything she told him will be kept in the strictest of confidence. Rachel then decides to tell Cass that the doctor is for Carl. She feels that he was losing his grip. Rachel then told Cass about all Carl's problems lately, adding that Carl doesn't even believe that he has a problem. Cass told her that Dr. Bradford was the best and if any one can help Carl, she can.......Meanwhile, Felicia shows up at Cass' to tell him what she's learned and finds him and Rachel there together. She informs Cass and a protesting Rachel that she believes Carl may be the one bringing the plot of her book to life. She then told them that she thinks that Carl is trying to make the book's dedication to Mac about him. Rachel resents the implication as Cass reads the end of the book and was angry that she had his character fall on his sword while running away. Felicia then told Rachel about the conversation she had with Carl earlier and how he told her that he won't fall onto his sword. Rachel leaves and Felicia asks Cass what it was he knows, but Cass refuses to tell her anything. Felicia told Cass that they really should help Rachel, which was why he needs to tell her what was going on. However, Cass refuses to break Rachel's confidence by telling a frustrated Felicia what Rachel said in confidence.

At Vicky's Place
Jake shows up and Vicky was excited to find Jake standing on her porch, thinking that he has decided to come home, but her happiness instantly turns sour when he informs her that he wants a divorce. Vicky was shocked because it's so soon, telling Jake that she thinks he was rushing into this decision because he was mad at her because he ran into her at Joe and Paulina's. Vicky hopes he will rethink this decision, but Jake told her that he knows that he wants this closure. Vicky asks Jake if he really thinks signing a divorce paper will change anything. Vicky says she thought they were starting to work their way back to each other because of what happened earlier at the barn. Jake told Vicky that the barn was hell for him. Jake says that he knows her and he knows she will try and fight this. Vicky told Jake to go on and do what he has to do, but she knows that he'll never get her out of his head and heart. Jake told her that he won't stand here and let her try and use reverse psychology on him. As they start arguing over all the things they done to each other back in Lassiter and the times they have forgiven each other, Jake says he can't forgive her for this one because he just doesn't understand why she put everything they had on the line. Jake went to walk off, but Vicky stops him by popping him in the head with a bed of roses. Jake says he know she didn't just throw dirt on him, but Vicky told him if he can throw dirt, so can she. Jake turns around and they continue arguing about their past misdeeds. She told him that even if he thinks it's over, it's not over for her. Vicky then told him to just go ahead and bring Marley back, get a divorce, and put her down; but it won't change anything, because she's the best damn friend he ever had. Jake told her that she's wrong again, he's the best damn friend she never had, and with those words he walks away. Vicky goes inside to answer her ringing phone. Vicky yells "what" into the phone only to find out that Marley was on the other end. Vicky told Marley that it's good to hear from her. Vicky asks Marley if she was coming home and Marley told her that she's thinking about it. Marley senses something was wrong and asks Vicky is she was crying. Vicky lies and told her that she's okay and she'll talk with her later and tries to hang-up. Marley stops her asking Vicky to tell her what was wrong. Vicky told Marley that Jake has asked for a divorce. Marley tells her sister to eat and sleep well and she'll be home as soon as she can.

Back At The Cory's
Amanda told Cameron that she plans to bring her daughter Allie home adding that she's afraid harm will come to Allie along with the three other children living in the house-hold as well. Cameron sarcastically told her that he thought she wasn't afraid of anything. Amanda asks him to tell her if there is danger around or not. Cameron told her that the danger would be raising Allie amongst snobs. He then went off about how rich people think they can control everyone and everything around them. Cameron told Amanda that everything he has in this room was all he has, so he wants her and her brat to stay the hell out. Amanda told him that he can say what he wants about her, but no one speaks of Allie like that. Cameron then told Amanda that perhaps she should just go to Switzerland and live with her princess daughter, adding that he can imagine the kind of guy Amanda use to be married to (referring to Sam). Amanda tells Cameron that all rich people are not like he thinks they are and he's wrong again about her because Allie's dad was an artist. This shocks Cameron who eventually lets Amanda out of the room. She takes his keys and lets her self out, throwing them back to him as she leaves. Amanda went downstairs to ask Carl where Rachel is, but he has no idea. She then asks him if Joe is around and Carl rudely told her that his car was parked right by the studio. He then talks in riddles, which causes Amanda to become uneasy. Carl laughs it off and told her it was a joke and she should loosen up a bit. Amanda leaves Carl to his weird state of mind as she twirls the bullet she fenced in her hand.

Rachel arrives home and finds Carl sitting up waiting for her in the study. She says your still awake and he replies that he couldn't very well rest with her missing. He then asks her where she was at. Rachel told him that she went for a drive to think. Carl asks her if it was because of what he said earlier today. Rachel told him yes it was. Carl told her that Felicia called for her and she told him yes she knows, she seen her already. Rachel then asked Carl how he manage to get a copy of 'Embers in the Snow' for Felicia and he tells her that he got it from her fan-club, adding that they where more than happy to pull a copy from their archives. Rachel told him that Felicia didn't want him to do that, but Carl asks her why are they talking about Felicia when he wants to talk about them. He apologizes to Rachel for blowing up at her. Carl tells Rachel that if there where something wrong with him, how could she be able to trust him with Cory Publishing as well as their children or trust him to hold her in his arms which he does. Thinking about what he was saying, Rachel agrees to some extent that Carl was right and as they hold each other, Carl told her that he doesn't think he needs to see a doctor now and Rachel says okay.

At The Herald
Marley calls Jake and says that she'll be home sooner then she thought. Meanwhile back at Vicky's Place, Vicky was sitting in her leaving room telling herself that everything was going to be okay because Marley will be coming home soon. She then has a flashback of what Marley said to her at Michael's funeral. She remembers Marley saying if she told Jake about Vicky and Shane, she would always wonder if she told him because she wanted Jake for herself. Coming out of it Vicky pushes those words out of her mind and continues to tell herself it will be okay.

Tuesday, April 2121st">

Nick wakes up happy. As he went downstairs, singing, he comes up behind Donna. Thinking she was Sofia, he hugs her. He was embarrassed to see that he has made a mistake, but he was glad she was there. He was able to talk to her about Michael and feel comfortable doing so. She has brought breakfast and says to him that he was just like his father eating cold eggs and hot-dogs for breakfast.

Matt went to Carlino's looking for Sofia. They begin by talking about business but it soon turns personal. She told him that he was the only one who understands how she felt during the time that her wedding was canceled. She senses that Matt was bothered and asks him what was it. He talks about Carl and Rachel and what was going on; he doesn't understand everything that was going on at all. He then turns back to business and Sofia turns on a demo tape for him to listen to. Matt says the only way to test new songs was to . . . he stands up and reaches for her hand to dance.

Amanda was asleep. Suddenly she awakens and finds Cameron standing at the end of her bed. She was indignant at his intrusion and asks what he is doing there. He holds up the bullet she had heisted from his room. He tells her since she snooped in his room that he could do the same. He gets into her closet and pulls out an outfit and orders her to get dressed as they are going somewhere. He says he will wait in the hall.

As Rachel was coming down the stairs she hears Mac's voice saying something about going after his wife and kids. She rushes into the library where Carl sits working on some pages. She asks did he hear it and asks where was the recorder. Carl looks at her as if he knows nothing about what she was talking about; he says she must be hearing things. After searching about the room, she gets upset and leaves.

Rachel went to see the doctor that Cass recommended. She asks if he can help her with Carl; She then went into the full story of her relationship with Carl. The doctor told her that stress can cause a lot of symptoms and ask her if she was feeling the stress also. She says yes, but she knows what to do; this was between her and Carl now. She leaves the office.

As Josie was getting ready for work, Gary begins kissing her until a beeper goes off. She looks startled but says it was from work. Gary says it is about time Joe went into the twentieth century and got his officers beepers. Saying nothing further, Josie leaves it at that as she leaves for work.

Carl went to Paulina and Joe at the studio and told them that he was worried about Rachel. He told them about her hearing Mac's voice and says that she is hiding things from him. Joe has to leave but Paulina was shocked that Rachel has not mentioned anything to her. Carl also told her about Matt and Amanda being behind the Nikos thing. Paulina did not know about it and is misled by Carl by the information he told her. She wants to talk to Rachel but Carl dissuades her. He has planted the seed of doubt as he planned. Carl told her that he thinks they are all up to something but doesn't know what.

At the station Joe was talking to Toni when Josie comes in. She was looking through some files but also listening to their conversation. When she overhears Joe talking about the new driver, her ears perk up. Just as Josie leaves Joe's office, she bumps into Cameron; she was so startled that she drops her papers. Cameron excuses himself after helping her pick up the papers and he and Amanda go into Joe's office. Cameron wants Joe to tell her about his background check so that she will stop snooping in his room. He says once she hears from Joe that he was clean then maybe she will mind her own business. Joe agrees that he was clean and Cameron turns to Amanda and says, "there!" He turns and leaves the station. Joe gives Amanda a lecture about jumping to conclusions. She leaves.

Gary comes in to talk to Joe. Gary told Joe that the beepers were a good idea. But Joe says he doesn't know what Gary was talking about since he didn't get any beepers for the officers. Gary looks perplexed.

Amanda rushes to Matt at Carlino's and cuts in on his dance with Sofia. Sofia leaves. Amanda told him about Cameron, the gun, and their visit to the station. She says she was concerned because Cameron warned her not to bring her daughter home. She says Cameron was following her. Matt was not impressed, but he told her to trust Rachel; he doesn't want to have her mistrust him again.

Josie gets another beep and rushes out of the station. She gets into a car! There sits Cameron and he grabs her and they start kissing---hard!

Wednesday, April 22, 1998

At Bay City General
Rachel coming out of Dr. Brogan's office in tears and Cass was outside waiting for her. Cass asks Rachel if she was alright and she told him she was fine and ask if he was checking up on her. Cass told Rachel he was just concerned, but assures her that he told nobody about their talk, not even Felicia. Rachel tells him good because the last thing she needs was to be part of the Bay City Rumor Mill. Cass told her to forget about the rumor mill, and asks her what did the doctor say. Rachel told him that the doctor wants to examine Carl, but getting him to admit there was something wrong with him was the problem. Cass told her that Carl must go see a doctor, but Rachel says that Carl won't go. Cass then told Rachel that Felicia was positive that Carl was behind the Embers In The Snow incidents. Rachel doesn't understand why he'd be doing this. Cass doesn't know, but he told Rachel that he's going to confront Carl about this unless she handles it. Rachel assures Cass that Carl won't hurt him, but Cass no longer believes that, telling Rachel that if she doesn't do something quick, he will.

At The Cory Mansion
Felicia comes up quietly behind Carl just as he was rolling up a miniature sword in a note. Carl hurries and puts it away, accusing Felicia of sneaking up behind him. Felicia asks Carl where was Rachel at. He told her she was out right now. Felicia then notices that Carl has his own copy of Embers In The Snow, she also saw him putting the sword away, but doesn't mention it to him that she saw him. Carl told Felicia that he was not in the mood for her interrogations right now. Felicia told him fine, then she will do the talking. Felicia then accuses Carl of being behind all the events from her book coming to life. Carl asks her why would he do that and Felicia says that she doesn't know why, yet. Carl told her that she really has a high opinion of her work. Felicia told Carl that for the longest time she believed that he was a changed man, but now she realizes that he hasn't changed one bit. Carl swears to her that he had nothing to do with the Embers In The Snow incidents. They eventually get into an argument and Carl told her that she was the one who got involved with a homicidal maniac and she was probably the one who is behind the incidents all along. Felicia accuses Carl of taking advantage of Lorna. Carl then uses that accusation as Felicia's reason for siding with Matt and Amanda and trying to drive him crazy and ruin his image to Rachel.

At Bay City P.D.
Gary shows up looking for Josie, but Joe told him that Josie was gone. Gary asks Joe for her beeper number, but Joe says that Bay City cops don't carry beepers. Outside, Josie hops into Cameron's car to yell at him, but instead he kisses her. Amanda was outside the station and sees Cameron in the car kissing someone and she runs off. Cameron told Josie that he had to hide her face from Amanda, which was why he kissed her. Josie calls him a creep and says that she was off this case now. Cameron asks her if she wants to ruin this whole case. Cameron was a plant by the FBI and Josie was working with him. Josie tells Cameron that she can't wait until this case was over, because she was tired of lying to Gary. Cameron says nothing and Josie told him to unlock the car door and let her out. He does and Josie leaves. Back in the station, Gary was trying to see if he can trace where Josie bought the pager from, but comes us short. Joe comes up behind him and they talk about Josie. Joe suspects that Josie could be pregnant, but Gary assures Joe that Josie was not pregnant, because they decided to wait. He then told Joe that he sure will be glad when Joe stops giving Josie all this overtime. Joe starts to tell Gary that he hasn't assigned Josie overtime work, but then realizes that she told Gary that so he covers for her telling Gary that he'll take that into consideration and heads back into his office. Gary turns his head and follows Joe going into his office and see's the weekly schedule for officers on duty. He was surprised to see that under Josie's name in big bold letters was "Josie Watts Sinclair, NO OVER TIME." Gary returns home and waits for Josie. When she arrives Gary goes up to her and hugs her and starts kissing her. Josie breaks free and went into the bathroom leaving Gary puzzled. Inside the bathroom, Josie thinks of Cameron when kissing Gary and gets flustered. Gary looks at Josie's beeper when she's out of the room. Gary went to see Josie and asks her if she was all right. Josie told him that she just had a tough day at work. Gary sees that Josie was crying and he told her that she can tell him anything. Josie tells him that it's nothing, so Gary backs off telling her that when she's ready to talk he was there to listen.

Back At The Cory's
Amanda shows up in the doorway and hears Carl tell Felicia that Mac Cory was a liar and a thief. Amanda told Carl that was enough, she won't have Carl trash her father in the house he built. Felicia told Carl that this was far from over and she leaves. Amanda and Carl start arguing and Amanda told Carl true it was wrong for her to pretend to be Hadley Prescott to break up her mother's marriage, but she apologized for that and if Carl expects her to grovel at his feet for the rest of her life, not to count on it. She then told him that Rachel was terrified at what he would do if he found out that she was Hadley Prescott and that was why she didn't tell him. Carl told her that he and Rachel are past all of that, but Amanda told him she was not so sure he is. She then told Carl that this house was like Fort Knox and there are armed guards all around them. She then asks him why would he bring someone like Cameron there and why was he so paranoid. Carl told her that he was making this house safe. Amanda told him that he was being paranoid and has no reason to be. Carl laughs in her face telling her that's a laugh in itself. First she acts like Hadley Prescott to break him and her mother up and then her and Matthew bring Alexander Nikos to Bay City to kill him. He then told her that Rachel had to take a mans life because of her and Matthew. Amanda told Carl that her and Matt never meant to hurt anybody. Carl says just him. He tells her that most young women of her age have moved out of Daddy's house and are married with children, unlike her who has sent her child a million miles away to get her out of her way. Carl's words sting Amanda who's eyes begin to tear up at his harsh words. Carl then told her she was obsessed with her mother's life and has been spoiled and ruined by her own father. Amanda asks him why she keeps bringing Mac up and Carl told her that if Mac Cory was such a saintly man, then how was it that he raised such useless children. Carl says that Mac was a liar, a cheat, and a thief. Amanda says that she was not going to stand here and listen to this. Rachel shows up and says that she doesn't have to. Rachel says that Mac Cory was dead and can't defend himself and she will not listen or tolerate him being attacked. Amanda leaves and Carl is angry that Rachel was limiting to what he can and cannot say. Carl asks Rachel where she went and she told him that she went to a neurologist for him. Rachel told Carl about Felicia and Cass' suspicions. Rachel realizes that all this trouble started with the Hadley Prescott business, but Carl refuses to talk about it telling Rachel he needs air as he leaves and went out on the terrace.

At Carlino's
Cass was on the phone talking to Charlie, telling her that he can't bring her home yet, but he will soon. Felicia shows up to tell him about what happened and that Carl has a miniature sword locked in his desk. Cass then tells Felicia that Rachel has gone to see a neurologist about Carl. When Cass tells Felicia that he's going to confront Carl, Felicia says that may not be a good idea because they don't have concrete proof of what he's doing.

Back At The Cory's
Cameron meets up with Amanda outside and she informs him that she saw him with his bimbo. Cameron says Don't go there Amanda walks away. Amanda returns and thanks Rachel for defending Mac. Amanda then told Rachel that Cameron has a semi-automatic rifle in his room. Amanda also says that she's afraid of Cameron. Amanda also told her that she's afraid of Carl and she fears that he's going insane. Cameron was listen to them as they discuss Carl. Rachel goes out to the porch where Carl was sitting. Rachel told Carl that she knows that Cameron has a gun. Rachel told Carl that they should leave everything and get away from Bay City. Carl told her that was not necessary, he just wanted to hear her make the offer. Carl told Rachel that he will go to the doctor.

Thursday, April 2323rd">

At Grant and Cindy's place, Kirkland and Grant are playing a game; Kirkland hits the board saying it was a dumb game and he doesn't want to play any more. Cindy comes in fuming that Kirkland can just go clean up the mess he made of the new wallpaper. He screams at Cindy, "I hate that wallpaper and you are not my Mom." Grant intervenes and Kirkland went to his room. Grant and Cindy argue. Cindy says that she would do anything for him, but Kirkland was a spoiled brat. Grant says never talk like that again about his son and . . . Cindy finishes his sentence, "Vicky," she says. Grant says he has to take Kirkland home.

Cass was outside the restaurant when Lila gets out of a limousine. Not knowing it was she at first, he begins making moves on her. She has been on a shopping spree. When Cass wants to know what she did to get the money, she waves a loan application under his nose. He tries to tell her that she will be paying an enormous amount of interest if they even lend her the money. Just then Dr. Nolan comes walking up saying how much he had missed her. Lila ask him to wait inside while she talks to Cass, her attorney. Cass accuses the doctor of being her sugar daddy. She hands him a check for all his legal services, then goes inside. As Cass follows, Lila told him to quit following her. Cass says he has to eat too.

At Vicki's house, it was Kirkland's birthday and she was getting ready for his party. She was trying to hang a birthday banner but everything was going wrong. She told Etta Mae about Jake and the divorce. Steven comes in and tells Etta Mae that he forgot to get Kirkland something for his birthday. Etta Mae told him to get Jake to come to the party for Kirkland. Steven thinks that was a good idea.

Jake and Paulina are talking about the divorce. Paulina told Jake he is making a big mistake. His phone rings and it was Steven calling to ask Jake to come to the party as his gift to Kirkland. At first Jake says no, but Steven persists until Jake says Ok. Paulina says she will go with him and they head off in that direction on Jake's motorcycle.

Donna shows up at Vicki's; she gives Steven books that belonged to Michael. She says that Michael will never be able to come to another birthday for his grandchildren; she looks at Vicky as she says this. As Kirkland comes running in, Vicki exclaims that here was her birthday boy! Kirkland says he will never be happy again without his grandpa Michael and Jake. This hurts Vicky; she told him that she was sorry and goes outdoors. Grant says he will go talk to her. Going outside, he tries to comfort her, but she was down on herself and was feeling really bad. Grant puts his arm around her and she leans on his shoulder. Just then, Jake and Paulina arrive. Seeing Grant, Paulina says that she can't stay because of the present company. She leaves and Jake gets upset to find Grant there. He told Vicky that Grant was just trying to worm his way back into her life. Vicky tries to defend Grant; she says that he knows how it was to screw up so bad. Jake wonders why she was defending Grant when she has spent the last few years hating him.

Cindy was at home getting things ready for her seduction of Grant; she has to try and keep his interest. Paulina knocks on the door. Paulina tells Cindy how Grant was trying to get back in Vicki's life. She says that Cindy did all her nasty deeds to help out an ungrateful conniving Grant. Cindy wants to know if she keeps Grant away from Vicky, will Paulina be her friend again? Paulina says no deals and walks out. These words sadden Cindy who then turns the bottle of champagne upside down in the bucket.

Lila and Dr. Nolan are talking. The good doctor says he wants more than just dinner with Lila to keep him quite. After all, he did something illegal when he switched the sonogram results. Lila gets nasty with him and says that if any blackmail was to go on, it will be her doing it, implying that she will tell everyone he switched the sonogram. He says that becoming his wife would do the trick, but Lila says no way. She knows that all he wants was Shane's research and that she will do anything it takes to stop him. She gets out her checkbook and asks how much he wants, but he refuses anything and leaves. Cass has been watching; he comes over to Lila. He says he heard the word blackmail and asks what she was up to. She says nothing but Cass was not put off. He accuses her of being out for herself and damn the consequences. As Lila denies this, he puts two and two together and guesses that the doctor has something on her. He guesses that she was not pregnant with Shane's baby, and he vows to find out what is going on.

Etta Mae told Donna that she was wrong in the way she treats the daughter that Michael loved so much. Donna doesn't listen. She leaves by the back door. Grant was about to leave when he hears Jake say that Vicki was a bigger fool than he had thought she was. Grant returned and grabs Jake. A scuffle ensues with Grant telling Jake not to talk to Vicky like that.

Friday, April 24, 1998

At Carlino's,
Cass was on to Lila as he told her that it all makes sense now, you're carrying a baby, it just isn't Shane's baby. Lila told him that's the craziest thing she's ever heard in her entire life. Cass says that's very convincing. That little display of utter shock was so well rehearsed. He looks at his watch and told her that in about 1 minute, I'm sure you'll turn indignant and accusatory. Lila told him that the very idea that this baby could be any... But stops short and spouts, well who else's baby would it be. Cass told her that he hasn't figured that one out yet, but even though her routine hasn't worked on him, he's sure there are plenty of guys out there who'd jump at the bait. Naming Dr. Nolan, for one. Lila has that (how dare you) think that look on her face and told Cass she hasn't slept with Dr. Nolan. Cass told her, oh right he's just your doctor, he can't keep his hands off you because he's constantly taking your pulse. Lila tells Cass for his information, Dr. Nolan happens to be a kind and considerate gentleman. Something he would know absolutely nothing about. Cass checks his watch again and says, indignant and accusatory right on schedule. Lila says, that's right. I find Dr. Nolan interesting and attractive. Cass laughs in her face and told her that she can drop the act. As much as he was enjoying this little tap dance routine, he's wise to her now. Lila told him the thought of him thinking this baby could be anyone else's but Shane's was rude and insulting. Cass told her he thought it was rather ingenious of him. Lila asks him if he thinks this is some kind of a joke, adding why would I sleep with anyone, I love Shane. He's the only man I love. Cass told her he could think of a number of reasons, but since you find my ideas so comical, I'll go and share them with someone else, someone who could use a good laugh. Lila looks worried as she asks Cass "like who." Cass says, "like Vicky McKinnon."

At Vicki's Place,
Grant and Jake get into a heated discussion and Grant pushes Jake unto the swing chair in the back, grabbing Jake by the collar. Jake breaks free, telling Grant to get off of him, as Vicky tries to stop them from arguing over her. Jake told Vicky he doesn't need her to stop him and to let Grant say what he has to say. Grant told Jake that he's not going to stand by while he talks about the mother of his child like that. Vicky told Grant that was enough, but Grant was just getting starting. He asks Jake who does he think he his to look down on people and pass moral judgements, adding that if Jake was without sin, why doesn't he do everybody a favor and join a monastery and leave Vicky and her kids alone. Jake doesn't say a word, he just lets Grant ramble on. Vicky tries to intervene by telling Grant that Jake has suffered enough and he was not to blame for her mistakes. Grant laughs at this one and told Vicky that Jake was just as much to blame for Michael and Shane's death. He then told Jake, wasn't it him who went up to the cabin that night and lied to an officer out of spite, jealousy and revenge. He finishes by telling Jake he was the reason Michael and Shane are dead and Vicky should be glad that out of some miracle she isn't dead. Vicky tells Grant that's enough and asks him to leave. As Grant was walking away, Vicky apologizes to Jake for everything that went on here and thanks him for showing up at Kirkland's party. Jake told her in light of all that has just happened, he feels it would be best if he cut out as well. As he turns to leave, Kirkland comes out of the house and yells "Jake, I just knew you would come" and runs into Jake's arms. Grant was still lurking around and has witnessed all of this. Jake asks Kirkland if he was having a nice time at his birthday party. Kirkland told him he was now that Jake was here. That little line pains Grant who was still lurking behind a tree. Kirkland taps into Jake's heart when he questions Jake about why he isn't there anymore, adding that he thought they all got married so they could stay a family. As they talk, Kirkland tells Jake that he wants Jake to read him a story and tuck him in like he use to do, which Jake agrees to do. Jake and Vicky go upstairs and Kirkland shows Vicky a model of their house that he and Steven made her for Mother's Day, which was supposed to be a surprise. Vicky smiles and comments on the house and sits down with them. Jake told Kirkland to go and brush his teeth. Kirkland leaves the room and Jake accuses Vicky of using the kids to get to him, but Vicky says she would never use her kids for personal gain. Vicky leaves so Jake can read Kirkland a story. Outside the bedroom door, Vicky realizes that their marriage was far from over. Later, Vicky went back into the room and finds Jake asleep with Kirkland.

At The Cory Mansion,
Amanda was outside on the terrace wandering aimlessly around thinking; Cameron was watching her from the window up top in his room. The phone rings and he answers it; it's Josie. Josie asks why he hasn't called. Cameron says there was nothing to report. Josie threatens to pull the plug on the FBI sting and Cameron told her no because he's not going back to where he was. Cameron told Josie that something was going down here, he just needs a little more time. Josie gives him the go head, but orders him to check in with her tomorrow morning. Cameron returns to the window to finish staring at Amanda.

Sensing someone was watching her, Amanda looks up to find that it was Cameron. Their eyes lock momentarily and then Amanda walks back into the house. Rachel was sitting there in the study when Amanda comes and sits by her to talk about Cameron. Amanda told Rachel that Cameron warned her not to bring Allie home. Rachel shocks Amanda when she told her that she and Carl are leaving Bay City. Amanda asks Rachel what was going on now and why was it so hard for Carl to live under her daddy's roof. Rachel told her it was the best thing for Carl and before she can jump to any conclusions, the idea to leave Bay City was hers not Carl's. Carl comes in and realizes that Rachel has told Amanda the news. Amanda asks Carl what he was up to. Carl told her he's not up to anything, and the nice thing about it all was that her and Matt don't know where they are going. Rachel and Carl leave and Cameron comes in. Amanda tells Cameron that Carl and Rachel are planning on leaving. Cameron becomes upset and asks her where and when, but Amanda doesn't know. Cameron seems very concerned and rushes out.

The Meeting Spot,
Cameron meets up with Josie and told her that Carl was taking Rachel and the kids and splitting town. Cameron was sure that Carl has hired a hit man and swears to Josie that he will get the proof. Josie wants to pull him out of the house, but Cameron refuses to leave. Josie realizes that this was getting personal and someone in that house was getting under his skin. Cameron says that he's only obsessed with his job. Josie doesn't believe him and says that he's interested in Amanda. Cameron laughs and says that princess, he knows Amanda was off-limits. Josie says right and warns Cameron to not let Amanda get close. Cameron told her he has to get back and leaves.

Back at Carlino's,
Lila told Cass that she won't have him sharing his ridiculous ideas around town. Cass told her he saw the look in her eyes at the mere mention of Vicky's name. Lila says, of course you did; I can't stand the woman. Cass says it was because Shane put her in charge of his estate. Lila told him Vicky already turned all of that over to Shane's heir, but Cass told her that Vicky can take it all back if she finds out the baby Lila was carrying isn't Shane's baby. Cass told her that legally, the agreement would be null and void and she wouldn't get a dime. That's what this was all about, isn't it Lila, getting your hands on some cold-hard cash? Lila told him Shane's baby has a right to its inheritance. Cass told her absolutely, but it only has a right to Shane's estate if it's Shane's baby. Lila adamantly told him it was Shane's baby. Cass told her he wonders if a blood test would bear that out adding that he doubts a lie detector test would. Lila asks him why he so concerned about all of this any way. Cass told her he takes a personal interest in all of his clients. Lila spouts back the only personal interest he has taken in her, was to make her life miserable. Felicia arrives and Cass asks her where has she been. Felicia told Cass she has to talk to him and heads in the back. Cass turns and told Lila they'll have to put their pleasant little chat on hold, but not to despair because he plans to pick-up where they left off. Lila gathers up her packages and told Cass that she has nothing further to say to him on this or any other subject. Cass told her she is playing with fire, by borrowing money from loan sharks and expecting to pay it back with money she may never see. Lila told him to take care of his own life, she'll be fine and leaves. Once outside, Lila was extremely nervous of how true his accusations are and how right he was about the loans she's taken out. She then told herself she has to think of someone fast, someone who owes her. She calls someone on her cell phone and told then, "we need to talk."

Inside Carlino's,
Felicia told Cass about finding the note attached by a small ceremonial sword on her door. They both think of Carl and Felicia grabs Cass's hands and says it's time they got some answers, as they leave to go to the Cory's.

Back at the Cory's,
Felicia and Cass have made it there and are waiting for Rachel and Carl in the study. Rachel and Carl enter wondering what this late night visit is for. Cass and Felicia confront Carl about the sword and note. Carl says that he's done everything he can to help them, but now he told them to take their silly little problem to the police. Rachel sticks up for Carl and says that Carl would have no motive to torment either one of them. Felicia says that she thinks this has to do with Mac and that he resents that they were Mac's good friends. Rachel told Felicia and Cass that she will not allow them to stand in her house and accuse Carl of heinous acts. Felicia tries to reason with Rachel, but Cass realizes that there was no way they can win. Felicia and Cass leave and when Amanda shows up, Carl told her that Cass and Felicia are no longer welcome in this house. Rachel decides to take a walk. Cameron returns to the Cory mansion and asks Carl if he's moving. Carl says word travels fast. Cameron asks if he can be of any help, but Carl says no and gives him the night off. Carl then asks Amanda to organize a going away party for her mother.

Out on the grounds, Rachel went to Mac's grave; she told him about how she hates to say goodbye to the children and leave with Carl. Rachel knows something was wrong with Carl, but she says she can't just give up on him. She must save Carl with her love, just as Mac saved hers with his love. Back inside, Carl drinks some wine and thanks Rachel for passing his test.

Upstairs, Amanda shows up at Cameron's door in a nightgown. Cameron was on to her and asks her what was it that she wants now. Amanda told him the only way to find out was to ask her in.

At Lila's Place,
Lila returns home to find Grant waiting inside her apartment. Grant tells Lila that seeing that she called him, she must need money. Lila told Grant that's not the reason she called, but before she can get into it, Grant cuts her off and told her he has a way she can finish the job she started on Vicky. Grant told Lila that Jake was over at Vicky's place for Kirkland's party and he figures out that Jake and Vicky will be back together in about a week. Lila told Grant that Jake would never going back to that lying tramp, because she fixed that. Grant told Lila that together they can convince Jake that Shane and Vicky did sleep together in exchange, he will help Lila with her money problems

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