Another World Recaps: The week of April 27, 1998 on AW
Amanda and Cameron kissed. Cindy spied on Grant and Lila. Carl worried Rachel was suffering from hallucinations. Dr. Brogan was killed, and Carl was the last one to see him alive. Marley invited Jake to go away with her.
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Another World Recaps: The week of April 27, 1998 on AW
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Monday, April 27, 1998

At The Cory Mansion,
Upstairs, Amanda shows up at Cameron's door in a nightgown. Cameron was on to her and asks her what was it that she wants now. Amanda told him the only way to find out was to ask her in. Amanda enters and closes the door behind her, telling Cameron that he was right about her, she was a spoiled little rich girl who was use to getting her way and right now she wants him. Cameron says well in that case and then grabs her as the two start kissing. Amanda finds herself drawn to Cameron's kisses and then pulls away telling him she only came to talk. Cameron told her to take her act someplace else, so she gets ready to leave. Cameron stops her and asks her why she really came up to his room. Amanda told him that she came up here to find out what Carl was really up to. Cameron told her he doesn't know what Carl was up to. Amanda doesn't believe him and says Carl hired you to watch this house and now you tell me you don't know what he's up to. Cameron told her just because Carl hired him, doesn't mean he was aware of Carl's every move. Amanda told him that he must have an idea what Carl was up to. Cameron told her that he never speculates and for her to just give it up, but Amanda told him no way. Cameron says fine, but don't come up to my room uninvited again. Amanda asks him if his family was as screwed up as this one, but Cameron says he doesn't have a family. Amanda tells him that once upon a time this family was a happy one. Cameron told her everything seems happy when your looking back. Amanda told him it wasn't that way for them. Cameron told her she was very young when Mac died and sometimes when someone dies, you try to make it appear as if all the times you spent when they were alive were all happy times. On that note Amanda leaves to go further feed her suspicions and Cameron was amused by her determination. Once she was gone, Cameron calls Josie and asks her if she can talk. He then says okay listen, I need any information on Wills and any recent changes made to it along with other changes at Cory Publishing. Josie told him she'll get right on it and they hang up.

At Lila's Place,
Grant was telling Lila that he was willing to offer her help in finishing off the job she started on Jake and Vicky. Lila told him that there was no job to finish, because Jake will never go back to Vicky she has seen to that. Grant tells her that Vicky and Jake could be back together within a week. Lila tells him that Jake will never go back to Vicky after what she did, adding that now all Vicky has was a house two dependants and a reputation as a tramp. Grant taps into to Lila's pain and told her that he knows how it was to love somebody so bad that the mere thought of them being with someone else just tears you to pieces. Lila asks Grants why he wants to keep Jake and Vicky apart. Grant told her that he has personal reasons, but Lila guesses that Grant was still carrying a torch for his ex. Grant denies her claim and starts telling Lila how happy Vicky was going to be with Jake and how Lila will be left out in the cold with nothing. Lila doesn't believe him, so Grant tells Lila that his chauffeur was right outside and she can take a trip over there and see for herself.

At Vicky's Place,
Jake wakes up, turns off Kirkland's light and sneaks quietly out of Kirkland's bed and heads downstairs. Once he was downstairs, he encounters Vicky dressed in her maroon nightgown and matching robe standing in front of the fireplace, warming herself by the fire. He comes up upon her and touches her face as the two of them start kissing, they lay down on the pillows in front of the fireplace and Jake told Vicky he loves her. Cut to Jake back in Kirkland's bed with his arms over Kirk, saying I love you Vicky. Jake pops up out of his sleep, turns Kirkland's light off, sneaks out of his bed and heads downstairs to find Vicky standing by the fire dressed in the exact same clothes she had on in his dream. Immediately, Jake has a strange feeling of deja vu. He comes up upon her like he did in the dream and gets ready to kiss her, but then pulls away. They talk and Vicky thanks Jake again for coming over and not letting Kirkland down. Jake was now glad he came, but told Vicky that it still doesn't change anything. Vicky was aware of that and told Jake as much. As Jake tends to the fire, the sprinkler system comes on. Vicky sees that it is watering in the wrong direction and races out of the house to save the model house Steven, Kirkland and Jake worked on for her. As Vicky enters the house drenched from the sprinklers, she warns Jake he had better not laugh at her. Jake starts to laugh, but holds it in for he was touched by her noble gesture in saving the kids model house. They begin to get close again, but Jake resist and told her that he still can't get the image of her and Shane out of his mind. Vicky insists again she didn't sleep with Shane because she realized she only wanted Jake. Jake softens and told Vicky that running out in the sprinkler's because she cared about Kirkland's model house getting ruined, got to him. As they hug, Lila shows up and peaks through the window. As she spots her enemy hugging Jake, she worries that Grant's story might be true after all. Inside, Vicky told Jake she had to save the house because it was from her family. Jake told her that he was not her family any more. Vicky told him that everything he does says otherwise. They go back to Shane and though Vicky says she didn't sleep with Shane, Jake accuses her of lusting after him in her heart. Vicky told Jake that they are meant to be together and no one or nothing can stop it. Vicky told Jake that she wasn't unfaithful to him and she won't break her wedding vows until the day she dies. Jake gets ready to leave and Vicky told Jake that and old boyfriend of hers she was crazy about had one just like it. As Jake rides off, Vicky yells to him that she still is crazy about him.

At The Cory Studio House,
Matt shows up to ask Paulina if she knows what was going on with Carl and Rachel. Paulina suspiciously asks Matt how did he know about what was going on in the house. Matt told her Amanda and Rachel told him. Paulina lights into Matt about his involvement with Alexander Nikos and the troubles him and Amanda have brought to the Rachel and Carl's marriage. As they are arguing, A distraught Paulina gives Joe the lowdown on the latest happenings at the Cory Mansion. Dante begins to cry and Paulina went to tend to him. While she is away, Joe told Matt whatever scheme he and Amanda are cooking up not to involve Paulina in it, because she has been through enough. Paulina returns and continues to blast Matthew for his involvement in trying to destroy Carl. Just then, Amanda shows up to also talk to Paulina who immediately blast her as well for Hadley Prescott scheme. Amanda informs them both that Rachel has decided to leave Bay City with Carl and the twins. Paulina told them that after what they pulled, she would probably leave too and it would serve them right to learn how to fend for themselves. They all start to argue again and Joe told Amanda and Matt to leave before they wake Dante up again.

Back at Lila's Place,
Lila returns to find Grant sitting there waiting for her. Her face told him he was right about Jake and Vicky and Lila admits it. Grant told Lila they only need to convince Jake that Shane and Vicky slept together to keep them apart. When Grant wants Lila to forge another letter about Shane and Vicky, Lila hesitates until Grant agrees to give her the money she wants. Lila then agrees to help Grant convince Jake that Vicky and Shane slept together.

Tuesday, April 2828th">

Certain Lila's offer of cash amounts to nothing more than hush money, Cass suggests to Shane's seething ex that Vicky would be very interested to learn the truth about her rival's unborn child. Returning home to face his irate wife, Grant told Cindy he spent the night walking alone along the docks. After disclosing what Paulina saw the night before, Cindy tearfully asks Grant why he feels compelled to rush back into his ex-wife's arms every chance he gets. Paulina helps Rachel search the living room for the possible source of Mac's voice. Meanwhile, Carl keeps his appointment with the neurologist. Grant reassures Cindy that she was his soul mate whom he will love forever. Lila chortles with glee to discover that Vicky's husband was filing for divorce, but her joy was short-lived when it becomes painfully clear that Jake still adores his wife despite everything she's done. Still harboring serious doubts about Grant's fidelity, Cindy breaks into Lila's apartment. Carl tells the doctor he fears Rachel may be suffering from hallucinations. Tyrone advises Jake to think long and hard before he puts his signature on the divorce papers. Later, Jake decides he must leave Bay City behind.

Wednesday, April 29, 1998

At Carlino's,
Matt shows up to tell Sofia that Dean loved the remix of the song and wants her to come to New York so they can discuss how to further market the song. Sofia was please that Dean loved the song, but told Matt that she can afford to go to New York right now. Matt told her that it has already been taken care of and he got her two tickets so she can bring Nick along with her as well, adding that it can kinda be like a honeymoon for them. Sofia was thrilled and can't wait to tell Nick the news. Matt told her that he'll drop off the tickets later and leaves. Sofia also prepares to leave so she can go and spring the surprise on Nick.

At Lila's Place,
Cindy was inside Lila's place snooping when she hears Grant and Lila talking outside the hallway. As they enter Lila's apartment, Cindy runs and hides in Lila's coat closet, unaware that one of her earrings have fallen out of her ear and was right in the middle of the living-room floor. Once inside, Grant tells Lila that once Jake sees the forged journal it will keep him and Vicky apart forever. Lila told Grant that although Jake was filling for divorce he still cares very much about Vicky and will never believe this. Grant told her that he'll believe it once they are done. Lila doesn't think so and tells Grant about how upset Jake became when she called Vicky a whore. Grant quickly snaps at Lila and told her not to call her that. Lila says "your still in love with her." Grant denies it as Cindy painfully listens in and realizes everything Paulina was telling her about Grant was true. Lila looks at Grant and says, you're gonna tell me, what to write in Shane's journal. Grant tells her who better than him can give the journal the authenticity. He told her since she kept every thing of Shane's to find a journal with his handwriting. Lila says isn't this rich. Grant told her to stop complaining and get the journal, because the only way McKinnon was gonna believe Vicky and Shane slept together was if they make the entries as accurate as possible. Lila says, accurate meaning...Grant says he was married to her. Lila told him that was a long, long time ago. Grant told her that it seems like it was only yesterday. Lila told him from what she's heard it wasn't exactly the love match of the century. Grant says, did you say something about glass houses. Lila gives him a how dare you look, and told him that he doesn't know anything about her and Shane. Grant says, nor does he want to. Lila told Grant he was worse than Jake, which Grant thanks her for. Grant told her Victoria and his relationship was unpredictable at times, volatile, even turbulent, but that's the way it was with passion and he remembers every moment of it. His words shock and sting Cindy as she continues to listen in.

At The Cory Mansion,
Rachel was talking to Dr. Brogan about Carl. Dr. Brogan told her that he has just finished reviewing Carl's files and as he gets ready to explain Carl's prognosis to Rachel, they get cut off. Rachel tries to redial him, but gets a busy signal. Meanwhile at Bay City General, a mysterious figure has entered Dr. Brogans office who he recognizes. He asks the person what are they doing there. As the person approaches Dr. Brogan, he gets up from his chair and backs up against the wall. Next we cut to the scene outside where a crowd of horrified onlookers come upon Dr. Brogan's dead body after witnessing seeing him falling out of the window up above. Amanda was one of the onlookers who is shocked by Brogan's death, but later she was even more shocked to see Carl leaving from one of the hospital exits walking away from the scene unmoved by what has happened. Carl shows up at the police station to talk with Joe. As the two discuss Carl and Rachel's departure from Bay City, Carl tries to give Joe some money to help him and Paulina out. Joe refuses telling Carl that it's important that he and Paulina start off fresh this time. He went on telling Carl that the first house they lived in was his parents and now they are in Rachel's studio on the Cory Estate, this house they build will be their house. Carl told Joe he admires him and understands the need to have a house all their own without any ghost. Joe told Carl that he understands his needs as well to start clean in a new home and a new city and wishes Carl and Rachel well, adding that he hopes the ghost don't follow Carl. Carl gets up and shakes Joe's hands and says he hopes they don't either and prepares to leave. As Carl was about to leave, he hears Toni tell Joe that Dr. Brogan's death is being ruled as suspicious. They go to the hospital and learn that the last patient Dr. Brogan saw was Carl.

At The Hudson Farm,
Nick was sitting down playing the guitar when Donna comes in. Nick sees her and stops playing. Donna told him not to stop playing because for a minute she thought she was in a time warp and he was Michael. Nick talks to Donna and he tells her that he knows one of her and Michael's anniversaries are coming up. Donna starts to get emotional, but quickly tries to control her pain. Nick tells her she doesn't have to be strong on his account and to cry if she wants to. Donna starts crying and told him that this anniversary was a very special one. Nick then makes a date with Donna for this weekend to celebrate her and Michael's anniversary. Donna says that she doesn't want to ruin his weekend with Sofia, but Nick insist that he stay with her. Donna told Nick that she likes Sofia, but told him that Sofia reminds her of herself when she was younger. Nick asks Donna what she means by that and Donna told him that Sofia doesn't know what she wants, she needs someone to take charge of her life. Donna told Nick she has to go and leaves. Sofia comes home and told Nick she has great news. Sofia told Nick that Matt has booked a room in New York for both of them so they can vacation while she works. Nick says that he can't go because Donna needs him this weekend so she can't go either. Sophia gets angry and told Nick she was not going to be ordered around by him. Nick told Sofia that she needs to figure out what she wants and then let him know. Matt shows up later with the tickets and Sophia told him that she can't go.

Back At Lila's Place,
Grant draws on his personal experience with his ex-wife to give Lila the right words which will convince Jake that Vicky slept with Shane. Grant told Lila she's gonna need intimate details, so make sure she gets this all down. Lila tells Grant let's get this over with already. Grant told her that if it's convincing enough they'll both get what they want so she needs to stay focused on that. Grant told Lila that Vicky was never one for leather and lace like some people he knows. She was the only woman he knows who looks absolutely wanting in a baggy T-shirt and white cotton socks. Lila says oh my god, I think I really need a brandy, she then told Grant to go on. Cindy still hiding in the closet feels a lump swelling up in her throat as she hears how Grant describes Vicky. Grant told her before they'd go to sleep at night, Vicky would nestle in the quake of his arms ever so lightly. Her hair smelled like rain and her skin was soft as rose petals. As she would sleep he would catch himself staring at her hair and could swear it was gold. Lila looks at Grant and says you still love her. That woman would put mountains between you to keep the distance and you have never stopped loving her. Cindy's heart is breaking as she listens in and cries to herself. Grant tries to play if off and told Lila, all the more convincing to make Shane's journal believable. Lila told him that's a bunch of bull. She then says, look at us, my aren't we a pair. I have spent the better part of my life loving a man who wanted another woman and you have done the same, wanting a woman who wants another man. All we have to show for it was a child whose mothers and fathers have never loved each other, adding that if it weren't so funny, she would cry. Lila told him that Vicky will never come back to him, but Grant told Lila to let him work on that. Lila told him that Shane stepped all over her to try and be with Vicky and now he was doing the same thing to Cindy. Cindy tearfully listens as Lila told Grant she doesn't understand why men can't be happy with a woman who loves them completely. Lila talks about how much Cindy loves Grant and then Lila realizes that writing this journal was wrong because it will hurt too many innocent people. Grant asks Lila if she was suddenly developing a conscience and if so he'll gladly take back the money he gave her. Lila tells Grant that it if had any heart he'd understand how writing about how much Shane loved Vicky, hurts her, but Lila realizes that Grant doesn't have a heart because he needs to be told how much Cindy loves him. Grant told Lila to let him worry about his marriage and let him know when she's done with the journal and leaves. Lila went into her room and Cindy sneaks out of the closet, retrieves her jewelry, and leaves. Outside Lila's door, Cindy sits on the ground and cries to herself. Back in Lila's place, Lila continues to make up journal entries. Cindy went to Carlino's and drops a glass of water. Grant shows up and stares at her.

Back At The Cory's.
Paulina cries to Rachel that she doesn't know what she'll do without her. Rachel told Paulina that she'll always be with her. Rachel wishes that Dr. Brogan would call back with Carl's test results. Rachel and Paulina talk some more and Rachel fears that Carl was trying to gaslight her. Carl comes home and tells Rachel and Paulina about what happened at the hospital. Rachel is shocked when Amanda told them that the dead doc was Dr. Brogan. Paulina tells Amanda that Dr. Brogan was the man Carl went to see. Amanda was shocked and says that seconds after Dr. Brogan fell out of the window, Carl was leaving the hospital. Paulina and Amanda begin to bicker, while Rachel was busy panicking. Carl comes home and he asks them what was wrong. Amanda told him that he knows what was wrong, he killed Dr. Brogan......

Thursday, April 3030th">

As Rachel looks on, Amanda angrily accuses Carl of murdering Brogan the same way he killed Chris Chapin. Cindy bumps into Grant at Carlino's and pours a cup of hot coffee into his lap to demonstrate her displeasure at being lied to once again. Lila works on doctoring Shane's journal, filling the pages with torrid descriptions of her ex-husband's numerous sexual encounters with Vicky. Meanwhile, Marley finds Jake moping around the old playground in Lassiter. When Jake reveals that he's already filed for divorce, Marley urges him to forgive her sister because he so obviously loves her still. Joe shows Carl the handkerchief Brogan was clutching when he plummeted to his death. Insisting he had nothing to do with the doctor's lethal fall, Carl appeals to Rachel to believe in his innocence. Jake admits to Marley his fear that Vicky never loved him the way she loved Shane. Later, declaring that she hates her twin for the way Vicky has hurt him, Marley invites Jake to come away with her. After Carl was cleared of any wrongdoing, Joe casts a suspicious eye on the Corys' new chauffeur.

Friday, May 11, 1998

Around Bay City,
Gary comes up behind a startled Josie who almost shoots her husband. Josie asks Gary why he was following her around. Gary makes it clear to Josie that he is the one who wants answers around here, when he questions her about certain incidents that have been going on with her lately. Josie tries to tell Gary that nothing was going on with her, but Gary knows she has been lying and keeping things from him and calls her on it. When Josie still continues to be evasive, Gary flat out ask his wife if she was having an affair. Josie tells Gary she isn't haven't an affair, she was just working on a real big case that she can't talk to him about. Gary wants her to confide in him because he senses she was in danger. Josie told him she isn't in any danger, she just can't tell him anything about the case she was working on and reminds him of how it was when he couldn't discuss certain cases with her at times. Gary acknowledges this but still has concerns. However, before he can go into further detail with Josie about them, she gets paged and has to leave, leaving Gary still wondering.

At The Cory Mansion,
Joe was questioning Cameron about where he was when Dr. Brogan took the fatal fall through his office window. Amanda was also standing by as Joe puts Cameron through a brief fishing expedition. Joe asks Cameron where he was around about 5pm. Cameron told Joe that he ran an errand for Mr. Hutchins and had some lunch. Joe asks him where he had lunch at. Cameron told Joe that he knows Joe thinks he had something to do with the Doctor's death. Joe told Cameron he is suspicious of him and thinks he knows more than he was letting on. Cameron tells Joe that if this was an interrogation then maybe he should call his lawyer. Joe asks him if he has something to hide. Cameron told Joe, lets go down to the station then, because I know you've got nothing on me. Joe tells him after you. Amanda chimes in that she was coming along as well. Cameron turns and told her don't, he was taken care of this. Amanda told him that he works for her family and if he was involved in a crime then she's going to be there. Joe told Amanda to stay at home, this was a police matter. Cameron smiles at her after Joe told her this and they leave. Once they are out the door, Amanda grabs her purse and leaves right behind them. Over at the station, Joe brought Cameron in and begins his interrogation. Cameron doesn't budge and they are both surprised when Amanda shows up. Joe told Amanda that he thought he told her to stay out of this. Amanda told him that she was there as a journalist. Joe doesn't buy it, but doesn't have time for Amanda's games right now. Joe leaves the office to get some papers on the case, he told one of his officers to watch Cameron while he's gone. Alone, Amanda told Cameron if he killed the doctor on Carl's orders, she thinks he should cut a deal with the D.A. and help to expose Carl. Cameron asks her if she was his lawyer now. She told him no, but she can get him one. Cameron told her no charges have been filed. Amanda told him not yet, but she doesn't want him to incriminate himself so why doesn't he just tell her Carl was involved. Cameron asks her why, so the princess can crucify her evil step-daddy. Amanda told him she can help him, but Cameron told her not in this life time. Joe returned and takes Cameron in his office for questioning.

At Lila's Place,
After giving Lila's forged journal entries his seal of approval, Grant tells his co-conspirator that they have to get Shane's steamy diary to Jake that very night. Grant and Lila start rehearsing the routine that Lila was to use to get Jake to find the journal. Lila was supposed to talk with Jake and lure him to the boat, where Jake will find Lila trying to burn Shane's journal. After they go over their plans to a tee, Grant says he would love to be able to see the look on Jake's face. Lila chimes in that Vicky will never get Jake back after this and the two of them hug each other and laugh. Grant catches himself and breaks the hug mold. He then wishes Lila luck as she leaves to put their plan into motion.

At Vicky's Place,
Jake shows up at Vicky's place and she opens the door surprised to see him. Jake told her not to say a word, as he gathers her up in his arms and carries her inside the house. As they are kissing each other about to make love, Vicky awakens on the couch disappointed it was only a dream. Vicky sits up and says, "Oh Jake if it where only true." She then says that it could be true if Jake would just forgive her and come home. Suddenly she hears footsteps coming up her walk-way and runs to the window thinking it's Jake. It turns out to only be Donna. Vicky told Donna that she has never wanted Jake so much in her entire life. Donna told Vicky to go after Jake, but Vicky was afraid that she'll loose him if she pushes him. Donna told Vicky that she better make a choice quickly because Jake just pulled up. Jake told Donna and Vicky that Marley won't be able to come back to Bay City. Vicky asks Jake why and wonders if Marley had business that she wasn't able to put off. Jake knows that Marley was never coming back to Bay City because of Vicky, but he doesn't tell her the truth. Donna leaves to go pick up the boys. While they are alone, Vicky told Jake she knows Marley told Jake that she hates her and can't stand the site of her, adding that she feels like that little alone girl in Lassiter again. Jake assures Vicky that they'll be friends forever, but Vicky says she wants to be his wife and lover. Jake becomes angry that he's being sucked back in by Vicky and told her if she wants to be a comfort to him then give him some space. Vicky reluctantly agrees. Vicky then tries to charm and seduce Jake by telling him about her dream. It begins to work as they get ready to kiss, but Steven and Kirkland burst through the door after returning with Donna. The boys are happy to see Jake and run into his arms. They ask a reluctant Jake to stay for dinner and Jake eventually agrees to stay. Vicky goes to fix dinner and Jake went in after her and told her not to read anything into this. Vicky turns face to face with Jake and puts her face close enough to his to kiss him. This move makes it almost impossible for Jake to resist her, but Vicky plays his game and shakes Jake's hands and says friends it is. Jake and the boys play football and Donna tries to encourage Vicky to go outside and play with Jake. Vicky says she doesn't want to push him. Donna eventually has to shove Vicky out the door to play with them. As they are playing, they decide to make a football play. Vicky tackles Jake, even though he isn't carrying the ball. Jake asks her why was she tackling him, but Vicky says nothing she just lays on top of Jake and holds him. Jake begins to smile and then Kirkland and Steven come along and also pile on them. They all laugh and play like a family again.

Back At The Station,
Josie shows up and asks Cameron what he's doing here, but before he can answer Amanda comes in and asks them if they know each other. Josie told her that she doesn't know him. Joe returned into his office and told Josie that Cameron was here for questioning in the death of Dr. Brogan. Josie leaves and Joe starts questioning him. Cameron says that he didn't do it and told Joe he has no evidence to hold him there. Joe knows this and told Cameron he was free to go, but not to go far. Cameron leaves and Joe questions Amanda about Cameron. Worried about Josie, Gary shows up at the station to look for Josie. Gary can't shake the feeling that Josie was in trouble and confides in Joe, who reminds him of the advice he once gave him concerning Paulina, "Trust your wife." Meanwhile outside, Josie catches up to Cameron and confronts him. Josie asks Cameron if he killed the doctor for Carl and Cameron told her that he didn't kill the doctor. Josie told him all she knows about him was that he was sprung from prison to work on this case. Cameron told her that he has no intention of going back to jail, but Josie wonders if Carl has made him a better offer than the FBI. Josie also told him to lay off the beeper or Gary will find him out. Cameron warns Josie never to threaten someone who has been in prison, especially when she doesn't know what he was in prison for. Josie doesn't scare easily and told Cameron just do as she says and leaves. Josie goes home and Gary shows up and kisses her and apologizes for not trusting her. Suddenly a man delivers her flowers. Josie told Gary how thoughtful, but Gary told her that he didn't send her any flowers. He went to read the card, it says "remembering yesterday, waiting for tomorrow." He then asks Josie what does it mean.

Back at Vicky's Place,
Donna looks on hopefully as Vicky and Jake get close while roughhousing with the boys, but then Lila shows up and told them that Shane has left the boat to Vicky's boys. Following the plan, Lila told Jake that she'll give him the keys as soon as she cleans out some of Shane's personal belongings. Lila leaves and Jake promises to take the boys to the boat as soon as they get all cleaned up. They tell Jake he needs to take a shower too. Vicky begins to tell Jake that he can go ahead take a shower the towels are...but Jake cuts her off and told her he knows where everything was if nothing has changed. She tells him that everything was still the way he left it. Donna told Vicky that she'll take the boys out and she can spend time with Jake. After the boys get out of the shower, Jake gets in. Donna then takes the boys out to play so Vicky can be with Jake. Jake hops in the shower and Vicky walks in on him. Vicky tells Jake not to resists and they begin to kiss. Meanwhile on Shane's boat, Lila is there ready to play out her role. She hears someone coming and begins crying over the journal, but to her surprise it was Donna that shows up, not Jake.

Atop The Hill Overlooking Bay City,
Amanda was there taking in the sites when Cameron comes up behind her. Cameron tells her that she shouldn't be up here. Amanda asks him if she needs a license to look at the stars. Cameron told her she needs a keeper or a leash. He then asks why does a woman like her come up to a dark and lonely place like this with someone who could be a murderer.......

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