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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Friday, September 18, 2020
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Friday, September 18, 2020

At the cliff house, Finn admitted that the kiss had been better than he'd imagined. Steffy couldn't believe he'd been about to refer her to another doctor. Part of him still wanted to because "this" could complicate things. She contended that it could make her recovery more enjoyable.

Finn asked if Steffy was still in discomfort. Gazing into his eyes, Steffy said she wasn't at the moment. He recalled that she'd wanted a refill and asked if she understood why he couldn't do it. She stated that the only thing she'd be asking for was another kiss. She didn't need any more pills. Steffy flashed back to receiving pills from Vinny.

Hope walked in, saying Kelly was in the car. Upon seeing Finn, Hope grinned bashfully and asked if it was a bad time.

Later, Steffy had put Kelly in the nursery. Because the doctor was there, Hope wondered if she should still keep Kelly. Finn explained that it wasn't a professional visit. Steffy bit back a smile. Hope noted that Steffy seemed better, like her old self again. Steffy said it had taken awhile, but she was finally feeling optimistic. "And it's nice to see," Hope said, looking at Finn and Steffy.

Hope again offered to keep Kelly -- just in case Steffy needed some alone time. Steffy noted that Hope had said that. With a knowing glance at Finn, Hope claimed to be trying to do anything to help. Steffy again said it was okay. Raising her brows and glancing between Finn and Steffy, Hope said, "I know. I just mean..."

"Bye, Hope," Steffy said, still stifling her grin. Hope cheerfully headed to the door and gave Steffy one last smile before leaving.

Finn hoped he hadn't made the exchange with Hope awkward. Steffy said Hope was just trying to help. The discussion turned to Kelly being with her father more than Steffy liked. Steffy stated that it was hard being away from Kelly. "And separated from her father," Finn added.

Steffy responded that Liam had moved on and made a life with Hope. "And...I'm trying to accept it. Yeah," Steffy concluded. Finn figured that some wounds could take longer to heal than others, and being patient and taking one's time could be beneficial. He felt that the more time one gave oneself to heal, the more complete and lasting the recovery. She was beginning to think she was moving in the right direction, and he said he'd do what he could to help.

Just then, Thomas arrived, saying he'd thought he'd left his wallet. Upon seeing Dr. Finnegan in the living room, Thomas wondered if everything was okay. Steffy explained that Finn was checking up on her, and Finn stated his belief that Steffy would make a full recovery.

Finn received an alert from the hospital and said he'd check on Steffy later. Finn left, and Thomas found his wallet in the kitchen. He wondered if Finn stopped by a lot for private house calls. Steffy didn't want to talk about it but did reveal that Finn had taken an interest in her. "I'm sure he has," Thomas quipped, grinning.

Steffy refused to have the conversation. Thomas became hopeful that there might be a conversation to be had and that she might take down that "constant reminder" for someone new. Steffy insisted that the portrait was for Kelly, but Thomas said it was there for Steffy to see each morning and night. He remarked upon Liam's concern that the doctor had the hots for her, and Steffy decided that it was time for Thomas to go.

Thomas gave up his brotherly inquisition and left. Steffy gazed at the portrait. She checked on Kelly, went into the living room, and watched Kelly sleeping on the monitor. Steffy flashed back to kissing Finn. She gazed at the portrait of her and Liam. A sharp pain hit her. She reached into her sofa cushions, retrieved Vinny's pill bottle, and took a pill with water.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Liam worked, but Liam was worried about Steffy. Liam said Ridge and Thomas thought he was overreacting, but Liam was worried that her doctor's interest in her was more than professional. Wyatt asked if that was really what the doctor was up to. Stammering, Liam said the doctor hadn't denied it, and if he'd continue treatment, it would be a problem.

Wyatt asked if Steffy knew about the doctor's feelings. Liam hadn't spoken to Steffy about it, but he planned to see her soon, anyway. "Oh, no," Wyatt objected. Liam asked what Wyatt was "oh, no-ing" about. Wyatt advised Liam to tread lightly because, just like Thomas and Ridge, Steffy might suspect that Liam was jealous.

Liam proclaimed that Steffy was the mother of his child, and he refused to stop looking out for her just because she might think he was jealous. "Let's be honest here," Wyatt decided. He asked what Liam was really worried about -- because he and Liam knew Steffy didn't need a protector, and Steffy hated when people told her how to live her life.

Liam repeated that the man was Steffy's doctor, and it would affect his ability to be objective. Wyatt quipped that the man wouldn't take worse care of Steffy. Liam claimed that Wyatt didn't know that, and part of being a good doctor might be telling patients things they didn't want to hear. Wyatt asked if Dr. McHandsome was dragging out treatment to spend more time with her.

Liam replied that he hadn't even thought of that. Wyatt said to forget he'd even said it. Liam said that was exactly what he meant, and there were so many ways it could go wrong. He insisted that Steffy was vulnerable, and it was a difficult point in her life.

Wyatt figured out that Liam was feeling guilty and told him not to do it to himself. Liam felt that he could have handled it better. Wyatt believed that it had been an impossible situation, and Liam had had a choice to make. One way or another, the truth had been bound to get out, and someone had been bound to be hurt.

Hope arrived and announced that she'd just dropped Kelly off at Steffy's house. Liam bet Steffy was glad to have Kelly back. Hope said it was one of the reasons Steffy had been in a good mood, but she bet Liam and Wyatt would never guess the other reason. Hope had picked up on some vibes and a change in Steffy's attitude. Though she wasn't completely sure about it, Hope announced her belief that Steffy had a new man in her life.

Later, Hope asked if Liam should have gone to the meeting with Wyatt. Liam felt that Wyatt had it handled, and Liam wanted to hear about Hope's visit at Steffy's house. Hope hadn't meant to make a big deal out of it; she'd just been excited. Liam asked to hear about the new guy.

Hope explained that Steffy had been at home with her doctor. Liam noted that he'd been there the last time Hope had been. "Well, I think I know the reason why," Hope teased. She'd seen it all over Steffy's face. Liam stated that the doctor hadn't even been able to hide it when he'd been trying to be professional with Liam.

Hope asked what Liam meant. Liam revealed that he'd gone to talk to Dr. Finnegan about Steffy's recovery, but "all he'd wanted to talk about was what an amazing person Steffy is." Liam remarked that Steffy hadn't said it was mutual. Hope was sure that it was. He asked why she'd said it as if it were a good thing.

Hope felt that it was a good thing that Steffy was moving on. "Yeah, with her doctor," Liam emphasized. He asked if Hope didn't see it causing problems down the line, but Hope said Finn wouldn't be Steffy's doctor forever. Hope asserted that they should be happy for her.

Liam reasoned that he would be if Steffy weren't in pain and if she had healed; however, she hadn't, and Liam didn't know how the doctor was treating her. The doctor had said he'd take care of her, but, given the situation, Liam didn't know that it was the best thing for her. He claimed to also be worried about Kelly. Hope said he sounded as if he was worried about Kelly's safety.

Shrugging, Liam said Steffy should be focusing on her recovery, and it was the only thing the doctor should be concentrating on. Liam stood up and walked out of the office.

Later, Hope ended a call, checking on the kids. Wyatt entered, hoping to catch Liam before he'd left. Hope said he'd gone to Steffy's house. Hope got Liam's concern about the doctor but wasn't sure Steffy would. "So, he's not listening to you, either, huh?" Wyatt concluded. He asked if the new man in Steffy's life was indeed the doctor.

Hope affirmed it. She'd hoped that Liam would have been as pleased about it as she had been. Wyatt reasoned that Liam was worried about the doctor's objectivity and Steffy's treatment. "You know how he is. He gets protective!" Wyatt explained. Wyatt added that Liam liked to take things into his own hands, and Steffy had been through enough already.

Hope knew that it being Steffy's doctor might make it complicated, but Hope said Liam hadn't seen them together. Steffy had seemed much lighter. Hope understood Liam but wished he'd focus on the positive side of it. Hope asked if it was what Steffy might need -- a new relationship and something good on the horizon. Hope said they all wanted Steffy to heal, and Hope wanted that for Kelly. Hope thought the doctor could help Steffy get back on her feet.

Back at the cliff house, Steffy was passed out on the sofa. Liam knocked on the door. He tried calling her phone and heard it ring through the door. With a key on his key ring, he opened the front door and found Steffy on the sofa. He thought she was sleeping, but when he tried to rouse her, she was unresponsive. Frantically, he checked her pulse.

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