Flo commits a new crime to apologize to Hope
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Friday, August 16, 2019
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Friday, August 16, 2019

At Brooke's house, Hope and Beth sat with Katie and Donna. In a nearby seat, Brooke asked if Beth had heard how her aunts were fawning over her. Katie suggested a shopping spree on Uncle Bill. Hope recalled how excited they'd been to welcome another Logan woman into the family earlier that year. Hope still couldn't believe what Flo had done to her and her daughter.

Donna tried to figure out if Beth was hungry or not. Hope believed it was naptime. She and Beth bade their family goodbye and exited through the terrace. So happy for Hope, Donna became emotional, causing Katie to tear up, too. Brooke said Hope's hard time was behind her, and nothing would ruin the joy that she and Beth were experiencing at that moment.

In Brooke's cabin, Flo told her mother that it was crazy to be sneaking in like they were. Shauna noted that Flo wanted to apologize to Hope. "But not by breaking and entering," Flo responded. Shauna said the door had been unlocked, and the gardener had said Hope was at the main house. Shauna figured that Hope would be back soon.

Flo didn't know what she'd say to Hope. Shauna urged Flo to try because Flo was a good person. Flo asked if that meant Hope wouldn't look at her and tell her to "go to hell." Shauna doubted that Hope would do that. Flo wouldn't blame Hope and her family if they erased Flo from their lives forever.

Shauna urged her daughter to stop assuming the worst. Flo still couldn't fathom that she hadn't been arrested. Shauna didn't think Hope would go that far. She said Hope wasn't vindictive, and she believed that Flo just had to tell Hope that Flo had been suffering, too.

Flo was appalled at the idea of comparing her suffering to Hope's. Shauna hadn't meant it that way and urged her daughter to explain how tortured she'd been. Upon hearing Hope and Beth outside the cabin, Flo and Shauna ducked through a door near the fireplace and windows.

Back at the main house, Donna suggested having a party for Hope, Liam, and Beth. Katie thought they should wait because they still had Steffy to think about. Agreeing, Brooke stated that Steffy had lost a daughter and needed time. Donna wanted to strangle Reese and Flo for what they'd done.

"My daughter never meant to hurt anyone," Shauna asserted, entering the house through the open terrace. The Logan women hopped to their feet, unnerved by Shauna's audacity to be there. Shauna said that she'd say it again -- she was very sorry for what had happened. "But at least Hope's reunited with her little girl," she reasoned.

Brooke asserted that Shauna and Flo would have kept their little secret if it hadn't been for Douglas and Liam. Shauna explained that she hadn't wanted her daughter to go to jail. Katie was astonished by Shauna's justification for it.

Shauna said she wasn't trying to justify anything. Brooke argued that Flo and Shauna had stood by while Hope had gone through something unimaginable. All Flo and Shauna had needed to do was say three simple words -- Beth was alive. However, they hadn't said those words because they hadn't wanted to be in trouble.

Katie asked where Flo was. Donna said being a Logan couldn't mean anything to Flo, who'd betrayed the family in the worst way. Brooke repeated Katie's question about where Flo was, and Shauna revealed that Flo was at the cabin with Hope.

The Logan women became infuriated that Flo was intruding upon the time Hope was making up for with Beth -- time that Flo had initially stolen from them. Katie said Flo had taken enough from them. Shauna asked if they didn't think Flo realized that.

Brooke didn't know what Flo realized. Brooke said they'd thought they'd seen their brother's goodness and decency in Flo, but Flo was obviously nothing like Storm. Shauna painted Flo as an innocent girl who hadn't known what she'd been getting into. "Are you kidding me? No one was holding a gun to her head!" Katie bellowed.

Shauna responded that it hadn't been literally, but Flo had been under pressure from Reese and Thomas. Brooke preferred not to go rounds with Shauna, who'd do or say anything to protect her daughter, but Brooke warned that Flo had better not upset Hope. Certain that Flo wouldn't, Shauna said Flo just wanted to see Hope with the baby and explain things.

Katie asked if Flo was trying to explain how she'd empathized with Hope's loss while knowing that Steffy had been raising Hope's daughter the entire time. Shauna claimed it hadn't been like that, but Katie concluded that it had been exactly that way. Katie accused Shauna of doing nothing as Flo avoided the ramifications of her role in the disgusting secret.

Brooke wanted to intervene at the cabin and said Hope shouldn't have to go through it with Flo. Donna said it might be cathartic for Hope to look her cousin in the eye and say what it felt like to be betrayed by someone she loved, who she thought loved her, and who didn't deserve to be a part of the family.

Shauna suggested that the Logans be more concerned about Thomas than Flo. Brooke stated that he wasn't Shauna's concern. Katie said that no one wanted to hear anything from Shauna, who had zero credibility. Shauna reminded them that Flo hadn't planned it with Reese, who'd used her. Donna contended that Flo should have exposed him the moment she'd found out.

Shauna insisted that Reese had pressured Flo, and Thomas had threatened Flo. Katie asked where Shauna had been in all of it, and Donna wondered why Shauna hadn't done anything. "I did do something. Unfortunately, it was the wrong something!" Shauna replied, and Katie and Donna grimaced in unison. Shauna expressed regret for advising Flo to remain silent.

Brooke decided that it didn't matter. She said that Flo could plead her case all she wanted, but Hope would not forgive Flo for what she'd done.

Back at the cabin, Hope entered with Beth, asking if she should tell the child a story. Flo opened the side door and stood by the fireplace, listening to Hope talk to Beth. Sensing a presence, Hope turned around and was shocked to see Flo in her living room.

Hope asked how Flo had gotten in there. Flo began to explain about the unlocked door, but interrupting, Hope instructed Flo to leave because Hope didn't want to do "this" in front of her daughter.

Flo noted that Beth looked happy. Flo had wanted to see Hope holding her daughter for a long time. It made Flo happy to know that Beth was in her real home. She knew that Hope didn't believe it, but Flo was sorry for her role in it. She said that Hope had been robbed of months with her child, but finally, she could start making up for missed memories.

Hope said she would put Beth down. She advised Flo to stay there. Once Hope had gone into another room, Flo flashed back on meeting Hope and her various attempts to tell Hope the truth.

Returning to the room, Hope agreed with Flo that Hope had been robbed, and Hope accused Flo of stealing precious months that a mother should have with her child. Though Flo hadn't started the deception on Catalina Island, she'd perpetuated it, which made Flo responsible for it. Hope demanded to know how Flo could do something so heartless to her flesh and blood.

Hope recalled the day that she and Flo had met and the bond they'd formed over losing their daughters. They'd gotten even closer upon learning that Flo was a Logan. Hope looked back over the times that Flo could have told the truth and turned Hope's despair into joy but had chosen not to. Instead, Flo had urged Hope to have another baby and to just keep carrying on.

Hope yelled that she hadn't been able to think about another child because she'd wanted her Beth. She'd wanted her child, the one she'd given birth to and the one who'd been stolen from her. "And you said nothing. My own cousin, someone that I thought actually cared about me. But I was wrong. I have never been more wrong about anything in my entire life," Hope said.

Hope conveyed that her world had been upside down. She'd ended her marriage, and her daughter had had a different name and woman raising her. Flo asked if Hope would let her explain. Hope didn't want to hear it. Flo insisted, saying Hope would never have to see her again.

Hope rolled her eyes and waited for the explanation. Flo said that she wouldn't have gotten involved if she'd known what had been going on. She'd agreed to do a favor for a friend and hadn't known that he'd been capable of doing what he'd done.

Flo confessed to pretending to be the birth mother and to signing fake adoption papers, but she claimed she hadn't known what had really been going on until it had gone too far. Flo had wanted to tell Hope the truth many times but hadn't done it. Flo had found her family and found love with Wyatt again. She'd been living in a dream, but it hadn't mattered because she'd been plagued by the secret.

Flo felt that she deserved to go to prison. She hated herself for hurting everyone involved. Despite what she'd done, she cherished being a Logan woman. She loved Hope and always would, no matter what happened. It was a lot to ask, Flo knew, but she wondered if there was a way that Hope could forgive her. "Please, Hope. Is there any way you can find it in your heart to forgive me? Please," Flo requested.

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