Ridge offers Brooke a way to avoid divorce
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Friday, December 6, 2019
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Friday, December 6, 2019

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge stared solemnly at a set of divorce papers. Shauna told him not to ask her for legal advice. Ridge and Brooke had been ironing out their divorce over the past few days, and Carter had dropped the papers off earlier. Looking at the document, Ridge was unsure whether he could sign it. He needed time with his wife.

Shauna said that she and Ridge had had a good time. Ridge replied that it had been more than that. She understood that he loved his wife. He stated that if it were to be the end, he had to make sure that he'd done everything he could have done to work it out.

Ridge said he'd meant what he'd said about Shauna. Shauna replied that he'd also meant what he'd said about his wife. She advised him to be honest with Brooke, and he exited the house.

Later, Quinn entered, looking to invite Shauna out to eat. She noted Shauna's somber mood, and Shauna revealed that Ridge had just left with divorce papers for Brooke. Quinn was surprised to hear that it had gotten to divorce, but she didn't think Shauna needed to be so grim about Ridge, who was on the precipice of being a free man.

Shauna explained that Ridge was hoping that he and Brooke would not sign the papers. In Shauna's view, Brooke was still the only woman Ridge wanted to be with. Shauna had known that it wouldn't work out with Ridge. It had seemed as if they'd had real potential, though.

At Brooke's house, Ridge arrived with the divorce papers. Even though she and Ridge had discussed divorce, she couldn't believe it was really what he wanted. "Of course, it's not what I want," he replied. He loved and missed his Logan. He felt that they were meant to be together.

Ridge stated that he and Brooke were on the edge of a cliff, but neither wanted to be there. He didn't think they could go back to fighting, and he didn't want her to be his enemy. She was the love of his life. He feared that the distance would keep growing, and if they signed the papers, it was over. He said it wasn't too late to try to fix it.

Ridge offered to work through it with forgiveness, but Brooke said forgiveness wasn't the answer to every problem. He figured that they needed to begin somewhere. Every time Brooke thought of forgiveness, she thought of Thomas being back at Forrester and Shauna being welcomed into Eric's guesthouse. She asked if Eric had invited Shauna to Thanksgiving.

Ridge said he wasn't there to talk about Shauna. In his mind, only one thing was keeping him and Brooke apart -- the disagreement about Thomas. Ridge wanted to begin with forgiveness. Brooke asked if she was supposed to forgive Thomas. In Ridge's silence, she figured that either she forgave Thomas, or she and Ridge would get a divorce.

Brooke told Ridge that he didn't know what he was asking. He asked if she was saying they'd never have holidays together again. Brooke said she didn't like their situation, either. He respected the way she protected Hope, but he didn't want Brooke to blame him for being there for his kid. Ridge was trying to pull the family back together. He said they had to do it together. He wanted Brooke by his side. He said he'd ask her once more -- "Can you find it in your heart to help me help my son? Can you forgive Thomas, please?" Ridge asked.

At Spencer, Steffy and Liam discussed their feelings about Hope, Thomas, and Douglas. Steffy felt that Thomas shouldn't have let Hope talk him into the custody agreement; however, Liam replied that it had been the other way around, and Thomas had used the custody to win Hope over. Steffy asked if it was working. Liam was sure Thomas thought it was, but in Liam's mind, Hope wanted nothing to do with Douglas' father.

Steffy stated that Douglas and Thomas were a package deal. Liam asserted that if Hope could do it another way, she would. Steffy conveyed that Thomas had said he and Hope were getting along. Liam quipped that Thomas had also believed that they'd been happily married, and he said that Thomas was delusional to think he'd have any connection with Hope besides Douglas.

Liam loved Douglas, but Hope parenting Douglas meant that Thomas would be around. Steffy and Liam wished Thomas hadn't signed the papers. Steffy said that Hope and Liam shouldn't be stressing out. Instead, they should be enjoying Beth. She felt that Hope and Beth were lucky to have him, and she couldn't believe that Hope would let anything get in the way of that.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Hope was touched by what Douglas and Thomas had done for her. Douglas urged her to work with his father. Hope was tempted by the idea, but she was enjoying being a mother. Thomas recommended that Hope use the Forrester daycare and bring Beth into the work area. Thomas said Douglas would be there after school to help out the way Thomas had helped Ridge.

Thomas wanted to do what it took to make Hope comfortable. He shared her passion for her line, and he asked her to let him prove himself to her. Hope appreciated the enthusiasm, and it sounded really good to her. Douglas asked if Hope was agreeing to do it.

Hope said that she had to think about making a commitment to a relaunch. Thomas asked if he was the problem or if the commitment was. He said Hope was right to be concerned, and he and Douglas weren't pressuring her. They just wanted her to know what was possible. Thomas felt that they'd make a great team.

Douglas affirmed that Hope and Thomas did make a great team because they were his parents. Thomas asserted that they were better than a team; they were family. He believed they needed HFTF's vision more than ever, and Hope was the only one who could bring it back to life.

Later, Douglas and Thomas were alone, and Douglas was sorry that Hope hadn't agreed. Steffy arrived, saw Douglas' HFTF artwork, and said Douglas could head up marketing. She asked what was going on, and Douglas explained that his father had asked Mommy to work with him.

Steffy and Thomas exchanged stares. Douglas explained that his father had said that Beth and Douglas could help, and they'd all be there together.

Pam arrived to pick up Douglas, her lunch date. The moment Pam and Douglas left, Steffy accused Thomas of using Douglas to lure Hope back to Forrester.

Back at Spencer, Hope arrived as Liam finished up a call. He invited her in, and she noted that he'd jumped right back into work. She asked if there were tensions with Bill. Liam denied it and stated his belief that people could work with anyone as long as they set the right boundaries.

Hope had enjoyed her time with their daughter but figured that she had to start thinking about returning to work. Liam asked if Hope was ready for it. Hope had been contemplating it, and she thought she might be. Liam offered his full support, but he wondered how long it would take to get a new designer. "So, that's the part I'm unsure about," she replied.

Upset, Liam asked if she'd really let Thomas stay on. Hope said Thomas was already working on the line. Liam complained that Hope and Thomas were already parenting a kid together. He didn't think it was fair to have to work together, too. Hope stated that she hadn't agreed to it, but she hadn't turned it down, either.

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