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Whipple Jones III
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Actor History
Other Names

Whip (nickname)


Former public relations position at Jackie M

Worked at Forrester International

Former assistant promotions manager at Forrester Creations


Presumably Los Angeles, CA

Formerly Paris, France

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Brooke Logan [Married: 2002; annulled: 2002]

Taylor Hayes [Married: 2010; divorced: 2011]


Whipple Jones Jr. (father)

Joy Jones (mother)

Agnes Jones (cousin)

Oliver Jones (cousin)

Whipple Jones Sr. (grandfather)


None known

Flings & Affairs

Jackie Marone (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Blackmailed Brooke Logan with knowledge of her baby's father [2002]

Knocked Deacon Sharpe unconscious twice [2002]

Kissed the married Jackie Marone [2009]

Lied about the identity of his cousin, Agnes Jones [2009]

Secretly posted a photo of Brooke Logan and Thomas Forrester in a compromising position [2010]

Health and Vitals

Punched by Deacon Sharpe [2002]

Brief Character History

Whipple Jones III, who became a public relations wizard at design house Forrester Creations, was the son of Whipple Jones, Jr. and Joy Jones. As promotions manager, "Whip," as he was known, had a heretofore-unknown working relationship with Forrester CEO Brooke Logan. When Brooke named her son-in-law, Deacon Sharpe, as head of promotions, Whip felt resentful for being passed over. However, during a press conference, Forrester co-founder Stephanie Forrester announced to the fashion press that Brooke was several months pregnant; when the humiliated Brooke wouldn't name the father, Whip stepped in and took responsibility.

Whip later found out that Brooke was pregnant by Deacon, with Deacon's wife -- Brooke's daughter, Bridget Forrester -- none the wiser. Whip initially used the info to demand a car, a raise, a house, and a yacht for his silence, but eventually Whip genuinely fell for Brooke and failed repeatedly trying to seduce her. When Brooke moved to Paris to distance herself from Deacon, Whip flew overseas with her, but Deacon followed. Whip and Deacon postured over Brooke; Whip was knocked out by Deacon, who snuck off to have sex with Brooke, and Whip got his revenge later by hitting Deacon over the head with a lamp. Whip put the unconscious Deacon on a plane back to Los Angeles and finally talked Brooke into marrying him to save face with her family and the public.

Whip knew Brooke was spending their marriage pining for Deacon and even donned lingerie in an attempt to get her to make love. But when Bridget found out about Brooke's affair with Deacon, Whip knew there was no point to continuing the ruse of being married; after trying to broker peace between Bridget and Brooke, Whip had his marriage annulled and transferred to Forrester International.

Seven years later, Whip needed a change and returned to L.A., sending a résumé to Forrester competitor Jackie M. Whip was hired by Stephanie, who had defected from Forrester; at Stephanie's behest, Whip tried to reconnect with Brooke, but failed. Whip capitalized on owner Jackie M's May-December marriage to Owen Knight by having them model for the racy Indulge line, during which Jackie was cornered by a live cougar. Whip was intrigued by Jackie, who kissed him after seeing Owen shrug off their marriage on a live television interview; the culprit was really Owen's twin brother, Casper Knight. Later, Whip and the Jackie M team rallied around Stephanie when she suffered a mini-stroke.

Whip barely recognized his cousin, Agnes Jones, who was living incognito as Sandy Sommers after a vicious rape. Whip kept quiet about Agnes' identity when "Sandy" was hired to be a surrogate for Jackie's son, Nick Marone, and his wife Bridget. Later, Whip tried Internet dating and met Taylor Hayes, whose ex-husband was Ridge Forrester, the love of Brooke Logan's life. When Taylor resisted getting involved with another of Brooke's exes, Whip turned on the charm and wore Taylor down, entering into a sweet romance with her. Whip had country singer Beau Davidson serenade Taylor at their wedding.

Whip hired former Forrester designer Amber Moore for Jackie M, then had doubts about her abilities. Later, Whip lent his expertise to Taylor's son, Thomas Forrester, suggesting he pull a publicity stunt to bring attention to his work on the Forrester mens' line. But when that stunt included Thomas kissing his stepmother, Brooke, Whip faced the wrath of a furious Taylor. More cracks formed in Whip and Taylor's marriage when Taylor couldn't let go of her feelings for Ridge; after Taylor called Whip "Ridge" while making love, Whip confronted Ridge, then arranged for Brooke and Thomas to be caught in a dressing room during a fashion show and posted a photo of them online.

Whip comforted Taylor when Thomas and Brooke went missing in a plane crash; Whip became concerned when Taylor came on to him thinking he was Ridge, then passed out from eating hallucinogenic berries Thomas had brought back from a deserted island. After Taylor confessed that she was still in love with Ridge, Whip removed his wedding ring and divorced Taylor. A heartbroken Whip was last seen commiserating with his lovelorn cousin Oliver Jones and working on a campaign for Jackie M; he hasn't been mentioned since.

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Who's Who in Los Angeles

B&B Actor biographies
B&B Cast and Credits

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