Eric's downward spiral leads to serious consequences

Days of our Lives Recap for Monday, December 5, 2022
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Eric's downward spiral leads to serious consequences | DAYS Recap (Monday, December 5, 2022)
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Monday, December 5, 2022

by Mike

Brady entered the living room of the Evans-Black townhouse while Kristen was confessing a scheme to Marlena's look-alike doll. "I don't know how much you heard..." Kristen started to explain to Brady while putting the doll back on the mantel. "Just enough to be concerned," Brady responded before wondering when Kristen had started having conversations with inanimate objects.

Kristen breathed a sigh of relief then told Brady that getting into the habit of having conversations with dolls was simply one of the welcome hazards of being around Rachel every day. Brady gave Kristen a nod of skepticism then changed the subject, producing the Christmas list that Rachel had made earlier that day. Brady guessed that Kristen was responsible for Rachel's top request. "If I wanted to get married to you, I wouldn't whisper it in Rachel's ear -- I would just make it a condition of our agreement. In another month, Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are gonna get sick again -- I would just march you to the altar in exchange for the orchid that's going to cure them," Kristen insisted.

Kristen was quick to assure Brady that wasn't actually part of the plan. Kristen reasoned that it would be much more satisfying to win Brady back without the use of such tactics. Brady pointed out that the best way to prove that claim would be to hand over the orchid right away, but Kristen wasn't ready to give up that leverage just yet. Kristen suggested that Brady was enjoying their living arrangement and might enjoy it even more if they started sleeping in the same bed. Kristen tried to seize a kiss, but Brady pulled away at the last second. "Until you hand over that orchid to me, nothing's gonna happen between us," Brady warned Kristen before retreating to another room.

Sonny continued helping Leo search for a job while they were alone together in the study of the Kiriakis mansion. Leo appreciated Sonny's act of kindness. "I certainly don't deserve it," Leo acknowledged. "I have nothing better to do," Sonny reasoned.

Sonny soon realized that Leo's stomach was growling. "I'm on a budget of zero dollars a day. I cleared out the doughnuts at an A.A. meeting for lunch," Leo explained. "You're in A.A.?" Sonny sputtered. "No, but they were free," Leo clarified.

Sonny took the hint and started to head off to the kitchen to ask Cook to prepare a meal for Leo. "I hope I'm not overstepping," Leo fretted. "I think we're way past that point already," Sonny countered.

Will phoned seconds later, and Leo decided to answer the call after realizing that Sonny was already out of earshot. "Wilhelmina! What's up?" Leo began. "No, Sonny's fine -- he's just in the other room, getting us some food," Leo continued.

Sonny returned just then and started to say something about the meal that Cook was preparing but stopped midsentence and grabbed the cell phone after realizing that Leo had been talking to Will. "Everything's fine -- I was just helping Leo look for some jobs online," Sonny explained to Will. "Yes, I remember everything that he did to me, but a lot has changed since you've been gone," Sonny continued. "Look, can we just talk about this when you come home for Christmas?" Sonny continued. "What do you mean, you're not coming home?" Sonny continued. "No, of course -- I understand," Sonny continued. "Why wouldn't I understand?" Sonny continued. "I'll talk to you later, okay? Bye," Sonny concluded.

Sonny ended the call then sniffled and wiped away some tears. "What, no 'I love you'?" Leo called out to Sonny from behind. "Not tonight," Sonny muttered.

Leo prodded Sonny to reveal why Will wasn't going to be able to return to Salem for the holidays. "It's the same old stuff -- he's doing another movie for Peacock, and they want the writer to be on set," Sonny clarified. "They're filming over Christmas?" Leo sputtered. "Apparently," Sonny grumbled. "You don't think he's lying, do you?" Leo wondered. "No," Sonny declared without hesitation. "Of course not," Sonny added in a whisper after a brief pause.

Leo suggested that Sonny could instead join Will in Los Angeles for the holidays. "I can't. And it's not like he exactly encouraged it. And besides, Gabi's already made a bunch of plans for Ari this winter, so..." Sonny protested. "I'm sorry," Leo stressed. "Yeah -- me, too," Sonny responded. "I guess my answering your phone didn't help," Leo acknowledged, prompting Sonny to demand an explanation for the move. "I called you, and you didn't hear me, so I thought I could let him know that you were here," Leo clarified. "I forgot I'm kind of a trigger for him," Leo continued. "I swear I was not trying to make any trouble," Leo concluded. "Yeah, well, you don't have to try, Leo -- you just do," Sonny grumbled.

Leo took that as a cue to leave, but Sonny objected after giving the matter some thought, knowing that Cook's meal would be ready soon and that it would be much more filling than stale doughnuts.

Sonny continued helping Leo search for a job while they were eating sandwiches and sharing a bowl of potato chips -- and their hands touched at one point when they both reached into the bowl at the same time.

Leo directed Sonny's attention to a job listing that seemed perfect. Sonny agreed that Leo was an exact match for the job description. Leo groaned after realizing the reason, and Sonny laughed after making the same connection. "Paulina's looking for my replacement," Leo summarized. "I can confidently say that Paulina will never find anyone else like you," Sonny declared. "You're right about that," Leo bragged while flashing a proud grin, and Sonny returned the smile.

Chad and Stephanie ended their embrace after realizing that Alex had just joined them at the Team Price headquarters. "I thought maybe you wouldn't find the time to eat, so..." Alex explained to Stephanie while holding up two bags of takeout food. "That is so thoughtful of you!" Stephanie raved. "And also unnecessary. See, when you told me that you were busy, I assumed with work -- my bad," Alex grumbled. "It's not what it looks like," Chad assured Alex on Stephanie's behalf.

Stephanie and Chad took turns telling Alex about the latest PR crisis. Alex read Chad and Stephanie's press release then suggested a few changes. Chad showed a hint of jealousy when Stephanie declared that Alex's advice was brilliant.

Alex and Stephanie shared their Chinese food with Chad but kept the only two fortune cookies for themselves. Chad showed another hint of jealousy while watching Stephanie and Alex open the cookies. "Help -- I'm trapped inside of a fortune cookie factory!" Alex read aloud from one of the fortunes before urging Stephanie to share the other one. "It's silly," Stephanie objected before agreeing to show Alex. "You're looking at the man of your dreams," Alex read aloud as Stephanie blushed.

Chad started to rush off, having seen enough, then returned seconds later to retrieve a forgotten coat -- and caught Stephanie kissing Alex.

Belle entered the police station and greeted Shawn with a sigh then complained that meeting with Trask to discuss Paulina's arrest had been a complete waste of time. Shawn wasn't surprised to learn that Trask had refused to even consider any of the arguments Belle had made on Paulina's behalf. Belle confirmed Shawn's suspicion that Paulina was going to have to spend the night in a holding cell because Trask had made a point of filing charges after the courthouse had closed for the day. "The papers are gonna have a field day with this," Shawn noted. "I'm sure that had nothing to do with Trask's decision," Belle joked. "She lives to see her name on the front page," Shawn agreed.

Belle informed Shawn that Paulina was finding comfort in the knowledge that Chanel was free for the time being. Shawn admitted to Belle that it was frustrating to be working with a district attorney who always seemed to be more interested in going after people like Chanel and Paulina instead of the real criminals. "You have tomorrow off -- you can relax and regroup," Belle pointed out in an effort to lift Shawn's spirits.

Shawn scoffed then revealed that Jada had phoned to beg for a shift trade while Belle had been at the courthouse. Belle grew concerned when Shawn elaborated that Jada was recovering from some sort of medical procedure. "How many 'medical procedures' do pregnant women have?" Belle fretted. "You think..." Shawn translated. "She had an abortion? No!" Belle responded. "I just hope nothing went wrong," Belle clarified.

Eric demanded an explanation after catching Nicole stumbling out of Small Bar with E.J. "Passing judgment, Eric? Ooh -- how out of character!" E.J. teased.

Eric told E.J. to butt out of the conversation. "This isn't a good idea. Remember what happened last time?" Eric advised Nicole. "Are you referring to when I slept with Xander?" Nicole challenged Eric. "That was the biggest mistake of your life --" Eric declared. "She's looking at the biggest mistake of her life," E.J. interjected. "So, you're gonna double down and go home with this Pommy? What the hell is wrong with you?" Eric spat.

Nicole encouraged Eric to refrain from holding back. "Call me a slut," Nicole recommended. "If you're worried about my marriage or my reputation...well, stop, because it's shot to hell," Nicole continued. "I don't have a house because I blew up my marriage to be with you -- and now, you and Rafe both hate me, and I'm sleeping in my office," Nicole continued before concluding that E.J. had simply offered the DiMera mansion as a place to crash for the night.

Eric denied hating Nicole then reiterated that spending the night with E.J. would be a big mistake. Nicole found Eric's denial hard to believe and also found E.J.'s offer hard to turn down. Eric shoved E.J. away from Nicole in an effort to prevent them from leaving the bar together. "I'm trying to overlook you being a dirtbag, because your mom died --" Eric snapped at E.J. "You know, it might make you feel better to blame me for your screwed-up life, but the fact of the matter is that it's all on you. You didn't have to lose your baby and Nicole -- that was your choice," E.J. countered, prompting Eric to throw a punch.

Shawn and Belle arrived just then and were both surprised to learn that Eric had just assaulted E.J. "He got his knickers in a bunch because his girlfriend had an abortion -- and he decided it was Nicole's fault," E.J. explained, further annoying Eric.

Shawn stepped in to prevent Eric and E.J.'s argument from getting physical again. Eric shoved Shawn away, not yet done with E.J. "Have you been drinking?" Shawn challenged Eric. "Yeah, I had a drink -- so sue me!" Eric responded. "You don't drink anymore!" Belle protested. "It was a choice. I'm not an alcoholic. Tonight, I chose to have a drink," Eric stressed.

Shawn turned to Nicole and E.J. and wondered how many drinks Eric had consumed. "I don't know -- he just got here," Nicole answered. "So, you had a drink, then you got in a car and you drove, and you came to a bar to drink more?" Shawn snapped before trying to escort Eric out of the bar. "What, are you the alcohol police?" Eric countered before shoving Shawn to the floor. "Two assaults in one night -- and one of them an officer of the law!" E.J. summarized before telling Shawn to arrest Eric. "E.J., Eric didn't mean to --" Nicole argued. "He did. Just like he meant to hurt you when he accused you of killing his baby. You don't owe him anything, Nicole -- not a damn thing," E.J. countered, and Nicole conceded the point then allowed the arrest.

Nicole and E.J. left the bar together and headed over to the DiMera mansion. E.J. decided to continue drinking, but Nicole declined to follow suit.

Nicole found it hard to believe that Eric was once again drinking and driving, especially after what had happened with Daniel years earlier. E.J. assured Nicole that Eric would only get a slap on the wrist for what had happened at Small Bar because Shawn and Belle, of all people, were handling the situation. "And, hopefully, that will be the wake-up call he needs," E.J. stressed.

Nicole felt responsible for the situation, but E.J. insisted that no one had forced Jada to get the abortion that had started Eric's downward spiral. "Coming from a woman who can't have a child, I'd do anything to be in her shoes," Nicole admitted. "To be having a baby...with Eric," E.J. translated. "My head is spinning -- I don't know what to think or how to feel," Nicole backpedaled.

E.J. led Nicole to one of the bedrooms. Nicole spotted a framed photograph of Susan and E.J. then realized who had last resided in the bedroom. E.J. confirmed the suspicion then explained that Susan's old bedroom was the nicest available one and that Nicole deserved only the best. Nicole thanked E.J., who nodded then exited the bedroom, clutching the framed photograph.

Belle followed Shawn and Eric to the police station. Eric begged Belle to handle the legal predicament, prompting Shawn to stress that nothing could be done until the following day because the courthouse was already closed. "I know that there are extenuating circumstances here, and I get that you're really upset, okay? But you're not even facing charges for the worst thing you did here tonight," Belle pointed out. "You assaulted a cop --" Belle continued. "I barely even touched him," Eric protested. "You were drinking and driving," Belle continued. "You punched E.J. --" Belle tried to conclude. "E.J.'s an ass -- but, sure, you know what? You just take his side -- I mean, after all, you slept with him!" Eric spat.

Belle scoffed then told Eric to find another lawyer. "Get him out of my face," Belle begged Shawn, ignoring Eric's attempts to apologize.

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