The devil manipulates Ben and Ciara

Days of our Lives Recap for Monday, November 29, 2021
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Monday, November 29, 2021

by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe gave Philip a kiss then suggested that they could check on their sapling as a way of burning off Thanksgiving calories. “ awesome idea, but I am so stuffed, I can hardly move -- and in case you haven't noticed, it's cold outside,” Philip argued. “How 'bout tomorrow?” Chloe countered. “And miss all the sales?” Philip protested. “Okay...but I do want to make a date to go visit our sweet little tree [soon],” Chloe maintained as Philip squirmed.

Chloe eventually changed the subject, sick of waiting for Philip to mention what had happened at the Salem Inn a few weeks earlier. “Brady only walked in with me to help me with my luggage,” Chloe stressed. “That's exactly what I assumed,” Philip claimed. “Well...good -- I'm glad...” Chloe muttered. “I've learned my lesson, Chloe -- I know how important trust is in a relationship; once it's broken, it's all over,” Philip declared. Pleasantly surprised, Chloe said goodbye to Philip then rushed off to Basic Black to get some work done. “All that talk about trust right before she goes to meet her boyfriend -- well, there's not a chance in hell her and Brady are gonna make a fool of me...” Philip grumbled once the coast was clear.

Maggie entered the town square's bar and found Brady sitting alone at one of the tables -- with a glass of whiskey nearby. “I'm sorry to pull you away from Thanksgiving...but I'm glad you came,” Brady began while giving Maggie a hug. “How many of those have you had?” Maggie wondered after claiming the extra chair at Brady's table. “I haven't even had a sip,” Brady responded before checking the time then admitting to Maggie that the past hour and a half had been about nothing more than resisting the urge. Maggie summoned someone over to the table to take Brady's drink away, clearly finding it just as tempting.

Maggie was surprised to learn that Brady's urge to drink wasn't just about what was going on with Kristen but also about what was going on with Chloe. “I knew that Victor was trying to push the two of you together, but I just thought it was his wishful thinking,” Maggie revealed. “Despite my desire to suppress them, I do have some real feelings for her,” Brady confessed.

"I'm not gonna interfere...[but] it does hurt like hell to think that Chloe and I could have had a real chance if Philip wasn't in the picture,” Brady grumbled. “I wish I could give you some advice, but I don't know what to say,” Maggie fretted. “Can't be any worse than the advice I got from Marlena -- [she] told me to take Chloe and throw her on the conference table and ravage her,” Brady responded. “That doesn't sound like Marlena at all -- what's gotten into her?” Maggie sputtered, drawing a shrug from Brady.

At the Horton house, Shawn joined John in the living room and reported that Julie was in the process of getting Doug settled in the master bedroom. “I'm glad you're all okay -- [well], except for that crack on your head...” John declared. “Yeah -- [but] Steve said that you were on your way to the hospital [earlier...and], I mean, based on the way that you look --” Shawn responded. “No -- that's all on hold until I can find Doc,” John insisted.

"Did she say anything about her plans?” John wondered. “I think her plan was just to finish us off...until Julie drove her away,” Shawn answered. “Leave it to Julie Williams to scare Satan away...” John mused with a mirthless chuckle. Shawn soon stepped aside to take a phone call from Belle, who was still at the hospital -- and John seized the opportunity to sneak off in search of Marlena and the demonic presence.

Ben and Ciara exchanged looks of confusion as “Marlena” shoved past them and begged for the front door of the Weston apartment to be shut right away. “I never thought I would have to tell anybody this, and I'm afraid you're gonna have a very hard time believing me, [but]...John's been abusing me!” the demonic presence explained as Marlena before revealing a bruise it had gotten during its earlier fight with Shawn.

"Unbelievable!” Ben spat. “I'm sorry, Marlena, but this doesn't sound like John -- [and besides], hasn't he been out of town for some undercover assignment?” Ciara argued. “He was...and I was hoping the time away would do him some good -- help him, you know, deal with his demons -- but then he came home this morning, [and] I told him I was so happy to see him because he'd been gone for a while, and he felt that I was guilting him about his job, [so] he grabbed me... [Anyway], he was in such a rage when I left [the townhouse, and] I'm afraid to go back there...” the demonic presence clarified as Marlena, conjuring a few tears in the process.

"John is madly in love with you [and] so gentle with you -- I simply can't picture him trying to hurt you,” Ciara maintained. “I don't blame you for being skeptical, [but]...ever since the aneurysm, he flies into these fits of rage...” the demonic presence reasoned as Marlena before stepping into the bathroom to freshen up. “[The aneurysm] happened last fall, when you were...” Ben explained to Ciara, who still had doubts.

"Marlena, open up -- I know you're in there!” John suddenly shouted through the apartment door while pounding on it hard enough to make it shake, prompting Ben to lock it with the security chain then open it. “You need to leave --” Ben began. “After all that bitch has done...what, now it's my fault? Everything she's telling you is a lie, Ben -- she's just trying to get you on her side!” John insisted. “You need to go home --” Ben repeated. “You hear me, Doc? You're no victim! You got everything you deserve, and you're gonna get everything [else] that's coming to you, [because] I'm gonna stop you once and for all -- I'm gonna kill you, I swear to God --” John warned. “Close the door,” Ciara begged Ben, who quickly complied. Meanwhile, Shawn found John passed out in the foyer of the Horton house. Outside the Weston apartment, the demonic presence smirked as John before morphing back into Marlena.

The demonic presence emerged from the bathroom of the Weston apartment seconds later -- just as Ben was telling Ciara that they needed to tell the police about what had just happened. “No!” the demonic presence objected as Marlena before reasoning that John had too many friends in law enforcement. “What about family?” Ciara suggested. “Eric's out of the country...and Sami's gone...and Belle and Brady -- I don't want to put them in a position where they have to turn against their father...” the demonic presence argued as Marlena. “There's gotta be something we can do,” Ben insisted. “We have to leave town -- right now!” the demonic presence declared as Marlena.

The demonic presence stepped back into the bathroom to freshen up again, giving Ben and Ciara a chance to discuss the matter privately. “There's something so weird about all of this -- it's just fundamentally weird; it's all out of nowhere... [Look], there must be a better way that we can help her that doesn't involve us packing up our things and leaving town --” Ciara argued. “I know it seems like a lot, but this woman has never asked anything of me, [and] after everything she has done for me, maybe it's my turn to help her,” Ben countered.

John woke up in the hospital and tried again to rush off in search of Marlena and the demonic presence, but Kayla and Belle refused to allow that to happen. Belle stepped aside to contact Brady, and Kayla seized the opportunity to apologize for having given John such a hard time about listening to Marlena's recording of Doug's therapy session. Belle soon ended the phone conversation with Brady, who filled Maggie in on what had happened to Marlena. Belle found Shawn near the nurses' station and agreed that it was time to get the police involved.

The demonic presence fled Salem with Ben and Ciara as Shawn put out an APB on “Marlena."

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