Jada has shocking news for Eric

Days of our Lives Recap for Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Jada has shocking news for Eric | DAYS Recap (Tuesday, November 29, 2022)
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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

While Nicole was working at Basic Black, Eric called her on the phone. "I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing since our talk last night," Eric said. "I'm fine. Jada having your baby is unexpected, but that's not gonna change anything between us," Nicole said. Eric agreed. Nicole asked Eric if he was sure that Jada was going through with the pregnancy. "Of course. Why wouldn't she?" Eric said. Nicole noted that she was busy, and she ended the call before Eric could tell her that he loved her.

Chloe stopped by Basic Black to drop off a coffee for Nicole. "With your big new job, I'm surprised you had time to stop by," Nicole said. Chloe explained that part of her new job was to oversee Basic Black. "You got Kristen's old job?" Nicole asked. "And she got my man," Chloe said. With a chuckle, Nicole noted that Kristen would be unhappy to hear that Chloe was still a part of Basic Black.

"I know, right? But Brady insists that he thinks that Kristen put Li up to offering me this promotion," Chloe said. Nicole asked Chloe if she agreed. Chloe said her concern had been whether Stefan had been a part of the promotion, but Li said that he and E.J. had made the decision without Stefan. "And what about Kristen?" Nicole asked. Chloe said that Kristen no longer worked at DiMera.

"But you're still suspicious?" Nicole said. "Of Kristen? Always," Chloe said. Nicole admitted that she could not believe that Brady had moved Kristen into his home. "He thinks that's what's best for Rachel," Chloe said. Nicole called Kristen a lunatic. Chloe told Nicole that she had moved on, and Brady and Kristen's relationship was not her concern.

"Do you think you and Stefan are maybe moving a little fast?" Nicole asked. Chloe noted that her mother had asked the same question. "In [Nancy's] defense, she is team Brady all the way," Chloe said. "That makes two of us," Nicole said. Chloe argued that she would not pine after someone that was involved with Kristen.

"Stefan and I like each other, and we're excited to see where things go," Chloe said. Nicole said that she was happy for Chloe. "It looks like we're both starting new chapters in our lives," Nicole said. Nicole told Chloe that she was back together with Eric. "You've been telling me for months that I either need to commit to my marriage or end it," Nicole said. Chloe insisted that she did not judge Nicole. With a sigh, Nicole said that her connection to Eric had been too strong.

"I was a coward. I knew I was still in love with Eric, and I married Rafe, anyway. And [Rafe] is hurt and humiliated," Nicole said. Chloe noted that Eric and Nicole had not wanted to hurt anyone. "At least [Eric and Jada] aren't married. So that breakup will be a lot easier," Chloe said. "Jada's pregnant," Nicole said. Nicole admitted that she had advised Jada not to keep the baby.

"You told Jada to have an abortion?" Chloe asked. "No, of course not. I would never do that," Nicole said. Nicole explained that she had told Jada that motherhood was a full-time job and that it would be difficult with a man who was in love with another woman. "Former couples raise kids all the time," Chloe said. "But it's not easy," Nicole countered. "But it is possible," Chloe said. Nicole said that if she had been in Jada's shoes, she would have wanted someone to say the same thing to her.

"But it's not your life, Nicole. It's Jada's," Chloe said. "I was just trying to help and encourage her to help her decide if this is something she really wants," Nicole said. With a nod, Chloe asked Nicole if she'd had an agenda for her advice. Nicole argued that she and Chloe knew firsthand how difficult it was to be a single mother. "People make it work," Chloe noted.

"I will not lose Eric again!" Nicole said. "So that's what this is. You're afraid that that baby is going to threaten your relationship with Eric?" Chloe asked. Nicole reminded Chloe of how Kristen had used Rachel to separate Chloe and Brady. "But Jada's no Kristen," Chloe said. "I know," Nicole whispered. Chloe argued that when Eric had learned about the baby, he had chosen to be with Nicole.

"And I'm pretty sure that's what [Jada] wants, as well, assuming she knows how he feels about you," Chloe said. Nicole said yes. With a sigh, Nicole confessed that she wanted to believe Eric. "Eric loves you. He always has, and he always will," Chloe said. Nicole admitted that she should not have given Jada any advice but that she also believed that it would be best for everyone if there was no baby.

At the Brady Pub, Brady gave Eric cigars and congratulated him on the baby. "What's the deal with Jada? Where does that stand?" Brady asked. Eric explained that the romance with Jada was over, but they had agreed to co-parent. "It's going to be a little more complicated than I'm sure you wished, but you and Nicole, you guys will work it out," Brady assured Eric. Eric noted that many exes were able to co-parent.

"We come from the most successful blended family I know," Brady said. Eric told Brady that they were a blessed family. When Brady noted that co-parenting did not always make sense as an option, Eric nodded in agreement. "Like you and Kristen," Eric said. Brady stressed that Kristen had moved in because it had been the best thing for Rachel.

"You're honestly telling me that there's no better options than moving Kristen under the same roof as our parents?" Eric asked. Brady noted that he could not move into Victor's house because Kristen might stab Victor again. Eric countered that it was a better option than leaving Marlena open to another attack from Kristen. "You don't have to worry about your mother, because I'm doing everything in my power to make sure that Kristen doesn't hurt Marlena," Brady said. Brady changed the subject to Eric's fatherhood.

"I'm scared, but I'm happy. And I mean, honestly, I can't stop thinking about it," Eric admitted. Eric added that the circumstances were strange, but he was happy. When Brady asked Eric how Nicole felt about the pregnancy, Eric said that he had assured Nicole that he wanted to be with her. "You'll work it out. You always do," Brady said. Eric said he was confident that he could co-parent with Jada. As Jada walked into the pub, Eric jumped to his feet to greet her.

Brady congratulated Jada, and he noted that his daughter was anxious to meet her new cousin. Jada averted her eyes. After Brady left, Eric sat Jada down at a table, and he told her how excited he was to be a father. "There is no baby," Jada said.

Johnny and Wendy returned to Allie's apartment. "Jakarta was a success! Things got a little dicey, but we got the information we needed from Dr. Rolf," Johnny said. "Now we have to decide who to confront with it first: my brother or your dad," Wendy said. Johnny lamented that they did not have the recording as evidence.

"Now, my dad is just gonna, you know, deny any involvement," Johnny said. "My brother probably will, too," Wendy said. Wendy added that she could not believe that her brother had crossed the line in order to hold on to Gabi. "It's very possible that the brainwashing was my dad's idea. It is totally his MO. And with Stefan by his side, he has got all the shares he needs to oust Gabi," Johnny said. Wendy admitted that part of her wanted to let Li get married, but she could not stay silent.

"I have to confront [Li]," Wendy said. "You really don't want me to come with you to confront your brother?" Johnny asked. Wendy stressed that she was fine. Wendy assured Johnny that Li would never hurt her, but Johnny was unsure. "We agreed that we would have a better shot at getting information if we split up," Wendy said. With a sigh, Johnny agreed.

At the Hernandez house, Gabi opened the front door for Li. "Is that pie?" Gabi asked. When Li suggested they share a piece of pie for breakfast, a confused Gabi asked about work. "My schedule's pretty open this morning," Li said. Gabi asked about Wendy.

When Li complained about whether Wendy would show up at work, Gabi told Li to calm down. As Li dug into his slice of pumpkin pie, he noted that Rafe had to be done with Nicole if he had thrown out her pie. Gabi admitted that she had not seen Rafe that upset since Sami had cheated on him with E.J. With a groan, Gabi said that she had hoped that Nicole would be the one woman in town that would not break Rafe's heart.

"They were friends before they got married, right?" Li asked. Gabi said yes, and she added that she had rooted for Rafe and Nicole to get together. "Who knew that Nicole would hurt my brother worse than Ava?" Gabi said. Gabi told Li that it had not been a surprise to learn that Niocle had dumped Rafe for Eric.

"Eric is the love of her life," Gabi said. "But their marriage was over a long time ago, no? Why would she want to go backwards? Rehash a relationship that's already run its course? Especially when she has made a commitment to someone else," Li said defensively. Gabi asked Li if he was talking about Nicole or about Gabi, Li, and Stefan. Li stayed silent.

"I can't help but see the parallels," Li admitted. Gabi stressed that the situations were very different. "Eric came back to town. Stefan came back from the dead," Gabi said. Gabi noted that after she had gotten over the shock and Stefan had rejected her, Gabi had moved on. "I am not going to make the same mistake that Nicole is making. Stefan is my past, and you are my future," Gabi said.

As Li and Gabi kissed in the kitchen, Wendy knocked on the front door. "I thought I might find you here," Wendy said. "Is everything okay?" Gabi asked. Wendy asked to speak privately with her brother. "Save it. Gabi already knows everything," Li said. Confused, Wendy said, "I didn't think you'd want Gabi to know about this." Li said that he had no secrets from Gabi. "I told her what you were up to the minute I found out," Li said. Wendy raised an eyebrow.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" Li asked. "Don't be so hard on your sister. So, she played hooky with a boy. No big deal," Gabi said. Li argued that it was a problem that Wendy had begged for a promotion and then had jetted off with Johnny her first week at work. "You said you weren't going to overreact," Gabi whispered. Li called Wendy irresponsible.

"How could you?' Li said. "I had a very good reason," Wendy growled. Li scoffed at the idea, but he thought about when he had ordered Rolf to erase Wendy's memory. Li argued that he should fire Wendy. "Calm down," Gabi said. "Calm down? Father is gonna go ballistic when he hears about this," Li said. Gabi suggested that she go out so that Li and Wendy could talk.

After Gabi left, Li told Wendy that Gabi could not save Wendy from punishment. "I'm not the one who needs to be worried about what's coming," Wendy said. Li asked Wendy what she meant. "Gabi and Stefan. And what they're going to do when they find out what you did to keep them apart," Wendy said. Li asked Wendy if she was jetlagged.

"[You] ordered Dr. Rolf to inject me and Johnny with a memory erasing drug?" Wendy asked. Li laughed. "That's absurd," Li said. "Almost as absurd as you telling Rolf to brainwash Stefan into hating Gabi so you could have her for yourself," Wendy countered. Li's smile fell away. Wendy told Li that she and Johnny had retained their memories. "And from the look on your face, it's clear [Rolf] was telling the truth," Wendy said.

Someone knocked on E.J.'s bedroom door. Hungover and miserable, E.J. yelled at Harold to go away. "I'm not Harold," Ava said. E.J. gasped in surprise. "I'm hallucinating," E.J. mumbled. "I'm real. And so is this," Ava said as she pointed a gun at E.J. Ava told E.J. that his brothers would not save him "this time."

"Say hello to your mother. In hell," Ava said. Ava fired the gun, and E.J. startled awake in bed. E.J. assured himself that it had only been a dream. After E.J. dressed, he went downstairs to the living room and poured a glass of liquor. "Wouldn't you rather have a coffee?" Stefan asked. "Hair of the dog," E.J. muttered. E.J. admitted that he might still be drunk after his night of drinking at his mother's crash site.

"Were you alone?" Stefan asked. "Rafe was with me for a bit," E.J. said. E.J. told Stefan that he had hallucinated Ava at the crash site. "I'm so sorry. I can't begin to imagine the pain you are going through right now. And just know if there is anything that you need, I'm here," Stefan said. E.J. thanked Stefan and Chloe for their kindness when he had learned about Susan.

"You two seem to be getting closer," E.J. said. "We are," Stefan whispered. With a smirk, E.J. noted that Gabi "must be seething." Stefan said that Gabi had repeatedly mentioned her wedding plans to him. "It's one pathetic attempt after another to make me jealous. You know, I wish she would stop wasting her energy and get it into her head that Chloe is the only woman in my mind," Stefan said. Stefan admitted that he saw a future with Chloe.

"I'm glad someone in this family has finally found happiness again," E.J. said. As E.J. complained about the lengths that Gabi had gone to in order to retain control of his father's company, Johnny walked in. "And just how far would you go for control?" Johnny asked. "I've been trying to reach you for days," E.J. said. When Johnny said he needed to talk to E.J., E.J. said he had something to tell Johnny first. Stefan slipped out of the room.

E.J. told Johnny that Susan had died. When Johnny asked what had happened, E.J. explained that someone had kidnapped Susan and held her for ransom. E.J. noted that after he had paid the ransom, the kidnapper had killed Susan, anyway.

"You keep saying she. It's a woman? A woman who did this? Who?" Johnny asked. "It was Ava Vitali," E.J. said. Johnny exhaled. E.J. told Johnny that Ava had died in the crash, too. When Johnny asked why Ava would kidnap Susan, E.J. said that Ava had been psychotic. After a moment, E.J. yelled, "I tried to warn you!"

"Are you trying to say this is my fault?" Johnny asked. E.J. took a deep breath. "But how would you know that she would take it that far?" E.J. whispered. "No, I was stubborn. I was stupid. Even after she defrauded our family, I still wouldn't listen," Johnny admitted. E.J. argued that the situation had not been Johnny's fault.

"It was all about getting revenge on me," E.J. said. Frustrated, Johnny countered that if he had not gotten involved with Ava, the kidnapping would not have happened. E.J. took Johnny's face in his hands and said, "This is not your fault." Johnny apologized, and E.J. hugged him. "Your grandmother was a very special person," E.J. said. With a sad smile, Johnny noted that Susan had been the first person to realize that Johnny had been possessed.

"Only the devil erased her memory," E.J. said. "Yeah. Kind of like you wanted Dr. Rolf to do to me in Jakarta," Johnny said. E.J. appeared stricken. "I tell you your grandmother died in a horrific crash, and you take that as an opportunity to hurl ridiculous accusations against me?" E.J. yelled. Johnny said that he was sorry about Susan, but it did not change the fact that E.J. had gone after him and Wendy.

"Li's sister? What the hell does she have to do with this?" E.J. asked. Johnny explained that Wendy had gone with him to Jakarta. "We found [Rolf]. And we know everything," Johnny said. Confused, E.J. asked Johnny what he knew. "That you told Dr. Rolf to inject us with some kind of memory-erasing drug, but he didn't, because we stopped him," Johnny said. E.J. asked if Johnny was on drugs. "It's over! Okay? You can stop pretending, because we know what you tried to do to Uncle Stefan," Johnny said.

At Basic Black, Nicole showed Chloe the photoshoot pictures. "They're amazing," Chloe said. Stefan walked in, and he asked Chloe and Nicole out to breakfast. Nicole declined, so Chloe left with Stefan. When Brady arrived at the office, he told Nicole to go home to Eric. "Sure. Right next door to his baby mama," Nicole joked. Brady told Nicole that he had spoken to Eric and that Eric was thrilled to be with Nicole again.

In the town square, Gabi saw Stefan at breakfast with Chloe in the café. Stefan told Chloe about his conversation with E.J. "Poor guy," Chloe whispered.

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