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Days of our Lives Recap for Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Days of our Lives Daily Recaps (Tuesday, May 21, 2024)
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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

At Black Patch, Chad delivered a file to Steve with news articles about Clyde. "The fact that we weren't able to keep Clyde behind bars keeps me up at night," Chad admitted. Steve promised they would recapture Clyde. With a nod, Chad informed Steve that he had found new evidence about Abigail's murder. Chad gave Abigail's notebook from the newspaper to Steve, and Chad explained what Abigail had detailed about the Salem drug trade.

"She never said anything to you about any of this?" Steve asked. With a shake of his head, Chad said he did not think Abigail would have wanted Chad to know that she had been working on a dangerous story. "But I reached out to her dad, and he confirmed that Abby was working on something big," Chad confirmed. Chad added that Abigail had told Jack that the story had not panned out.

"Do you think that it's possible that my Abby wasn't collateral damage? That maybe she was Clyde's target all along?" Chad asked. Steve urged Chad to take Abigail's journal to the police. With a shake of his head, Chad noted that, unlike the police, Steve would not backburner the murder of his niece. "Technically, [the police] already solved the case. Clyde Weston confessed to the murder. They don't care about the why," Chad said. When Steve noted that Clyde's confession was that he had mistakenly attacked Abigail, Chad shook his head in disagreement.

"[Clyde's] reasons for going after Belle as some kind of warning to E.J., they just never made sense," Chad argued. Steve promised to investigate. "Bringing Clyde Weston down is personal to me. More personal than ever," Steve said.

At the Brady Pub, Roman complimented Ava on her job performance during her trial period. "You got the job," Roman said. Kate watched from the corner of the restaurant as Ava and Roman shook hands. Kate walked over and asked Roman if he could take a break.

"Thank you for the job, Roman. It means a lot to me," Ava said before she returned to work. Roman was about to sit down at a table with Kate when Eric walked into the pub. "Where is your little sidekick?" Roman asked. Eric confirmed that Jude was at home, and he was there to pick up dessert. Roman offered to give the pie to Eric for free if he would agree to let Roman spend more time with his grandson.

While Roman and Eric walked into the back to get dessert, Ava delivered a glass of wine to Kate. Kate noted that it was the wrong wine. "I heard Roman hired you, officially," Kate said. "He did," Ava said. Kate congratulated Ava, and she warned Ava not to attempt to take over the business. "Do we understand each other?" Kate asked. Ava smiled. Ava told Kate that she did not like to be threatened.

"It wasn't a threat. It was a promise. And unlike your boyfriend, I keep my promises," Kate said. Confused, Ava asked Kate what she meant. Kate explained that Harris had promised to petition for Lucas' release from prison. "Remind [Harris] to come through for Lucas -- or else," Kate said. "So, now you're threatening him, too, huh?" Ava asked. With a smirk, Kate noted that neither Ava nor Harris wanted to know what Kate was "capable of."

When Roman returned to join Kate, he asked her if she was upset that he had hired Ava. "I would never tell you how to run the pub," Kate said. With a shrug, Kate noted that if Ava was a good employee, it meant that Roman would have more free time to spend with Kate. Kate glared over at Ava. "I just wish I could trust her, that's all," Kate said. Steve walked in the door, and Roman called out to him.

"I need to see Ava. Is she around?" Steve asked. Roman pointed at Ava. "Take a break," Roman said to Ava. With a nod, Steve and Ava headed outside to walk and talk. Kate rolled her eyes. Steve and Ava walked over to the town square, and he asked her about her plans for Clyde. "Did you mean what I think you meant?" Steve asked. "He tried to kill my son, our son. He needs to pay. So, whatever I choose to do next, I'm warning you, Steve, do not stand in my way," Ava said. Steve promised not to interfere.

"But listen. I don't know what you're planning, what you got cooked up, but if Weston is found by whomever and he happens to be in a body bag instead of handcuffs, so be it," Steve whispered. Ava grinned. After their conversation, Steve left for home, and Ava returned to the clearing in front of the pub to call Harris. Harris confirmed that his friends in the Navy had made progress with the code. Ava informed Harris that Clyde had not emailed her, but she promised to forward it to Harris when Clyde reached out. With a sigh, Ava told Harris that she missed him.

In the Spectator office, Everett read comments on his story about the mayor's misconduct as Leo paced and reviewed possible stories for his column. Leo congratulated Everett on his big story, and he lamented that he had not been able to post a blind item about the mayor in his column first. "Especially since I have zip, zilch, nada for my column this week," Leo said. When Leo mentioned that he had killed a juicy story, Everett asked what had happened. Leo muttered that he was a romantic.

Stephanie walked into the office and announced that Paulina had fired E.J. and rehired Melinda Trask. "Poor E.J. He is having a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week," Leo said. With a sigh, Everett noted that he was interested in a drink. Leo declined to join Everett, citing his need to stay sober. "Good for you," Stephanie said. Stephanie asked Everett if he wanted to go to the Small Bar. As Everett nodded yes, Stephanie noted that there were a lot of good-looking men at the bar.

"You don't need to drink to have fun," Stephanie said. Leo furrowed his brow. "Yeah, so I've heard. But I am also on the wagon from gorgeous, charismatic men who lure you in with their charm," Leo said. Stephanie reminded Leo that the bar was a great place to overhear gossip for his column. Leo leaped to his feet. "Quick, before I make a decision I'll be proud of," Leo said.

At Sloan and Eric's apartment, E.J. demanded that Sloan hand over Jude. "I'm not asking you, Sloan. I'm telling you. That baby does not belong to you. It belongs to Nicole and to me," E.J. growled. Sloan reminded E.J. that they had agreed that it was in everyone's best interest that Jude remain with Sloan and Eric. "I did, yes, but that was before I saw [Eric and Nicole] kissing," E.J. said. Sloan was taken aback.

"I don't believe you. When?" Sloan asked. E.J. explained to Sloan what had happened at the bar and in the foyer. E.J. confirmed that neither Eric nor Nicole knew that E.J. had watched them kiss. "But obviously, they're working so closely together, coupled with their history, the way they always seem to orbit one another. It's a disaster waiting to happen, and it must be stopped," E.J. said. "But how?" Sloan asked. E.J. explained that if Jude were returned to Nicole, Nicole would quit her job to focus on her son and family. "It would drive a stake through the heart of any lingering feelings for Eric," E.J. said.

"The only problem is, Jude is not your son," Sloan countered. "Nicole doesn't, nor will she ever, know that," E.J. said. Sloan scowled and noted that if E.J. pushed to enact his plan, she would let everyone know that Eric was Jude's father. E.J. warned Sloan that if Sloan attempted to tell anyone the truth, he would make sure Sloan was charged with kidnapping, among other charges.

"You will lose Eric, your law practice, everything," E.J. said. Sloan noted that if E.J. took Jude, she would still lose Eric and be subject to criminal charges. E.J. offered to help Sloan flee the country. "You will still have your freedom and a chance to start over," E.J. said. E.J. promised to pay Sloan, and in exchange, she needed to keep Jude's paternity a secret forever.

"And if I don't?" Sloan asked. With a shrug, E.J. noted, "Then we'll both go down. And unlike you, I won't be anywhere near a prison." E.J. ordered Sloan to make a choice. Sloan walked over to the crib, and she started to cry. "I can't! I need more time," Sloan said. "You have 24 hours, and not a second more," E.J. said. E.J. reminded Sloan that there was no escape.

"There is nothing you could say or do that won't implicate you. So, double-crossing me isn't even an option," E.J. growled. "I will do anything, E.J.," Sloan whispered. E.J. leaned in close to Sloan's face. "But you have already done so much, far too much, and it's finally come back to bite you. My God, adopting Jude when you knew full well it was Nicole's baby," E.J. said with disgust. "And Eric's! We lost a baby, too!" Sloan countered.

In tears, Sloan claimed she had only wanted to ease Eric's pain. E.J. noted that Eric would leave Sloan if he knew about any of her lies. "And if your wife ever finds out that you're not the baby's father, do you think she's going to actually stay with you? Even if she does, do you really want to raise some other man's child?" Sloan yelled. E.J. noted that the world would see Jude as E.J.'s son.

"But whatever happens, you've already lost Eric. You see, to Eric and to the world, you will be exposed as a liar and a thief," E.J. said. Sloan argued that E.J was prolonging the inevitable discovery of Jude's paternity. With a smirk, E.J. left the apartment. Sloan dropped to her knees next to Jude's crib.

At the Small Bar, Everett and Stephanie were playfully bickering over tequila shots while Leo stared glumly about the room. "I just want to say that as engrossing and fun and sloppy as this D.A. news is, this is so much better than rummaging through newspaper archives, isn't it?" Everett said. Leo watched Everett and Stephanie laugh, and he pouted.

"I thought you said this place was crawling with gorgeous, lonely men," Leo complained. Stephanie pointed out a man in the corner, and Leo gasped with delight. Leo chattered about how the man appeared to be Spanish and that he had been learning Spanish in preparation for his honeymoon with Dimitri. Leo's smile fell away. Stephanie suggested a change of subject.

"What are we eating?" Stephanie asked. As Everett and Stephanie bantered about the menu, Leo asked them if they had figured out if they were dating or not. "We're just friends, but who knows what lies ahead," Everett said. Stephanie nodded in agreement. Everett and Stephanie talked about past "first" dates together, and Leo furrowed his brow in confusion.

"What is this?" Leo asked. "Sorry. This is just us trying to get a feel for where we are relationship-wise. Or should I say friendship-wise," Stephanie explained. Frustrated, Leo called out to the waiter for more drinks. "[And bring me] something that Carrie Bradshaw would drink after going to an A.A. meeting," Leo added.

A disheveled E.J. was surprised to see Chad waiting for him in the living room of the DiMera mansion. "Is everything okay?" Chad asked. "It's been a long day," E.J. said. E.J. offered Chad a drink. "I came across some information, and I don't really know what to do about it," Chad said. "You seeking some brotherly counsel?" E.J. asked. Chad nodded yes, and he asked for advice from the D.A., as well. E.J. started to admit that he was no longer the D.A., but he changed his mind.

"Fire away," E.J. said. Chad showed Abigail's notebook to E.J., and he explained his theory about Clyde's real motive for having killed Abigail. "I think he was going after Abby the entire time. I don't think it had anything to do with Belle. And I can't help but feel like it's my fault," Chad said. "What are you talking about?" E.J. asked. Chad reminded E.J. that Clyde had hated Abigail because she had cheated on Ben with Chad.

"And when [Clyde] found out that Thomas wasn't his grandson? Okay, look, Clyde wanted Abby out of the picture for a lot of different reasons, both personally and professionally," Chad said. With a groan, E.J. argued that Clyde was the only person to blame for Abigail's murder. Chad stressed that he needed to get to the truth.

"If this killing wasn't accidental, it means that son of a bitch hunted my wife down in her bedroom. Now that wound, E.J., is open again," Chad said. E.J. softened. "I understand. What can I do to help?" E.J. asked. Chad shrugged, and he said he did not know. E.J. admitted that he had hired men to find Clyde. "If there is anything, anything I can do to avenge Abigail's death, I will do it," E.J. promised. "Thank you. I just have one more favor to ask," Chad whispered.

E.J. escorted Chad up to the room where Clyde had murdered Abigail. Chad hesitated before he entered. As Chad looked around, he remembered the night he had found a bloody Abigail in their bed. E.J. put a hand on his brother's shoulder. "I still can't believe she's gone. And it doesn't get any easier. It just doesn't get easier," Chad said.

When Eric returned home, Sloan and Jude were gone. Eric texted Sloan, and he wondered aloud where Sloan had gone with the baby. Roman called. "I thought you were Sloan. She's not at home. And neither is Jude. He must be with her," Eric said.

Roman explained that Sloan had dropped Jude off at the pub. "Did she say where she was going?" Eric asked. Roman said he had assumed that Sloan had wanted to spend time alone with Eric. Eric said no. "I'm sure she'll call me soon," Eric whispered. Roman offered to babysit for the night. Eric promised to call Roman once he heard from Sloan.

At the pub, Roman and Kate cooed over baby Jude. "Funny how much you remind me of your dad when he was born," Roman said. With a sigh, Roman lamented that he had not been there to watch Eric grow up. "You're there for Eric now. He adores you," Kate said.

With a smile, Kate said Jude reminded her of Lucas and how Lucas had kept her on her toes. "And he still does," Roman said. Kate agreed, and she added that Lucas had made amends. Kate said she was proud of Lucas. "If Harris doesn't come through for him, this mama bear is going to take matters into her own hands," Kate said.

At the Small Bar, Leo spotted Sloan drinking in the corner, and he said hello. "Not in the mood," Sloan muttered. Leo ignored Sloan, and he asked for an update on Jude's cuteness. Sloan stared daggers at Leo, so he rejoined Everett and Stephanie at their table. "Very interesting," Leo said. "I feel like there's something you're not telling us," Everett said. With a shake of his head, Leo noted that Lady Whistleblower had nothing to say yet.

Across the bar, a slurring Sloan called out to the bartender for another drink. Everett called out to the bartender, as well. "Are you sure?" Stephanie asked. "The night is still young!" Everett said. Leo laughed. "He is so much more animated after he's had a few," Leo said. In the doorway, Eric stepped into the room and approached Sloan. Leo watched Sloan sarcastically call Eric her "knight in shining armor."

"Isn't funny how every woman you love ends up drowning their sorrows in booze when they don't get their way?" Sloan said. Confused, Eric asked Sloan what she meant. Sloan yelled for another drink. "Let's get you home," Eric said as he attempted to ease Sloan out of her chair. "I said no!" Sloan yelled as she pulled away. Across the bar, Everett appeared shaken as he watched Sloan yell at Eric to leave her alone.

"I don't want to cause a scene," Eric whispered. "You're the one causing a scene trying to forcibly drag me out of here," Sloan hissed. Leo walked over to help Eric. Stephanie noticed that Everett appeared upset. "Are you okay?" Stephanie asked.

At Sloan's table, Leo politely urged Sloan to call it quits and head home. "Who do you think you are? The both of you. Get lost. I don't want to see either one of you," Sloan said. Leo nodded and walked away. Eric asked Sloan what had happened after he had left the house. "What part of 'no' don't you understand?" Sloan yelled.

At Everett and Stephanie's table, Everett worried aloud that Eric would hurt Sloan. "Eric? Why would he hurt her?" Stephanie said. Eric pulled Sloan out of her seat, and she wrenched herself away. "I said no!" Sloan yelled. Everett rushed over and punched Eric.

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