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The Scoop: DAYS previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of January 25, 2021
While one Salemite lives, another may fall!
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DAYS Spoilers for the week of January 25, 2021 on Days of our Lives | Soap Central
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of January 25, 2021. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

A Philip-sized problem plagues a bickering Brady and Chloe as a concerned Maggie crosses her fingers that Philip will take her guidance to heart

Still, a frightened Philip has the mob to contend with, and they are after him with both barrels blazing

Philip is confronted by the mob, but it ends up being Brady who takes a bullet, sending shockwaves across Salem

Having heard the shots, Kristen is panicked as a concerned Chloe pleads with a badly injured Brady

Lani hopes an incarcerated Kristen can solve her problems while Ms. DiMera gets a visit from her big brother Tony

Tony's visit comes at costly time, as Kristen, consumed with rage and fear over Brady's well-being, takes him hostage

A consumed Kristen considers shooting Chloe, while Tony and Chad come together to assist their scared sister

As hospital workers continue assisting Brady, Victor learns the terrible truth about Philip from Xander

Eli hopes that with Xander's assistance, Dr. Raynor can be detained and that will lead him to his infant twins

Gabi remains hopeful for a reconciliation with Jake, as a cautious Kate questions her beau if that's possible

A heartsick Ben continues to believe there is hope that Ciara is still alive, and he shares his feelings with Claire

As a caged Ciara demands answers from her captors, Ben discovers a new reason to believe his bride is alive

Still overwhelmed with questions about the night Charlie attacked her, Allie undergoes hypnosis with Marlena

Allie's overwhelming session with her grandmother leads to answers, while Tripp has more than a few questions for Charlie

Tripp tries to persuade his newfound half-brother Charlie to confess, as Patch presents some stunning proof to the Salem P.D.

Though she had to coax him into having fun, birthday boy Rafe confesses an earful to Nicole as they celebrate his big day in an intimate way

Julie is in a bad way when rushed to the hospital, and Gwen remains problematic for the DiMera and Deveraux families

Always one to lend advice, even when not asked for, Anna has some sage marital material for her sister-in-law Abigail

A heartbroken Chad continues to fight for his marriage, while Abigail and Gwen wage open warfare upon one another

Casting scoops

Victoria Konefal set to return to Days of our Lives

Jaime Lyn Bauer returns to Days of our Lives this February

Jackée Harry joins Days of our Lives in a "fabulous" new role
Related: Kidnapping kicks off Jackée Harry's Days of our Lives debut as "fabulous" character Paulina

Bryan Dattilo back on contract at Days of our Lives

Soap icon Linda Dano joins Days of our Lives as new Vivian

Alison Sweeney returning to Days of our Lives for "emotional storyline"

A sneak peek at next week

An enthusiastic Nicole eagerly awaits Eric's return, but his hoped-for homecomings haven't exactly gone off without a hitch

Believer Ben's determined to bring back his bride, while Eli and Lani get one step closer to reuniting with their twins

Julie's sprung from her stint at Salem University Hospital, while a returning Laura Horton has some big news for Salem

Scoops and more

An old foe returns to town on unfinished business, while new trouble awaits several unsuspecting Salemites

Being the "love of each other's life" might not be enough for one couple, as three may become a crowd

Old habits are hard to kill for one Salemite, and their true killer instincts may rise again when feeling slighted

As is usually the case in Salem, not all is what it seems, and while a shocking revelation may free one man, another becomes more dangerous

Just when one believes they are familiar with every family member in the tree, along comes a twisted branch

Salem's revolving door continues to spin, and more than one Salemite has a secret upon their return

A father is finally revealed, but the paternity mystery continues to entangle several Salemites

Just when one believes the wicked will never return, an evil wind blows back into Salem once again

As 2021 erupts in Salem, many explosive secrets will be exposed, and several lives will change forever

More scoops, spoilers, and commentary

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The Scoop: This week's previews
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Two Scoops: This week's commentary
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