Kristen pushes Xander too far
Days of our Lives Recap for Monday, July 15, 2019
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Monday, July 15, 2019
by Mike

Abe went to the police station after listening to a voicemail message from Eli.

"You wanted to talk to me?" Abe began while approaching Eli. "Yeah... Uh... Abe, you know that I love your daughter very much... She's a great woman, and...recently, we realized that we were meant for each other... So, I -- I'd like... I -- I -- I'd like to ask for your blessing to propose to her," Eli nervously explained. "Eli, this is great news, and we can all use that right now, [so] of course I give you my blessing," Abe replied without hesitation. "Well, that is a relief...especially since I already proposed to her," Eli sheepishly admitted.

"I understand...[and] I'm so happy -- for you and my daughter," Abe assured Eli after getting the whole story. "I'm glad to hear that, Dad," Lani began while emerging from a hiding place, surprising both men.

Abe rushed off after congratulating Lani and Eli with a hug and a handshake, respectively. "So, now that we have my father's blessing...when are we gonna tell everyone else?" Lani asked Eli excitedly. "Right after I give you this," Eli replied while producing a jewelry box that contained a diamond ring. "It's perfect!" Lani raved. "For my perfect fiancée," Eli lovingly stressed while slipping the ring on Lani's finger. The couple started to seal the official engagement with a kiss, but Rex burst into the police station just then and worriedly reported that Kate was missing.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan demanded to know why Hope, Ted, and Kate were trespassing on private property -- and, apparently, helping themselves to whatever they wanted.

"I just rescued Ted and Kate from your underground tunnels, where they were being held hostage," Hope explained. "By whom?" Stefan asked. "According to was you," Hope replied, stunning Stefan, who stared at Ted and Kate in disbelief. "For some reason, they're trying to frame me," Stefan told Hope, who was clearly skeptical. "You're not a cop anymore, [so] I don't know why I'm [even trying to] justify myself to you," Stefan snapped at Hope before ordering the trio of trespassers to leave. "You are not going to get away with this," Kate warned Stefan on the way out. "Right back at you," Stefan countered.

At the Salem Inn, Xander curiously wondered why Kristen had suddenly decided that Ted and Kate didn't need to die, after all.

"[Because] I'm an expert at thinking on my feet, I managed to take your screw-up and turn it to my advantage," Kristen bragged. "Still not following," Xander admitted. "Of course you aren't...because my father taught me to plan two moves ahead, and you are always at least three behind. [See], this is about me taking my rightful place atop the family. I am a true DiMera, [while] my brother Stefan is just a pretender [who] betrayed me...[so], with the help of Ted and Kate, he's going down," Kristen clarified.

At the hospital, Kate and Ted waited to be examined. "[Hope] seems to believe that Stefan threw us in that room. Let's just hope the police believe us, as well...[or else] Kristen will kill us and everyone we love. [Trust me, we] do not want her as our enemy," Kate told Ted, who had no trouble believing that, based on the earlier encounter with Kristen. "[At least Stefan's] finally going to get what he deserves," Kate cheerfully noted.

Meanwhile, Hope contacted Eli, who had just finished telling Rex not only about Kate's recent call to 9-1-1 but also about Eve's decision to protect Xander from the potential consequences of that call. Rex rushed out of the police station with a sigh of relief after hearing that Kate had been found and was awaiting treatment at the hospital. Hope told Eli that Xander needed to be arrested right away. "And not just him..." Hope added.

A short time later, Kristen received a phone call from someone. "Hope Brady just rescued Ted and Kate in the nick of time, [so] we don't even have to engineer their release ourselves," Kristen gleefully informed Xander after ending the call. "So, we're both off the hook," Xander summarized, flashing Kristen a grin of triumph. "Actually...I didn't say we both were off the hook," Kristen clarified, causing Xander's grin to fade at once.

"If you think you can throw me under the bus with Stefan, I'm warning you -- I won't go quietly," Xander insisted. "Yeah, but you will go, nonetheless," Kristen countered with a dismissive shrug, delighting in the opportunity to toy with Xander a bit. "Not by myself. I promise you -- if I go down, you're going with me," Xander maintained before storming out of the hotel room, drawing a groan of irritation from Kristen, who immediately realized that it was time to drop the act. "Wait, Xander -- I have a plan!" Kristen tried to clarify, but Xander was already gone. "Damn you, Xander!" Kristen snapped from the doorway, reluctant to go any further.

At the hospital, Rex burst into Kate's room and released another sigh of relief. "I was so worried about you! Are you okay?" Rex asked while seizing a hug from Kate. "Yes, yes -- I'm fine. [I mean], I'm a little dehydrated [and] a little hungry, but...hey, it's bathing-suit season," Kate replied with a shrug. Rex struggled to understand why Stefan hadn't just killed Kate, who dodged the question with another shrug.

Gabi stormed into the Kiriakis mansion and found Brady alone in the living room, going over business documents.

"Well, if it isn't the rat himself," Gabi spat. "Did you just call me a rat?" Brady asked, confused. "Even my daughter knows you don't snitch on people, but you couldn't control yourself, could you? [You just had to tell] Chloe about my plan to take down Stefan -- [probably to] score points with her," Gabi continued, prompting Brady to clarify that filling Chloe in on the plan had, in fact, simply seemed like the best way to keep it from going off the rails. "She had a really hard time understanding why you would sleep with a guy that destroyed your life, [and she] wasn't going to let it go [without an explanation]," Brady elaborated.

After calming down a bit, Gabi bragged to Brady that the plan was working perfectly. "Well, good for you...[but] be careful," Brady warned. "I know what I'm doing," Gabi dismissively insisted. "That's what I thought [back when] I tried to seduce Eve to regain control of Basic Black...but, uh, I didn't plan on falling in love," Brady countered. "That's not gonna happen. I'm in control," Gabi defensively maintained before quickly changing the subject, informing Brady that Stefan had fired Nicole earlier. Brady immediately rushed off in search of Nicole. "[Stefan's] fallen for you...but you can't fall for him," Gabi stressed once the coast was clear.

"Talking to yourself?" Xander curiously observed, joining Gabi in the living room. "What [has] got your knickers in a twist?" Xander asked. "Nothing I can't handle," Gabi replied. "Fine, be mysterious -- I've got my own problems, anyway," Xander admitted. As if on cue, Lani entered the mansion and arrested Xander -- and, in the process, named Stefan as an accomplice. Stunned, Gabi followed Lani and Xander out of the mansion.

Abe ran into Eric outside the Brady Pub and seized the opportunity to express a few concerns about Nicole's recent behavior. "Maybe you could ask your mother to reach out to her," Abe suggested, and Eric agreed.

After saying goodbye to Eric, Abe headed over to the DiMera mansion to ask Stefan for more time to locate and try to negotiate with Nicole. "I want her out of my company -- and out of my life -- [so] if I don't [get a] resignation letter [from her soon, I'm going] public with what she did. She deserves to be locked up," Stefan told Abe. "Speaking of locking people up..." Eli interjected, joining Stefan and Abe in the living room.

Eli arrested Stefan, who assured a stunned Abe that Ted and Kate's accusations of kidnapping were completely false. "Keep this quiet, you hear me? Don't say a word to anybody," Stefan instructed Abe.

At the Salem Inn, Kristen finished transforming into Nicole then started to rush out of the hotel room in search of Xander, wanting to do damage control. Meanwhile, Eric and Brady approached the hotel room door from opposite directions, both wanting to talk to Nicole about what had happened with Stefan earlier. "Seriously?" Kristen grumbled from the other side, annoyed with the brothers for having such bad timing.

Posing as Nicole, Kristen agreed to talk to Brady but insisted that Eric wasn't welcome. "I'm a little worried about you," Brady told "Nicole" after Eric left, delighting Kristen. "I think you went to work a little too early...and maybe DiMera wasn't the right place to go [either way]. According to Eric, Stefan is willing to accept your letter of resignation [in exchange for keeping quiet about what happened earlier], harm, no foul, right? [Just] forget about DiMera [and] come to work for me again," Brady continued. "Nicole" hopefully wondered if a work relationship with Brady could lead to something more in the future. Brady insisted that would never happen.

Undeterred, "Nicole" gave Brady a passionate kiss.

At the police station, Xander offered to reveal the brains of the kidnapping scheme -- in exchange for immunity, of course.

Meanwhile, Gabi joined Stefan in one of the conference rooms and suggested that Nicole might be the real kidnapper.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Xander strikes back at Kristen.

• Eric considers making a big change.

• Gabi and Stefan grow suspicious of Nicole.

• Ted tries to keep Hope from realizing the truth.

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