Gwen tells Jack about her life
Days of our Lives Recap for Friday, January 22, 2021
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Friday, January 22, 2021

Kate dropped by DiMera Enterprises with Champagne for Jake, and she found Gabi kissing Jake at his desk. "Oh, Gabi, that didn't take long. What, did you smell Jake's rise to power all the way in Arizona?" Kate asked. "Champagne, how thoughtful," Gabi teased. "You really hit the ground running on your first day of work. He certainly has an aggressive business style, doesn't he?" Kate said. Jake jumped to his feet and begged Kate to let him explain.

"I don't want to interrupt. I mean, it looks like you're about to seal the deal," Kate said. Worried, Jake insisted that he wanted Kate, not Gabi. Kate turned to leave, and Jake begged her not to go. "Gabi just showed up here out of nowhere," Jake said. Gabi explained that she was in town to visit Rafe for his birthday and had learned about Jake's promotion.

"Gabi showed up here to get me to put Gabi Chic back under the DiMera umbrella. I asked her for a business proposal; she gave me a more personal proposal. It's like you said, she threw herself at me!" Jake said. Gabi groaned. Kate argued that Gabi believed she could dump any man and then snap and get him back whenever Gabi wanted.

"Actually, I don't think that, but what I do know is that Jake and I, what we had was something special. Beyond special. See, our attraction to each other was off the charts," Gabi said. Jake growled at Gabi to leave. Gabi admitted that her relationship with Jake was over, but she said she still cared about Jake as a friend. When Gabi insisted on telling Jake about Kate's past, Kate announced that she had nothing to hide.

"Does he know about your days as a hooker? As a homewrecker? That you tried to kill your ex, Victor Kiriakis, with a fireplace poker? Or your ex's ex Chloe Lane with a poison brownie?" Gabi said. Jake stared at Kate. "Why the hell are you doing this, Gabi?" Jake asked. Gabi insisted that Jake should know about the past of anyone he dated. When Gabi noted that Kate had set the Kiriakis mansion on fire and had almost killed her son, Kate murmured, "It wasn't intentional."

"Do you see the pattern? This is what happens to her exes," Gabi said. Gabi warned Jake to watch his back around his new girlfriend. "It boggles the mind that you would have the audacity to bring up my past with Jake. I mean, I really don't want to sink to your level, but you are not in a position to throw stones," Kate said. Kate mentioned that Gabi had killed an ex. Gabi reminded Kate that it had been self-defense, and Kate had helped her cover up the murder.

"What about the time you almost blew up all of Salem over your lust for Chad?" Kate said. "That was an accident," Gabi muttered. "And then you managed to control Julie Williams' pacemaker with an app on your phone, and you got out of that because you leveraged your bone marrow," Kate said. Kate went on to mention how Gabi had hurt Eli and Lani's relationship, and when Gabi had arranged for Abigail to go to an asylum.

"Because I went to a prison for a crime she committed!" Gabi yelled. When Kate mentioned that Gabi had drugged Abigail a second time, Gabi groaned in exasperation. "I am sick of this. I owned up to what I did, but I did not do that. I was acquitted by a jury of my peers," Gabi insisted. Kate chuckled. Gabi insisted that Rolf had supplied the drug to someone to set her up. "It wasn't me!" Gabi protested. Kate reminded Gabi that when she had first returned to Salem, Jake had told Gabi that he cared about Kate.

"And still you threw yourself at him. After everything I've done for you," Kate said. "You took him away from me!" Gabi countered. Kate argued that Gabi had left Jake. "And now I'm back. Jake and I had something before you got in the middle. See, there is unfinished business between us," Gabi said. Jake ordered Gabi to leave. Gabi asked Jake to think about both of her proposals, and she walked out.

"I know what it looked like when you walked in here, but I need you to know that I did not give Gabi the idea that I'm the least bit interested in her," Jake said. "I know. Gabi has a way of just grabbing what she wants," Kate said. Jake opened the bottle of Champagne, and he asked Kate if she knew that it did not matter to him that Gabi was back in town. Kate nodded yes.

In the square, Allie sat on a bench and stared at the ground. "Allie?" Ben said. Allie looked up. Ben asked Allie if she was okay. When Allie asked why, Ben said he had helped Marlena deliver Charlie to the police. "I guess the answer is I'm not all right," Allie said. Allie worried aloud that Henry's father was a kidnapper as well as a rapist. Ben suggested that Allie get a paternity test, but Allie noted that a test was not enough evidence to prove Charlie had raped her. When Allie mentioned that her best option for a conviction was to remember the night of her rape, Ben urged Allie to talk to Marlena about hypnosis.

"I don't know if I can relive that night. You know, go through everything all over again," Allie confided to Ben. Ben admitted that he had relived horrible memories in hypnosis. "Remembering is what, it just enabled me to put all that behind me. It's a really personal decision. I'm sure you'll make the right choice," Ben said. Ben wished Allie luck. Allie called Marlena and made an appointment for hypnosis.

Outside the pub, Charlie called out to Claire as she walked by. Claire stammered that she had left something in the pub, and she backed away from Charlie. "I'm not going to hurt you. I couldn't," Charlie said. Charlie noted that they were in public in front of the pub and that plenty of people could hear her scream if he did anything. Claire nodded in agreement.

"I think they brainwashed you into believing all those awful things they said about me," Charlie said. "They didn't brainwash me. They told me the truth. So now, how can I believe a single word that you say? You told me Ava Vitali was not your mother," Claire said. Claire yelled at Charlie because he had lied to her. Charlie explained that he had lied about his mother because he had not wanted Claire to know that Tripp was his brother.

"Claire, I didn't rape [Allie]. I would never rape anybody. You know me," Charlie pleaded. "No, I don't know you. I thought I did," Claire said. Claire pointed out that Charlie had planned to have sex with her while his mother was drugged and tied to a chair across town. "My entire life, my mother has always screwed things up for me," Charlie said. Charlie argued that Ava only cared about Tripp, and he reminded Claire of when she had felt second best to Ciara.

"Yeah, and I obsessed over it. I drove myself so crazy that I lost my mind and tried to set her on fire. Is that what happened to you? You drove yourself crazy until you finally snapped?" Claire asked. "My own brother, my own mother is against me. I have nothing and nobody else. I need you," Charlie said. Before Claire could respond, Ben walked up. "You're done talking," Ben said to Charlie. Ben offered to walk Claire home. Charlie gave Claire a pleading look, but she walked away with Ben.

After Chad's chat with Rolf at the prison, he raced to the Horton house to tell Abigail and her parents what he had learned. Jack and Jennifer were not home, so Abigail urged Chad to tell her the news. "I'm not going to fall apart. After everything Gwen has done to me, how bad can it be?" Abigail said.

"Rolf said Gwen thinks that your dad is her father," Chad said. "That can't be true," Abigail countered. Chad admitted that he did not know if it was true, but that was what Rolf had told him. "I think she's lying. I think she's moved from gaslighting to blackmail," Abigail said. Chad agreed that Gwen was a liar, but he noted that Gwen had no reason to lie to Rolf. When Abigail asked why Gwen had attacked her and Jennifer, Chad explained that Gwen believed Jack had thrown Gwen and her mother away for his other family.

"[Gwen thinks] that you got everything that she should have," Chad explained. Abigail said she did not understand why Gwen hated Jack when he did not know that Gwen existed. "My dad would never deliberately turn his back on his own daughter," Abigail said. Chad insisted that Gwen had told Rolf that Jack had intentionally turned his back on Gwen and her mother. Abigail said she did not believe Jack would do that.

"Your dad did walk out on your mom and you and J.J., right?" Chad said. Abigail groaned, and she announced that she needed to talk to her father. "That woman cannot be my sister after everything she had done to me," Abigail said.

"Gwen is very dangerous," Chad stressed. Chad told Abigail that Gwen had found Rolf because of the drug he had developed. "The drug that gave you the hallucinations," Chad said. "We already know that had to be Gabi," Abigail said. "It was Gwen," Chad confirmed. Chad explained that Gwen had drugged Abigail at Julie's Place.

"I'm sorry that you have to go through all this alone," Chad said softly. "So am I," Abigail agreed. Abigail added that she could not trust Chad. "I'm going to work really hard to change that. I'll do absolutely anything I can to make it up to you," Chad said. Tired, Abigail said she did not want to talk about their relationship. When Chad asked about the kids, Abigail noted that the children were asleep and that she needed Chad to call when he visited so that Abigail would not be there.

After Chad left the Horton house, he walked to the square, and he called out Gabi's name as she passed by. "The one and only, now that Abigail has retired her alternate personality," Gabi joked. Gabi told Chad that she had heard the news about his job. "Now you know what it felt like when Shin fired me," Gabi said. Chad told Gabi he owed her an apology.

"You weren't the one that drugged Abigail. I'm sorry," Chad said. "Hold on, wait a second. Does this mean you know who did it?" Gabi asked. Chad confirmed that Gwen was the culprit. Confused, Gabi asked why. "It's a long story," Chad said.

At the Salem Inn, Jack and Jennifer talked to Gwen in her hotel room. Jennifer asked Gwen why Gwen hated Abigail. "Guess what? [Abigail] may be your daughter, but so am I," Gwen said. Confused, Jack said he did not know what Gwen meant. "I thought you'd try to deny it, especially in front of her," Gwen said. Jack insisted that he did not know anything about Gwen's mother.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. You knocked up my mum, and you waltzed off! I am the kid that you threw away," Gwen said. With a puzzled look on his face, Jack said he had not thrown anyone away. Gwen mentioned Tiffany Rizczech, her mother, but Jack said he did not know the name.

"Yes, you've heard it. You just didn't bother to remember it, did you?" Gwen grumbled. Jennifer asked Gwen what proof she had that Jack was Gwen's father. Gwen said her mother had repeatedly cursed the name of the man that had ruined her life. "She may have believed that to be true, but she never told me," Jack said. Gwen called Jack a liar. Gwen explained that her mother had gone to Salem and told Jack the whole story.

"I swear to you, to both of you, that never happened," Jack insisted. "But it did. I remember it. I was just a little girl, but I remember all of it," Gwen said. Gwen explained that she and her mother had been starving and on the verge of eviction when Tiffany had decided to beg for help from Jack. Gwen added that Tiffany had left Gwen in a hotel and gone to speak to Jack, but Tiffany had returned in tears.

"[You] said that you didn't want to speak to [Tiffany] because you were too busy with your wife and your daughter. Your precious little princess, Abigail. You didn't even want to meet me," Gwen said. Jack insisted that Gwen's mother had lied to her, but Gwen refused to believe Jack.

"You had your secretary send her money each month to keep quiet," Gwen said. "No, I didn't!" Jack yelled. In tears, Gwen yelled back, "You did! You know you did!" Jennifer stepped between Jack and Gwen, and she asked Gwen if Tiffany had mentioned how she had met Jack. Gwen explained that Jack had met Tiffany in a Chicago bar before he had moved to Salem.

"[Jack] did live in Chicago before he moved here," Jennifer whispered. Jennifer looked at Jack, and she asked him if any of Gwen's story was true. Jack said he did not remember a one-night stand. Gwen sniffled back tears, and she leafed through her folder of clippings. "We all know what he did to his sister-in-law Kayla," Gwen said. Gwen accused Jack of using women and throwing them away. Gwen said Jack had stopped sending checks when Tiffany had died, and it had left her destitute.

"[Jack] is a man who does not care, dodges responsibility, and abandons his family when they need him the most," Gwen said. "I'm sorry about your mother," Jack said. Gwen argued that Jack had been thrilled when her mother had died. Frustrated, Jack asked about Gwen's accent. Gwen explained that she and her mother had moved to England, and Gwen had become a ward of the state after her mother's death. Gwen said she had seen in the news that Jack had moved to England.

"I'm so stupid. Do you know I actually thought that you were coming to find me? Of course, you didn't," Gwen said. Jack admitted that he might not remember a one-night affair, but he would remember if someone had told him that he had a child. "I would remember if I paid your mother to go away. It didn't happen! I wouldn't let it happen!" Jack yelled.

"I am living proof! I am right here standing in front of you! I lived a wretched life of misery and deprivation while bloody Abigail was the golden child. So, I told myself when I get old enough, I am going to find you, and I am going to make you pay for what you did to me," Gwen said. Gwen added that Jack could not throw her away this time.

"I am here to stay, Dad," Gwen said. "I understand why you are lashing out at me, but I'm telling you, your mother lied to you," Jack said. Gwen ordered Jack to take a paternity test and prove it. With a scoff, Gwen added that she did not trust the paternity tests in Salem. Jack asked Gwen what she wanted. "You want money?" Jack asked.

"How dare you! You don't get to pay me off the way you paid off my mother. Don't you see all I wanted was for you to care? For you to give a damn about what you've done?" Gwen said. Gwen said she had wanted a dad, but she did not want one like Jack.

"You have ruined my life, but as miserable as you've made my life, I promise you, I will make yours worse," Gwen said. When Jack asked Gwen what she had planned, Gwen said Jack would find out soon. Gwen opened the door and ordered Jack and Jennifer to leave.

In the hallway, Jack looked at Jennifer and asked, "You believe me, don't you?" Jennifer nodded yes. "I'm so sorry. After everything with Kate, to drag you through this," Jack said. Jennifer noted that she was more concerned about Abigail's reaction to the news. Inside her room, Gwen looked through her news clippings and cried.

When Jack and Jennifer returned home, Abigail started to ask Jack about Gwen. "[Gwen] thinks I'm her father," Jack said. Jennifer confirmed they had just spoken to Gwen. "Is it true?" Abigail asked. "A lot of the things she said were absolutely not true, but as to whether or not I'm her father, honest to God, I don't know," Jack admitted.

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