Will hears the real story of the crash
Days of our Lives Recap for Friday, January 24, 2020
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Friday, January 24, 2020

At the prison, Ciara told Will that he had not killed Adrienne. "What are you talking about?" Will asked. Ciara told Will that he was innocent.

[The previous year]

The previous Mother's Day, in Jennifer's hospital room, Jack turned over the hourglass before he sat down next to Jennifer. A solemn-faced J.J. walked in and told Jack about Adrienne's death. "The little sister's gone," Jack said. Jack wondered how he would tell Jennifer. J.J. asked Jack what he needed. "I need to see Adrienne," Jack said. J.J. promised to find Abigail and tell her the news.

In a quiet room at the hospital, Justin talked to Adrienne's body. "You and I were supposed to spend the rest of our lives together. What am I supposed to do without you," Justin said through tears. Justin stared at Adrienne's engagement ring. Justin talked about the night he had proposed to Adrienne. "It was one of those perfect moments in life. Adrienne was speechless, which is a rare thing for her. Was," Justin said. Justin tenderly kissed Adrienne's hand. Kayla offered her help to Justin, and he promised to contact her if he needed anything. With a nod, Justin left.

"I love you," Kayla whispered to Adrienne. Jack walked in. "Is it okay if I'm here?" Jack asked. Kayla told Jack that she was sorry for his loss. "This is impossible," Jack said. Jack asked Kayla if she had called Steve. "I left him a message," Kayla confirmed.

In the hospital lounge, Will told a grieving Sonny that he was responsible for Adrienne's death. "You caused it?" Sonny asked. "I ran Sarah and Adrienne off the road. I'm sorry. I killed your mother," Will said. "You were the one driving the other car?" a shocked Sonny asked. Will nodded yes. Sonny argued that Will was too good of a driver, and his car was the wrong color. Will countered that it was night, and Sarah had been preoccupied with her baby.

"I didn't realize I had drifted into oncoming traffic," Will explained. Will told Sonny that he had been distracted by his phone. "My mom is dead because you were texting?" Sonny yelled. Sonny asked Will what had been so important that he had not been able to wait until he was home. Crying, Will stammered out that he had forgotten to text his mother for Mother's Day.

"You were texting your mom because you were too busy to send the message earlier," Sonny yelled through tears. Sonny said he did not understand why Will was always busier than everyone else. "Who the hell do you think you are?" Sonny screamed at Will. "What's going on?" Justin asked as he walked in.

"I have to tell you something, but before I do, I hope you know how much I loved Adrienne," Will said. "She loved you, too. She loved you like a son, Will. So do I," Justin said. Will shook his head no. Will admitted that he had caused the crash and that he had not seen what had happened.

"Because he was texting," Sonny interjected. "I heard a horn blaring, and I swerved to the side. I didn't think I left my lane, but I must have because I looked back, and I saw another car had crashed," Will said. Justin grabbed his head, unable to fully comprehend what he was hearing. Will said he had spoken to Adrienne after the crash, and she had confirmed that another car had veered into their lane and driven them off the road.

"That's when I knew what I had done. That it was me," Will said. Will added that Adrienne had been happy to see him, and he had felt like everything was going to be okay at first. "I'm so sorry," Will said. "Sorry? My wife, the love of my life, is dead because of you. Because of you!" Justin shouted. Sonny told Will to leave. With tears in his eyes, Will slowly walked out of the lounge. "I know sorry is not enough, and I'm not just sorry. I really wish it were me," Will said. After Will let, Justin hugged a crying Sonny.

After Sarah's baby had passed away due to complications from the crash, Victor had directed Xander to switch Sarah's baby for Kristen's healthy daughter. Xander carried Kristen's baby into Sarah's hospital room. The little girl cried. Sarah asked Xander if everything was okay. "She's perfect," Xander said as he hesitantly handed the baby to Sarah. "You're right. She's perfect. She's here in this world because of you. Thank you so much for delivering this precious angel," Sarah said. Sarah's smile fell away.

"She doesn't look how I remembered her. It's like, almost like she's a different baby or something," Sarah said. A guilty Xander swallowed hard. With a forced grin, Xander assured Sarah she was wrong. Xander suggested that Sarah was out of sorts after the events of the evening. When Sarah smiled, Xander took the baby and placed her in the nearby crib as Rafe walked in to congratulate Sarah.

"Big night for newborns!" Rafe said. Rafe told Sarah that Kristen had delivered a baby girl. Rafe asked Sarah if she was up for a few questions about the accident. Sarah told Rafe that a car had veered into their lane and had not moved even after Adrienne had honked. "I think it was a black car. Honestly, Adrienne got a better look. You should ask her," Sarah said. Xander interrupted to note that he had not told Sarah the news yet. Sarah was stunned to learn that Adrienne was dead. Rafe offered to return later, and he left. Sarah broke down in tears.

"It's my fault," Sarah said. Xander assured Sarah that the only person to blame was the driver of the other car. "What happened to Adrienne is not your fault," Xander stressed. Sarah said she hoped the police would find the driver. "They need to be held responsible for what they did," Sarah said. "Actually, I know who was driving," Xander whispered. Sarah asked Xander why he had not told Rafe what he knew.

"I wanted to discuss it with you privately first. It won't be easy to hear," Xander said. Xander told Sarah that he had heard Will confess to J.J. Sarah picked up the baby and cradled her. Xander asked what Sarah had named her daughter.

"I was thinking Mackenzie, but Mickey for short," Sarah said. "After your adoptive father?" Xander asked. Through tears, Sarah said that Mickey had been the best father ever. "My mom is gonna love it. I can't wait to tell her," Sarah said. As Sarah cooed over the new baby in her arms, Xander sat on the bed and put his arm around Sarah. Sarah smiled at the baby, but Xander's face looked pained and guilt-ridden.

In Kristen's hospital room, Haley told Kristen that the doctor would be in to see her. Worried, Kristen demanded answers about her baby. "What are you not telling me," Kristen demanded. Haley left to retrieve the doctor, and Kristen pursued her down the hallway. "You answer me. Tell me where is my baby girl," Kristen said. "I was just in NICU, and unfortunately, there were complications," Haley started. Kristen shook Haley by the shoulders and demanded the truth.

"Your baby didn't make it. The doctors, they tried everything that they could," Haley said. Kristen blamed Haley. As Haley went into the stairwell, Kristen grabbed her and screamed, "You were supposed to be watching my baby! You're supposed to keep her safe!" Haley struggled against Kristen's grip, and she fell backward down the stairs.

"What did you do?" Abigail asked as she entered the stairwell. Abigail raced down the stairs to check on Haley. "I can't find a pulse," Abigail said. Abigail yelled at Kristen to call for someone. Shaken, Kristen walked away. "Do not leave me here! Help! I need help!" Abigail called out.

Kristen returned to her hospital room and sat down on the bed. When Brady returned, he told Kristen that he had told John the good news. "Where is she? I thought Nurse Chen was going to bring her right back?" Brady asked. Brady stopped short when he saw the look on Kristen's face. "Nurse Chen is not coming, Brady," Kristen said quietly. A panicked Brady asked, "Is the baby okay?"

Down the hallway, Abigail sat in the waiting area. J.J. found her and told her he had some terrible news. "I know. J.J., I was there. I saw the whole thing. I'm just so sorry. Poor Haley," Abigail said. Alarmed, J.J. asked Abigail what she was talking about. Abigail told J.J. that Haley was dead. In disbelief, J.J. asked Abigail to explain. Abigail told J.J. that she had been walking down the hallway when she had heard arguing in the stairwell.

"I heard a scream, and when I got there, I turned the corner, and I saw that Kristen was at the top of the stairs, and I saw that Haley was at the bottom of the stairs. I think that Kristen might have pushed her," Abigail said. Abigail urged J.J. to sit down, but he was too agitated. J.J. stormed off down the hallway.

"You crazy bitch! What have you done?" J.J. screamed as he stormed into Kristen's room. Brady got between J.J. and Kristen, and he held J.J. back. Brady argued that Kristen had given birth and had not done anything else. Furious, J.J. told Brady that Abigail had witnessed Kristen push Haley down a flight of stairs.

"She's dead! The police are on their way. You will pay for what you did," J.J. said. With a grunt, J.J. walked out. Brady turned to Kristen, and she stared up at him, a look of guilt on her face. Kristen told Brady what had happened in the stairwell. "She told me our baby is dead," Kristen said. Stunned, Brady asked what had happened. Kristen said she did not know the specifics, only that there had been complications. Brady argued that Haley had to have been wrong, and he left to find out what had happened to their daughter.

Kristen curled up on her bed and wept. When Brady returned with a bundle in his arms, Kristen gasped and reached out her arms. "The doctor gave her to me so that we could say goodbye," Brady said. Kristen turned her back and refused. Brady pleaded with Kristen to take his hand. Through tears, Kristen did, and Brady gently placed the lifeless bundle into her arms. As Kristen wept, Brady hugged her and the baby. Rafe walked in.

"I know why you're here. Can you come back? Our baby didn't make it. Could you come back, please?" Brady pleaded quietly. "I'm so sorry. Yeah, I'll give you as much time as you need," Rafe said. After Rafe left, Kristen whispered, "My precious, precious baby."

In the waiting area, Kayla told Abigail about Adrienne's death. Kayla offered to take Abigail to see Adrienne. As Kayla and Abigail turned to walk down the hallway, J.J. stepped in their path. "I want to see Haley. I need to say goodbye," J.J. said. Kayla promised to take J.J. to see his girlfriend. Abigail took J.J.'s hand and told him that she knew about Adrienne's death, and that she was going to comfort their father.

"That's exactly where you should be," J.J. said. J.J. asked Abigail not to tell Jack about Haley, because he did not want Jack to worry about anything else. Abigail hugged her brother, and she promised not to say a word about Haley. Abigail joined her father to say goodbye to Adrienne.

Kayla escorted J.J. to see Haley's body. Once J.J. was alone with Haley, he said, "My beautiful girl. You can't leave me this way. You can't. You're my double happiness." J.J. told Haley that she had made him believe in love again. "You made me grateful for every single day and happy for our future together. Our life together. Tonight was going to be the start," J.J. said. J.J. pulled an engagement ring out of his pocket, and he broke down in tears. J.J. climbed on top of Haley's bed and hugged her.

In the waiting area of the hospital, Will told Rafe what had happened on the road. Justin and Sonny walked down the hallway and watched as Will confessed. Will looked over at Justin and Sonny, then he continued to tell Rafe everything he knew about the crash.

In the present day, Ciara said, "It's the truth, Will. You had nothing to do with the accident. You know the whole truth about what happened the night Adrienne died. And everyone else needs to know it, too."

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