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Days of our Lives Recap for Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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Wednesday, September 18, 2019
by Mike

Ben and Ciara were both shocked to see Jordan at the Hernandez house -- or anywhere other than Bayview, for that matter.

"I'm sorry that I didn't give you a heads-up, but I just found out about all this [when] I showed up at the [courthouse], ready to get legal guardianship of David...[and ran into Jordan, who] was there with her own lawyer, having already been declared sane by her doctors, [to file] a petition to be released [from Bayview]," Rafe explained. "And, as you can see, the court [granted my request]," Jordan summarized. "Well, on one condition -- um, that being that she stay with someone who claims responsibility for her... [She] asked me, and I said yes," Rafe somewhat sheepishly clarified.

"So, here I am...[and] David doesn't need a legal guardian now that he has his mother [back], so...this 'crazy bitch' gets to decide who sees her son and who doesn't -- and she doesn't want you two anywhere near him," Jordan stressed while glaring at Ben and Ciara. "I'm sorry I called you crazy, okay? I was upset on Ben's behalf. I really shouldn't have said that," Ciara acknowledged. "It's okay -- sticks and stones," Jordan replied, flashing a fake smile. "Look, matter how I feel about the situation, please don't take this out on Ben," Ciara begged.

"He cares about you so much, Jordan -- he always has -- [and] all he's ever wanted was for you to get help, and to get to know his nephew, so...please -- please -- don't keep him away [from] that little boy. [Ben] hasn't seen [David] in so long, and he loves him -- he loves him so much," Ciara continued. "I do," Ben confirmed. "I think he does," Rafe agreed.

"[Ben], I truly believe that you believe [that you love your nephew]...but the problem is that you don't know [what 'love' is]. Clyde used to always talk about how much he 'loved' you -- hell, he would say the same thing about me -- [and]...who knows -- maybe, in his mind, he meant it -- but [that] didn't stop the monster that he was, the things that he did..." Jordan dismissively argued.

"I'm sorry, but I cannot let you anywhere near my sweet little David -- you are just too dangerous," Jordan told Ben with finality. "Are you kidding me? Ben is 'too dangerous'? Jordan, the only person in this room who is capable of hurting that little boy -- not to mention anyone else in this town -- is you!" Ciara spat. "I don't blame you for being upset with me after what happened between us --" Jordan began. "'What happened' is you tried to kill me!" Ciara stressed. "And I deeply regret that," Jordan replied with a shrug, in a tone that didn't sound entirely sincere.

Ben asked for a minute alone with Jordan, hoping to defuse the situation. "I'm not sure I feel safe doing that," Jordan protested, further angering Ciara. "Fine -- just for a minute," Jordan agreed after another moment of thought. "You're really just gonna let her live here with you?" Ciara snapped at Rafe as soon as the coast was clear. "Yes, I am -- [so] I can watch her, and I can make sure that she is not hurting anyone, [and] I can make sure that she is getting better," Rafe explained. "I still think that it's way too early for her to be released -- much less take care of a little child," Ciara warned.

Meanwhile, outside, Ben tried to patch things up with Jordan, who remained guarded. "I know the dark places that you've been, because I've been there, too...and we both know there's really no coming back from that," Jordan argued. "Meaning...?" Ben wondered, suddenly a bit concerned. "Oh, don't look at me like that, okay? I'm not the one that you need to worry about; Ciara is! I just know something really bad is gonna happen to that girl -- something really awful! I'm genuinely afraid for her life!" Jordan stressed. "Did you just threaten Ciara?" Ben asked, getting even more concerned.

"If you even try to hurt Ciara --" Ben began to warn. "I don't know what you mean, Ben -- I was talking about you," Jordan innocently clarified. "The doctors made a terrible mistake, letting you out of that place...and, honestly, I am afraid of what's gonna happen next," Jordan continued, grasping Ben's wrists somewhat threateningly.

Brady paused while jogging through the park with John, who was far behind but eventually caught up. "We're finished...right? You said two miles, [but] it's been five! Please tell me we're finished!" John begged between gasps for breath. "Sorry... I went a little hard -- hard -- a little bit harder than usual," Brady, who was only slightly less winded, acknowledged. "'A little bit'? If I didn't know better, I'd say you were running from something!" John mused, managing a chuckle. "Eh, [you're] not too far from the...from the truth, Dad -- I, uh...I went to Kristen's last night...[and] I almost had sex with her," Brady admitted with obvious disgust.

"I think you're [really] making too much of this -- [I mean], it could have just been a slip," John tried to assure Brady after hearing the whole story. "It's not a 'slip'...because I woke up, and I wanted to go [straight] back to her room," Brady clarified with a sigh. "I can't help it -- as much as I don't want to think about her, that is all I can think about. That's why I asked you to come out on this run with me -- because I don't trust myself not to go back there, [because] I want to be with her. And I hate myself for that, Dad -- I mean, look at the things she's done to every single person that I love!" Brady continued with a shake of the head.

"Don't forget -- once upon a time, I was in love with Kristen, [and] I felt that same pull towards her, [so] I know, very well, the power that she has over a man," John assured Brady, who was relieved to know that someone understood the dilemma. "How do I fight it? I mean, it was one thing when I -- when I knew she was locked up for the rest of her life, [but now]... How the hell am I supposed to stay out of her bed? How do I stay away from her? I don't know how to do it! [And] when I have trouble staying sober, [then] I can just go to a meeting, [but] there's no meeting for this," Brady fretted. "Maybe the same principles apply," John reasoned.

At the Salem Inn, Kristen thought about what had -- and hadn't -- happened the previous night. "You can resist me all you want, Brady...but sooner or later, you will break -- it's just a matter of time," she mused with a confident grin -- and, just then, someone knocked on her hotel room door, causing the grin to get even bigger.

Kristen did a bit of primping then excitedly opened the door, hoping to see Brady standing on the other side of it. "Oh -- Anna," Kristen observed with a groan. "Well, believe me, I'm not happy to see you, either...but you and I need to have a little talk -- about your brother," Anna countered while barging into the hotel room. "Tony saved your life, and you thank him by letting him be -- be locked away for the rest of his? Well, not if I have anything to say about it! You're gonna make this right!" Anna continued. "[Okay, I'll] help you get the love of your life back -- if you help me get mine," Kristen offered after giving the matter some thought.

"Tony's [hearing] is today...[and] I'm not sure I could convince [Brady], given that huge time constraint, that being with you would be in his best interest," Anna warned. "You're not even gonna give it a chance -- give it a try? [Then you can just] go to your beloved Tony [and] tell him that you're gonna wear something very special for his first conjugal visit!" Kristen snapped. "You are a cruel, selfish bitch, and that's why Brady will never love you -- that's why no man on this earth ever will!" Anna countered before storming out of the hotel room with a shake of the head and slamming the door shut.

At the police station, Tony received an unexpected visit from Marlena, who was armed with a box of avocado cream-filled napoleons. "Still your favorite?" Marlena wondered. "Are you kidding me? I would kill for one!" Tony excitedly confirmed before sheepishly acknowledging the poor choice of words. "I'm so sorry you're going through this," Marlena stressed. "Eh, it's not me I'm worried about -- [I mean], I've already cheated death, [so] how bad can prison be?" Tony reasoned, managing a chuckle. "No -- [my biggest concern] is how hard this is going to be on my dear, poor Anna," Tony continued with a heavy sigh.

Anna soon arrived and joined Tony and Marlena in one of the conference rooms. "I'm so sorry that Kristen wouldn't agree to help Tony...but I can't really say that I'm surprised," Marlena admitted after Anna recapped what had happened earlier. "Me, neither...but I thought it was worth the old college try," Anna explained with a shrug. "Thank you, my darling, for braving my sister on my behalf...but I think we have no choice [now but] to face the facts -- that, without Kristen's testimony, I'm doomed," Tony summarized with a sigh, but Anna remained hopeful that something good would happen at the hearing later that day.

Jack tried to arrange a meeting with Jennifer and J.J. at the Brady Pub so they could continue searching for Rolf together -- but Jennifer claimed, via text message, to be too busy with work to attend the meeting.

After a bit of brainstorming, Jack and J.J. decided to head over to the Salem Inn to see if Kristen knew how to locate Rolf. "If you want to find Rolf, then -- then -- then find someone who actually cares," Kristen, who still only wanted to receive a visit from Brady, snapped. "We should go -- she obviously doesn't give a damn about anyone but herself," J.J. told Jack. "It's no wonder nobody wants anything to do with you," J.J. added.

"Wait," Kristen called out with a sigh, stopping Jack and J.J. "Look...I haven't heard from Dr., but I can try and reach him, and if the old witch doctor shows up, I'll -- I'll call you immediately," Kristen promised. "Why the change of heart?" J.J. wondered. "Well, because your mom and I were friends once...and, um, if she wants your dad's memory back, then I want to give that to her -- I want to give her anything that she would like," Kristen explained with a shrug. "You better be careful, Kristen -- keep doing these good deeds, and, uh, everybody just might change their minds about you," Jack jokingly warned.

"News flash, Mr. Mayor -- that is the idea," Kristen stressed with a mischievous laugh after Jack and J.J. left the hotel room.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, John and Marlena discussed Kate's shooting -- and agreed that Vivian and Stefan were the two most likely suspects. John and Marlena also discussed Jordan's release from Bayview -- something Marlena had apparently known nothing about beforehand. Meanwhile, at the police station, Tony and Anna celebrated an unexpected victory -- thanks to Kristen, who ran into Brady outside the Brady Pub and seized the opportunity to brag about recent good deeds.

Jack called Adrienne to ask for help with the search for Rolf -- and was surprised to learn, during the conversation, that Jennifer wasn't on a work assignment. Meanwhile, Jennifer -- bound and gagged in what appeared to be a seedy motel room -- cried out for help as someone approached.

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