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Friday, April 3, 2020

In New York, Nicole threatened to call the medical board about Dr. Raynor. "I will tell you the truth. Yes, Sarah Horton and Eric Brady's baby died last Mother's Day," Raynor said. "I was afraid of this. So, the baby that Eric and Sarah have been raising all this time, the baby that they have fallen head over heels in love with, belongs to Kristen DiMera?" Nicole asked. "And Brady Black," Raynor added.

Nicole demanded to hear the full story, and Raynor obliged. Raynor explained that Xander and Victor had entered the nursery when Mackenzie had gone into distress and died. Raynor said that she had left Xander and Victor alone with the baby to mourn, and Xander and Victor had to have planned the switch then.

"When I realized what they'd done, when I realized what they wanted me to do, I was horrified. I mean my heart broke for all of them, but especially Sarah. She's not just a colleague, she's a friend," Raynor said through tears. Nicole asked why Raynor had not said anything. When Raynor said Victor had paid her to keep quiet, Nicole bristled.

"I did it out of fear. Along with a very large check, Xander gave me a one-way ticket out of town. I couldn't just leave. I couldn't abandon Sarah," Raynor said. "So, you stayed to take care of the baby that Sarah thinks is hers," Nicole finished. Raynor said that Xander had threatened her life when she had returned to care for Mackenzie.

"That's when I knew I needed to leave Salem," Raynor said. Raynor added that Xander might kill her if the truth came out, and she asked if Nicole intended to go public. Nicole said she was not sure. "I have been living with the most unbearable guilt," Raynor confessed. Raynor said that she hated that she had lied to Sarah, but she was relieved that Sarah was not in pain over the death of her daughter. When Raynor lamented that Kristen had been harmed, Nicole assured Raynor that Kristen had "caused plenty of pain herself."

With a nod, Raynor said the only thing she knew about Kristen was that she had been responsible for Haley's death. "[Haley] was such a caring nurse, and a genuinely kind person," Raynor said. Raynor explained that to assuage her guilt, she had rationalized her actions as what was best for the baby. Nicole asked Raynor what she meant.

"By having [Mackenzie] grow up with Sarah as her mother, and not someone like Kristen DiMera," Raynor explained. "You're right. Kristen would be a terrible mother," Nicole agreed. Nicole added that Brady was an incredible father. "But so is Eric. Whom I love very much, and to think what this would do to him," Nicole said. Nicole gasped.

"First, I kept him from knowing that Sarah's baby was his, and now that baby has died, and he doesn't even know," Nicole said. "And I'm sure you don't want him living a lie. Now that you know that the child he is raising isn't his, I understand why you have to put a stop to it," Raynor said. Raynor told Nicole to call the police because the truth needed to come out. Nicole said no.

"I just wanted to know what happened, and now that I know, I realize you're not the villain," Nicole said. Raynor thanked Nicole. Nicole agreed not to tell Xander that they had spoken. With a nod, Nicole thanked Raynor and walked out.

In Salem, Kristen went to see Stefano at the hospital, but she found only Tony in the room. Tony informed Kristen that the doctors had taken Stefano for an MRI. "They're trying to locate the chip that turned Steve Johnson into our father," Tony said. Kristen asked Tony why he was at the hospital after all Stefano had done. With a shrug, Tony asked Kristen why she was there.

"Rolf guilted me into checking in on him," Kristen explained. "You saw Rolf?" Tony asked with surprise. Kristen explained that Rolf had agreed to remove the chip from Marlena in exchange for a visit with Stefano. Tony smiled. Tony wondered aloud if a deal were struck to remove the chip from Steve's brain whether that would mean Steve would return.

"Gina turned back into Hope. I would assume the same would happen to Steve," Kristen said. "If that is the case, what happens to Father?" Tony asked. Tony reasoned aloud that if the chip were removed, Father was essentially gone. "You really want him back in our lives?" Kristen asked. "I don't want to see him dead," Tony said. Kristen chuckled.

"We want to be free and yet we are compelled to be a dutiful DiMera," Kristen said. Kristen said the love of Brady had changed her. "I used to love that people feared me the way they feared Stefano," Kristen confessed. Kristen said she no longer wanted to be a monster, and she wanted to make amends to the people she had hurt.

Kristen apologized to Tony for not helping him when he had been accused of murdering Ted. Through tears, Kristen said she liked to think that she would have been a good mother to Rachel. Kristen told Tony about the donation to the hospital in Rachel's name.

"I know that all babies are precious, but the one that I am most drawn to is little Mackenzie," Kristen admitted. Kristen said she had an overwhelming urge to hold Mackenzie. "Why do I feel this overwhelming pull to this little girl, Mackenzie, every time I see her?" Kristen asked. Tony noted that it was reasonable for Kristen to be attached to a baby after losing her own. Kristen thanked Tony for his kindness. "You're my sister. You're my family," Tony said. Kristen hugged Tony.

Down the hallway, Brady sat in the waiting room and snuggled Mackenzie. As Brady smiled down at the baby, he noticed the heart-shaped birthmark on her neck. Brady thought about when Kristen had told him about the birthmark on their daughter Rachel. "No. It can't be," Brady whispered.

John walked in and told Brady that Marlena was in surgery. John assured Brady that Kayla was watching Rolf "like a hawk." Brady explained that he was babysitting for Eric. "Something about Nicole," Brady explained. Brady placed Mackenzie in the stroller. "Hard to imagine what that little tyke has gone through," John said. Preoccupied, Brady nodded in agreement.

"When I hold her, this is going to sound really strange, I get the feeling, she just reminds me so much of Rachel," Brady said. John asked Brady what he meant. Brady told John about Kristen's memories of Rachel, including the birthmark. "Mackenzie has a birthmark that is exactly the same," Brady said. Brady showed the mark to John.

"Same size. Same shape. Same place. Right on her neck," Brady said. "Well that's some coincidence," John said. Brady agreed. John asked Brady what he was thinking about. With a sigh, Brady said it was not healthy for him to think about conspiracies. "We need to move on," Brady said. John urged Brady to give it a little time.

"I know how attached Kristen is to this baby, but Dad, I think, subconsciously, Kristen just feels that that little girl is here and our little girl is gone, and it happened on the same night," Brady confessed. Brady stressed that Raynor had signed the death certificate and that wishful thinking would not change the fact that Rachel was dead. John said that he would always be there for Brady. After John left, Brady picked up Mackenzie and cuddled her.

"I know that you are Eric and Sarah's. I know. I know you are. I know you are. It's just a coincidence," Brady said. "What's a coincidence?" Kristen asked as she walked into the room.

After John left Brady, he wandered down to the waiting area by the nurses' station. Tony asked John about Marlena. "I just found out that the surgery is over. So, I guess we are about to find out," John said.

In the DiMera living room, Kate talked to Stefano's portrait. "You knew I loved Chad like a son, and still you brainwashed him to kill me," Kate said. Chad walked in. Kate jumped to her feet, and she glanced at the letter opener in Chad's hand. Kate asked about the letter opener, and Chad apologized.

"I was just going to open the mail," Chad explained. "Is it really you?" Kate wondered aloud. Abigail walked in and explained that she had been with Chad all night as he'd undergone intensive work with a psychotherapist. "I ditched the ring," Chad added. With a sigh of relief, Kate apologized.

"I should be the one apologizing. Can you ever forgive me?" Chad asked. Kate said she forgave Chad because he had been under the control of Stefano. "While I, on the other hand, chose to be his partner in crime," Kate said. "Stefano can be quite persuasive," Abigail interrupted. Chad said he wanted to return Kate's shares, but Kate refused to accept. Kate said she no longer had any interest in the company.

Abigail headed upstairs to call her mother and update her on the situation with Chad. Abigail asked Jennifer not to worry, and she promised to update Jennifer about Marlena as soon as there was news. Emotionally drained, Abigail told Jennifer that she was going to take a nap before the kids returned home. Jennifer promised to call J.J. and update him so that Abigail could get some rest. Abigail reached in her purse and found the Phoenix ring. With a groan, Abigail shoved the ring into the back of a drawer.

When Chad entered, he asked who Abigail had been talking to on the phone. "La Famiglia," Abigail said. "You testing me?" Chad asked with a grin. "I have to make sure you are okay," Abigail explained. Chad stressed that Abigail and the kids were the only family he needed. "You're the love of my life," Chad said. "You're the love of mine," Abigail countered. Chad and Abigail made love.

Outside the pub, Eric pushed Abe to tell him the reason that Nicole had gone to New York. Abe played dumb. Eric said he had overheard Abe talking with Nicole about a secret, and Eric said he did not believe the conversation had been about Brandon. "You need to tell me what it is," Eric said. Eric asked Abe if the secret was about medical test results.

"If Nicole, if she is sick, I need to know," Eric said. Eric pleaded with Abe to tell him the truth. "I gave my word to Nicole. I can't betray her confidence," Abe said. Eric begged Abe to tell him the truth, but Abe refused. "This is between you and Nicole," Abe said.

When Abe arrived at Julie's Place, he called Nicole to warn her about his conversation with Eric. "Please tell me you're making some headway," Abe said. Nicole said she had been right and that the babies had been switched. "[Mackenzie] belongs to Brady and Kristen," Nicole said. Abe asked Nicole what she planned to do. Nicole admitted that she was torn.

"I thought knowing the truth would give me peace of mind and maybe some clarity, but how can I tell Eric that this little girl that he loves with all his heart, and he has watched go through cancer treatment and finally allowed home, that she is not his daughter? And the worst part, that he has to hand her over to Kristen," Nicole said. Nicole said she was still angry about what Kristen had done to her. "It doesn't matter what choice I make, someone I love is going to get hurt," Nicole said.

At the pub, a sullen Eric complained to Roman about the situation with Nicole. "We promised each other no more lies," Eric said. Eric said he was frustrated that Nicole did not trust him enough to share her concerns with him. Roman counseled Eric to find Nicole and talk to her directly. Eric rushed out and headed to his apartment to pack a bag. While Eric was on the phone, attempting to secure plane tickets to New York, Nicole walked through the front door.

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