The cartel takes Ciara hostage
Days of our Lives Recap for Friday, April 19, 2019
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Friday, April 19, 2019

At the DiMera mansion, the second cartel assailant, Hector, fired a gun at Stefan but missed. Rafe tackled Gabi to the ground. As Gabi looked at her brother, she realized he was shot. Gabi screamed Rafe's name and begged Stefan to call 9-1-1. The assailant grabbed Ciara and fled from the house. Ben chased after them. Stefan called the police.

"This man took a bullet that was meant for me, so if I don't hear sirens in the next couple minutes, you, sir, are going to be looking for a job!" Stefan yelled into the phone. Stefan ended the call and assured Gabi that help was on the way. Through tears, Gabi begged Rafe to stay with her.

Gabi blamed herself because she had texted Rafe, but Stefan argued that the only person to blame was the gunman. "I didn't warn him! I didn't tell him what he was going to be walking into!" Gabi cried out. "Beating yourself up is not going to help your brother," Stefan yelled back. Stefan calmly reminded Gabi that she had acted to help herself and Ciara.

"A lot of good that did. Ciara is all alone with that crazy man, okay? What's going to happen to her?" Gabi asked. Stefan did not answer. The ambulance sirens rang out. Stefan assured Gabi that Rafe would be fine. Stefan calmly reminded Gabi that Rafe was strong and would survive.

At Doug's Place, Brady cleaned the blood off his arm while Eli examined the body of the dead cartel assailant, Ramon. While Eli went outside to check on the bodyguards, Chloe told Brady that Parker was safe at school. Brady hugged an emotional Chloe and told her that the nightmare was over.

"Well if it is over, it's not because of you," Chloe said gruffly. Confused, Brady asked Chloe what she meant. Eli interrupted to thank Brady for his help. Chloe groaned and said she was not safe anywhere. Brady again pitched the idea that Chloe should move in with him. Chloe stressed that the security failure was not Stefan's fault.

"This is a horrible situation that I brought upon myself," Chloe noted. Brady reminded Chloe that she had had no choice but to kill El Fideo. Eli asked Brady and Chloe to wait outside while he secured the crime scene. While Eli stepped aside to take a phone call, Brady apologized for picking a fight. Brady said he was relieved that Chloe was okay.

"An hour from now, you're going to be telling me that I'm making a mistake again because I'm trusting someone on a long list of people that you hate," Chloe remarked. After relocating their conversation outside, Brady told Chloe that he had asked Gabi to keep him updated on Chloe and the kids because he had been worried about them. Chloe called Brady a stalker, and he resented the description.

"Is it a crime for me to want to make sure you are safe?" Brady asked. "What you want is to mess with me and Stefan. That's what you've wanted for weeks," Chloe stressed. Brady denied the charge, but Chloe insisted that Brady had continued to act out of jealousy.

"I do not have a thing for you," Brady said. "You know what's really disturbing? You go from one relationship to the next without a break, or a very short one. And I'm not even going to try to list the amount of women you've been with, because I don't have enough time for that," Chloe said. Chloe told Brady that he was codependent. Chloe asked Brady why he was obsessed with her and her children. When Brady argued that Stefan was dangerous, Chloe warned Brady to stop because Stefan had been kind to her and the kids.

"Of course, he has. I know, because he wants to have his way with you," Brady said. "Not only has he been kind and generous, he has never once been inappropriate with me," Chloe countered. "Give him some time," Brady grumbled. Brady reminded Chloe of the situation with Abigail, but Chloe argued that the situation had been complicated.

"You are in deep denial about who Stefan DiMera is," Brady stressed. "You're trying to mark your territory, and I'm not yours to mark," Chloe said. When Brady reminded Chloe that they had known each other since high school, a tearful Chloe countered that Brady had stopped talking to her for years while she had struggled.

"As you recall, I was going through some bad times of my own, and I'm very sorry about that, but I'm here for you now," Brady said. Chloe asked Brady why he had conspired with Gabi to run into her at the park. With a groan, Brady complained that he would not have needed to resort to sneaking around if Chloe had kept him in the loop. Brady begged Chloe to let him help her.

When Chloe noted that she needed to take Holly home, Brady groaned and argued that it was not safe at Stefan's house. Brady asked Chloe to go home with him. Chloe said she refused to take help from Victor. Brady argued that the help was from him and Maggie, not Victor. Chloe worried aloud that Victor would use the situation to take her kids from her. Brady vowed he would not let Victor hurt Chloe, but Chloe told Brady that she did not believe Brady could check Victor's worst impulses.

"You're not going to take any suggestion I give you, are you?" Brady asked. "I'm just so sick of everyone telling me what to do," Chloe complained. Brady said he did not want to control Chloe, but Chloe argued that Brady had attempted to control Nicole. "I'm not going to let you do that to me. Goodbye, Brady," Chloe said as she walked away.

Outside the pub, Hope ran into Kayla. Kayla noticed that Hope was rattled, and she made Hope sit on the bench and talk to her. Hope told Kayla about her fight with Rafe. Hope confided that she did not think it was good for her marriage to take care of baby David. Hope added that she would be happy to care for the baby if her marriage to Rafe was doing better.

"It has to work for both of us. For both of us. It can't be just his decision alone," Hope said. Kayla urged Hope to talk to Rafe before the distance between them grew too large.

In the interrogation room at the station, Ted talked to someone on the phone. Ted told the person on the phone that Rafe had moved out of the house. "With a bit of luck, Rafe Hernandez could be out of the picture. Permanently," Ted whispered into the phone. Ted assured the caller that it appeared that he would end up with Hope.

"Well you should give a damn! Because I'm in love with her!" Ted shouted into the phone. Ted told the caller that the cartel men were on the loose, and that was why Chloe was still living at the DiMera mansion. Ted yelled at the caller, "Hope could walk in at any moment! What if she figures out who I'm talking to?"

Ted saw Eli walk into the room and hurriedly ended his phone call. "You sounded pretty upset," Eli commented. Ted countered that Eli looked upset. Eli informed Ted about the attempt on Chloe's life and added that Hector was still on the run. Ted asked Eli to track down Hector before anyone else was hurt. Eli's phone rang with a call from an officer who told him about the shooting at the DiMera mansion. On his way out of the office, Eli told Ted that Hector had shot Rafe.

In the square, Ciara struggled against Hector as he dragged her along at gunpoint. In an effort to bribe him to let her go, Ciara informed Hector that her grandfather was Victor Kiriakis. With Ben in pursuit, Hector grabbed Ciara and pulled her behind some bushes to hide. Hector warned Ciara that he would shoot her and Ben if Ciara made a noise. Ciara watched helplessly as she saw a frantic Ben search for her.

"Ciara!" Ben called out. Ciara remained silent. After Ben ran off, Hector grabbed Ciara by the hair and dragged her out of the square. Ciara dropped an earring as they ran. When Ben retraced his steps back into the square, he ran into Hope. Worried, Hope asked what was wrong. Ben told her that a man named Hector had kidnapped Ciara as a hostage. Hope started to call Rafe, but Ben informed her that Hector had shot Rafe.

"Is he alive?" Hope pleaded. Ben explained that he had left Rafe behind to chase after Ciara and the gunman that had taken her. Hope called Kayla at the hospital. Kayla confirmed that the EMTs had arrived with Rafe and that he had sustained a head injury in addition to the gunshot in the shoulder. Hope told Kayla that she needed to find Ciara, and Kayla promised that Rafe was in good hands.

"Tell Rafe that I love him," Hope said. After Hope ended her call, she turned and found Ben holding the earring that Ciara had dropped. "I told you Ciara was here," Ben said. Hope recognized the earring as one she had given Ciara for her high school graduation.

In the park, Hector told Ciara that they would wait in the park until they lost Ben. "Yeah, well he is not going to give up. And neither is my mom. Especially after she finds out that you shot her husband and took off with me," Ciara snapped. Hector growled at Ciara to shut up. Ciara warned Hector to let her go because the cops would swarm the area. When Hector refused, Ciara kneed him in the groin and took off. With a groan, Hector stumbled then gave chase.

At the hospital, Gabi paced the waiting area by the nurses' station. When Stefan joined Gabi, she thanked him for driving her to the hospital. Gabi told Stefan that the bullet had nearly killed Rafe. Stefan warned Gabi not to think about what could have happened to her brother.

"You don't understand what he means to me. Nobody does. My father? My brother? They're in prison or on the run. My sister is dead, and my mother, she couldn't take it here, so she moved back to Mexico. Family? Rafe is the only family that I've got," Gabi said, near tears. "He seems like a fighter," Stefan said.

"Every time I've screwed up, every time I've screwed up other people's lives, he has been there. He's been right there, standing by my side, and I've taken that for granted. I have," Gabi said. "Don't go there," Stefan whispered. Gabi said she could not think about a life without Rafe in it. As Gabi started to cry, Stefan took her in his arms to comfort her. After a moment, Stefan awkwardly stepped back and apologized for overstepping. Gabi shook her head no to indicate that Stefan had not overstepped.

Kayla exited Rafe's room, and Gabi rushed over to meet her. Kayla told Gabi that Rafe was stable. When Gabi asked about Rafe's head injury, Kayla explained that there was no sign of a serious injury and that she believed Rafe would make a full recovery. Kayla told Gabi that Rafe had asked for her, and she had already talked to Hope about Rafe's condition.

In Rafe's room, Gabi was surprised to find her brother struggling to get out of bed. Rafe exclaimed that he needed to find Ciara. Gabi pushed Rafe back onto his bed. Kayla walked in and warned Rafe not to move. Kayla reminded Rafe that Hope was looking for Ciara. Eli walked in and saw Rafe struggle with Gabi and Kayla, and he told Rafe that he was off duty due to his injuries. Rafe wanted to call Hope. Eli dialed the number and handed the phone to Rafe. The call went to voicemail.

In the hospital hallway, Stefan called Chloe after he learned from Eli about the shooting at Doug's Place. Chloe confirmed that she was on her way home. Stefan warned Chloe not to return to the mansion. When Chloe asked why there were police all over town, Stefan told her that Hector had attacked the mansion and had kidnapped Ciara. Stefan confirmed that Rafe was fine.

Stefan advised Chloe to meet up with Parker and the nanny at the Salem Inn. Chloe was flustered, but Stefan assured her that the nanny had already packed the kids' things for her. As Stefan ended his phone call, Gabi exited Rafe's hospital room. Gabi told Stefan that Rafe was eager to chase down Hector and that he appeared to be doing well. With a nod, Stefan told Gabi that he had updated Chloe on the shooting.

"I should probably call Arianna and wish her a good night. I mean, how do I even tell her about all this?" Gabi said with a stunned look on her face. Stefan offered to drive Gabi to see her daughter. Unsure, Gabi shrugged. Gabi noted that Rafe was in good hands but that what he really needed was his wife. Gabi walked to the elevator, and Stefan followed her.

Stefan drove Gabi home to her house. "Casa Heranandez. It's a far cry from the DiMera mansion, but it's cozy," Gabi said. "Very cozy. How are you doing, Gabi?" Stefan asked. Gabi said she was better, and she thanked Stefan for his help.

"You don't have to worry about any of this. Rafe will be back to himself tomorrow, and you and I will be back to fighting like cats and dogs," Stefan said. Gabi chuckled. "This whole being civil to one another is getting tiresome," Stefan joked. "I totally agree," Gabi said with a grin. Security called Stefan's phone. While Stefan grumbled at his security person, Gabi stared at him and thought about Brady's request to seduce and destroy Stefan.

When Stefan ended his call, he asked Gabi if she was okay to stay home alone when Hector was still on the loose. "I think he's going to want to stay as far away from Salem as possible," Gabi said. "You're not answering my question," Stefan said. Confused, Gabi asked Stefan what he meant. Stefan noted that Gabi had been through hell. Gabi admitted that Stefan had left her "a little shaken up." Gabi kissed Stefan.

In his hospital room, Rafe left a voicemail for Hope to tell her that he was fine. Eli told Rafe that the police were looking for Ciara and not to worry. Rafe groaned in pain, and Eli ordered Rafe to listen to the doctors and relax. "I hate that Hope is all alone going through this. Especially now," Rafe said. When Rafe complained that Ted had been making a move on Hope, Eli told Rafe that he had overheard Ted on a phone call.

"He was on the phone in the interrogation room. He had his back to the door, so he didn't hear me come in, but whoever he was talking to, he didn't want Hope to know," Eli said. Rafe asked Eli if he had confronted Ted about the call. Eli said that Ted had cut off his efforts and had hammered him about the search for Hector. "I knew that creep was up to something. If he does a thing to my wife, I'm going to kill him," Rafe muttered.

In the square, Hope talked to the police to confirm that a roadblock had been set up and to confirm that Ramon had been stopped. Hope informed Ben that Eli had killed Ramon. Angry, Hope complained that Stefan should have told her when he had learned that Hector had been on his way to Salem. Ben explained that there had been no time when they had learned the news. Hope vowed to find her daughter.

When Chloe walked through the square, Ted startled her. Ted apologized to Chloe for what she had suffered. Chloe said she was thankful that Eli had shown up at the club and saved her. Ted told Chloe that he needed her witness statement. With a shake of her head, Chloe noted that she wanted to take her children home and rest. Ted inquired about Chloe's plans, and she confirmed that she was headed to the Salem Inn.

"Don't worry. The police are going to find this man, Hector. Very soon, you don't have to be worried anymore," Ted said. Ted assured Chloe that she and her children would be safe. After Chloe walked away, Ted called someone and told them he had just spoken with Chloe.

In the park, Hector recaptured Ciara and warned her not to run again. Ciara reminded Hector that she was his only way out of Salem and that he could not kill her. As Hector pushed Ciara forward, Ciara dropped her second earring on the ground.

While Hope and Ben searched for Ciara in the park, Hope grew frustrated. Hope yelled at Ben and ordered him to tell her if Stefan had asked him to keep any secrets about Hector. Ben swore he had not hidden anything from Hope, nor would he. As Hope looked down at her phone, she saw Ciara's second earring on the ground.

"She's leaving us a trail. Good girl," Hope said. In a motel nearby, Hector shoved Ciara into a room. When Ciara noted that she was only slowing Hector down, Hector agreed. Hector added a silencer to his gun and pointed it at Ciara.

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