Stefan and Gabi give in to their attraction
Days of our Lives Recap for Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

In his bed at the DiMera mansion, Stefan whispered into his phone and asked Chloe how she was doing. "That is so sweet. We're fine. We're doing okay," Chloe said brightly. Chloe informed Stefan that she was headed into work. "Sounds like things are back to normal," Stefan said with relief. When Chloe asked Stefan how he was feeling after the crazy events from the previous day, Stefan glanced over at Gabi, who was asleep next to him in bed.

"It was a long night. But things eventually settled down," Stefan said, barely holding back a smile as he stared at Gabi. Stefan whispered that he was anxious to clean up the house so that Chloe could return home. Gabi stirred awake and moaned. Chloe asked if someone was there with Stefan.

"No, it's just the maid," Stefan blurted out. Gabi stared daggers as she said, "The what?" Stefan clapped his hand over Gabi's mouth to quiet her. "After everything that happened last night, this place got a little torn up. I'm making sure the maid knows that the trash needs to go out," Stefan said as he smiled pointedly at Gabi. Gabi scowled as Stefan barely held back a chuckle.

"I definitely saw my life flash before my eyes a couple of times," Stefan said. Gabi rolled her eyes, grabbed her bra from the bedpost, and started to put it on. Chloe told Stefan that she was grateful for all that Stefan had done. As Gabi glanced over her shoulder at Stefan, he looked her square in the eyes.

"You don't have to thank me, but I do want to talk about that date I've been thinking about," Stefan said. "Are you for real," Gabi whispered in a hiss. Stefan shoved a finger against Gabi's lips. Chloe agreed to talk about the date later. Stefan reached over to help Gabi hook her bra closed as he continued his phone call.

"Chloe, I'm really looking forward to spending much more time together," Stefan said. Gabi rolled her eyes again as Stefan finished fastening her bra. After Stefan ended his call, Gabi narrowed her eyes and said, "Did you seriously just ask her out on a date when you're laying naked, next to me in bed?" Stefan's smile widened.

"I think she is gonna say yes," Stefan said. "You're freaking unbelievable. That's what you are. Unbelievable!" Gabi grumbled. "I get that a lot," Stefan said with a shrug. With a laugh, Stefan asked Gabi why she was mad when no-strings sex had been her idea.

"Hate-sex? Blowing off steam sex? You came to me, so why all the sensitivity?" Stefan asked. Gabi thought about her conversation with Brady when she had said she was repulsed by Stefan, and Brady had urged her to think about all she would gain.

"Maybe it was just sex, and maybe it wasn't terrible, but you so don't get to treat me like some random DiMera whore," Gabi said. "Oooo. What if I throw in a croissant?" Stefan offered. Gabi smiled and seductively reached underneath the covers. Stefan groaned in pain as Gabi squeezed her hand.

"Remove your hand now!" Stefan said through a grimace. Gabi let go and explained that she resented that Stefan had called her the hired help. With a roll of his eyes, Stefan asked Gabi if she would have preferred that he had told Chloe that he was naked in bed next to Gabi.

"You'd didn't even have to call her at all," Gabi noted. Stefan countered that Chloe was important to him, and he needed to make sure she was okay. Stefan asked Gabi is she would prefer that he broadcast to the world that Gabi had slept with the man that she loathed.

"A man that you could not get enough of last night," Stefan added. "You are such a pig," Gabi countered. Stefan corrected Gabi and said that he was a gentleman because he had protected her reputation. Gabi jumped out of bed. Stefan pulled on his underwear and walked closer to Gabi as she pulled on her skirt.

"Maybe I should have told Chloe that Gabi came slinking over here like some bitch in heat, looking to get laid," Stefan whispered as he cozied up behind Gabi. Gabi turned to smack Stefan, and he blocked her hand as he barked like a dog at her playfully. Stefan grabbed Gabi's wrists to keep her from hitting him.

"These hands have touched me for the last time," Stefan said as he leaned in close to Gabi. Gabi vowed to never touch Stefan again. With a chuckle, Stefan told Gabi that she was single because she was crazy. Gabi noted that, unlike Stefan, she was not a predator who pursued damsels in distress.

"Real women? Women with heart, integrity, vulnerability, they threaten you, don't they?" Stefan asked as he struggled to put on pants. "What? Look I believe you had all the real woman last night than you can handle," Gabi said. Stefan realized he had put his pants on inside out and groaned. "I'd say you were proficient," Stefan said dismissively as he whipped off his pants.

"It's a pity that all you have to offer is sex," Stefan said as he threw his pants onto the ground in frustration. "It's a pity that you didn't have more to offer," Gabi said mockingly. Stefan snatched the shirt out of Gabi's hands and held it just out of her reach as he noted that Gabi had only "dust around that shell of a heart." Furious, Gabi stepped closer and warned Stefan not to insult her again. Stefan and Gabi danced around each other, each daring the other to make a move.

"What are you going to do about it?" Stefan asked with a grin. Gabi grabbed Stefan and kissed him. Stefan picked up Gabi, and she wrapped her legs around him as they fell onto the bed, kissing furiously.

At the Salem Inn, Eve woke Jack up from a restless dream. Jack was surprised to learn he had been talking in his sleep. Eve told Jack that he had mentioned the name Loretta. "Does that mean anything to you?" Eve asked. Jack played dumb and said he did not know anyone named Loretta. Eve told Jack that they were up in the polls.

"So, our wedding did make a difference," Jack said. "Well it certainly did in my life, but I do believe the voters agree here," Eve said. Excited, Eve kissed Jack and told him that she hoped their night together had not been a one-night-stand.

"I'm 100% committed to you, and nothing is going to change that, Mrs. Deveraux," Jack said. Jack pulled Eve close, and they made love. Afterward, the newlyweds got dressed and headed out for breakfast at the pub. Jack and Eve got no farther than the hallway outside their hotel room door when they started kissing again. Chloe interrupted and said good morning. Jack and Eve laughed as Chloe congratulated them on their marriage. Chloe asked Eve if they could talk alone. With a nod, Jack told Eve he would meet her at the pub.

"Sorry to ruin your morning," Chloe said after Jack walked away. As Eve and Chloe entered the hotel room, Eve warned Chloe that she did not want to hear anyone else tell her that a marriage to Jack was a bad idea. With a self-satisfied grin, Eve pointed to the bed and noted that she and Jack were "married in every sense of the word."

"Okay. TMI. No, that's not what I wanted to talk about. If this is what really makes you happy, then good for you," Chloe said. Surprised, Eve thanked Chloe for her support. Chloe noted that Eve deserved happiness. Relieved, Eve thanked Chloe for being her friend. Chloe asked Eve for advice about Stefan.

"I've been putting it off, but I really do feel something for Stefan," Chloe admitted. Chloe added that she did not want to make another mistake and regret it. Chloe explained that Stefan had appeared to be sincere and kind, but she was not sure if that was the real Stefan.

"I'm not fan of Stefan, and he does have a dark side, but if he makes you happy, if you feel something, then I say you should give him a chance. If I've learned anything, it's that you never know when you'll find real happiness," Eve said. Eve admitted that when she had started her relationship with Jack, she had had an ulterior motive, but the relationship had blossomed into love.

Eve noted that Stefan was ruthless in business, but he was also a rich, good-looking man who liked kids. "You have done a hell of a lot worse!" Eve joked. Chloe smiled. Eve told Chloe to grab onto Stefan before he got away.

In the square, Eli called Lani to check in on her. Lani explained that she was still tied up at Rafe's house, taking care of David. As David cried, Lani told Eli she would call him later.

At the Hernandez house, Rafe struggled to reheat a bottle for David. Hope knocked on the front door. When Rafe answered, Hope held back tears and tenderly hugged her husband. Rafe invited Hope inside, and he asked about Ciara. Hope confirmed that Ciara was safe at home. Rafe asked how Hope was doing.

"Shaken. Maybe I'm not quite so okay. That monster was going to kill her. I could have lost you and Ciara all in the same day," Hope said. "Makes you want to hold on to her even tighter, doesn't it?" Rafe asked. Hope laughed and said she did not want Ciara to complain that she was hovering. Rafe apologized for not being there to help in the search.

"Kind of hard to do when you're taking a bullet," Hope noted. Rafe laughed. Rafe explained that his injuries were minor. Hope playfully pushed Rafe away and finished filling David's bottle for him. Rafe thanked Hope for the help. Hope told Rafe that she had talked to Kayla for advice.

"I know that we have a lot to work through. I wanna do the work. I thought maybe we could sit down, you and me, without any interruptions," Hope said. Lani entered the room. Lani apologized for interrupting and explained that she needed David's bottle. As Hope handed Lani the bottle, Lani asked about Ciara. Hope noted that Ciara was okay.

"Yesterday when I was here, you didn't say anything about staying the night," Hope said. Lani explained that she had offered to stay because Rafe had been struggling to care for David with his injured shoulder. Hope stared at Rafe as Lani explained the situation.

"It was very nice of you. I'm sure Rafe really appreciates it very much," Hope said as she continued to look at Rafe instead of Lani. When Hope turned her attention to Lani, she noted that Lani was wearing Rafe's shirt. Lani explained that David had spit up on her shirt. David cried, and Lani hurriedly left to attend to the baby.

"It's not what it looks like" Rafe said. "All it looked like was Lani wearing your shirt. My favorite one, mind you. I was just surprised," Hope said. Rafe defended himself until Hope cut him off and said she did not want to fight. Hope said she wanted to talk about their relationship. As Rafe casually sipped his coffee, he asked Hope if she had given Ted an answer to his proposition.

"I already said that I made it very clear to Ted that I'm not interested," Hope said. With a nod, Rafe noted that Hope should asked Ted why he was lying to her. Hope asked Rafe how he knew that Ted was lying. Rafe explained that Eli had overheard Ted talking on the phone to someone. Hope groaned in frustration. Hope asked Rafe if Eli had misunderstood what he had overheard. Rafe yelled that Eli would not make something up. Lani walked in and apologized as she gathered up items for David.

Hope told Lani to take her time because Hope needed to go. As Rafe sarcastically said "good talk,"' Hope said goodbye to Lani and marched hurriedly out of the house. Rafe looked over at Lani and shook his head. Lani apologized if she had upset Hope. Rafe assured Lani that his problems with Hope were centered on "a certain Frenchman." Lani said she believed Ted was a dirtbag. Rafe agreed and said he hoped Hope would realize that before it was too late.

In the pub, Sheila worked on her computer as Abe joined her. Sheila updated Abe on new polling data that had them up by five points. "I knew the voters would be too smart to fall for that charade of a wedding," Abe said. Sheila added that other polls had them behind Jack by ten points. Abe frowned.

"How can the voters be so stupid? How can a bogus wedding like this get this kind of response?" Abe complained. Sheila noted that weddings represented hope for the future. Sheila suggested that Abe get married. Seeing Abe's face, Sheila sighed in frustration and asked him if he was going to shoot down all her ideas.

"I do welcome that you think outside the box," Abe started. Abe explained that he believed marriage was a sacrament. Sheila countered that Abe and Valerie were in love and that it would not be a stunt.

"I bet if you dropped on one knee, she would be on board. Who wouldn't fall for a nice, fine, honest man, good-looking, and happens to be the best mayor Salem's ever seen?" Sheila asked. With a grin, Abe said, "You really think I'm good-looking, huh?" Sheila noted that it was more of a general observation than how she felt. Abe shook his head and said Valerie was not interested.

"I guess that's why you tried to kiss me," Sheila said. Abe looked around furtively and said, "I did not try to kiss you! You tried to kiss me." Sheila denied the accusation. Sheila and Abe bickered about the others' intention to kiss them, until Jack interrupted. Jack asked what Sheila and Abe were arguing about. Sheila was defensive, so Abe suggested that she head back to the office. With a grumble, Sheila left.

"Problems with your assistant? It sounded kind of personal," Jack said. Abe crossed his arms and told Jack that he and Sheila had been arguing about Jack's wedding. Abe said he believed the voters would see through Jack's sham marriage as a ploy to win votes. Jack told Abe that Eve was his true love. Abe countered that Jack's campaign was a pack of lies and hysteria.

"Call it what you want. We're unstoppable," Jack said. Jack urged Abe to drop out of the race, but Abe refused. Abe said he was confident that the voters would realize that Jack was a snake oil salesman and would choose a moral leader. "That's you?' Jack asked. "Yes. It is," Abe said.

In the square, Sheila met up with Eli. Eli confided to Sheila that he was worried that Lani had grown too attached to baby David. "Maybe she shouldn't be taking care of him," Sheila suggested. Eli agreed, but he admitted that he did not know how to say that to Lani. Eli asked Sheila about her life. With a groan, Sheila said she and Abe had been arguing. Sheila asked Eli to talk to Valerie about returning to Salem.

"Ain't no way I'm stepping in the middle of my mom and Abe. If they're going to work things out as a couple, they got to work it out on their own," Eli said. Sheila called Eli a chicken. With a shake of his head, Eli got up to leave for work. Sheila clucked at Eli as he laughed and headed into work. Sheila saw Abe, and she walked over.

"Did you sweep the floor with Deveraux?" Sheila asked. Abe assured Sheila that Jack had no idea what they had been arguing about when he had interrupted them at the pub.

At the pub, Eve joined Jack. "I hope that smile is a testament to wedded bliss," Eve cooed as she sat down beside her new husband. Jack told Eve that he might have found ammunition against Abe. Jack said he suspected that Abe was involved in something with his assistant.

In the Kiriakis living room, Brady scowled over paperwork at the desk as Maggie entered and invited him to join her, Nancy, and the kids for ice cream. With a smirk, Brady said he did not think Chloe would be happy for him to spend time with Parker and Holly.

"To say that I wrecked things with Chloe would be an understatement," Brady said. After updating Maggie on the situation with Chloe, Maggie noted that Brady sounded like a stalker. "I overstepped," Brady admitted. Brady wanted to fix the situation, but Maggie pointed out that Brady sounded obsessive. "I don't want to lose her, Maggie," Brady said. Maggie suggested that Brady take a step back. Brady argued that if he stepped aside, Stefan would swoop in.

"Maybe what's best for you is that you take a long, hard look at yourself and figure out why you are acting this way," Maggie suggested. Brady smirked. Maggie asked Brady why he wanted to force a reconciliation with Chloe. Brady argued that he and Chloe had been good together, but Maggie reminded Brady that things had turned sour in their marriage.

"You grew apart! You weren't there to support each other, so whatever caused the cracks in the first place, it hasn't gone away," Maggie said. "There's a part of me that is still in love with her," Brady admitted. Maggie asked Brady if he was afraid of being alone. Maggie noted that Brady had moved from one bad relationship to the next without a break.

"Every time I think something is real, I screw it up," Brady said. Maggie argued that Brady's relationship with Nicole had failed because Eric had been the love of her life. With a shake of his head, Brady noted that his relationships with Theresa and Eve had been toxic. With a smirk, Maggie noted that Brady was better off without Eve. Maggie reminded Brady that he had remained sober through it all.

"Yeah, but instead of diving into the bottle, Maggie, I'm obsessing over badgering my ex-wife to have another go with me," Brady said. Brady wondered aloud if he had pursued Chloe to prove to himself that he was not a failure at love. Maggie noted that Brady's failed relationships did not make him a failure as a person.

"Someday, someone out there is going to be incredibly lucky to find you," Maggie said. Maggie urged Brady to take time to get comfortable with himself before he dated again. "Let love find you, and don't force it," Maggie counseled. Brady thanked Maggie for always listening to him and giving him advice. Brady's tablet beeped with a news alert. "You're not going to believe this," Brady said.

After the latest round of hate sex at the DiMera mansion, Stefan lay on the bed, exhausted, his head dangling off the side. Gabi started to dress with a sheepish look on her face.

""I did not mean for that to happen," Gabi said. "And yet it did. Again," Stefan said. Gabi asked Stefan if he was going to wait by the phone for Chloe to call. "Sorry to break it to you, but she didn't say yes," Gabi said. "She didn't say no, either," Stefan said. "Uh-oh," Gabi gasped. Gabi pointed out that she was missing a button on her shirt.

In the living room downstairs, Chloe returned to the mansion and called out Stefan's name. When there was no answer, Chloe took out her phone to call him. Chloe noticed a button on the floor. With a frown, Chloe picked up the button and examined it.

Gabi marched into the living room, still attempting to button her shirt. Gabi stopped short when she saw Chloe staring at her. "Good morning," Chloe said. Gabi meekly said, "Hi," as she fumbled to close her shirt. "I'm guessing this belongs to you," Chloe said as she held up the button. Stefan walked in, still buttoning his shirt, and he stopped dead when he saw Chloe. "Okay. Who wants to go first?" Chloe asked.

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