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Days of our Lives Recap for Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Shawn was surprised to find Victor in Hope's office at the police station. Victor asked about Hope. When Shawn informed Victor that Hope was out searching for Vincent, Victor wished aloud that Hope would arrest or kill Vincent for murdering Ciara.

"Actually, my mom thinks there's a chance that Ciara might be alive," Shawn said. Shawn told Victor about the evidence the police had collected. "You think [Hope] is grasping at straws?" Victor asked. "My mom has already lost one child. So, the idea of losing another, it's just unimaginable. So, I can understand why she wouldn't want to go there," Shawn said. Shawn added that he understood that Hope needed to confirm the truth with Vincent.

With a sigh, Victor announced that he needed to return home for Philip's welcome home dinner. "I know there was bad blood between you and Philip, but I assume you're past that by now. Especially since he rescued you all when Jan Spears tried to blow you up at your reunion in New York," Victor said. "So, you know Jan's back," Shawn said. Victor admitted he could not believe Jan was free to roam the streets.

In the Kiriakis living room, Maggie told Philip about the welcome home dinner she had planned for him. Maggie recited the guest list, which included Xander. Philip smirked. "I mean, you and Xander have just been named co-CEOs of Titan; that's a very important partnership. So, please tell me it's off to a good start," Maggie said. Philip thought about his last conversation with Xander at the office where Xander had threatened him.

"Let's just say our partnership is more like a match made in hell," Philip said. "Your father had such high hopes that his co-CEO idea would work. What's the problem?" Maggie said. Philip called Xander an inexperienced idiot.

"From what I've heard, in the short time that Xander has been running Titan on his own, he's been doing quite well. I mean your father said the fourth quarter profits have far exceeded expectations," Maggie said. Philip called the profits a fluke, and he reiterated that Xander's future was "in the backyard not the boardroom." Maggie reminded Philip that he had been absent for five years.

"I think it was a bit presumptuous of you to just walk in and give Victor an ultimatum," Maggie said. "I'm claiming my birthright," Philip said. "More like demanding it," Maggie countered. With a shrug, Philip argued that he was a good negotiator, which made him a good CEO. "Titan had a CEO. Xander," Maggie said. Maggie encouraged Philip to work with Xander and help Victor though the loss of Ciara, Sonny, and Arianna. Philip countered that he would not let a thug steal what was rightfully his company.

"I know that you tend to see the best in people, but surely you see that Xander is bad news. That my father is making a terrible mistake by trusting him," Philip said. Maggie disagreed. "Please don't tell me you're on Team Xander?" Philip asked. "Actually, I am. I have seen another side of the man since you left town," Maggie said. Philip asked Maggie if Xander had threatened her. Taken aback, Maggie told Philip that the opposite had happened.

"When I was in prison, when I believed that I had caused the accident that killed Adrienne and my granddaughter, I tried to take my life. Xander found me in the cell, and he saved my life. That's why I'm alive. Has he made mistakes? Yes. But he is sincerely trying to do better," Maggie said. Maggie added that Philip did not need to like Xander, but he should attempt to get along with him because Xander was a part of the family.

Upstairs, Sarah encouraged Xander to shower and get ready for dinner. Xander attempted to talk Sarah into taking a shower with him, but his phone rang and interrupted. There was no caller ID for the call. "Sometimes I get work calls from numbers I don't recognize. I should take it," Xander said. When Xander answered, it was Jan Spears.

"I think we need to talk," Jan said. Xander thought about when Sarah had warned him to stay away from Jan, and he had surreptitiously slipped his business card to Jan. Xander asked Sarah to hop in the shower while he wrapped up his business call. Once Sarah was gone, Xander asked Jan what she wanted. Jan told Xander that she had thought about his suggestion to talk to the police about Philip's threat to kill her.

"What changed your mind?" Xander asked. "Mostly, I realized that if I play my cards right, I could end up with Shawn," Jan said. Jan explained that Philip would ask Belle to act as his attorney and that it would drive a wedge into Belle and Shawn's relationship. "When it all falls apart, yours truly will be there to pick up the pieces," Jan said.

"You had me at reporting Philip to the police. So, do it. The sooner the better," Xander said. As Xander ended his call, Sarah returned from the bathroom. "I thought you were going to join me," Sarah said. Xander explained that he had been hung up on his phone call. With a grin, Xander unbuttoned his shirt and asked Sarah to join him.

"I just got out!" Sarah objected. "I'm sure you're still a little dirty," Xander whispered. Sarah leaned in close to Xander and helped him undress. "Let's go find out," Xander said as he guided Sarah back into the bathroom.

In Hope's office at the police station, Shawn called Belle and left her a voicemail about meeting for dinner. "I miss you," Shawn said before he ended the call. Behind Shawn, the door to the office opened. It was Jan. "Maybe I can keep you company," Jan said. Worried, Shawn jumped to his feet and told Jan to stay away from his daughter. Jan swore she had only been at the house to offer her condolences for Ciara.

"I'm truly sorry for your loss," Jan said. Frustrated, Shawn told Jan to leave. Jan explained that she was there on business. "I'm about to help you get Philip Kiriakis out of your life," Jan said. Jan told Shawn about Philip's threat to kill her. "I'd like to file a formal complaint," Jan said. Jan said that Philip had grabbed her and terrified her. "If you're just trying to do this to get brownie points with me, then you know what? It's not going to work," Shawn said. Jan insisted that she feared for her life. Shawn told Jan that he did not believe her. "Are you going to do your duty or not?" Jan asked.

In the Kiriakis living room, Victor, Maggie, and Philip chatted. Maggie proposed a toast to Philip. "May this be a prosperous, permanent, and peaceful homecoming," Maggie said. Philip handed an investment opportunity to Victor. As Victor flipped through the proposal, Maggie suggested that they suspend business for the evening. With a chuckle, Victor vetoed the suggestion. Philip told Victor that they needed to move quickly to acquire the business he had his eye on. Philip asked for Victor's blessing to move forward.

"It's not my okay you need. It's Xander's," Victor said. "I don't see why we need Xander involved in this," Philip muttered. As Xander and Sarah walked into the room, Xander asked Philip what he was talking about. Victor handed the proposal to Xander to review. Xander said he would be hesitant to make the deal because of the risks involved. Philip exploded.

"I'm sorry, I'm not going to listen to Xander bloviate! He should just be straight with everyone and tell them he hates the idea because it came from me!" Philip shouted. Xander disagreed. Sarah asked Philip to hear Xander out. When Philip continued to argue that Xander was petty, Xander calmly interrupted to note that he was familiar with the company.

"I agree. They do have great potential," Xander said. "I thought you said there was a significant risk," Philip countered. Xander explained that one of the partners was eccentric, but he was confident he and Philip could work things out. "That's the attitude I like," Maggie said. Victor asked Xander what the next step was. Xander said he and Philip could talk in the morning, but the evening should be a celebration of Philip's return home.

"That's bull, and you know it. You hate that I came back to town, and you hate working with me just as much as I hate working with you," Philip growled. "What the hell is the matter with you?" Victor asked. Xander said it was fine, but Victor insisted that Philip was out of line. "I can't believe that this Neanderthal has you all snowed!" Philip said. Sarah defended Xander.

"Let's calm down. There is absolutely no reason for us all to be fighting, especially when Maggie has worked so hard to bring us all together for a lovely meal," Xander said. Maggie suggested that they head into the dining room. As Maggie rose from the couch, Shawn walked in. "Is there any news on Ciara?" Victor asked. "No. I'm actually here about another police matter," Shawn said. Shawn asked Philip to join him at the station for questioning. Philip scowled and asked Shawn to question him there.

"This is about you threatening to kill Jan Spears," Shawn said. "You're kidding, right? I told you that in confidence, and now you're going all cop on me?" Philip whispered. Victor demanded to know what was going on. Shawn explained that Jan had made a formal complaint, and his job required him to follow through.

"For God's sake! Jan was trying to attack your wife and daughter! I was only trying to warn them!" Philip said. Shawn asked Philip if he had threatened to kill Jan. "I didn't mean it literally," Philip said. Shawn asked Philip if he had grabbed Jan's arm and yelled in her face. With a shrug, Philip said he was not sure. With a sigh, Shawn noted that Philip had admitted to assault, and Shawn was forced to arrest him. Sarah looked over at Xander and narrowed her eyes. As Shawn read Philip's Miranda rights, both Victor and Philip objected.

"How can you listen to anything Jan says? She's a pathological liar," Philip argued. Shawn guided Philip out of the house as Victor yelled for a phone to call a lawyer. "No worries, Uncle. I'm on it," Xander said as he stepped into the foyer. Sarah followed him. "You were behind this, weren't you?" Sarah asked Xander.

At Nicole's apartment, Allie admitted to Nicole that the father of her baby was named Tripp. "Tripp Dalton?" Nicole asked. With a shrug, Allie said she did not know. Nicole explained that Tripp was Steve's son. "So, you're saying that Tripp's father is my Uncle Steve?" Allie asked. Nicole clarified that Steve was her great-uncle by marriage, and therefore, not a blood relative. Allie was resistant to the idea that her Tripp could be Steve's son.

"That would be way too big of a coincidence. I mean, there has to be another Tripp in this town, right?" Allie asked. With a shrug, Nicole went to the computer to pull up a photo of Tripp. "That's him," Allie whispered. Nicole guessed that Allie and Tripp had not been in a relationship. Allie admitted that she had only met him once. "That's all it takes," Nicole said.

When Allie decided to pour a drink, Nicole encouraged her not to keep her feelings bottled up inside. Allie assured Nicole that she was fine. "I want you to talk to me. If you're comfortable. I am on your side, no matter what," Nicole said. Nicole assured Allie that she would not judge her. Allie told Nicole about her time in London and how she had failed to find a job as planned, but had instead partied and lived off the money she had secured from Sami.

"I was shopping all day, then hitting the hot spots at night, rolling in at dawn, and doing it all over again," Allie said. Allie admitted that she had slept through all the job interviews she had managed to secure. As Allie cringed, Nicole reminded her that Nicole was not there to judge Allie's actions. Allie continued with her story. Allie talked about when she had met Tripp in a club. Allie admitted she had been too drunk to fully remember the evening.

"God knows I've had nights like that. Where you barely remember anything," Nicole said quietly. With a nod, Allie said that she remembered that Tripp had asked her if she wanted him to take her home. "And I said yes," Allie said. Nicole asked Allie what had happened next. "We had sex. I got pregnant. End of story," Allie barked. Nicole thanked Allie for sharing her story. Upset, Allie went to bed.

At the hospital, Tripp told Steve about his run-in with a woman from his past. When Tripp mentioned that the woman's name was Allie, Steve asked Tripp if he meant Allie Horton. "[Allie is] John's granddaughter. She was living in London last year. 'Til she came back to Salem to have her baby," Steve said. "Her baby?" Tripp said as his face drained of color. Steve nodded yes. Curious, Steve asked Tripp when he had met Allie, and then he did the math.

"I gotta ask you, son, could you be that baby's father?" Steve asked. Before Tripp could answer, Claire interrupted to ask about setting up a memorial service for Ciara. "That's a really nice idea, Claire, but do you think you should really do that, since Hope thinks it is possible that Ciara is still alive?" Tripp asked. Steve was shocked by the news.

"I hope they find Vincent and Ciara," Steve said. Claire explained that she wanted to prepare a memorial service in case Hope and Ben learned that Ciara had died. "People could speak. They could share stories. Memories. We could have a slideshow of nice pictures. I would sing, of course," Claire said. Tripp offered to help Claire. Steve asked Claire for a few moments to speak to his son first, but Tripp insisted that they talk later, and he left with Claire.

Claire and Tripp went to the café in the town square to talk about plans for the memorial. As Claire and Tripp looked through photos of Ciara at the wedding, Claire said, "She was so happy." Claire grew teary-eyed. "We can do this later. It's okay," Tripp said. Claire wiped away her tears and insisted they push on. Claire flipped through more pictures on her tablet and pointed out guests at the party.

"And this is my cousin Allie. Allie was Ciara's maid of honor," Claire said. When Claire noted that Allie had returned to town "super pregnant," Tripp said, "I can see that." Claire talked about Allie's failed attempts to give her baby away. "Allie is really cool, though. You'd like her if you met her," Claire told Tripp.

"Actually, I have met her," Tripp said. Before Tripp could say anything more, Jan called out to Claire. "Who's your friend?" Jan asked. Claire introduced Tripp to Jan. When Jan asked to speak to Claire privately, Tripp told Claire he should go. Tripp explained that he needed to check with the university about transferring to medical school in Salem. "If you need help planning, just give me a call," Tripp said.

After Tripp walked away, Jan teased Claire about snagging a future doctor. "Tripp and I aren't dating. We used to, but it's a long story," Claire said. Jan offered to listen, but Claire said she did not want to talk about Tripp. "What did you want to talk to me about?" Claire asked. Jan reminded Claire how they had discussed how people were reluctant to give them a second chance.

"You understand change like that is possible. Your parents don't. At least not for me. So, they will probably tell you that I went to the police station because I was stalking Shawn," Jan said. Jan swore that she had gone to the police station for legitimate reasons and that she had not expected to see Shawn there. "I was making sure justice is served," Jan said.

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