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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

In Ben's apartment, he and Ciara stirred awake in each other's arms. Ciara told Ben that she was concerned about Claire because Tripp had broken up with her. Ciara confided that Claire had done something stupid, but Ciara still believed that Tripp had been cruel to dump Claire.

"The least Tripp can do is be a little more understanding, considering how much he has asked of her," Ciara said. Ben asked why Ciara was concerned about Claire after everything Claire had done. With a shrug, Ciara said that Claire was family, and Claire's actions had also led Ciara to Ben. Ciara said she wanted to be friends with Claire again.

"Tripp and me weren't a good match, and to be honest, I don't think Claire is really right for him, either," Ciara said. Ben joked that Ciara should not mention that to Claire. After Ciara and Ben dressed, Ciara groaned when she realized the charging cable for her phone was broken. Ciara said she did not want to pick up her spare at the loft because it was likely a war zone between Claire and Tripp. Ben offered to pick up the charger for Ciara.

"I am off to talk to Rafe about you spending more time with David," Ciara said. Ben and Ciara agreed that it was weird that Lani had lied about David's health. Ciara promised to get to the bottom of the situation.

At the Salem Inn, Claire paid a visit to Eve. Eve noted that Claire should be happy, since Haley was gone. "Haley is gone all right. So is Tripp," Claire said. Claire blamed Eve for Claire's breakup. Eve asked Claire to tell her what had happened.

"You blackmailed Haley in front of J.J.," Claire said. When Eve instructed Claire to lie about her involvement in the recording, Claire said Tripp had pushed her until she had confessed. Eve said she was sorry, but Claire lashed out at Eve for using her. Claire lamented that she had trusted Eve. Eve cautioned Claire to calm down.

"Do you know what happens when someone treats me like dirt? I get very, very angry. And you know what happens when I get very angry, right?" Claire asked. Eve urged Claire not to do anything rash. Claire warned Eve not to tell anyone about the fire.

"Your secret is safe with me," Eve promised. "That's funny because that's exactly what you said about my other secret. Nobody was supposed to find out that I was behind those recordings," Claire said. Claire ordered Eve to tell Tripp that she had forced Claire to record the conversations. When Eve objected to telling a lie, Claire scoffed at the idea of Eve being opposed to lying.

"If I thought that talking to Tripp would help, I would do it. I would do it in a heartbeat," Eve stressed. "I actually thought that you were on my side. Nobody's on my side. No, I am all alone," Claire said. Eve assured Claire that she was there for Claire. Eve told Claire that she should accept that Tripp was gone and let him go. Claire shook her head no.

At the loft, Eli asked Tripp if he had any information about J.J. and Haley's plans. "I have no clue where Haley and J.J. went," Tripp said. Tripp promised to tell Eli any information if he learned anything. Tripp's phone beeped with a text from J.J. that asked for help. Eli asked about the text, but Tripp lied and said it was nothing. Eli was suspicious, but before he could press Tripp any further, Claire returned home.

"Have you heard anything from J.J. or Haley?" Eli asked Claire. "I am the last person they would reach out to," Claire said. With a nod, Eli left. Tripp asked Claire why she was at the loft. Claire apologized again for what she had done to Haley. Tripp admitted that what he had asked of Claire had been unfair.

"I didn't mean to be cruel or selfish, and I just, I love you. I love you so much," Claire said. Claire added that she had been driven crazy by the thought of losing Tripp to another woman. Claire begged for another chance. Tripp's face darkened. Tripp barked that he would never take Claire back.

"You're acting like you've never made a mistake in your life," Claire said. Tripp argued that Claire had known what she was doing and had ruined both Haley and J.J.'s lives with her selfishness. "I didn't force him to break the law. He made that choice on his own," Claire countered. Tripp argued that J.J. had protected Haley because she had needed someone. Claire yelled that Haley was a criminal, and she was tired of everyone defending Haley. Tripp ordered Claire to go home.

"This is my home. I only moved into Pop Pops because you kicked me out. Do you have any idea how much that hurt me? And how humiliating that was?" Claire asked. With tears in her eyes, Claire swore Tripp would forgive her in time if Tripp let her move back in.

"If you want to move in with a guy that hates you, then fine, yeah. But I can tell you right now that you will never change my mind," Tripp said. Claire refused to leave. Tripp walked out. Claire packed a box of Tripp's things and muttered, "After everything I've done for you, you think you can just walk away from me? You think you can just ignore me?"

Claire dumped the box of clothing on the floor and emptied a bottle of fluid on top. Claire pulled the lighter out of her pocket and stared at the flame. Ben walked into the loft behind Claire, and she froze.

After setting baby David down for a nap at the Hernandez house, Lani asked Rafe about the papers in front of him. With a sad smile, Rafe explained that he was looking at his signed divorce papers. Before Rafe could say any more, Jack knocked on the door. When Rafe answered, Jack strolled on in without an invitation.

"I want you to get out there and find J.J. before the Feds do," Jack said. "Here's the thing. You're not my boss, and Hope is, and I have been suspended," Rafe said. Jack explained that he had fired Hope. Confused, Rafe noted that Jack was not the mayor yet. With a wave, Jack explained that he intended to fire Hope after his swearing-in ceremony.

"That's nuts. Why?" Lani asked. Jack told Lani and Rafe that Hope had made it clear that she would not support him as mayor. When Jack asked Lani if she intended to quit in support of her father, Lani said she had no intention of resigning from the force. Rafe asked about the new commissioner. Jack said, "I'm thinking it should be you."

Rafe refused the honor, so Jack reminded Rafe that Hope would be fired whether Rafe took the job or not. With a smile, Jack walked out. Rafe explained to Lani that he did not want to work for Jack.

"What about working for whatever crooked cop he'll hire if you don't take [the job]?" Lani asked. Lani pointed out that it appeared that Rafe's suspension was over. Rafe added that his first case would be to track down J.J., and he was concerned about whether Jack would let him "do everything by the book." Rafe said he did not want to break the rules for Jack's vendetta against Haley.

While Lani checked on David in the other room, Ciara stopped by to talk to Rafe. With a sheepish look, Rafe apologized to Ciara about the divorce. Ciara was surprised by the news. "I knew you were going through a rough patch. I just sort of thought you guys would find a way to work through it," Ciara said. Rafe nodded in agreement. Ciara sniffled. "I feel so sad," Ciara added.

"I just feel like we were fighting a losing battle from the start. Too many problems to overcome. You know that no matter what's happening, you are always family," Rafe said. Ciara agreed. Rafe asked Ciara the reason for her visit. Ciara asked Rafe if he would consider letting Ben spend time with David. Ciara explained she had spoken to Lani, and Rafe said he had not heard anything about Ciara's request. Ciara told Rafe that Lani had lied and said David had been sick. Lani entered the kitchen and overheard Ciara's comment.

At the Salem Inn, Jack returned to his room and found Eve dressed and ready for the swearing-in ceremony. "I think every man is going to wish you were their First Lady," Jack joked. Eve asked about Jack's talk with Rafe. Jack shook his head no. When Jack wondered aloud whether anyone would want to work for him, Eve pointed out that Jack had won the election. "Starting today, this power couple is taking over Salem," Eve said with a grin.

At the police station, Jennifer and Hope were chatting in the interrogation room as Eli walked in. Anxious for news, Jennifer asked about J.J. and Haley. Eli said Tripp had not heard anything, but Eli had leads from the tip line. Jennifer's face fell. Eli promised not to stop searching for J.J. With a nod, Jennifer excused herself to go to the swearing-in ceremony.

Hope told Eli that Jack intended to fire her. Eli was taken aback by the news. Hope wished Eli luck with the new commissioner. While reviewing leads from the tip line, Eli's eyes lit up. After a phone call, Eli told Hope, "I got it. I know where they are."

In the square, Ben ran into Eve. "I still can't believe that you are roaming the streets, a free man," Eve grumbled. Eve suggested that Jack might be able to do something about Ben. Ben argued that Eve could not harass him. With a scowl, Eve reminded Ben that he had killed three people, including her daughter.

"No words can express how terribly sorry I am. I'd give my life right now if it meant saving theirs. But since that's not possible, all I can try to do now is be a decent person and try to help other people," Ben said. "Though I'm moved by your groveling little speech, my daughter? She's still dead. Thanks to you. And that fire from last year is unsolved," Eve said. Ben noted that there was no evidence tying him to the fire. Eve refused to accept that Ben was reformed.

Overwhelmed with anger, Eve slapped Ben's head as he covered his face and took the beating. Jack saw Eve and pulled her off of Ben. "I'm putting that sociopath on notice for killing my daughter!" Eve screamed. Jack asked Ben if Ben had attacked his wife. Ben proclaimed his innocence and noted that it was not the first time that Eve had attacked him. Jack warned Ben to leave or be arrested.

"For what? This is harassment," Ben said. "You move now, or I'll show you harassment," Jack growled. Fuming, Ben walked away, popping a few balloons angrily as he left the square. Shaken, Eve told Jack that she could not control her anger around Ben, and she hated that Ben had that kind of power over her. Jack reminded Eve that they had the power. Jack's phone beeped with a message from Rafe.

As Jennifer approached, Jack asked about J.J. "As if you care," Jennifer muttered. Jack insisted that he was worried about his son. Jennifer noted that if Jack truly cared about finding J.J., he would not have fired Hope. Jack argued that Hope's list of unsolved cases was a prime reason why Jack had been elected mayor.

"You were elected because you whipped up a frenzy of fear and hate, and you vilified a young woman who was trying to make a better life for herself. It is your fault that J.J. is gone because you sold your soul for power," Jennifer said. Jack countered that Haley had confessed to using Tripp. Jennifer scoffed and noted that Jack had ruined Haley's life for a few votes.

"I told you that that woman was gonna use our son, take advantage of him, and I was right. Someday, you're going to see that I was just trying to protect him," Jack said. Jack argued that he and Jennifer were on the same side. "No, we are not," Jennifer said firmly before she walked away to join the rest of the press.

The ceremony started, and a judge swore Jack into office as Jennifer watched. When the crowd cheered, Jack thanked the voters and his wife. "Thank you for putting your trust in me. As promised, big changes are coming. Changes to make your lives better," Jack said. Jack announced that his first act as mayor was to remove Hope Brady as the police commissioner.

"I am, after careful consideration, thrilled to let you know that I have a highly qualified replacement," Jack said. Jack announced that he would crack down on crime. "I'm pleased and proud to announce my new and improved police commissioner, Eve Deveraux!" Jack said. Jennifer's mouth fell open.

In a motel, Haley woke up and found J.J. sitting in a chair nearby. J.J. explained that he had just returned to the room after ditching their car and phone. J.J. handed over a bag of doughnuts to Haley. With a shrug, J.J. lamented that he did not have access to more cash.

"Where are we supposed to go? We didn't think this through," Haley said in a panic. Haley argued that they had made a terrible mistake in running away. Haley wanted to return to Salem, but J.J. refused to let Haley turn herself in. With tears in her eyes, Haley told J.J. that she did not want him to go to prison.

"You need to trust me. All we need to do is make ourselves disappear," J.J. said calmly. J.J. said he was waiting to hear from Tripp. "I feel so bad. The guy ruined his life for nothing," Haley commented. "I feel bad that my father used you," J.J. said. With a shake of his head, J.J. noted that he did not want to return to a town that had been stupid enough to elect his father. J.J. suggested that they go to Canada.

"Are you saying you'd stay with me?" Haley asked. "Of course, I'd stay with you. I'd never leave you behind," J.J. said. Concerned, Haley asked J.J. if he was willing to give up his job and his family. J.J. noted that he could get another job, and, with the exception of his mother, there was no one to keep him tied to Salem.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Haley asked. "Yes. Because if I don't, we'll never know what could have been," J.J. said as he stroked Haley's face. While J.J. and Haley ate breakfast, Tripp called J.J.'s cell phone. Tripp agreed to deliver money to J.J.

Hope and Eli arrived at a motel and knocked on a door to a room. "J.J.? C'mon, open up!" Hope said. Eli handed Hope a credit card, and she jimmied the lock open.

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