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Days of our Lives Recap for Friday, July 3, 2020
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Friday, July 3, 2020

When Lani and Eli returned home after their wedding, a flustered Eli wondered aloud how to accomplish carrying Lani across the threshold. "I knew you were a stickler for logistics. You're thinking about this like it's a drug bust," Lani joked. Lani suggested that she would open the door, and then Eli could surprise her. With the door open, Eli swept Lani up in his arms and carried her inside.

"Oh, my God," Lani said. The apartment was decked out in rose petals, fairy lights, and candles. "Who did this?" Lani asked. Eli guessed that his grandma Julie had set up the room. Eli noticed a card and read it. "Dearest Lani and Eli, I wanted to make sure your wedding night was as special as the two of you are. Here's to finding your way back together. Love, Julie," Eli read aloud. Lani said she was grateful for Julie's love and support.

With a chuckle, Lani said that when she had talked to Julie about Doug, Julie had lit up like a schoolgirl talking about her boyfriend. "They really have had an amazing life together," Lani said. "Just like we will," Eli agreed. Lani admitted that she had been uncertain if they would end the day married. When Eli made fun of Vivian, Lani agreed and said that Vivian was "evil to the core."

"In spite of all that, she loved her son with a vengeance. And I think she just can't accept the fact that he's dead," Lani said. Lani and Eli curled up on the bed and talked about their wedding over cake. With a sly smile, Lani went upstairs to get changed. When Lani returned in lingerie, Eli said, "That was a great surprise." Lani and Eli made love as fireworks exploded outside.

After, Eli held Lani in his arms and told her, "We're going to have a great life together." "We are. And we're going to be a family soon," Lani added. Eli thanked Lani for not giving up on him. Lani thanked him for the same. "I love you, Mrs. Grant," Eli said. "I was thinking Price-Grant," Lani said. With a chuckle, Eli said he would call Lani whatever she wanted as long as she loved him. Lani and Eli kissed.

At Julie's Place, Julie had just finished cleaning up after the wedding when Hope arrived. "I told you to wait," Hope said. "You know I never listen," Julie said. Hope asked about Doug, and Julie assured her that Doug just had a chest cold. Julie admitted that Doug was disappointed that he had missed out on the wedding. "How did the wedding go?" Hope asked. Julie told Hope about Gabi and Vivian crashing the wedding.

"[Rafe] not only saved the day, your ex-husband saved Lani's life," Julie said. Julie confirmed that Lani and Eli had finally gotten married after Rafe had dragged Vivian off to jail. "God willing, they are finally going to get their happily ever after," Julie said.

At the police station, Gabi and Jake told Rafe that the DNA test had confirmed that Jake was a match for Stefan. When Rafe mentioned that Vivian was handcuffed in the interrogation room because she had attempted to shoot Lani, Gabi shook her head. Gabi told Jake that Vivian was his mother. Gabi told Jake that he had loved his mother so much that he had taken a bullet for her.

"Maybe if you see her, that will spark up a memory," Gabi suggested. Gabi asked Rafe if Jake could talk to Vivian. With a shrug, Rafe said that was fine. Allie walked in and asked to talk to Rafe. With a nod, Rafe suggested that he and Allie go get a bite to eat and talk. Rafe told Jake and Gabi that they had permission to talk to Vivian. Jake was hesitant to see Vivian, but Gabi insisted that Jake needed to talk to his mother in case it jogged his memory.

"You're going to remember how much you loved me and how much I loved you. And want you," Gabi whispered. Jake asked Gabi to join him, but Gabi urged Jake to talk to Vivian alone. "Just remember, she loves you very, very much," Gabi said. Jake walked into the interrogation room. "Stefan. You're alive. My son," Vivian said. Vivian asked Jake if he remembered her. Before Jake could say anything, Vivian begged him to let her help him.

"You don't look like you're in much of a position to help yourself, let alone me," Jake said as he nodded at Vivian's handcuffs. Jake told Vivian he had never seen her before in his life. Vivian asked Jake to take her hand and close his eyes so that he could "feel my blood coursing through your veins." Jake started to leave, but Gabi marched in and blocked his exit. "What kind of mother are you?" Gabi asked Vivian. "Exemplary!" Vivian barked. Gabi argued that Vivian should not have given up on her son after asking him only once if he remembered Vivian.

"What am I supposed to do? I'm chained to a chair," Vivian muttered. Gabi argued that Vivian only had herself to blame for her arrest. As Jake watched Gabi and Vivian banter, he mumbled, "It's like a car wreck. You can't look away." Gabi urged Vivian to remind Jake of moments from their lives together. "I can't!" Vivian yelled. With a nod, Gabi asked Vivian to tell Jake about the day they had met. Jake asked about the birth. "It's complicated," Vivian said. Vivian told Jake that someone had told her that he had died in childbirth.

"I only met you as an adult," Vivian said. "Did you go looking for me?" Jake asked. Vivian shook her head no. Vivian explained that she had believed that Jake was dead until he had shown up on her doorstep. Vivian said that after she had told Jake about his birth father, he had reclaimed his birth name, Stefan Octavius DiMera. Vivian concluded that they had returned to Salem and taken over DiMera Enterprises.

"Is any of this familiar to you?" Vivian asked. "As a matter of fact, it is," Jake said. "So, you do remember?" Gabi asked hopefully. With a nod, Jake said that he remembered reading about Vivian's tale in an article about Stefan. "You may be his mother, but you're not mine," Jake said. Confused, Gabi noted that the DNA test confirmed Vivian was his mother. Jake reminded Gabi that she had donated Stefan's heart, and he still had one.

"That is scientific proof that I am not your son!" Jake shouted. Furious, Jake yelled that Vivian and Gabi were making him question his sanity. Jake walked out. Gabi rose to chase him, but Vivian grabbed her hand. Gabi wrenched her hand free and ran after Jake, but it was too late. Jake was gone. Gabi returned to talk to Vivian. "I know my son. He just needs time to digest this," Vivian said. Vivian told Gabi not to harass Jake.

"He seems different. He's changed," Vivian muttered. "Yeah, he thinks he is a mechanic that works in a garage," Gabi said. Vivian asked Gabi what they should do. "Actually, it's what are you going to do?" Gabi countered. Gabi explained that although Rolf would not listen to her, he would listen to Vivian. Vivian was unsure. Gabi argued that Rolf would help Stefano's "bastard heir" if Gabi was not involved.

Vivian asked Gabi to talk to Rafe about setting her free. "You tried to murder the mayor's daughter in front of her family. I totally get where you were coming from, but I don't think the mayor is going to let you go," Gabi said. Vivian said her son needed his memory back. "Believe me, I'm going to make that happen. One way or another," Gabi promised.

At the garage, Jake paced his bedroom and poured a drink. The door opened behind Jake. "Gabi, I don't want to hear it. Just get the hell out," Jake said. "Gabi? It's me," Gwen said. Gwen asked Jake if Gabi was still attempting to convince him that he was Stefan. "Apparently, I am," Jake said. Shocked, Gwen asked Jake if he was joking. Jake confirmed that the DNA was a match.

"So what? No, you know what this Gabi is like. She probably doctored the results," Gwen argued. Jake disagreed. Gwen urged Jake to get another test. "I also met a woman who is supposedly my mother," Jake said. Jake admitted that he had no memory of Vivian. "You're not seriously starting to believe all this, are you?" Gwen asked. Jake shrugged.

"How are you going to hold onto who you are?" Gwen asked Jake as she pushed up close to him. Jake kissed Gwen. "What are you doing?" Gwen asked. "I'm holding onto my past," Jake whispered. Jake grabbed Gwen into a passionate kiss, and they tumbled onto the bed.

In the square, Rafe and Allie sat in the café and talked. "What's this important, private thing that you want to talk to me about?" Rafe asked. Allie thanked Rafe for being supportive to her. "Even though you're not my real dad, you've always been a great dad. The best. And I know you would have been a great dad to David," Allie said. Rafe said he would be fine. Allie asked Rafe if he wanted to adopt her baby.

"I can't think of anyone who would be a better dad," Allie said. "I really wasn't expecting that," Rafe said. Allie explained that when Rafe had talked about David as a person, it had given her the idea to ask Rafe. "You weren't trying to make [David] into something. You just wanted him to be him," Allie explained. Allie said it had reminded her of how Rafe had listened to her as a child, unlike her parents.

"I really don't know what to say," Rafe said. Rafe urged Allie to talk to Sami first. "Who cares how she feels? It's not her business," Allie objected. Rafe argued that Sami would have strong feelings about her ex-husband adopting her grandchild. Rafe added that Allie also needed to consider his feelings. Rafe explained that he was still grieving the loss of David. "I'm not sure I'm ready to go down that road yet," Rafe said. Allie asked Rafe if he was saying no to her.

"What I'm trying to say is, I need time," Rafe said. Rafe said he needed to be sure because he wanted to be the kind of father that Allie's baby deserved. "You're already thinking about what is best for the kid," Allie said. Allie told Rafe to take all the time he needed, because Rafe was the best person she knew.

When Rafe returned to the station, Hope thanked him for saving Lani's life. "It wasn't a big deal," Rafe said. Noticing Rafe's solemn expression, Hope took the hint and started to leave. Rafe asked Hope for advice. Rafe told Hope about Allie's offer. "How do you feel about it?" Hope asked. Rafe admitted he was not sure.

Will and Sonny went to Eric's apartment to talk to Allie, but she had already left. Eric offered to take a message for Will. "We wanted to ask her if we could adopt her baby," Will said. "I didn't see that coming. To be honest, I don't think Allie did, either," Eric said. Eric explained that Allie had already decided to give her baby to someone else. "Who?" Will asked with surprise. "She didn't know that we were interested," Sonny said. Will started to call Allie, but Eric stopped him.

"You should know, I think she has already made up her mind," Eric said. When Will started to argue that he was family and not a stranger, Eric told Will and Sonny that Allie wanted to give the baby to Rafe. Confused, Will asked Eric when Allie had made her decision. Eric explained that Allie had run into Rafe in the square, and he had told her about losing custody of David. Will admitted that Rafe was a great guy, but he noted that Rafe was not family.

"She decided without knowing that we, that you, wanted the baby. She didn't know that anyone in the family was interested," Sonny pointed out. Eric noted that Allie was with Rafe. With a sigh, Will said that he knew how much Rafe wanted a child, so it was likely that Rafe would accept Allie's proposal. Sonny said they would be happy for Rafe if he agreed, but they should not give up hope yet. Eric offered to introduce Will and Sonny to a social worker he knew that was amenable to same sex couple adoptions. Will thanked Eric for his offer.

"I don't mean to sound down on Rafe, but I just thought that adopting Allie's baby would be the perfect solution for Allie and us," Will said. As Eric wrote down the contact info for his friend, Allie returned home. Allie asked Will and Sonny why they were there. "We actually came to talk to you. About your baby," Will admitted. Will asked what Rafe had said.

"He said he'll think about it," Allie said. "So, he hasn't agreed yet?" Sonny asked. "No. Why?" Allie asked. Will said he and Sonny had hoped that Allie would let them adopt her baby. Will explained that he and Sonny had been discussing adopting a second child and had seen Allie's arrival in town as a sign. "It never even occurred to me," Allie said. "We don't want to put you on the spot or anything," Sonny said. Will agreed, and added, "Especially since you already talked to Rafe about it."

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