Will and Sonny break into Xander's briefcase
Days of our Lives Recap for Monday, August 19, 2019
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Monday, August 19, 2019
by Mike

Maggie entered the Kiriakis mansion and was pleasantly surprised to see Sarah sitting in the living room. "Were you waiting for me?" Maggie asked while joining Sarah on the couch. "I was. Henderson said you were out, [but] he would not tell me where," Sarah, who clearly found the mystery intriguing, replied. "Ah. Well, Henderson is the soul of discretion. I was down at the Horton Center, [attending] a meeting," Maggie clarified. "Are you doing that every day now?" Sarah asked. "I'm trying. The recent slip reminded me that I cannot be cavalier about my sobriety. I need to work the program," Maggie replied.

Changing the subject, Maggie curiously wondered what had prompted Sarah's unexpected visit. "I thought you would be very happy to hear [that]...Eric and I are finally together," Sarah announced, delighting Maggie.

Sarah soon rushed off, and a short time later, Victor joined Maggie in the living room. "I know things have been tense between us lately...[but] I have something for you," Victor began before producing a small gift box, which Maggie hesitantly opened. "A chip," Maggie observed with obvious surprise, fighting back tears. "You've been sober for ten weeks today," Victor explained. "I know that... I just didn't think that you did," Maggie admitted. "I know you must think the only thing I keep track of is the Titan stock prices, [but] I know how hard you've worked, [and] I wish that I'd been more sensitive to what you were going through," Victor stressed.

"I appreciate you saying that... [And] I need to make an apology, too -- I overreacted where Kate was concerned. It's just that...that woman, she just knows how to push my buttons," Maggie acknowledged. "I understand...but you have to know that she is merely an employee of mine, [while you are] my wife -- and that makes me the luckiest man in the world," Victor declared. "I'm lucky, too," Maggie insisted.

Brady went to see Eric, who didn't exactly offer the warmest of greetings. "Give me one minute," Brady begged while barging into Eric's apartment. "You want to talk? [Then] talk...[but] I have nothing to say to you. [I mean, you let Nicole] marry Tony DiMera!" Eric spat. "I didn't 'let' her do anything, all right? She's a grown woman. She did what she wanted to do," Brady tiredly clarified. "And it's not like you ever stopped her from getting what she wanted [before, right]?" Eric pointedly countered. "I wasn't in a position to dissuade her from doing [it]," Brady explained with a shrug.

"So, I'm supposed to believe that she fell madly in love with Tony [while they were] recovering in a hospital [after they] nearly died? [That] doesn't make any sense," Eric argued. "No, it doesn't make any sense...[and that's because] it's not the real reason," Brady admitted before reluctantly proceeding to reveal the true purpose of Nicole and Tony's marriage.

"Since when does Nicole care about DiMera? And why the hell would you go along with this?" Eric asked afterward, and Brady stammered while trying to decide how to respond.

"Wait, [let me guess] -- you're thinking [that] if you help Nicole get what she wants, [then] she's gonna come back to you, [and] the two of you are finally gonna be together," Eric summarized with obvious amusement. "Actually...we already are," Brady defensively bragged, causing Eric's smile to fade in an instant. "You are such a son of a bitch!" Eric spat before shoving Brady.

Sarah entered the apartment just then and stopped things from escalating further. "What the hell is going on?" Sarah demanded to know. "Eric's upset because I told him that I'm sleeping with Nicole," Brady explained.

"Which I find really ironic, actually, since Chloe just told me that the two of you are together. I mean, once again, Eric steals his brother's woman," Brady continued with a shake of the head. "Excuse me? 'Steals his brother's woman'? [Look], maybe you're the type of guy that thinks that women are possessions that can be stolen -- which is probably why you have such a tough time holding onto one -- but your brother, on the other hand, sees me for exactly who I am -- a reasonably intelligent, capable human being who can make her own decisions. And my decision was to be with Eric," Sarah countered.

"Sarah, I'm sorry -- I didn't mean to offend you, honestly, and I don't feel that way about women. My point was that I was keeping Nicole at an arm's length for my brother, because I didn't want to hurt him the way that he had hurt me," Brady backpedaled. "Oh, how noble...well, at least until you changed your mind," Eric grumbled. "You're with [Sarah now, so]...why do you care?" Brady wondered.

"I'm done with this conversation," Eric evasively informed Brady. "Yeah? Me, too," Brady agreed before changing the subject, hoping that Eric could at least be civil during John and Marlena's upcoming anniversary party. "That's why I came over here," Brady explained while producing an invitation for Eric and Sarah, who were both hearing about the event for the first time. "Nicole will be there," Brady warned Eric.

After Brady left, Sarah curiously wondered why Eric was so upset about everything that had been revealed earlier. "It's not what you think," Eric insisted, but Sarah wasn't convinced. "As far from perfect as it was, I ended my marriage to be with you, [so...look], I know that you said that you were done with Nicole, but if she's still in your heart, [then] you have to tell me," Sarah stressed before leaving to give Eric time to think.

At Doug's Place, Shin tried to convince Kate to return to DiMera Enterprises. "The Kiriakises have made this big show [of] offering you this job, but they'd never see you as one of their own. They're not your family. But the DiMeras -- now, that's where you belong. [And] you can't honestly be happy with Victor's grandson telling you what to do," Shin argued. "Well...no, Brady Black is not my dream boss...[but] you threw me to the curb when Vivian Alamain and Stefan came into town, [so]...the way I see it, I owe you and the DiMeras nothing. I suffered enough at the house that Stefano built," Kate countered.

"I'm sorry to hear you feel that way. I had no idea you had such ill will toward the DiMera family. [But] if you were to come back, [then] I would do everything in my power to make it up to you," Shin promised. "That's very flattering...but why the change of heart? You already offered the job to Stefan's wife," Kate replied. "I'm starting to think that may have been a mistake. I have my doubts about her loyalty to the company. [And] I have reservations about Nicole, as well," Shin explained. "They are both loose cannons..." Kate agreed. "And I'm betting that you can offer us some very interesting insights into Titan," Shin noted.

"I'm afraid the answer is still no," Kate insisted. "When you change your mind, you know where to find me," Shin countered.

Shin exited the club just as Victor and Maggie were about to enter it. "Well, I suppose the rumors are true, [because] for you to come all the way from Hong Kong, DiMera must be in big trouble! Not that I'm surprised -- I mean, [Gabi] may have a knack for getting people to dress like prostitutes, but running a corporation? Stefano would turn over in his grave!" Victor mused. "If he were alive, he'd point out that DiMera's choice makes as much sense as you allowing your playboy grandson to run your shriveling business into the ground!" Shin countered.

After Shin walked away, Victor and Maggie spotted Kate. "Maybe she just stopped in for lunch..." Maggie suggested. "Yes, and maybe I'm the Queen of Sheba. I don't like the looks of this, Maggie. Do we have a traitor in our midst? I think I'd best have a little chat with my employee," Victor grumbled. "I'll get us a table," Maggie offered, taking the hint.

"I just ran into Mr. Shin outside. I assume you saw him, too?" Victor pointedly began after approaching Kate. "Yes, I did. He gave me such an earful. He's such a pushy man," Kate complained. "And foolish -- putting Gabi Hernandez in charge of the company!" Victor noted. "She certainly wouldn't have been my first choice," Kate agreed before rushing off to a Titan meeting, leaving Victor no less suspicious than before.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny excitedly pulled Will into their bedroom then shut the door.

"What's going on? What are you so worked up about?" Will curiously wondered. "There's something I have to show you," Sonny quietly explained before kneeling beside the bed, reaching under it, and pulling something out.

"I'm hoping that this could help us get to the bottom of your grandmother's kidnapping. [It's] that bonehead Xander's [briefcase]. I didn't plan to take it, but I was walking by Xander's room -- which is very messy, by the way -- [and] his door was open, [so] before I knew it, I was, like, in his room, rummaging through his stuff," Sonny continued. "Risky...[but also] gutsy!" Will acknowledged, clearly impressed. "I promised you I was gonna help you, and that's what I intend to do," Sonny explained with a shrug. "I am very, very grateful for that," Will somewhat suggestively stressed.

Sonny locked eyes with Will for a moment then looked down at the briefcase, trying to stay focused. "Okay, so...we know Xander is hiding something, [and] the answers might be in this box," Sonny summarized. "The only question is...how do we get this thing open?" Will mused before suddenly starting to rummage through the closet, having thought of something that could help.

"Family heirloom?" Sonny teasingly guessed after Will produced a lock-picking kit. "It's Paul's -- he left it when he moved to California," Will clarified. "[And] you didn't send it back to him?" Sonny asked while starting to pick the lock on the briefcase. "I've been meaning to..." Will replied with a sheepish shrug. "Well, for once, your procrastination pays off," Sonny declared before opening the briefcase.

Will and Sonny excitedly began searching the briefcase. "I don't even want to think about where he got those," Will declared when Sonny found a pouch that was filled with diamonds. "Probably cursed," Sonny guessed when Will found a pouch that was filled with ancient trinkets. "Creepier than the cursed trinkets," Will summarized while showing Sonny a loose, well-handled photograph of Sarah.

"Is that a bankbook?" Sonny asked when Will found something else. "Yeah -- with an account number to what appears to be...an offshore bank," Will replied while flipping through the pages of the bankbook, prompting Sonny to contact one of Titan's IT experts. A few minutes later, Will and Sonny had everything that was needed to log into the account and view Xander's full transaction history.

"Whoa -- Xander is pretty loaded," Sonny observed with a shake of the head. "Yeah -- apparently, selling blood diamonds is fairly lucrative, from what I've heard," Will summarized with obvious disapproval. "Look at these repeated transfers from an Italian bank," Sonny advised Will. "There's no name -- it's just an account number," Will noted, prompting Sonny to contact the IT expert again.

"Apparently, the account [that's] paying Xander belongs to a foreign shell company," Sonny began to inform Will afterward. "One that was set up by Stefan?" Will assumed. "No, by another DiMera -- Kristen," Sonny clarified.

"Okay... I mean, I guess that makes sense, [since] he worked for her down in Nashville..." Will recalled. "Yeah, but that was a while ago, [and] some of those transfers are more recent," Sonny noted. "Yeah -- [and] how can that be? Kristen's dead! I mean...isn't she?" Will argued. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves here -- just because this is Kristen's account, [that] doesn't mean that she's still alive. For all we know, Xander could just be helping himself 'cause there's no one to stop him," Sonny reasoned. "Yeah, I guess that's possible..." Will agreed. "[Or maybe] Stefan got control of his sister's account, and he's using [it] to pay Xander," Sonny realized.

Just then, Sonny received a text message from someone at Arianna's day camp. "[Ari] forgot her bathing suit at Gabi's, but they can't get ahold of Gabi," Sonny summarized for Will. "We had two [here], but I took them to Gabi's when Ari started camp," Will recalled. "You stay here [and] work on this, and I'll stop by Gabi's," Sonny volunteered.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen wiped away flakes of residue from the mask while grudgingly admitting to being somewhat impressed with Gabi, who had apparently done a bit of research on the DiMeras before setting out to steal everything from them. "Oh, I didn't have to do research -- I know exactly who you are," Gabi clarified. "Oh, goodie -- then you know exactly what I'm capable of," Kristen countered.

"So, this whole entire time, [it's all just] been a scheme to get back with Brady? [Wow], you are one crazy bitch," Gabi declared with a shake of the head. "I am an ambitious, exceptionally clever woman who's accomplished almost everything she's set out to do...[and] it'll be just plain everything once she gets rid of the pesky little obstacle that's standing in her way," Kristen countered with a scowl. "I am not gonna be intimidated by some loony tune that can't even show her face in public," Gabi dismissively insisted before producing a cell phone and starting to contact the police.

"You are not gonna take this away from me! I have worked too hard to get DiMera and Brady, [and] you are not gonna stop me!" Kristen insisted while struggling with Gabi for control of the cell phone. "That's exactly what I'm gonna do!" Gabi countered before shoving Kristen away and again starting to contact the police.

Kristen picked up a metal globe and swung it at the back of Gabi's head. Gabi fell to the floor with a groan and immediately passed out. Kristen checked for a pulse then grumbled that Gabi was still alive. "I can fix that..." Kristen added in a singsong voice before raising the makeshift weapon and preparing to strike Gabi with it again, unaware that someone else had just entered the mansion.

"Kristen? What the hell? You're alive?" Stefan began after disarming Kristen. "That's right, brother," Kristen confirmed as Stefan stared at Gabi's motionless body in shock. "What the hell did you do to her? Are you insane?" Stefan asked, horrified. "No -- I'm simply doing what you should have done the second she stole the company from you," Kristen replied, shrugging.

"And now I'm just finishing the job," Kristen added before trying to steal back the metal globe, which Stefan refused to release. A brief struggle ensued, during which Stefan shoved Kristen, whose head struck a corner of the coffee table during the resulting fall. Stefan immediately produced a cell phone and started to call for an ambulance while simultaneously trying to revive Gabi, unaware that Kristen hadn't actually lost consciousness. Kristen quietly reclaimed the makeshift weapon, which had been left unattended, and swung it at the back of Stefan's head. Stefan fell to the floor with a groan and immediately passed out, right next to Gabi.

"Looks like I'm gonna have to kill two birds with one stone..." Kristen mused before preparing to finish off Stefan and Gabi -- and catching a glimpse of Stefano's portrait in the process. "What? Oh, don't tell me you actually care about Vivian's bastard! You didn't even know him! But I know, I know -- what you care [about] most in this world is your family..." Kristen grudgingly conceded before setting aside the metal globe.

"[But] I can't just leave them here, [so]...better start with the big one..." Kristen decided while tiredly opening the false panel that led to the secret tunnels.

Kristen dragged Stefan into one of the rooms in the secret tunnels then returned for Gabi -- just as Sonny rang the doorbell.

Brady entered the Kiriakis mansion and greeted Will, who immediately started to share the information that had been uncovered earlier. "It's about Kristen," Will revealed, surprising Brady.

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