Ben helps Ciara thwart Hector's plan
Days of our Lives Recap for Monday, April 22, 2019
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Monday, April 22, 2019
by Mike

At the hospital, Rafe and Eli agreed that Ted's "changed man" act was just that -- an act. "How do we get Hope to see [that]?" Rafe wondered, and Eli shrugged in response.

Rafe acknowledged that, in any case, Hope didn't need anything else to worry about while Ciara was missing. "Great -- Hope needs me, yet again, and I'm not there," Rafe grumbled. "Hope knows that you'd be there for her if you could," Eli tried to assure Rafe, who wasn't convinced. "Maybe Hope's disappointment in me has led to her vulnerability with Ted. Maybe if I hadn't let her down so much, she'd see what a jerk that guy really is," Rafe mused with a sigh of regret. "I'm sure [this is] just a bad patch. You guys will get over it," Eli maintained. "I hope you're right, man...but it sure doesn't feel that way," Rafe replied.

At the Hernandez house, Stefan demanded an explanation for Gabi's unexpected kiss. "I just saw this other side of you, I guess -- [you know], the more sensitive [side; the side that] isn't arrogant, rude, smarmy, and full of himself. [And] it's also been a long day, [and when I was] scared to death for [my brother], you were being really nice to me, and you were acting genuinely compassionate, so...I was just showing you my gratitude," she innocently reasoned, shrugging. "That did not seem like 'gratitude' to me," he argued. "Would you have preferred a box of chocolates?" she asked dryly.

"You kissed me back," Gabi reminded Stefan. "You caught me off guard," he insisted. "You could have pushed me away," she pointed out. "I should have," he agreed. "Give me another chance," he suggested. "That's not gonna happen, [because] I just remembered, from talking to you, that I can't stand you," she reiterated, and he assured her that the feeling was still mutual. "But, as you've stated, you have needs, [and everything that happened tonight] has obviously gotten your adrenaline going, and that, as we both know, causes us to do things that we wouldn't normally do," he added.

"It's a kind of...high," Stefan summarized for Gabi, who nodded in agreement. "[But] the moment's passed...right?" she added. "Right," he confirmed.

Stefan and Gabi soon began kissing again but eventually pulled away from each other and breathlessly agreed that letting things progress any further would be a really bad idea. "Well, then..." he said before starting to leave the house. "God, you are so hot," she blurted out, stopping him. "Your eyes -- they're just so captivating in this light," she elaborated. "Thank you...?" he replied, surprised. " your eyes, too. They're...big. I like big eyes," he hesitantly added. They stared at each other for a few seconds then began kissing yet again, but this time, they also began undressing each other.

Lani soon entered the kitchen, stopping Stefan and Gabi, the latter of whom had assumed that no one else was in the house. "Your brother asked me to watch the baby," Lani explained to Gabi as Stefan started to leave. "Don't forget to button up. There's a chill in the air," Lani teasingly advised Stefan, annoying Gabi. "Who are you to judge?" Gabi asked once the coast was clear, referring to Lani's past indiscretions. "Do you ever think about anybody else [but yourself]?" Lani countered. "What if [Rafe] came in here instead of me?" Lani continued. "You don't know," Gabi realized, sighing.

Lani was horrified to hear about everything that had happened earlier. "Can you watch David?" Lani asked, wanting to head over to the police station to try to help out. "Actually, I have to go back and get my phone from the DiMera house," Gabi replied. "Can't it wait?" Lani protested. "No, I need to get my phone!" Gabi insisted before rushing off. "Yeah, you really need something...but I don't think it's your phone," Lani knowingly mused.

A short time later, Rafe entered the house and greeted Lani, who wasn't particularly surprised to learn that he had insisted on being released from the hospital early. He tried to relieve her of babysitting duties, but she pointed out that he was in no condition to take care of such a young child on his own. "Go upstairs and get some rest, and I'll stay over," she assured him, and he eventually agreed.

Gabi entered the DiMera mansion just as Stefan ended a phone conversation with Chloe, who was safe at the Salem Inn. "I left my phone," Gabi explained while searching the living room. "Harold picked it up," Stefan revealed, retrieving the device from a desk. "Guess I should go..." Gabi began after taking the device from Stefan. " want to finish what we started," Gabi flirtatiously added.

"I'm not sure [that's] such a good idea," Stefan replied. "Probably not," Gabi agreed. They locked eyes again then picked up where they had left off earlier.

At the Horton Town Square, Ted wrapped up a phone conversation then turned and found Kate standing nearby. "Why are you keeping tabs on Chloe? And who were you talking to?" Kate asked suspiciously. "[She] was attacked by the cartel tonight, [and] I was keeping Abe posted [because], as a D.A., I'd like to keep my star witness alive to testify," Ted coolly claimed. "It's odd to find oneself rooting for a cartel..." Kate dryly mused.

"So, the sinner is now...what, walking the path of righteousness?" Kate skeptically added. "I'm a changed man," Ted insisted with a shrug. "Aren't you all..." Kate sarcastically agreed.

"Why don't you try telling the truth for a change and just admit that this whole redemption routine is just a way of getting into Hope's pants?" Kate challenged Ted. "It's a little bit more than that, Kate. [Hope and I] share core values," Ted clarified. "I'm sure you do," Kate agreed, not the least bit convinced. "Maybe she isn't smart enough to realize that it's all an act, but Rafe is," Kate warned. "I don't think Rafe's opinion will matter to Hope anymore, since he walked out on her," Ted countered, surprising Kate, who couldn't believe that Rafe had actually offered to act as temporary guardian for a kid with such terrible genes.

"Rafe is an idiot [who] always puts other people ahead of Hope," Ted declared. "And I suppose you're gonna prove to her that you're different?" Kate guessed. "I don't think Ms. Law and Order is going to fall for a sociopath," Kate added. "She's seriously considering it," Ted bragged, ignoring the dig. "[If that's true, then] someone really needs to teach that woman about frying pans and fire," Kate noted. "Why wouldn't Hope be attracted to me? You were," Ted pointed out. "Oh, I am willing to admit that you're a very attractive...package...but underneath all the pretty, there's a backstabbing son of a bitch," Kate countered.

"You went after my family, Teddy. That wasn't very smart," Kate continued. "And I have apologized for it...and besides, my old ways are behind me now," Ted maintained.

"You're not exactly a beacon of moral rectitude," Ted pointed out. "You know what your problem is? You've never been in love, [so] when you see other people in love, [you feel the need to] tear them down. [But] I'm not gonna let you do that to [Hope and me]," Ted added. "Honey, you wouldn't know love if it slapped you across the face," Kate countered. "Rafe's gonna be watching you like a hawk," Kate warned as Ted walked away.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie joined Victor in the living room and reported that, according to Sonny, Will's biopsy had gone as planned, and the couple would be home in time to read their daughter a bedtime story. "What is the matter with me -- just prattling on about Will's biopsy when you obviously have urgent business to deal with?" Maggie pointedly added when Victor didn't bother to look up from the document that he had been reading.

Victor apologized and halfheartedly thanked Maggie for the update. Maggie peeked at the document and realized that it was the financial analysis that Kate had written as a way of trying to secure a job at Titan. "The nerve of that woman -- thinking that you would hire her back!" Maggie grumbled. "You will never hire her back!" Maggie confidently added before turning to Victor for confirmation.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Maggie incredulously declared when Victor didn't say anything right away. "I know you enjoy being perverse, but hiring Kate would be madness!" Maggie insisted. "She still knows her stuff," Victor argued. "Like poisons and fireplace pokers?" Maggie countered. "I never should have told you about all that stuff. You never let anything go!" Victor complained.

"Wasn't it just last year that she tried to destroy Titan? Do you remember what Sonny went through because of her? And you're talking about climbing back into bed with her? So to speak," Maggie continued. "She was being blackmailed!" Victor tiredly clarified. "What a surprise -- that anyone would find any dirt on her, being so morally upright and all," Maggie sarcastically mused. "You don't like her very much," Victor dryly concluded. "Damn it, Victor -- I am just worried about what she's gonna do to you!" Maggie stressed. "That, too...but, mainly, it's [just that] you're jealous," Victor teasingly argued.

"I'm just looking out for your best interest!" Maggie defensively insisted. "You always do, and I love you for it," Victor replied.

"Suppose I told you that I wasn't hiring Kate for acumen...[but instead because] she's Philip's mother," Victor revealed. "You know that we haven't been getting along too well since he left, [and] hiring Kate could be a step in the right direction of patching things up," Victor elaborated. "That doesn't make any sense at all. [I mean], do you actually think she...what, will put in a good word for you? She doesn't give a damn that you and Philip aren't getting along! She probably prefers it this way -- more filial love and loyalty for her if she doesn't have to share it with you!" Maggie pointed out.

"I think you're wrong about Kate. I mean, she may be untrustworthy, but she's a good mother, [and] she would want her son to have a decent relationship with his father," Victor argued. "Fine," Maggie conceded. "[But] do you really want to work side by side with the woman who hired a hit man to kill you?" Maggie asked pointedly.

Later, Victor summoned Kate to the mansion. "I hear things went smoothly with Will?" Victor began when Kate arrived. "Yes. Now we wait for results," Kate confirmed.

"Is that why you called me?" Kate asked. "No. I've just spent a lot of time talking with Maggie about your coming back to Titan. She had a lot to say," Victor clarified. "I bet she did," Kate grumbled. "Guess [this] means that I'm out of luck," Kate concluded with a sigh. "Actually, with all due respect to my're hired," Victor replied, surprising Kate.

At a motel, Ciara tried to convince Hector that killing her would be a very bad idea. "You have one -- and only one -- way out of [this], and that requires me being alive," she stressed.

Conceding the point, Hector reluctantly handed over a cell phone and told Ciara to contact Hope. "Are you okay?" Hope asked Ciara as Ben listened quietly. "Yeah --" Ciara began to reply.

"We'll get to that later," Hector snapped. "I'm sorry I shot your husband," Hector told Hope. "He's gonna be fine," Hope revealed. "All I want is to get out of the country," Hector stressed. "As long as nothing -- and I mean nothing -- happens to my daughter," Hope replied. "You have my word," Hector agreed.

"I'll text you my demands and the location of the tradeoff, but have to call off your cops," Hector ordered Hope, who warned that it could take some time to make that happen. Hope asked Hector to be patient and refrain from doing anything drastic. "I am in full control of everything," Hector defensively insisted before ending the call.

Ben wondered if Hope trusted Hector. "No...but [cooperating] may be the only way we can get [Ciara] back," Hope replied with a sigh of concern as Hector's text message arrived. Hope refused to share the details of it with Ben, arguing that having a civilian involved in the matter would be a liability. Ben reluctantly conceded the point and walked away. Hope contacted SWAT and arranged for a discreet perimeter to be established around the motel, unaware that Ben was still nearby. After Hope rushed off to the police station to meet up with Eli, Ben started heading in the opposite direction, toward the motel.

Eli was already at the police station when Hope arrived. "How's my husband?" Hope asked worriedly. "He'll be okay...but, uh, he lost a lot of blood, so he's woozy, and he's hopped up on painkillers...[and] I still had to stop him from coming down here with me," Eli reported. "That would be my husband," Hope mused, managing a smile. "He told me to tell you that he loves you and that he's praying for Ciara," Eli continued. "Thank God he's all right. I was scared to death that..." Hope began. "And now Ciara..." Hope added. "You okay? Eli eventually asked. "I have to be," Hope replied with a shrug.

At the motel, Hector thanked Ciara for having made it so easy to buy time for a safe escape. "Your mommy doesn't have the power to make this deal. The Feds are never going to let a member of the drug cartel out of this country alive. I know they're gonna double-cross me, so I'm gonna double-cross them first," Hector reasoned before trying to force Ciara out of the room at gunpoint.

Ben arrived while Ciara was stalling Hector. After a brief struggle, Hector managed to knock Ben out with the butt of a gun then prepared to fire a shot to finish the job. Ciara protectively stretched across Ben's body. "Move away from him!" Hector irritably demanded. "Mom?" Ciara replied, prompting Hector to worriedly turn the gun toward the entrance in anticipation of another interruption.

Ciara immediately pounced, throwing a punch that caused Hector to drop the gun. She shoved him onto the bed and continued throwing punches, but he soon overpowered her.

Hector held Ciara down with one hand while reaching for the gun with the other, unaware that Ben had regained consciousness. "Looking for this?" Ben guessed, aiming the gun at Hector.

Hector lunged toward Ben, who easily knocked the goon out with the butt of the gun.

Hope and Eli arrived a short time later. "Hector was gonna double-cross you," Ciara informed Hope while Eli was cuffing Hector. "If Ben hadn't come when he did, Hector would have taken me with him. I would have been gone," Ciara continued. "You're not hurt? You're okay?" Hope asked worriedly. "I'm okay...'cause Ben came. He saved my life -- again," Ciara stressed. "Thank you," Hope said to Ben, who nodded in response.

Meanwhile, back at the police station, Ted contacted someone and provided another update.

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