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Days of our Lives Recap for Monday, July 6, 2020
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Monday, July 6, 2020
by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander finished packing then stepped into the living room, which had been decorated for Justin and Kayla's wedding ceremony, to say goodbye to Victor, who was trying to solve a crossword puzzle.

Victor assumed that Xander had decided to move out of the mansion as a way of protesting Brady's reinstatement as Titan's CEO. "Just between us, there's a good chance that Brady may be stepping down [soon...and] you did a wonderful job as CEO, [so] you're my candidate to replace him," Victor revealed, surprising Xander. "So, don't go away mad --" Victor continued. "Just go away," Sarah interjected, joining Victor and Xander in the living room. "If the job opens up, I'm definitely interested," Xander assured Victor. "But I'm not moving out because I'm mad about being fired; I'm moving out because that's what Sarah wants," Xander clarified.

"Since when do you get to tell people they can't live in my house?" Victor snapped at Sarah. "Leave her alone. [Look], her mother's here, so [this is] where she needs to be...which means I have to go," Xander said to Victor. "I understand you're angry about what Xander and I did...[but] it seems to me that he's rather contrite, [so]...can't you give him a break?" Victor challenged Sarah. "I tried...[but then] he offered to give me another person's baby to replace Mickey --" Sarah began to explain. "And that made you angry? Seems to me like a very nice gesture..." Victor mused. "Because you're just as clueless as he is!" Sarah spat.

"Where can I reach you?" Victor asked Xander after realizing that the matter was settled. "Salem Inn," Xander replied. "Please, uh, give Justin my every best wish for a happy future...even though the bastard didn't invite me to the wedding..." Xander grumbled before exiting the mansion. "Seems you and I need to have a little talk," Victor said to Sarah once the coast was clear. "Look, I [just] came downstairs to tell you that Mom's cold got worse, so she has to stay in bed -- I don't want it to turn into bronchitis," Sarah reported, hoping to distract Victor. "So, she has to miss the wedding," Victor translated before forging ahead, to Sarah's dismay.

"Xander's changed because of you, [just like] I've changed because of your mother. [And], like Xander, I've made a lot of mistakes along the way, [but] Maggie's always forgiven me. [And] when I tell her how important that is to me, she always says she'd rather be with an imperfect man that she loves than miserable and alone. Think about that," Victor advised Sarah.

During a coffee break at the town square, Jack and Jennifer discussed Gabi's acquittal, which had blindsided the reporters just as much as it had blindsided Chad -- and Abigail, as well. Jennifer wasn't convinced that sharing the news with Abigail had been the right thing to do, but Jack argued that Abigail would have eventually found out about what had happened one way or another -- and that it was therefore best to ensure that loved ones, not strangers, delivered the news. "[But] what if [it] slows her recovery process, knowing all of this?" Jennifer fretted. "I still think that honesty is the best policy," Jack reasoned.

"Except when it comes to Steve and Kayla," Jennifer countered. "Steve had plenty of time to tell Kayla how he felt, [and] he didn't -- [and] it's not [our] place [to do so]. If anyone is going to tell Kayla the truth, it has to be him -- it has to be," Jack maintained. "[Fine] -- I will do it his way," Jennifer grudgingly promised once again. "But I don't like it," Jennifer quickly clarified once again. "Do you?" Jennifer challenged Jack, who still didn't want to get involved but was at least willing to concede that it wasn't fair of Steve to make any decision for Kayla, let alone such a potentially life-altering one.

Steve, who was still crashing on the couch at Hope's house, awoke to the aroma of fresh coffee. "So...today is the day..." Hope, who had just entered the living room with two cups of the beverage, hesitantly began while handing over the cup that was meant for Steve. "I hardly slept a wink," Steve sarcastically declared. "[I mean, I just can't wait to receive] my very own key to the city --" Steve continued. "Kayla's getting married today -- that's why you didn't sleep," Hope countered. "[That's] today? Totally slipped my mind," Steve claimed. "Right..." Hope replied.

"I [truly] do believe that Kayla has a good future with Justin, [and] I don't want to ruin her happiness," Steve maintained. "And what about your happiness?" Hope wondered. "I get free coffee every morning at Casa de Brady, [and] this afternoon, I'll be getting my very own key to the city -- what more could a dude ask for?" Steve reasoned with a shrug.

Jack was alone in the town square, waiting for the award ceremony to begin, when Xander walked by, en route to the Salem Inn. Jack seized the opportunity to ask for an update on Xander's campaign to win back Sarah. "I'd rather not go into the details, but...let's just say I stepped in it -- up to my knees," Xander admitted with a sigh. "I've done that a few times myself...[but] if Jennifer Horton could still be putting up with me after all these years, there may [still] be a chance [for] you and Sarah Horton," Jack stressed. "I appreciate you saying that...[but] maybe it's time I move on," Xander conceded before walking away with another sigh.

At the Brady Pub, Sonny treated Justin to breakfast as a way of trying to make up for the previous night, when Sonny and Will had failed to observe the time-honored tradition of taking the groom out for drinks on the eve of the wedding ceremony. "You two seemed a little...upset...when I [saw you last night...and] I heard you guys talking about Allie..." Justin recalled. "Eh, we didn't want to get into it [then] -- we wanted you to get a good night's sleep -- [and] I don't want to talk about it [now, either, because] the focus should be on you today," Sonny replied.

"Having pre-wedding jitters?" Sonny wondered. "To be absolutely honest...yeah, I am," Justin admitted. "Dad, if you're feeling guilty about marrying another woman -- [one] that isn't Mom -- [then you should know that] I truly believe this is what Mom would want," Sonny stressed. "Did one of my idiot brothers say something?" Sonny continued. "No, no -- they all...you know, they...they wished us the best...and, actually, they said they were sorry they couldn't be here..." Justin reported. "Okay... Then what is it?" Sonny asked. "Steve," Justin clarified.

"Look, you can't deny that he's back in town -- or that he was brainwashed when he signed those divorce papers -- [and that] kind of takes the edge off of complete bliss... I just keep waiting for the other shoe to drop..." Justin explained. "Dad, Kayla loves you now. [And that] sucks for Uncle Steve, [and] I'm sorry [about that]...but that's life. [Kayla] had a choice to make, and she made it. The battle's over," Sonny argued. "But it doesn't feel like I won -- it feels like Steve [just] took himself out of the running," Justin revealed.

"And what if he changes his mind?" Justin fretted. "If Uncle Steve was gonna make a move on Kayla, he's not the kind of guy that would do it on her wedding day. And even if he did, who's to say that Kayla would want him? [So]...as Mom would say...'stop borrowing trouble,'" Sonny advised. "Thank you for the pep talk -- [you know], you are the best son anyone could wish for," Justin replied. "You're just saying that 'cause I'm your only son showing up for your wedding," Sonny guessed. "To be perfectly honest...I'm not sure your brothers are sold on me marrying Kayla," Justin admitted. "Because they haven't seen how happy she makes you," Sonny reasoned.

Sonny paid the bill then led Justin out of the pub while raving about how the Kiriakis mansion had been decorated for the wedding ceremony -- and they both froze at the sight of Steve, who was en route to the town square. Steve seized the opportunity to ask for a minute alone with Justin, who decided to grant the request. Sonny reluctantly headed off to the town square to pick up a few things for the wedding -- and soon crossed paths with Jack, who was equally concerned about what Steve wanted to say to Justin. Meanwhile, Steve again encouraged Justin to marry Kayla -- then guessed that the union had Adrienne's blessing, as well.

At the Salem Inn, Xander let a woman into a room then placed a "do not disturb" sign on the doorknob and shut the door while undoing shirt buttons -- just as Sarah approached the room, having possibly seen everything.

Justin rejoined Sonny and revealed what had just happened with Steve. "So, are you gonna relax and enjoy your wedding day now?" Sonny wondered. "I do feel like a certain weight has been lifted," Justin admitted. Meanwhile, Jack went to the pub in search of Steve, who revealed what had just happened with Justin. "In other words, you lied through your teeth," Jack summarized. "Don't. Start," Steve warned.

At the Brady townhouse, Kayla received an unexpected visit from Will, who apologetically revealed that the wedding might have to be postponed because the justice of the peace had just backed out of the event for some reason -- and no one else seemed to be available as a substitute. Jennifer and Hope soon arrived, and both happily argued that it would clearly be best to just postpone the wedding. Kayla didn't want to do that -- and Will eventually thought of another option. "I just can't even believe you did that so fast..." Jennifer grumbled after Will finished getting ordained online, and Hope agreed. "I know, right?" Will replied.

Kayla and Will were both oblivious to Jennifer and Hope's shared disappointment about the salvaged wedding. "Thank you for being such a genius -- and [for] the brilliant idea!" Kayla raved while hugging Will, who soon rushed off to get ready for the wedding. "Hopefully, that will be the last fire we put out today," Kayla said to Jennifer and Hope, who both forced smiles and nodded in response.

After helping Kayla get ready for the wedding, Jennifer and Hope left the townhouse together -- and started discussing Steve's secret. "I hate the thought of Kayla and Justin getting married when she has no idea how much Steve wants her back," Jennifer fretted to Hope while they were passing through the park together -- both unaware that Justin was nearby, en route to the cemetery, and could hear everything they were saying.

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