Marlena and Brady assess John's condition
Days of our Lives Recap for Monday, September 14, 2020
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Monday, September 14, 2020
by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Kristen nervously greeted Eli, acknowledging that it had been a while since they had last seen each other. "Look, I'm sorry I put you in such an awkward position, but I really do appreciate you covering for me," Kristen stressed. "Who said I was?" Eli countered.

"You put my wife in a terrible position. She's pregnant with twins, and it's not an easy pregnancy -- and she's a cop! But you didn't care about any of that, did you? You used your friendship as a way to make her turn a blind eye to a serious crime -- again!" Eli snapped. "No, no -- I...I didn't ask Lani to 'turn a blind eye' to anything; I just needed someone I trusted to watch Rachel so that I could be here for Brady, that's all," Kristen clarified. "Since when did the Salem P.D. start offering daycare to fugitives?" Eli countered.

"You may have got Lani to rationalize with what you did...but not me," Eli declared before attempting to handcuff Kristen. "If you [arrest me], what is Lani gonna think?" Kristen challenged Eli while dodging the handcuffs. "That's between Lani and me -- it's none of your damn business," Eli insisted. "Really? I mean, you two wouldn't be married right now if it wasn't for me, [you know; in fact], you might be married to Gabi [instead]!" Kristen countered. "You're probably right," Eli grudgingly conceded. "If your marriage means anything to you, you will walk right out that door, and you will forget that you ever saw me," Kristen advised -- but before Eli could make a decision, Lani knocked on the hotel room door and called out a greeting.

Lani was stunned when Eli opened the hotel room door. "Eli [came here] to arrest me...[but] I think maybe [he's had] a change of heart," Kristen explained to Lani. "Please tell me she's right," Lani begged Eli. "I'm sorry -- I have a job to do," Eli said to Lani before handcuffing Kristen. Lani, who had gone to the Salem Inn with the intention of returning Rachel to Kristen, promised to continue taking care of the child after realizing that it wasn't going to be possible to stop Eli from proceeding with the arrest. Lani sighed as Eli dragged Kristen away.

At the hospital, Marlena and Brady started explaining things to John. "I don't know what you're talking about," John admitted. "That's okay -- that's normal; [it's] called 'retrograde amnesia,' [and it's] nothing to worry about," Marlena stressed. "This 'Sammy' [you said I was arguing with] -- who is he?" John asked, prompting Marlena and Brady to exchange looks of concern.

"I'm sorry there's so much I don't remember," John said, misinterpreting Marlena and Brady's concern as annoyance. "That's okay -- [all that matters right now is that] you're conscious [and] talking to us," Marlena stressed. "You both are being very kind to me...but I'm sorry [again], because I don't know who you are," John admitted, leaving Marlena and Brady even more concerned.

At the police station, Hope joined Eve in one of the conference rooms and, with great difficulty, revealed what had happened the previous night. "Hope, I swear to God, that was not part of the plan!" Eve stressed near the end of the tale. "Vincent had his own plan -- a plan that had nothing to do with you, Eve," Hope clarified before finishing the tale.

"You and Vincent are the same -- [you both wanted] a life for a life," Hope summarized. "Did you get to see her? Did you get a chance to say goodbye to her?" Eve asked. "The fire chief wouldn't let me -- he said there was...there was 'nothing to see'..." Hope replied. "What does that mean?" Eve wondered. "All the firefighters found were Ciara's wedding and engagement rings -- that's it," Hope clarified before breaking down.

At the hospital, Marlena rejoined John, who had just undergone an evaluation. "'Dr. Johnson' said that I'm doing all right," John informed Marlena.

"What about you? Are you one of my doctors, also?" John wondered. "Well, I'm a doctor...[but] I'm also your wife," Marlena revealed. "You are?" John replied. "Yes. We've been together, uh...a very long time. We, uh...we have a daughter -- her name is Isabella, [but] we call her 'Belle' --" Marlena elaborated. "Isabella..." John repeated. "Yes -- that was your first wife's name," Marlena explained. "That young man that was [here earlier] -- is he our son?" John asked. "He's your son...uh, with Isabella. [She] died very young," Marlena clarified.

"Sounds like I've been through a lot," John mused. "You've been through quite a lot...[and] we've survived a lot together. It's never been ordinary..." Marlena confirmed, managing a laugh. "Tell me about it," John requested. "Oh... Um... Well, uh, for, on the day we were about to be married, before I had a chance to say 'I do'...I was shot --" Marlena revealed. "What? Why?" John interjected. "I'll explain it at some point...but, uh, the thing is that, um, when I was shot, I -- I went into a coma, [and] it didn't look very good for me, but you never left my side --" Marlena continued. "And [now] you are [at mine]," John noted. "I survived because I had to find my way back to you...and [now] I am going to sit right here at your bedside until I know that you are well again," Marlena concluded.

"So, let me ask you something -- do I call you 'Doc'?" John said, drawing a gasp of delight from Marlena. "Do you remember that?" Marlena asked, fighting back tears of joy. "Eh, I might have been pretty out of it when I came to, but I could never forget you for long, Doc," John replied with a wink. Marlena released a sigh of relief then gave John a hug -- just as Brady returned.

" everything okay?" Brady wondered, finding the scene a bit weird in light of what had happened earlier. "Your father's had a breakthrough -- he remembers who I am," Marlena explained. "I'm glad to hear that..." Brady stressed before starting to talk to John, clearly hoping that the breakthrough had included more than just one memory. "I'm doing better, Bob -- thanks," John said before cracking a smile, drawing a groan from Marlena -- and a sigh of relief from Brady, who had taken the mistake seriously at first. "Don't ever do that to me again!" Brady begged before giving John a hug.

"I think everything's gonna be okay!" Brady said to Marlena. "Good to see ya, kid -- where the hell ya been?" John said to Brady. "I've spent the last few weeks with Kristen and Rachel," Brady explained before starting to rush off to the Salem Inn to give Kristen the good news, guessing that John and Marlena wanted some privacy. "Kristen's in Salem?" Marlena repeated. "And Rachel," Brady confirmed. "Is that a good idea?" Marlena asked. "No...[but] she wanted to be with me," Brady replied, shrugging. After Brady left, John jokingly begged Marlena to fetch strawberries and whipped cream from the cafeteria.

At the police station, Kristen used Eli's cell phone to contact Brady, who didn't recognize the number but eventually took the call. Brady didn't dwell on the oddity for very long, assuming that Kristen was simply using a burner phone. Brady informed Kristen that John had woken up earlier and seemed to be on the road to a full recovery. "I'll probably be back at the inn shortly," Brady predicted. "I'm not there..." Kristen admitted.

Meanwhile, Lani stormed over to Eli's desk. "What'd you do with Rachel?" Eli asked. "She's being watched by an aide...[but] what do you care? [I mean, you just] handcuffed her mother in front of her!" Lani replied.

"I didn't know you were gonna show up with the baby!" Eli explained. "I didn't expect to run into you, either -- [after all], I thought we had an understanding -- so maybe next time you can level with me instead of lying to my face!" Lani countered. "I didn't 'lie' to you, okay? I was planning on coming straight here [after I left our apartment, just like I told you]. I started thinking about Ciara [while on my way here, though] -- she didn't do anything to anyone, [but] that didn't matter to Eve [or] Vincent, [and] I just feel like all the bad guys are getting all the wins, and there's no justice in this world. [Anyway], the more I thought about it, the madder I got, and next thing I knew, I was at Kristen's door," Eli clarified.

"[So], this is 'justice'?" Lani incredulously summarized. "The rule of law is for everybody -- I mean, it won't mean anything if we just bend it for ourselves and for our friends!" Eli defensively argued. "The only reason you knew Kristen was in Salem is because I told you, Eli -- you traded our personal relationship so you could feel like a hero! How could you do that to me?" Lani snapped.

At the hospital, Ben slept peacefully, dreaming of a future that was basically identical to the one Ciara had dreamed about while trapped with Vincent.

Ben's dream, like Ciara's, eventually took an unexpected turn. "Do not thank me -- thank Bo," Ben explained while presenting Ciara with a Mother's Day gift -- wedding rings. "Why would you give me something that I already have? [And] how did you even get them? I never take them off..." Ciara challenged Ben. "I don't know..." Ben, who was just as confused as Ciara, admitted.

Ben awoke with a start just then -- and broke down after seeing Ciara's wedding rings.

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