Maggie struggles with unsettling memories
Days of our Lives Recap for Monday, February 24, 2020
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Monday, February 24, 2020
by Mike

At the police station, Ciara watched helplessly as Ben surrendered to Rafe and Giddens.

"[Ciara] only helped me get away because I made [her] do it," Ben claimed. "[But then I realized that] if I kept going, you'd take it out on her, so I came back," Ben continued, ignoring Ciara's protests. "I want Mr. Weston transferred to Statesville as soon as possible," Giddens instructed Rafe, who was happy to oblige. "Your execution is back on the calendar," Giddens warned Ben before walking away.

"Why did you come back?" Ciara snapped at Ben. "I had to, Ciara -- [they were] gonna throw the book at you," Ben reasoned with a shrug. "But did you hear that creep D.A.? [Now] they're gonna execute you [as originally planned] -- next week!" Ciara fretted. "If I can't have you in my life, that life isn't worth [living]," Ben insisted, shrugging again. "Don't say that!" Ciara protested. "It's true!" Ben maintained.

"Thank you for always believing in me, and for everything you tried to do for me --" Ben continued. "I'm not stopping, Ben -- I have exactly one week to find David's father, [and] I won't give up on that; I'm gonna devote all of my time, and everything I have, to finding him, okay? I'm not gonna lose you -- [not] without a fight," Ciara stressed -- just as Rafe finished arranging for Ben to be transported to Statesville.

Ciara wrapped both arms around Ben's waist and refused to let go. "Oh, for God's sake..." Rafe tiredly muttered before starting to drag Ben away, with Ciara still hanging on tightly. "Ciara!" Rafe eventually snapped, prompting Ciara to give Ben a kiss then reluctantly let go. Ciara broke down as Rafe and Ben disappeared from view.

Meanwhile, in one of the conference rooms, Gabi decided to accept the district attorney's plea offer, grudgingly conceding Sonny's point that there was practically no hope of getting a lighter sentence -- or an outright acquittal -- from a judge and jury. "Ten years is a long time...but what choice do I have?" Gabi reasoned with a shrug and a sigh.

"Oh, my God -- what was I thinking?" Gabi continued, breaking down. "Well...not about Ari -- that's for sure," Sonny stressed with just a hint of the anger that had been on full display earlier. "Oh, my poor little girl -- Sonny, now she's gonna have two parents in prison, and she's gonna have to deal with that for the rest of her life!" Gabi fretted between sobs.

"I know you and Will are worried about Ari, but you can count on me, okay? She's my daughter, too, and I love her so much, and I'm gonna take such good care of her," Sonny stressed while comforting Gabi with a hug. "I don't know... Maybe I should just take my chances and fight this --" Gabi began to backpedal. "Really, Gabi? What -- I mean, what are you gonna do? You gonna download an app that makes the jury deaf?" Sonny countered, drawing a light smack from Gabi, who wasn't amused. "You need to start facing reality here!" Sonny insisted.

"You're right," Gabi conceded again, sighing heavily. "I will take Ari to see you every chance I get -- I promise you that," Sonny stressed. "I don't even think she wants to see me. [After all], she's old enough to think I'm a terrible person [now]," Gabi fretted. "If she does, it's not gonna last, because if there's one thing I know about our daughter, [it's that] she loves her mother," Sonny countered.

At Statesville, Victor continued offering Will incentives to keep the truth about Adrienne's death hidden from everyone who didn't already know the whole story -- especially Maggie.

"You are a powerful man, Victor...but you don't have any control over what goes on in Maggie's mind. What are you gonna do if she recovers the memory on her own?" Will wondered. "Maggie was so drunk the night that she caused that accident that she has no recollection of it at all," Victor replied with a dismissive shrug, clearly confident that nothing would ever change that fact. "[And revealing the truth] would not just destroy her -- so many other lives would be in a shambles, [too]," Victor stressed. "Hmm. Like your life? And Xander's life?" Will guessed, making a clear point about Victor's true priorities.

"I know what I'm asking of you, but I promise I'll make it up to you --" Victor began to reiterate. "You think I haven't agonized over what this will do to Maggie? Victor, that's all I think about! But I have a life, too! I have a kid that I never see! Sonny's moving on with another man! [You know], the only reason that we're getting a divorce is because he still thinks that I killed his mother!" Will countered. "As I said, I'll -- I'll do what I can to get you out of here...but until I do that, can you put your own feelings aside and keep your mouth shut? Don't do it for me -- just think of Maggie," Victor continued, not bothering to respond to Will's points.

Will scoffed and glared at Victor in disbelief -- then released a heavy sigh after giving the matter some thought. "You better work fast, 'cause I really hate being in here," Will stressed. "'ll do it?" Victor translated. "Yeah," Will confirmed. "Good!" Victor raved before extending a hand, which Will shook after a moment of hesitation.

At the hospital, Xander continued probing for details about Maggie's earlier meeting with Will, hoping to determine exactly what had been discussed. "Maggie, are you all right?" Xander asked after realizing that Maggie wasn't listening. "Talk to me!" Xander begged, but Maggie remained distracted, thinking about Will's argument that it was impossible for someone who had no memory of a night to truly know what had or had not happened during that night. "Maggie, are you all right? Talk to me!" Xander repeated, and Maggie heard the sentences as a faint memory of a moment from the past, when Xander had uttered those same words in that same way.

"Maggie, you're starting to worry me. What's going on with you?" Xander continued. "I'd tell you...if I understood it myself..." Maggie eventually managed to reply. "I just -- I just had one of those déjà vu things..." Maggie tried to explain. "My mouth -- it's's so dry all of a sudden..." Maggie observed, prompting Xander to rush over to a nearby coffee station in search of water.

While Xander was gone, Maggie remembered being passed out behind the steering wheel of a vehicle, clutching an empty bottle of vodka. "Did you have that déjà vu business again?" Xander asked after returning with a cup of water, noticing that Maggie seemed even more upset than before. "No, it was much worse..." Maggie admitted before starting to tell Xander about the memory.

"Does this make any sense to you at all? [I mean], did I dream it...or -- or did it happen?" Maggie wondered after finishing the summary, having also remembered that Xander had been in the vehicle at some point, as well -- and had seemed worried about Sarah. Xander squirmed and gulped while giving Maggie a forced smile -- then breathed a sigh of relief when Sarah and Eric approached with Mackenzie and interrupted the conversation to reveal the identity of Mackenzie's potential bone marrow donor. "Brady's son," Xander guessed knowingly. "No," Sarah replied, stunning Xander.

After explaining everything to Maggie and Xander, Sarah and Eric went to see Mackenzie's potential bone marrow donor -- Gabi, who was still with Sonny at the police station and was preparing to officially accept the district attorney's plea offer. After hearing the news, Sonny rushed off so Sarah and Eric could have some time alone with Gabi -- who got a sudden burst of inspiration just as the district attorney entered the conference room.

"You can take your deal and shove it," Gabi declared. "You're making a big mistake!" Giddens insisted before storming off.

"If you want my bone marrow to save your sick baby, [then] you two will make these charges disappear," Gabi said to Sarah and Eric once the coast was clear, stunning both of them.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander and Maggie discussed the unexpected news that Sarah and Eric had shared earlier. Maggie eventually started thinking again about the memories that had resurfaced earlier, prompting Xander to insist that they were probably just fragments of an old, meaningless dream. Xander advised Maggie to try to rest for a bit and forget about the memories.

After Maggie headed upstairs, Xander headed toward the kitchen -- and, on the way, found Victor sitting in one of the living room chairs, deep in thought. "So...? What happened? Did Ciara tell Will the truth?" Xander began after closing the living room doors. "Yes...but I got there before he had time to talk to Maggie. He wanted to -- made that very clear -- [but] he loves Maggie, [and] he doesn't want to see her be hurt. I told him that [this] would be her undoing. [And] I also told him that, [in exchange for his silence], our family would take care of Arianna -- always -- [and] I would do everything that I could to get him an early release," Victor replied.

"I think we're pretty much covered," Victor concluded with a shrug. "Not quite," Xander warned with a sigh before telling Victor about what had happened at the hospital. "Must have been triggered by her visit with Will," Victor grumbled. "I suggested she lie down, [so] hopefully, she'll...she'll get some rest, and calm down a bit, [and] maybe that'll be the end of it," Xander reasoned. "Well, if Maggie stays in the dark and Will keeps his mouth shut, we should be okay. [I just] hope my meeting with Will wasn't in vain --" Victor mused. "You went to see Will?" Sonny asked, joining Victor and Xander in the living room.

"Why?" Sonny demanded to know. "Well, for you, of course -- [you know], to find out what was holding up the divorce papers. I told him you couldn't get on with your life until they get [filed]," Victor claimed. "Thank you for trying to help me, but I've already been to see him -- [and] I told him the exact same thing. [So], I'm guessing he told you that the papers were in his cell, and then they were confiscated after Ben escaped," Sonny replied. "Yes," Victor claimed. "Hopefully, that will all get straightened out, and you'll be able to get on with your life," Victor continued, and Sonny sighed in response, seemingly conflicted about the matter.

"Well, Ari's home from school, and I have to go talk to her...[and] I'm dreading this conversation," Sonny stressed before starting to walk away. "Well, at least you can say her mom's a hero," Xander mused, confusing Victor.

Rafe returned to the police station and discovered that Ciara was still there. "You're lucky that Ben turned himself in, 'cause it looks like the D.A. is not gonna pursue any charges against you [now]," Rafe began. "Great," Ciara numbly replied. "I would've thought you'd be a little more excited --" Rafe grumbled. "What do you want me to do, Rafe? What, you want me to just jump up and down? Seriously? The man that I love might be executed next week -- for a crime that he didn't even commit!" Ciara snapped. "Yeah, well, a jury didn't agree -- [and] he lost three appeals," Rafe dismissively countered.

"It's time to face reality," Rafe reasoned with a shrug. "No!" Ciara insisted, starting to cry again.

"Ben has one week left to live, and I need to save him -- and I need your help!" Ciara continued after recovering. "Even if I was willing to help, there's not one single lead --" Rafe began to protest. "What if the person who killed Jordan is David's father?" Ciara suggested. "I couldn't find [David's father anywhere back when I started the adoption proceedings] -- he, like, vaporized or something -- [but] there is not one shred of evidence that says he was in Salem the night that Jordan was murdered!" Rafe dismissively argued.

"So what?" Ciara countered, knowing that the entire case already hinged on circumstantial evidence, anyway. "DNA doesn't lie," Rafe insisted. "[But it] can be misinterpreted," Ciara stressed.

"If the killer was someone other than Ben, [then that person] must have been wearing a hazmat suit or something, [because] Ben's DNA was the only DNA we found on Jordan's body, okay? Oh -- well, that and David's, but David sure as hell didn't kill her!" Rafe dismissively maintained. "My dad used to say that assumptions are the mother of all mistakes. So, what if you just assumed that the DNA was David's? What if it was really David's father's? [I mean], there had to have been a ton of similarities, right? [And] what if Jordan was with David and David's father the night that she was killed?" Ciara reasoned.

"Isn't it possible -- just a little bit -- that the forensics team made a mistake?" Ciara concluded. "Yeah, I suppose -- you know, anything's 'possible,'" Rafe grudgingly conceded before checking the case file again.

At Statesville, Will released a heavy sigh while staring at the divorce papers. "Well, I gave Victor my word, point in holding on to [these] anymore..." Will mused. "Anyone ever tell you that talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity?" Ben began while approaching the cell with a guard, surprising Will. "I should know," Ben continued with a shrug as the guard opened the cell door.

"Guess you, uh...must have missed this place," Will began after Ben entered the cell. "Especially the food -- it's fish sticks night," Ben joked as the guard closed the cell door and walked away. "You got caught?" Will guessed. "Yeah, but I got away...[and then] I turned myself in," Ben replied. "Why would you do that? You're innocent!" Will protested. "Ciara," Ben explained with a shrug.

"What's gonna happen to you now?" Will asked after Ben shared the whole story. "I guess they'll be moving me to death row soon," Ben replied, shrugging again.

"I've known Ciara all of her life, and that is one stubborn woman -- don't underestimate her," Will advised. "No -- I've learned not to do that," Ben agreed. "She even has her own theory of who really murdered Jordan..." Ben revealed. "Honestly, it sounds like a long shot...but, I mean, it's not nothing," Will reasoned with a shrug after hearing the theory. "It's my only hope," Ben stressed.

"[Anyway], what the hell are you still doing in here, man? I thought you'd be a free man by now!" Ben protested, ready to change the subject. "Well, I should be...but, um..." Will began with a sigh.

"Victor says whatever's best for Victor, [and] he wants to keep you quiet -- [well], screw that! Are you kidding me? You can't stay in here forever, Will! You need to call Sonny and tell him!" Ben insisted after Will shared the whole story. "I can't, though! [I mean], I gave Victor my word [that] I'd help protect Maggie, [and] if it was one of Victor's other wives, then yeah, I would have told him to get lost...but [Maggie's] the sweetest, gentlest, nicest person in the world, and Victor's right -- [I mean], the truth would kill her!" Will reasoned with a shrug.

"Will, this is your life that we're talking about here -- you can't just throw it away because you shook hands with some old crook like Victor!" Ben argued. "Trust me, I -- I hear what you're saying..." Will replied.

"You know what? We should be thinking about you [right now]. I wish [that], somehow, I could help Ciara track down David's father," Will stressed, ready to change the subject. "Look, even if Ciara finds the guy, we don't have any evidence, [and] we don't even know if he's still alive -- [I mean], she could be tracking a ghost," Ben admitted. Meanwhile, at the police station, Rafe realized that the DNA that had been found on Jordan's body and had been identified as David's had not been an exact match. Ciara watched excitedly as Rafe entered the DNA into a federal database in the hope of getting a match.

"We shouldn't be talking about how to get me out of here; we should be talking about how to get you out of here," Ben insisted while continuing to chat with Will at Statesville. "Part of the deal I made with Victor is that he would pull some strings to help me get out early," Will reiterated. "And you think he'll come through?" Ben asked incredulously. Will shrugged in response.

"What do you think Maggie would -- would think of this? Would -- would she -- would she approve of -- of -- of Victor guilting you into staying here?" Ben wondered, stammering with outrage on Will's behalf. "No -- she'd hate it, obviously," Will guessed. "She wouldn't allow it -- and you shouldn't, either!" Ben stressed. "Listen, I -- I'm not just doing what Victor wants me to do. I -- I don't want Maggie to find out about this, [either]," Will explained. "So, Victor wins? That's bull, Will! You deserve to be with Sonny, and you deserve to be with your daughter!" Ben insisted, drawing another shrug from Will, who was still clearly conflicted.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor and Xander happily agreed with Sonny's assertion that it was a miracle that Gabi had turned out to be a compatible bone marrow donor for Mackenzie. "At least one good thing came out of today," Sonny grumbled before exiting the living room.

"Well, he's having a rotten time of it," Xander observed once the coast was clear. "Yes... His life would be a lot better if he knew that Will was innocent... But... I love that boy, but I have to do what I have to do to protect Maggie," Victor reasoned, waving a hand dismissively. "Looking out for Maggie is the right thing to do. Sonny will get over Will -- he's done it before," Xander assured Victor. "Yeah... And there's no way that he can stay married to the man that 'killed' his mother," Victor agreed.

"Except Will didn't kill Adrienne, did he?" Maggie countered while joining Victor and Xander in the living room, having remembered everything.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Sarah and Eric try to reason with Gabi.

• Maggie demands the truth from Victor and Xander.

• Valerie and Julie encourage Eli to work things out with Lani.

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