Abigail tries to enlist Gabi's help with Gwen
Days of our Lives Recap for Monday, March 1, 2021
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Monday, March 1, 2021
by Mike

At the Horton house, Jack continued a phone conversation with Jennifer, who was still in the process of helping Mike settle Laura's estate in Boston. "It's all a little bit more complicated than I expected," Jennifer admitted. "You think you're gonna have to stay a little bit longer," Jack translated. "Yeah... I'm not sure -- maybe a week, maybe more... I'll have a better idea in a few days," Jennifer confirmed. "No rush -- just take care of yourself," Jack advised. "I miss you very much," Jennifer stressed, and Jack returned the sentiment -- just as someone knocked on the front door of the Horton house.

Jack hastily wrapped up the phone conversation with Jennifer then opened the front door -- and found Gwen standing on the other side of it. "Sorry -- I know I should have phoned first, [but] I just thought I'd take my chance... [See], I wanted to thank you -- again -- [for] coming to my room [with] no questions asked [and] believing me when I said [Laura's death] was an accident," Gwen explained.

"I'm not really used to people trusting me -- taking me at my word..." Gwen admitted. "Well, you better get used to it...because that's what fathers do," Jack stressed. "Thank you," Gwen repeated. "I don't really feel like I deserve your thanks," Jack protested. "I disagree," Gwen countered before changing the subject, revealing that Abigail didn't believe that Laura's death had been an accident.

While passing through the town square, Abigail spotted Gabi, who was hanging a "grand reopening" banner on the window of the Gabi Chic store. "So, are you gonna help me nail Gwen?" Abigail asked. "We're not exactly Butch and Sundance -- see, I think you're a prissy know-it-all, and you hate my guts," Gabi replied. "I don't hate [you] as much as I hate Gwen," Abigail stressed. "[And] there's also the fact that you don't know squat about making people pay," Gabi continued. "Yeah -- otherwise, I would have done it to you a long time ago," Abigail admitted. "[So], the answer's 'no,'" Gabi concluded.

"So, you're just gonna let Gwen get away with drugging me and letting you take the blame for it," Abigail incredulously summarized. "I've realized [that] revenge is really not that satisfying anymore, so I'm going to do the best I can for my business [and] be the best mom that I can for my daughter, [okay]? I don't want to be collateral damage in this war between you and your sister, [so] if you want to go after Gwen, [then] do it [alone]," Gabi firmly responded. "As much as it really pains me to say this...not without you," Abigail insisted, fearing that Gwen would win a one-on-one battle between them.

"You help me stick it to Gwen, and I will help you get something that you want," Abigail offered. "[The] one thing I want [is] Jake...[so], you break up him and Kate, and I'm in," Gabi decided. "I don't [even] know how to handle Gwen, and you want me to go after Kate? [I mean], if 'evil' were tennis, Gwen is a talented young phenom, [and] Kate is Serena Williams!" Abigail nervously protested. "Come on -- it's been decades since she put Sami in death row; she's gettable now!" Gabi dismissively countered. "Maybe you're right..." Abigail realized before agreeing to Gabi's terms.

Later, at the Horton house, Jack advised Abigail to stay away from Gwen. Meanwhile, Gabi went to the Salem Inn to see Gwen.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Kristen picked up a plate of blueberry pancakes, which had been made before Ben and Claire's earlier interruption and were no longer hot, and started to head off to Brady's bedroom while still disguised as Susan -- but someone knocked on the front door just then. "Now what?" Kristen grumbled.

Kristen placed the plate of blueberry pancakes on the coffee table then opened the front door -- and found Chloe standing on the other side of it. "Ugh -- you again..." Kristen snapped. "Good morning, Susan," Chloe responded. "What in the heck do you want now?" Kristen demanded to know. "I made some zucchini muffins this morning [and] thought Brady might like some for breakfast," Chloe explained while holding up a basket. "You thought wrong, sister!" Kristen spat before adding that Brady was going to eat blueberry pancakes for breakfast instead. "How 'bout we let Brady, who's a grownup, decide," Chloe argued.

Brady entered the living room just then and wondered what was going on. "I was just tellin' Chloe here that I whipped up a batch of my famous blueberry pancakes for you --" Kristen started to explain -- but Brady stopped listening after realizing that Chloe was holding a basket of zucchini muffins. "Your favorite," Chloe acknowledged as Brady excitedly claimed one of the muffins. "Keep your muffins away from him!" Kristen warned Chloe before slapping the muffin out of Brady's hand. "What's gotten into you?" Brady wondered. "I would like to know the same," Chloe stressed.

"[Zucchini] is a vegetable, and all that roughage is gonna wreak havoc on your system," Kristen reasoned. "I'm gonna take my chances," Brady insisted while claiming another muffin -- which Kristen also slapped away. "I made you a hot breakfast, and the least you can do is take a bite!" Kristen argued. "It's cold..." Brady protested before claiming a third muffin and managing to take a bite of it -- then raving that Chloe still had the magic touch where baked goods were concerned. Changing the subject, Brady started to lead Chloe off to another room so they could get some work done -- prompting Kristen to nervously block their path.

Kristen argued that Brady was still recovering from a gunshot wound -- thanks to Chloe -- and needed to be resting instead of working. "Susan, why are you so protective of me?" Brady wondered after stressing that Chloe wasn't responsible for what had happened. "It's your daddy that I'm worried about," Kristen tearfully claimed, adding that John already had enough to worry about -- and so did Marlena, for that matter. "Susan, we didn't realize how scared you were for John..." Chloe hesitantly responded while looking at Brady, who nodded in agreement then decided to comfort Susan with a hug. Kristen sank into Brady's arms while smirking at Chloe, who still seemed a bit suspicious. Kristen triumphantly showed Chloe out of the townhouse after Brady gave in to the idea of more rest.

At Statesville, Susan continued chatting with Lani while disguised as Kristen -- but the dentures of that disguise soon got dislodged. Susan turned away from Lani and put the dentures back in place then claimed to have just fretted about having a child who was living in Rome because Brady had recently expressed interest in taking Rachel there sometime in the near future. "Thinking about the man I love [and] the fruit of our love seeing the Old World without me --" Susan began to elaborate. "The Old World?" Lani repeated. "Is that wrong?" Susan wondered. "It just doesn't sound like something you would say..." Lani clarified. "Oh?" Susan stammered. "But I forgot -- you're a DiMera, [and] your ancestors are from there, so of course it's 'the Old World' to you," Lani decided. "Right..." Susan agreed with a sigh of relief.

Lani declared that Kristen had a right to be upset about the thought of missing out on Rachel's first visit to Rome. "And that isn't even the half of it -- I hear that their gelato is so much better than our ice cream here!" Susan complained, speaking normally. "Excuse me?" Lani protested. "Sorry -- I was just thinking about how I wanted to see my little baby have her first gelato," Susan backpedaled, mimicking Kristen's voice again. "Right..." Lani muttered before starting to recall having gone with Kristen to a gelato stand near the Piazza di Spagna during their time together at the convent in Rome. "Pizza and ice cream -- my favorite meal!" Susan raved. "Pizza?" Lani repeated. "What?" Susan answered, oblivious. "You know what? I'm probably mispronouncing it -- your Italian was way better than mine," Lani conceded.

"Remember that day [that] we climbed up the Spanish Steps?" Lani wondered. "Yeah... What a day..." Susan responded. "I guess I shouldn't be reminding you of all the good times in Rome," Lani realized before changing the subject, predicting that Brady and Rachel would pay Kristen another visit soon. "I don't think so," Susan argued before starting to tell Lani that Chloe was in the process of trying to steal Brady from Kristen.

At the Brady Pub, Abe and Eli discussed Laura's death as well as Charlie's death. "I don't want the people of this town thinking they can take the law into their own hands," Abe declared, referring to the circumstances surrounding Charlie's death as well as the possibility that Laura's death might have also been an act of vigilante justice. "You and I are on the same page there," Eli agreed.

Changing the subject, Eli somewhat disgustedly informed Abe that Valerie was watching Carver and Jules because Lani was visiting Kristen at Statesville. Abe admitted to still being just as concerned as Eli was about Lani's friendship with Kristen. Eli and Abe both hoped that Kristen would never give Lani a reason to regret their friendship.

Eli and Abe soon relieved Valerie of babysitting duties then took the twins back to the Price-Grant apartment -- and Lani eventually joined them. "How'd it go with Kristen?" Eli asked. "Not being able to be with Brady is really hard on her -- she's just not herself," Lani replied. Meanwhile, at Statesville, Susan had a sudden premonition -- that Lani was about to have an unexpected visitor -- and, a short time later, someone knocked on the front door of the Price-Grant apartment. "Aunt Paulina?" Lani incredulously began after opening the door. Susan's reaction to the premonition suggested that the visit might not be a good thing.

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• Lani catches up with Paulina.

• Chloe offers Sarah some advice.

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