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Days of our Lives Recap for Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Thursday, April 18, 2019
by Mike

Rex returned home while Sarah was still in the process of trying to figure out why Eric had argued with Marlena earlier.

"How was Will's surgery?" Eric asked, grateful for the interruption. "He actually had a seizure, [but] we stabilized him [and] were still able to get him in for the biopsy," Rex reported. "We weren't able to remove a sizeable portion of the tumor, but we got a small sample, and it's in the lab right now, [being tested]," Rex added before changing the subject, having sensed some tension between Eric and Sarah.

"Eric just volunteered to be our official wedding photographer," Sarah informed Rex in an effort to explain the tension. "That's amazing!" Rex raved before thanking Eric for the offer. "[And Sarah] had this idea that, you know, uh...that it would not work out [because] you would probably ask me to be your best man, [but] I assured her that probably wasn't the case," Eric helpfully elaborated for Sarah, laughing at the idea. "I...was...gonna ask you..." Rex confirmed, confused. "I appreciate that, but think of all the money you're gonna save [this way]," Eric argued. "I mean...okay...I guess I could ask Dad..." Rex decided with a shrug.

With that settled, Sarah retreated to one of the bedrooms to get ready for a work shift. Rex seized the opportunity to question Eric's true feelings for Sarah, still not entirely convinced that it had been a one-sided infatuation. "Like I said before, we are friends -- nothing more," Eric maintained. "[But] she was standing [next to you] when you said that, [so] humor me, please," Rex skeptically countered. "I have nothing for Sarah but friendship, [and] I never will," Eric claimed. Relieved, Rex thanked Eric for the honest answer. Sarah returned while Rex and Eric were shaking hands. "We'll talk later," Sarah pointedly warned Eric before leaving with Rex.

Brady was still in the park, cleaning up the picnic setup that Chloe had left behind, when Stefan and Ben rushed over. "What the hell are you doing here? Where are Chloe and Holly?" Stefan asked urgently. "They're gone..." Brady replied, confused. "Where did they go? How long ago did they leave?" Stefan demanded to know. "I don't know [where they went, but they left]...ten, fifteen minutes ago?" Brady guessed with a shrug.

"We need to go find them -- right away! Those cartel guys are on their way back to Salem -- they could [even] be here right now!" Ben urgently explained. Brady confirmed, when asked, that the bodyguards had left with Chloe -- and that, aside from them, nothing had seemed out of the ordinary at that time. "She just...left? Without packing up?" Stefan asked incredulously. "She...kind of stormed off; she was upset with me," Brady reluctantly clarified. "Why? What'd you do?" Stefan demanded to know. "It doesn't matter what I did," Brady evasively replied. "If you did anything to hurt her, so help me, God --" Stefan began to snap.

Ben interrupted, pointing out that Stefan and Brady's argument was a waste of time -- time that could be spent looking for Chloe and Holly instead. "[They] could be in danger as we speak," Ben warned.

Eli went to Doug's Place in search of Chloe after receiving a tip that the cartel goons were on their way back to Salem. The news worried her, but she didn't feel the need to go into hiding at the police station, since she already had two bodyguards for protection. "There's no one outside," he revealed, confused. "Oh, they're very discreet; sometimes I forget that they're there," she explained.

"I'll introduce you," Chloe added before starting to lead Eli back out of the club -- just as one of the cartel goons barged into it with a gun drawn. "Drop your gun, cop!" the man demanded while grabbing Chloe, and Eli reluctantly complied. "Hurting Chloe is not gonna bring your boss back," Eli pointed out. "No, but taking out the woman who murdered El Fideo -- that's gonna earn me major respect from all the right people!" the man reasoned. Eli called the man by name and argued that his prior actions had already earned him plenty of respect in his home country, but the argument didn't work.

"Please don't shoot! I have two young children!" Chloe tearfully begged the man. "Yeah, well, you should have thought about that before you stabbed El Fideo in the back!" the man snapped, pressing the gun against Chloe's head. "I'm sorry! I didn't want to!" Chloe stressed. "It's too late for that...but don't worry -- your death is gonna make me a living legend!" the man countered, grinning.

"I know that you think that killing me will make your life better, but I promise you that it won't, [because] when Stefan DiMera finds out... I'm important to him! He will do whatever he can to find you! [He already] killed the last guy who came after me!" Chloe desperately warned the man. "The other members of the cartel are all afraid of Stefano DiMera's son, [but] if you ask me, the DiMeras aren't as powerful as they used to be," the man dismissively argued. "What about the cops? You afraid of us?" Eli asked the man. "Because the Salem P.D. is already looking for you. You'll never make it out of town without being arrested or shot," Eli continued.

Meanwhile, the other cartel goon barged through the terrace doors of the DiMera mansion and pointed a gun at Gabi and Ciara, who were both still recovering from the shock of the earlier warning shot that the man had fired.

"Sorry to interrupt, ladies, but I got some unfinished business here," the man explained. "You're making a huge mistake, [because] security is gonna be swarming this place any minute now," Ciara warned, and Gabi nodded in agreement. "I created a diversion about a mile down the road; that should keep 'em busy for a while," the man replied. "The guards wouldn't just all leave this house unprotected," Gabi argued with a dismissive scoff. "No, they left a couple behind, but no worry -- I took care of 'em," the man clarified. "So, now I have plenty of time to finish what I started a few weeks ago," the man added.

"You...know I'm not Chloe Lane, right? I mean, that's who you're looking for, isn't it?" Ciara asked. "I'm not Chloe, either! She's not here!" Gabi added. "I'm very aware of who Chloe Lane is!" the man tiredly confirmed. "My partner's taking care of her as we speak," the man continued. "Then what are you doing here?" Gabi wondered. "I'm here for Stefan DiMera," the man explained.

"He killed my brother, and for that, he must die," the man elaborated. "Your brother -- he's the one that attacked Chloe at her club [a couple months ago]?" Gabi realized. "He came here to avenge El Fideo. Stefan sent him home in a body bag," the man grumbled. "He tried to slit Chloe's throat! Stefan had no choice but to --" Gabi began to argue. "It was not his business to get in our way!" the man tiredly insisted.

Gabi started trying to reason with the man in Spanish, and he angrily responded in kind, clearly unmoved and not the least bit impressed with her attempt to find common ground with him through their shared ethnicity. "I'm not leaving until I have my revenge, [so] we're gonna settle in, chicas, and wait for our amigo Stefan...and when I'm done with him, we're gonna have ourselves a party," the man declared. Gabi and Ciara exchanged worried glances, both seemingly pondering what the man's idea of a party would entail -- and how they would fit into it. "I could get used to living like this..." the man mused while helping himself to one of the bar's many offerings.

Ciara approached the bar and started a conversation, hoping to buy enough time for Gabi to send a text message to Rafe, but the man eventually realized what was going on. "You're both gonna regret that," he snapped.

At the police station, Ted tried to discuss a case with Hope but quickly deduced that something was wrong. "Jordan's baby still keeping you up at night?" Ted assumed. "Rafe took the baby and moved out last night," Hope reluctantly clarified, sighing. "I suggest you steer clear of Rafe for the next decade or so," Hope advised Ted after explaining that the argument that had led to Rafe's departure hadn't just been about David. "I hope he didn't blame you," Ted fretted. "For the way you feel? No. For letting you kiss me? 100%," Hope replied. "[And] Rafe is determined to take care of Jordan's baby, no matter how long it takes for her to recover," Hope added.

"If she ever recovers," Ted pointed out. "[And], again, your feelings didn't matter to him," Ted guessed. "I'm sorry, [because] I don't want you to be upset, and I don't want you to be hurt..." Ted began to stress.

" be honest, I'm [also] glad, 'cause now maybe we may finally be able to be together," Ted added. "Stop! Rafe [still] loves me, and I love him, and I owe it to my marriage to fight for it!" Hope tiredly insisted. "I know you're not a quitter...but you deserve so much more," Ted argued. "[And] this is really all about me being happy, not about you getting what you want," Hope skeptically agreed. "Unlike Rafe, I'm willing to fight for the woman that I love," Ted unapologetically admitted. "And, for what it's worth, I would never choose someone else's child over you," Ted added before walking away.

Lani went to the Hernandez house to see Rafe and David, the latter of whom had just fallen asleep after a long period of fussiness. "When you picked the baby up from me last night, you mentioned you were moving back here, but you didn't say why... I don't want to pry,, everything okay between you and Hope?" Lani asked. "Hope wasn't thrilled about me wanting to keep the baby," Rafe explained with a sigh.

"She knows how I feel about him, and...I mean, I would think that she would at least try to..." Rafe began to complain. "You can't want something by just trying to -- especially when it comes to something as important as a baby. You either feel it or you don't," Lani argued. "And Hope already has three children, right?" Lani added. "Yeah -- she lost one," Rafe confirmed. "So, [after] going through all that suffering, and raising three of her own kids and a grandchild, maybe the thought of starting all over is just [way] too hard for her," Lani reasoned. "You're absolutely right, [and] maybe I should be more understanding of that..." Rafe agreed.

" feel the need to care for [David]," Lani knowingly concluded for Rafe, who nodded and vehemently insisted that turning the boy over to Child Protective Services wasn't an acceptable alternative. "It could be years before Jordan's well enough to look after David, [and] I am not letting him get lost in the system [in the meantime]. And even if I were willing to give him up, I would always resent Hope for that; I'd always feel like she forced him out," Rafe explained. Lani felt partially responsible for Rafe and Hope's marital woes, having lobbied for Rafe to keep David, but Rafe bitterly stressed that Ted was the real problem.

Lani was stunned to hear that Ted had made a play for Hope. "You really think she's falling for him?" Lani asked incredulously. "I don't know...but, I mean, obviously something is going on -- the extent of'd have to ask her," Rafe replied with a shrug. "[So], she threw you out of the house so she could be with Ted?" Lani assumed. "No, she didn't throw me out; I left -- voluntarily," Rafe clarified. "Because she doesn't want David to be part of our lives...but it's so much more than that; I mean, she feels like I am not making her my priority," Rafe elaborated. "And...she's right -- I haven't been of late," Rafe admitted.

"I'm sure, on some level, [Hope] understands...[and] I know that she loves you," Lani stressed. "I don't doubt that...[but] she is sending me a lot of mixed signals," Rafe grumbled. "That's because Ted is a snake," Lani declared. "Men like him, they just -- they wait around for someone to be vulnerable, and then they strike. He's taking advantage of the fact that you guys are having problems," Lani continued. "Exactly!" Rafe agreed. "You see it, I see it... Why doesn't Hope see it?" Rafe wondered. "'Cause she's confused, and she's hurt," Lani guessed. "But, eventually, she will come to her senses," Lani confidently predicted.

Rafe didn't find that possibility particularly reassuring, since David would still be an issue either way. "[ are] gonna turn David [over] to Child Protective Services?" Lani asked worriedly. "I don't know what I'm gonna do," Rafe admitted. "Maybe if [Hope] spends some more time with David..." Rafe optimistically began to suggest. "You've always wanted to have kids," Lani recalled. "Yeah. I always thought I'd have a big family," Rafe confirmed. "It's not too late," Lani insisted, clearly not taking a neutral stance on the matter. "Maybe if Hope sees what David means to you, she'll understand. [Just] reach out [and] see if she'll come by," Lani advised.

Rafe reached for a cell phone, which was in silent mode, and immediately saw a missed text message from Gabi. Alarmed, Rafe rushed off to the DiMera mansion, leaving a very willing Lani in charge of watching David.

Hope arrived a short time later, and Lani seized the opportunity to put in a good word for Rafe, who was simply trying to do what was best for David. "He's not David's father," Hope pointed out. "I know...[but] he feels responsible for him, [and] he needs your support," Lani argued. "We're not in a place where we should be raising anything right now," Hope insisted. "Because of Ted?" Lani assumed.

"I really hope I'm not being too presumptuous, but...the way that I see it, the man knows that your marriage is in trouble, [and] he is taking advantage of you," Lani warned. "I told Ted -- and made it very clear, not once but twice -- I'm not interested...[and] I wouldn't let anyone take advantage of me," Hope defensively replied. "I know Rafe has made mistakes, but you have to try to save your marriage," Lani advised. "And you need to stay out of it," Hope countered before quickly backpedaling, knowing that Lani was only trying to help. "I don't want to see anything come between you two," Lani stressed.

At the police station, Ted received a phone call from someone. "Are you insane? I told you to never call me on this number!" Ted quietly snapped after ducking into a conference room and shutting the door.

Brady approached the front entrance of Doug's Place and listened as Eli continued trying to convince the cartel goon to let Chloe go and turn himself in for a chance at leniency. The man remained determined to kill Chloe then return home as a hero, and when Eli refused to let the man just walk out of town after having killed someone, the man shrugged and pointed out that it would be just as easy to kill two people as it would be to kill one person. The man shoved Chloe aside and aimed a gun at Eli, but Brady burst into the club just then and started struggling with the man for control of the weapon, giving Eli a chance to retrieve his own gun and fire a shot.

"He's dead," Eli declared after checking the man's pulse. "Thank you for hitting your target," Brady said to Eli while accepting a hug from Chloe. "Top of my class," Eli bragged before going to look for the bodyguards.

At the DiMera mansion, the other cartel goon smashed Gabi's cell phone then pointed a gun at her head and angrily demanded to know who she had just tried to contact. While the man was distracted, Ciara grabbed the breakfast tray she had been trying to return when the whole ordeal had started. She swung the makeshift weapon at the man's head, and the impact caused him to drop his gun.

Gabi lunged for the gun, but the man quickly recovered and beat her to it. "Two hostages is more trouble than I need," the man decided, grabbing Ciara then aiming the gun at Gabi. "Time to ditch the excess baggage," the man added as Gabi cowered in fear. Just then, Ben burst into the mansion, with Stefan close behind. "Don't move!" Ben warned, aiming a gun at the man, who quickly turned his own gun on Ciara, knowing all about the couple's concern for each other. "Drop your gun...or I shoot your little girlfriend," the man warned Ben, who reluctantly complied.

Meanwhile, Gabi rushed over to Stefan's side and revealed that someone else had gone after Chloe. "He is after you," Gabi informed Stefan. "She's right," the man confirmed, turning the gun on Stefan.

"Chloe's probably dead by now...and you're about to join her," the man warned. "If this is personal, let everyone else go," Stefan suggested. "I need a hostage to get out of here," the man pointed out. "Take me," Ben suggested. "Trade the tiny little woman for the big hulking killer? Doesn't sound like a fair trade," the man mused. "Trust me -- you don't want to mess around with the commissioner's daughter. The police will do anything to get her back, [and] you'll never have a moment of peace. [But] take me [and] they might just give you a reward," Ben advised. "The whole point of a hostage is that people don't want 'em to get hurt," the man countered.

"I'm done negotiating," the man insisted. "See you in hell," the man snapped at Stefan before pulling the trigger -- just as Rafe burst into the mansion and pushed Gabi out of the way. The distraction threw off the man's aim, and Rafe ended up taking the bullet that had been meant for Stefan. In the ensuing chaos, the man rushed off with Ciara. Ben chased after them as Gabi applied pressure to Rafe's wound and Stefan reported the shooting.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Rafe is rushed to the hospital.

• Gabi and Stefan share a kiss.

• Hope teams up with Ben to save Ciara.

• Eli overhears part of Ted's mysterious phone conversation.

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