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Days of our Lives Recap for Thursday, December 3, 2020
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Thursday, December 3, 2020
by Mike

At the hospital, Kayla joined Lani in one of the examination rooms and cheerfully noted that they were getting very close to the twins' due date. "I am ready to have these babies!" Lani admitted to Kayla with a mixture of excitement and exhaustion -- just as Eli entered the room. "[This is] my appointment," Lani protested. "And those are my kids," Eli countered.

"Fine, you can stay -- but only because I don't want Kayla waiting around while we just argue," Lani eventually said to Eli -- although they had already been arguing in front of Kayla for a few minutes by then, and the chief of staff's attempt to leave the room had been thwarted. "[But] don't get too comfortable," Lani warned Eli before signaling for Kayla to proceed with the examination.

Kayla eventually admitted to having taken the liberty of signing Lani up for a Lamaze class that was going to be held the following day -- and Eli insisted on attending the event as the requisite coach. "Like hell you are!" Lani snapped at Eli, prompting Kayla to rush off to check on other patients, not wanting to be caught in the middle of the second round of the couple's argument.

"Who [else] are you gonna find on such short notice?" Eli challenged Lani. "I don't know -- I can't ask my father, 'cause apparently he's on your side...[and] I can't ask my best friend, 'cause she's in prison because of you --" Lani conceded. "God, I'm sick and tired of you throwing that in my face!" Eli snapped. "You expect to be my coach [with that] attitude?" Lani asked. "I don't 'expect' anything from you except criticism," Eli replied.

"Find yourself another coach -- but I will be here when you deliver," Eli declared. "I can't ban you from the hospital," Lani conceded. "You can't ban me from seeing my babies, either, [because] no matter how hard this gets -- even if it gets [to] a point where you don't want to be married to me anymore -- those will always be my children," Eli reminded Lani before storming off.

At the Walker-Brady apartment, Nicole received a visit from Brady, who had just finished attending John's bail hearing. Nicole was happy to hear that John had been granted bail and was already back at the Evans-Black townhouse with Marlena. Nicole promised to pass the good news along to Eric, who was aware of what had happened when Belle and Shawn had attempted to get remarried.

"I actually wanted to talk to you about something pretty important," Brady eventually began to explain. "It's something I've been thinking about for a while... [Look], when I came back to Salem after my dad had his aneurysm, it was just going to be temporary -- because Kristen was on the run, and I wanted to get back to her and Rachel as soon as possible -- [but] then things changed in a way in which I could never have imagined, [and now Kristen's] going to be in Statesville for a couple years, [which] means I need to be close by... [Anyway], I need to figure out my life here -- [I mean], I'm gonna be a single parent to Rachel, [but] I'm also gonna want to work -- [so] I would like to come back to Basic Black with you," Brady elaborated. "I don't think so," Nicole responded.

"I don't understand -- is there a problem, or...?" Brady protested. "Uh, yeah, Brady, there is a problem -- and it goes all the way back to when you left me high and dry at Basic Black [so] you could take the reins at Titan!" Nicole clarified. "I'm really sorry about that...[but] there were extenuating circumstances, you know -- I was just trying to get revenge on Victor for leading me to believe that my daughter was dead for a year, [and] you can't blame me for that --" Brady reasoned. "I don't blame you for that...but I do blame you for not considering how your big move would affect me!" Nicole countered.

"I don't want this to sound harsh, but...if I couldn't count on you then, why should I believe I can count on you now?" Nicole challenged Brady, who conceded the point and apologized again. "I'm gonna do everything I possibly can to make it up to you," Brady promised before reminding Nicole that they had always made an excellent team. "Okay," Nicole, who had missed working with Brady, agreed after further consideration.

"[But] I did hire someone else [recently] -- not as a partner, [but] in a pretty big role -- [and] it's someone you know..." Nicole began to warn Brady -- and, as if on cue, Chloe knocked on the apartment door just then.

At the Horton Town Square, Steve took a quick glance at Henry as a way of humoring Lucas. "He's a beautiful baby...but he's not my grandson," Steve declared with a shrug, drawing a nod of skepticism from Lucas.

"You must be pretty relieved that Tripp got away with what he did to my daughter," Lucas guessed, confusing Steve. "You don't know," Lucas realized before explaining to Steve that Allie had received a phone call from the Metropolitan Police in London earlier that day. "They've decided not to press charges against your rapist son!" Lucas shouted at Steve.

"Thank God this is finally over," Steve declared with a sigh of relief. "For you, maybe...but not [for] my daughter," Lucas countered with a scowl. "I'm sorry, man --" Steve began to stress. "You're not sorry -- you only care about your son!" Lucas snapped. "You don't care about Allie -- [about] her pain, and her fear, and the fact [that] she had to work up all that courage just to come forward and tell everybody what happened, only to have it dismissed --" Lucas continued. "Dude, she wasn't 'dismissed,' all right? They looked into her claim --" Steve argued. "Claim?" Lucas repeated.

"This baby is the result of what happened --" Lucas whispered. "That baby is not proof that Tripp hurt Allie --" Steve insisted. "No, he didn't 'hurt' Allie -- he raped her! Your son raped my daughter! And now she's gotta live with it forever -- she's gotta raise this [child while still] a child herself, [and] she's gotta do it all on her own, while your son walks around like nothing happened! That kid belongs behind bars!" Lucas shouted. "The reason my son isn't behind bars is because he's innocent," Steve stressed. "There's a DNA test --" Lucas protested. "I can't explain that," Steve conceded.

"But I can tell you that I know my son, and he could never do anything like what Allie says he did!" Steve maintained. "I know it's hard for you to accept that your son would be capable of doing something so horrible, but you gotta remember -- he's not just your son; he's Ava Vitali's son, too! He's capable of anything!" Lucas argued. "You should know, as well as anyone, that a son doesn't necessarily turn out like his mother," Steve countered. "We're not talking about me," Lucas snapped.

Lucas wondered how Kayla felt about Steve's "crazy" state of denial. "I'm not in denial...[but] this whole situation is tearing my family apart," Steve admitted. "Well, maybe you don't want advice from me, but I'm gonna give it to you anyway -- if you're the only one who believes that your son is innocent, you're the one tearing your family apart," Lucas declared.

Steve scoffed and walked away without saying another word to Lucas -- then headed over to the hospital and gave Kayla the news. "You seem disappointed," Steve observed. "I didn't say anything," Kayla stressed. "You didn't have to," Steve countered. Steve asked Kayla if there was any way that they could move on from their differing views on the matter. "I honestly don't know how we can under these circumstances -- [you know], the three of us living under the same roof -- [so]...I think it's time for Tripp to move out," Kayla replied.

At Statesville, Ava showed Kristen the online article that explained why Trask had decided not to file charges against Tripp. Kristen protectively blocked Ava's view of the article, which bore the headline "RAPIST WALKS" and featured a picture of Tripp. Kristen silently read the article in its entirety so Ava wouldn't have to, knowing that the headline might not be the only upsetting part of it. "What happened? When? What were the circumstances? [And] who is saying these terrible things about my son?" Ava asked. "It doesn't have any of that information in here -- it is short on detail," Kristen replied.

"This is probably why he looked so dejected the other day when I saw him in the park," Ava realized. "I need to get to my son," Ava decided before starting to rush out of the visitors' lounge, prompting Kristen to point out that it would be dangerous for a presumed-dead criminal with unresolved cases to make such a move.

"I don't care what happens to me -- I need to put my son first!" Ava declared. "I understand that instinct, [but] he is not being charged, [so] he is not going to prison --" Kristen stressed. "It doesn't matter, because the damage has already been done -- his picture is all over the news with the word 'rapist' next to it!" Ava countered.

"This is gonna completely ruin his life!" Ava fretted. "For a long time, I was certain that what people thought of me was etched in stone [and that] I couldn't change anyone's mind, [but now I know] it is possible --" Kristen advised. "Not for Tripp -- not after people see those headlines!" Ava predicted. "Once this tabloid frenzy dies down, they are going to remember what's important, and that is that Tripp wasn't charged --" Kristen maintained. "At times like these, he needs his mother!" Ava maintained. Ava started to rush out of the visitors' lounge again, but Kristen blocked the path.

"He doesn't know you -- he doesn't even know you're alive! So, if you're gonna go reveal yourself to him, you better think of one important possibility -- what if Tripp turns you in?" Kristen gently warned Ava. "He is my son -- he wouldn't do that to me!" Ava insisted. "You don't know that -- [because, in fact, the two of] you don't even know each other, do you?" Kristen countered. "No, we don't," Ava admitted.

"You never finished [telling me] that story about your father making you give [Tripp] up as a baby, [and] I'd really love to hear it --" Kristen begged in an effort to distract Ava, who didn't take the bait. "Are you really willing to risk your freedom? Because if you go to [Tripp] right now, that is exactly what you'll be doing!" Kristen warned while once again preventing Ava from exiting the visitors' lounge.

At the Brady-Johnson townhouse, Tripp nervously eyed the gun that Allie had just produced. "Is that a real gun?" Tripp wondered, already backing away from Allie expectantly. "Mm-hmm. And the bullets are real, too. And it's fully loaded," Allie confirmed, following Tripp into the living room and shutting the townhouse door. "Where the hell did you get a gun?" Tripp asked. "From a lockbox at my Grandma Kate's -- I knew she kept one there, and I figured out the combination," Allie replied. "So...what, you came here to scare me?" Tripp assumed. "I came here to bring you to justice," Allie clarified.

"No one else is willing to do it, so I figured I'd do it myself," Allie reasoned before ordering Tripp to finally confess. "I didn't do anything --" Tripp maintained. "Then how did I get pregnant, [and] why does my son have your DNA?" Allie countered. "I wish I could explain that, okay? But I can't, okay? I have no idea how that possibly could have happened --" Tripp insisted. "I do," Allie stressed. "Okay, look, I can't talk to you while you're holding a loaded gun --" Tripp protested. "All right -- well, then, if you don't want to talk, how 'bout I just shoot you right now," Allie suggested.

"What's it gonna be?" Allie wondered. "I'll talk," Tripp decided. "Say it -- say what you did to me!" Allie demanded. "The thing is --" Tripp stammered. "Stop stalling!" Allie snapped. "I know that you're frustrated and angry, okay? And I wish that I could give you an explanation, but I can't, all right? All I can say -- again -- is that I am incredibly sorry about what happened to you --" Tripp continued. "It didn't just 'happen' -- you made it happen! There's proof!" Allie stressed. "Then why did they decide not to prosecute me?" Tripp countered.

"Please, just put the damn gun down --" Tripp begged. "Not until you admit it!" Allie snapped. "I've already told you --" Tripp tried to repeat. "I want the truth!" Allie demanded while struggling to hold the gun steady, making Tripp even more nervous. "Fine! I'll tell you, all right? The truth is...we had sex that night, okay?" Tripp blurted out -- and Allie calmed down at once, relieved to finally have that admission.

"You're not giving me much choice," Tripp pointed out. "I want to hear the rest," Allie demanded. "We had sex --" Tripp repeated. "We didn't 'have sex' -- you raped me! [But] fine, go ahead -- tell your version of what happened that night," Allie interjected. "We met at a club in London. You were wasted -- falling-down drunk, actually. I brought you home in a cab. We went up to your place, and then you kissed me --" Tripp continued. "And then what happened?" Allie interjected again -- while simultaneously raising the gun and holding it just inches away from Tripp's face. "I...undressed you... You...undressed me... One thing led to another, and...we had sex in your bed... And then I left," Tripp concluded after backing away from Allie again. "What about that note that you said you left?" Allie asked. "You never found it, so...that means I must not have written it, right?" Tripp replied.

"Are we done? Are you satisfied now?" Tripp wondered. "Not even close," Allie declared. "Why? I just admitted to everything --" Tripp protested. "I asked for details, [and] you told me nothing [but] lies!" Allie snapped, inching closer to Tripp with the gun again. "Here's one detail you left out -- I said no!" Allie stressed while circling Tripp with the gun. "And here's another thing you left out -- you pinned me to the bed against my will!" Allie continued, holding the gun just inches away from Tripp's face again. "Your so-called 'admission' makes it sound like what happened that night was consensual -- I kissed you, I undressed you..." Allie continued as Tripp backed away again. "Maybe [I did those things], but that does not give you the right to force yourself on me -- which you did, so admit it!" Allie concluded.

"You know what? This is ridiculous, all right? Okay, look, that story I just told you about us having sex -- I made it up," Tripp declared, confusing Allie. "It. Didn't. Happen. Okay? I was just telling you what I thought you wanted to hear so you wouldn't shoot me," Tripp explained. "I'm willing to go pretty damn far to save my own life, but not that far, okay? I will not say that I raped you when I didn't!" Tripp stressed.

"You need to tell the truth -- last chance!" Allie warned. "The truth is...I did not rape you. We didn't even have sex that night, okay? And I actually did write that note -- but, clearly, you never found it," Tripp summarized. "And, clearly, you're not going to cooperate," Allie decided. "You're still lying, [and] you are still being the sick rapist you've always been...[and] I'm not gonna let you do this to anyone ever again," Allie declared. "You're really gonna kill me?" Tripp asked incredulously. "I never said I was going to kill you," Allie matter-of-factly replied. "Then what are you gonna do?" Tripp wondered. "What my mom did," Allie answered.

"It's funny... I've spent my whole life hating my mom -- hating how she was always trying to control me, control everything -- [but] I learned about what happened to her today, [and now] I think I finally understand what that's all about, and I realize that what I really need to do is be more like her," Allie admitted. "My dad told me that she was raped when she was younger than I am now --" Allie began to elaborate, drawing a seemingly sympathetic sigh from Tripp. "She reported it [and] pressed charges, [and] they went to court...[and] guess who won -- the rapist," Allie continued. "Surprise, surprise -- they let him off, just like you. So, my mom took the law into her own hands [and] got her own justice; [she] made sure that [he] would never -- could never -- rape anyone else again," Allie concluded.

"How did she do that?" Tripp asked nervously. "She shot him -- in the groin. Which is exactly what I'm gonna do to you," Allie calmly replied before pointing the gun at Tripp's crotch. "You can't be serious!" Tripp protested while once again backing away from Allie. "Oh, I'm dead serious," Allie insisted. "Think about what happens to the baby if you shoot me!" Tripp advised. "Henry has Nicole -- and maybe he'll be better off without me," Allie countered. "You'll be behind bars for years!" Tripp warned. "It'll be worth it, because you won't get away with what you did -- and you sure as hell won't rape anyone again," Allie reasoned.

"I'd say this won't hurt a bit, but..." Allie concluded with a shrug before cocking the gun and pointing it at Tripp's crotch again. As Tripp nervously begged Allie not to pull the trigger, Ava burst into the townhouse and grabbed the gun. "Get the hell away from my son!" Ava demanded while aiming the gun at Allie. "Oh, my God -- Mom?" Tripp realized.

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