Eli and Lani receive shocking news
Days of our Lives Recap for Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Thursday, August 6, 2020
by Mike

At the Brady townhouse, Kayla flirtatiously offered to show Steve the master bedroom -- just as Roman knocked on the townhouse door then knowingly ordered the couple to stop hiding and open it.

After letting Roman rave about the birth of Allie's baby, Steve and Kayla managed to reclaim their privacy and pick up where they had left off earlier.

At the police station, Eli wrapped up a phone conversation with Hope then updated Lani on what was happening in New York City.

A short time later, while Lani and Eli were preparing to leave for the night, Lani suddenly felt a brief twinge of pain that prompted Eli to insist on a trip to the hospital.

After performing an ultrasound, Sarah assured Lani and Eli that everything was okay. "Your baby is fine -- actually...they both are," Sarah elaborated, stunning Lani and Eli. "Wouldn't we have known sooner?" Eli wondered. "[Well], it is rare to be this surprised this far along, but it is not unheard of -- [I mean], one embryo was likely positioned behind the other one [before]," Sarah explained.

"Double the fun?" Lani said to Eli with a shrug after Sarah left the examination room. "And double the diapers, [and] double the college tuition... I need to double my shifts!" Eli fretted, drawing a laugh from Lani, who was also feeling overwhelmed. "[Still]...this is great, isn't it?" Lani asked. "Yeah, it is," Eli replied. Suddenly giddy with excitement, Eli and Lani celebrated the good news with a hug then started making plans.

At the Brady Pub, Jack received a phone call from Jennifer, who was supposed to be en route to the restaurant. "[They] oversold the flight?" Jack repeated. "[And] no other flights?" Jack assumed. "Keep me posted," Jack requested before ending the call with a sigh and tossing aside a bouquet of white roses that had been intended for Jennifer. Meanwhile, outside, Xander suddenly released a shout of triumph, piquing Jack's interest.

"Did you just win the lottery?" Jack assumed after joining Xander outside. "Even better -- I have a date with the woman I love!" Xander, who had just wrapped up a phone conversation with Sarah, clarified. "I thought you'd given up on [being with her because] you didn't want to hurt her again, [so]...what happened?" Jack wondered. "Everything changed for the better -- right after she accused me of sleeping with a hooker!" Xander began to explain. "[And] the best part was right after the church blew up!" Xander raved in the middle of the story. "[I mean, sure], it was awful, and I feel sorry for anybody who suffered...[but she found my actions] pretty heroic!" Xander concluded with a grin.

"I'm so happy for you," Jack stressed. "I can't screw this up, Jack -- my entire future with Sarah is riding on tonight!" Xander fretted. "You're not gonna screw it up -- you've been planning this for months!" Jack argued. "In my heart, yes...but, as for an actual plan, I have nothing!" Xander admitted. "Well, you still have plenty of time -- take it easy..." Jack advised. "You're right -- it's not too late to pull together something special..." Xander agreed. "The Bistro?" Jack suggested. "Paris," Xander countered. "Don't overdo it -- that's when things certainly go wrong," Jack warned. "Simple? Yeah!" Xander decided.

Jack tried to hand over the bouquet of white roses, but Xander guessed that it wouldn't be wise to give one woman flowers that had originally been intended for another woman. "Good point," Jack conceded before wishing Xander luck. "Thanks for the advice -- it's good to have a mate; [I mean], I'm not exactly loaded down with them at the moment, you know?" Xander said before giving Jack a hug.

After Xander rushed off, Jack stepped back into the pub to get rid of the flowers -- and found Jennifer waiting there. "Somebody didn't show up, and I got the last seat," Jennifer explained while greeting Jack with a hug.

Chad met up with Kate in the town square so they could chat. "So, you're off to Florida [again], huh?" Kate began. "Yes, I am -- so Jennifer can come home," Chad confirmed.

"[And] I just have, uh, a little time before my flight, so...[why did you call me]?" Chad prodded Kate. "[To find out why] you're leaving me in a house full of strangers! [I mean], I was passing Lucas' bedroom this morning, and 'Gwen' was there, lounging on his bed, [and when] I confronted [her, she] said that it's her room, and she's your guest!" Kate explained. "True," Chad admitted. "Why?" Kate wondered. "So she can spy on Gabi," Chad clarified. "Okay... Um... So, we both know that Gabi is a schemer -- I get it -- but...is there a specific [reason] that you want Gwen to be spying on [Gabi]?" Kate challenged Chad.

"Are you not paying attention [anymore]? Gabi believes that she's entitled to a position at DiMera!" Chad reminded Kate. "But the board fired [her] for the escapade with Julie!" Kate reminded Chad. "Right, but ever since Gabi was acquitted of poisoning Abigail, she's been trying to worm her way back into the company -- and, lately, she's stepped up her game; [in fact], when I came back from [my previous trip to] Florida, she was in the study with Li Shin, [and they had] wine glasses raised, toasting to their latest successes!" Chad complained before starting to tell Kate the rest of the story.

"Well, we know that Gabi always has an angle, [so]...now that she's found out that her mechanic isn't Stefan, maybe she's gonna use her 'assets' to go after Shin," Kate suggested at the end of Chad's tale. "I'm thinking the exact same thing...which is why I could use an extra set of eyes. [Look], I don't like the idea of [Gwen] and Jake moving in [any more than you do], but I saw an angle, so...I played it," Chad reasoned. "[And] this woman has no problem with doing this for you?" Kate assumed. "Oh, she [is] all in -- [she] hates that Gabi's going after Jake, so [she] jumped at the chance to be my spy," Chad confirmed.

"Obviously, it's wrong of Gabi to take advantage of this situation with Abigail, [but]..." Kate began to argue before reconsidering. "Say it," Chad demanded. "[Look, I understand that] Abigail is more important to you than the company...[but] maybe there's a possibility that you neglected your duties a little bit," Kate concluded with a shrug. "No, I didn't -- [and], like I told [Shin], I am perfectly capable of balancing my personal life and work; [I mean], as long as I have a phone and a computer, I can work from anywhere!" Chad insisted. "And yet you missed a big meeting," Kate countered. "Because my assistant..." Chad began to reiterate.

"Never mind -- it's not important," Chad conceded. "You need my help," Kate guessed. "You're working for Abe," Chad acknowledged. "Mm-hmm..." Kate confirmed. "[Look], it's not gonna happen again, [because] I've spoken to [my assistant, and] I told [Shin] I was going out of town tonight, [and] we have [another] meeting with this other potential investor scheduled, [but it's] later in the week, so..." Chad stressed. "You have this all locked down, [with] no chance for miscommunication," Kate skeptically summarized. "Yes!" Chad confidently insisted.

"I'm going to keep an eye on things while you're away," Kate decided, still concerned. "I appreciate that, but I am sure Gwen will do just fine," Chad countered, still confident. "[And] what if Gwen ends up wanting more -- like a piece of the DiMera fortune?" Kate warned. "Let me just worry about one gold digger at a time -- compared to Gabi, Gwen is an amateur," Chad replied.

At the DiMera mansion, Gwen sneaked into Gabi's otherwise unoccupied bedroom and randomly opened a drawer -- which just happened to contain, among other things, a framed photograph of Stefan. "Wow -- my Jake really is a dead ringer for your husband...or maybe it's the other way around, since it's your husband who's dead..." Gwen mused -- just as Gabi started barking orders at Harold from somewhere nearby.

Seconds later, Gabi burst into the bedroom -- but Gwen was already hiding in the closet at that point.

Unaware that anything was amiss, Gabi produced a cell phone and started to dial Li's office number -- just as Jake entered the bedroom, wearing only a towel.

Flustered, Gabi quickly ended the call then gawked at Jake, who had just finished a work shift and was covered with grease. "You're still working?" Gabi asked incredulously. "I still need some spending money...unless my new digs come with an allowance..." Jake tiredly replied. "Don't press your luck!" Gabi warned. "[Look, I just] need to borrow some soap -- we ran out," Jake explained. "[No wonder] -- Harold told me [that] Gwen spends all day in the bathtub, eating chocolates [and] drinking Champagne!" Gabi grumbled. "Well, she always did have a thing for living the good life..." Jake revealed.

"Are you kidding? She doesn't know the difference between a French-milled soap and a bar of lye! And even little Charlotte has better table manners! [And] don't get me started on her clothes and her makeup! Nothing about her says 'luxury'! She's nothing but a cheap whore!" Gabi spat. "I didn't come in here to listen to you trash my girlfriend!" Jake countered. "I'm sorry -- I just think you could do so much better!" Gabi explained. "I didn't come in here for advice on my love life, either!" Jake stressed. "You love her?" Gabi challenged Jake. "Where I come from, guys don't really talk about their feelings," Jake evasively informed Gabi.

"You kind of opened up to me after your mother died..." Gabi argued. "Yeah, well...maybe a little...but I was feeling lost, and, uh...well, I promise never to let it happen again!" Jake replied before changing the subject, impatiently demanding to know if Gabi was going to reveal where more soap could be found. "I'll show you," Gabi decided before leading Jake to another room.

As soon as the coast was clear, Gwen emerged from the closet, still reeling from everything that had been said during Gabi and Jake's conversation.

"Really, bitch, why don't you say [those things] to my face -- then I'll show you where I'm gonna put that bloody soap!" Gwen grumbled while storming out of the bedroom. "If anyone's a whore, it's that bloody Gabi -- I saw how she was looking at my man!" Gwen muttered while storming into the study in search of a stiff drink. Just then, Gwen received a phone call from Chad, who wanted an update on Gabi's activities. Gwen informed Chad that Gabi had tried to contact a 'Mr. Shin' earlier but had been interrupted. Meanwhile, Gabi dialed Li's office number again and posed as Chad's assistant to report that Chad wanted to move up the meeting that had originally been scheduled for later that week.

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