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Days of our Lives Recap for Tuesday, April 16, 2019
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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

In the Kiriakis living room, Kate marched in and told Victor that she had a plan to get Titan back on track. Victor grumbled, but Kate pressed on. When Brady walked in, he told Kate he was not interested in hiring her.

"Well you should be," Kate said. Kate urged Brady to look at her proposal. Brady reminded Kate that her fake lawsuit had upset the balance at Titan. While Kate and Brady sniped at one another, Victor looked over the proposal. Annoyed by Kate's arguing, Brady walked out.

"Are you gonna let your grandson run the company into the ground and then just hand it over to Stefan DiMera?" Kate asked. Victor muttered that Kate was rarely wrong when she discussed business. Victor promised to take a closer look at her proposal.

"Am I interrupting?" Maggie asked as she walked into the room. "We're just discussing business; I don't think it would interest you," Kate sneered. Victor warned Kate that insulting his wife would not help her case. With a furrowed brow, Maggie asked Kate why she was at the mansion when Will was at the hospital to get a biopsy on his brain tumor. Kate had not heard anything about Will's tumor.

At the Hernandez house, Gabi urged Will and Sonny to eat. Will picked at his food. Arianna ran out to say good morning, and she mentioned introducing Will to baby David. When Gabi said that Will needed to go to the hospital, Arianna asked Will if he was okay. The adults in the room exchanged glances. Will told Arianna that he was getting a checkup. Suspicious, Arianna noted that Gabi looked worried. With a sweet smile, Gabi reminded Arianna that her mother sometimes overreacted. Will and Sonny hugged Arianna and told her that Will would be fine.

After Sonny, Will, and Arianna left, Brady stopped by to talk to Gabi about his seduction plan. Gabi told Brady about when she had flirted with Stefan, and that Stefan had appeared receptive. Excited, Brady asked Gabi if she was going to seduce Stefan, after all. With a shake of her head, Gabi said she was too worried about Will to seduce anyone.

"I am repulsed by him. I don't want to think about being in bed with the guy," Gabi added. Brady urged Gabi to think about the endgame: Stefan alone and broke. Brady added that if Gabi helped him, she would be set for life. Gabi resisted, but Brady continued to push. Reluctantly, Gabi said, "Okay! I will do it."

Gabi made a couple calls and learned that Stefan had skipped work to have a picnic in the park with Chloe and Holly. Brady laughed. Brady suggested that Gabi invent a business reason to distract Stefan while he swooped in and occupied Chloe and Holly at the park.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan woke up Chloe to tell her that Ben had caught the cartel members. Grateful, Chloe hugged Stefan. "No reason we can't be romantically involved now," Stefan whispered. Chloe kissed Stefan -- then she woke up from her dream. When Chloe opened her eyes, Stefan was standing next to her bed.

"I have news," Stefan said. Stefan told Chloe that Ben was close to ending Chloe's nightmare. With a smile, Stefan said they should focus on their kite-flying trip to the park instead of the cartel. Chloe teasingly warned Stefan not to spoil the kids. Stefan said he only wanted to make everyone happy.

After Chloe dressed, she went downstairs and found Stefan had packed a picnic basket for the park. "Is this your sneaky way of taking me on a date?" Chloe asked. "You think I'm trying to win you over with chicken fingers?" Stefan joked. With a charming grin, Stefan told Chloe that if he hit on her, she would know it. Stefan added that he had grown fond of Holly.

"I promised Holly I would teach her how to fly a kite, and today is that day," Stefan said. As Chloe started to go upstairs to fetch Holly, a frantic Gabi ran into the house. Gabi yelled that the acquisition deal she had worked on for Gabi Chic was in danger of collapsing in favor of Titan. Gabi explained that Mr. Shin had demanded that Stefan handle the matter. With a sigh, Stefan apologized to Chloe for having to cancel. Chloe said that she would take Holly to the park with the bodyguards instead. Stefan and Chloe headed upstairs to tell Holly the news. Gabi texted Brady and told him that Chloe was on her way to the park.

At Rex's apartment, Rex overheard Eric telling someone on the phone that the marriage would never last. When Rex yelled at Eric, Sarah overheard. Eric explained that he had been leaving a message on Jennifer's voicemail about Jack's marriage to Eve. Relieved, Rex apologized and said he was on edge because no one seemed to want his marriage to Sarah to move forward.

Before Rex left for work, he kissed Sarah. Eric looked away. Rex asked if Eric was still mad at Rex for yelling at him. "I should have realized that you, of all people, support Sarah and me getting married," Rex said. With a nod, Rex left.

Eric asked Sarah about work. Sarah explained she was heading into work later because she needed to plan her wedding. Eric offered to be the wedding photographer. Elated, Sarah thanked Eric for his generous offer. Eric added that the work would be easy because Sarah was beautiful. Sarah's eyes went wide.

"I'm speaking as a photographer, of course. I mean, you and Rex? You're photogenic," Eric said quickly. Sarah said she needed to run the idea past Rex. Eric showed Sarah his portfolio. While Sarah marveled over a photo of Nicole, an enamored Eric watched Sarah's face. Eric told Sarah that he had fallen in love with Nicole when she had been his model. "I miss her," Eric admitted. Sarah took Eric's hand in hers.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny took Arianna upstairs while Will walked into the living room. Kate asked Will why he had not told her about the tumor. Will said he had not wanted to worry Kate. Upset, Kate asked Will if he needed anything. Will asked for everyone to relax and stop worrying until he learned more about his condition. Kate wanted to accompany Will to the hospital, but Will said he did not want people to hover. Kate was annoyed that Maggie was going with Sonny and Will, but Maggie explained that she was going to work a volunteer shift at the hospital. Will assured Kate that Rex was handling the procedure.

While working in the DiMera living room, Gabi nitpicked Stefan's decisions. Gabi and Stefan bickered until Gabi yelled that Stefan just wanted to leave for his picnic. Gabi blurted out that Stefan did not understand what she was going through. With a sigh, Stefan asked what was wrong. Gabi told Stefan about Will's brain tumor. Stefan told Gabi that everything would be fine, but Gabi burst into tears and hugged Stefan.

"It's gonna be all right, Gabi. Everything is going to be all right," Stefan said, a look of discomfort on his face as Gabi clutched him tight. "I'm sorry I got emotional," Gabi said as she pulled away. Gabi explained that she had needed a hug.

"It's been a long time since anybody held me like that. I mean, I know we kissed. That was the complete opposite of nice. That was disgusting. Besides, I know you're with Chloe," Gabi said nervously. Stefan admitted that there was nothing romantic between him and Chloe.

"What happened? Did you lose your touch?" Gabi joked. Stefan explained that Chloe was not interested in a new relationship until the cartel was no longer an issue. "Sounds frustrating. For you. As a man," Gabi said as she stared directly into Stefan's eyes. With a grin, Stefan countered that he was fine.

"It's just, I know what it's like to be celibate when you're a sexual person. I mean it's been a really long time for me. The last person I was with was Eli. Whoah! I can't believe I just said that out loud!" Gabi confessed. With a shake of her head, Gabi acted embarrassed and noted that Stefan probably thought she was pathetic.

"The last person I was with was Abigail's alter. Most people didn't even think she was real," Stefan said. Gabi held back a laugh. Stefan raised an eyebrow. Gabi explained that she was not laughing at Stefan but the situation.

"Two dynamic, driven, attractive people, all alone," Gabi said. "What's laughable about that?" Stefan asked. "I just think, maybe, the two of us could use some hot, no-strings sex. It's not like we have a chance in hell of getting any," Gabi suggested. Taken aback by the bluntness, Stefan smiled.

"So, for once, you're speechless," Gabi commented. "Were you suggesting something?" Stefan asked as he motioned his hand between him and Gabi. "Of course not! What, you and me? No, that is completely out of the question," Gabi said dramatically.

"Right, because we work together," Stefan said with a nod as his smile faded. "No, because we hate each other. Right?" Gabi asked with a coy smirk. Stefan stared into Gabi's eyes, unable to respond.

In the park, Chloe and Holly attempted to put together a kite. Chloe grew frustrated with the directions. Brady jogged by and pretended that he was surprised to see Chloe there with Holly. Brady offered to help Chloe with her kite. While Brady fumbled with the pieces, Chloe explained that Stefan had been called away on business. Once the kite was done, Brady offered to help Holly fly it. With a grin, Chloe invited Brady to join them for a picnic.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate told Victor that she knew Victor did not like Will. With a shrug, Victor said Will had never been a favorite, but he understood how much Kate loved Will. Kate wanted to go to the hospital, but Victor urged her to respect Will's request. Victor handed the proposal to Kate, and he said, "Maybe there is still a place for you at Titan. We'll work out the details after we are sure that Will is going to be all right."

At the hospital, Will nervously sat in bed and told Sonny that he was worried about Arianna. Sonny told Will not to doubt that he was a good father. "You're a great father," Will countered. With a goofy grin, Sonny said Arianna called herself lucky to have two great dads, but he felt like they were the lucky ones to have Arianna. Will agreed. Will asked Sonny to hold his hand and not let go.

By the nurses' station, Maggie told Rex that she was glad that Rex was the doctor working on Will. Rex said he was glad that Maggie had confidence in his work if not his ability to make Sarah happy. Rex told Maggie that he and Sarah were excited to get married, and he hoped that Maggie would be, too. "As a potential son-in-law, the jury is still out," Maggie said.

While Rex prepared to operate on Will, Kate called Rex to yell at him for not telling her about Will's procedure. Rex promised to do his best. "If something happens to Will, I will never, ever forgive you," Kate growled. Kate ended the call. Rex went in to check on Will, and Sonny told Rex that Will had a headache. Rex promised that Will would be put under anesthesia soon. Rex explained that the surgery would be limited to a biopsy.

While Rex went to check with the operating room, Sonny and Will talked about the future. Will confided to Sonny that he was worried their luck would run out. When Rex walked in to tell Will that the OR was ready, Will had a seizure.

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