Abigail gives Jack an ultimatum
Days of our Lives Recap for Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

At the Horton house, Jack told Abigail that Jennifer was still out of town, working with Mike on Laura's estate. "Well, I hope that she can come home soon," Abigail said. Jack told Abigail that she had just missed a visit from Gwen. "I am sorry that I can say that I have led my life in such a way to put my family in this kind of position, but Gwen is my daughter, and I told her that she can count on me," Jack said.

When Abigail said she hated that Jack intended to support Gwen, Jack suggested that Abigail avoid Gwen. "I can take care of myself," Abigail said. "I wasn't talking about what Gwen did to you. I was talking about what you did to Gwen," Jack countered. Jack said Gwen had told him about the fight at Laura's grave. Abigail groaned and complained about Gwen's continued efforts to act like a victim.

"All that Gwen did was show up at the gravesite to pay her respects," Jack said. "Dad, she came there to gloat!" Abigail insisted. Jack argued that was not fair. Abigail reminded Jack that Gwen had told her that she would kill whomever was to blame for paying off Tiffany, and then Laura had died. "Don't tell me that was an accident," Abigail said. Abigail argued that Gwen had practically admitted that she was to blame.

"And that is when you attacked her?" Jack said. "You're damn right!" Abigail yelled. Jack said that Gwen was upset because everyone believed she had murdered Laura. "Because she is guilty!" Abigail countered. When Jack said he knew for a fact that Gwen was broken up about Laura's accident, Abigail begged Jack not to fall for Gwen's lies. "[Gwen] lied in the past. That doesn't mean she is lying about this," Jack said. Abigail chuckled in disbelief.

[Gwen's] word means nothing, Dad. She tried to destroy your marriage. She drugged me. She slept with my husband," Abigail objected. "I am not defending anything she has done," Jack countered. Confused, Abigail asked Jack why he wanted to defend Gwen.

"Gwen is my daughter, too. I hate what she did to you. To our family. But she's had a terrible life. I wasn't there for her growing up, and there's a part of me that's trying to make up for it now. Can you possibly understand that?" Jack asked. "I understand because I know the kind of man that you are. I know the kind of father that you are, and you feel guilty, and you feel responsible because you are a good person. But nothing that happened to Gwen was your fault," Abigail said.

When Jack argued that Gwen had been scarred by her childhood, Abigail countered that lots of people with terrible childhoods grew up to be decent people. "Gwen isn't capable of loving anybody but herself," Abigail said. Abigail reminded Jack that Gwen had pretended to be her friend while Gwen had been plotting to destroy Abigail's life. "[Gwen] is doing it to you. She is playing you the way that she played me, and I am begging you, Dad. Please don't let that happen," Abigail said.

"I'm perfectly aware what Gwen is capable of, and she may very well be playing me," Jack admitted. Abigail reminded Jack that she still suffered from hallucinations because of when Gwen had drugged her. "[Gwen] is dangerous, and her only goal is to break apart this family, and we cannot let her do that," Abigail stressed. Jack said he needed to give Gwen a chance.

"I need to believe that with a little bit of understanding and support, she'll see that she is not alone. That she doesn't need to fight. That she doesn't need to lash out. And who knows? Maybe she'll even forgive me," Jack said. "[Gwen] has nothing to forgive!" Abigail countered. Abigail took Jack's hand in hers, and she told Jack that she could not forget what Gwen had done.

"I will never accept [Gwen], and I don't want her in my life," Abigail said. Abigail asked Jack to pick a side. "Please don't demand this of me, Abigail. I can't choose. I love you," Jack said. "Then protect me and this family," Abigail said. Jack refused to turn his back on Gwen. "She needs to know she matters. She needs to know that even if I wasn't there for her as a child, I'm there for her now. I owe her that," Jack said. "Even though she killed Grandma?" Abigail asked. Jack asked Abigail if she had considered that Gwen might have told the truth about Laura's death.

"[Did you consider that] maybe you are understandably so blinded by your anger that you can't see, much less accept, that she is innocent?" Jack asked. "Gwen killed my grandmother, and I'm going to prove it," Abigail said. As Jack stood there in stunned silence, Abigail walked out. Worried, Jack called Jennifer and told her about his conversation with Abigail.

"Abigail is increasingly upset with me because I'm giving Gwen the benefit of the doubt," Jack said. "Abigail's feelings are understandable given all that Gwen has put her through, but your feelings are understandable, too," Jennifer said. Jennifer assured Jack that the situation would work itself out. "I hope so," Jack whispered.

In the Grant apartment, Eli and Lani chatted with Abe while the twins slept. Lani answered a knock at the door. "Aunt Paulina!" Lani said. "It's so good to see my favorite niece in the whole wide world!" Paulina said as she hugged Lani. Lani introduced her mother's sister, Paulina, to Eli. "I'm a hugger," Paulina said as she grabbed Eli in a bear hug. When Lani introduced Paulina to Abe, Paulina raised an eyebrow.

"So, this is the famous Abraham Carver. The man who knocked up my sister," Paulina said. When Abe grew defensive, Paulina broke into a chuckle and assured him that she was messing with him. "I knew you had no idea that Tammy was pregnant," Paulina said. Lani asked Paulina why she was in town. "To see my great-niece and nephew, of course," Paulina said. With a laugh, Lani escorted Paulina over to the cribs.

"We are just going to have so much fun. I am going to spoil you rotten!" Paulina said. With a smirk, Paulina turned to Eli and said, "Did I mention that I am very rich?" As Paulina turned her focus back to the babies, Eli widened his eyes and shared a smile with Lani.

Gabi visited Gwen at the Salem Inn. "You asked me if I agree if I think we're even. Well I'm here to give you my answer," Gabi said. Gwen invited Gabi into her room. "What did you decide?" Gwen asked. "The answer is yes. We're even," Gabi said. Surprised, Gwen noted that based on the stories she had heard about Gabi, Gwen had assumed that Gabi would want payback.

"Funny. Abigail said the exact same thing," Gabi said. Suspicious, Gwen asked Gabi about her conversation with Abigail. Gabi congratulated Gwen on her new family. "[Jack] has been very decent, but Abigail and her mother, they hate me," Gwen admitted. "Well, I wonder why," Gabi joked. When Gwen refused to apologize for what she had done to Abigail, Gabi said she would never ask Gwen to apologize.

"Apologizing is more of Abigail's thing, which she did to me, even though she absolutely sucks at it," Gabi said. Gwen asked about the apology. With a shrug, Gabi said Abigail had apologized for falsely accusing Gabi of drugging Abigail's drink, when it had actually been Gwen. "There's no proof," Gwen interjected. Gabi noted that Abigail believed that Gabi should be just as mad at Gwen as Abigail was at Gwen. Suspicious, Gwen opened her door and asked Gabi to leave. Gabi added that Abigail was out for blood because she believed Gwen had killed Laura.

"I did not kill her nana. That was an accident," Gwen stressed. With a shrug, Gabi said she did not care what had happened with Laura. "[Abigail] wants me to team up with her to take you down," Gabi said. Gabi added that she had declined. "Abigail is my enemy way more than you are," Gabi said.

"Abigail actually framed me for Andre DiMera's murder. I don't really care if she was supposedly nuts. I went to prison. I was beaten to within an inch of my life, and I can never have another child, so, yes, I am not a fan of you, but I definitely hate Abigail a hell of a lot more than I hate you," Gabi said.

"Not many people hate Abigail DiMera," Gwen noted. "Not many people know her the way I do," Gabi said. When Gabi argued that everyone else saw Abigail and her family as perfect, Gwen nodded in agreement. "And it's never her fault, either, is it?" Gwen said. "Never. Not once. You know that when she framed me, she slept with Stefan? And all she had to do was whine a little bit and blame it on her alters, and she got yet another pass," Gabi muttered. Gabi noted that she wanted Abigail to get a dose of the real world. Gwen asked Gabi if she was offering to work together.

"Imagine what we could do if we put our heads together," Gabi said. With a grin, Gabi suggested they toast to their new partnership. Gwen offered to open up a bottle of Champagne. "Wouldn't that be perfect? Not to mention ironic?" Gwen said. Gabi picked up two glasses.

In the square, Chloe and Sarah ran into one another. "I am wedding dress shopping," Sarah announced. Chloe advised Sarah to run away from Xander. "I take it you're not a Xander fan," Sarah said. Chloe told Sarah about her kidnapping in Mexico. "[Xander] just left me there, and I ended up having to stab the guy, and as awful as he was, his death is still on my conscience. All of that could have been prevented if Xander would have just stepped up and done the right thing," Chloe said. Sarah admitted that she had not heard the story.

"I do know that Xander wasn't always the most admirable person, but he has changed. And he has worked really, really hard to become a better person and a more honorable man. So, he has earned my forgiveness for his past. We're really in love with each other and deeply committed to one another. And we're just happy," Sarah said. "Then I wish you all the best," Chloe said. Chloe apologized for mentioning the Mexico story.

"Susan Banks is starting to rub off on me," Chloe muttered. Chloe told Sarah that Susan was protective of Brady and did not like Chloe to be around. "Why would she care?" Sarah asked. "Exactly! I don't know. It's the weirdest thing," Chloe said. Sarah agreed that Susan was odd. With a shake of her head, Chloe noted that if she did not know that Susan was in love with Roger, she would believe that Susan had a crush on Brady.

"What would [Susan] be jealous over? It's not like there is anything going on between you and Brady, is there?" Sarah asked. Chloe swore that she and Brady were only friends and coworkers. With a sigh, Chloe added that she felt responsible for Brady's injuries, and that was why she wanted to check on him. "The woman that Brady loves is Kristen," Chloe said. Sarah noted that Kristen would be in prison a long time.

"What are you suggesting?" Chloe asked. Sarah shrugged. Chloe insisted there would never be anything romantic between her and Brady. With a nod, Sarah said she needed to get back to wedding planning. Chloe gave Sarah her card. "Call me if you need help with finding a dress," Chloe said. "Even if you're not a fan of the groom?" Sarah asked. With a smile, Chloe noted that she was a fan of the bride.

At the penthouse, Kristen lamented that she could not remove her Susan disguise and tell Rachel that she was her mother. "Screw it," Kristen said as she removed her glasses. Kristen whispered to herself that no one was in the apartment except Brady. "I can go to him and tell him everything, and he is going to understand," Kristen said. As Kristen started to go to Brady's room, the doorbell rang. "Again, Chloe? Really?" Kristen muttered. Kristen grabbed a letter opener and wondered aloud if she should put an end to Chloe's visits altogether.

When "Susan" opened the door, she raised the letter opener in a threatening manner. "Susan Banks?" Philip said. "Yep, that's me," "Susan" said. "Susan" explained that she was a guest and had been opening mail. When Philip started to introduce himself, "Susan" said she knew that Philip was the son of the "mean, mean Victor Kiriakis who had let that poor Kristen DiMera believe that her little baby girl was dead." Philip said he was there to check on Brady.

"[Brady] is still resting right now, and that's where he is going to stay. No visitors allowed," "Susan" said. Philip held up a bag, and he announced that he wanted to drop off a box of Brady's favorite cigars. "It's the least I can do, considering I'm responsible for him getting shot," Philip said. "Susan" argued that Chloe was to blame. Philip disagreed.

"Whoever fired that shot was aiming at me, not Brady," Philip said. "Susan" informed Philip that Chloe had admitted that she felt that she was to blame. With a grumble, "Susan" said Chloe had delivered muffins to Brady as an excuse to flaunt her chest in his face. "I think you're being a little unfair, Susan," Philip countered.

"The last thing that Chloe would want is for Brady to get hurt. Especially considering how she feels about him," Philip said. Alarmed, "Susan" asked Philip what he meant. Philip demurred, but "Susan" insisted that Philip tell her everything he knew. With a shrug, Philip told "Susan" that he had made a move on Chloe, and she had shot him down.

"And that's because you think she's hung up on Brady?" "Susan" asked. "I do. I told her that, too, but she denied it. There was just something in the way she said it -- I didn't believe it," Philip said. When "Susan" called Chloe a "nasty bitch," Philip warned "Susan" that her description of Chloe had crossed a line. Suspicious, Philip asked "Susan" why she was so judgmental of Chloe when she barely knew her.

"I've grown to care about Brady and that little nugget of a daughter since I've been staying here. While that child's mother is languishing in prison and Brady is missing the love of his life, that horrible spider woman is moving in on her man," "Susan" explained. Philip pointed out that he had not said that Chloe was after Brady, only that he believed Chloe still had feelings for Brady.

When "Susan" asked Philip if he thought the attraction between Brady and Chloe was one-sided, Philip said it seemed to be. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" "Susan" asked. Uncomfortable, Philip attempted to change the subject, but "Susan" demanded an answer. Philip told "Susan" about the time Brady had found him and Chloe in a state of undress, and he had noticed an odd look on Brady's face.

"Again, I'm not saying there is anything going on between them, it's just... you know how it can be with two exes. The old chemistry kicks in. Chloe was married to Brady long before he hooked up with Kristen," Philip said. "Clearly Brady has moved on, even if Chloe hasn't. Brady belongs to that child's mother!" "Susan" yelped. After a moment, Philip pointed out that Kristen had attempted to kill his father.

"So, as far as I'm concerned, prison is where Kristen DiMera belongs. The longer she is in there, the more likely it is Brady and Chloe could get something together," Philip said. "Susan" yelled at Philip to intervene. When Philip raised a quizzical eyebrow, "Susan" explained that she was a psychic, and she knew that Philip and Chloe had a strong connection. "But you just said maybe Chloe wasn't that into me," Philip noted. "Susan" encouraged Philip to fight for Chloe.

"Chloe wants you as much as you want her," "Susan" said. Philip was unsure. "Susan" insisted that her psychic vibration was right about Chloe and Philip. With a nod, Philip promised to think about "Susan's" advice. "Susan" needled Philip into calling Chloe to ask her out for dinner.

While Chloe was still walking around the square, her phone rang. Philip called to ask Chloe out to dinner. Chloe said that she already had plans to visit Brady and check on him. "No point in that. I'm here now," Philip said. Philip noted that Brady was asleep for the night. "If you change your mind, the dinner offer is still on the table," Philip said. Chloe thanked Philip for the offer, but she declined in favor of turning in early.

At the penthouse, "Susan" asked about Philip's call with Chloe. "Those vibes of yours must have short-circuited. Chloe turned me down. Cold. The only thing she was worried about is how Brady was doing," Philip said. Philip noted that whether Chloe knew it or not, the only man she was interested in was Brady. After Philip walked out, Kristen muttered to herself, "I guess I'm going to have to take care of Chloe Lane myself."

At the Salem Inn, Abigail banged on Gwen's door and ordered her to open it. Gabi opened the door. "Our plan worked like a charm. Come in and see for yourself," Gabi said. When Abigail walked into the room, she saw Gwen asleep on the bed.

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