Bonnie and Jennifer bond over drinks
Days of our Lives Recap for Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

At the Horton house, Jennifer talked on the phone with someone at the paper about a story on Ben's release from jail. As Jennifer ended her call, the doorbell rang. It was Jack. "I don't want to get into this with you right now, Jack," Jennifer said. With paperwork in hand, Jack claimed that he needed Jennifer's signature. While Jennifer signed the papers, Jack asked her if she planned to return to work.

"I'm fine working from home," Jennifer said. "It can't go on like this much longer," Jack said. Jennifer warned Jack not to push her to make any decisions about work or home. "Understood," Jack whispered. Jack apologized to Jennifer again, and he told her that he loved her. "You slept with Kate, and you lied about it for an entire year. How do you expect me to believe anything you say ever again?" Jennifer asked.

Ben and Justin talked in the pub, and Ben thanked Justin for his legal help. "I was so desperate to get Vincent alone. I just kept hoping he'd tell me that Ciara was alive," Ben said. Ben admitted that he needed to accept that Ciara was gone.

In the town square, Claire and Charlie talked over coffee in the café. "I just can't believe that I'm actually with somebody as amazing as you," Charlie said. "I feel the same way," Claire agreed. Charlie added that he was grateful he had taken Xander's advice. "Who knew that Xander was such a romantic?" Claire said. When Claire asked about work, Charlie admitted that work was still a war zone between Xander and Philip.

"Each one is trying to get me on his side," Charlie said. Before Charlie could continue, Claire cried out, "Ben!" Claire jumped to her feet and ran over to Ben, who had been walking through the square. As Claire hugged Ben, Charlie stared at them. Claire asked Ben why he had not reached out to her.

"I just needed to take some time for myself," Ben said. Charlie interrupted to introduce himself. With an apology, Claire made a formal introduction. Ben shook Charlie's hand. "Ben is, was, Ciara's husband," Claire said. The frown fell away from Charlie's face. "I'm so sorry," Charlie said. Claire invited Ben to join them in the café. Ben resisted, but Claire insisted. A little jealous, Charlie made a face as Claire escorted Ben back to their table.

While Claire and Ben talked, Charlie watched with a look of concern. "They never should have brought charges against you in the first place," Claire said. "Well, he did assault a police officer," Charlie chimed in. Claire waved off Charlie's comment. With a nod, Charlie excused himself to return to work. "We'll see each other later?" Claire asked. Charlie said yes then he firmly kissed Claire so that Ben would see it.

After Charlie left, Ben noted that Charlie seemed like a good guy. Claire told Ben that she was sorry that Ben had not learned anything from Vincent. "All the signs point to Ciara being gone, but part of me just refuses to give up hope," Ben said. "You never got that closure. I just wish I could help you with that," Claire said. Ben asked Claire to help him pack up Ciara's things.

Claire followed Ben back to the Salem Inn, and she and Ben boxed up items. "So, what's the deal with you and Charlie?" Ben asked. Claire talked up Charlie, and Ben wondered aloud how a nice guy still had a job at Titan. "Honestly, I don't know," Claire said with a laugh. Claire admitted that she worried that Charlie would end up as collateral damage between Philip and Xander.

As Claire continued to pack items, she found a map in a drawer. "Did I see an airfield on there?" Claire asked. Ben admitted that he had been going into the woods by the airfield to look for evidence that Ciara had survived the explosion and escaped. "Have you found anything?" Claire asked. Ben shook his head no. Claire offered to search the woods with Ben, but he declined.

Claire pointed out a necklace that her grandfather had given Ciara, and she noted that she had the matching earrings. Ben told Claire to keep the necklace. Once Ciara's stuff was boxed up, Claire noted that the room looked empty.

"It already felt empty," Ben whispered. Ben thanked Claire for her help and support. When Ben reminded Claire to take the necklace with her, Claire noted that Ciara had always kept a picture of Victor in it. Claire opened the locket, and she burst into tears. Claire showed Ben that Ciara had replaced Victor's photo with one of Ciara and Claire from when they had been children. "She loved that picture," Ben said. "I miss her so much," Claire said. Ben hugged Claire, and he said, "Me, too."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander woke up Sarah with breakfast in bed. Sarah said she had had a crazy dream that she and Xander had broken into the apartment of the woman working with Philip. "That actually happened," Xander said. "Oh, my God! It did," Sarah exclaimed. Xander thanked Sarah for her help. When Sarah wondered aloud who the woman was, Xander said he planned to visit Kristen to get answers.

"I wish I'd gotten a glimpse of her when we were over there," Xander said. Sarah suggested that while Xander was at the prison, she could "pump Philip for some information." Xander disagreed. "I don't like the way [Philip] flirts with you," Xander complained. Sarah stressed that Philip only flirted with her to upset Xander. Xander raised an eyebrow.

"Because he could never be attracted to someone as gorgeous as you?" Xander said. With a shrug, Sarah said, "Who cares if he is?" Sarah asked Xander about the freshly squeezed orange juice, and he admitted he had done it. "Well, that definitely settles it. Now I can't leave you for Philip. Because of that," Sarah joked. Sarah kissed Xander.

Downstairs, Philip worked on his computer. "Laundering Ava's money would be a lot easier if Xander wasn't around," Philip muttered. Philip wondered aloud how to get rid of Xander. Sarah marched in with a box of Christmas decorations. "Good to see you," Philip said. Sarah asked if Philip would mind if she decorated while he worked. "Need help?" Philip asked. Sarah thanked Philip for the help, and he set to work detangling the lights.

"How was your business meeting the other day?" Sarah asked. "It went fine. The client is pretty demanding, but with a little luck, everything will turn out all right," Philip said. While Sarah and Philip worked on the decorations, Sarah asked him about his time away from Salem. "I did a lot of traveling," Philip said. Philip explained that he had needed time away from his family, and he had found himself in trouble.

"Eventually I realized that I needed to stop playing around and get serious about my future," Philip said. When Sarah joked about Xander not liking to share the company, Philip countered that Xander felt the same way about Sarah. "If I had a woman like you, I'd want to keep her all to myself, too. Xander is a very lucky man," Philip said. Sarah asked Philip about his love life. Philip admitted there was no one special because he had not gotten over Belle.

When Sarah said she supported Philip's desire to move on, Philip asked Sarah to distract him. "I think Titan should throw a holiday event. A concert for charity," Philip said. When Sarah noted that she was busy at the hospital, Philip explained that the proceeds would go to the children's wing at the hospital. "You don't play fair," Sarah said. Philip reasoned aloud that the only problem with the event would be that he and Sarah would have to work closely together.

"It might upset Xander. And I don't want to cause any problems," Philip said. Sarah agreed to help Philip. "[Xander] will understand. It's for a really good cause," Sarah said.

At the prison, Kristen talked on the phone with Ava. "I better say Angela," Kristen corrected. With a chuckle, Kristen thanked Ava for her visit. Ava talked about her encounter with Tripp, and Kristen agreed that it was best that no one knew that Ava was alive. After Kristen's phone call, she went to the visitor's room. Xander walked in.

"Well, when the guard said I had a visitor, you were the last person I expected," Kristen said. Xander asked about Angela Van de Camp. "I want to know who the hell she is and what she wants with Titan," Xander demanded. Kristen said she was not aware of any connection between Angela and Titan. Suspicious, Xander accused Kristen of working to destroy Titan.

"As much as I support the cause, I had nothing to do with any [sabotage]," Kristen said. Kristen confirmed that she hated Victor and Xander, and she said she wished the saboteur the best of luck. "Given your past history, I don't really think you are in a position to judge or hold it against me," Xander said. "And I certainly don't have any obligation to help you," Kristen added. When Xander mentioned that Angela had been working with Philip to destroy the company, Kristen smiled.

"I know you're not interested in helping me, but if you don't cooperate, Titan could go down in flames," Xander said. "Brady washed his hands of Titan months ago," Kristen said. Xander argued that Titan was Brady's legacy, and he urged Kristen to tell him about Angela. With a grin, Kristen noted that Brady understood that she never wanted to help Victor or Xander.

"Sorry, pal. You're on your own," Kristen said. "I hope you rot in here," Xander said. Kristen chuckled. Kristen told Xander that Angela was an old friend. "Don't ever cross [Angela] unless you want to get yourself killed," Kristen advised. After Xander left, Kristen called Ava and told her that she needed to talk to Ava at the prison urgently.

When Philip arrived at Titan, Charlie was already at work. Philip asked about Xander, and Charlie confirmed that Xander was not in yet. "I can finally get some work done," Philip said. After Philip set out his laptop on the desk, he announced that he was headed downstairs to get a coffee. Charlie offered to go, but Philip noted, "I can get my own coffee." After Philip left, Charlie sat down at Philip's desk to have a look on his computer.

"I didn't realize the coffee shop was closed," Philip said as he walked back into the room. Caught, Charlie stared at Philip, stunned. "What the hell are you doing?" Philip asked.

Xander returned home, and he told Sarah about his visit with Kristen. "I guess it was a long shot to have her give you the goods," Sarah admitted. Xander suggested that Sarah talk to Brady. Sarah reminded Xander that Brady had already said he did not know anything about a plot to destroy Titan. With a sigh, Xander worried aloud that Kristen would talk to her friend and that word would get back to Philip.

"Does Kristen know that I'm involved at all?" Sarah asked. "I kept your name out of it," Xander assured Sarah. Sarah told Xander that an opportunity had fallen into her lap. "It will only work if Philip doesn't realize that I'm suspicious of him," Sarah said. Sarah told Xander about Philip's offer to work on the charity event.

"Weasel. He's trying to get close to you so he can get me off my game," Xander hissed. "Right, but he doesn't realize that I want to get close, too," Sarah said. Sarah told Xander that she planned to gain Philip's trust. "I have an idea, but you're not going to like it," Sarah said.

After Jennifer's encounter with Jack, she went to Julie's Place to work. At the bar, Bonnie called out to Jennifer and invited Jennifer to join her for drinks. "Thanks, but I have work to do," Jennifer said. "I probably wouldn't be good company today, anyway," Bonnie said. As Jennifer sat down at a table, Bonnie made a dramatic sigh. Jennifer ignored Bonnie, but Bonnie's repeated sighs wore her down.

"Is something wrong, Bonnie?" Jennifer asked. "Well, since you asked, Justin finally agreed to have drinks with me," Bonnie said. Jennifer asked Bonnie why she did not appear happy. Bonnie said that Justin had not called her back. "I guess he wasn't really interested in me, after all," Bonnie said with a sniffle. Bonnie wondered aloud what had happened to change Justin's mind. When Jennifer suggested that Bonnie should call Justin, Bonnie asked Jennifer to call for her. Jennifer declined.

"You know, not everyone has the perfect marriage like Jack and Jen," Bonnie quipped. Jennifer told Bonnie about what had happened at her anniversary party. Bonnie was stunned. "That dirty dog!" Bonnie said. Bonnie complained that men lied all the time. "[Justin and Jack] both done us wrong, those jerks. You know what? I am going to buy you a drink so that we can drown our sorrows in solidarity," Bonnie said.

As Bonnie and Jennifer sipped bloody Marys, Bonnie said, "We need to move on and find ourselves some real men that don't lie to us." Bonnie looked around the room, and she spotted a couple men in the corner. When Bonnie suggested that they invite the men to join them, Jennifer gasped. "It would serve Jack and Justin right," Bonnie said. Jennifer giggled.

At the pub, Jack wandered over to Justin's table and said hello. After some small talk about Justin's family, Jack noted that Adrienne would be proud. "How was your anniversary party?" Justin asked. Jack averted his eyes. "You haven't heard?" Jack said. Justin shook his head no. "I guess that explains why you are still being friendly with me," Jack said.

After Jack updated Justin on what had happened at the party, he asked Justin for advice. "I'm afraid this might be the end of my marriage," Jack confided to Justin. Justin urged Jack not to give up hope. "Times like this, I really miss my sister. She always managed to put things into perspective for me," Jack said. Justin said that Adrienne would likely tell Jack to get over himself. "Get off your duff and prove to Jennifer how much you love her!" Justin said. With a smirk, Jack noted that Justin sounded like Adrienne.

Justin asked Jack what he planned to do. With a shrug, Jack said he had heard that Jennifer was at Julie's Place. "Maybe I will go over there and give it a shot," Jack said. When Jack and Justin arrived at Julie's Place, they were surprised to see Bonnie and Jennifer laughing together. Justin and Jack walked over, and Justin asked to join them.

"I would love to get a chance to talk to you," Jack said to Jennifer. Bonnie reached over and pulled the chair toward her. "These seats are taken. Sorry!" Bonnie said. "By whom?" Justin asked. Bonnie shooed Jack and Justin away. Two men walked over to the table with another round of drinks. As Bonnie and Jennifer laughed with the strangers, Jack watched in horror.

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