Vincent intensifies Ben's treatment
Days of our Lives Recap for Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Lucas visited Allie in her hospital room, and he apologized for missing the birth of the baby. "The baby came early. You couldn't have known," Allie said. When Lucas asked if Allie was happy that he had not been there, she said no. "The only person I don't want around me right now is my mother," Allie said. Lucas reminded Allie that Sami loved her, but Allie did not want to hear it. Allie argued that all mothers loved their kids and that Sami did not deserve a medal for loving hers. Allie added that what she wanted from Sami instead was respect.

"Do you know that she had the nerve to go to Rafe and push him to say no to taking my baby?" Allie said. When Lucas remained quiet, Allie realized that Lucas had known about Sami's interference with Rafe. "I didn't find out till after the fact. I really didn't," Lucas said. Allie reminded Lucas that when she had caught Lucas and Sami talking about Sami's interference, he had lied and said they had been talking about Claire instead.

"Why did you lie to me?" Allie asked. Lucas explained that he had not wanted to cause trouble. "The only person that is here for me is my brother. Will is the only person I can count on," Allie complained. Lucas stressed that he was there for Allie, but she asked him to leave. "I'm sorry," Lucas said as he walked out.

By the nurses' station at the hospital, an irate Sonny told Will that he intended to tell Sami to stay "out of our business." Sonny was adamant that he was not afraid of Sami. "I am a Kiriakis, and [Sami] is going to pay for what she did!" Sonny said. Sami stepped off the elevator and said hello.

"There she is. Right on cue. You here to cause even more trouble?" Sonny grumbled. Confused, Sami asked what was wrong. Sonny yelled at Sami for failing to call them when Allie had gone into labor. Sami claimed that she had been excited and had not thought to call Will and Sonny. When Sonny noted that he knew Sami had pressured Eric not to call them, Sami sighed.

"Well, you're here now. We're all here. Let's go check on my grandson," Sami said. Sonny held up the adoption papers and told Sami that her actions with Rafe had jeopardized the adoption. Sami looked at Will, and he failed to say that Sami had already told him about her confrontation with Rafe. Sheepishly, Will said that Nicole had told them the truth. With a groan, Sami complained that Nicole had made it her mission in life to destroy Sami.

"This is not about your decades-long feud with Nicole Walker. This is about your son and me and something that was extremely important to us, and you ruined that," Sonny said. Sami asked Sonny what he meant. Sonny said that not only had Sami hurt them, but she had hurt Arianna because they had already told her about the new baby. "And now it might not happen because of you," Sonny said. Sonny yelled at Sami for sticking her nose "where it doesn't belong." When Sonny asked Sami what she had to say, Sami asked how the situation was her fault.

"Allie does what she wants. Believe me," Sami said. Still angry, Sonny argued that it was Sami's fault because she had manipulated Allie's decision behind her back. Will calmly reminded Sonny that Sami wanted them to have the baby. Sonny accused Sami of intentionally working to prevent Will and Sonny from adopting the baby.

"There's something I need to say," Wil started. Sami gave Will a warning look. "Now is not the right moment to defend me," Sami told Will. Sonny asked Sami if she had an excuse for why she had stopped Eric from calling him and Will. "I made no secret that my first choice would be for my grandson to be raised by his own mother," Sami said. Sami added that Nicole could confirm that she had made an effort to get Allie to sign the adoption papers.

"Why don't I believe you?" Sonny said. "Believe what you want. Will knows the truth. Don't you, Will?" Sami countered. As Sonny stared, unsure, Sami offered to take the papers to Allie and convince her to sign them. Sonny argued that Sami would make the situation worse. "We are going to go talk to Allie," Sonny said as he motioned to Will. Sonny explained that they would ask Allie what she wanted and support that decision. Sami said she was confident that Allie would "make the right choice."

At the police station, Rafe looked at a text from Nicole. "Allie had her baby LAST NIGHT!! It's not 2 late 2 change your mind!!" the text read. As Rafe started to put his phone away, Hope called. Rafe told Hope that Allie had given birth. "Congratulations! I'm thrilled for you. I am," Hope said. Rafe told Hope that he had declined Allie's offer to adopt the baby. Rafe changed the subject to Eve. Hope told him that she was hopeful, but she had no leads. Rafe asked about Ciara. Hope told Rafe that Ciara was struggling, and Hope promised to send her love on for Rafe.

After Rafe ended the call, Allie called. Rafe congratulated Allie on the birth of her son. "I really need to talk to you," Allie said. Rafe agreed to meet Allie at the hospital. When Rafe arrived, he beamed with joy. "I can't wait to meet him," Rafe said. Allie told Rafe that she knew that Sami had talked him out of adopting her baby.

"Sami and I did talk about my adopting your baby, and yes, she did make it clear that she thought it was a bad idea," Rafe confessed. When Allie asked Rafe why he had not told her, Rafe explained that he had meant what he had said about not being ready to adopt a child. Rafe talked about how difficult it had been to get rid of David's stuff, and he told Allie about when he had painted David's wall with animals. Rafe admitted that he had not been able to paint over the mural in David's room. Allie took Rafe's hand, and she thanked him for being honest with her.

Allie noted that Rafe had had such a large impact on her life that she thought of him whenever she was sad or worried. "I think about you and how lucky any kid would be to have you as their dad," Allie said. Allie asked Rafe if he would have said yes if Sami had not talked to him. Rafe frowned.

Down the hallway, Sami stood outside the maternity ward, and she stared through the window at her grandson. Lucas joined her. "How's Allie?" Sami asked. "Not happy. With either of us," Lucas admitted. Sami apologized, but Lucas accepted part of the blame. "It's nice of you to say, but I know I'm the culprit here," Sami admitted. Lucas noted that blame did not matter. "Let's focus on what we have. A beautiful grandson," Lucas said with a grin. While Lucas went to talk to a nurse about holding the baby, Sami continued to stare through the window.

"I made your momma so mad today, but someday, she'll understand. And so will you, that everything I did was just to keep you in our family," Sami said. Sami saw Rafe walk by, and she called out to him. "Allie asked me to come. She wanted to talk to me about her baby," Rafe explained.

Will and Sonny entered Allie's room. Sonny said they had heard what Sami had done. "She has no business interfering with the decision that you make for your child," Sonny stressed. Allie agreed. Sonny handed the adoption papers to Allie, and he promised that the child would be in a loving home. "We feel so grateful that you've chosen us to raise your child," Sonny said. Allie handed the papers back to Sonny. "I'm not signing these," Allie said.

In a restaurant in New York, Shawn, Ciara, and Claire talked to Chloe about Eve. "We don't really speak much anymore. We kind of drifted apart. Why are you looking for her?" Chloe asked. Ciara informed Chloe that they suspected that Eve had bombed the church and kidnapped Ben. When Hope joined the group at the table, she overheard Chloe say that it was "inconceivable" that Eve had done something so heinous. Hope argued that Eve had wanted revenge against Ben since Paige's death and had to have been driven over the edge by the idea that Ben would be happy with Ciara.

"Given [Eve's] history, I think she was more than capable of orchestrating the bomb and then kidnapping Ben. Anything to destroy Ben. Anything to destroy his happiness," Hope said. Hope noted the look on Chloe's face, and she asked Chloe if she agreed. "No, I don't believe that Eve is capable of that," Chloe disagreed. Shawn asked Chloe if she knew Eve well. With a shrug, Chloe admitted that she had not seen Eve recently.

When Hope pushed for more information, Chloe admitted that Eve had been different when she had returned to New York from Salem. "She was just different," Chloe said. Chloe noted that "it was like her light finally went out." Chloe said that Eve had been more bitter and negative. "Did she ever talk about Ben?" Ciara asked. Chloe noted that Eve had talked about Ben, and Eve had wished him ill. With a sigh, Chloe admitted that it was possible that Eve had bombed the church. Chloe talked about Eve's anger.

"Did you tell her she should get help?" Hope asked. Chloe said she had repeatedly counseled Eve to see a therapist about her rage issues, but Eve had refused. Chloe admitted that she had realized that Eve was too toxic and had distanced herself from her. "It's weird that I saw her a few months later, and she seemed different again," Chloe said. Chloe explained that Eve had acted as if she had "some new purpose in life." Shawn asked what had changed.

"[Eve had] said that she felt like her life was finally coming back together again because she met someone," Chloe said. Chloe added that Eve had not talked about the man despite oversharing about her relationships in the past. "Did she give you a name?" Hope asked. "Vincent," Chloe said. Chloe said that the only thing she knew about Vincent was that he worked at a facility called Daybreak. Claire looked up the clinic online, and she noted that it was nearby. Shawn urged caution, but Ciara argued that Vincent was their only lead. Hope agreed to go with Ciara, but she ordered Claire to stay behind with Shawn to talk to CSI.

After Hope and Ciara left, Claire grew impatient. Shawn reminded Claire that they would have news soon. Citing the need to pick up Parker, Chloe said goodbye. Before Chloe left, she told Claire to reach out to Chloe if she needed to talk about life or her music. Chloe expressed her wish that Eve was not behind the bombings, and she hoped that Eve might find peace in life. After Chloe left, Claire talked about what Chloe had said. "I'm starting to think it would be better for Ben if Eve wasn't the one who took him," Claire said.

In a warehouse, Eve and her henchman, Vincent, finished their brainwashing session with Ben. Shaken, Ben awkwardly rose to his feet. Eve wrapped a necktie around his hands, and she pointed Ben toward a mannequin with Ciara's wedding dress on the body and a video of Ciara's face on a screen where the head would be. "Kill Ciara. End your pain," Eve whispered. Ben stared at Ciara's face on the screen, then he looked down at the necktie in his hands.

"Please don't kill me, Ben," Ciara's voice said. Ben looked up and saw a vision of Ciara standing before him, begging for her life. Ben gripped the necktie tightly. "I know you won't hurt me, because you love me. Don't you love me, Ben?" the vision of Ciara asked. "Why hasn't he done it yet?" Eve whispered to Vincent. "He will," Vincent assured Eve. Ben gripped the necktie, and he wrapped it around the neck of the mannequin.

"Ciara," Ben whispered. Ben looked at the vision of Ciara, and he imagined her grasping his hand. "Run," Ciara whispered. Ben ran out of the room with Vincent in pursuit. Eve fumed. When Vincent caught up to Ben in the alley outside the building, he hit Ben with a club. "He almost got away," Eve grumbled as she joined Vincent. "His resistance to conditioning, I've never seen anything like it," Vincent commented. Furious, Eve said, "You swore that you could [brainwash] him." Vincent said he would intensify the treatments.

"You will kill Ciara Brady," Vincent growled. Once Vincent had strapped Ben back into his chair for conditioning, Eve noted that Ben had been strapped to a similar chair on death row. "I didn't kill my sister," Ben whispered. "But you killed my little girl, didn't you?" Eve countered. Eve yelled that Ben deserved to die. "Kill me! Do it!" Ben screamed. Ben argued that he deserved to pay. "Get justice for your daughter, but leave Ciara alone," Ben pleaded.

Eve admitted that she was tempted to kill Ben outright. "That would be too damn easy," Eve purred. Music played softly in the background, and Eve explained that Paige had composed that music before her death. "Sadly, she never got to finish it and write the lyrics, because you took that tie, and you took her voice away," Eve whispered to Ben. Eve screamed that she did not care who she hurt.

"Because I want you and the rest of the world to feel my pain!" Eve yelled. "Hurting me or hurting Ciara, Eve, isn't going to bring Paige back," Ben said. Eve said that she knew she would feel the pain for the rest of her life. Eve added that Ben did not deserve to live a happy life with the woman he loved while she had to live with the loss of her daughter. Vincent started the conditioning again. As Ben screamed through the brainwashing treatment, Eve yelled encouragement. "Pour it on!" Eve yelled.

Ciara and Hope arrived at the facility that Eve had mentioned to Chloe. "This place looks totally abandoned," Ciara said. Hope agreed. As Ciara looked around the alley in front of the building, she spotted a tie on the ground. "This is the tie that Ben wore to our wedding," Ciara said. Ciara and Hope rushed inside the building, and they gasped at what they saw.

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