Kate fights to survive
Days of our Lives Recap for Tuesday, September 10, 2019
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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

In the hospital, Doug sat at Julie's bedside while she slept. When Doug asked Haley about Julie's status, Haley said, "She's stable." Doug demanded the truth. "I have a feeling you or Kayla are not telling me something, and I want to know what that is," Doug said.

In the hospital hallway, Eli called Valerie to ask for her help with Julie. Hope overheard the conversation. When Eli ended the call, Hope said, "Sounds like Valerie didn't have very good news." Eli explained that someone needed to offer their heart to Julie explicitly. Fighting tears, Hope said she was desperate to find an option to give Doug hope.

"How do I tell my dad? How do I tell him that the love of his life is going to die?" Hope asked as she broke down in tears. After a brief hug, Eli escorted Hope into Julie's room. At the elevator, Jennifer walked in and ran into Kayla. Jennifer apologized for not arriving sooner to visit Julie. Kayla assured Jennifer that there was nothing she could have done. Kayla asked about Dr. Rolf.

Jennifer updated Kayla about what they had found in Chicago, and she asked Kayla if she could provide a lab for Rolf. "He said he wants to use it so he can also do some of his pet projects," Jennifer said. Kayla said she did not know how to pitch the idea to Seth Burns. Jennifer agreed it would be tough, so she recommended that Kayla tell Seth that the lab had been requested by the mayor.

"If he doesn't [approve the lab], I'll just tell [Seth], Tom Horton is my grandfather, and he founded this hospital. And if that doesn't work, I will go right to the board!" Jennifer said excitedly. Reluctantly, Kayla said she would authorize the lab, but she asked Jennifer to keep it a secret.

Across the room, a bloody, filthy Kate stumbled out of the elevator. Kayla rushed to Kate's aid as Kate collapsed on the floor, unconscious. Kayla evaluated Kate and shouted out orders to a nurse to prepare an operating room.

In Julie's room, Doug asked Haley when he could take his wife home. Haley noted that she could not speak to Julie's prognosis. Doug asked Haley to page Kayla, but Hope interrupted and asked Doug to talk. Doug complained that Haley would not give him a straight answer about Julie. Hope noted that Haley did not want to frustrate Doug.

"I deserve to know what is going on with Julie!" Doug argued. Hope told Doug that Julie's heart was not strong enough to pump blood through her body. Doug asked about a transplant, but Hope noted that a transplant was not an option because of her age. "Without a new heart, without a miracle, my sweet beautiful girl is going to die?" Doug asked.

In the hospital hallway, Eli took a call from the station about a woman staggering down the street. Eli promised to investigate. When Eli ended the call, he spotted Jennifer in the waiting area. Jennifer hugged Eli and told him how sorry she was about Julie. Eli told Jennifer that they had held off on telling Doug about the seriousness of Julie's condition. With a nod, Jennifer said the day was only getting worse because she needed to call Lucas and tell him that someone had shot Kate.

"What are you talking about?" Eli asked. Jennifer told Eli about Kate's entrance into the hospital. Jennifer said she had no information about the shooting. "Who would have a motive to want her dead?" Eli wondered aloud. When Jennifer noted that the list was long, Eli pointed out that Kate had falsely accused Stefan of kidnapping and had taken his job. Jennifer added that Vivian hated Kate even more than Stefan did.

Jennifer broke the news that Vivian was not dead. Jennifer told Eli about what she and Jack had found in Chicago, including the return of Rolf. Jennifer added that she had lost track of Vivian. With a nod, Eli noted that it made sense that Vivian would settle her unfinished business with Kate.

When Eli noted that Kate had been cleared because the shooting had been declared an accident, Jennifer asked, "You think Vivian feels that way?" Eli said they needed a statement from Kate. Eli added that he would head over to the DiMera mansion to find Vivian first. After Eli left, Jennifer called Adrienne to warn her about the pending story of Kate and Vivian.

At the pub, Jack and J.J. watched as Rolf finished a bowl of chowder. Rolf looked at the menu and asked about the chicken. "It takes 45 minutes to make!" J.J. objected. With a shrug, Rolf stated he had all the time in the world. "My dad doesn't!" J.J. stressed. Jack quietly assured J.J. that he was fine. Rolf said he wanted to enjoy a quiet meal for once.

Once a plate of pot roast arrived, J.J. took Jack aside to talk. Jack urged J.J. to remain calm. Rolf shouted out that they could not rush a hungry genius. After Rolf finished his food, he rose to use the restroom. J.J. warned Rolf not to leave his sight. Rolf added that he also intended to peruse the bar menu.

"He's playing us, dad. You do know that," J.J. said. Jack cautioned J.J. to have patience. J.J. argued that Rolf might crawl out of the bathroom window and escape. "This guy is the only hope we have," Jack countered. J.J. said he was anxious to have his dad back.

"You and probably most of the people in Salem would like to get rid of the new Jack," Jack said. J.J. nodded yes. Jack argued that his only chance to regain his memories was to wait for Rolf to help him. "I'm really nervous about trusting a mad scientist who has taken orders from Stefano and Kristen," J.J. said. Jack reasoned aloud that Rolf was a free agent, and they needed to humor him.

When Rolf returned to the table, J.J. apologized for his comments. J.J. told Rolf that the man he had returned to life was not the same man as his father. "My dad would never have done the things that this guy has done since he came back. He looks the same. Sounds the same. It's not just his memories that are missing. It's his heart," J.J. said. J.J. apologized for disrespecting Rolf because of his desperation to see the return of his father.

"I accept your apology, but you have to understand that without my precious diary, the record of my life's work, I will have to begin anew to recreate the serum that will give him his memory back. It will be a dangerous undertaking. One false step, and the consequences for your father will be devastating," Rolf said. J.J. nodded. Rolf asked J.J. to stop pressuring him so that he could relax and complete the task at hand. Jack agreed to Rolf's terms. With a nod, Rolf ordered a coffee.

Gabi arrived home at the DiMera mansion and spotted Stefan descending the stairs. Gabi informed Stefan that Lani had told Rafe that Gabi had left Julie to die in the park. "Did you tell her it wasn't true?" Stefan asked. Gabi said she'd told Lani the truth, but it had not changed her mind.

"If [Julie] dies, then the entire town is going to think I'm a murderer," Gabi complained. Gabi asked about Stefan's day. "Turns out you may be called a murderer, but my mother is one," Stefan said. Stefan told Gabi that Vivian had shot and killed Kate. When Gabi noted that Kate was at the office, Stefan suggested that Gabi call the office to confirm.

Stefan told Gabi that he had visited Vivian at the Salem Inn and had found her dirty and disheveled. "I got the truth out of her," Stefan said. Gabi asked about the gun. With a sigh, Stefan admitted that he had given a gun to Vivian because she had been scared and paranoid. When Stefan pulled the gun from the back of his pants, Gabi exclaimed in disbelief, "You gave Vivian Alamain a gun!" Stefan reiterated that Vivian had been concerned for her safety, and he had given her the gun for peace of mind.

"Turns out she wanted [the gun] to kill Kate," Stefan muttered. Gabi asked Stefan if he was sure that Kate was dead. "I'm sure. And there's no Dr. Rolf to bring her back," Stefan said. Stefan explained that Vivian had shot Kate and then buried her in an open grave. Gabi complained that the plan had been to use Vivian's return for leverage, not to kill Kate.

"Lani already thinks that I left Julie there to die. If she dies, Kate's blood is gonna be on my hands, too," Gabi argued. Stefan apologized, and he noted that he had no control over his mother. Gabi dialed the police on her phone. Stefan begged Gabi not to make the call because he had just had his mother return to him. Stefan reminded Gabi that Kate had not shown Vivian any mercy.

"Your plan is to keep your mouth shut, hope that no one notices Kate's missing, and the whole time, your mother is going to be living upstairs?" Gabi asked. Stefan admitted that he had not thought of a plan. Gabi argued that she and Stefan would be named as accessories to a murder.

"If we're going to have a future, you cannot ask me to cover for Vivian," Gabi said. "That's exactly what I'm asking you to do. Gabi, I love you. What we share is the most incredible thing I've ever had in my life, but if you betray my mother," Stefan said with a shrug. Gabi asked Stefan to finish his sentence. When Stefan remained silent, Gabi asked if his loyalty to his evil mother was greater than his loyalty to his wife.

"Don't call her evil," Stefan whispered. "Oh, I'm sorry. You're offended? What should I have said? The woman that's killed people? Buried them alive?" Gabi asked. Stefan stewed. Gabi told Stefan that it was insane to support a woman like Vivian.

"Then I must be insane to want to help a woman that had nothing in her life but me," Stefan retorted. Stefan asked Gabi to think about the situation and consider that she would do the same thing for her mother. "It's too late for Kate, because she's gone, but it's not too late for us," Stefan said as he hugged Gabi.

"I've never felt so close to anyone in my whole life. My beautiful, sweet Gabriella," Stefan whispered. "Even if you infuriate me, I find you irresistible," Stefan added with a grin. Gabi smiled at Stefan and informed him that he could sweet-talk her, but she would not cover for Vivian. Stefan asked Gabi to cover for Vivian for his sake.

"How is it that you are more beautiful when you are mean and stubborn?" Stefan asked. "Your mother murdered a member of my family, and I'm the one that's mean?" Gabi asked in surprise. Stefan admitted that fiery was a better word. As Stefan noted that it was an endearing quality, Gabi countered that Stefan's blind loyalty to his mother was not. Eli knocked on the door, and Stefan hurriedly tucked the gun in the back of his pants before he admitted Eli into the house.

"Whatever your fiancée said is a lie," Gabi blurted out. Eli said he had not spoken to Lani, and he asked if there was something he should know. "I overreacted," Gabi said. Gabi and Stefan exchanged glances. Eli announced that he was there because someone had shot Kate.

"Kate was shot? I can't believe this," Gabi said. Eli informed Gabi and Stefan that Kate had walked to the hospital and survived. "That can't be true," Stefan said. Eli said Kate was headed into surgery. Stefan thanked Eli for telling them the news, and he invited Eli into the living room. Eli asked Stefan if he had shot Kate.

"Absolutely not," Stefan said firmly. "What about your mother?" Eli asked. Stefan blinked, and Gabi shifted in discomfort.

In the hospital, Kayla examined Kate's abdomen and noted that there was an exit wound. "The bullet went straight through but it caused a lot of damage," Kayla said. Kate struggled awake. Kayla asked who had shot her, but Kate could not stay conscious. Kate's heart rhythm started to become abnormal. Haley handed Kayla the defibrillator paddles, and Kayla shocked Kate's heart. When Kate's heart returned to a normal sinus rhythm, Kayla sent Kate down to the OR.

"Whoever did this to you is going to have to answer for it," Kayla said. After Kayla walked away, Kate whispered, "Vivian."

Down the hallway, Hope told Jennifer that Doug was struggling with the news about Julie's heart. "I'm not giving up," Hope said. When Hope said she would track down Kayla, Jennifer informed Hope that Kayla was working to save Kate's life. Jennifer told Hope about Kate's entrance.

Jack, J.J., and Rolf arrived at the hospital. Jennifer told them that Kayla had offered to set up a lab but had been called away on an emergency. Jennifer took Jack and J.J. aside as Rolf walked over to Hope. Hope welcomed Rolf back to Salem. Rolf bowed. "It's so good to see you again. It's been far too long," Rolf said.

In Julie's room, Doug kept watch as Julie slept. "I don't give a damn what anyone else says. I'm not going to lose you," Doug vowed. Doug thought about past moments of his history with Julie. Julie stirred awake. Doug brightened. "What did the doctor say? Am I going to go home soon?" Julie asked.

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