Will's life hangs in the balance
Days of our Lives Recap for Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
by Mike

At the loft apartment, Claire waited expectantly for an answer, wanting to know what Tripp had just agreed to help Ciara accomplish.

"I have to go back to the [DiMera guesthouse] to grab the rest of my stuff, and I'm just not sure if I can face it alone. I'm -- I'm so scared of Ben," Ciara claimed, prompting Claire to point out that Ben was in police custody at that moment. "Maybe it's not logical, but...I just -- I want to get all of my stuff out of there as fast as possible, and...I -- I wanted someone to protect me, in case Ben showed up. Like I said, I know it's not logical..." Ciara explained, shrugging. "But I get it, [so I told Ciara] I'd be more than happy to help her bring her stuff back here," Tripp helpfully concluded for Ciara.

"She's moving back in with us?" Claire asked incredulously. "Do you have a problem with that?" Ciara countered. "This is your place..." Claire grudgingly conceded, forcing a smile.

Changing the subject, Claire began fretting about Tripp's recent near-death experience -- and seized a hug in the process. Tripp quickly pulled away, giving Claire the impression that something was wrong. "It's just...when you hugged me, I kind of...I kind of felt...a little guilty...[you know, for] telling you I was gonna go visit my dad, [even though] I was really helping Haley," Tripp claimed, not wanting to admit the real reason for being reluctant to hug Claire. "Tripp, don't worry about that, please. Look, I would not trust me, either, after [I made] that recording of you and Haley," Claire assured Tripp.

"Like everything else in our relationship, [that] was my bad... Bad, bad, bad... Really bad... And now everything between us is really screwed up...and, honestly, I don't really know how we got here, but I do know that it's all my fault, and I -- I'm sorry," Claire continued. "If you would have just told me how jealous you were of Haley, I would have understood," Tripp stressed. "But would you have forgiven me?" Claire skeptically countered. "Actually, I think I could forgive anything, if you were just honest [about it]," Tripp pointedly insisted. "Really?" Claire asked excitedly.

"I really hope you mean that, because I'm -- I'm about to be very honest with you, Tripp... I've done something awful...and I -- I really need to tell you about it..." Claire continued, surprising Tripp and Ciara, who both waited expectantly for the confession. "I did not mean to hurt you -- I really didn't -- [but] I was just under so much pressure..." Claire explained.

"[And that's why] I told Eve that you were the one who framed Ben, not Wyatt. [I mean, she was just] really pressing me about why Ben would try to kill you, and she got me all tied up in knots and basically pulled it out of me," Claire elaborated, disappointing Tripp and Ciara, neither of whom bought that story. "Tripp, listen -- I really do not think that Eve is gonna go after you, [because] she is only interested in getting Ben," Claire assured Tripp. "I am so sorry. Please, please -- tell me that you can forgive me," Claire begged. "If Eve does decide to come after me, then I'll just be getting what's coming to me," Tripp conceded.

"Like I said, I really don't think she will, okay? [I mean, you were just] trying to protect Ciara, the one person in the world who refused to believe what everyone else knows -- that Ben set the fire," Claire reassured Tripp before turning to Ciara, who had been silently stewing while out of view. "Honestly, at the end of the day, I'm just -- I'm grateful that you finally know who he really is, and what he's capable of, [because] it's just scary --" Claire continued until Ciara suddenly interrupted, fed up. "You know, I -- I don't think we should be talking about Ben right now, Claire. It's -- it's just...too soon," Tripp helpfully interjected to explain Ciara's irritation.

"That's it -- it's just too soon," Ciara agreed. "You just have no idea how hard it is to realize that someone you loved and trusted tried to kill you," Ciara elaborated, glaring at Claire.

"Remember when you told me that I should try talking to my Grandma Marlena? Maybe she could help you!" Claire spontaneously suggested. "You think I need a shrink?" Ciara asked incredulously. "You know what, Ciara? It's getting late. We should probably go get your stuff," Tripp quickly interjected before rushing off to another room to grab a set of keys. "He's right, you know -- you should definitely head over there [now], while Ben's still locked up. [I mean], God forbid you ran into him!" Claire noted. "You're right. Being near the person that almost killed you would just be...sickening," Ciara agreed, glaring at Claire again.

At the hospital, Sami, Lucas, Marlena, Roman, and Kate huddled together, anxiously waiting for an update on the hospital staff's efforts to save Will's life.

Marlena helpfully suggested that saying a prayer for Will might make Sami feel better. "I can't pray, Mom! I can't stop thinking about the fact that I put E.J. ahead of my own son!" Sami fretted. "Don't go there," Marlena advised, but Sami forged ahead. "I don't deserve to have a son like Will -- and he certainly doesn't deserve to have a mother like me!" Sami argued. "Sami, I love Will more than anything in this world...[but] the thing I love most about him is -- is the you in him," Lucas interjected. Touched, Sami hugged Lucas -- just as Rex approached the group, carrying a vial.

"Sarah and I found the formula for the serum that Will used in Rolf's diary, and we think we have an antidote -- or, at least, as close to [one] as we can get," Rex announced, drawing sighs of relief from the others. Meanwhile, Sarah went to the chapel to update Eric, who was equally relieved. All eight people were unaware of what was happening in Will's room at that moment.

Sonny started to dash out of Will's room in search of help -- but Kayla arrived just then, having heard the flatline alarm that was blaring.

"Do something! He's dying!" Sonny urgently shouted at Kayla, who rushed to Will's side to double-check for a pulse then reached for a defibrillator. Meanwhile, Will headed toward a blinding light -- and passed the Brady Pub on the way. A sign revealed that the pub was closed, but just as Will was about to continue heading toward the blinding light, the sign magically flipped over, indicating that the pub had just opened.

Confused and intrigued, Will entered the pub and called out a greeting, but no one responded. He approached the bar and discovered one of his wedding photographs, which had been torn into four pieces.

Will stared sadly at the remains while recalling the wedding -- and the speech that Caroline had given during it. "Congratulations, Will...and Sonny. I wish you a lifetime of laughter...and finishing each other's sentences. If you live long enough, that might come in handy!" Caroline had joked at the end of the speech, drawing laughs from the grooms and the other wedding guests. Will couldn't help smiling at the memory of the joke, but the smile quickly faded. "I did finally marry Sonny again...but it was the last thing I ever did. And instead of laughing together, I left him with pain -- terrible pain," Will mused with a sigh of regret.

Meanwhile, Rex entered Will's room with the antidote and realized what was happening. "Will, please, please -- I need you! Come back to me, please!" Sonny begged as Kayla used the defibrillator on Will for the third time. "He's alive!" Sonny excitedly observed as the flatline alarm stopped blaring and Will's heart monitor started registering activity again. "Kayla, Sarah and I have made an antidote. It's -- there's no guarantee, but -- but...it's the closest we're gonna get," Rex summarized. "He is barely hanging on. I don't know if he would survive it," Kayla warned. "Do you think we can afford to wait?" Rex countered.

"No, you cannot wait; you have to give it to him right now!" Sonny worriedly insisted, and Rex complied, injecting the antidote into Will's I.V. "We're hoping that this is gonna work quickly to reduce the tumor and the pressure on his brain," Rex summarized afterward. "Hang on, Will, please!" Sonny begged, grasping Will's hands and kissing them. "I cannot live without you!" Sonny fretted.

Meanwhile, Will stepped behind the pub's bar and filled a glass with beer. "Grandpa Shawn always said, 'Deaths are sad...but nothing beats an Irish wake,'" Will mused with a sad smile, raising the glass.

Instead of trying to drink the beer, Will simply placed the glass on the bar, next to the remains of the wedding photograph -- and, in doing so, realized that the photograph had magically been put back together during the toast. As Will stared at the repaired photograph with a mixture of sadness and confusion, someone else suddenly appeared in the pub and called out a greeting.

Meanwhile, Sami started to barge into Will's room, sick of waiting for another update. Roman insisted that Rex needed space to treat Will, but Sami didn't think that was a valid argument, since Rex had allowed Sonny to stay in Will's room. "He's Will's husband, Sami," Kate pointed out. "And I'm his mother!" Sami countered, but Marlena gently agreed that Sonny was the person who had the most right to be in Will's room while Rex was administering the antidote. "Why don't you go to the chapel and wait with Eric?" Marlena suggested. "We'll go together, okay?" Lucas offered, and Sami reluctantly nodded in response.

"You know, I have to admit -- I'm a little surprised that Sami took your advice to go to the chapel," Kate told Marlena after Sami left with Lucas. "I'm surprised she ever takes my advice," Marlena admitted to Kate.

Meanwhile, in the chapel, Sarah hoped that Eric hadn't just made another bargain with God in order to save a loved one's life. Eric said there were no bargaining chips left to offer, anyway, since Nicole seemed to be out of the picture for good, and Sarah clearly belonged with Rex. Sarah complained that the way Nicole had been treating Eric since Holly's death had been completely unfair and totally self-indulgent. "You sound like my mother," Eric noted. "What did she say?" Sarah wondered. "She...suggested that maybe it wasn't too late for [you and me]," Eric hesitantly admitted, surprising Sarah.

"[Then] Rex walked in, [so] I took that as a sign. It was clear that my brother loves you -- and that there was no future for us," Eric added with a shrug -- and Sami and Lucas entered the chapel just then, giving Sarah no chance to respond. Sami and Lucas reported that Rex was administering the antidote to Will, and Sarah took that as a cue to leave. Alone with Sami and Lucas, Eric offered to pray with them. "I think God would find that a little hypocritical [of me]," Sami noted, but Eric clarified that it didn't have to be a formal prayer. "Just talk to God [and] give him a reason why Will should live," Eric suggested.

"Well...Ari. And Sonny. I don't think that they could face the hole he would leave in their lives -- not again. And I know he hurt Sonny -- I know he screwed up -- but...but now he's Will again, and he just gives -- he doesn't take; he gives. And everyone he knows is better because he is back," Sami reasoned. "We need him. We all need him -- so much," Sami tearfully added.

Meanwhile, Roman decided to contact a few people who were waiting for an update, giving Marlena and Kate a chance to talk privately. Marlena told Kate that Sami was lucky to have Lucas to lean on for support during such a difficult time. "He may not be the love of her life, but he sure does love her -- [and] those kids," Kate noted, and Marlena nodded in agreement. "You know, if I haven't said it...I think you should be very proud of your sons," Marlena suddenly declared, surprising Kate, who appreciated the compliment. "I know they're not perfect -- I'm not perfect -- but I do love them; I love them across the board," Kate stressed.

Meanwhile, Sonny waited anxiously with Kayla, Rex, and Sarah, hoping for a sign that the antidote was helping Will. "How long before it works?" Sonny, who was still holding Will's hands tightly, asked. "We don't know. Just like we don't know if it's going to work," Rex gently admitted. "You don't think it's gonna work," Sonny concluded, fighting back tears. "I...I just think that his family should be here," Kayla carefully replied.

Meanwhile, Will stared in disbelief at the person who had just appeared in the pub. "Great-Grandma Caroline?" he asked incredulously. "What are you doing here? What...what am I doing here?" he continued.

Meanwhile, Rex apologetically informed Marlena, Roman, and Kate that Will had gone into cardiac arrest earlier. "Kayla brought him back, [and then] I gave him the antidote, but...he's not responding," Rex continued, devastating the trio. "Is there anything else you can do?" Kate asked hopefully. "I'm sorry -- it's out of our hands now," Rex replied, sighing heavily.

Marlena and Roman raced into Will's room with Rex, and Kate rushed off to the chapel to alert Sami and Lucas, having promised earlier to keep them informed.

Meanwhile, Caroline finished telling Will something in the pub. "Are you sure?" he asked, and she nodded in response. "Well, thanks for telling me," he said. "I wasn't sure what to think when I saw you here, but...now I understand," he assured her, and she nodded in response again then gave him a hug as the pub began filling with the same bright light he had headed toward earlier.

Just then, as Sami, Lucas, and Kate joined the others in Will's room, Kayla noticed something. "Look -- his vitals are getting stronger!" Kayla pointed out. Sonny once again tearfully begged Will to wake up -- and as everyone else watched hopefully, Will's eyelids fluttered then slowly opened. "You guys have nothing better to do than to hang out here?" Will groggily joked, drawing laughs and sighs of relief from the rest of the group.

With the room a bit crowded, Kate and Roman ducked out after making sure that Will was going to be okay. "Kind of hard [for me] to wrap my head around the fact that it was actually our son who figured out how to save our grandson," Kate mused with a shake of the head. "Well, as Ma always says, things always seem to work out in very mysterious ways," Roman replied, grinning.

Meanwhile, Kayla, Rex, and Sarah also ducked out of Will's room, leaving just Sonny, Sami, Lucas, and Marlena behind. "So...so I...I died?" Will incredulously summarized, struggling to process just how dire things had been earlier. "Well, Kayla said you didn't have a pulse or a heartbeat..." Sonny gently confirmed. "Oh, my God... [You know], I saw...uh, like, a bright light... It was so bright... It should have blinded me, but...uh, it didn't... [And then]...I was at the pub...but -- but it, like, wasn't the pub...and...I looked on the bar, and I saw a picture of us...but it was -- it was...ripped in half," Will recalled, and Sonny immediately understood.

"I was just telling Roman about ripping it up [last year]... I -- I tore it up because I -- I felt like I had lost Will forever..." Sonny explained, confused. "Maybe Will heard you say that," Sami suggested. "No, that's the thing -- I was [near] the nurses' station, [and] Will was here, [so] there's no way..." Sonny insisted. "I am so sorry that you had to see that --" Sonny began to stress, but Will interrupted. "No, no, no -- it's okay, because then I looked again, and it was back together. It was...it was crazy; it was like...I was -- I was meant to be with you," Will recalled, smiling at Sonny.

"You know, your -- your great-grandma always said, 'He works in mysterious ways,'" Marlena noted, prompting Will to recall something else. "Great-Grandma -- she was there; she talked to me," Will revealed. "I looked up from the picture, and I saw her sitting at a table, so I went to her, and she said she had something to tell me, so I -- I took her hands in mine, and I helped her up, and she sort of cocked her head [and] looked me right in the eyes [then] said 'now is not your time' -- that I needed to go back to Sonny and Ari and all of you [who] loved me and needed me -- [and then] she was holding me [and] sending me home to you," Will elaborated.

"I do that all the time -- when I'm in trouble, I imagine Grandma," Sami admitted with a laugh. "I wasn't imagining it; it really happened! I -- I -- I had her hands in mine! I talked to her! I -- I -- I held her! I came back because she told me to!" Will insisted. "Will, it's not like you were on the other side or something, you know? I mean, Grandma's still alive," Sami gently pointed out.

Meanwhile, at the nurses' station, Kayla tried to say something to Roman, who didn't respond right away. "I just, uh...I just spoke with Kimberly..." Roman, who had wanted to give Kimberly the good news about Will, eventually began, fighting back tears. "Kay...Ma is gone. Kimberly said that she died just a little while ago...in her sleep. She's -- she's gone, Kay. She is gone!" Roman continued.

Roman and Kayla broke down in each other's arms, both blindsided.

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