Sonny waits anxiously for news about Will
Days of our Lives Recap for Wednesday, April 17, 2019
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Wednesday, April 17, 2019
by Mike

Sarah released Eric's hands, and he rushed over to the other end of his apartment to put some distance between them, suggesting that her attempt at a comforting gesture had actually made him feel uncomfortable instead. She tried to apologize, guessing that he didn't really want comfort from a woman who was not only harboring feelings for him but was also engaged to his brother, of all people.

Eric claimed that talking about Nicole was what had caused discomfort. "Jack turned up, and Xander, [and] we even thought that Kristen might, [so] I told myself, 'Why not Nicole?' [And] they never even found her body..." Eric began to explain. "So, there was never really closure," Sarah concluded for Eric. "No...[and] I don't think there ever will be," Eric admitted with a heavy sigh.

At the Horton Town Square, John and Marlena emerged from a bookstore. John, who had picked out a book for Will, explained to Marlena that it was all about positivity and hope. "Helped me a lot when you were in the hospital," John added. "Positivity and hope -- could use some of that about now," Marlena mused, clearly worried about Will.

"I respected Will's wishes [and] haven't said a word [about] this to Paul, but...don't you think that Sami and Lucas need to know what's going on?" John asked Marlena, who thought that was ultimately Will's decision to make. "[And] if it turns out this is benign, then everybody would have worried for nothing, [so] I think Will is right not to alarm people until we have all the facts," Marlena reasoned. John promised to defer to Will and Marlena on the matter but still felt conflicted about it, knowing that Sami and Lucas would both want to be kept in the loop -- and would both likely want to be in Salem for the biopsy, not just to support Will but also to support Sonny.

After parting ways with John, Marlena headed over to Eric's apartment, unaware that Sarah was there. Eric, who had been trying to think of a way to convince Sarah that it would be best for Rex to choose someone else for the role of best man, was grateful for the interruption but found it a bit confusing, having expected Marlena to be at the hospital with Will. "I'm going over there now, but I wanted to talk to you first," Marlena began to explain. "Have you spoken to Sami?" Marlena continued. "It's been a week or two," Eric recalled. "Will is, um, adamant that neither she nor Lucas know about the diagnosis," Marlena warned. "[Then] I won't say a thing," Eric promised.

"And I know that you'll keep Will in your prayers," Marlena continued. "Always," Eric confirmed. "[But] no more grand bargains, please," Marlena pointedly stressed, annoying Eric and confusing Sarah.

Marlena made another pointed comment after learning that Eric had offered to be Rex and Sarah's wedding photographer. Eric nervously asked for a moment alone with Marlena, prompting Sarah to step into one of the bedrooms to make a phone call. "What are you doing?" Eric quietly demanded to know once the coast was clear. "It's bad enough that you will not tell her how you feel about her, but to torment yourself by documenting her marriage to your brother... [Look], you need to face the truth. [I mean], life is so short; what is there besides love?" Marlena argued. "Love is fleeting -- ask Nicole," Eric irritably replied.

"I need you to drop this! I made a vow to God, and I made it very clear to you that I didn't want Sarah to know about it! And I swear, if you say anything to her, I'll never forgive you!" Eric warned Marlena, unaware that Sarah had just returned. Marlena immediately rushed off to the hospital to check on Will, leaving Eric alone with Sarah, who wanted to know what had caused the argument.

" know, it's just...everybody's under a lot of stress... We were talking about whether we should tell [Sami] about, um, [Will's] secret," Eric claimed, stammering. "So, that talk about the pact that you made with God --" Sarah began to ask. "I'd really rather [that] we not talk about that," Eric evasively stressed before returning to the earlier topic of conversation about being Rex's best man. "You saw how he snapped at me [earlier], so obviously he's not over how you had feelings for me. [It's probably] better for my relationship with my brother if I'm not in the party. [Besides], he didn't even ask me, [and] I don't think he'd planned on it," Eric reasoned.

"[Then this doesn't] have anything to do with me? [Because] I heard a little bit of what you and your mom were talking about earlier, and I know that it wasn't about Will," Sarah replied.

At the park, someone watched from behind a group of trees as Brady and Chloe apologetically informed Holly that they were going to have to wait a bit longer for the perfect gust of wind to pass by so they could finally get the kite in the air. "[But then it's gonna go] higher than the trees, and the birds, and --" Chloe began to add. "Mommy!" Holly declared, looking at the group of trees.

"Okay, you can go play with your friend [for now, but] please stay where I can see you," Chloe eventually continued, deciding to just ignore Holly's earlier comment. "My mommy sees me!" Holly replied with a smile, still looking at the group of trees. "Uh...yeah, your -- your mommy always sees you; she's up in heaven, looking down [at you]," Chloe awkwardly confirmed.

Shortly after Holly rushed off to play, John approached and greeted Brady and Chloe from behind, causing a bit of a scare in the process. "So, those cartel guys are still hanging around somewhere?" John assumed, eyeing the bodyguards. "Word is that they flew out of the jurisdiction, but who knows," Brady replied with a shrug. "If there's anything you need, you just give me a call," John told Chloe, who appreciated the offer.

"Nice to see the two of you spending some time together again," John noted, eyeing the picnic setup. "We didn't plan this," Brady clarified, and Chloe elaborated a bit then went to check on Holly. "[So], total accident that you happened to run into Chloe here," John skeptically summarized once the coast was clear. "Total coincidence," Brady maintained, but John clearly wasn't convinced.

Changing the subject, John wondered how Brady was doing. "I'm good, I'm good... And I'm back in the fold at Titan, as you know, so..." Brady replied. "By the way, I'm very happy that Leo turned out not to be your son. I was very relieved that he turned out not to be my brother," Brady added. "He's a real piece of work, isn't he?" John acknowledged with a chuckle, and Brady nodded in agreement. "I'm glad he's gone... Unfortunately, that guy has a bad habit of turning up just when you think you've gotten rid of him, though..." Brady mused as someone continued watching from behind a group of trees.

John soon said goodbye to everyone, wanting to head over to the hospital to check on Will. Holly spotted Brady's cell phone while Chloe was focused on John. Chloe managed to save the device from Holly's sticky fingers but happened to catch a glimpse of Brady's most recent text messages in the process -- including the incriminating ones that had been exchanged with Gabi.

"Did you know we were gonna be here? Did you lie to me?" Chloe asked incredulously. "Yeah, I did," Brady reluctantly confirmed. "Give me a chance to explain --" Brady began to add. "I don't need any more excuses. Now I remember why I broke up with you -- the first time and the second time," Chloe snapped before storming off with Holly, leaving the picnic setup behind for Brady to clean up.

At the hospital, Sonny worriedly wondered what was happening to Will. "He's seizing," Rex explained with some urgency before trying to chase off Sonny, who slowly backed out of the room, reluctant to leave Will's side. Sonny froze in the doorway and watched in horror as Rex carefully administered a syringe of anti-seizure medication to Will, who was still convulsing violently.

A short time later, Will's seizure ended, and Rex let Sonny back in the room. "What happened?" Will asked weakly. "You had a seizure. And, like I [told you before, that's] a side effect of the tumor...[though] it can also be brought on by stress, and I think that brain surgery definitely fits that bill," Rex explained with a wink. "Are you [still] gonna be able to do the biopsy today?" Sonny wondered. "Oh, yeah, yeah -- it's standard protocol to administer anti-seizure medication [pre-op in cases like this, anyway, so] there's no reason why we can't go forward," Rex confirmed.

After administering a sedative, Rex left the room to give Sonny a moment alone with Will. "Don't look so worried," Will told Sonny. "Worried? Me? No!" Sonny replied with a dismissive scoff that wasn't particularly convincing. "We're gonna get through this. We have to, [because] we just started our lives together [again]," Sonny added with a bit more conviction.

"I know this is not what you signed up for --" Will apologetically began to acknowledge. "What are you talking about? This is just one more obstacle that we have to overcome -- just like Susan and Leo," Sonny argued. "I think, um, a brain tumor may be the one thing worse than Leo Stark," Will mused. "'s a tossup," Sonny joked, making Will laugh.

"It's not just you fighting this brain tumor; it is everyone who loves you," Sonny stressed as Will drifted off to sleep. When Rex returned seconds later, Sonny kissed Will's cheek then left the room.

Sonny went to the nearest break area and started to prepare a cup of coffee. Rex soon passed by, alarming Sonny, who feared that something was wrong. "Nothing's wrong; they just don't need me yet," Rex clarified, adding that Will was in good hands with the anesthesiology and radiology teams at that moment. "Okay... [Then] do you have time for a couple questions?" Sonny asked, and Rex nodded in response. "That seizure -- is it a bad sign?" Sonny wondered. "You can have seizures with a benign tumor," Rex stressed. "But if you had to guess...?" Sonny asked. "I really don't want to speculate. We're gonna have the answers [soon]," Rex replied.

After Rex walked away, Sonny went back to Will's room and stared worriedly at the empty bed, remembering when Will had gotten shot on Smith Island while trying to save Nick's life.

John soon arrived and informed Sonny that Marlena was close behind. Sonny revealed that Will had suffered a seizure earlier. "I'm sorry that you had to witness that," John said with a sigh. "Look, kid, I know that you're trying to be strong for Will, but just know that Doc and I -- we're here for you every step of the way. We think the world of you, young man, and Will's lucky to have you in his life," John added. "I'm the lucky one," Sonny insisted. "Doc and I -- we were just talking this morning, and she was telling me that she just can't wait for the day that she can marry you and Will again, and I told her, 'You know what? Me, neither!'" John continued.

Later, while John was searching for Marlena, Rex wheeled Will in on a gurney. "Procedure went very smoothly," Rex assured Sonny, who breathed a sigh of relief. "I just sent the sample off to the lab. We should know [the results] in a few days," Rex added as Will started waking up. "Hey. How's life?" Will asked Sonny groggily. "Life is amazing, 'cause I have you," Sonny replied with a grin.

Rex got Will settled in the bed then left. "How do you feel?" Sonny asked. "Oh, I feel great. When I'm with you, I feel like I could, um, bench press a car...or, like, run a marathon...or..." Will replied before drifting off to sleep again. Sonny climbed onto the bed and wrapped an arm around Will, still looking a bit concerned.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan agreed with Gabi's assertion that nothing sexual would ever happen between them because they hated each other. "You took everything from me, and when I stand next to you, all I feel is that I despise you -- with the passion of a thousand suns!" he stressed, getting right in her face. "And I hate you with even more passion!" she shot back, returning his glare.

"Although...I will say that maybe some good hate-sex might get it out of your system -- [you know], the obsession that you had with the woman that tried to look like me, took my name, tried to be me --" Gabi began to add. "She did not try to be you; Gabby was her own person!" Stefan insisted. "We both know that's not true," Gabi argued. "[But I understand] that you cared about her, [and] that she was the last person that you slept with, [and] that you're never gonna have her again... [Meanwhile], the real deal, the original Gabi -- she's standing right in front of you," Gabi continued.

"What I shared with Gabby has nothing to do with you!" Stefan insisted. "So, it's a [just] coincidence that she shared my name, and wore my clothes, and --" Gabi began to counter. "None of that mattered! It's who she was [and] how I felt when we were together that mattered! Our relationship was real!" Stefan elaborated. "Except for her..." Gabi pointedly noted.

"But I'm real..." Gabi continued. "What the hell are you getting at? [I mean], you're throwing yourself at a man that you allegedly despise, [so] tell me -- what do you want?" Stefan asked tiredly. "You're not asking the right question. It's not about what we 'want'; it's about what we need," Gabi argued. "I don't give a damn what you call it, and I don't care how long our dry spells have been going on -- I would not sleep with you if you were the last woman on earth!" Stefan insisted. "What happened to all this concern you had for the father of your child? [I mean, why are you] here with me [instead of] at the hospital with him?" Stefan suspiciously added.

"I told you -- I came to deal with the crisis at Gabi Chic," Gabi claimed. "A crisis that [magically] went away the second you started coming on to me," Stefan summarized. "I am not coming on to you," Gabi insisted. "No -- you just want a little hate-sex," Stefan skeptically agreed. "What are you up to?" Stefan again demanded to know. "What if I just had a moment of weakness?" Gabi innocently suggested, locking eyes with Stefan.

Meanwhile, at the guesthouse, Ciara awoke and found Ben sitting on the couch, fiddling with a tablet computer. "Did you find the guys that were after [Chloe]?" Ciara asked. "Not yet, but we're making progress," Ben replied.

Ben started to give Ciara a kiss -- just as a cell phone chimed. "My security team finally tracked down those cartel thugs that are after Chloe. [Apparently], they're on their way back to Salem right now," Ben explained with a sigh after reading a text message. "That can't be good," Ciara worriedly mused. "Sorry -- I'm gonna have to leave you again," Ben grumbled before rushing off, dismissing Ciara's advice about getting the police involved.

Stefan and Gabi were still trading vaguely flirtatious digs when Ben rushed into the mansion a short time later and delivered the bad news. "Did you call Chloe's bodyguards?" Stefan asked. "I tried, but it's going straight to voicemail. That whole area around the park -- it's notorious for being a dead zone. I have to warn them in person," Ben replied. "I'll go with you," Stefan insisted. "Text me if you need anything," Gabi suggestively advised.

Shortly after Stefan and Ben rushed off, Ciara entered the mansion, wanting to return a breakfast tray from the guesthouse. Gabi was surprised to learn that Ciara had spent the night there. "It's not what you think," Ciara insisted. "Right. Yeah. No judgment. Whatever," Gabi skeptically replied. "I just -- you know, I wouldn't want to be sleeping with a serial killer, each his own," Gabi added with a shrug. "No judgment, right?" Ciara sarcastically agreed. "Sorry. It's gonna take a little bit for me to be sold on him," Gabi explained. "Yeah, well, the good thing is, I don't need to defend Ben to you -- especially not right now," Ciara countered.

Gabi knew that Ciara was referring to the act of heroism that Ben was performing at that very moment. Gabi suggested that it might be a good idea to get the police involved, and Ciara agreed but refused to go against Ben's wishes. "He doesn't trust them," Ciara explained, referring to the police in general but also to Hope and Rafe in particular. "Seems like they don't even trust each other these days," Gabi noted.

Ciara was stunned to learn that Rafe had moved out of Hope's house. "Why is he so fixated on that baby?" Ciara wondered, seeing Hope's side of the argument. "Well, [Jordan's] next of kin is Ben... I certainly would not want some psycho taking care of an innocent baby..." Gabi noted. "Don't talk about my boyfriend like that!" Ciara demanded. Gabi apologized but soon began suggesting again that Ciara could do better.

Just then, someone fired a shot through the terrace doors, and Gabi and Ciara ducked in terror.

Meanwhile, at Doug's Place, Chloe apologized to Holly for having cut the picnic short. "I will take you myself to fly that kite on another nice day. We don't need anybody. We certainly don't need Brady. We can take care of ourselves. [And we have] those nice bodyguards outside, making sure we're safe," Chloe added, unaware that the bodyguards had been knocked out.

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