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Days of our Lives Recap for Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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Wednesday, February 24, 2021
by Mike

At the Brady house, Claire paced around the living room as Belle recorded an urgent voicemail message for Shawn. "Oh, my God, Claire -- if I hadn't have gotten here when I did, Charlie might have --" Belle began to fret after ending the call. "I know -- but, Mom, you really lost it; you said you were gonna kill him!" Claire responded. "Yeah, well, I meant it -- that monster doesn't deserve to live!" Belle spat.

"If you got in trouble for a decision that I made, I would never be able to forgive myself, [so] you can't hurt Charlie!" Claire protested, but Belle didn't make any promises.

At the Walker-Brady apartment, Allie received a visit from Marlena, who was armed with chocolate cheesecake. "John and I were taking Rachel out for supper, so I thought I better just bring you a little treat," Marlena reasoned with a shrug. "But you're really here to check up on me," Allie knowingly concluded, and Marlena shamelessly confirmed the suspicion.

"John would have liked to see you himself, but he had to get back and work on a case," Marlena explained to Allie.

While passing through the park, John ran into Charlie, who just kept walking in an effort to avoid another lecture. "Stay away from Claire and Allie!" John warned, grabbing Charlie by the arms. "How 'bout you tell Claire to stay away from me!" Charlie countered, pulling away from John. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" John wondered.

"Claire called me earlier and invited me over to her place [to tell me that] she wanted to give our relationship another shot...but it was all a lie -- she was just trying to trick me into confessing to a crime that I didn't commit; [she] gave me all this bull about how she wants to be with me [but] can't unless I'm 'honest'...[or], in other words, unless I admit that I'm a rapist, [which] I'm not! And I couldn't figure out why Claire was just so determined to get me to say that I was...[but], turns out, she had her phone recording the entire time! Thank God I noticed, or else she would have gotten me thrown back in jail -- [I mean], it was close, [but] I stopped her [before] she could have ruined my life --" Charlie explained. "'Stopped her'? What did you do to my granddaughter?" John snapped, grabbing Charlie again. "Nothing!" Charlie insisted, pulling away from John again.

"[I just told her] I was in love with her -- which I was, until she stabbed me in the back -- [and] not to mess with me ever again...[and now] I'm telling you the same thing!" Charlie spat. "You really want to get busted in half, don't you, punk?" John countered. "What I want to do is go home!" Charlie stressed.

"If you so much as think about going near either one of my granddaughters, you're a dead man!" John warned. "Might want to get a handle on that temper, old man -- [you know, maybe] look into some anger management or something -- 'cause [it seems to me like] you're thisclose to having a stroke," Charlie observed before walking away.

At the Walker-Brady apartment, Allie told Marlena about Tripp's earlier visit. "I'm glad to hear that he was so forgiving, [and that] the two of you made peace," Marlena declared. "Me, too -- [and especially because] my son has so many strong women in his life [already, but] I think it would be nice to add a guy into the mix...and Tripp is a really good guy," Allie responded.

At the Horton Town Square, Steve finished eating dinner with Tripp, who apologized -- apparently not for the first time -- for having shown up late for the planned meal. "It's okay -- I'm just happy I got to grab a meal with my son -- [but] never said what held you up," Steve responded, prompting Tripp to explain what had happened with Allie and Henry earlier that day.

"As soon as [Allie] handed [Henry] to me, I just felt this...connection, you know?" Tripp recalled. "Well, you are his uncle," Steve pointed out. "Yeah...[and] I didn't know what a good father [looked like] until I met you, [but] every kid deserves that, [and] Henry's father belongs in prison, so I'd like to be there for him -- I really think that he's gonna need me in his life," Tripp reasoned -- unaware that Charlie was passing through the area and was close enough to hear everything that was being said. "You will never be a part of my son's life!" Charlie snapped while storming toward Tripp.

"Since when do you care about Henry? You've never shown any interest in him at all --" Tripp argued. "Well, I'm showing it now! Besides, what do you know about what I care about? You don't know a damn thing about me!" Charlie countered. "I know you belong in prison," Tripp declared. "You'd like that, wouldn't you? Yeah, you want me to just go away! But that's not gonna happen, so you can keep being the little golden son, [and] you can have Ava, but Henry is mine -- he is the one thing in this godforsaken world that belongs to me, and you're not coming near him, I can promise you that!" Charlie spat.

At the Hernandez house, Nicole thanked Rafe for having agreed to provide temporary shelter for Ava, who was getting settled in the guest bedroom. "I'm only doing this because of you," Rafe bluntly stressed, surprising Nicole, who had apparently expected to be politely assured that thanks weren't necessary because taking Ava in wasn't a big deal.

"I know I put you on the spot, [and] I'm really sorry about that," Nicole offered. "No, you're not," Rafe knowingly countered, and Nicole shamelessly confirmed the suspicion. "I'm really lucky to have you as a friend -- [and] not just because you took Ava in but [also] because you listen to me talk [and] cry [and] vent [about] Eric," Nicole acknowledged.

"I'm here for you, okay? Whenever you need me," Rafe assured Nicole. "I'm here for you, too," Nicole responded before grasping Rafe's hands -- then quickly pulling away as Ava joined them in the kitchen. "I'm so sorry -- I didn't mean to interrupt..." Ava began. "You didn't," Nicole insisted, and Rafe agreed -- but Ava seemed skeptical.

Shawn rushed over to the Brady house after listening to Belle's voicemail message. "I'm gonna go find that scum, and I'm gonna arrest him!" Shawn declared after Belle explained what had happened earlier. "No, you can't do that -- listen, I want that animal in a cage just as much as you do, but he never actually touched Claire," Belle clarified, stopping Shawn.

"[But] I can go to the courthouse tomorrow [and] file a restraining order," Belle assured Shawn, who admitted that was better than doing nothing.

Marlena rushed over to the park after receiving a text message from John. "What happened?" Marlena asked. "I ran into Charlie -- [and] it took everything I had to keep from breaking his face!" John replied.

Nicole went to the Vitali apartment to pick up a few things that Ava needed -- then ran into Charlie on the way back to the Hernandez house. "I need to see my mother," Charlie demanded. "So you can kidnap her again?" Nicole assumed. "Oh, my God, you freakin' people -- why can't you leave me alone?" Charlie grumbled. "Because you're guilty!" Nicole reasoned.

"[And] living on borrowed time," Nicole warned. "Okay, cool, yeah, great, fine, awesome -- [now], where's my mother?" Charlie countered. "She's not here -- and I wouldn't tell you even if she was!" Nicole declared. "FYI, Ava is not the victim here -- in fact, everything that's happened is her fault; [after all], I wouldn't have met Allie if Ava hadn't sent me to London to spy on Tripp! She sent me overseas to follow him around like a dog -- do you have any idea how humiliating that was, how much damage that did? Ava's obsession with Tripp has ruined my life!" Charlie snapped.

"She's crazy -- she's always been crazy; why else would she choose Tripp over me? I'm the devoted son, I'm the caring son, I'm the son that spent his entire life trying to make her proud -- [but] Tripp got everything, and I got nothing! [He] stole my mother's love from me, and now he wants to steal my son -- [but] that's not gonna happen!" Charlie continued. "What?" Nicole interjected. "I heard him say that Henry 'needed' him -- as if I'm not enough! I am enough! I would rather see Tripp dead than anywhere near my son! You know what? That's not a bad idea! [After all], with Tripp out of the picture, maybe Ava would finally have enough love for me! Huh..." Charlie concluded before walking away, leaving Nicole speechless.

At the Horton Town Square, Steve tried to assure Tripp that Charlie didn't really want to be a part of Henry's life. "I don't know, Dad -- I mean, given how much he hates all of us, I wouldn't be surprised if he just sued for custody out of spite," Tripp fretted. "They don't grant custody to rapists," Steve argued. "Yes, but he got off because he told the cops that Allie lied," Tripp countered.

"What's to stop him from telling a judge the same thing? [And] his lawyer could argue that Allie was an irresponsible party girl who went after Charlie when she was drunk, got pregnant, and then cried 'rape' because she was embarrassed -- and then she tried to give Henry up [but] got stuck with him, so she moved in with Nicole and [now] lets her do all the work. [And], for all those reasons, he's the better parent --" Tripp reasoned.

"No judge would ever buy it," Steve predicted. "I'm not taking that chance -- not with an innocent baby," Tripp insisted. "What can you do?" Steve asked. "I don't know...but I'm gonna figure something out -- and fast," Tripp replied.

John and Marlena went to the Brady house to check on Claire -- but found Belle and Shawn first. "I wish I was the one that had walked in [here while Charlie was threatening Claire] -- I would have strangled the life out of him with my bare --" John spat after Belle explained everything, prompting a concerned Marlena to cut the visit short.

At the Walker-Brady apartment, Allie received a visit from Claire, who explained what had happened earlier. "I had him, Allie -- I could have nailed Charlie to the wall and finally got you the justice you deserve -- but I blew it, and I'm just so sorry --" Claire fretted. "You don't have to be -- [look], you tried, [and] that was really brave of you, [and] I am so grateful," Allie stressed.

"Remember what I did to Tripp when I thought he was the one who assaulted me? [And], thankfully, Tripp's mom stopped me, because it turns out he was innocent...[but] maybe it's time that I stop relying on everyone else to take Charlie down...and I just deal with him myself," Allie suggested. "[Then] Henry won't have a mother, and you won't have a future -- your life would be over!" Claire protested. "Not if I get away with it," Allie countered.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Marlena finished checking John's blood pressure and declared that it was too high. Marlena stepped into the kitchen to make some tea, hoping it would help John relax. As soon as the coast was clear, John rushed back out of the townhouse, still seething with rage. Meanwhile, at the Brady house, Belle and Shawn realized that Claire, who was supposed to be sleeping, was actually gone.

Nicole returned to the Hernandez house and started to tell Ava and Rafe about what had just happened with Charlie -- but Rafe received a phone call from Shawn before the end of the story. After Rafe stepped into another room to take the call, Nicole reluctantly admitted to Ava that Charlie had threatened to kill Tripp.

"Let the police handle it --" Nicole advised. "No -- I'm sorry, but I'm gonna handle it; [see], I brought Charlie into this world, [and] maybe [now], I need to take him out," Ava declared.

Later that night, while Charlie was pacing around the Dale apartment in anger as a result of everything that had happened earlier, someone knocked on the front door. "Don't shoot!" Charlie begged the visitor, raising both hands submissively.

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