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Days of our Lives Recap for Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
by Mike

Stefan, still trapped with Gabi in one of the rooms in the secret tunnels beneath the DiMera mansion, called out for help while pounding on the door and trying to pry it open.

Meanwhile, Gabi teasingly guessed that Stefan had saved her life, despite the fact that it was arguably in his best interest to let her die, because he still had feelings for her, even after everything she had done to him. "[No, I saved you because] I'm a decent human being," he insisted. "You are?" she countered. "Yes -- contrary to popular opinion. I would have done the same for anybody -- [or] even, uh, a dog in the street," he maintained. "Okay,'re comparing me to a dog," she incredulously summarized. "If you were a dog, I would have moved faster," he dryly stressed.

Stefan teasingly guessed that Gabi only cared about his reasons for saving her life because she had feelings for him and wanted to know that those feelings weren't one-sided. She laughed off the suspicion, but he questioned the sincerity of her protests -- and was quick to point out that her own brother doubted her, too. She maintained that she hated him and planned to make sure that even if he did eventually manage to clear his name, he would have nothing left to call his own. He tauntingly pointed out that she hadn't managed to take the shirt off his back yet, and he proceeded to remove it and offer it to her.

Gabi tried to look away, but Stefan forced her to face him -- and they soon started kissing passionately.

At the Horton Town Square, Tony and Anna spotted each other while they were both shopping for a gift to take to John and Marlena's anniversary party. Anna made a point of reminding Tony that Salem's next big event might just be a wedding ceremony. "[You actually] think I believe that you intend to marry Roman?" Tony asked incredulously. "What does it matter [to you]? You [already] have a wife," Anna bitterly replied.

Eric entered the Brady Pub and greeted Roman, who reported, when asked, that Rex had found an apartment in Chicago. Eric tried to apologize for having inadvertently caused Rex to retreat from Salem, but Roman dismissed the concern, reasoning that it was in everyone's best interest to finally have everything out in the open. Eric admitted with a sigh that, at least in Sarah's mind, it wasn't necessarily true that everything was finally out in the open. Eric somewhat irritably stressed that Sarah had repeatedly been assured that Nicole was no longer going to be an issue, prompting Roman to point out that actions spoke louder than words.

Anna arrived just then and started complaining about Tony. Eric tried to assure Anna that Tony and Nicole's marriage wasn't real, but Anna pretended not to care -- and advised that Eric should stop caring, too.

Sarah entered Doug's Place with a gift box and handed it to Chloe, who was surprised to see one of John and Marlena's guests hours before the anniversary party was scheduled to begin. "[Actually], I'm not gonna be able to make it, so I just wanted to drop off the gift," Sarah clarified, confusing Chloe, who took that to mean that Eric wasn't going to be in attendance, either. "Oh -- no, um, I'm sure Eric will be here; I just won't be with him, [because we] got into a fight," Sarah further clarified. "Seriously? Didn't you leave your husband for him, like, two seconds ago?" Chloe asked incredulously. "And that's your business how?" Sarah defensively replied.

"Sorry -- I shouldn't have said anything," Chloe backpedaled before guessing that Sarah and Eric's fight had been about Nicole. "[I have a feeling that Eric] isn't as over Nicole as he says he is -- and he probably never will be. [Which means that I'm always] just gonna be the girl that he settled for because he couldn't have his first choice," Sarah fretted, but Chloe disagreed, suspecting that Eric had gotten upset because of Brady, not Nicole.

At the Salem Inn, Kristen, still disguised as Nicole, feigned surprise when Brady revealed what Will and Sonny had discovered during a search of Xander's briefcase. "Nicole" wondered if Brady was hoping that Will and Sonny's discovery meant that Kristen was still alive. When Brady didn't respond right away, Kristen got excited and began to admit the truth about "Nicole" -- but Tony entered the hotel room just then.

"Nicole" started to complain about the interruption, but Brady insisted that Tony's timing had actually been perfect. "As much as I want to continue our conversation, [Nicole], I should probably get to Doug's Place and check in with Chloe to see if the party preparations are set," Brady elaborated, confusing Kristen, who probed, as Nicole, for more details. "Tony didn't tell you," Brady realized, somewhat surprised.

Brady quickly clarified things for "Nicole," who made a few snide comments about John and Marlena then insisted on attending the event as Tony's date -- just for the sake of appearances, of course.

"You really are playing a dangerous game," Tony warned Kristen after Brady left. "Oh, you have no idea..." Kristen countered before starting to tell Tony about the latest complications.

Someone knocked on the hotel room door just then, stopping Kristen, who excitedly guessed that Brady had forgotten something. Tony groaned and quickly retreated to the bathroom, not wanting to witness more of "Nicole" and Brady's displays of affection. Kristen waited until the coast was clear then opened the door, still disguised as Nicole, and found Eric standing on the other side of it instead of Brady.

Disappointed, Kristen impatiently probed, as Nicole, for the point of Eric's unwelcome visit. "I needed to see you for myself -- to be sure, 100%, [of] what I feel," Eric vaguely explained. Confused, Kristen pointedly bragged, as Nicole, about having a husband and a boyfriend already -- and no room or desire left for Eric. "Thank you...[for] giving me what I wanted," Eric replied before rushing off, leaving Kristen even more confused.

When Tony emerged from the bathroom, Kristen elaborated on the complications that had been mentioned earlier. "[Locking Stefan and Gabi in the secret tunnels is] a temporary solution, [but] what plan do you have for a permanent one?" Tony asked worriedly. "Maybe I'll have you kill them -- the same way you killed Ted," Kristen calmly replied while producing a gun, leaving Tony even more worried.

Eric returned home and found Sarah waiting on the couch. Sarah apologized for having walked out on Eric earlier. Eric insisted that Sarah wasn't the one who needed to be apologizing. "I'm sorry that I made you feel like I wasn't being honest with you -- or even maybe myself -- [but] I told you that I was over Nicole, and I am. [Look], I went to see Nicole [earlier], because I wanted to be sure, [and] I didn't feel anything for her -- at all. [And] I realize now that I was only angry because of my history with [Brady]. Sorry that I put you through this, [but now] I can say, with 100% certainty, that I am over Nicole, and I want to be with you," Eric stressed.

"I'm really gonna need [more] convincing here..." Sarah suggestively informed Eric, who took the hint and led the way to the shower.

At the Brady Pub, Anna showed Roman a large silver bowl that had been engraved with the date of John and Marlena's first wedding. Roman predicted that John and Marlena would love the thoughtful anniversary gift. Anna agreed then changed the subject, producing a jewelry box that contained a diamond ring. "How far [do] you plan on taking this?" Roman asked, stunned that Anna had actually purchased a ring to make the fake engagement look more authentic to Tony. "As far as I have to," Anna replied. "You are not actually thinking about us going as far as the altar, [are you]?" Roman wondered. "I can't imagine it would go that far..." Anna insisted.

At Doug's Place, Chloe received back-to-back phone calls from John and Marlena, who had each sneaked away from the other to make sure that everything was ready for the anniversary party. Chloe silently expressed frustration during both conversations but made a point of speaking in a calm, sweet tone while confirming that everything was good to go.

A short time later, Brady entered the club and asked Chloe if everything was ready for the big event. "I wish everyone would leave me alone and trust me to do my job!" Chloe snapped before quickly apologizing to Brady, who guessed that John and Marlena were somehow responsible for the outburst. "Let's just say [that] planning a double surprise party for two Type-A personalities has been...challenging. Not to mention, I have an audition -- tomorrow, in New York City. [It's] for a season [at an] opera company," Chloe explained. Brady confidently predicted that, even with everything else that was going on, Chloe would still nail the big audition.

Brady was disappointed when Chloe revealed that Sarah and Eric had gotten into a fight about Nicole. "I thought me being with Nicole would help Eric move on, but...apparently, that's not gonna happen very easily," Brady mused with a sigh. Brady wondered if Sarah was the only person who was potentially going to be skipping the party. ", there's one [other] person -- Susan Banks. [She] hasn't responded, but I'm assuming she's not coming. I know it was [this] last-second [thing, so she probably wasn't able] to come in from out of town," Chloe reported. Brady was relieved to hear that. "Not a fan?" Chloe guessed. "No, not really," Brady confirmed.

"Plus, she's not on my dad's list, so if she runs into him, she could spoil the surprise, [and] that would be bad," Brady continued.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Marlena and John started questioning whether it was wise to keep Brady in the dark about Nicole's possible connection to Ted's murder -- but ultimately decided that it was indeed best to do so, at least for the time being, if only to prevent the police investigation from being compromised. Later, John surprised Marlena with the top portion of their cake from the interrupted wedding ceremony the previous year. Marlena couldn't believe that it had occurred to John, during the chaos of that day, to save the cake. "I had faith that you were gonna [survive the shooting and] be here with me to enjoy this moment," John assured Marlena.

Later, while Marlena was changing clothes, someone knocked on the townhouse door. "Surprise!" Susan shouted when John opened the door.

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