Ben joins Hope's search for Vincent
Days of our Lives Recap for Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Wednesday, September 30, 2020
by Mike

During Kristen's arraignment, Belle managed to convince the judge to grant bail -- and, upon learning the good news, Brady tracked down Abe and picked up Rachel.

Later, at the Salem Inn, Kristen tried to convince Brady that they needed to flee from Salem immediately. "I can have the DiMera jet gassed up and ready to go in less than an hour, [and] we could be in Europe by morning --" Kristen reasoned. "No!" Brady insisted. "[But my freedom] is just temporary, Brady -- [I mean], Trask wants to see me in prison forever, [so this is my only] chance to stay out --" Kristen argued. "Unless we beat the charges," Brady countered. "I can't risk that -- I can't risk losing [Rachel] again --" Kristen fretted. "I can't let you [run]," Brady maintained.

"Are you worried that Belle's gonna get in trouble if I leave town?" Kristen wondered. "My sister can take care of herself. I'm worried about us. [Look], life on the run [is a] horrible existence, trust me -- you wake up every morning wondering if today is the day you're going to get caught -- [and] I don't want that life for you or [Rachel]," Brady clarified. "[So], if I don't stay -- if I choose to run --" Kristen began to summarize. "I'm going with you," Brady assured Kristen, who had clearly reached the opposite conclusion. "Well, we both know that I'm not one to run from a fight...[so] we're staying," Kristen decided after some thought, delighting Brady.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander led Sarah to their bedroom so they could continue their conversation about Philip's arrest without the risk that Victor and Maggie would overhear it. "[If you're worried about Victor and Maggie overhearing our conversation], I guess that answers my question -- [I guess that means] you did have something to do with [this, and] the 'business call' you took while I was in the shower [was actually a call from] Jan," Sarah decided. "It was, but --" Xander began to respond. "Damn it, Xander -- you lied to me!" Sarah snapped.

"Look, Jan called me, [and] all I did was offer her the support she needed [to] stick up for herself -- I mean, Philip's a hothead and a bully, and he deserves to face the consequences of his actions for a change, [so]...I may...have Jan that she file a complaint against Philip," Xander explained with a shrug. "What an honorable way to [get Philip out of Titan]," Sarah sarcastically declared. "[Hey], you're the one who told me you wanted me to go for it at Titan [and] get everything that I've worked so hard for," Xander pointed out. "But not like this!" Sarah countered.

"Philip is family, and he has had a tough life, so if you could just try and put your differences aside and get along -- [if you could just try] to treat [Philip] with even a modicum of respect --" Sarah requested. "So, I have to treat him with respect, while he treats me like I'm still the bloody gardener?" Xander incredulously summarized. "Yeah, actually, you do -- it's called 'taking the high road'!" Sarah tiredly confirmed. "I don't enjoy being talked to like I'm a child, Sarah -- and I don't really need a lecture on how to live my life, thanks! [You know], I thought you'd be supportive of me -- I thought you'd try and see things from my point of view -- but, instead, you're going on and on about how disrespectful I'm being to poor, wee Philip! So, my burning question is...why are you being so protective of him?" Xander countered.

"I'm protecting you, you idiot!" Sarah stressed. "I hardly need protection from Jan Spears --" Xander insisted with a laugh. "[This isn't] about Jan Spears -- or even Philip, for that matter! It's about you -- [it's about protecting you from] falling back into old habits [that] got you in trouble before, like ruthlessness and vindictiveness! And, look, I get [that] people in town here -- and, hell, all over the world -- think that those are qualities that help you succeed, but I would much rather watch you fail miserably in business than know that you got there by being underhanded and amoral!" Sarah clarified.

"Okay -- good to know. Point taken. [At least] now I know where you stand..." Xander grumbled. "'Now' you know where I stand? Like this is the first time that we have ever had this conversation? [Look], this is where I have stood since we have gotten together, Xander! I need you to care -- I need you to care passionately -- about being a decent person -- and not about being like your uncle, who is corrupt and greedy and power-hungry!" Sarah countered. "You're worrying needlessly, Sarah -- I would never do anything to jeopardize what we have --" Xander promised. "I'm not so sure of that," Sarah admitted.

"I need you to know that if you do go back to your old ways -- if you go back to being a man who lies and cheats...or, for example, switches a mother's baby with another one -- I will not put up with it ever again; it will be over between us [if you do that]!" Sarah warned. "Sarah, you are the most important thing in my life, [and] I hate it when I disappoint you in any way... [Look], I'm ambitious, and sometimes that ambition makes me a know, ruthless...but my main ambition in life is making you happy, [and] every other ambition pales in comparison," Xander stressed.

"Well, then, what would you say if I told you that you have to let Philip run Titan -- [that] you have to give up all of your CEO ambitions and spend your days completely devoted to doting on your significant other?" Sarah challenged Xander. "I'd do that in a heartbeat. The only thing in this whole world that I won't give up is you," Xander assured Sarah, who responded with a kiss, seemingly satisfied.

At the Horton Town Square, Claire somewhat skeptically probed for details about Jan's supposedly legitimate reason for having gone to the police station earlier that day. "My life was threatened -- and I was assaulted!" Jan revealed, making Claire feel guilty for having been skeptical. "It was...pretty scary!" Jan insisted, drawing even more concern from Claire.

"[But then] someone suggested it's time I finally stand up for my rights, [so] that's exactly what I'm gonna do, [because] I've gone too long letting other people push me around. See, when you're someone like me, people think they can take advantage, because they know no one will ever believe [your] side of the story -- so, no matter what I do, everyone thinks [that] I'm crazy and that I'm always manipulating someone --" Jan continued. "I totally know what that's like -- ever since I got out of Bayview, people have been looking at me the exact same way," Claire interjected.

"I'm glad I finally found someone who can relate. It's [just] too bad the two of us can't be friends..." Jan mused. "Jan --" Claire began to respond. "No, it's fine -- I get it; I mean, your parents have good reason to be suspicious of me, given our history," Jan acknowledged. "Well, I don't judge you," Claire stressed. "And that means a lot," Jan admitted.

"But I know how this is gonna go when they hear about what happened to me -- I mean, I bet that they would [even] view this totally innocent conversation as part of some nefarious master plan --" Jan continued -- and, as if on cue, Belle approached just then and demanded to know what was going on. "I can explain --" Jan insisted. "I thought I made myself perfectly clear [when I said] that you were to stay away from my daughter -- [and] I am pretty sure that Philip warned you about that, too!" Belle interjected. "I'd be careful about what you say next -- [I mean], if you're about to threaten me like Philip did, the two of you might just share a cell together [tonight]..." Jan countered. "It was Philip?" Claire realized. "Yeah -- he put his hands all over me, [so] I reported [him] for assault," Jan confirmed.

"Claire, do not buy into this -- only a total idiot would believe anything that came out of that woman's mouth!" Belle advised. "Well, then, you're with a 'total idiot,' because Shawn's the one who went to question Philip about what [happened]," Jan revealed. "[Listen, it's] not that I'm looking for [Philip] to be locked away, [but] I just want to feel safe," Jan explained. "Hopefully, he can find a good lawyer to help get him out of this mess..." Jan mused. "Maybe you know one?" Jan suggested, and Belle scoffed in response then stormed off, ordering Claire to follow.

Jan soon received a phone call from Xander, who had decided that they needed to reverse what they had set in motion earlier. "Don't worry, Xander -- I'll make sure Philip gets what's coming to him," Jan muttered, sending Xander's call to voicemail. Just then, Jan spotted a photograph of Ciara that Claire had dropped earlier. Jan picked up the item with a mischievous smirk.

At the police station, Philip continued complaining about having been arrested -- and about Shawn's involvement in the matter. "I'm just doing my job," Shawn explained. "The hell you are -- this is personal, and I'm not gonna let you get away with it!" Philip countered. "Wow -- you just won't shut up, will you?" Shawn observed.

"[After] what Jan did to us in New York...[well, I mean], why the hell am I the one [who's being] arrested, [and] why in God's name are you on her side?" Philip asked. "'On her side'? The mention of her name makes me sick, Philip -- [and], in a perfect world, I'd want her to spend the rest of her life in prison! But I'm not stupid enough to lay hands on her!" Shawn replied. "All I was doing was trying to protect your wife and daughter!" Philip stressed. "Well, how 'bout this -- from now on, you leave that to me," Shawn advised.

"You really are gonna go through with this charade of arresting me!" Philip realized with a scoff of disbelief when Shawn started typing up a report about the arrest. "You confessed to assaulting Jan Spears, and she filed a formal complaint," Shawn reminded Philip. "You sure this isn't about your jealousy clouding your mind? You sure this isn't about you coming home to find Belle in my arms the other night?" Philip asked. "I just want to get this over with. [And], for the record, me finding Belle in your arms -- it only upset me because you're a devious swine who wants to get in between the two of us. But our relationship is solid -- we are committed to each other, and we have never loved each other more -- [so] I'm 100% certain that she doesn't want anything to do with you," Shawn replied -- just as Belle entered the police station with Claire.

"I heard what happened to Philip, [so] I'm here to represent him," Belle explained, prompting Philip to flash Shawn a smirk. "Wow -- word travels fast..." Shawn mused. "[Yeah -- Jan] was trying to get her hooks into our daughter again, [and when I interrupted, she] told us that she reported [Philip]," Belle clarified.

Belle led Philip into one of the conference rooms so they could talk privately, leaving Shawn alone with Claire, who insisted that the conversation with Jan had been completely innocent. "[In fact, Jan's] the victim here -- [Philip] threatened her [and] put his hands on her!" Claire stressed. "Jan Spears is a pathological liar, [so] why would you believe anything that she says?" Shawn argued. "Why did you?" Claire countered.

"I know that you think that you and Jan came from similar situations, but you're better now; she isn't. You have a good heart; she doesn't. She is vicious [and] dangerous, [and] you don't understand how this woman can manipulate and change the facts... [Look], you are not safe being around her -- [she] is a sick woman, and you need to stay the hell away from her!" Shawn warned Claire.

Meanwhile, Philip complained to Belle about Shawn's part in what was happening. "Jan reported you, [so Shawn] had to do his job," Belle reasoned. "Let's be honest, Belle -- this isn't about the law; it's about your husband still hating me," Philip countered. "How Shawn feels about you in all of this is completely irrelevant. [Look], Jan is targeting us again, [and] we need to stick together. [I mean], you saw what she did at the Last Blast reunion in New York, [so you know that] Jan is still a threat to us. [And] this is no different than it was in high school -- she will do whatever it takes to divide and conquer, [and this time], she is trying to get to us through my daughter," Belle summarized. "Seems to be working..." Philip mused.

Later, Belle privately informed Shawn that their dinner plan was going to have to be altered slightly. "[I have] to go down to the courthouse to arrange Philip's release -- [I mean], I don't want him to spend the night in jail -- [so] why don't you keep our dinner reservation, [and] I'll be there for dessert," Belle suggested. "Don't worry about it -- I'm just gonna go stop by a drive-through. Take care of Philip," Shawn somewhat bitterly replied before rushing off, ignoring Belle's protest.

Jan went to Hope's house to see Claire, who was alone there. Claire, who was listening to music, gasped when Jan approached from behind. "I hope you don't mind me letting myself in -- the door was unlocked... I tried knocking, but... [Anyway, look], you really have to be more careful, Claire -- anyone could just come in here..." Jan, who was carrying a purse, began before reaching for something that was concealed within it, drawing another gasp from Claire. "You must have dropped this in the square when your mother dragged you away," Jan guessed after pulling the photograph out of the purse. Claire took the photograph with a few words of gratitude then breathed a sigh of relief as Jan exited the house.

At an undisclosed location, Hope recorded a voicemail message for Shawn while approaching a hotel room. "I'm closing in on Vincent -- I can feel it," Hope, who had just returned to the hotel after picking up a pizza from a nearby restaurant, said before ending the call -- and realizing that the hotel room door was partially ajar. Hope drew a gun then cautiously entered the room -- and found Ben waiting inside.

Hope breathed a sigh of relief then greeted Ben. "I thought you were still in the hospital," Hope admitted. "I just got released -- [and] when I got home [afterward], Claire was there, [and] she said that you went after Vincent, so I came looking for you," Ben explained. "She also said that you think Ciara might still be alive," Ben continued. "I do," Hope confirmed. "We have a photo of Ciara in the car at the tollbooth, but that was [taken] 30 minutes before we cornered Vincent at the airstrip -- [and] a lot can happen in 30 minutes," Hope reasoned. "[So], Vincent's the only one who knows the truth," Ben summarized.

"If I had to guess, any cash [Vincent] had for his getaway probably burned up in the car when it exploded, [because] this town [is] the last stop on a bus he was seen boarding, [and] a man matching his description used a stolen credit card to buy groceries at a local market about a half mile from here --" Hope continued. "Which means if he uses it again, we can catch him," Ben realized.

"You and I haven't talked since that night... [Tell me], is there anything that you remember that might indicate if Ciara was or wasn't in the car?" Hope asked. "No -- Hope, I didn't see anything [other than] smoke and flames; [I mean], I never saw her body [or] heard her voice," Ben replied. "Then there's still hope," Hope concluded, managing a smile.

Later, while sharing the pizza with Ben, Hope received word that someone had just used the stolen credit card again. Hope and Ben rushed off to the place where the purchase had occurred -- and they soon found Vincent in a nearby park. Hope had a gun drawn, but Vincent still tried to run, prompting Ben to pounce. "Let me go," Vincent ordered Ben. "I'm sorry to inform you, but you no longer have control of my mind," Ben countered.

Hope and Ben took turns asking questions, before Vincent refused to talk without an attorney present. "We're gonna get answers out of you one way or another, you bastard," Ben promised as Hope handcuffed Vincent.

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