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Jessica Blake
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Actor History
Jean Bruce Scott
1980 to 1982
Other Names

Angel (DID alter)

Angelica (DID alter)


Nursing student

Resides At


Marital Status

Married (to Joshua Fallon)

Past Marriages



Alex Marshall (father)

Marie Horton (mother)

Harley Marshall (uncle; deceased)

Tom Horton Sr. (grandfather; deceased)

Alice Grayson (grandmother; deceased)

Sid Grayson (great-grandfather; deceased)

Abigail Grayson (great-grandmother; deceased)

Tommy Horton Jr. (uncle)

Addie Horton (aunt; deceased)

Mickey Horton (uncle; deceased)

Bill Horton (uncle)

Sandy Horton (cousin)

Julie Olson (cousin)

Steven Olson (cousin)

Hope Williams (cousin)

Melissa Anderson (cousin; adopted)

Sarah Horton (cousin; adopted)

Mike Horton (cousin)

Jennifer Horton (cousin)

Lucas Horton (cousin)

David Banning (first cousin once removed)

Robert Anderson Jr. (first cousin once removed; deceased)

Spencer Olson (first cousin once removed)

Shawn-Douglas Brady (first cousin once removed)

Zack Brady (first cousin once removed; deceased)

Ciara Brady (first cousin once removed)

Jeremy Horton (first cousin once removed)

Abigail Deveraux (first cousin once removed)

Jack Deveraux Jr. (first cousin once removed)

Will Horton (first cousin once removed; deceased)

Alice "Allie" Caroline Horton (first cousin once removed)

Scott Banning (first cousin twice removed)

Eli Grant (first cousin twice removed)

Claire Brady (first cousin twice removed)

Arianna Grace Horton (first cousin twice removed)

Thomas Deveraux (first cousin twice removed)


Nick Fallon (son; with Joshual deceased)

Flings & Affairs

Jake Kositchek

Crimes Committed

Terrorized her mother, Marie Horton (as Angelica, while suffering from DID)

Brief Character History

Jessica came to Salem in 1980 to apply for a student nursing position at the hospital. She soon met and began to date Joshua Fallon. In 1981 Alex Marshall legally adopted Jessica, but she was still unaware he was her natural father. Alex eventually told Jessica he was her father, and she accepted him, but hated Marie for keeping the truth from her and her father. Jessica eventually ran away to join a convent, but was turned away after Marie had a talk with the mother superior. When Jessica returned to Salem she began to suffer from multiple personality syndrome, and became Angelique and Angel. As Angel she met Jake Kosnitchek and began to see him, as Angelique she terrorized Marie Horton. Angel and Jake ran off to Vegas to elope, but Jessica came to and called Alex. Marie and Alex rushed to Vegas and stopped the wedding just in the nick of time. Jessica fell apart and was hospitalized. In 1982 after recovering from her mental problems Jessica broke off her relationship with Jake and became engaged to Joshua Fallon. Joshua and Jessica married, and eventually left Salem.

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