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Zack Brady
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Who's Who in Salem: Zack Brady | Days of our Lives on Soap Central
Actor History
Alyssa and Lauren Libby
June 2000 to April 2001 [recurring]
Max and Sam Christy
April 2001 to August 2001 [recurring]
Spencer and Garrett Gray
August 2001 to January 2006; December 2008 [recurring]
Mitchell Gray
backup; never used on-screen
Other Names

Zack (nickname bestowed by Bo and Hope)

Beauregard Isaac Theo Brady (full name)

Isaac Theo Carver (name while residing with Abe and Lexie)

Tiny Man (nickname given by Bo)


Born at Salem University Hospital on June 9, 2000

Died at Salem University Hospital on January 12, 2006 after being the victim of a hit and run on New Year's Eve 2005


Beauregard was in honor of his father, Bo Brady

Original name was Isaac Theo Carver. Abe and Lexie named him Isaac in honor of the biblical son of Abraham. His middle name, Theo, was in honor of Abe's deceased brother, Theodore.

Resides At

House on Copper Lantern Drive in Salem

Formerly in Salem with Abe and Lexie

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Bo Brady (father)

Hope Williams (mother)

Shawn-Douglas Brady (brother)

Ciara Brady (sister)

Chelsea Brady (paternal half-sister)

Victor Kiriakis (paternal grandfather)

Caroline Brady (paternal grandmother)

Doug Williams (maternal grandfather)

Addie Horton (maternal grandmother; deceased)

Yurgos Kiriakis (paternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Sophie Kiriakis (paternal great-grandmother; deceased)

Tom Horton Sr. (maternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Alice Grayson (maternal great-grandmother)

Sid Grayson (great-great-grandfather; deceased)

Abigail Grayson (great-great-grandfather; deceased)

Frankie Brady (paternal half-uncle; via adoption)

Max Brady (paternal half-uncle; via adoption)

Isabella Toscano (paternal half-aunt; deceased)

Philip Kiriakis (paternal half-uncle)

Roman Brady (paternal half-uncle)

Kimberly Brady (paternal half-aunt)

Kayla Brady (paternal half-aunt)

Douglas LeCleir (maternal half-uncle)

Steven Olson (maternal half-uncle)

Julie Olson (maternal half-aunt)

Brady Black (paternal half-cousin)

Tyler Kiriakis (paternal half-cousin)

Parker Kiriakis (paternal half-cousin)

Carrie Brady (paternal half-cousin)

Samantha Brady (paternal half-cousin)

Eric Brady (paternal half-cousin)

Rex Brady (paternal half-cousin)

Cassie Brady (paternal half-cousin)

Andrew Donovan IV (paternal half-cousin)

Jeannie "Theresa" Donovan (paternal half-cousin)

Stephanie Johnson (paternal half-cousin)

Joey Johnson (paternal half-cousin)

Spencer Olson (maternal half-cousin)

David Banning (maternal half-cousin)

Claire Brady (niece)

Alexander Kiriakis (paternal great-uncle; deceased)

Titus Kiriakis (paternal great-uncle; deceased)

Tommy Horton Jr. (maternal great-uncle)

Mickey Horton (maternal great-uncle; deceased)

Bill Horton (maternal great-uncle)

Marie Horton (maternal great-aunt)

Justin Kiriakis (paternal first cousin once removed)

Xander Cook (paternal first cousin once removed)

Tate Black (paternal first cousin once removed)

Sandy Horton (maternal first cousin once removed)

Melissa Horton (maternal first cousin once removed; via adoption)

Sarah Horton (maternal first cousin once removed; via adoption)

Mike Horton (maternal first cousin once removed)

Jennifer Horton (maternal first cousin once removed)

Lucas Horton (maternal first cousin once removed)

Jessica Blake (maternal first cousin once removed)

Scott Banning (maternal first half-cousin once removed)

Eli Grant (maternal first half-cousin once removed)

Alexander Kiriakis (paternal second cousin)

Joey Kiriakis (paternal second cousin; via adoption)

Victor Kiriakis II (paternal second cousin; via adoption)

Jackson "Sonny" Steven Kiriakis (paternal second cousin)

Jeremy Horton (maternal second cousin)

Abigail Deveraux (maternal second cousin)

Jack Deveraux Jr. (maternal second cousin)

Nick Fallon (maternal second cousin; deceased)

Will Horton (paternal first half-cousin once removed / maternal second cousin; deceased)

John "Johnny" Roman DiMera (paternal first half-cousin once removed)

Alice "Allie" Caroline Horton (paternal first half-cousin once removed / maternal second cousin)

Sydney DiMera (paternal first half-cousin once removed)

Unnamed Baby Reed (paternal first half-cousin once removed)

Arianna Grace Horton (paternal first cousin; twice removed / paternal second cousin; once removed)

Thomas Deveraux (maternal second cousin once removed)

Brief Character History

For the longest time, Zack was known as Isaac Theo Carver, the long-awaited and much-beloved son of Abe and Lexie Carver. For years the two had tried unsuccessfully to have a child of their own with no success, until Lexie's father, Stefano, got them in touch with Marlo...a young pregnant woman. Abe and Lexie adopted the baby that Marlo gave birth to...or so they thought. They didn't realize that Stefano had arranged to have Marlo's baby switched with Hope's baby when it was born.

Both Abe and Lexie were thrilled with their new son...he was everything that they had ever wanted. Even when the baby Hope had was found to have fetal alcohol syndrome and Isaac was normal, no one really thought anything of it. Lexie fell deeper and deeper in love with her newborn baby, and when she learned that Stefano had switched the babies at birth, it devastated her. Hope was her best friend, but Isaac was the child of her heart. In her desperation to keep the child she craved, there was no limit to what Lexie would do.

Everything came to a head when the boys were almost two years old. Paternity tests proved that J.T., the baby Hope and Bo were raising, was actually the son of Glen Reiber and Marlo, which meant that someone else was Hope's baby. Originally Bo and Hope wanted to keep both babies, but when they lost custody of J.T. to his biological father, they fought all that much harder for Isaac. Abe was prepared to give the Bradys their son, but Lexie fought against it. Isaac had been with them for nearly two years and thought of them as his parents; why disrupt his world now? Unfortunately, when Lexie attempted to flee with her son, Abe arranged for a judge to give custody to Bo and Hope, and Hope was finally reunited with her son (who at the time they thought was not Bo's).

When Bo and Hope reclaimed their child, they renamed him Beauregard Isaac Theo Brady. Rather than put the child through any more trauma (switching parents mid-stream was bad enough), they opted to refer to him by the nickname Zack. They held a christening for Zack with all their family and friends present, which was almost ruined when Lexie burst in, but what no one realized is that Lexie knew the baptismal water was poisoned, and was trying to save Zack's life. Lexie was dragged off to the hospital, and the christening went on without a hitch.

Since the christening, Zack has been living with his parents and brother (until Shawn moved out), and has adjusted well to his new life. He was briefly left in the care of his brother, Shawn, when his parents were presumed dead, but now they're home, alive and well, and all is right with Zack's world. Zack was thrilled to discover he had a half-sister named Chelsea, and he accepted her unconditionally. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when, on New Year's Eve, Chelsea was driving recklessly in Bo's car and accidentally hit Zack, who had gone out to check on a cat. Zack never recovered from his injuries and Bo and Hope chose to take him off life support later that night so that he could give his liver to his niece Claire.

Bo and Hope continued to remember Zach by hanging his ornaments and his stocking up at Christmas. In the winter of 2008, Zach appeared in a vision to Bo to warn Bo that Theo might be in trouble.

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