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Rex Brady
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Actor History
Other Names

Rex DiMera (formerly known as)


Unknown (college graduate)

Resides At

In Chicago (with Cassie)

Formerly in a loft in Salem

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Roman Brady (father)

Kate Roberts (mother)

Cassie Brady (sister; twin)

Carrie Brady (paternal half-sister)

Eric Brady (paternal half-brother)

Samantha Brady (paternal half-sister)

Austin Reed (maternal half-brother)

Billie Reed (maternal half-sister)

Lucas Roberts (maternal half-brother)

Philip Kiriakis (maternal half-brother)

Shawn Brady (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Caroline Brady (paternal grandmother)

Pete Brady (paternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Patrick Aloysius Brady (paternal great-great-grandfather; deceased)

Nora Molly Brady (paternal great-great-grandmother; deceased)

Kimberly Brady (paternal aunt)

Kayla Caroline Brady (paternal aunt)

Frankie Brady (paternal uncle; via adoption)

Maxwell Brady (paternal uncle; via adoption)

Bo Brady (paternal half-uncle; deceased)

Andrew Donovan IV (paternal cousin)

Jeannie "Theresa" Donovan (paternal cousin)

Stephanie Johnson (paternal cousin)

Joey Johnson (paternal cousin)

Shawn-Douglas Brady (paternal half-cousin)

Chelsea Brady (paternal half-cousin / maternal half-niece)

Zack Brady (paternal half-cousin; deceased)

Ciara Brady (paternal half-cousin)

Ryan (paternal first cousin, once removed; deceased)

Tate Black (paternal first cousin, once removed)

Will Horton (paternal half-nephew / maternal half-nephew; deceased)

John Roman DiMera (paternal half-nephew)

Alice Caroline Horton (paternal half-niece / maternal half-niece)

Sydney Ann DiMera (paternal half niece)

Tyler Kiriakis (maternal half-nephew)

Unnamed Baby Reed (paternal half-niece or nephew)

Eric Brady (paternal great-uncle)

Colleen Brady (paternal great-aunt; deceased)

Molly Brady (paternal great-aunt)

Colin Murphy (paternal first cousin once removed; deceased)

Claire Brady (paternal second cousin once removed)


Unnamed child (abortion; with Mimi)

Flings & Affairs

Mimi Lockhart

Crimes Committed

Broke into the Wesley home and stole some clothing


Blood type is OH (Bombay phenotype)

Brief Character History

Cassie and her twin brother Rex landed in Salem with the meteor shower in July of 2002, they were half-naked, spoke no English, and were originally believed to be aliens. It's now known that Cassie and Rex are human, and they have learned to speak, and have enrolled at Salem University with their friends Belle and Shawn.

After they had been in Salem for a few months, genetic testing revealed that they were really the twin children of Tony and Marlena (conceived through scientific means). Rex dealt fairly well with the news, his superior intellect making him a must-have for the local professors. Rex soon started dating Mimi, and she was by his side when he learned the awful truth...not only were Tony and Marlena not their parents, but his father was Roman Brady, a man that he despised, and his mother was Kate Roberts. The moment he found that out, Rex had to rush to find Cassie, because Cassie and Lucas were in bed together...and he had to tell Cassie that she was trying to seduce their half-brother!

Shortly after learning about their true paternity, Rex's attitude soon changed. He became moody and withdrawn, having headaches that worried his friends. He also became violent. When people started dying in Salem, Rex was the prime suspect. And when Maggie Horton's blood was found on Rex's sweatshirt, he was arrested and sent to jail. He was released in time for the Salem Fall Celebration, and as he held his twin's dead body in his arms, he cast the blame for her murder directly on Kate Roberts.

Rex never quite got the chance to know Roman Brady. Just as he was starting to, Roman was murdered at his own wedding reception. Rex was touched when his grandfather, Shawn Brady, turned to him for support. Not long after, Tony was murdered, and Rex cast off the last of his DiMera life and changed his last name to Brady.

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