2019 Creative Arts Winners: The Young and the Restless takes home five wins

Posted Saturday, May 4, 2019 12:00:34 PM

The 46th Annual Creative Arts and Entertainment Daytime Emmy Awards, honoring excellence in technical achievement, were handed out on Friday, May 3, 2019.

Hairstyling for a Drama Series

Hairstylists: Vanessa Bragdon, Adrianna Lucio, Lauren Mendoza, Regina Rodriguez, Dorchelle Stafford, Jackie Zavala

Where do you normally get your inspiration?
Regina Rodriguez: Everywhere. It's always fun to create new things and just experiment, and also, our actors are such contributors, as well. They're such great muses. We have fantastic, beautiful canvases that have great hair. We're so lucky. We really are.

Do you go on Instagram, do you flip through magazines, do you just play around with your hair in your own living room?
Regina Rodriguez: How lucky is it now in this generation to be a hairstylist, and you can just go on the Internet and look up instant anything, you know? I think as hairstylists, we always try to keep in mind that we are the true trendsetters. People watch our shows for things like that. People go into salons and say, "I want my hair like her. On my wedding, I want to look like Tracey Bregman. I want to look like these people." So, it's always good to keep in mind to start trends. We try to be trendsetters.

What is the process like when an actor wants to drastically change their hair?
Regina Rodriguez: We say, "Ask Patty Denny!" [Laughs] She's our main boss, so I usually say, "That sounds cute and all, but ask Patty Denny."

What's the process for getting something from the page to the set?
Regina Rodriguez: Thankfully, we have a nice, comfortable makeup room where they come in, and we discuss everything. Because they're with us every day, and I like to treat everybody that comes in like family, it's also like, yes, how do we achieve this look, but also, "How do we create it where you're comfortable?" Because if an actor is thinking the whole time on set that they're not comfortable in their look, how are they gonna memorize 15 pages of dialogue. It's just not gonna happen, you know? So, it's an interesting balance of yes, making our producers happy, but also making our actors happy and comfortable.

There has been a lot more music on Y&R, so do you guys get excited about that because there are a lot more opportunities to do different looks?
Regina Rodriguez: Right? Yes, it's fun and I'm hoping that eventually we'll have more. The concerts are always fun, but it would be great to have really cool concerts, fingers crossed, some character stuff where we really get to push the limits and see some colors and new stuff.

Costume Design for a Drama Series

Costume Designers: Scott Burkhart, Elif Inanc
Costume Stylists: Craig Aspden, Theresa Broadnax, Juliet Huerta, Tony Lorito, Andreea Moldovan, Kay Wataguchi

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How does this feel?
Elif Inanc: Shocking and amazing. I wasn't expecting this, and it's lovely. I don't know what to say. I'm just in shock.

Scott Burkhart: All of us have been working so hard, and a lot. Everybody does, but we've been through a lot, so I'm so happy that we got this.

How you find your stuff changes, right? You can't just go to the stores.
Elif Inanc: It gets harder and harder. I do a lot of shopping online, and the shoe goes at such a rapid pace. And all of last year, every day was a new day, so it made it even MORE challenging. So, I'm SO happy we won!

Scott Burkhart: If you turn on our show on a regular day, I feel like, and I'm not bragging, because I've watched this show since I was a little kid, you will always see the show being very fashion-forward and beautiful. I feel that way, and I feel like Elif and the team and I have continued that tradition of making sure that everyone looks fashion-forward and beautiful. We're not an everyday show, we're a high glamour show.

Are there some characters who are harder to dress than others?
Scott Burkhart: Keeping up the quality of these traditional characters like Jack and Nikki and Victor; it's just keeping them fresh but still traditional. They have a look, and it's difficult to do that if they've been on the show for 25, 45 years [laughs].

Where do you find most of your inspiration? Do you follow the Fashion Weeks, do you go through magazines, etc.?
Elif Inanc: Social media is an influencer. You watch and follow people, and you see what they're wearing, and you kind of take pieces from that and go, "Hey, I kind of like that. That would work for Abby or a certain person."

Have you seen anything where you're like, "I don't care how popular that is, it's never going to be on our show?"
Elif Inanc: Yeah, of course! But every actor has their look, and I try to stay true to that.

Scott Burkhart: And also, I think you realize when trends come out, you go, "Oh, maybe," and then you realize it seeps into your head, and you go, "Oh no, we're going to do that." And it doesn't matter to us if you actually get it, it's the fact that we're showing you something you might not see, and you might not realize could happen.


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