Kelly Thiebaud's real-life injury

Posted Sunday, March 03, 2013 12:32:53 PM
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Kelly Thiebaud's real-life injury

Britt Westbourne's leg injury may be make-believe, but actress Kelly Thiebaud is sporting crutches in real life. The General Hospital newcomer broke her leg.

It's a case of good news, bad news for General Hospital's Kelly Thiebaud (Britt Westbourne).

Viewers recently spotted Thiebaud's alter ego making her way through the hospital on crutches. While the on-screen banter left some wondering if Frisco might have somehow been involved, the actress' injury is actually real. Thiebaud fractured her femur, or thigh bone.

"When life gives you lemons, put heels, or a heel, on and make some $%&@ing Lemonade," Thiebaud remarked in a February 1 post on Facebook with a photo of her on crutches.

"We had to write in the crutches and we said that she fell in the parking lot, but we sort of hinted that maybe Frisco may possibly have had something to do with it as a warning to leave his daughter alone," GH head writer Ron Carlivati told Soap Opera Digest. "It makes her all the more villainous to be on crutches!"

In a subsequent Twitter post, Thiebaud thanked Carlivati and executive producer Frank Valentini for letting her "crutch on TV."

"Thank u every1 for all the get well wishes! I am getting better and soon will be running wild," Thiebaud informed fans.

On the side of good breaks, Thiebaud recently was placed on contract status with GH, so Britt will undoubtedly be shaking things up for some time to come.

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