More behind-the-scenes changes for GH's writing department

Posted Monday, August 31, 2015 1:32:31 PM
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More behind-the-scenes changes for GH's writing department

Hot on the heels of head writer Ron Carlivati and scriptwriter Kate Hall leaving General Hospital comes word that breakdown writer Daniel J. O'Connor has wrapped his time in Port Charles, as well.

General Hospital doesn't write itself, but if any more writers end up leaving, it may have to!

Shortly after it was announced that former head writer Ron Carlivati had been let go and Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman would be taking his place, scriptwriter Kate Hall left the ABC soap for a gig at The Young and the Restless. And now comes word that breakdown writer Daniel J. O'Connor has exited GH, as well.

O'Connor tweeted the news to fans today, confirming that he's wrapped up his stint with the ABC soap, which he started in 2014. "Thank you to the amazing GH team & fans for a great 3yrs," he wrote. "My last ep airs today. Hope it goes off without a hitch..."

He followed up the tweet with another message, assuring fans he'll be staying busy, despite leaving the world of Port Charles. "Happy to still be a part of ABC on a new project," he wrote. "Stay tuned."

In addition to his GH writing gig, O'Connor also served as a writing assistant and then writer for ABC's One Life to Live.

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