GH star discusses "horrific" and "embarrassing" DUI arrest

Posted Monday, January 04, 2016 5:07:56 PM
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GH star discusses ‘horrific' and 'embarrassing' DUI arrest

In a Howard Stern interview earlier today, General Hospital's John Stamos (ex-Blackie) spoke candidly about his DUI arrest last June, calling it a ‘stupid and ignorant' mistake.

Former General Hospital star John Stamos (ex-Blackie) appeared on The Howard Stern Show today and candidly discussed his June DUI arrest, which he described as a "horrific" situation.

"I could've hurt somebody," he revealed to Stern during the interview. "It was really stupid and ignorant of me -- I hated myself for that."

The unsettling situation prompted the Fuller House star to check himself into rehab, but he admits he's been struggling with substance abuse issues for years and even showed up for interviews while "hammered."

"It just started to deteriorate my life and who I was, my morals and my values. I lost myself, and I lost my sense of discipline," the now-sober star explained of the last nine years. "I was just dipping into that dark place, and it happened more and more, and it was just getting darker and darker."

Listen to Stamos' Howard Stern interview below then let us know what you think of his comments about his DUI arrest and decision to check himself into rehab.

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